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Short Captions- Batch Two


“This really isn’t what I meant when I wished for jock sex”

*You’re jostled around as the man wearing you grinds against his boyfriend*

“I’d have liked to have been one of the guys”

“Or you know have some basic senses”

“I’m just getting this loose idea of what’s happening”

“I could be in a washing machine for all I know”

*Then you realise without a mouth you can’t make another wish*

“Shit…. I’m stuck like this aren’t I”

*From his invisible perch the Djinn watched the hung jocks grind and kiss with a smirk on his lips*



“Yea, keep smiling you cunt”

“I know it was you who sold me out to the exam board months back”

“But you don’t know that I know”

“So keep smiling, keep enjoying our holiday”

“Keep resting your beautiful ass on Kent’s amazing shoulders”

“Keep flicking your hair in the breeze”

“Because come tonight your body, life and near perfect test scores are mine”



“Oh, look who’s waking up”

*You stare up at your baby brothers face on a hugely muscled body*

“Yea…. So guess who opened your mail”

*His arm twitches and he smirks a little*

“Now don’t be angry”

“I’ll pay you back for the potion”

*You go to sit up, he pushes you back down*

“Now, I’m thinking you getting to watch me workout is $100”

“Listening to me fuck babes through your bedroom wall is $200”

“So if my math is correct….”

*He stops to mentally workout the relatively easy math*

“It will take three months of lifting and fucking to pay you back”

*He smiles widely*

“Should we get started, those cheerleaders you tutor just arrived”

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