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Sharing Is Caring




(A little interlude I wrote in between other projects. Daily captions will be back soonish™.)

Sharing Is Caring.

“C'mon Jason, give the Speedo back, you've had it for long enough.” Dan's nasally voice bemoaningly wailed.

Jason looked up from his sunbathing spot, his awesome muscularity shimmering nicely in the sunlight. It took Jason a second to reacquaint to himself with his surroundings after his nap in the sun, and as became clear while he looked down to his massive outward jutting pecs, he had to take a few seconds to re familiarize himself with his body too.

His sleepy face made place for a huge grin while he bounced the massive meaty globes that made up his pecs up and down. With the smirk that grew on his face while he inspected more and more of his bulging muscles you'd almost get the ridiculous, biology breaking, unheard-off thought he'd only been a hunk for a day. 

This wasn't the case of course. He'd only been looking like a god of masculinity and sex for less than an hour.

Jason's self worship was interrupted by Dan's annoying voice. 

“Aren't you big enough yet? C'mon Jason, we all paid for the magic Speedo. You're being a bad friend.” The small man demanded.

Jason looked at the yellow Speedo he was referring too. It was looking awfully snug around his large and bulging package. 

Just a few hours ago Jason had been as pathetic looking as Dan himself. The token black friend in a group of nerds. He'd been elected to test out the Speedo they had ordered from a witchcraft and curse website. All the friends had to sacrifice their college funds in order to the buy the item, and yet none of other friends had dared to put on the magic item first, fearing it's incomprehensibly noted effects or how it might mess with their asthma medicine.

Now that they had seen their scrawny and weedy black friend slowly inflate next to the pool to the biggest hunk any of them had seen for the past hour those inhibitions were completely out of the window however.

“Stop being selfish and share the thing already.” Dan demanded.

Jason considered those words for a few seconds. He had always despised Dan's bossy attitude, but he had been even scrawnier than twerpy Dan and had been too afraid to say anything. Obviously there was a change in that now. 

Jason jumped up to his full height, looming and towering over the smaller man. Dan's 5'10 height was looked at with jealousy in the group of nerds but it didn't get him much further than a view of big black man's pecs now. Formerly 5'8 Jason could get used to extra foot in height.

“You want me to give you back the magic Speedo all of you were too chicken shit to test out?” Jason asked, his voice booming and a good octave lower than before.

Dan nodded, his sudden infatuation with the cobblestone bricks making up Jason's abs preventing him from speaking.

Jason looked past his own pecs with a little difficulty and down to the yellow Speedo he was stretching out. He could just deny it to them, but that didn't seem like too much fun.

He relished the feeling of every part of his body magically inflating with masculinity and size for a second longer, and then pulled the garment with a little difficulty of him. 

“There you go, little guy.” Jason said with a generous smile as he dropped the Speedo in Dan's hands. 

The small man almost looked a little suspicious at how easily the new black hulk had given up the magic item. Suspicions that were discarded in favor of eager excitement that he'd soon be top dog within the group of friends again. Dan quickly stepped out of his own clothing and underwear, the thoughts of the chicks he'd bang if he a body like Jason's (or even bigger....) already shooting through his mind. He tried not to let the pool of pre that continually leaked out of Jason's horse cock and had drenched the Speedo bother him too much while he pulled the garment on. With a smirk of his own Dan looked at Jason while he had the piece of swimwear on. He wouldn't wave to look up to the big man for long.....

Suddenly Jason felt the warm summer air again on his very humble but rock hard dick, the Speedo lying on the floor looking at him with a grin. Dan pulled the thing back up again, not eager to show off his hard 3.5' inch dick while the black cock swinging between the set of muscular thighs in front him seemed to be twice as big while completely soft. 

Dan could see why it hadn't hung onto his frame now that he pulled it up again. The material was completely stretched out and ruined by having to hug around Jason's superior manhood and glutes. It's new tent like form didn't come anywhere close enough to still comfortably fit around any of the scrawny nerds. Dan tried desperately to press the cloth into him, but he didn't feel the buzz of growth Jason had described when he had first started growing. 

"Fuck man, did my new fat prick stretch it out too much to still fit around your tiny dicklet? Jason asked in a completely unsurprised tone. “The packaging did say 'For men.' not sure if that qualifies.” He continued with a chuckle, giving his own coke can thick cock a few tugs for emphasis. 

Dan looked like he was a combination of angry, disappointed and aroused. 

“Don't worry man. It stated on the site it was for multiple uses. One of the thousand papers this thing came with probably has some kind manual on how to reconfigure the stretch.” Jason said with a little more sincerity. 

Dan nodded, still too embarrassed to speak. He hopped out of the piece of clothing and put his own boxers back on, staring longingly at the Jason's thick arms and biceps.

“Don't worry little guy, as soon as you've figured out how to get this thing to fit around your skinny asses it won't be long before you've got big biceps like this of your own.” Jason said while shoving the 22 inches of steel his arms flexed up to in Dan's face.

“In the meantime, I'll be sure to keep this thing safe...” Dan said while pulling the Speedo with some difficulty over his body. Dan looked on in awe as every part of Jason's already big body started growing ever so slowly again, inflating him with more and more size. 

Dan quickly hurried back to the group of nerds standing on the other side of the pool, murmuring something quietly about what they needed to find in the pile of incantations, papers and spells the Speedo came with. 

Jason looked on with a smile, loving the feeling of his body growing more masculine and bigger by the second. The only reason he had thought that there was a way to reconfigure the stretch was because he had found how to do it half an hour ago. By that time the Speedo had already been stretched out to the point it wasn't gonna be useful to any of skinny friends, but he found out that if you just tugged at a small string in the back the cloth collapsed back in on itself till it was its original shape, fitting perfectly on any pathetic twerp. 

Naturally Jason had made sure to remove that magical string and throw it in the trash. He hadn't been eager to share his way of obtaining masculine perfection with any of his 'friends'. Despite their financial contributions they really didn't deserve the body of gods, and least of all Dan. 

The big man slowly heard the first signs of ripping. Wouldn't be long now before his growing and swelling cock would be too much for the Speedo to handle and it'd be shredded into a thousand pieces, it's magical growing capabilities going with it. 

Jason made sure he remembered all the nerds from the group who had told him they had a crush on the hot neighbor, he was gonna need to send them all video's of her and her husband being split open by his foot long muscle cock as soon as he was done here. 

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