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Thin Walls.




Thin Walls.

As roommates we always jokingly complained about the paper thin walls that was letting the smallest of noises through.

If you were listening to a track on your speakers, all four of us were listening right there with you. Made your workout prep meal? Yeah, we could smell that. 

It helped being joking about it, because in actuality it was rather annoying. Guys in college want nothing more than a little privacy and there was none of that here.

And if you got a bunch of over-competitive straight guys in a room together with a thing that annoys them it won't be long before it's made into game.

Rashad started it by blaring the new Katy Perry single at full volume for a few hours straight. 

Dave continued it, making us drown in loud death metal coming from his room for a full day.

And I finished it, playing an episode from a kids shows at max volume while I was out of town for weekend. 

The only one abstaining from our little competition of annoyance was Max, as per usual. But he didn't need thin walls to get on your nerves. Max was the scrawny nerd in group of sporty jocks and was the odd one out. He never joined us to parties or the gym, preferring to spend time in the books and studying. As a roommate he straight up sucked.

That's why it surprised us so much to discover after the three of us came back from the gym Max had ended up joining our little competition after all. 

Apparently the cheeky little twerp was playing some porn at max volume from his bedroom. 

The three of us could have a good laugh at that, we went to Max's room to congratulate him on his joke but his door was firmly locked. 

Fair enough, I could survive sitting in the sound's of sex for a few hours as a payback for my prank. 


"God you're so fucking massive!" A high pitched voice squeaked.

"I've never been with a guy with so much muscle." Another voice said.

"Fuck! Are you still not done growing?" A third female voice enquired.


All the voices got as a reply was the loud testosterone laden grunts that vibrated through the whole appartement. 

Fuck, I was gonna have to ask Max what video that was, that sounded hot. I felt myself bone up at just the sounds of female's moaning, whatever guy there were using in the video he must be gigantic, being able to pleasure three women at the same time to the extent they experienced such bliss. 

It continued for a few hours, and it got all three of us very horny. I mean, what guy wouldn't be, sitting in the sound of girls screaming it out in pleasure for hours straight.

I even tried jerking off to it in my room. But once I got my dick out I felt awfully self conscious. The girls, driven to such extremes of pleasure, they were talking about a gigantic battering ram of flesh, my own slightly above average dick felt tiny compared through the sizes they were moaning through the walls. And the muscles they talked about on the male hunk providing them such delight, the girls couldn't stop purring about the arms that could break their boyfriends like twigs. Fuck. It was hot, don't get me wrong, but jerking off to the girls moaning felt like cheating, like I was taking credit for the mountain of man's accomplishments. 

Around the 6pm we began expecting Max was using some sort of audio manipulation software to orchestrate the whole scenario. The male's tremors of satisfaction were so deep and manly. And the girls were beginning to scream about some really weird stuff. The nerd was probably mixing some audio files to make them say whatever he wanted.


"Fuck yes Max, you're like a foot taller than Rashad."

"Jesus Max, you're cock must be twice as long as Dave's."

"Oh god you must have atleast 200 pounds on Micheal."


We were gonna have to have a little chat with Max as soon as he was finished. It sounded like he was using our girlfriend's voices in whatever messed up audio program was creating this chorus of sexual noises. That wasn't cool. 

Nor was the thick smell of sex that descended on our apartment as it neared 8' o clock. Male musk penetrated the thin wall mercilessly and it smelled like 25 guys stayed here instead of four. I wasn't even sure how he was doing that, must be some sort of package at the prank shop. 

I was sitting on the couch and it was nearing midnight when the sounds finally stopped. I sighed in relief, maybe my boner would finally die down now. 

Loudly I heard Max's door being pulled open.

"Funny joke Max, but that thing with our girlfriends and our sizes took it way too far." I shouted while looking at the football game on the TV.

I heard heavy earthquake causing footfalls and a deep chuckle.

"Glad you liked." A deep tremor said in an amused tone. 

Was the twerp using some sort of voicebox to change his voice? I looked around.

An unknown giant was standing in the hall, with my new red sweatpants pulled over the biggest set of legs I had ever seen. Everything about this man was big. He had a giant outhanging shelf of pecs, and biceps that were laced in thick veins. He seemed to stand over 7' feet tall and he had  a handsome smirk adorning his face while I checked out every part of this giant. 

I knew in an instant this was the man bringing the girls we had been hearing such pleasure. Fuck, how could it be anyone else? That cock he had stuffed down one leg of the pants looked inhumanly large enough for it to make a great deal of sense.

This giant strutted over to the fridge, taking out a green drink. It was 3/4 empty already, and his adam's apple swallowed it's remaining contents with much eagerness. I recognised it, was some weird energy drink only one person in the world had the sugar tolerance for standing. 

"Max?" I called out in disbelief. 

The giant let out a burp and he grinned at me proudly.

"Haha, took you a while, little guy." 

He bounced his massive pecs while giving me wink. He seemed to move an insane amount of air by just making his massive meaty globes dance.

My awe at the giant Max had turned into turned cold while I realised what else about the afternoon's sounds we heard must have been real.

"So it was you, fucking..."

Max interrupted me with a smirk.

"Yeah it was me fucking Kayla, Valerie and Lara. Honestly, I can't belief some of you guys have been together for years. They were so fucking tight! They're stretched wide open now though. I made sure they now know what real men feel like."

Max ran his hands over his thick chest. It looked like he could get used to being the biggest man in the room by a long shot. He suddenly firmly grabbed his own mammoth cock, kneading it through the cloth of the sweatpants.

"...Should have used that spell years earlier. Feels so fucking good being a stud." He growled.

The display reinvigorated my own need for release, and my dick tented my pants painfully.

"Well good luck with that. I'm back to stretching open your girls till the sun comes up." Max said with a wink.

"Oh, and make sure you keep the sound of TV down. We have thin walls, and I wanna hear the girl's scream about how much my muscles turn them on." 

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Great story. Brief, self-contained, complete, stylish (bit like me ?).

I loved the para:

“Yeah it was me fucking Kayla, Valerie and Lara. Honestly, I can't belief some of you guys have been together for years. They were so fucking tight! They're stretched wide open now though. I made sure they now know what real men feel like”

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