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Attention Seeker

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Timmy Asked:

Hey Goggletan really gotta ask you about my roomate who has been bugging the hell out of me. He's always been the gym rat kind of guy whose super into fitness and looking good. But recently it seems he has taken it a step further by becoming into a cocky mean spirited jerk. He used to just leave me alone in our room but he has become so insulting, dominating and threatening towards me. He takes pleasure at laughing at my body. I admit im a skinny weak guy. I'm short and with an even smaller dick. But why does he have to do this to me. Its terrible and i want to cry. Just last night he even forced me to take of my pants and fucked me in my ass while pinning me down on my bed. It hurt so bad, physicality and emotionally. It feels like i have become his bitch now. 

Can you help me please? Its not my choice to be born with such a small weak body. I wish i could be like him. I wish i was him...


Goggletan Reply: 

Shit, that sounds really sad to hear. Im sorry you have to go through this.

I did a quick research to find out who this guy is. Just to be sure who Im up against.


Managed to find his picture.

And as luck would have it, turns out i know this guy.


This is going to come as a shock...

But hes actually....you...

And the weak scrawny nerd Body you currently inhabit used to belong to your now muscled intimidating roommate instead.



Ok i didnt want to tell you this info but seeing as how much you're suffering now i'll just let you in to a deal i struck with your once scrawny nerd roommate.

This is a note he wrote me a few weeks ago.


"Please help me Mr goggletan Sir. My name is Timmy and im gay.

I heard you could help me with my problem. You see, im a short skinny and ugly man. Im weak and i work a low-paying job just to save enough money for my monthly rent which i live with my roommate who is also my landlord. He is the most amazing person ive ever known. His personality is so cool and chill. He is the kind of guy who doesnt bat an eye at me. He doesnt even bother to say hi to me because of how cool he is. And for some reason it turns me on.


He is huge too. His body is well sculpted from the many hours he spends at the gym. He doesnt even need to work because he is a rich man's son. The rent he gets from me living in his storeroom is already enough for him to go to parties and buy his gym supplements. And i know he secretly looks down on me. As a muscled up young man in his sexually prime he towers over me in height and i can see why he treats me like dirt. But the truth is im so in love with him. He is so hot. I know we belong in 2 different worlds. But i wish he could give me some attention. He doesnt even need to treat me well. He could insult me, humiliate me, or even threaten me with his huge muscles. He could even rape me screaming in my hole and i would appreciate it. 

Please help me Goggletan Sir. I am so in love with him.

I need his attention so bad............."



Yap, so thats the note your roommate wrote to me.

He was so in love with you and he would do anything for your attention and i was very touched by his sincerity.

So i thought the best way for me to help him achieve his goal was to make him.....you. 


In this way he gets to worship the very body he craves to lick with his warm tongue.

He gets to look at the face he loves so much in his own reflection

And best of all, he gets to finally get all the attention he craves.....by giving himself the attention he needs.


And you. You shall now give him all the attention he wants too.

You will be humilated.

You will be intimidated 

You will be butt raped


You live to serve him.

You live to give him attention.


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