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The Experiment




“You can’t blame me, doc. You made me this way,” the behemoth said as he twisted the crowbar into something resembling a pretzel.  “I just can’t get enough.”


It was true.  I had created the monstrous super-powered mass of muscle standing in front of me.  It’s not like Jeremy hadn’t wanted to be huge and strong, though.  I had merely granted him his wish.  I had not anticipated, however, how the growth and the increased power would make him crave feats of strength and sex like some kind of madman.  I certainly wasn’t complaining.  Having a six foot four enormous man going shirtless, flexing, showing off his strength, and begging to make you orgasm all the time was quite a nice way to live – even if it could be exhausting.  


“Um, and what am I going to do now if I ever need a crowbar?” I asked as he finalized the destruction of the tool by folding it over on itself so many times it was now just a blob of metal.


“Here’s your crowbar, mister,” he said, holding up his little pinkie.  “There’s more power in that little finger than there ever would have been in this weak thing.”


He squeezed the blob hard so the metal seeped out between his fingers like clay – leaving finger indentions, thick and deep.  Veins popped out all over his forearm and that long dense one snaked beautifully across his tensed huge biceps.  He made destroying a crowbar look like child’s play.  I looked at the humongous body that the serum had made.  Lats flared out like wings, traps ballooned up mountains, pecs shot out like some kind of muscled 3-D morph, and biceps – not even flexed – looked like skin covered bowling balls.  The two-day growth of fur on his face looked thicker than if I had been trying to grow a beard for months.  And the intense stare shooting across the counter told me he was already in need of sex again.  It was only ten in the morning and he’d already had his way with me in the bed and shower.  He reached up and squeezed one of his already hard nipples.  He gritted his teeth as he squeezed his fingers hard enough to crush bricks – bringing only pleasure to his nub.  


“Want me to hold you in the air this time,” he asked – knowing full well I understood it was time for him to get off.  


“You know me so well,” I responded.


The guy masturbated multiple times during the day – usually by shoving his rod through concrete, metal, or hard wood – but that never satisfied him the way my body could.  He called me his ‘sex toy’ and that’s kind of what I was.  I enjoyed every minute of it, though.  He was never a bully and if I ever said no, which was never, he would have certainly respected my wishes, but plowing me every which way he could brought him the kind of satisfaction that reminded me of lions roaring after the kill or huge gorillas pounding their chest when they won a fight.  I didn’t just please him; I gave him reason for his huge body and incredible strength.  After the first injection of the serum he had freaked me out a little by growling like some kind of untamed beast, growing about fifty pounds of muscle in about ten minutes, and ripping a chunk of bricks off of our fireplace and crushing them as easily as Styrofoam.  I had anticipated only a slight growth and an even slighter increase in his power.  I had obviously severely miscalculated the results. When he had finally calmed down I had asked him how he felt and all he kept saying was ‘fucking incredible.’


“Up you go, slugger,” he said and I felt the ever familiar joyous rush as my feet left the floor.  


Jeremy was now so naturally masculine it seemed that every pore on his body radiated dominance in the same way that other guys did something as simple as sweating.  He never had to raise his voice or tense his muscles to come across as powerful – a musk of manhood hung around him constantly, making me get a little stiff wood simply because he entered the room.  To be hoisted into the air at any time he desired had simply become a common occurrence.  I was still in awe of his power, but it didn’t surprise me or seem out of the ordinary.  Jeremy had become a superman – the experiment had succeeded beyond our wildest imagination. 


“Ready, honey?” he asked and I simply nodded my head, knowing full well what was coming next.  


Luckily, I had never been penetrated by something metal or wooden, but I had a funny feeling that Jeremy’s hard cock was ten times stronger than anything of the sort.  I don’t think a steel girder could have felt more powerful than the tool invading my hole at that moment.  His powerful hands easily held my body in place as the tip of his raging hard-on poked me like a torpedo blasting through the hull of a ship.  The combination of being held aloft, running my hands across his hairless hard body, and his more than expert plowing usually made me lose my load on his third or fourth thrust.  He was just too much to handle.  My legs would wrap around his waist like I was some kind of human belt and often he could let go with his hands and just have his mighty cock hold me in place as he bucked his crotch back and forth.  To watch the man orgasm was probably akin to seeing the birth of a star. The serum had made him a giant cum factory – his balls seeming to churn out juice the way a major power plant produced electricity.  Striations, veins, bulges, and the like burst out all over his body to the point you thought he might explode.  And then came the animalistic scream so intoxicatingly primal it usually made me cum again, instantly.  His legs sometimes trembled slightly from the exertion.  And there I was still sitting on his hard spear like a human popsicle. His cum sped into my body, spread through my bloodstream, and instantly gave me the same kind of high you’d get from a good workout or three espressos.  


“Fucking hell, you turn me on,” he said – similar expressions of appreciation always followed his explosions.  


He was now moving around the room – my body still penetrated by his powerful third leg.  There was usually a trip to the shower where he’d grab my body and spin it in every direction under the water to get me squeaky clean.  He knew he should always let me soap up his big body – groping his muscles being a huge thrill for both of us.  He then toweled me dry and sometimes even dressed me, himself, as if I were his doll or something.  A trip back to the kitchen with me in his arms for food was always next.  And then he needed to do something powerful. Ejaculations made him need to show off his strength.  It was one of my favorite parts of having sex.  Unfortunately, we were running out of tools for him to destroy – the crowbar having been one of the remaining items for him to bend and crush.  


“If I promise not to hurt it, can I lift the car?” he asked.  “I gotta do something to release this power surge your ass created in me.”   


It wasn’t really a question. He knew I expected his need for feats of strength post sex.  It had been one of the surprise side effects of the serum.  He also knew I’d come close to spurting out another load watching him do whatever it was he chose to do to show off.  Seeing him lift the SUV would probably send me over the top.  He stood there, staring at me – the dark wall behind him making his pumped up body stand out even more than it already did. I went over and kissed his pec – my way of saying it was fine for him to press the car in the air.  My little experiment had been a big success – a very big, masculine, powerful success.  Jeremy swooped me back into his arms and we headed outside.  

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