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Heroes Suck




“What are you doing” I asked as my little brother pulled his shirt off

“I’m hot” he replied

His perfect chest came into view, golden tanned and lightly dusted with hair. His pecs bounced slightly as he pulled off the shirt. His abs flexed as he breathed.

“Well you shouldn’t of carried me off from home and ran us to….” I looked around “Where ever this is”

“Hong Kong” My brother Quinn answered

“Wait, you took me over the Pacific Ocean” I asked dumbstruck

Ever since my brother got superpowers from that faulty X-Ray machine I was constantly being surprised by his actions.

He wiped his shirt over his sweaty chest and turned his baseball cap backwards.

“Yea, over the Rockies and across the Pacific Ocean” Quinn smiled with his all-American boy sparkling teeth “You said you wanted Green Tea”

I couldn’t help but smile, my anger at being shanghaied half way across the world vanished at his thoughtless thoughtfulness. 
Quinn did have moments when he was a very sweet little brother, like when he jumped into orbit to catch me a shooting star during the Perseid meteor shower. 
Or when he ran across the Pacific to pick me up a copy of a video game on its release day from Sydney and ran it back to me so I could play it hours before any of my friends.

Then Quinn made me forget about all the nice things he’s ever done. He wrung out his sweaty red shirt over the cup of green tea that had just been placed in front of me. It started to overflow with his sweat.

“Drink up bro” Quinn smirked

I grimaced, his bright blue eyes watched me, waiting for me to drink. I could see red flaring up, like he would burst me into flames using his laser vision if I didn’t drink the cup. 
Reluctantly I picked the cup up and took a sip. Quinn just burst out laughing.

“Can’t believe you did that” he boomed, slapping his meaty thighs with his skull crushing sized hands

I wiped the foul tasting liquid from my lips.

“Of cause I did, you used your laser vision on a criminal for not kissing your boots only two days ago” I retorted

Quinn shrugged, almost proud of what he’d done.

“But you’re my brother, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you” he ruffled my hair and then pushed his tea over to me

He jumped up and started to walk around the small tea house before heading onto the street. I just sat and drank my tea, best to let Quinn do what he wanted. It wasn’t like I could stop him, he was over a foot taller then me. Also he was at least two hundred pounds heavier and all of it was super dense steel bending muscle.

I heard the familiar sound of a car being flipped, it must of got in Quinn’s way. I turned slightly in my chair just to keep an eye on him. 
He’d pushed a parked car out of the way so that he could get to a very pretty Chinese girl. They kissed, she seemingly taken in by his muscled torso, which I was beginning to think had hypnotic pecs.

Crowds has gathered, mostly young and horny guys and girls. The older people had the sense to flee. The Mighty Quinn would save you if you were in trouble, but he’d except a blowjob or more if you were hot enough. 
And it looked like the growing crowd was more then ready to get saved by Quinn, some even looked like they were going to jump into traffic to force the issue.

I finished my tea, I tried to pay but the tea house workers refused to take my money. They must be scared of Quinn, which was good for once as I only had dollars on me.
I had to dodge news vans as I crossed the road. Quinn was attracting more and more attention.

“Quinn” I shouted from the edge of the crowd

He looked over to me, thanks to being over 7ft tall he could see over the nearly hundred strong crowd of fans. 
Quinn started towards me, picking up a few fans as he approached. I sighed seeing where this was going.

“Hey…. I’m gonna have to leave you here for a little bit” he offered with false apology in his voice

I pointed to the very excited looking girls on his cannon ball sized shoulders “What you gotta save those girls from their virginity”

Quinn smiled ear to ear “Wow, are you sure you’re not a clairvoyant”

With that he crouched and then sprung hundreds of feet into the air, the wind washed over my face and even knocked some unprepared people over. I saw the shirtless body of my brother fly off into the clouds.

I looked around, I was barely seventeen and stuck in Hong Kong, with all of 4 dollars in my pocket and no passport.

It was like Lake Victoria all over again.

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