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The Sure Thing




“I’m a sure thing,” the big guy said, leaning towards me on the rack.


“I’m sorry,” I said, confused and distracted by his arms.  


“I noticed you watching me as I worked out.  It’s also kind of difficult to not notice that hard thing poking out your shorts,” he responded, lifting his chin to point at my crotch.


It was true.  I had been gym-stalking him the entire time we worked out and I was now blessed with a raging hard-on that could not be hidden. He was simply gorgeous in every way. Older muscle men turned me on more than anything in the world.  I had been endowed with a large tool that always gave away my muscle daddy thirst.


“Like I said before, I’m a sure thing.  I’m into getting worshipped probably even more than you are into worshipping. Also, I can grab my ankles and put my head between my big muscled calves . . . if you’re interested,” he added, smiling.


“I don’t understand,” I lied, unable to process anything at the moment since every ounce of energy in my body was pulsing hard into my cock making me unable to stop my shorts from tenting out like we were now in some kind of porno movie.


“Then let me be clear,” he said, smiling even more broadly.  “I love to flex my huge muscles in some guy’s face – getting him all hot and bothered.  I like bear hugging a dude until he can’t think straight.  I love having every bulge on my body being kissed and licked. But, most of all, I love taking it up the ass all night long.  I’m the most masculine alpha bottom you’re ever going to meet.  Again, I’m a sure thing.”


This was almost too much for me to handle.  I moaned a little and I knew a wet spot was beginning at the crotch of my gray cotton shorts.  He tensed his arms to emphasize his point and to make me leak even more.  The guy was the biggest tease I had ever met.


“What’s the matter, kid? This old man too much for you?” he asked, squeezing his fists so the veins on his biceps popped out even more. “I could milk your big rod like it’s never been emptied before.”


I had to shake my head to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.  I also closed my eyes.  When I opened them again, the beautiful older muscle dreamboat was still standing there – looking at me with eyes full of lust and honesty.  I suddenly felt like I had won the lottery.  He clearly caught on to the fact that I was beginning to fully understand and he quickly answered the one question that was kicking around in my head.


“It’s simple, kid.  I chose you because you have the biggest package in the place,” he said, glancing down at my bulge.  “The bigger the better is my motto.  And you’ll probably never have a hotter bunch of big muscles riding that thing, dude.  I can please you in ways you never even dreamed of.”


“Is this some kind of television show of practical jokes?” I asked, looking around for cameras.


“Nope.  I’m the real deal, man,” he answered.  “Like I said I’m . . .”


“A sure thing . . . yeah, I’m beginning to get the point,” I interrupted.  “I’m not sure my body can handle hearing you say it again.”


He simply mouthed the words, again – teasing me and tensing every damn bulging muscle that covered his magnificent body.  He clearly was in no rush at all – loving the foreplay even more than I was.  His forearms flexed bigger than my legs.  The big elder man kept looking down at my crotch and licking his lips.  


“My tight ass can squeeze that big thing until you cry uncle, boy,” he said, staring directly into my eyes with an intense look.  “Just think of how you’ll love feeling all my big muscles as you pound away.”


“Dude!  You got to be quiet or I’m going to explode right here,” I said, quickly and a little too loudly.  


This made him smile and then he glanced down – anticipating that my big rod would twitch with excitement. It did not disappoint.  He was rewarded with another glob of pre-cum and some serious dick bobbing under the material.  He licked his lips again.


“I could take care of that for you in the bathroom before we leave,” he offered.


His confidence was intoxicating.  He knew I was putty in his hands.  He was this big muscle bottom that was completely in control.  I suddenly imagined kissing his huge hard calves as his legs were draped across my shoulders and he was moaning from the pleasure of my pounding.  I had never wanted to fuck a man more in my entire life and he knew it.  I had never even begun to think that a bottom could be so dominating.  He dictated everything and I followed obediently.  


“My mouth is almost as hot as my tight hole,” he said, knowing the comment would edge me even closer to explosion.  “I can suck you off so hard that you’ll pass out.  Don’t worry, though, I’m big and strong enough to carry you out.”


I didn’t know what thought to focus on first – the thrill of being carried by this big older man or the pleasure of having his warm, wet mouth around my now aching cock.  The idea of shooting a load that would go through his incredible bull-neck was, again, almost too much for me to handle. I shook my head again and he knew I was still mystified by the situation.

“Cop a feel, little man,” he said, “Touching this big arm will show you I’m for real.”


He didn’t move.  He simply tensed the biceps nearest me and waited. He knew I wouldn’t refuse.  He also knew I wouldn’t even hesitate for one second.  My hand obeyed his suggestion without me even receiving a message from my brain.  I touched hard flesh-covered stone.  I could feel the blood pumping within his huge gun.  He glanced down at my small hand pressed against his marvelous bulging arm.  


“It’s even harder and bigger when I flex,” he said, looking back at me.  “Fella, I’m going to need your big cock in my mouth or in my ass pretty soon.  I want you to make me walk funny tomorrow.  Let’s go get you leaking something awful from me offering you my best double biceps pose.”


Three minutes later his huge arms were bulging harder and bigger against the black and white backdrop of the gym’s shower.  My hands explored those mountains, as well as his magnificent lats, perfect pecs, and those gorgeous giant forearms that had pleased my eyes earlier.  The muscle foreplay was so incredible that I was quickly teetering on the edge of the most intense ejaculation of my life.  When the dude turned toward the wall and pulled his shorts and underwear down to reveal his perfect muscled, bubbled ass it was – as he fully planned – just too much for me.  I shot off like a cannon into my shorts, my body flailing into his powerful back and then flopping against him as I released rope after rope of my thick cum. I finally came back down to earth, pressed into his strong back and continued breathing hard.


“I’m so sorry,” I quickly said, “You were just too much and that gorgeous ass sent me over the edge.”


He turned around, pulling up his shorts and then taking my still shaking body into his big arms. His smile made it clear this situation had gone all according to his plan.


“No need to apologize, man,” he said.  “I thought we’d give you just a taste of what’s to come . . . so to speak.  I’ll have you full of more of your man juice in no time at all.  Picking you up and carrying you out to my car is going to keep that big weapon of yours fully hard.”


And as he easily picked up my body into his big arms I knew he was right.  

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I would LOVE for you to throw me over your shoulder and carry me off, against my will, I`d be helpless! You into that?


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