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Daddy Cream




There was something in the big man’s eyes that made it seem like he had a secret.  As my friend introduced me to the muscled behemoth at the gym he smiled at me in a way that made it seem like we already knew each other. The two of them worked together and the huge man had specifically asked my friend to introduce us – which caught me off guard.  He was a spectacular specimen of a man and his name was Jonas.  His traps, alone, were bigger and wider than my shoulders. His pecs puffed out like massive furry hard pillows – I wanted to punch them and then sleep on them.  His nips were mouth-watering hard.  And his arms looked like the guy could curl me all night long and not break a sweat.  I tried to force all of these thoughts out of my head as I stood there and did not stare at his gorgeous huge body as they chatted about work.  Suddenly, my friend needed to go and talk to someone else across the gym and I was left there with the dreamy behemoth.  As soon as my friend was not in earshot, the big man blew me away.


“I know you’re Daddy Cream,” he said, smiling.


“Um, excuse me?” I said, stammering since I was so caught off guard.


“I recognize you from the Muscle Forum.  I read all of your stories and they are so hot!” he replied.  


“You . . . you are on the forum?” I somehow asked.


“Yeah, I’m ‘Loves em Small,’” he said.


“Fuck me!” was the only response I could give.  


“I’d like to,” he quickly shot back.


And that’s exactly when my friend decided to show back up.  My straight friend who had no idea I crushed on older musclemen or that I belonged to an incredible online community where I got to post stories about huge older musclemen.  An online community where I had chatted with ‘Loves em Small’ numerous times and never once thought the huge pecs in his profile picture might be his actual chest – which I now knew it was.  ‘Loves ‘em Small’ read and commented on everything I ever posted.  I got more ‘likes’ from that guy than all my other followers put together.  And now the actual behemoth that was this online personality was asking my friend if he could work in with us today.  And my friend was saying of course.


“What are you guys working today?” Jonas asked.


“Arms,” my friend responded.


“Funny, that’s my favorite muscle on a guy,” said Jonas, winking at me while my friend was looking elsewhere.


“Probably because yours are so fucking big,” my friend answered and then he stepped away to go grab some dumbbells.


“I cum the hardest when you write about older guys with super strength,” Jonas quickly said to me as my friend was out of hearing distance.  “I still remember your first story about the senior citizen that became a superhero after eating some creamed spinach that had been contaminated by radiation.  I can still shoot a wad across the room thinking about when he ties that steel girder in a knot.”


“What are you cats talking about?” my friend asked as he joined us again.  


“Super strength,” Jonas answered quickly and honestly.


“Damn Jonas, you’re already the strongest guy I know, why the hell are you talking about that?” asked my friend.


“I think it turns your friend, James, on, too,” Jonas replied, winking at me again as my friend sat on the bench.


“James!  No, bud, you’re wrong.  He’s not into comics and superhero films like we are.  I try to get him to go with me to the movies all the time, but he just says no,” my friend replied as he started to do his reps of curls.


“I think you might be surprised,” Jonas said softly, so only I could hear.  


I watched as the big man winked at me and then walked over to grab the biggest dumbbells in the gym. He straddled the bench behind my friend, sat down, and began to do curls behind him.  Jonas was so much bigger than my friend it looked like a junior high kid sitting in front of the massive adult coach.  I figured out quickly that this is exactly the kind of comparison Jonas was hoping for.  He was highlighting the fact that most of my stories included some kind of focus on size differences.  ‘Loves ‘Em Small’ definitely knew this particular thing was a big turn-on for me. I had shared that information numerous times in private chats.  My smaller friend had well-defined arms, but they looked so small when they were that close to the big guns of Jonas.  And the huge man’s chest seemed three times larger than my friend’s.  From behind, Jonas stared at me as he curled the insanely large weights – knowing full well I loved the sight.  


“James, what’s up with you? You’re not lifting,” my friend said, totally oblivious to the fact the big man behind him was rocking my world in so many ways.  “Damn, I forgot my towel, dudes.  I’ll be right back.”


Part of me wanted to beg him not to leave me with the behemoth, but the other part of me wished him completely gone.  I watched my friend walk away – as Jonas continued to crank out reps with the monster weights in his hands.  I finally realized I would have to glance back at the monstrous man.  He was smiling when I turned and he continued to lift those things I’d only be able to roll as he spoke.


“There’s a part in ‘Serving My Little Master,” Jonas said, referencing one of the stories I wrote, “Where the big older muscleman completely submits to his small boyfriend. The muscleman pledges his undying allegiance to the man and says he is there to do his bidding - forever.  If the small guy wants sex he gets it.  If the small guy wants to be lifted – he’s picked up.  If the small guy wants his muscle daddy to go shirtless, it’s done.  The big man just wants to do whatever the smaller man desires of him.  That’s been my secret fantasy ever since I can remember.  I want to obey someone that way.  It’s like you got into my head somehow and divulged everything I’ve ever dream about.  That’s the second I became infatuated with you.  I knew that one day I would meet you and I would finally get the chance to tell you I want to be your devoted muscle daddy.  I want to pledge myself to you unconditionally.  I want you to do with me as you desire.”


He stopped all movement and stared straight at me.  It was all so surreal.  I had just met the man, but because of our online friendship he knew more truths about me than any of my day-to-day friends.  He was gorgeous.  He was huge. He was offering himself to me.  I was still confused.


“I don’t understand,” I said, softly.


He put the dumbbells on the floor, stood up, and moved until his big body was right in front of me. He looked down at me, smiling. His body was truly huge – a fact emphasized even more when he was right beside me.  There was that knowing look in his eyes again.  He understood me completely.


“Order me to help you understand and I will,” he replied – making it perfectly clear I got to control the situation.  


“Help me understand, Jonas,” I whispered – hoping with all my might he meant what he said.


“Yes sir,” he enthusiastically responded.


He then slid his big hands into my armpits and lifted me off the floor.  I was so taken aback I didn’t even register how easy it had been for him to lift me in the air.  He brought my face to his and then pressed his beautiful lips to mine, forcing my mouth to accept his probing tongue.  I could feel that this was some kind of intense and binding contract between us.  It was much more than making out.  No one in the gym could have begun to know what came with the kiss.  With it, I got a protector, a fantasy fulfiller, a wish granter – I got everything I could have ever dreamed of.  My stories all suddenly came true in that one powerful kiss.  And the wild thing was that Jonas got what he wanted, too.


“I knew you two would hit it off,” said my friend as he returned with his towel and we ended our kiss.


“What?” I said, still being held in the air by Jonas – both the big man and I gazing at the third returning man.  “What do you mean?”


“Dude, you’re into older man muscle,” my friend said, revealing that he knew the secret I thought I had hidden so well, “And Jonas, here, wants a little man that will boss him around.  It’s a match made in heaven.”


Jonas and I looked at each other with shocked faces, and then we looked back at our friend, who had already returned to curling his weights.  My feet were still dangling in the air as Jonas easily held me off the ground. The big man and I were totally confused.


“Go on, get out of here,” my friend said.  “Go live out some of those stories of yours I read on the Muscle Forum.  I’m on the site, too.  I’m ‘Bi-Curious-4-Muscle’”


It continued to be a day of big surprises.    

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