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Jock Sale : Brody





Buyer Note:

Hey Goggletan,

Wasn't all that surprised to see Brody on here, I knew him from college before he dropped out after a few months. He was a freshman, few years younger than me, and quickly seized control of campus as the big man on the grounds. All the senior year athletes just had to had to stand by and watch as he fucked his way through their girlfriends, Big Brody has always been an big hung alpha muscle stud. He dropped out after a few months though, said the huge money was on the internet and that college degrees were useless to superior men like him. I remember him walking off campus with a smirk, promising us he and his muscular body were gonna be a super star in a few years. I guess it didn't work out, going by the fact he'll need to sell his body to pay off his debt. 

Anyways, back when he was still around he scared me out of the gym. His endless laughing and humiliating made me unable to work out. And when he left I didn't have the motivation to return. It shows, I've grown even more skinny and weak over the years. My acne remains insistent, even know that I'm nearly passing the halfway point on my twenties. I'm not even interested in chicks anymore, all I do is beat my meat to the videos of Brody stretching open the quarterback's girl. The memories of his musky smell from when I got the honour of sitting behind him in class is what usually pushes me over the edge when jerking off. 

I'm doing pretty well for myself otherwise. You know, if you ignore the pathetic body. I've landed a well paying job. A very well paying job. Seeing that ad, I thought it be hilarious to just buy Brody's body. Just to give him a "I told you so" about staying in school to earn the big bucks. When his oversized cock is swinging in front of him while he's trapped inside my twerpy from he'd probably get the message. 



Body Cost : $600,000

Status: Buyer has paid in full cash. Body swap may commence 


Notes: Buyer has tested this new body by sticking a large beer bottle into Brody's ass while he was tied up in bondage. Buyer seems to enjoy tormenting Brody but tells us he would like to test out his asshole size as well as how loud he could scream from having his asshole fucked with. Buyer loved humilating Brody in bondage.



After Swap Documentation:

The buyer wakes up in the clinic room still feeling slightly uncomfortable with his new younger body. 

Its understandable how different this body must feel as the buyer has spent his entire life as a short and weak male. Waking up in this muscular body with long toned legs must feel very awkward for him. We get him a mirror for him to gaze at his new face. At first he seems to be in shock due to looking at this handsome masculine face in the mirror and he takes some time to register that this perfection he is looking at now is now his own face.


When the buyer is finally strong and comfortable enough in his body we attempted to find some new clothes for him as his older previous clothes were too small. We managed to find him an XXL tank top that still looked to small for for. It fitted him for now however. 

We noticed a change in the buyer's personality too. It was small but it seems he enjoyed taking photos of himself and flexing in the mirror whenever he got the chance.

Who can blame him? From an ugly scrawny dude to becoming a handsome pro bodybuilder anyone would want to take the opportunity to take as many photos of himself. 


By the second day we noted that the buyer was now indistinguishable from the old Brody. He has also now become comfortable with us addressing him as "Mr Brody Sir" instead of his original name. The traits from the original Brody has also manifested in the new Buyer and as you can see, the new Brody has becoming overwhelming cocky in his walk. He pouts his lips like a sexy bodybuilder would and he smirks and man shorter than him. We have also passed him the pair of sunglasses from the original Brody and he has taken to wearing it wherever he goes. Even to the local gym where he know OWNS the place by being the biggest muscular strongest and tallest Alpha Male there.

Girls crowd around his getting wet watching him lifts weights, while men everywhere look in envy at this man who is about to fuck all their wives and girlfriends.


The best part was however watching him return to his job.

We observed him walking with the cockiest most arrogant bodybuilder swagger to his old office. It was amazing watching him as he made all the women in his office bite their lips in anticipation that they would be working with a handsome tall bodybuilder. I think they would be pleasantly surprised to find out soon how big his cock is as well when they are having their mouths wide open gagging on his giant monster meat soon. 

The boss however stood no chance against new Brody as well. Being smaller and shorter than the new Brody, he was ultimately intimated and bullied into submission by the tall bodybuilder. 

We last heard that the new Brody was recently appointed as the new CEO head of the company. And his previous boss has decided to create a new role for himself as the feet masseur of the New Brody. 



All in all the New Brody has fit in very well into his new Body.

However we regret to inform that we have just realized that we found the Old Brody has even more discovered debt. Apparently he had up to 4 credit cards which he has maxed out and not paid. 

So we are currently about to notify the New Brody that he has 2 choices to make.

1. He would have to pay for the increased price of Brody's body an additional $200,000

2. Or he could buy his old body (with the new Brody inhabiting it) as a personal slave for $100,000


As a personal slave is considered property to an owner, New Brody is free to do whatever he wishes with the old Brody now stuck inside his short skinny body.



We hope New Brody would get back to us soon on his decision.


We also hope that New Brody could answer some of our questions regarding the changes he has with his new body

1. What are the biggest changes you feel about this new body compare to your old body

2. How is life being a pro bodybuilder now. Are you adapting well to it?

3. How different do people treat you now?

4. If you were to buy your old body back as a slave what would you do to it as i understand you knew the old Brody back in college

5. Anything you would like to say to Old Brody?

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New Brody here (https://muscle-growth.org/blogs/entry/259-jock-sale/?tab=comments#comment-344), thought I'd answer your questions real quick before I'm back to my daily legendary fuck sessions. 

1. What are the biggest changes you feel about this new body compared to your old body?

Fuck man, where do I start! I used to be so intimidated by everything. Scared of any kind of social encounter. Anxious when talking to people. Living in chronic fear made so weak and tirid looking.

This new body doesn't have any of that. I've got more testosterone pumping through my system than 5 normal guys combined. Comes with having bullsized balls I guess. That just makes me just feel so good about everything. So confident. When I meet new people now they just can't help but ogle my bulging muscles. Their mouths water and they can't help but stutter as they catch sight the oversized cock hanging down the leg of my pants. I'm not intimated anymore, people are intimidated by me. 

2. How is life being a pro bodybuilder now. Are you adapting well to it?

Haha, how do you think I'd like taking pictures for my instagram each day and getting nothing but messages of lust and envy from my millions of followers? Each day I just post a gym selfie, my muscles ballooning bigger with pump that any of my pathetic followers could ever imagine being, and get showered in requests to stretch open their girlfriends (and their own) holes. It's fucking awesome. 

I've been thinking about competing in a bodybuilder competition, you know, overshadow some guys standing on stage. Yet to find a poser that won't look obscene however.

3. How different do people treat you now?

People treat me with the respect an alpha body like this deserves. They move away without me having to ask. Their stares linger on my outward jutting pecs when they're hanging out of my dress shirts. Guys try to sneak peaks at my 'equipment' in the gym showers. People worship the ground I stand on. Guys realise they'll never be half the man I am after periods of envy and do anything to curry my favor. It's fucking hilarious. 

You know this guy from work, Mark or whatever, he used to be the big guy in our office, the Alpha if you will. Obviously when I arrived in this new hunky body that changed, once I showed him videos of me curling what he benches his cocky demeanor couldn't drop fast enough. He was jealous for a while, eyeing me with rage while I got myself promoted to CEO. Once that video leaked of my secretary chocking on my fuckstick however he suddenly wanted to be friends. When you can't be the alpha in the room, being friends with the alpha is the second best thing. I made him come along as my lifting partner to the gym. Fuck that was funny as shit. Seeing inadequacy spread over his face while I lifted more than he could ever dream off, nothing more entertaining. I even let him watch while I ruined his girlfriend by stretching her open. I couldn't help but comment on how tight she was, I think with my thick long cock was the first time she was really 'fucked' if you will, his puny dick probably couldn't bring her an ounce of pleasure.

The best part? He still wanted to be friends after I let him watch me fucking his girl, I swear it's just the funniest shit. I get why Brody screwed all those people over now, they just let you get away with anything if you're a stud. People treat like you're a god.

4. If you were to buy your old body back as a slave what would you do to it? (As I understand you knew the old Brody back in college.)

Probably enjoy using him as nothing but a cum dump in between my intense fuckings. I like dumping my massive loads of spunk into twinks as much as into girls, and he's got a tight little throat. Knowing it is Brody, former alpha in that body helps make the experience even better. He can clean out my jocks after, his tongue is the only thing that can clean my worn jocks after a day of use.

You should call him by his new slave name by the way, Broderick. Brody is way to jocky of a name for the pathetic twerp so I changed it after 'adaption'. Broderick is settling into his new role nicely as my maid and cum dump. He still has a little trouble with constantly shooting his loads when I haven't permitted him too however, he says my muscles just arouse him too much. I'm working on it, but Broderick is being a obedient little bitch otherwise.

5. Anything you would like to say to Old Brody?

Should have stayed in school, dipshit. 

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