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Cousin Vito




“Hey cous, this your first time in a proper gym?” Vito asked, looking up at me.


I was about twenty years older than my twenty-four year old youngest relative and he had recently moved into the city.  His mom had called and begged me to let him live with me for a few months.  She was worried about her baby Vito being in the big city alone.  He had never lived away from home.  He was attending the police academy and was also a little strapped for cash.  I liked the kid a lot, and agreed to help him. He had always been this little kid running around family gatherings trying to steal sips of beer.  Now, he was this strapping Guido with the gold chains and all and muscles bulging in the same way as all the guy’s I beat off to at night at m computer screen.  Even the musky masculine smell of him turned me on.  


“Um, yeah.  I’m kind of used to places with tread mills and saunas,” I replied looking around at all the huge intimidating weights.


“Yeah, those places are for wimps, cous.  This is the real deal.  Just big strong men come in here,” he said, looking around.  


“Well, then it’s certainly the right place for you, Vito.  Man, you’ve built up a nice body,” I said, trying not to stare at the veins on his arms too much.


“Yeah, the bod’s come along nicely, but it’s my power that’s really taken off, man,” he replied – looking right at me.  “My mom told you to look after me, didn’t she?”


“Well, yeah,” I answered, “I mean, come on, you’re the youngest of eight kids.  She still considers you her baby.”


“Could a baby do this?” he asked as he started to twist the fifty-pound dumbbell in his hand.


 The middle steel bar of the thing started turning into something the shape of a corkscrew as his hands easily turned the fat ends in opposite directions.  It didn’t register at first – what my eyes were seeing.  It couldn’t be possible.  Vito clearly loved the confused look on my face.  It made him grin in a proud way.  He continued to talk as he twisted the thing and I stood there mesmerized by his insane power.


“You know how you always told me I could do anything I wanted when I grew up.  And how there was no limit to my potential,” he said and I nodded my head unconsciously.  “Well, I took that to heart.  After my pops died I always considered you like my second dad.  You always looked out for me and gave me good advice. You cared about me.  I took your words to heart, cous.  I started lifting soon after you left to move to the city.  I took to it like marinara sauce on pasta.  And then I surprisingly started lifting more weight than every guy in the gym back home.  I realized I was developing strength beyond what anyone thought possible.  It’s also when I had my first wet dream about you.”


He paused, knowing it would take me a second to realize what he was saying.  The twisted part of the dumbbell was now so thin he easily pulled the thing into two pieces.  He had twisted it so much it finally broke apart.  I watched as his nipples hardened behind his tank and his clearly huge salami hardened in his pants.  The dude was getting off on his own strength – no, he was getting off on showing me his strength!  I became light headed and swerved back and forth a little.


“Maybe you should sit down, cous,” Vito said, his smile getting even bigger as he figured out how his actions were affecting me.  “Yeah, that’s better.  Now we can talk face to face.  Two things make me get off the hardest, man.  Thoughts of you and showing off my strength - better yet, showing off my strength for you.”


As he revealed his still unbelievable fetishes, his hands started to crush one of the steel cylinder ends of the dumbbell.  He just started squeezing it like it was clay.  His fingers crushed fucking steel with little effort.  I almost passed out.  Indentions of this thick Italian fingers appeared all over the flattened glob of metal.


“I’ve dreamed of this moment for years,” Vito continued.  “Wondering if you might get off on my strength, too.  Also wondering if you might fancy me the same way I fancy you. So, put me out of my misery, man. Tell me if there’s some kind of thing between us.  I’ll be okay if you say no - I’ll just need some time to get over you.  I'll probably need to destroy something big.  But if you say yes, well then you’ll make me the happiest man in the world.  What do you say, cous, can you handle all this?”


“Fuck yes!” came my reply – a little too loudly and coming out almost like a high squeal, like Vito was sending me through a second puberty.


My enthusiastic answer caused the young guy to squeeze the demolished piece of steel in one hand – like he was merely crushing an apple.  Metal seeped out between his fingers like a kid making mud pies.  His giant Italian-sized cock throbbed noticeably in his pants.  My own cock was threatening to spew.  He started working on the other end of the destroyed dumbbell after slipping the crushed blob into his gym bag.


“I can’t wait to have your trembling hands feeling all of my hardness, cous,” Vito said as he easily crushed the other side of the dumbbell.  “I also can’t wait to crank out about three hundred bench presses with your body.  I got so much power in these muscles I’ll be able to do anything you want me to.  I think I should tell you, though, that I still haven’t done the nasty with anyone.  I’ve been saving myself for you.  I’m going to be a little unprepared in the bedroom.  I hope you don’t mind teaching me.  I can hit the ceiling with one of my gushers, but I’ve never been with someone else.  I want to try everything, though.  I want you to teach me everything.  I’m a fast learner and I respond well to a lot of practice – as you can see.”


He had demolished the other end of the dumbbell and slid it in his bag with the other piece.  I still hadn’t said anything – I was just too floored by everything he had revealed.  I just stared at his bulging arms, his big round shoulders, his mammoth traps, and those perfect pecs.  He clearly loved how I stared at him.  


“Hey cous,” Vito said, pulling me back into the moment.  “As much as I love a good workout, I’m thinking I’d rather begin my sexual lessons with you at home.  Does that sound good to you?”


He didn’t wait for my answer.  He knew it already.  He stood up, grabbed his bag and mine in one hand, and then reached down to pull my body across his shoulder as he bent over.  He straightened up – easily taking me with him.  I marveled at how hard his body felt.  He then carried me out of the gym, down the street, and all the way home. He was eager to begin his studies.   

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LOVE the line,   "I can hit the ceiling with one of my gushers, but I’ve never been with someone else.  I want to try everything, though."


Cousin Vito is something else! Mama Mia!  

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