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On 2/10/2019 at 9:39 PM, Mamey said:

Hi goggletan 

I am interesed  in chase to be able to exchange the body with he  


15 hours ago, Thegaymage said:

Damn. Would love to switch with justin. I could only imagine what would be able being so gorgeous like that.

Hi there

Tell me more about yourself first? How do you look like? Age? Height? Are you a butt ugly nerd? Or just a normal guy with a small dick?

Why do you want the particular body compared to the others?

And why do you think this is the best body for you

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Well, my name is Ian. I'm also 19 years old, and sadly own a lot of fat. A depression in my life caused me to eat more and more, causing my almost immobile body. And on my short 5"2 frame it looks even more disgusting. And trust me. Probably every dick is bigger than mine. So that would be a guaranteed improvement. 

I'd love to swap with his body because he's one of the guys in my neighbourhood that drove me to this depression and eating habbit. I'd love to own his body, and for him to own mine, so he realises what he has done. I'd love to ruin his "straight jock" look and become the most dominant and muscular gay top in town. I think he might deserve that lesson, and that after a depressing life, i would finally be able to live life to the fullest.

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Hi @goggletan

I'm a 5' 4" scrawny shrimp but I've been trying my best to bulk myself up during this last year. But I seem to be battling some really stubborn ectomorph genetics as I'm not getting far!

I'm 28 though I look a lot younger - I try to grow a beard to make myself look like my age, but it's all patchy and scraggly. And being pale blonde doesn't seem to help! I've got a larger than average dick (7 inches of thick meat), but it doesn't help to be hung when I'm too embarrassed about the rest of my body to use it. To top it off, it's best to describe my face as looking like I could be cast as a pimple-faced science geek for any 80s sitcom.

As it happens, Logan is one of the people who I follow on Instagram - as one of my main "inspirations" for me to keep heading to the gym. In fact, I regularly post some of his photos on my personal Tumblr, um... "Face Fuck Fantasies".

I did pluck up the courage to message him and he did seem to be very pleasant and genuinely want to help me improve my workouts (I kept mum about my blog during our interactions!). But the exercise guides he was sending me were crazy -  amounting to 2 hours of heavy weight training every day! I distinctly got the impression his mentoring was less about improving me and more about boasting what he could lift.

Of course, he charged me big bucks for his "training" and when he found out I wasn't able to do it, he started sending me emails calling me a "scrawny-assed wimp". But later he laughed his comments off as a joke and offered to do a Skype with me so he could see what he was working with. I knew in the back of my mind that this video call was going to be humiliating, but I willed myself to do it just to see his magnificent body up and close.

The call itself was a disaster - just an excuse for him to belittle me and laugh at my pathetic excuse of a body. He also knew straight away I was having a hard-on for him and browbeat me into buying a pair of his used jockstraps at $250 dollars a pop. I suspect that financial exchange was his real reason for getting in contact with me.

I know I shouldn't let him get to me, but I'm spending my spare time these days photoshopping his smirking face onto the bodies of hot, tied up twinks and crudely shopping my throbbing cock in front of him.

Please let me finally bring down this asshole and show him how a proper alpha male mentors his followers.

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Het Goggletan,

Wasn't all that surprised to see Brody on here, I knew him from college before he dropped out after a few months. He was a freshman, few years younger than me, and quickly seized control of campus as the big man on the grounds. All the senior year athletes just had to had to stand by and watch as he fucked his way through their girlfriends, Big Brody has always been an big hung alpha muscle stud. He dropped out after a few months though, said the huge money was on the internet and that college degrees were useless to superior men like him. I remember him walking off campus with a smirk, promising us he and his muscular body were gonna be a super star in a few years. I guess it didn't work out, going by the fact he'll need to sell his body to pay off his debt. 

Anyways, back when he was still around he scared me out of the gym. His endless laughing and humiliating made me unable to work out. And when he left I didn't have the motivation to return. It shows, I've grown pudgy over the years. My acne remains insistent, even know that I'm nearly passing the halfway point on my twenties. I'm not even interested in chicks anymore, all I do is beat my meat to the videos of Brody stretching open the quarterback's girl. The memories of his musky smell from when I got the honour of sitting behind him in class is what usually pushes me over the edge when jerking off. 

I'm doing pretty well for myself otherwise. You know, if you ignore the pathetic body. I've landed a well paying job. A very well paying job. Seeing that ad, I thought it be hilarious to just buy Brody's body. Just to give him a "I told you so" about staying in school to earn the big bucks. When his oversized cock is swinging in front of him while he's trapped inside my twerpy from he'd probably get the message. 

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