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Chronivac Universe- Part Two


The car sped down the highway, Cliff and his friend Kurt bored in the back, the trees outside weren’t much to look at.

Cliff was a rich kid and Kurt was the poor best-friend. Kurt rarely got vacations, so he jumped at the chance to spend spring break in the Hamptons with Cliff and his family. Cliff’s parents were cool with it, they encouraged Cliff to hang around with Kurt.

They’d hoped it would bring him down to earth and get him to stop acting like a pompous rich kid. It worked at times, but Cliff was quick to rub new gadgets and new clothes into his poorer friend’s face.

The two boys did get on though, and they were both playing the same multiplayer game on their smartphones. Kurt’s phone being a hand me down from Cliff.

Cliff noticed that Kurt would drop out of the game sometimes and have a sudden burst of typing. Who was he texting, Cliff was just about to ask when his father butted it.

“So Cliff” his dad asked “How’s the wrestling team going”

Kurt on the wrestling team, that the most ridiculous thing Cliff had ever heard. He’s guys family could only afford horrible fattening food, so Kurt had ended up as a podgy fat ass. The lack of vitamins hadn’t helped him height wise either, he was barely average height for a high-school student.

An amazingly rich and deep voice replied “Yea, got the championship and got my athletic scholarship all sorted”

Cliff put down his phone and turned towards Kurt. A giant sat in his place, massive muscles strained his shirt, the biggest thighs Cliff had ever seen filled a pair of broad shorts to bursting. A humongous bulge was nestled between the heavy legs.

Cliff noticed a thickly muscled arm running over the back seat, the huge hand at its end resting on Cliff’s shoulder. The now older looking, powerfully masculine face of Kurt smirked at him as Cliff’s father asked more questions.

“Any chance of Cliff getting on the team” he asked

Kurt shook his head, long black hair waving over his giant shoulders.

“Cliff’s too small for the team” Kurt squeezed Cliff’s shoulder “There is a water boy position open”

“What would be good, teach him some responsibility” his mother answered like Cliff wasn’t in the car “What would it entail”

Kurt’s chest flexed, a small tear appearing at the collar of his shirt.

“He’d have to give us water after matches, wash our towels, singlets and jock” Kurt smirked “He already does all of mine”

At that Cliff clenched his teeth as a sudden headache shot through his forehead. A new memory formed Kurt having come over to Cliff’s house after a match one day. Kurt in the shower while Cliff washed his dirty clothes. Then Kurt catching Cliff as he sucked the sweat out of Kurt’s stretched jockstrap.

“I’m sure he would love to help” Cliff’s father said from the front

The talking stopped for a while. Cliff watched Kurt typing on this phone, his now huge hands struggling to hit the right buttons.

Cliff’s stomach growled, Kurt turned his head at the sound a wide smile on his face.

“You hungry” his mother asked

A deep hunger roared in Cliff’s belly.

“Well…there no restaurants for a while” his father announced “Kurt can you handle it”

Kurt chuckled and lifted his tight ass off the seat, his huge hands hooked under the waist band of his shorts and he pulled then down to his giant clown feet. A fat swollen dick bobbed upwards, the apple sized head already leaking pre. Big bull balls rolled in their furry sack, heavy with a large load.

Kurt’s hand wrapped around Cliff’s head and pulled him down towards the dick. His mouth flopped open and Kurt forced his immense horse cock down Cliff’s throat.

He held Cliff’s hair and pumped his head up and down the giant dick. Cliff’s parents continued like nothing was happening, while Kurt’s deep voice moaned loudly.

Cliff lost track of time, but found himself really getting into milking the dick halfway down his gullet. His hands squeezing the bull balls and his tongue licking every inch of the monster cock.

Then Kurt came, a mass of thick volleys overflowing Cliff’s stuffed mouth. Each one rocketing down into Cliff’s hungry guts. Kurt popped Cliff off the dick and the rich boy thudded back into his seat. He patted his stomach, the growling had stopped.

“Better” his mother asked

Cliff nodded.

“Thank you Kurt” this father smiled “It’s hard raising a cum slut”

Kurt chuckled “It’s cool, I’m happy to feed Cliff’s addiction”

Cliff heard the clicking of Kurt’s phone. Then the hungry returned, Kurt smirked.

“You want more” he asked already pulling Cliff down to the still hard dick

Cliff nodded and engulfed the monster cock down his throat again.

His father offered “Cliff might as well stay on your dick till we get to the house”

Kurt laughed “Yea, what is it….like two, three hours before we get there”

“Yes, about three hours” his mother answered

“I can keep pumping out cum till then” Kurt sniggered as Cliff gagged

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