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Pokemon Grow





Jason was an avid gamer, and since he was little he’d played the Pokemon games. When Pokemon Go came out he instantly downloaded it and was nearly always out walking trying to find a rare catch or just get enough candy together to evolve his pokemon.

His roommates thought it was odd, but then again they sat inside and played FIFA instead of going outside and actually kicking a ball around. The two of them joked around with him about it even now over a year since the app came out as Jason headed out of the house to try to catch a rare pokemon that had just appeared on the map.

With his headphones on, music blaring and his phone clutched in his meager hands, the nerdy Jason left his friends to their game of FIFA and set out on his pokemon hunt.

He was out walking for around 10 minutes, having reached the large park down the road from his house. The indicator on the app showed the blacked out but familiar shape of the pokemon he was after, and then it appeared on the main app, but it wasn’t what he was expecting.

It was a glitch, just a swirl of pixels with a big question mark over it. Jason smiled slightly, it looked a lot like the old glitches that would appear on the now ancient handheld games consoles from when he was a child. He was unsure on whether he should catch it, but then wondered whether it was just an unimplemented pokemon that would reveal itself in a few weeks.

So with a flick of his slender finger a pokeball went flying across the screen and caught the glitch, but it didn’t show up with his other pokemon.

“Fuck” Jason muttered in his squeaky voice

He then sighed and went back to catching pokemon, starting on a route around the park which he regularly took. Jason hadn’t noticed that the colours of his Pokemon Go app had changed and were still fluttering between the original colors and odder colors.

As he walked he’d catch a few common pokemon just to increase his stardust, a mechanism in the app which you’d spend to power up your pokemon. With each pokemon caught, his stardust would rise and so would his height. Inch by inch Jason was getting taller, now of average height, instead of the runty 5’5 he was only 10 minutes ago.

Jason didn’t notice this, still engrossed in catching pokemon. His strides were longer and he was making good time, reaching the next Pokestop must faster than he expected, it was checkpoint which gifted players with prizes.

As soon as he got near enough on the map he spun the Pokestop and a few pokeballs and potions arrived in his inventory, and his hands suddenly doubled in size.

Jason reacted by switching from holding his phone with both hands to just one, his now thick fingers swallowing the phone in their grasp.

Jason returned to walking, his music still blaring in his ears, his meaty digits occasionally flicking across the screen of his phone to catch a Pokemon. Each time they did, he got a little taller, his cargo shorts and buttoned up shirt riding up his lengthening body. They would shake on occasion and suddenly unfold into slightly longer clothes, covering his body like he’d always been that height only for them to be undersized a few pokemon later.

A Geodude appeared on his screen, it was a rock pokemon made up of a face on a large stone with two muscled rock arms erupting from either side. Jason absentmindedly tossed a ball at it, and a few shakes later the pokemon was caught.

The sleeves of Jason’s shirt burst as his biceps went from 12 inch flabby stick into 20 inch bowling balls with log like forearms that now matched his massively sized hands. The tattered remains of his sleeves would reform over his rounded biceps only to burst again when the biceps flexed with every movement of his arms, it took his sleeves several turns to reform correctly over his swollen guns.


Jason continued following the path around the park, his phone up to his face, his bicep straining against his shirt sleeve which was still struggling to contain the hard muscle.A Jigglypuff appeared in his path, he’d only seen three before and was trying to evolve it. His finger flicked around the screen and it was caught. The cute pink ball with a smily face and a reputation for having a great voice appeared with his other pokemon.

Jason coughed, a big hand rubbing his lean throat. He then checked the Jigglypuff’s stats and it was pretty good.

“Nice” he muttered, his voice booming, several birds fled into the air from a nearby tree as it echoed around the park

He looked up to the birds, and then back to his phone. A few more pokemon had appeared, a Jinx, a humanoid with long glossy hair and a Hoothoot an owl with big eyes. Jason just kept walking, quickly catching the Jinx and the owl. His head suddenly itchy and his eyes watering. Jason rubbed his eyes dry with his free hand, before scratching at his head. His murky brown eyes were now a deep emerald green and his greasy short hair was now glossy with a rich dark colour and styled cut. Jason was already catching more pokemon, which only pushed his now slightly above average height even further up.

He was just passing the halfway mark of his walk in the park when his phone buzzed. The symbol of an animated orange egg appeared on the screen, one of the eggs that Jason had was about to hatch. He tapped the egg and it started to shake and crack, with a flash it hatched. Revealing a new pokemon, Jason smiled with excitement and started to check out its stats. His ass though ballooned with muscle, nearly popping the pockets off the back of his cargo shorts.

Two big rounded slabs of muscle, peachy yet solid. Small tears appeared in his shorts, they’d given up the struggle at holding back the boulder like glutes. Then the cargo shorts seemed to unfold fresh new fabric out of thin air, the shorts quickly going from bursting to only skin tight. Jason reached behind him and pulled at the fabric getting trapped between his immense muscle butt.

As Jason walked his rounded ass shifted in his shorts, from behind the very tall boy with piercing eyes looked comical. Thin bony legs, massive meaty buns, slender back with immensely muscled arms swinging.

He came the main reason he took this route, a gym, a place where one of the three teams that made up the users of Pokemon Go would battle it out for control. This gym was bright yellow and not the red of Jason’s team.

He sat his meaty ass down on a bench, which groaned under the weight of the solid butt. He was about to battle the gym when a big fat blue pokemon appeared on his screen.

A Snorlax, Jason had never seen one in the wild, he thought you could only get them from eggs. He instantly tried to act it, throwing berries which would raise the chances of catching it and then tossing the best pokeball he had at it.

The burst out of the first ball, Jason cursed in his deep voice which nearly scared the shit out of a nearby jogger, then he tossed a second ball.

The ball shook once, then twice, then a third time. He’d caught it.

Jason’s size 8 feet burst out of his sneakers, sending pieces of fabric and rubber flying. They stretched out over the ground, dirt and grass rubbing against his toes as his socks tore apart. Jason’s attention turned from his new Snorlax and with a confused look he stared down to his feet, but he saw nothing wrong. His tattered shoes quickly reformed into two giant size 19 sneakers.

“Must of got something in my shoe” Jason mused as he set himself up to battle the gym

Another flock of birds fled from his booming voice as his app exploded with colour. His new Snorlax was already half way through the health of the gym’s first pokemon.

His Snorlax fainted and was replaced with another of Jason’s pokemon, but he soon defeated the gym and took it over.

“Fuck yea” he boomed, spinning the gym’s counter to get some rewards

Like the Pokestop he gained a few pokeballs, potions and this time an egg. The buttons of his shirt shot outwards and across the path into the bushes. His flat chest was now two having pecs, rounded and slowly flexing with each breath. They hung above his flabby stomach, but now matched up with his thick powerful arms.

He rose to his feet, now just around the well above height of 6’5. His massive feet steadied himself, Jason’s body now very uncoordinated with the uneven distribution of his mass. He found himself shaking a little, before he returned to stomping down the path.

Jason’s shirt was pulling itself across his pecs, fresh buttons rubbed over the dollar sized nipples and soon buttoned themselves up when they met over the deep cleavage of his slab like pecs. The top two buttons remained undone, relieving some of the strain on the shirt.

Jason kept catching pokemon as he walked, his height still increasing, a Pinsir appeared in screen. A bug pokemon with two big pincers standing upright on two stout legs. Jason’s thick fingers flicked across the screen and he caught the bug.

He wasn’t struggling to walk anymore, his legs now catching up with his body. Two long tree trunks rose up from his clown feet. Solid calf muscles led to two thighs that looked larger than Jason’s chest had been when he first left for the pokemon hunt. The legs of his shorts were struggling like his sleeves had earlier, but they took loosened as more fabric appeared from nowhere.With each step his thighs flexed, deep ridges in the muscled showed and his calves tightened. Now that his legs were as powerful as nearly the rest of Jason’s chaining body his walking speed was quickening.

A small cat pokemon with tanned furred appeared and Jason caught it without a second thought, he was already nearly three quarters along his route and was beginning to want to get home. Jason’s pale and spotty skin was clearing, spot vanishing into nothing but richly tanned skin that matched the cat’s fur.

He spun another Pokestop, his face cracked into a new more attractive shape as a bunch of pokeballs flooded into his bag. Jason then turned his attention to a Teddiursa, a small light brown bear, it was one of his favourite pokemon, he tossed a ball and caught it. Hair erupted over his pecs, arms, legs and flabby stomach. It was thick and furry, a pelt of manly hair. It was joined by a styled beard appearing over his reshaped jaw.


He scratched with his free hand at his beard, his big feet stomping as he neared the end of the park. He’d walked around the entire perimeter, as he approached the gate two more pokemon appeared, stopping him in his tracks.One was humanoid with grey skin and a muscled build, the other was a number of what looked like pink eggs with eyes. Machop and Exeggcute, he needed both, so he caught both.

As he caught the Machop his gut sucked in, his shirt which had been holding back both his pecs and stomach was now billowing around his shrunken gut. Within a second the shirt tightened around his waist, the outline of six brick sized blocks showed through the shirt. Beneath the fabric Jason’s ripped abs were covered in thick hair thanks to Teddiursa.The Exeggcute caused a different change, one which actually got Jason’s attention. His balls bloated with cum, swelling well enjoy the small peanuts Jason was used to carrying between his legs. He actually had to widen his stance to make room for the egg sized nuts which were still swelling larger.

Every couple steps Jason took towards the gate ended with him stopping to pull at his crotch, in a futile effort to give his big bull nuts more room. He gave up as he passed through the gate, eager to get home and take off these tight undies.His clothes changed as the app reloaded his GPS position, his shorts lengthening into torn jeans and his shirt shifting into a grey t-shirt that highlighted the ridges of his thick torso. 

This feet thudded against the concrete paving as he walked home, his footfalls much louder than they were when he was in the park. As he turned the onto his street a purple snake appeared on his phone. Enaks, he needed to catch one more and then he could evolve it into Arbok.

Standing outside the door to his house, he tossed a ball, while his freehand fiddled with his house keys. The ball shook a couple times and then Enaks was caught. He turned his key in the lock and his cock was slowly snaking down the left leg of his jeans. It throbbed slightly as it fattened, the small baby sized 2 inch softie that Jason owned was soon a hefty 6 inch beercan of a soft cock. He stepped into the living room, where his two roommates were still playing FIFA, his cock was pulled up the leg of his jeans and stuffed into the expanded pouch of his undies. 

“Hey guys” he boomed at them, scratching at the hearty bulge between his legs

They both just grunted, trying to look past the beastly man standing between them and the tv. None of them noticing the window panes shaking as Jason spoke. On his app the purple snake was being overtaken by light as it evolved, a large deep purple cobra replaced it. The button of Jason’s jeans burst and the zippler gave way. An immense wrist thick cock swung out, strings of precum hitting his two roommates in the face. 


They both just gulped, and Jason smirked down at the swinging cock, completely aware of this change.

“Whoops” he chuckled

As Jason caught his last pokemon of the day, a Lickitung with a long thick tongue, both his roommates slipped off the sofa with their mouths wide and their bellies starving.

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