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Mr. Blue Eyes

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“You want to pound ‘em, don’t you?”


I could tell he was talking about his magnificent bulging pecs.


“Um . . .yes.”


“Feel free, but I’m not responsible for any damage to your fists.”


He smiled.  I melted.  My cock hardened.  He noticed. This made his gorgeous blue eyes twinkle.


“Muscle’s your thing, isn’t it?”


“Um . . . yes.”


He tensed his chest. I got light-headed.  He brought his fists up and down to make his veiny biceps grow larger and harden more.  He was teasing me.  I didn’t mind.


“I’m even stronger than I look.  That information turns you on even more, doesn’t it?”


“Um . . . yes.”


He loudly cracked the knuckles of his right fist in his left hand.  I jumped a little at the sound.  His smile turned bigger.  His entire body turned bigger as he increased the pressure between his hands.  I was his and he knew it.


“Let’s expand your vocabulary with some questions that require more than just yes or no.  What’s your favorite body part?”


“Any part that’s on you.”


This pleased him in the way I hoped it would.  He took a step closer.  I could have leaned forward and easily brought my tongue to a beautiful thick hard nipple.  He looked down at me – enveloping me in those aqua pools of delight.  


“Let’s be more specific, shall we.”


“I’m an arms man, mostly, but big pecs make me wild, too.”


Biceps were tensed first and then his big chest rippled up and down slowly.  I would have shot a big load right then and there, but he shook his head ‘no’ slowly, making it clear he wanted me to wait.  My body obeyed him even though it screamed for release.  


“Not a drop must be wasted. I’m like a cum vampire.  All that lovely juice is for me.  There’s nothing this big man likes more than getting his daily protein from adoring fans – especially ones as cute as you.  Don’t worry, I’ll pick you up, soon, turn you upside down and swallow so hard you’ll think a Hoover is attached to your cock. Drinking man-honey makes me grow.”


A moan escaped my lips. The idea of him getting bigger after sucking me off was just too much for me to handle.  He cupped his big hand behind my head, pulled my face to his chest, and then rubbed my nose, cheeks, and forehead across his luscious fur.  He smelled of gym, bed, and thick meat.  All the power in my body would have been useless against his one arm – if I had desired to not follow his lead.  He watched as my face yielded to his hard stone-like chest.  Even his skin was powerful.  I let my tongue lap up some of the salty manhood that oozed from every pore.  I suddenly felt like a mere mortal in the presence of a Greek god.  


“Wanna see a biceps mountain?”


He didn’t wait for an answer, since he knew it already.  He gripped my hair with his thick fingers and pulled my head back – allowing me to take in the promised sight.  What had already been meat bulging thicker than my legs put together ballooned into a mound of muscle that screamed of easily bending horseshoes, lifting guys into the air, and demanding respect with one upward tug of the sleeve.  I instantly drooled.  He rubbed my face against his massive peak to sop up the saliva – which made the biceps glisten in the light.  


“Just think of all the things that big gun could do for you.”


“I am.”


It was becoming clear that big Mr. Blue Eyes was beginning to understand the extent of my devotion – and it obviously made him happy.  My face was brought back to the humongous biceps and it was immediately understood that I was supposed to kiss and lick.  If I had been receiving a grade it would have surely been an A plus – with extra credit given, too.  Piercing blue eyes watched my oral handiwork with deep appreciation.  He pressed his crotch against mine and I instantly felt his concrete boner outsizing mine by about five to six inches in length and thickness.  


“All of me grows when I drink man-nectar.”


My knees buckled, but his strong hand around the back of my head kept my body erect.  A light sheen of sweat had appeared on his body – making his scent so intoxicating surely men two blocks away were getting hard-ons and didn’t know why.  


“Pants and underwear off.”


My mind didn’t even try to process the order – my hands obeyed automatically.  I unzipped my shorts and pushed them down, along with my briefs.  I then kicked them off – leaving my tennis shoes and socks on.  It no longer registered that we were standing in the locker room of my gym, nor did I care.  I just wanted to please giant Mr. Blue Eyes.  Within seconds, after dropping my pants, I was in the air and turned upside down.  My face was slammed into his mammoth thick quad – smacking with a loud thud.  My body was then lifted into the air – one huge hand holding my ankles together.  As soon as his warm mouth engulfed my cock I was spewing as if it were the last load of my life.  His free thick hand was plastered against my ass to pull my cock even deeper into his throat.  A thick finger toyed with my asshole just to make me erupt even harder than usual.  I must have emptied a gallon of my man-milk into his glorious mouth.  The enormous man didn’t let a drop of my cum escape his lips.  After an eternity, I finally stopped spewing.  He turned me upright, my cock making a plopping sound as it was pulled from his mouth.  He held me off the ground, close to his hard warm body.  He knew I’d be too spent to stand.  He had clearly caused these kinds of eruptions before.  He looked down at my puppy-like face – staring up at his master. He smiled and those blue eyes sparkled even more.


“And now the growth begins.”

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