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I was 17 years old when my parents were killed in a plane crash. I stayed with my grandmother for the rest of that school year and then after graduation it was decided that I should live with my aunt in Michigan. Grandma was great but she couldn’t cope with a teenager in the house. I love her to death but we both knew I had to get out of there. My aunt had a farm that she ran with the help of my cousin Tony. He was 23-years-old and worked with my aunt to manage the family farm. He graduated from some agriculture college with the goal of owing his own farm but that all changed when his dad was killed in Afghanistan.


I took a Greyhound Bus to the small town near the farm. The further the bus traveled the less civilization there was. It was like I went back in time into rural America. Finally I arrived in the small town and got off the bus. I looked up and down Main Street and I could see where the town ended and the farms began—on both ends of the street. I collected my bag and went into the small storefront that served as the bus station.


“We’re closing up in fifteen minutes,” the ticket seller told me. “You waitin’ for somebody?”


“My cousin is picking me up,” I said.


“And who would that be,” he asked in order to gather some gossip.


“I’ll just wait outside. Is there a Coke machine close by,” I asked as if I didn’t hear his question.


“Down in front of the drugstore,” he pointed in the direction the bus came into town. The machine was so old it didn’t have a dollar bill changer. A Coke was just fifty cents. Luckily I had change. By the time I got back to the bus station it was closed up as tight as a drum. The streets were so deserted I thought maybe it was siesta time. Later I found out that all the businesses closed at noon on Wednesday. Why? Because they were open a half day on Saturday. Hey, it didn’t make any sense to me but this is a small town. I waited about twenty minutes and was just about to wander down the street for a second coke when a pickup truck stopped at the curb. My Aunt Jenifer jumped out and threw her arms around me.


Although Aunt Jen had grown up in Chicago she had become a farmer’s wife through and through. Her laugh was contagious and her warm welcoming hug was just what I needed. She thought I was too skinny and that I needed more meat on my bones. She talked a mile a minute all the way back to the farm. I told her about the station master and she laughed.


“By the time we get home they will have figured out that you are visiting us. It is just a process of elimination. They will want to know why you are here and how long you will stay. They will assume that my son Tony is buying his own farm. Or they will assume you are a troubled kid sent away by your parents. They may even think that we are doing so well we had to hire somebody to help,” she laughed. “I told the preacher at church about the plane crash so maybe they will put two and two together. I hope that doesn’t bother you,” she said quietly.


“No,” I said. “I still miss them,” I said as my eyes welled up with tears.


“I miss them too,” she said as tears dropped off her chin.


“Why do things like this happen,” I asked.


“I asked the same thing when your Uncle Jim died. He was in the reserves. He was in supply and he wasn’t even in battle. He was in the wrong place and it was his time,” she said with tearful resignation.


“It still hurts,” I said softly.


“It will for a long time,” she said. It started to rain and the rain made her happy. “A gentle rain is cleansing. It makes the crops grow,” she smiled through her tears.


I somehow knew there was a silver lining to the cloud I was under. The likelihood of me starting college in the fall was dim. All my parents’ money was tied up. They kept on delaying. I believed the lawyers were doing that to see how much money they could get from the estate—two thirds for them one third for me. To them I was just a stupid kid that didn’t know the law.


I was lost in that thought when we turned into the farm.




Chapter 2


The kitchen smelled of fresh baked bread, roast beef, and all the good stuff you have for Sunday dinner—except it was Wednesday. I set my bag down in the kitchen as she checked the oven and turned on a burner to boil the potatoes.


She brought out an old fashioned glass milk bottle and mixed the cream that had risen to the top of the bottle back into the milk. A tin of chocolate chip cookies was placed before me and ice cold milk filled a tall glass. I dipped the cookies and savored the treat. Grandma was on a heart diet and didn’t even have whole milk in the house. This was unpasteurized milk straight from the cow with cream still mixed in—delicious!


Aunt Jen sat at the table and looked me in the eyes. “I’m so glad you’ve come,” she said with all sincerity. “I’ve been getting a room together for you upstairs but the new mattress didn’t come in yet. There hasn’t been much need for those bedrooms since the girls and Jim Jr. got married. I hope you don’t mind sleeping in Tony’s room until the bed comes in. You could sleep on the sofa he has in there or if you’d rather the sofa in the living room,” she offered.


“Do you think Anthony will mind?”


“Don’t call him Anthony or Tone,” she warned. “He has grown out of that.” She laughed heartily. “Come on let me take you upstairs,” she offered.


We went up the back steps, down the hall and into Tony’s bedroom. The upstairs was darkened by the sun blocking shades and familiar odors brought me back to my childhood visits. Tony was five or six years older than I was but he was the baby of his family ten years younger than his other brother and sisters who were all married.


“I’ll leave you to freshen up. Use the hall bathroom because I don’t know how clean Tony’s bathroom is,” she laughed. They had apparently come to some agreement about not invading each other’s space. “Dinner will be when Tony gets home.”


There was a big bed in Tony’s room—queen or king, a sofa, two easy chairs and big flat screen TV. The room was clean and so was the bathroom but I took my aunt’s advice and used the other bathroom. I left my suitcase packed until I figured out where I was going to sleep.


There were a lot of additions to the original farmhouse. The last addition was done by Aunt Jen and Uncle Jim. I think that my aunt and uncle wanted their privacy at the other end of the house. Uncle Jim had taken the three bedrooms downstairs and converted them into a huge master suite with a luxurious bathroom and a walk-in his and hers closet. The addition to the back of the house had another master suite and four bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The first floor of the addition was a big recreation room. The room that was now Tony’s bedroom was where guests slept when we came for weekend visits when I was a kid. The bedroom they were fixing for me (Tony’s old bedroom) adjoined the hall bathroom. I explored. The girls’ old rooms were packed with boxes and totally unusable. There was a Jack and Jill bathroom for the girls’ bedrooms.


Tony’s old room had been painted and there was a new coat of polyurethane on the floor. The windows were open but you could still smell the fumes. I heard the tractor come into the yard and I knew Tony was home and it was time for supper.




Chapter 3


I hadn’t seen Tony for many years. We came for his high school graduation and after the ceremony he went off with his friends. He was still sleeping when my parents and I left the next day so I actually only saw Tony in cap and gown for about five minutes that trip. The time before that was when Tony’s team won some championship game in some other city. He was in football pads is all I remember. I think I was in sixth grade at the time. Then after that he was off at college when we visited. Counting back it had been about eight years—maybe ten since I saw him for more than a few minutes.


I looked down into the yard and saw him come out of the barn. It was as if my Uncle Jim had been reincarnated. Tony had become a man—a big muscular man! I made my way downstairs to see if I could help set the table or something. Tony was taking his boots off in the mud room/ enclosed back porch. He announced that he was going to jump in the shower. He disappeared into the basement. “Make it a quick shower! The food is ready,” my aunt said without looking his way. I don’t think he saw me.



He was upstairs in five minutes in clean clothes and smelling of the bath soap they used. I loved that smell. It was all part of the aura of the farm.


“You’re here cuz!” he smiled. His handshake had been firm and his smile of welcome was genuine. “Boy you have grown! I remember you as being that tall.” He held his hand at his waist.


“Ok everybody,” Aunt Jen interrupted. “The food is on the table.” We sat and she blessed the food.


“And bless the cook…” Tony added. She blushed.


I hadn’t had a meal like that since before I went to live with grandma. This was a meal for men who worked hard. There was real butter and real homemade bread, roast that melted in your mouth, mashed potatoes, thick brown gravy, three vegetables, plus fresh corn on the cob—and there were no restrictions as to how much I ate. When we cleared the dishes and loaded the dishwasher there was fresh coffee and mile high apple pie. (The pie was actually four inches high and made from scratch—even the crust.)


“Ice cream,” Tony asked.


“I didn’t know there would be pie!” I said as I sat back ready to burst. “Only a half slice for me and no ice cream thank you,” I replied. Aunt Jen looked worried.


“Don’t worry mom he’ll have an appetite tomorrow!” he chuckled. He had two scoops of vanilla ice cream on his pie. I watched him eat and was in awe of his thick muscular arms and bulging chest. I wondered how his waist stayed so small.


Afterwards, I dried the pots and pans which Tony washed. Aunt Jen had gone to put her feet up. She had the evening news on and was asleep in front of the TV. Tony was only interested in the weather report and then he went up to his room. I watched Big Bang with her and then she put on another news program. When it was dark she went to bed. There was nothing on TV so I went up and knocked on Tony’s door.




Chapter 4


“The sofa downstairs isn’t very comfortable. Could I try your sofa?” I asked. He paused what he was watching on his TV as soon as I opened the door a crack.


“That sofa is worse than the one downstairs,” he laughed. “You can sleep with me unless you find that too weird,” he said as he changed the disk. An action adventure movie came on the screen. It was like it was in the middle of the movie which I found strange. He paused the movie and turned to talk to me. “I know what you are going through,” he said. “I still miss my dad and you have that times two. If you need to talk…”


“Thanks Tony,” I said softly. I felt guilty that I hadn’t grieved for my parents since I set foot on the farm. “I think being here will help. Being with grandma and her restricted diet… I really love her but I think she cried more than I did. We both needed our space.” I told him.


“I understand, sometimes you just need to keep busy,” he advised. “A little love doesn’t hurt either.”


“I didn’t date much last year. Grandma wanted me home when it got dark. She went to bed after the nine o’clock news. I usually played on the computer quietly for a couple hours before I went to bed,” I admitted.


“By the way I set up your computer. (I had shipped some stuff I couldn’t take on the bus.) Hope you don’t mind. You need to clear the history more often,” he said. “Some people might find out where you play at night.” My face turned bright red.


“What did you find?” I gulped. “Did you open…”


“Yep,” he grinned. My cousin stood and began to strip. He was a big muscular bodybuilder just like his dad! “Have you ever been in bed with someone who looked like the pictures in that hidden file—someone like me?”


“You had no right to snoop,” I said. “Who else did you tell?”


“I just told you and nobody else.” Tony said as he stepped out of his pants. “You work with me on the farm and in the gym in the basement and you could look like this too,” he offered. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. He slowly pushed his boxers down and as he bent in half his butt was perfectly proportioned and so muscular his ass cheeks spread to display a rosebud begging for attention. There was no tan line. That skin had often seen the sun. He turned to face me and his un-cut dick hung down six inches from the tuft of blond pubic hair. His balls looked like they belonged on a bull. He leaned against the arm of the sofa and his cock began to harden.


“You are very welcome to share my bed, but in this room you need to sleep in the nude. If anything happens between us—you will have to initiate contact. If something does happen between us you can’t get all sappy and look at me with moon eyes. Mom will see right though you. She might even send you packing. You were a jock in high school so just act like you did in the locker room. Mom will like it if we are friends.”


I climbed into my side of the bed and Tony switched off the lamp.


“Night,” I said as I turned on my side and snuggled into the pillow. Tony’s reply was a soft snore. I had slept with cousins before but I was in grade school at the time. I had never slept with a man like Tony. He had a better body than some of my imaginary lovers in that hidden file.




Chapter 5


I awoke at four in the morning. I must have relaxed in the darkness because I kicked off everything but the sheet and I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck. We were nestled together like two spoons. His massive erect penis was lodged deep inside the length of my ass-crack. His muscular arm was around me and his hand was on my chest.


So much for me initiating first contact, I thought. I had imagined scenarios like this a thousand times but now that it was real there were butterflies in my stomach. I never thought that a muscle guy’s body would be that hard—I mean his whole body was hard even though he was fully relaxed and sleeping.


Maybe he wasn’t sleeping.


At school one time an opposing team member had cornered me and tried to take my cherry but my friends heard me and came to my rescue. They threatened to cut off his cock if he ever did that again. One of the guys even pulled out a knife. The guy said that I wanted it (which was true) but he was going to rape me and I didn’t want that. Fortunately my teammates believed me and not him. The guy was so scared he pissed his pants.


Tony’s penis felt like a ram-rod compared to the runt of a cock that once tried to rape me. I reached back and gently felt his naked ass. I slowly stroked his rod with my ass and felt pre-cum dribble onto the small of my back. Then my cousin snorted in his sleep and I pulled my hand away. Tony rolled over onto his back. I felt the air cool my back where his hot body had been. I closed my eyes and clamped my hand around my cock while wishing he would roll back against my back.


I must have been drifting in and out of sleep because when I awoke again the shower was running. The next time I opened my eyes there was a delicious smell of fried bacon filling the air. I jumped in the shower, dressed in shirt, shorts, and work boots and went down to breakfast. I looked outside and it was still dark. Aunt Jen was in her robe and didn’t look awake. She soon set a big plate of bacon and eggs in front of me and I surprised myself by eating every bit of food. Grandma didn’t eat real eggs—and definitely not bacon.


We worked all day in the hot sun and Tony made me drink lots of water. We moved irrigation pipes from one field to another and by noon I was worn out. Aunt Jen had a big meal waiting for us but we were so dirty we at on the picnic bench in the back yard under the tree. It was pleasantly cool with the breeze blowing. I dragged myself back out to the field where we put the rest of the pipe on a trailer. Fortunately I got to drive the tractor. I brought the pipe back to the barn and waited for Tony. My aunt ordered me into the basement shower to cool off and clean up. She set out some of Tony’s old clothes.


When I got upstairs it was pouring down rain and Tony did not return to the house until dinner time. His blond hair was plastered to his head and his clothes stuck to his skin. He showered downstairs and we all ate dinner. I was starved and Aunt Jen was very happy. It seemed like I was eating like a farmhand and she approved. After dishes Tony took me downstairs and made me stretch. We did a very light workout and then stretched again. I took another shower downstairs while he showered upstairs.


I crawled into bed and wanted sleep. It was just getting dark. The next morning I felt like I had been in a brawl. Everything hurt. Tony was already out of bed and downstairs. He came up to get me for breakfast and he made me stretch before I showered. I was still sore. They were discussing what had already been planted and what couldn’t be planted because of the rain. I thought that meant a day off to recover from my soreness but Tony said we were going to do some no-till planting if the field wasn’t too wet from the rain. We worked half a day and I didn’t know I could get that hungry from riding a tractor pulling a machine that was planting a field.


When we got back to the house my aunt was at the farmers market selling produce from the huge truck garden they had by the house. We ate leftovers. We showered upstairs and when I entered his room he was wrapped in a towel. I dropped my towel and was about to pull on briefs when he rubbed his cock across my ass.


“So why were you touching my ass the other morning?”


“I thought you were asleep,” I said as I straightened upright. I tried to turn to face him but he pulled me against his hard chest.


“I wasn’t asleep,” he said as he turned me to face him. His handsome face looked stern and his eyes were piercing.


“I’m sorry,” I whispered. “You were in a rather provocative position,” I justified my response to his snuggling. “I think you started it,” I said.


“No I think you started it! You were against my back and your cock was trying to hump me. Then you turned over so it was my turn to move against your backside,” he explained. “Then you grabbed my ass. It was too close to breakfast to do anything. Then last night you passed out on me. I could have done anything I liked—but I didn’t. Today is another day.” My big cousin grabbed me by the arm and brought me to the bed. “On your hands and knees, ass in the air,” he ordered. Tony’s big hand explored my butt.


“Why did you touch my ass?” he asked.


“I dunno,” I replied.


“Were you teasing me?”


“You’ll kill me if I tell you.”


“I might kill you if you lie to me,” he threatened.


“I-I wanted to feel your cock inside me. I-I wanted you to be the first…” I stopped before I made it worse. “I know we are related and… it is incest…”


“Wrong!” he said with authority. “You were adopted.” (A week later the lawyers confirmed that I had actually been adopted by my parents.) “Have you had a cock in you before?”


“No,” I answered.


His finger explored and penetrated me. I gasped at the intrusion but then sighed when the tip of his finger massaged my love-nut.


“You’ve got a tight one. It’ll hurt,” he warned.


“I know, I’ve read stories,” I said. He took me back to the bathroom and he showed me how to clean out properly.


“Everyone is different but it always hurts the first time,” he warned. My cousin coated his cock with Vaseline before climbing on top of me. I felt his knob press against my ass.


“Push like you are taking a crap,” he said. I did and he slipped the head of his cock past my tight sphincter. It hurt like hell.


“Keep doing it,” he ordered.


Tony inched his way inside me. When his nuts were brushing against my body he stopped and he fell to his side dragging me along.


“Tell me when it stops hurting,” he instructed.


“Take it out.” I begged. “I feel like I have to take a crap,” I whined. Tears filled my eyes as I struggled to accommodate his engorged dick inside my ass. Slowly, I started to get used to the alien invasion. I was impaled by Tony like I had dreamed so many times in my fantasies but I really didn’t like it. His hand gently stroked my trembling body. Despite the huge pole that was stretching my asshole, I started to relax. He must have felt something.


“Are you ok?” he whispered.


I nodded my head. Tony began thrusting, long hard strokes which made me whimper. After an eternity, I felt his rod swell deep inside me. He groaned and then began spraying the walls of my bowels with his cum. Our bodies were hot and sweaty and we lay there for the longest time. He took me to his bathroom and cleaned out my ass again. After I evacuated he washed me in his shower. He cleaned out his ass and then I washed him. Just touching his body had my cock hard again.


“What have we here?” Tony’s hand touched my super erect cock. “Nice! You want to give that to me?”


My cousin told me to get down on the shower floor. He straddled my hips and lined up my cock with his ass. He coated my dick with Vaseline and aimed it at his hole and it slid right into him. His inner-muscles seemed to swirl around the head, drawing me right inside him. His ass was so hot! His ass ring spasmed around my cock and he closed his eyes as he threw back his head.


“Are you ok?” I whispered.


“Fuck yes! Fuck me hard,” he moaned.


I commenced thrusting. Nothing had ever felt so good. All too soon my cock erupted, filling his ass with hot cum. We cleaned ourselves up and then went back to his bed where I straddled him. I wished we had done that the first time because I could control the pain of the stretching. After he filled me with cum again we fondled and kissed each other for an hour. We showered off and cleaned out one more time.


Chapter 6


That night at dinner I was fidgeting in the chair because my ass was sore.


“What’s the matter?” My aunt asked anxiously.


Tony grinned. “He’s ok; remember how sore I was when I first came home after graduating college. His is using muscles he didn’t know he had,” Tony laughed.


“I remember,” My aunt was relieved it was nothing more serious. I smiled to myself because I knew the truth. Living on the farm was going to be better than I ever imagined. Tony worked me like a slave all summer and when fall came none of my long sleeve shirts fit. His hands slowly worshipped my hard pecs and we had jaw dropping sex.


The boxes in his sisters’ old rooms were filled with clothes that didn’t fit Tony or his older brother any more. I slowly went through them and repacked the clothes that were too big. We separated out what no longer fit me and those clothes went to the church bazaar.


The harvest came in and it was a bumper crop. Jim Jr. and the two brother’s-in-law came to help. I thought I would have to be celibate while those guys were there but instead it was an orgy. I don’t know how we got the crop in. The girls married hunks that knew how to fuck ass. Peter was a lawyer and Mark was a CPA. They all grew up on farms and all three were bisexual. Peter helped me to settle my parents’ estate and Mark took care of the financial end. Jim Jr. fucked Tony and me like a sex starved teen. It was no wonder he had six kids. I spent two more years on the farm before I went to the same local AG College where my cousin got his degree. I lived and worked on the farm and my physique grew huge and buff.


(Note: Tony is in the background)


Sex with Tony just got better and better. Right after I graduated college my Aunt Jen suddenly passed away from a heart condition. All of us were devastated but her passing brought us all closer together.


Chapter 7


The farm has become the place to be on the holidays and it is wonderful to have the house full of people. His brother and two sister’s old bedrooms have become guest rooms. The kids sleep in the two guest room’s dormitory style—boys in one room girls in the other. Jim and Ann have the first master suite. Tony bunks on the daybed in my room (yeah right) with me so Peter and his wife Mary can have Tony’s master suite. We converted the recreation room to a third master suite for Mark and Sue. We put an addition on the house that houses a new kitchen, a huge dining room, and a recreation room that can seat everyone at once. We love when they all come because we all enjoy the bounty of the harvest. When they all go home it takes a few days to recover. After that we hit the gym hard to burn off all the extra calories and the more we work out the better sex is—it is a hopeless cycle but I love it!


Peter, Mark, and Jim always help plant crops in the spring and harvest in the fall but more and more I am beginning to look forward to the monthly business meeting we started having after Aunt Jen died. Tony owns 49% of the company that owns the farm and the rest is divided among his siblings. At first his sisters were at the meeting but eventually they let their husbands attend the boring weekday supper meetings alone. I take the minutes and publish them by the next day if the wives care to read them. Most of the time I could publish them before the meeting starts because they have already hashed out any issues or problems on the phone as they arise. So I read the old minutes and then the new minutes. Unless there is something I missed or something has come up we begin the orgy. I may not have been born into this family but I am their brother and they are mine.


After Thanksgiving this year when the house got super quiet I sat and thought about the laughter and all the good memories we were building. I realized that for the first time in many years I had a family. We were making traditions. The young ones wanted to come and gather together for the holiday meals. Summer was becoming summer camp. They willingly picked vegetables and learned how to preserve tomato’s and pickles in jars, how to freeze corn and green beans for the winter months, and make sausage. They learned how to sell vegetables at the farmer’s market in town. Then at Thanksgiving their chests would be bursting with pride knowing they provided part of the bounty we were so thankful for.


I look forward to Christmas and the Christmas trees and the decorations and the food, and the laughter, and the love but most of all having everyone here to share the traditions. Then I think that none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Tony.


Lost in thought I was surprised by Tony straddling my lap facing me. He set my book aside losing my place making me peeved. He took my face in his hands and looked deeply into my eyes.


“I am the luckiest man in the world. I look around and I see what we have knowing none of this would have happened if I didn’t have you,” he said with tears welling in his eyes. “I love you.”


How could I not love a man like that right back?

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