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We originally met at Crusin’ the Coast. That’s the classic car show in October in Biloxi MS where 7000 to 8000 antique cars and their owners come to party among the string of towns along 26 miles of white sand beaches. I asked him about his car which was for sale. He began to tell me how he and his father did the off frame restoration using only original parts. His father passed away leaving him everything and the fully restored Chevy was something he was willing to part with. I didn’t have the money or the desire to buy the car but it was a way to justify talking to a perfect stranger.


This particular stranger was one of the sexist men I ever saw. I was immediately hot for him. He was not only sexy he had an alpha type personality. We exchanged email addresses and over the next month realized we had a lot of common interests. We decided to do lunch so I drove to the next town to his place.


This was like a first date and I was a bit nervous but very excited at the same time. I was actually shaking as I got out of my car. We chatted for a few minutes in the living room before we decided to jump into his fully restored 1969 GTO and drive to Pirates Cove to get the best roast beef po-boy on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


After lunch, extended by great conversation, Brad asked if I minded making a few stops on the way back to his house. The first stop was the cleaners. He made three trips and it looked like he filled the trunk with suits. I wondered if he brought every suit he owned to the cleaners as I watched him wrap the dry cleaning in a white sheet that lined the super clean trunk. Then he picked up ink for his printer, dropped off an almost late power bill payment, and stopped to top off the gas. He added a fuel stabilizer to prevent ethanol buildup and protect the engine from gum, varnish and rust. He explained that the fuel stabilizer will prevent the gas from deteriorating for up to 12 months.


He handed me half the dry cleaning to carry into the house. We moved directly to his huge masculine bedroom to hang the clothes in his walk-in closet. The bookshelf lined bedroom was furnished with a massive antique bedroom suite carved from solid Mahogany.


In the walk-in closet there were dozens of fresh clean suits hanging in one section. Another section held shirts that were perfectly pressed and spaced so they wouldn’t get wrinkled, not to mention there were more neckties than a person could wear in a year. I thought only women owned fifty pairs of shoes but Brad had at least that many. I could only imagine what was in the drawers. I would love to explore.

We stripped off the plastic bags covering the ten suits and put each on a special wooden hanger. The pants were hung separately and then each hanger was placed in an airing cupboard. That closet had an exhaust fan to vent the cleaner’s chemicals to the outside. The last item to come out of the plastic was a tuxedo.


“I bet you look sharp in this,” I said as I slipped the jacket onto the hanger.


“Shall I model it for you?” he asked as he hung a dark blue suit.


“Yeah! Walk sexy in it like a runway model,” I teased.


“Ok, go sit in the bedroom,” he chuckled. There were two leather wing chairs by the fireplace that seemed to wrap around your body when you sat in them. I imagined Brad sitting in a silk robe reading a book while he sipped his favorite liquor. Midnight would come and he would close the book and turn off the reading light. The flames from the fire would reflect on his face as he finished the drink and then he would stand and the robe would fall open revealing…


“Ahem!” Brad cleared his throat to get my attention.


I jumped to my feet red faced and filled with guilt for thinking thoughts like that. I looked toward the walk-in closet and saw Brad in a bathing suit/ posing suit made out of tuxedo material.


My feet were glued to the floor as he approached. His whole attitude was sex personified. If a runway model looked like him there would be multiple orgasms from both male and female fashion queens in the audience.


“Those cleaning fluids still might be carcinogenic so I decided to wear this tuxedo,” he said just inches from my face. “Does this make you uncomfortable?” he asked as the back of his hand brushed against my hardening cock. “You do find me sexy,” he stated flatly as he stepped closer. “The feeling is mutual. It took every ounce of my strength and will power not to touch you or take you into my arms all during our date.” He inhaled deeply. “I can smell your needs and desires,” he whispered in my ear. Our bodies made contact from thighs to pecs and my knees started to buckle. His arms came around me and I grabbed onto him. His musk surrounded me like a cloud.


His hands began to lift my golf shirt and there was skin to skin contact. I lifted my arms and he tossed my shirt to the side. My fingers trembled as I touched his physique. He gently assured me that as a newbie, my limits would be respected and that it was my call to do as much or as little as I liked. More clothes came off and we hugged as we stood naked next to his bed. There was no rush and he let me move at my pace. I kissed him. It was just a peck but he smiled.


He took my face in his hands and kissed me properly. I kissed back and it took my breath away. I knew he was leading me and teaching me how to touch him, how to excite him.


Finally I sat on the bed and admired his manhood. There was seven to eight inches of very hard cock standing almost parallel to his abdominals. Pre-cum bubbled out and ran down his poker-straight shaft. His abs and balls were shaved and his pubes were trimmed to wear a thong or low cut posing suit. I moaned when I took his erection into my hand and began pumping his dick, massaging his balls, and working up the nerve to bring his cock to my mouth so I could taste him. I ran my tongue from base to tip, and then quickly swallowed the head of his cock.


He groaned and fed me as much of his erection as I could get in my mouth. He tried to push his cock down my throat and I choked a couple of times before he backed away. He knelt and did things to my cock that nearly drove me over the edge. He stood and lifted my legs onto the bed and as I settled he moved on top of me into a 69 position and soon we lay on our sides. Again I nearly came when his mouth surrounded my cock. He knew and backed off until my cum was back in my balls. I licked his cock and balls as my hands roamed over his physique. I couldn’t get enough!


After he brought me to the brink a dozen times I told him I couldn’t hold off any longer. He turned around and knelt between my legs. He kissed and licked my thighs before taking me deep into his mouth again. He made my orgasm build and build for the longest time and when the flood gates broke, my cum felt like it was shooting forever. I bucked against him and drove my cock deep in his throat as I came. As I calmed down he fondled my balls as I moaned in pleasure.


His cock bounced and danced in the air right in front of my face as he moved up onto my chest to touch his leaking cock to my lips. I couldn’t believe that I was getting hard again already. I began slobbering and tonguing his cock as my lips sucked his cockhead. He began to fuck my mouth with ever-increasing power and I used both my hands to control his penetration.


“I’m going to cum,” he groaned and I pushed him back to watch him ejaculate ten huge ropes of cum. It shot onto my chest, neck and face. I could feel his semen running off my cheek and onto the pillow. Watching him cum was so fucking hot it was indescribable. He slowly licked me clean as I caught my breath. I tasted cum on his lips as he kissed me but I never expected him let a mouthful of our combined cum flow into my mouth.


He rolled to his back and pulled me against his body. I lay my head against his massive chest and slowly stroked his physique. Words of thanks and appreciation passed between us as we slowly cooled down.


“You have to experience my shower,” he said as he sat up and put his feet on the floor. I knelt behind his massive body and massaged his traps. He rolled his head and arched his back as my hands moved to his pecs. I think that was when the notion entered my brain that I wanted him to fuck me. I was concerned about STD’s even though he guaranteed me that he is HIV negative and disease free. I was still unsure if I could trust him completely.


The shower was a room big enough to hold ten men his size comfortably. There were seats and shelves, multiple programmable shower heads, and a 4x6 ceiling rain shower that could produce everything from a stinging rain to a gentle mist. I think we soaped up three times so he could demonstrate the thing I called a car wash, the ceiling gizmo, and a metal shelf that came out high on the wall to create a waterfall.


Standing in the gentle rain we kissed and our cocks were hard again. We dried our bodies and returned to bed. He spooned against my back and slowly stroked my cock using a bit of lube. I climaxed again and quickly fell into a deep sleep.


I opened my eyes to the sound of curtains automatically opening and allowing the sunlight to brighten the room through the plantation shutters. The room was all dark wood and the walls were lined with thousands of books. There was a wet bar stocked with liquor, a coffee maker, a refrigerator, and microwave. A body could live in this room and be perfectly satisfied.


We were back to back until I moved into the bathroom to empty my bladder. I crept back into bed and watched his muscles ripple from just breathing. He had kicked off the covers so that only his ankles were partially covered. I wanted to kiss and lick every inch of his body. I moved closer to inhale his musk and he rolled to his back. He stretched his arms over his head and groaned as I lapped at one of his nipples but my focus was on his erection standing straight up. His hand found his shaft and he coated it with lube he just squirted into his palm.


“Nothing like a morning orgasm,” he groaned as he slowly stroked. I made a decision not knowing how he would feel about my aggressiveness. I straddled his abs and leaned forward to kiss him. His clean hand rested on the back of my neck and prolonged the lip lock until he was satisfied. “Glad to see me?” he teased. Without asking I moved back against his slick cock. His eyes opened wide. “Are you sure?” he said gently. “Once I’m in I will fuck your sexy ass mercilessly until we both cum.” I reached back and guided his cock to my hole. He rubbed the lube in my crack and rimmed me with his cock. “Fuck, he whispered. “You have to push out like you are taking a crap so I can push in,” he instructed. “Relax for me.”


“Grrrrrr,” I growled. I felt the pain and then it slipped in and my ring spasmed around his cock. I remembered why I never wanted prostate exams. He added more lube and was telling me not to move. I gasped when he lifted his hips and went in deeper. It was done. My ass had been fucked as far as I was concerned. My hands were on his pecs trying to push off his cock when he thrust up and his cock head raked against my prostate. “Oh fuck,” I moaned as a bit of pre-cum shot out of my cock onto his belly. “Fuck me,” I begged as I pushed back toward his groin.


“Ride me,” he whispered.


I buried his cock to the hilt inside my hot hole and rested for a few seconds before slowly drawing it back out until just the tip was still inside. Then I glided it back in a little faster and then pulled up riding him until my ass was relaxed enough for a proper fucking. When my gasps turned to soft moans he knew it was time to take charge.

Before I knew what hit me I was on my back. Brad began smooth and rhythmic thrusting to drive his throbbing cock deep into my ass. I moaned quietly at first but as Brad’s gentle pumping turned to a hardcore pounding my moans became interspersed with “Yes, yes, yes.” and “Oh yeah,” and “Oh fuck yeah!” I grabbed onto his body to better brace myself and take the full brunt of his thrusting. He slowed down and the methodically buried his cock balls deep in my butt. My intense gasp told Brad that he had hit the spot. He pulled out slightly and rammed in hard again to be sure.


I was breathlessly begging him to fuck me over and over again. He pumped in slowly hitting my prostate in the same place each time. Sometimes he let his cock head nudge it and rub up against it, pressing into it gently, other times he raked his cock across the spot coming in and going back out. He reached down and stroked my pulsing cock just as I started to shoot rope after rope of steaming hot cum as my ass convulsed tightly around his shaft. I never had an orgasm like that before.


“That was your first prostate orgasm,” Brad announced as he lightly touched my prostate again and I felt like I was squeezing out every last drop of cum in my body. “But it won’t be your last,” he promised with a smile. I thought it was over when Brad started pumping his cock in and out of me again. I began lifting my hips to meet his down stroke and he began grinding against my ass when he hit bottom.


“I want to feel your cum up inside of me. Slap my ass with your balls. You made me cum like my very first orgasm, now cum in me,” I yelled. He thrust harder penetrating my ass deeper than ever as I taunted him to get in even deeper. I began squeezing my sphincter muscle down on his cock to tease him further.


Brad gasped involuntarily. He plunged his dick in and held it there as he shot his first load. Then another load of hot jizz shot out of Brad’s cock deep inside me. Then another and another and another until I lost count. He lowered his chest to mine as the last load spurted out.

We lay there for a minute and the only sound in the room was heavy breathing and the tick of a clock on the mantel above the fireplace. I could feel his cock starting to soften and he lifted his body off of mine and started to draw his shaft out of my thoroughly fucked hole.


When I was able to move I joined him in the shower. I hugged him from behind and rested my head on his thickly muscled back.


“You ruined me,” I said. He quickly turned to face me with a concerned look on his face. “I don’t think that sex any other way will ever satisfy me,” I added and he smiled.


“I think you should withhold judgment about ultimate satisfaction because you haven’t fucked my ass yet!” he said as he pulled me under the shower and began to wash me.

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