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In Harper’s Grocery when I was twelve.


My dad was the biggest bigot and racist on the planet. For the first twelve years of my life I was no better than him. We hated anybody that wasn’t straight, white, and strictly Christian. I knew better than to express my views except to my father. It just took one mild racial slur at church when I was about eight to shut me down. I couldn’t defend what I said so I denied saying it ‘that way’ and told everybody that the constitution says all men are created equal. We had been talking about the constitution in home school otherwise I wouldn’t have known to say that.


My mom died about six months after I was born so I never knew her. All I know of her came from the articles she wrote for newspapers, magazines, her books and the manuscript of an unfinished book she was writing. My grandmother had everything my mom ever wrote. My father raised me with the help of my grandmother and aunt who home schooled me along with her children.


There was one group of people who even though they were white, we hated more than non-whites. My dad often said he could tolerate living next to Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Catholics or Jews but he could never live next to a ho-mo-sexul. (His pronunciation) If you knew how much he hated non-whites that proved he hated gays even more.


Then sometime after my twelfth birthday as I started to mature into a man I began to have abnormal thoughts about what was sexy. I saw my first bodybuilding magazine in the drugstore and my cock got so hard I thought it was going to burst out of my pants. I knew I wanted to look like the guy on the cover. I knew I wanted to be a bodybuilder. Somehow I got the courage to buy that magazine and I read it cover to cover several times. I kept it hidden until it fell apart but I kept that cover picture. I have it even today. I had my first orgasm while looking at the pictures. Even after several months all I had to do was open the magazine and I would get hard.


That summer my dad announced that I would be going to a Christian school for high school. My aunt was sending my cousin to the same school and my dad thought that was the way it was done. I was into sports. Homeschooled kids play sports just like other kids. I played soccer and baseball on city teams just like the kids that went to public and private schools. Regular school had their own sports teams and I found out that the football team at the Christian high school lifted weights as part of their training. That summer before school started I learned all I could about football. I knew that being on the football team was the only way my dad would approve of strength training.


I have to say it took me some time to adjust to the rigid schedules of the non-homeschoolers. My aunt would start teaching between 8 and 9 in the morning and we would be done by noon. If there was a doctor or dentist appointment it was scheduled before school but never after ten in the morning. Regular high school went until three in the afternoon but they had recesses and lunch. After school we had football practice. I didn’t care much for the game but I took to weight training like a duck to water.


High School Senior year


I warmed the bench in the beginning but as I built strength I played more. My dad had a football hero that was slowly becoming a bodybuilder. The summer between freshman and sophomore year of high school I knew I had to set up a gym in the garage to keep training. I built my weight room with stuff from craigslist and penny pincher. I had a paper route so I had some money but I convinced my dad the home gym was an investment in my sports future. I would buy stuff and then sell it to dad for whatever the market would bear. I often talked the seller’s price down but charged dad the advertized price so I could buy even more weights.


Then one day I hit the jackpot. A lady was selling a small home gym with a bunch of free weights that included boxes and boxes of bodybuilding magazines. To her they were trash but to me they were gold. I found the ones with how-to articles and put those in one box to show to dad. That publication was mostly a fitness magazine so it had pictures of women too. Dad told me to get rid of that smut and then I showed him what was inside. I told him I wanted to cut out the how-to articles but when he saw there were also women inside he deemed the magazine non-ho-mo-sexul and said I could keep them. He didn’t know about the hundreds of real bodybuilding magazines I devoured and jacked off to up to six times a day.


By the time I entered college I had a head turning physique my dad was proud of because I was a football hero.


College sophomore year

I dated a lot of Christian girls and that pleased dad too. To dad I was a real man. Then I went off to college in Colorado. Yes it was a Christian college otherwise dad wouldn’t have paid anything. My mother left me money for college from one of her book deals. She put $50K in gold so now I had about $190K for tuition and living expenses. Dad bought me a brand new Jeep Wrangler since he would have to pay almost nothing for college. I hated the dorms and told dad I needed to live off campus. Dad paid the apartment rent and gave me an allowance for food that barely covered my supplements. Unbeknownst to him I had a roommate and he paid for our food. Chuck knew from the outset that he would have to vacate if my dad ever came to visit. Fortunately that only happened once or twice a year.


The college didn’t have a football team (aww shucks) so I didn’t play sports. My new sport was bodybuilding and that was how I met Chuck. He worked in the gym I joined. He was going to another college in Denver but he was a part time trainer in the gym.


The gym provided a trainer to get new members started. I signed in and Chuck came to meet me at the reception desk. There wasn’t a soul in Denver that could deny that this guy was extremely sexy. Chuck was about 6’2” and extremely muscular, perfectly proportioned, an Adonis with massive brown eyes and a pearly white smile. His face and body was absolutely flawless. I was so sexually attracted to him my cock got super hard. I thought it was going to cum my pants. It reminded me of the day I saw that bodybuilding magazine in the drugstore only this was flesh and blood and raw muscle and not a picture. The only drawback to his perfection was that he was a black man and my father would be appalled, horrified, revolted, and disgusted knowing that we even worked out together. Imagine if he knew I was sexually attracted to Chuck.




I quickly realized that Chuck was a really nice guy that knew instinctively what his client needed. He didn’t know it but he replaced the bodybuilder on the magazine cover as the man with the perfect physique. I quickly realized that I was highly attracted to my sexy trainer and mentor. That first month we were becoming fast friends. If he didn’t have a client he would work out with me and give me tips. He would tell me his schedule so we could work out together and spot each other when he was free. He kept challenging me and changing my routines and before I knew it, I was stronger and more muscular than I was before moving to Denver.


Chuck and I became close and found we had a lot in common and I began to wonder what it would be like to have sex with a man like Chuck. We talked about many things but we never talked about was our sexuality or our girlfriends.


One day, I had a string of tests and papers due and wasn’t able to get to the gym. I sent a text to Chuck the night before to tell him that I wouldn’t be there to workout. I got a speedy reply from him, saying that if I arrived at 9pm, he would do an hour with me before he went home. I was surprised by his eagerness to spend time with me but I was also delighted at the prospect of getting in a good workout. I put the finishing touches on the papers and sent them to the professor’s in-boxes.


I had a light meal and made my way to the gym. The gym was officially closed and Chuck was letting out the last of the customers when I arrived. He let me in, locking the door behind us. He closed the curtains and turned off the lobby lights. We began our warm up and as we were stretching I noticed Chuck seemed a bit pissed off about something.


“What’s up? You tired? Did something happen? You want to talk about it?” I asked. “Should we skip the training?”


“Do you have a girlfriend Christian Harper?” Chuck asked to my utter astonishment. I couldn’t figure out why he used my formal name instead of calling me Chris like he always did. I was sort of taken aback and hesitated before replying.


“Well Chuck, I go places with Anita but we are just friends so I guess no I don’t really have a girlfriend at the moment,” I replied.  Chuck laughed nervously. “Are you bothered by that? Really she and I are just friends. I have male friends too, like you.” I said. I kept up a front with Chuck that I was straight like I did with everybody else. Anita pledged to be a virgin when she got married. I had no desire to fuck her so it worked out for both of us. I halfheartedly took the pledge too but she was the one coming closest to breaking her vow. She really liked a guy named Ted.


“Do you have any really close male friends?” he asked. I just shrugged.


“Yeah, you. Why?” I asked. He wiped his face with his hand and looked like he was rehearsing something in his head. I knew I wasn’t totally straight but I still acted straight.


“I’m gay!” he said as he searched my face for a negative reaction.


“I think I’m bisexual,” I admitted in a rapid fire response. You could have heard a pin drop even though we dropped those bombs. We just stared at each other.


“Boy that’s a relief. I didn’t know how you would react when I told you that I was gay!” he laughed. “Bisexual? Really?” he raised an eyebrow. My sexual attraction to him was as strong as it always had been. I began to realize that my feelings for him may be the same as feelings he had for me. The tension was gone and we went to the workout. The session was professional and before we knew it two hours had gone by. I went to the locker room while Chuck cleaned up the building for the night. I started the shower running and then I stripped naked. I sat on the bench as the shower room filled with steam. I stood up and flexed my naked pumped body in the full length mirror. My mind was still reeling from finding out that Chuck was gay. I hadn’t consciously realized that I was sitting there with a solid 9 inch boner while thinking about him.


I sat again and slowly started to stroke my cock as my balls swung and softly tapped the edge of the bench. I imagined Chuck flexing while I ran my hands over his body. I imagined stripping him naked… I hastily made my way to the steaming shower. I pulled the curtain and stood under the hot water. I squirted a dollop of liquid soap on my cock and with both hands began to rub one out. I moved my hands to my torso and then slowly rubbed my erect nipples.  The thick lather coated my throbbing meat and I began to pound on my swollen cock while teasing my ass ring by rubbing a finger around it in a circular motion. I began to moan loudly with sheer pleasure confident that nobody could hear me because Chuck was the only other person in the building.


As I jerked faster I thought I heard a sound like a door closing, I cautiously called out to see if Chuck was in the locker room and when there was no reply I continued stroking my cock. A few moments later I stood with one hand against the wall approaching a climax when the shower curtain opened. I jumped and spun around to face the man I had been fantasizing about as I stroked my cock. I didn’t know what to say.


His physique seemed bigger and his chest heaved as his rock hard muscles bulged and twitched. My eyes focused on his gorgeous cock and balls. The stud’s prick was uncut and perfectly straight. It was almost twice as long as mine and it was definitely thicker. His black pubes were trimmed but not shaved clean, although his massive low hanging balls looked hairless.


He stared into my eyes and then down at my cock as he slowly walked towards me until we were chest to chest.  He bent his head to the side and kissed me. If my back wasn’t against the wall I would have fallen over backwards. He slowly dropped to his knees while staring seductively into my eyes. He licked his lips as he gently held my cock around the base. He licked and tasted my cock until I quivered with an approaching climax. He opened wide and took my dick into his mouth. He moaned with pleasure as his hot wet mouth tasted a sudden flood of pre-cum. I pulled his head away from my cock and bent so I could shove my tongue past his lips. The salty pre-cum wet my appetite for Chuck’s prick and I was eager to taste his meat. He stood and I knelt.


His cock was so perfect I kissed and licked the length. I couldn’t get enough. I took part of his shaft into my mouth and slowly massaged it with my tongue. His tool began to swell even larger and it was only seconds before I had to come up for air. It was so thick, so juicy and so perfect. I began to stroke his cock slowly and then took just the head into my mouth while jerking and sucking and licking it all around until he shuddered and had to withdraw quickly to avoid cumming. He pulled me to my feet.


Cock to cock and chest to chest I caressed Chuck’s muscular ass and fingered his tight hole while we kissed under the steamy shower. Then he turned off the shower and took my hand, guiding me back to the lockers where he put some towels down on the floor by the mirrors in preparation for a good hard fuck session.


He knelt on the towels and encouraged me to fuck him. I wanted to tell him that this was my maiden voyage and that I had no idea what to do but I didn’t. I had witnessed a thousand fucks on the internet and knew we needed condoms and lube. I rubbed my cock around his hole and he moaned. I tried a dry entry (condoms be damned) but he gasped in pain.


“Lube me. Wet it with spit,” he moaned.


I squatted down behind him and spat on his ring; licking in a circular motion around his pucker. I expected a nasty taste but he was clean. The only taste was sweat and his musk. When I thought that his ass was well lubed, I spat on my dick and again tried to penetrate his ass. His muscular back arched and tensed in pain. He handed me a condom and a packet of lube. I was both grateful for his help and abashed that he knew I had no idea what I was doing. He gently instructed me in how to apply the lube and even handed me a second packet after I used all the lube on my cock. Finger fucking the lube into his ass had him moaning and writhing in anticipation. I felt like I was about to cum as I slowly penetrated his ass. I had to stop and regain control.


He began to fuck himself using my pole even before I began to thrust. The feeling of his muscular ass slapping against my pubes made me spring into action. I held onto his hips and began to fuck him like I saw on line. I looked up and saw our reflection in the mirror. Chuck was smiling as he moaned with pleasure. I looked down at my cock ploughing in and out of his tight hole wondering how long I could last before my cum filled the rubber. I wanted this feeling to last forever. I pulled him up so his back was against my chest. In the mirror I saw that his cock was wet with pre-cum


I withdrew and lunged towards his leaking prick to lap up his juices. I stared seductively into his deep brown eyes as I glided my mouth up and down his veiny shaft. His body was so muscular and powerful I wanted to kiss and taste every inch of him. I couldn’t wait for him to be thrusting his big cock inside me.


“Fuck me Chuck but be gentle,” I whispered.


We traded places. He lubed my ass and began to finger fuck the lube into me. I shuddered with the pleasure as he slowly lowered his groin to my wet hole. As he slowly entered my virgin ass hole, I gasped in pain. He instructed and guided me to relax. He patiently filled me inch by inch until I could feel his pubic hair brushing against my ass cheeks. He hugged me and laid his torso against my back and let me adjust to his invading tool. When he began to move his huge pecs pressed and rubbed against my back with each thrust. His swollen cock filled me fully and as he pumped in and out I moaned in ecstasy. As his rod glided back and forth he kissed behind my ear and on my neck. Then after several minutes of hard fucking, the stud began to moan and tremble. I knew he was going to cum. He thrust in deep and I thought he might be cumming but he pulled out and stood in front of me jerking his rod as he moaned louder and louder.


“Ahh! Fuck yeah! Ahh! Oh yeah! Eat it! Eat my cum,” he yelled as several ropes of creamy jizz squirted from his swollen cock landing in and around my mouth and all over my face. As his body flexed and writhed with orgasmic pleasure he bent forward and began to lick up his salty cum. Then he then kissed me passionately, transferring his jizz from his tongue to mine. His cum was warm, salty and tasty and I savored every last drop as he knelt down and jerked my cock while sucking the tip. It wasn’t long before I warned him of my approaching climax.


“Cum on me,” he whispered as he lay on his back.  I sat on his abs and pumped on my throbbing meat. Within seconds I let out a wail of ecstasy and shot seven jets of sticky cream all over Chuck’s stomach, chest and face. It was the longest and most intense orgasm I think I ever had. Again I never wanted it to end. I sat and looked at Chuck, covered in my jizz and couldn’t resist licking up some to taste. When I had gathered all of my cum I hovered over his open mouth and let my huge load trickle from my mouth to his. He lapped up my salty deposit and we kissed. I collapsed on top of him and we lay motionless body to body for a long time. Finally when we began to get cold we took a long sensuous shower in the dark.


The next weekend Chuck moved in. It took three days because we fucked every time we unloaded the car. It was just clothes, computers, and books but it took all weekend. He moved out of the dorm so he didn’t have furniture.


It didn’t take a genius to figure out someone was living in the second bedroom the first time dad came to visit. I told him that Chuck went home for the holidays and dad gladly slept in Chuck’s bed. Had I told him Chuck was black dad wouldn’t have set foot in the apartment. Then again he would have disowned me if he knew I was gay. Like I said he was the world’s biggest bigot and he was true to his weird beliefs until the day he died.


Four years later I didn’t know that dad was that sick; nobody knew. He didn’t make it to my graduation ceremony but he knew I had finished college before he died. It was sad because he had no friends. Only family was at the cemetery.


Going through all the papers I found the small fortune my dad had amassed. With insurance benefits and the money he had in a living trust there was almost a million dollars plus the value of the house.


I sold the house to my aunt for market value but I lent her the money to buy the place. I planned to gift her and her husband the maximum amount under the tax laws (15K each per year) until the debt was canceled.


Going through the papers I discovered that my mother also left me some stock in a trust she set up. It was ironic that I couldn’t touch the money until I was twenty one which was in another month. She used 100k from another book deal to set up the trust right before she died. It had just one stock in the portfolio; Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. That single stock has been one of the top performing domestic stocks of the past two decades. Today it is worth $13.7million. After stock splits, I now have about 114286 shares at $119.92 per share (price as of June 21st). I couldn’t touch the money but I could direct those that were managing the trust. All during the rest of June and the first part of July I had my portfolio managers diversify. I didn’t want all the eggs in one basket so to speak. He sold off Green Mountain and by September I was a couple million dollars richer.


Chuck doesn’t have to work but he loves training people in the gym and then coming home to train me for a couple hours. Sometimes we fuck before we eat, work out, or shower. That never stops us from fucking afterwards too.


Chuck molded and shaped my body over the last ten years and when I remember and look at that first bodybuilder magazine cover I have to laugh. I surpassed that guy years ago.



Me---June 2018


I am proud of what I have accomplished but I owe it all to the love of my life, Chuck.


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