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This is me before being manscaped.

I was alone again. I checked into my room at the Caribbean Island Resort and as I looked around. I was pretty certain I was the only single dude here. Stan should have been here with me but he decided monogamy was too high of a price to pay so he packed up and moved out.


It wasn’t just the fact that he was fucking around; he was fucking around with my close friends. Then he had the balls to say it was my fault because I introduced them to him. Yes them, plural, many of my friends. To him it was just a blowjob or a friendly fuck but to me he was a predator that was using me. What an asshole.


So here I am a single dude closer to 40 than I care to admit wandering around a resort filled with sexy bodybuilders, young couples, and parties full of gay studs having fun. Why did I come? Yeah it would have been expensive to lose the deposit plus 50% of the all inclusive price of the vacation but what was the point when Stan was gone. Then I thought that since I was going to have to pay if I went or have to pay if I stayed home, that I better go. Fuck it, I thought. It’s a resort. I’ll have fun on my own. Stan paid for his half and if he lost money it was on skin off my nose.Then I had a depressing thought; what if Stan showed up here at the resort. 


I decided walk along the beach and watch the sunset. The really expensive villas were all along the beach and they were filled with men partying. I assumed that groups of guys rented the beach villas because they were so expensive. How expensive? My whole vacation cost less than the price of one night for a beach villa. I had a cheaper room that was good enough to be in a five star hotel in a single story hotel building without water views. Don’t get me wrong my digs were deluxe but the parties were in the resort by the pools and the really good parties were in the villas. It was depressing seeing guys having so much fun so I looked away and watched the waves as the sun inched lower and lower toward the horizon.


The resort has small cement piers that jutted out over the water. I think they were meant for tanning and cooling off in the deeper water but the padded cushions, I was told, were great for sex too if you didn’t mind fucking in public. I sat in the middle of one of the pier pads trying to think of anything but Stan as the sun touched the horizon.


“Romantic isn’t it,” a deep voice said behind me as an ice cold beer bottle touched my shoulder.


“Corona, how did you know it’s my favorite beer,” I asked taking the bottle but not looking at the gift bearer.


“It’s all I have in my villa besides water,” he chuckled.


“Join me and we’ll watch this depressing sunset together,” I said sarcastically. I patted the pad next to me. He sat so close to me we rubbed shoulders. I did a double take when I looked at the young bodybuilder. He was at least fifteen years younger than me and he had a physique that reminded me of the guys I see on the covers of bodybuilding magazines yet his face was so handsome he could be a movie star.


“Awesome,” he said as the top edge of the sun dipped below the horizon. Depressing but awesome,” he teased.


“I was supposed to be watching this with someone but…”


“I’m not someone?” he interrupted with a laugh.


“Sorry that came out wrong. This was supposed to be a vacation with my lover.”


“And?” he said draining his beer.


“Let’s just say he moved out and it’s over,” I explained.


“That made the sunset depressing?”


“I guess.” I drained my beer. He wrapped his arm around me and lowered my back to the mat. He looked into my eyes as the light was fading.


“I don’t like your attitude,” he said as he moved closer. “Let’s find a party,” he said as he stood and pulled me to my feet. I thought he was going to kiss me. I would have punched him if he kissed me but I never wanted to be kissed more than I did at that moment.


“You are crazy! I came here to be depressed,” I teased. His face fell. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. At first he kissed back and then he smiled and broke the kiss. We walked across the beach to his villa.


“One of the first things you have to lose is those board shorts,” he said holding up a thong.


“I’m approaching 40! I’d have to shave all the hair on my… on my crotch… and ass… and body,” I began. He held up shower clippers. I shook my head. “I’m too fat for a thong.”


“Have you ever been manscaped?” he chuckled. “Come into my shower.”


“I would need a case of beer to get the courage to wear that under my board shorts,” I teased. “What is man-scaping?”


He slowly lowered his square cut trunks to show me his trimmed pubes, shaved balls, and hairless ass crack. His soft uncut cock was at least six inches long. He didn’t seem to have any problems being naked around strangers. “My chest hair at one time was as thick as a lush carpet,” he added. I couldn’t imagine his huge physique all hairy. He walked up to me. “This is a gay male resort for men only. If you want to have fun….” He wiggled his eyebrows. “Of course if you want you and I could order food to be delivered and have a private party right here in my villa.


“Wow!” I croaked. “Are you seducing me?”


“Ya think?” he said next to my ear. His hard cock brushed against my stomach. “Come with me,” he whispered. Right about then I would have followed him anywhere. He led me to a shower that was bigger than my home office and twice as big as my walk-in closet. One wall was a window that looked into the jungle although when you looked hard you could see a vine covered wall in the background. It was carefully planted to look as natural as possible.


He pulled me under the water fully clothed… well I was clothed and he was already naked. He started to wash me and removed my clothes in the process. At one point he shaved me but if you asked me when it happened I couldn’t tell you. It was the most sensuous shower I ever had, bar none. I felt like it was sex without penetration.


When I was finished and my body was dried I wrapped a towel around my waist. He told me that there was a mirror behind the bathroom door. I sucked in my gut and flexed my abs for the big reveal. He closed the bathroom door so I could see the finished product in the full length mirror.




Damn I looked sexy.


He handed me the thong and held some cargo shorts. I put on the shorts and a shirt that only had one button that sat just above my naval. It hid my belly and showed off my now hairless semi-muscular chest. He jelled up my hair trying to spike it but I knew only an entire can of hair spray would hold my hair that way. I looked ten years younger.


He pressed against my back. “Let’s show you off. Let’s eat and find a party.”


I should have known it was a set-up. We met up with a table full of his friends having dinner poolside by one of the restaurants and they were all muscle hunks. I wanted to button the shirt but of course there were no other buttons. Ken’s friends were instantly my friends. They joked and teased and we all laughed. They thought it was funny when things went over my head but I didn’t care because I was having fun. After the meal I was too drunk to drive but I could still walk.


There were dimly lit winding paths through the dense jungle behind the villas that were wide enough for a golf cart. Those trails led to all the beachside villas. You couldn’t see the villa from the path just as you couldn’t see any other villa from your villa. However villas up the hill could see over the roofs of the villas on the beach for an unobstructed view. At water’s edge you could barely see the beach villas buried in the jungle. The only place you could see more than one villa at a time was on the beach.


Ken and I walked back to his place and I meant to just say thanks and goodnight but he pulled me inside. He kissed me like a lover and brought me to his bedroom. That was the first time since I met Ken that I thought about Stan and it was a negative thought. By now Stan would have tried to bed everyone at the dinner table. Stan would have thrown himself at Ken and I could almost see Stan in the bed with his legs spread or his ass exposed begging to be fucked.


“Stay with me tonight,” Ken asked.


“I shouldn’t.”


Seconds later I was standing next to the bed in front of Ken wearing only the thong.


“Fuck me,” he whispered. I had been at the resort for less than twelve hours and one of the sexiest men alive was asking me to spend the night with him. Totally unbelievable! I’m the type of guy that doest even kiss on the first date let alone fuck. In a way this was kind of scary and I began to wonder if I should call in a couple of his friends to help take Ken on. I put all those thoughts out of my head and focused on Ken.


The room was slowly getting dimmer and I realized that the villa was equipped with everything deluxe including the lighting that could be programmed. This program mimicked the sunset where the lights gradually faded from sunlight bright to romantic moonlight dim. Later I found out you could close the sliding glass doors from bed and even close the room darkening curtains if you wanted to sleep in.


Ken liked to kiss, which is very cool with me, but he didn’t just want to kiss my lips because he ran his tongue down my pec to kiss and lick my erect nipple, then he kissed my left bicep and moved back to my lips while rolling the right nipple between his finger and thumb. He pulled me against his body and began giving me a deep throated kiss showing he was as horned up as I was. We were so into each other we were kissing and rubbing our hands over each other’s muscled bodies. His muscles were definitely better than mine. Our hard cocks were rubbing against each other so in a way the bedside seduction was like a slow dance. The next thing I knew I was on my back and naked in his bed. Ken was on top so who was fucking who?


“Where’s the lube?” I asked. He reached for the bedside drawer. Ken shifted his top position and while kissing and flicking my nips he reached back and lubed up my boner. Then the hot muscle man slid back on my abs to impale his tight ass on my shaft. He pushed my arms over my head holding them there, with his face next to mine.


“You never asked me what I’m into,” he said.


“What?” I was a bit terrified that he was into whips and chains.


“Once I get comfortable I want my ass pounded and honestly I wouldn’t mind getting some of your ass tonight but the fact is, you have me so fucking fired up… I need to be fucked.” All I could do was groan.


“One condition,” Ken said as he stared down at me. “I want all your cum in me,” he said softly in my ear. Without warning he rolled us over so now I was on top and I started to fulfill Ken’s wish starting out slow then building up steam and he not only took a hard pounding, he became pretty vocal yelling at me to fuck him faster and harder. I was soon pile driving his ass when we both shot our loads the same time, him slightly sooner clamping down on my pole making me shoot streams of hot cum up his chute. He rolled me to my side where we touched and kissed in an afterglow almost as pleasurable as the wild monkey sex we just had. My former partner never did anything like that; sex was for his pleasure alone. If I didn’t feel fulfilled or loved by him that was my problem.


Knowing the two of us were now committed to an all nighter, we took a break and he grabbed a couple of Corona’s from in the fridge while I took a leak. Joining him outside, we clinked bottles and sat naked on the double lounge on the lanai just watching the waves rolling ashore.


“Well damn, this beats my room,” I said. Ken acknowledged my comment with an mmmm sound. I began to think that until today I would never have had the courage to sit out in public like this with a naked man. We sat there finishing off our beer when his arm came over my shoulders. I turned my head and our lips met. He took my empty bottle and set it on the ground next to his. Then returning the kiss in earnest, we locked lips and we both groaned.


“Dude, do you have any idea how hot and sexy you are? It’s not only your killer body but stud, I feel like I can do anything or ask you to do anything with me and you won’t say no. Well you might say no but you haven’t as of yet,” I said. “I want a slow passionate fuck,” I added.


“I can guarantee the passionate part but as for slow…” he said as he rolled on top of me again. This time he was between my legs and not straddling my hips. He slowly but firmly slid his cock up into my tight ass. There was plenty of lube so there must have been a stash somewhere near the lounge chair. Once he was totally inside, Ken bent and kissed me. One of his hands was already moving around my chest to idly flick one of my nubs. Slowly grinding his cock in and out an inch or so he began to grunt and moan. Damn when he picked up speed his fuck was delectably passionate but it definitely wasn’t slow. Not that he rushed. He played me and edged me until I begged him to cum in me. My orgasm was so intense I almost passed out.


After a short rest, we continued screwing each other’s brains out pretty much throughout the villa. That night Ken would alternate between fucking me furiously and fucking me gently. Yet anytime my dick was in his hole the muscle stud wanted to be pounded. We played inside, outside, and even in the shower. One time in the dark on the beach we even pissed on each other’s bodies to get rid of the beer before jumping into the surf to play. Then as the sun began to rise we were freshly showered and watching the sunrise from the newly made bed.


“I don’t fucking believe I did this,” I said. I was thinking of all the barebacking we did but that didn’t seem to faze Ken. Everybody at the resort had to be free of STD’s. If tests came back positive or questionable then they banned you from going to the resort island. Your room was on the mainland.


“What’s wrong? You didn’t enjoy it?” he asked.


“I’ve bottomed before, but it was… I don’t know… okay, no not just okay… it was outstanding  but I’ve always wondered about some things…”


“You mean like some of the stuff we did tonight?” he said.


“Yeah,” I chuckled. “I’ve never been pissed on! And once was enough for me,” I laughed.


“It was all about trying new things,” he grinned.


We talked a while and then we crashed after closing the drapes to shut out the morning sun. I got a kick out of the fact we’ve been going fairly nonstop for the last eight hours. Of course we fell asleep after fucking but the need to clean up had us in the shower an hour later. Then instead of being sensible and going to sleep for the night we would run on the beach naked or hit biodegradable golf balls off the lanai toward the surf. Whatever we did, ended in more sex; a whole night of sex. I couldn’t imagine what we could do on day two that would top what happened tonight


I was going to be at the resort for another ten days and as I drifted off I snuggled against Ken and began to wonder if I would survive. If I didn’t I would die a very happy man.

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