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Personal Training

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Josh Asked:

Hey GT, I'm hoping you could help me out: I'm a personal trainer that's been approached by one of those weight loss shows to help an overweight guy get in shape. It's one of those things where a trainer has to live like their client to see the challenges they face... only with this one, I think the show wants the two of us to actually trade places. I kid you not, its like they want us to not only swap lifestyles but our bodies? How is this possible? I know it sounds like a joke, i mean how is body swap real? So i signed the contract already but was hoping you could give me some advice on what to do next.




YO Josh. 

I know you meant to give your bro Goggletann a message to ask for help but sorry to say that when the weight loss show’s manager met with you last week you actually signed the contract with them already.

I don’t blame you for signing the contract, you were simply told that it was a simple game show but you were’nt shown the fine print. You thought it sounded like a joke.



I hope you haven’t looked at any mirrors yet. Because as far as i know I’m the one with your body now.


And yes I was supposed to be the overweight fat guy you were suppose to help... Or at least i used to be....

I swear its great being in your hunky body. I can eat as much as i fucking want and i never gain any fats! Damm do you have have such amazing genetics!

If anything, the more i eat the more muscle mass i seem to produce. Fuck your body is simply amazing!


I can’t even begin to describe what an amazing week i have in your body. Because of this trade off i have literally gained a new passion for fitness and the gym.

I can totally understand why you spend so many hours in the gym. Its so damm fun!  These things you call weights and fitness machines are so damm easy. I can’t even understand why i would find them hard and intimidating to use in the first place. They’re so light and not challenging at all!


On top of that it doesnt hurt that i get to walk around the gym shirtless and show of this amazing body of yours.

Well mine for now....

My favorite part is when i drop my pants halfway during my gym session. 

I just act chill and pretend that im taking selfies of myself in the mirror. But really im just doing it cause i simply enjoy the attention im getting from this hard body. 

If that amazing upper body wasn't enough, dropping my pants lets me show off these thigh hard muscled thighs and this giant bulge hanging between my knees.

The feeling to have everyone stop at the gym and just look at me while you act like nothing is going on is so fucking powerful. 

I was a shitty fat shit last week. And now.....






Now i understand why you fitness buff hunks get all cocky and arrogant. With biceps and a handsome face like that it would be a crime not to become an asshole Alpha jerk Stud.


Anyways it is a game show afterall and one of the fine prints you signed on stated that you gotta whip my old fatty body into shape in a months time or you’ll have to forfeit your body. I mean its what you said to your usual clients too, you claim that you can whip me into a hunky stud in a month so now you gotta prove it.

In my fatty body of course.

Just in case you have yet to look in the mirror, this is a photo of my old body just before we swapped.




Good luck for the rest of your life.

Trust me. You're gonna need it

fat boy....





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Well... to my mind it feels like they're both in their proper roles now.  Josh belongs in that new, heavier body.  I'm sure he'll adjust.

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13 hours ago, DakotaGreen said:

Well... to my mind it feels like they're both in their proper roles now.  Josh belongs in that new, heavier body.  I'm sure he'll adjust.

oh im sure he will. Not like hes got a choice anyway.

Unless he can workout that body in a month

Fat chance tho lol

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I love how you throw in that little condescending and dominating comment at the end. The body swap includes the douche bad personality too. I enjoy that. 

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Two words:  "Gastric by-pass"!

So, there's some hope for ol' Joshy.....

Read the fine print, next time, a--hole!




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