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My wife and I both traveled for work and sometimes we didn’t see each other for a month. I was returning home from a trip on Friday knowing she went to her corporate offices on the west coast for meetings last Wednesday. If I got sent out of town again for two weeks before she got back it might be the longest we were apart since we got married a year ago.


My birthday was the next day (Saturday) and I was hoping that she didn’t arrange a surprise birthday party with our friends and neighbors. I was actually expecting people to yell surprise when I walked in the door but it didn’t happen. Then I saw a note on the table. I rolled my eyes thinking it was honey-do list.




Happy Birthday! There is an ice cream cake in the freezer along with some individual servings of your favorite meals for you to enjoy while I’m gone. I love you and I wish I could be there to give you a special night of lovemaking on your birthday.


Since I can’t be there I got you a special gift that will be arriving at 7pm, sharp (Saturday) on your birthday. I wanted to make sure you didn’t make any other plans for Saturday and/or weren’t delayed getting home. Remember the blizzard?


Love and kisses,



I wasn’t sure what to think. It sounded like Joan had organized a birthday party after all. The house was clean and pristine. She must have had the maid service come in for a deep cleaning.


I was exhausted but instead of falling into bed I unpacked and washed my clothes. They may be in the dryer for a couple days but they wouldn’t stink up the place. There wasn’t a stockpile of food, beer, and soft drinks in the refrigerator for the party so I assumed the guests were bringing everything. I put the fried chicken I bought on the way home in the oven on low to keep it warm and I jumped into the shower.


One of my fantasies started as I washed and my cock got rock hard. We had been discussing our fantasies lately and I told Joan about some experimenting I had done in college. Senior year I found out that my bodybuilder roommate was bisexual, and one night after we came back from an end of exams party we had sucked each other’s cocks.


What I didn’t tell her was that started a full semester of oral sex and muscle worship with him. I let her assume it was a one off thing. Early in the year Ted encouraged me to join him in the gym and that turned into a lifelong quest for fitness. Ted was Mr. Muscles and I was his fitness sidekick. It was unbelievable how women threw themselves at us. We had the reputation of being the Don Juan’s of the dorm so nobody suspected what went on at night behind our locked door when we didn’t have chicks in the room. Just so you know my ass and his were still virginal when we graduated. We fucked the ladies and not each other. I had great memories of my time spent between Ted’s legs, and would like to experience a cock like that again.


Right before my trip Joan gave me a fantastic blowjob and afterwards as she knelt between my legs she forced some of my cum out of her mouth and let it flow down onto her tits. My mouth was practically watering when she got on her back and pulled on my head over to lick it off. Feeding me my own cum made me super hard. The taste of semen brought back a lot of memories of college and started me thinking about all my old fantasies. When I started to kiss Joan she tongue kissed me. I didn’t know she was holding part of my load in her mouth. Our tongues intertwined as the salty cum was swapped between us. I slipped my erection into her very wet pussy.


“Mmmmm, that’s so nice. Fuck me Michael! Fuck me!” I couldn’t deny her. I thrust into her over and over again and even though I didn’t cum very much she had a series of orgasms. “That was so hot,” she said as she jumped up to shower.


When I spent that semester trading blowjobs with Ted just the smell of cum would make me hard. I joined her in the shower I was still semi-hard. I still had the taste of cum in my mouth.


All day Saturday I was anticipating the party people showing up at my house to… celebrate with me? I decided to get some salty snacks and the kind of beer I liked to drink because who knows what might walk through the door. After an early supper as I stood in the shower with water pouring over me I couldn’t help but think about Ted. I imagined him showing up at my door an hour early to give me a birthday present I would never forget. Clearly the thought of Ted coming to the party was getting my cock hard. Like I said we had never experimented or experienced anal sex but lately I have fantasized about being in bed again with a man. In my fantasy the man wanted my ass. If Ted showed up then maybe tonight was the night I would get fucked. I dried off, grabbed my robe and headed to the computer to watch a little porn.


I lost myself in several hot sites and I was so hard my cock was dripping pre-cum. I heard my alarm on my phone warning me that it was nearing 7pm. I lost track of time, and ran to get dressed. I pulled on some running shorts when I heard the doorbell ring. Someone was early. It took me by surprise. I smiled and put on my robe before I went to the door. It seemed fitting to answer the door in my robe if this was a surprise party. Let them be surprised too!


I opened the front door and saw a tall man standing on the porch that I didn’t know. He was about six foot three and had wide shoulders, muscular arms and a massive chest. He looked to be about two hundred forty or two hundred fifty pounds of raw muscle. Ted was an amateur bodybuilder compared to this guy. He introduced himself as Brad and asked if he could come in. I stood there with my mouth agape and then asked who he was.


“I’m the massage therapist your wife ordered as a birthday present. I was supposed to be here at 7pm but I guess I’m a bit early.”


I stood aside and he walked past me carrying a massage table and a black bag filled with his oils and tools of the trade.


“Glad to see you’re ready for me,” he said. “I don’t get a lot of calls from wives ordering a massage for their husband, but yours sounded very hot. From what she told me you were given gift certificates to get a massage and you wouldn’t use them so she had to use them before they expired.”


“I’m really at a bit of a loss. I was expecting a surprise birthday party but this is really a surprise so I’m not sure what to do. Maybe you could help me out here,” I said as he was setting up a massage table.


“She told me you’d be surprised. Was she wrong?” Brad asked as he finished setting up his table.


I thought about it and she was right. I am surprised.


“She wasn’t wrong. Are you really a masseuse?” I was trying to figure out why she did this.


“I am. This is a little different than most massages. More… longer than most massages. More thorough. Why don’t you take off your robe and those shorts? Get on the table, face down and we’ll get started. As I moved to the table he started to take his shirt off. He explained that the massage oil stains clothing. I closed my eyes and assumed he went into his black bag and got some other clothes.


I lay on the table and got comfortable. Brad rubbed oil into my shoulders and upper back. As he worked my tight muscles I wondered why I never did this before. As the massage went on I became completely relaxed and I almost fell asleep. However my cock was rock hard. When my boner got really uncomfortable under me, I adjusted myself. About then Brad asked me to turn over so he could work on my front. I did, and of course, my hard as steel cock snapped up against my stomach. He didn’t seem to notice, continued with his work and moved from my calves up my legs, massaging with his strong hands, really doing a professional job.


When he got to my groin I felt a light brush of his hand against the underside of my cock as he moved to my stomach, and continued up to my chest and neck. I had been anticipating him making a move on me and I thought that this may lead to a hand job or maybe some oral but was disappointed because my cock remained relatively untouched. By then I was really turned on and I could feel the pre-cum streaming from my cock, pooling on my lower abs.


I opened my eyes to see his reaction and saw that he was naked. The whole time he was massaging me his penis was bobbing up and down, occasionally rubbing against me as he moved. I saw the glistening drop of pre-cum on the tip and inhaled the musk from his groin as he moved past me. He began working on my legs.


“Why are you naked?” I calmly asked.


“I hope you don’t mind. I do have some shorts I could wear but there is nobody here but you and me.” I saw that his uncut cock was at least two inches longer than mine when I was fully hard and his hadn’t even chubbed up yet. The tip of his cock extended through his foreskin as if he had been partially trimmed. I thought about Ted and how he would love to see this big, masculine cock.


Then as he moved around my head to concentrate on my shoulder his erection touched the side of my head. I thought about trying to lick it or get it in my mouth but at that angle it was impossible. It bobbed away as he moved to my other shoulder. His cock touched my ear.


“It looks like you might need some special attention in some areas. You are very up tight but I think maybe you’ll like what comes next,” he smirked as he stood back slightly. “Roll on your side and get comfortable. You may want to bend the leg under you for stability.”


I moved on to my left side and Brad placed a cushion under my head. He paused for a moment and then placed his right hand on the side of my head. I thought it was some shoulder manipulation or something but he fed me his cock with his left hand. I opened my mouth and suckled hard as he slid more and more of his awesome cock into my mouth. I moved my hand up to pull him deeper, but he withdrew. My mouth remained open, awaiting his return, but when I opened my eyes, he was no longer there. He moved behind me to start the massage on my leg again. This was a little different though.


“Please, let me…suck…” I said softly as his hands moved over my hip.


Before I could say another word, I felt his strong hand freshly covered in warm oil slide up my inner thigh and into my ass crack. His fingers lightly moved over my tight opening to apply some slight pressure and then continue up to my hip. He moved my knee up so I was completely exposed and moved a warm, oil covered hand to cup my balls as he pushed a finger into my ass. I was so relaxed that his finger easily slid into me. The sensation of him holding my balls while he penetrated me was almost too much. I felt my cock surge, but didn’t want to cum yet.


“Man, oh man. Fuck, you are tight down here too, but I think we can change that. Is there anything else I can do for you before we move to the next part of the massage?” he asked. I was speechless.


He withdrew the finger and moved it back into me several times before a second finger joined the first and stretched my hole. There was a need building in me unlike any I had ever felt with Ted. I needed him inside me but first I wanted more of that thick cock.


“Please let me suck your cock again… I want to taste that again before you fuck me.” I heard myself bargain.


“Oh, so you think I’m going to fuck you do you?” I heard his voice moving from behind me and knew I would see the object of my lust soon. I opened my mouth as he moved in front of me. My head rested on the pillow as I watched him dry his hands on a towel and move closer.


“Okay. Open your mouth and suck my cock… or do you want me to fuck your throat?” I was about to answer when he moved the pre-cum covered shaft past my lips. I sucked and ran my tongue along the ridge under his head. He began thrusting in and out.


“Yeah, that’s it, suck that cock… your wife told me you needed this…told me you were a cocksucker from way back when. She said you needed to be fed a real man’s cock. Oh yeah… you are good at this. I’d love to just fuck your mouth and shoot a load cum down your throat, but I have other plans for you.” He pulled free of my mouth as I looked up at him. “Roll over on your front,” he ordered. I did.


Brad resumed the massage of my ass and balls with the warm oils and soon had three fingers moving deep in my ass. My opening was fully relaxed and my hips were starting to lift off the table, trying to draw his fingers deeper inside me. Without warning, he pulled his fingers out and I heard him squirting more of the oil but it wasn’t being applied to me. Clearly Brad was lubricating his big cock to make the next step as easy as possible.


Without a word I felt him get up onto the table and he placed his knees on either side of my hips. I could feel the warm, hard length of his cock slide down my ass until the tip slipped past my opening. Brad reached down and positioned the tip of his cock against my opening, and held himself there for a moment.


“Just relax… I’m going to apply a little pressure and if you push out a little it will help. Your wife told me you were an ass virgin and that’s about to change.” I tensed for a moment as I anticipated what I was sure would be a sharp pain as he entered me but then I relaxed and pushed out as I felt him push in. Instead of pain I was amazed to feel his entire cock slide smoothly into me, with no resistance. I felt totally full as he just kept pushing more and more of his long, thick uncut cock into my body. When he was in to the hilt, I felt his body press down on me as he relaxed. The sensation of feeling the weight of his hard physique on me, all the warm, full body contact, and his deep, complete penetration made me think of Ted and I being face to face while he was crushing me and thrusting his cock against mine. Ted was good but I had never felt anything like this.


“Ohhooh fuck, that is so good,” he said. “You were relaxed weren’t you and you didn’t tense up, just accepted me as I slipped into you. That’s so nice. I fucking love taking a virgin like this.” Brad moaned as I felt his hips start to thrust. “You have eight inches of cock inside you right now,” he said softly in my ear. Now you know what it’s like to be a woman. You know what it’s like to be taken for the first time and to feel your man enter you and take his pleasure with you.” I felt him start to withdraw. His cock slid out of me in one long, slow motion, making me feel empty and incomplete before thrusting back deep inside me. He started a nice slow fucking motion and I knew I was close to cumming until I felt him pull completely out.


“Wha… What the fuck where are you going? Put it back in. I need to feel you.” I pleaded as he got off of me and off of the table.


“Don’t worry we’ll keep going,” he said as he helped me sit up. I wrapped my legs around him like I did with Ted. He moved back lowering my feet to the floor. “Now, to be properly fucked we need a bed. I led him to the master bedroom and turned down the bed. I slid in on my stomach. “No roll over I want to see your eyes when I take you this time.” I rolled on my back and he lifted my legs over his shoulders as he mounted me. I felt him position himself at my opening and in one quick motion he slipped into me. The feeling was still amazing. Brad began fucking me as held my ankles using long, slow strokes. My cock was beyond hard and dripped pre-cum.


“Oh, fuck yeah! Brad you are so big, and it’s so deep. I can’t believe it….” I was barely able to breathe as Brad started to speed up.


He was holding his cock inside me now, grinding his hips so I could feel very vein, every inch of his thick cock before he started to pull out. He started really fucking me now hitting my prostate with each thrust.


I’m, I’m cumming,” I yelled. My cock sent cum flying up to my face and all over my chest. That didn’t stop him from fucking me harder and faster. He had to be close. He buried his cock in me and I reached down to hold his balls. They were drawn tightly against his body so I knew he was about to shoot.


“Fucccckkk here it comes. I’m fudirnrh reshsd to eed you,” His words were mumbled as he held himself deep inside me; his cock gave a strong pulse, followed by several more as he filled my ass with his seed. I could feel his cock swell, and pulse, and it seemed to be hotter.


He pulled out and moved up my body. He placed his cock in my mouth and I sucked the last of his load from his balls. It was warm, and tasted so manly. The smell of the cum on his cock and on my face was making me hard again. The heat of his cum in my mouth, the taste, and the thought of having his seed inside me was too much for me. I grabbed my cock and it exploded all over his back with the first stroke. I couldn’t believe it. I had never cum twice in a row so quickly in my life!


Brad pulled me into the shower with him and as I soaped his body I was in muscle worship heaven again. He rinsed off before he started washing my body causing another hard-on. We walked into the bedroom drying our bodies and he smiled when he saw the fresh sheets. Brad stayed and that weekend we dirtied every sheet we had in the house. He left late Sunday night because we both had to be at work the next morning.


Monday night after work I was folding the last of the sheets when the doorbell rang. My pizza was here. I tied my robe closed and answered the door with money in hand. I opened the front door and saw a tall man standing on the porch with a pizza in hand. He was about six foot three and had wide shoulders and muscular arms. He looked to be about two hundred fifty pounds of raw muscle. Ted was an amateur bodybuilder compared to this guy. Brad asked if he could come in. I stood there with my mouth agape and stepped aside.


“I saw the pizza guy pull up so I paid him and then rang your bell myself,” he said as he walked inside. “Glad to see you’re ready for me,” he said as he grabbed my hard cock sticking out of the robe. I ran my hand across his massive chest and was speechless. “Was I wrong to come back?”


“No,” I managed to say. He took me in his arms and kissed me. “We can’t do this… because I hate cold pizza. We have to eat first!”


Brad burst out laughing.


“Okay, we’ll eat naked in bed,” he said by way of compromise. I groaned and shook my head smiling. I put a waterproof picnic tablecloth on the bed so the sheets wouldn’t get greasy from the pizza. He spread some beach towels on top so our bare skin didn’t stick. It wasn’t long before we were fucking and not eating. The towels and tablecloth caught all the flying cum. At least I didn’t have to wash tons of sheets.


Brad was there every night fucking me until Joan came home. After non-stop sex over the next two days Joan asked me to quit my job and move to London England. She was offered a position in London making more money than our combined salaries in the USA. She said I could be a house husband and I just stared at her in disbelief.


“You already accepted the job didn’t you?” I asked.


“Yes,” she whispered.


“My job… My house… my promotion… I can’t go…” I admitted. She didn’t have to know I also couldn’t go because I couldn’t leave Brad.


She was in London more than she was at home. Movers packed a container filled with her furniture to be shipped to London and she was at the house to supervise but she caught a plane for England that night. That weekend I knew that this spilt was going to be permanent.


A few days after she moved her stuff to London I was served with divorce papers. As per our pre-mutual agreement I kept my house and we split the joint savings. Our checking accounts were ours to keep. She took everything she wanted with her to London so there was nothing in the household to split. The uncontested divorce took six weeks to process.

At first the house seemed so empty and sparsely furnished but then Brad rang the doorbell and I knew what I wanted.


“Brad would you consider moving in with me?” I asked as I opened the front door. He smiled and picked up the two suitcases he brought with him.


“Michael, I was about to ask if I could move in with you,” he grinned.


The first thing Brad did after he unpacked was give me the most erotic massage I ever had.








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Wonderful as always-

I can totally picture this being as part of the story


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