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I took some needed vacation time at Thanksgiving and drove to Florida. An older couple I got to know over twenty years ago was finally getting married. I was young enough to be their grandson but I felt like they were the closest of my friends. We were thrown together during a hurricane when my car died in a grocery store parking lot and I had nowhere to go and no way to get there. In the end the car got flooded and the insurance company gave me more for the car than the car was worth. The couple took me and my groceries in and I helped finish boarding up the house. During that storm and after they became like the parents I never had.


They dated in high school in the 1960’s and their lives stayed intertwined even after college. Judy became a teacher and Tom a National Park Ranger. Tom was stationed all over the country but Judy was rooted to the college where she taught. Tom retired and lived in his parents’ house and Judy was down to teaching one evening class a week. At 72 they decided to tie the knot. I teased them telling them they had one foot in the grave. They were as healthy as can be and remained healthy as they traveled the world for the next few years.


After dropping them off at their (honeymoon) cruise ship I continued down to the Florida Keys.


Why I stopped and stayed at Key Largo is anyone’s guess. I ate a late lunch and then found a hotel room. It was one of those two story box motels they built in the 50’ and 60’s but it had been modernized with each of the rooms having a lanai. The ceilings were higher and the rooms bigger than the standard motel room of today and the second floor had a nicely furnished ten foot deep lanai deck built to create an open air kitchen for the first floor rooms. I was told fishermen loved the place because they could clean their fish and hose the outdoor kitchen down into a special drain. Families could watch kids playing in the sand as they cooked meals. I wanted the deck to bask in the sun and a view the ocean. Telling the proprietors what I wanted, I was given an upstairs corner room with the up charge waved for the better room. They were doing some work at the other end of the hall so they didn’t want guests in that area. Almost the whole bottom floor was occupied by the proprietor’s family for a Thanksgiving family reunion.


The corner room had a giant curved lanai so you could sit in the morning sun or the afternoon sun and since that corner faced the water you could watch the sunrise or sunset as well. It was definitely an upscale room. I spent the afternoon with a small cooler filled with Corona, a bottle of suntan oil, and a thong so small it was nicknamed ‘postage stamp’ by a friend. That night at supper I overheard the next table talking about the cost of lodging in Key West at this time of the year and I started rethinking the need to go that far south.


The next day I called about doing some snorkeling but most places had boats taking out divers to dive the wrecks. The last call I made was to Key Largo Diving. I talked to a guy who had a group that canceled but he was still obligated to take out a scuba diver not part of the big group. Joe seemed genuinely pleased that I had called and promised me a fun day out on the water. I pulled on a t-shirt and board shorts over a bikini before going to the boat with dive bag in hand. It was such a short drive to the marina I could have almost walked. When I got there a big guy in a windbreaker was getting a cooler out of the back of an SUV. I offered him a hand and picked up the other end of the cooler and we carried it to the dock. I went in the small shack to check in. The guy from the SUV that I helped with the cooler waited on me; he was one of the owners of the boat which was a nice 49 footer with an enclosed flying bridge, a deck with benches on it for divers to suit up, and a nice cabin complete with kitchen, ample seating (out of the weather) and two staterooms. His name was Terry.


Joe was standing on the deck coiling up a rope, his top shirt already off, looking tanned and natural bodybuilder muscular.


“Glad you could join us!” he called out to me.


“Thanks,” I said as we climbed aboard. Joe said they were waiting for the diver and we would be leaving as soon as he got there. I could see they were chomping at the bit to go and then I saw Joe on the dock answering his phone. He was friendly sounding to the person on the phone but he didn’t look happy. He approached Terry telling him the diver canceled because he was sick. Something he ate.


“Would it help if we didn’t go?” I asked. “I mean with the cost of gas for one passenger and all I could go another day.”


“No,” they said together emphatically and then they both laughed. They cast off and we made our way toward the deeper water. “This is a special day for us. We met five years ago today.”


They hugged, but it was more than the guy-style hug I was used to. I found myself surprised that they were gay, and then laughed at my own dumb pre-conceptions. They both seemed so manly that I felt slightly intimidated. We were out in deep water quicker than I would have thought. Clearly these guys had a lot of experience. I just relaxed on the deck drinking a coke and enjoying the ride. After we got further out Joe shut off the engines and came down off the flying bridge. He cracked open a beer and sat down next to Terry. They kissed each other tenderly.


Terry invited me to bring out the food in the refrigerator in the galley. They had a tray of cold cuts, plus a bowl of shrimp salad, and chicken salad. We spent a pleasant hour just talking and eating the food that Terry made. I liked them. I had things in common with both guys and the conversation was never forced. It was really rare for me to feel a connection with new people, particularly gays. I couldn’t believe that I was really enjoying myself. I got a little warm and decided to take off my shirt and shorts. They immediately whistled at me in my bikini. I blushed and felt a little self-conscious.


“Sorry,” Joe said, “We don’t get a chance to admire a heavenly body like that very often.” They stripped out of shorts and Terry lifted off his windbreaker. They were both bodybuilders compared to me.


“Yeah right,” I said. “You guys look great.”


“Thanks,” Terry said. “We need to put some more sun block on if you are going to go without a shirt. Your skin will burn quickly out here.” He handed me the sunscreen and I began to spread it all over my chest and arms. Terry came around behind me and offered to do my back. I handed him the tube. He began rubbing the cool lotion into my hot skin, and it felt really nice. Even after I was thoroughly coated, he continued massaging my back. It felt wonderful, and I felt more relaxed than I had in ages. I noticed myself chubbing up a bit, and wondered if they noticed. I honestly kind of hoped they did. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed Terry’s expert hands on my back in the warm sun.


“You are welcome to join us.” Terry said encouragingly. I opened my eyes and saw that Joe was naked and that he had Terry’s bikini in his hand too.


“Thanks,” I said. Terry turned me around and gave me an affectionate hug, and I hugged him back, surprised by how nice his body felt against mine. The hug went on longer than it normally would, but I was in no hurry to pull away. Suddenly I felt his hand give my ass a gentle squeeze, and he began gently kissing my neck. I had a moment of indecision. I knew I wanted this, and I knew he did too. I didn’t want to upset Joe but I was not the one making the first move after all. I decided to just do what my body told me to do, and I reached out and grabbed Joe pulling him in for a group hug. I kissed him on the lips, and he slipped his tongue inside my mouth. We began making out while Terry continued to feel me up. Kissing a man was strange. Feeling his stubble against my face was a huge turn-on. I could tell that Joe wanted more than a quick kiss because of the intensity of his kiss, and I realized I wanted him just as badly. Joe pushed his body against my back.


Terry led us to the bigger stateroom and we began kissing. It never crossed my mind that I was about to have sex with a man. Two men, actually, and I had never been more aroused. Joe turned down the bed and I was again impressed with his physique. His back muscles were tight and buff and his ass was fine. He turned and his cock was already nice and hard. It looked like his cock was close to nine inches long. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but he was coming on to me making me want him all the more. He sandwiched me between them and I shivered. Terry was nibbling on my ear and was sliding his hand over my naked body. I gasped as he wrapped his fingers around my hard cock.


“Oh man, he’s nice and big,” he said to Joe.


“Let’s see,” Joe said he stepped back about a foot. My cock was standing out straight, looking even bigger than my usual seven inches. “It is nice,” Joe smiled. “But I’m more interested in his ass.” I shuddered in anticipation. I loved the way they were talking about me like I was just there for their pleasure. It was the truth; I just wanted them to use me any way they liked. I surmised from Joe’s attitude that he was strictly a top. I had no doubts that he was going to be fucking me soon.


Terry turned me to face him so Joe could see my ass and Terry began sucking my nipples. I had always loved having that done, and having it done by a bodybuilder made me feel even sexier and more like the horny slut. Joe half turned me so that one of my shoulders was against each of their chests and we started making out again. I reached down and felt his big cock. He had a nicely trimmed dark bush and his huge balls were shaved totally smooth. Joe moaned a bit as our tongues explored each others’ mouths. I pulled away to catch my breath.


“I want your mouth on my cock,” he said. Joe sat me on the bed and stroked his dick enticingly in front of my face. While I had always been somewhat aroused by cocks, I had never thought I would be sucking one. I reached out and touched Joe’s ass. It was as tan as the rest of his body. It was obvious they didn’t wear much out on the water. There was a generous foreskin still covering his cock head yet there was a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip. I was way past any concern about my sexual identity. I just wanted to have his cock inside my mouth to please the man.


His cock tasted amazing, salty and warm. I licked the slit on top, savoring the sticky pre-cum. I ran my tongue along the base of the head as I began to suck. I barely had the head inside my mouth when I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to swallow his whole cock. I was determined to get as much as possible in my mouth and I started to gag a little. Joe pulled back.


“Slow down and just enjoy it,” he said. I grabbed his shaft around the middle and tried just sucking the top few inches. I attempted to lick the tip under his foreskin and he moaned. I slid my mouth up and down. With my other hand I reached up and began to fondle his shaved balls. Joe started moaning softly, so I knew I was doing a good job. With all of my focus on Joe’s cock, I had nearly forgotten about Terry, but I was suddenly reminded of his presence when he started sucking my cock.


Terry was a fantastic cocksucker, and I bet he had spent hours perfecting his skills on Joe. Probably on many other guys too, considering how easily these two had seduced me. He was making me feel so good that for a moment I lost my focus on Joe’s cock. Joe grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth. It was a whole different feeling than just licking and sucking and I loved it. He was being gentle and not trying to force the whole thing in my mouth, but I did gag a few times until I learned to match my movements to his.


“You’re getting good at this,” he told me. I was thrilled and start sucking even more intensely. He grabbed the back of my head and held it close, but there was no need. I wanted his cum and nothing else mattered.


I felt Joe’s body tighten and I braced myself for his orgasm. His cock was so far inside my mouth that his first shot of cum hit the back of my throat. I pulled back a bit because I thought I might choke but I also wanted to savor the taste, while continuing to play with his balls. Joe shot three more times in my mouth. His cum was so delicious compared to mine but with that same salty, manly flavor. Having a mouthful of cum was such a turn-on that I involuntarily started fucking Terry’s mouth hard. He took it like a pro, having no trouble deep throating me and I quickly rewarded him with a huge load of cum. I still had most of Joe’s in my mouth, not wanting to swallow it yet.


Terry slid up on the bed until he was next to me and started kissing me passionately. I discovered he also had my cum inside his mouth. We traded and mixed the loads back and forth until there was just one frothy mess and two tongues. I swallowed what I could and let him have the rest. He swallowed the rest and then immediately grabbed Joe’s cock to suck the last few drops from it. Joe pulled Terry up and kissed him.


I lay back and tried to soak in what had happened so far. Normally, after I’ve cum I’m still a little turned on but relaxed enough that I don’t want to do anything more for a little while. This time though, despite having had Terry expertly suck me off, I was still horny as hell. Terry’s cock was within range of my mouth, and since he had yet to cum, I decided to get some more practice sucking. Terry moaned as soon as I started.


“He’s pretty good at that for a straight guy, isn’t he dude?”


“He really is,” Terry agreed. “However I’m not sure if he’s really all that straight.” I knew he was right. I admitted to myself but not to anyone else that I was a full-fledged bisexual but now that this happened it’s was all out in the open… at least here in the Keys.


Terry’s cock was quite a bit smaller than Joe’s, about six inches long and not too thick. His body was hairless below his neck and that included his cock, balls and ass completely shaved. I found I could get almost his entire cock in my mouth, and I was quickly bobbing my head up and down on it. I rubbed Terry’s ass, which was hard, smooth, and round. I wondered if I would get a chance to fuck it. Thinking about that, my finger found its way to his asshole, and I began to lightly tease. He let out a whimper and started fucking my mouth. Encouraged by this, I started to gently work my finger inside him. I glanced over at Joe, and he was lazily stroking his big cock, clearly enjoying watching me pleasure his lover.


“Yeah, suck that cock,” Joe said to me. I loved being talked to like that. My back was pointed toward Joe because I was bent over sucking Terry, and I wiggled my ass at him. He gave it a slap, and then began rub something in my ass crack. I wanted more cum in my mouth so I jammed my finger as far as I could inside Terry’s asshole and pressed on his prostate. He cried out and immediately began to cum. I swallowed the first mouthful, and then coaxed out additional squirts each time I pushed on his prostate. I swallowed most of it and then stood to kiss Terry and we began grabbing at each other’s bodies as we kissed. When we finally broke away from each other, I was out of breath and my cock was completely hard again. I wasn’t the only one; Joe was also fully erect again. Terry and I moved over towards him, and Joe kissed us both deeply.


“I want to fuck you,” he told Terry. I immediately felt jealous, but then I decided it was only fair. I was only a guest here after all. Terry got down on his stomach and spread his legs a bit. “Get his ass ready for me,” Joe whispered to me. I enthusiastically buried my face in Terry’s ass. I had no hesitation about trying something new. I pulled his cheeks apart and flicked his asshole lightly with my tongue before really getting into it. Since I had already loosened his ass with my finger, it wasn’t much of a challenge to get my tongue inside. I worked my tongue around, tasting the musky flavor. I spit inside of his asshole, unsure if Joe was planning on using any lube. I was quite willing to keep at this for as long as they wanted, but Joe was ready to fuck. He pulled me away from Terry’s ass and shoved his cock in my mouth.


“Get it nice and wet for me,” he ordered, and I happily complied. I notice that Terry found some lube and was squirting some inside his hole. I didn’t blame him, because his ass was tight around my finger and Joe’s cock was much larger. Joe pulled away and I made sure to leave a big glob of spit on the tip of his cock. Terry stuck his ass up a little and Joe began to penetrate him. It was very erotic watching the huge cock slowly disappear inside of Terry’s smooth ass. I could tell that they had fucked many times before. I watched and their movements were perfectly synched.


Within a minute Joe’s balls were slapping against Terry’s ass. I decided I wanted a closer look and leaned in. After watching them fuck for a few minutes, I was so turned on that I had to get involved. I began to touch both of them, pinching nipples and caressing different parts of their bodies. I gave Terry’s cock a feel. It wasn’t fully hard and I enjoyed the feeling of being able to play with a soft penis and it getting stiffer in my hand. Terry was so into getting fucked that I’m honestly not sure he was even aware of me, so I moved over to get behind Joe.


I began to lightly stroke and kiss Joe’s hairy ass. It was very different than Terry’s, although Joe’s ass was also muscular and unmistakably masculine. Joe pushed Terry forward until he was flat on his stomach and began fucking him harder. I managed to pry Joe’s cheeks apart and get my mouth into his crack. It was hairy and sweaty and musky but not dirty. I reveled in it. I began to try and force my tongue inside his asshole. I’m not sure if he was tighter because of the way his body was moving, or because he was a total top and not used to being penetrated, but it was hard to get inside. I settled on just licking his tight little hole. I reached around and played with his balls, then gently wrapped my fingers around his cock as it plunged in and out of Terry’s ass. It all felt raw and sexy, but there was a real intimacy too. I was thrilled to be sharing in the love of these two beautiful men.


“Go stick your cock in his mouth,” Joe ordered. I almost reluctantly pulled my mouth away from his ass and crawled up on the bed so that I was in front of Terry. He grabbed my hard cock and started sucking. It felt amazing. I looked down at Terry, watching him get pounded at both ends. It was such a hot image, and I was filled with envy. I hoped Joe had another fuck left in him, because I wanted to feel him deep inside me. He was fucking Terry harder now and I knew he was getting close. I could barely concentrate on the superb blowjob I was getting because I was so transfixed by watching them fuck. Joe grunted and slammed into Terry, causing my cock to go all the way down Terry’s throat. I pulled out because I didn’t want to choke him. I could tell that Joe had just shot inside Terry, who let out a soft moan and wiggled his ass a little, coaxing all the cum out of Joe’s cock. Joe pulled out slowly and there was an audible pop when he vacated Terry’s ass.


“Want to clean us up?” Joe asked me. I didn’t even think about it, I just bent over Terry and began cleaning Joe’s gorgeous dick. I couldn’t taste Terry’s ass on it, so I didn’t mind at all. He must have been really clean. I just licked and slurped enthusiastically until his cock was clean and shiny with my saliva. Joe grabbed my head and pushed it down towards Terry’s gaping asshole, which was dripping with cum. He didn’t have to force me, as I was totally cum-crazy and I hungrily lapped up the cum from Terry’s ass. It was mixed with lube and tasted like a man’s sweaty ass. I devoured it. His asshole was so stretched that I could stick my whole tongue inside him without any trouble. I reached around and was delighted to find that Terry was still hard. I hoped he wanted to fuck me. I pulled away from Terry’s ass and slid around the bed. I leaned in and started kissing him again.


“Want to fuck me now?” I asked. I was unsure if he even liked to top, but I assumed Joe would need a little while to recover and I needed to be fucked right then. I also thought Terry’s smaller cock might be a little easier to handle. Joe laughed.


“Hey, here’s your chance stud. You were just saying that you hadn’t gotten to fuck anyone in a while,” Joe said. Terry kissed me deeply.


“Have you ever been fucked before?” Terry asked me. I shook my head and his face lit up. “Really? A virgin ass? It has been a long time.” I smiled at him.


“I’m surprised,” Joe said. “Usually first time guys are a lot more nervous and shy, not sucking cocks straight from an ass.” Terry laughed and I blushed.


“I guess I’m just eager. I’ve been curious for a long time.”


“We could tell,” Terry said, and stood up. “Why don’t you lie on your back?” he suggested. He knelt down between my legs, pushing them back and apart. A second later, I felt him spread my ass and start to lick my hole. He was just as good at eating ass as he was a cocksucker. He began working my asshole with his finger and I stuck my ass further towards him. I was a little nervous and I felt him having trouble getting his finger in, even though I was desperate to be fucked.


“Just relax and let it happen,” Terry whispered to me, in between licks of my ass.


Joe walked around to my other side and shoved his semi-hard dick in my mouth. “Here, focus on this,” he said. I did as he said, just trying to enjoy the dual sensation of a cock in my mouth and a tongue and finger in my ass. I relaxed a little and Terry shoved another finger inside. I loved what he was doing, but I needed to take it to the next level.


I spit Joe’s cock out long enough to beg Terry, “Please just stick your cock in me!” Terry giggled.


“I love how horny he is,” he said to Joe.


“Give him what he wants. Stretch him out for me,” Joe told Terry. I felt Terry pull away for a minute and I returned to sucking Joe’s cock. A moment later, I felt the coolness of lube being squirted into my ass. Then I felt the tip of Terry’s cock brush against my hole and I trembled in anticipation. I was finally going to be fucked by a man. I kept sucking Joe’s cock, but all my attention was on the feeling of Terry gently pushing himself inside me. I have had fingers in there before, but this was so much better. I expected it to hurt, but I was so turned on that all I felt was pleasure. Terry, as I expected, was a very gentle lover. He only pushed his cock in a little at a time, pausing to let me get used to it. Horny slut that I was, I just wanted it all.


“It’s ok, you can just fuck me. I can take it,” I told him. Terry smiled at me and pushed further into me, going faster than before but still letting me adjust. After a few more seconds, I felt his hips press into me, and I knew that he was all the way inside. He slowly began to fuck me, pulling in and out. The feelings inside my ass were almost indescribable. I found myself pushing back against him, trying to somehow pull him even deeper inside me. Terry leaned down and kissed me. I kissed him back and we made out as we established a good rhythm with our fucking. I lost all track of time and place, just reveling in the feeling. I noticed Terry was beginning to fuck me a little harder. I nibbled on his ear and whispered for him to cum inside me. After a moment, I felt his body spasm and my ass was full of his hot cum. He kissed me deeply and I could feel his cock begin to soften inside me. He pulled out and he immediately started sucking my cock.


I was so turned on I only lasted about ten seconds before I exploded in his mouth. Terry and Joe kissed, and I knew Joe was getting a taste of my cum. “Delicious,” he said. I smiled weakly at him. “How was it?” he asked.


“Amazing,” I told him. “Thank you, Terry.”


“You have such a hot ass,” Terry replied. “I loved getting to fuck it.” He gave me another kiss. “You have to try him out,” he told Joe.


“What do you say?” Joe asked me. “Are you ready?”


I could barely speak, but I managed to whisper, “Please.”


“Get on all fours,” he ordered. I heard him squirt lube onto his cock and stroke it. He didn’t waste any time and I felt his lubed cock against my ass. He didn’t even spread my cheeks, he just slid his cock between them, and I felt the tip against my already tender asshole. I unconsciously tensed up and he had trouble getting it in. “Just relax,” he said. I exhaled and I felt my ass loosen up just a bit. That was all Joe needed and he thrust himself inside me. Even though I had just been thoroughly fucked by Terry, I wasn’t prepared for the size of Joe’s cock. It hurt but I just needed to be fucked. “Damn, you are still tight,” he said. “I’m only halfway in.” I couldn’t believe it.


He started to pull his cock out just a bit, then pushed it back in, but didn’t try to get any further inside. The pain was already beginning to turn to intense pleasure. After about a minute I needed more. Joe grabbed my hips and pushed himself all the way inside me. It was the single most intense moment of my life. When his cock hit my prostate my cock spewed cum but it wasn’t an orgasm. I moaned because I could feel his pubic hair touching my ass. He just stayed all the way inside me for a minute or two. Then he slowly started fucking me. I whimpered incoherently and Joe grunted with exertion. My cock released a few more squirts of cum. I vaguely heard Terry and Joe kissing behind me. “You look so hot,” Terry told Joe. “I love watching you fuck that hot ass.”


I had never felt so sexy in my life. Joe’s cock continued to slam into me rhythmically. Eventually he started to speed up, and I knew he was getting ready to cum. I wanted it inside me so badly.


“Please don’t pull out,” I begged him. “I need you to cum in me.”


Joe just moaned and fucked me harder until he grunted and slammed into me, and I actually felt my ass fill with his cum and I was fully satisfied. When Joe pulled his cock out I collapsed forward with my ass still in the air. I felt a finger playing with the pool of cum inside my asshole. I managed to turn my head enough to see Terry pulling a cum-coated finger out of my ass and back to his mouth.


“Mmm, you taste even better from his ass,” he said to Joe.


I smiled weakly at them. I was utterly exhausted, and I wasn’t sure what all this meant going forward. I now knew I loved cock, but I was sure this was a onetime deal. I slept for an hour or more and when I stumbled out on the deck they smiled.


“Ready to snorkel,” Joe asked.


“Is that a code word for something sexual?” I asked as I guzzled a Coke.


“It does but I asked if you were ready to get in the water,” Joe laughed. “You want to be able to tell people what you saw and experienced. We’ll eat lunch when you come up.”


The sun was still high in the sky so the colors underwater were incredible. There was a giant brain coral at least ten feet in diameter as well as smaller coral formations everywhere. As I swam I realized that there were drop offs in all directions. This reef was like the top of a small mountain and the boat was attached to a buoy which was attached to a man made anchor. The huge block of cement had rings that you could attach a line to hold the boat in place. After what seemed like hours I reached the back of the boat and hauled my body onto the diver’s deck at the waterline. I rested for a minute before I climbed the ladder to the main deck. The food was already being brought out as Terry guided me to the deck shower to rinse off the salt water. It seemed so normal and natural to be nude around those guys.


We motored back to the dock after dark and I thanked them for a wonderful day with a lingering man hug. In the shack Terry asked if I was interested in going out again. The next day the boat was totally booked but Tuesday they were free. I didn’t want to impose so I said maybe. Monday night Joe called me and told me they would be leaving the dock at 6am sharp and they wanted me aboard to watch the sunrise from the water. I stumbled aboard with my dive bag at 6:05 and the boat pulled away. I expected a kitchen full of divers but it was just the three of us aboard. Terry smiled when I stripped naked and poured coffee. It was awful so I picked up a Coke. Terry carried the black coffee I poured up to Joe. Terry took the wheel while Joe hugged me. I playfully grabbed his ass. He kissed my neck and ear.


“You’re naked,” he said.


“You’re not,” I replied. He slapped my ass and before he took the wheel again he was naked too.


We stopped at several different places where I could snorkel and one of them swam with me each time to point out different things. As for the sea life I have yet to see a barracuda. They are fast and I don’t understand under water sign language. Even a white board didn’t work because by the time I looked where he was pointing the barracuda was gone. It got to be a standing joke and Joe even tried writing a giant B on the board and then pointing. I told them I would go to the aquarium or look up a video on line, making them roll with laughter. In a quiet moment in the shower I realized I really liked these two men. I felt good being around them.


The boat stopped and the engine shut down. I hadn’t even finished rinsing off from the last dive but they did say they were going to stop for lunch. Thinking about food made me hungry. I finished my military shower and stepped out. (Military shower: wet yourself down, shut off the water, soap yourself up, scrub, and then turn on the water to quickly rinse.) I was drying my hair when I stepped into the stateroom. Terry was sitting on the foot of the bed waiting for me. Damn his body was fine. His frame rendered me speechless.


Terry has a big upper body tapering to an almost tiny waist without an ounce of fat anywhere on his body. He is totally shaved from the neck down making his hard tool looks even bigger and more inviting. I stood between his spread legs and he hooked the back of my neck to bring me in for a kiss. The dude is a great kisser who loves to touch and be touched and neither one of us could keep our hands off the other. I found myself on my knees licking his thick athletic thighs on my way to the real prize, his dick and balls. He stood to give me total access and I nuzzled my face into his crotch as I grabbed his beautiful bubble butt, pushing first one then two fingers past the muscled guy’s rosebud. He leaned forward and moaned. I was sucking on his pole when Joe entered the stateroom.


“Starting without me?” Joe chuckled.


I cast my eyes his way without pausing and then I pulled off and sat on my heels. I felt just a little guilty having sex with his partner without him being there. Joe had apparently rinsed off on deck because he had a towel in hand and there were beads of water all over his body. Joe didn’t have a big bodybuilder physique like Terry but his thick neck led to sharply sloping traps, he also has his huge biceps compared to mine. But it’s his torso that’s truly mesmerizing with his wide deep chest and deeply cut wash board abs and prominent obliques making his abdominals look like a shield.


Grinning, Joe grabbed my face with two hands, pulling me in for a deep kiss moaning as we made out. I could see his eyes were unfocused when we separated. He straightened and kissed his lover and the air seemed to crackle with static electricity. My cock pumped out an unexpected spurt of pre-cum just watching the hot men getting even hotter. I ran one hand down Joe’s back to his ass and the other up the massive thigh to Terry’s cock. Joe straightened and his huge hard cock was right in my face. I licked some nectar off the tip and he touched my face.


“Terry is going to get you ready for me while I put the food back in the refrigerator.”


There it was; permission to have sex with his lover until he returned. As the door quietly closed Terry pulled me up between his legs as he lay back on the bed. I sat on his abs and ran my hands over his colossal physique. He reached behind me and greased his pole with lube. His fingers stroked my crack and hole with lubed fingers.


“Have you ever ridden a cock?” he asked. His eyes were begging as if he wanted to be the bottom even though his tool would be inside me. I shook my head no so I didn’t have to tell him the first man sex I ever had was two days ago. I had watched someone do that in a video so I knew what he meant but I was still afraid I would screw it up. “Oh fuck stop,” he said trembling. “Stop or I’ll cum,” he gasped. It was odd being in control and wanting more but holding in place so he wouldn’t cum and then I felt him thrust up shoving several inches into my ass. “So tight, so good…” he gasped. “Fuck yourself on my cock,” he growled.


My ass started slapping his pubic mound and I was lost in the moment. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me down for a kiss. His body trembled as he hugged me and breathed heavily in my ear. Then I felt Joe’s cock stretching my ass open way beyond its limits. Cried out in pain as I camped down and Joe stopped. “Relax and let it happen,” I heard in my ear. Within seconds of arriving Joe was sliding his thick cock in next to Terry’s shaft. In no time Joe’s pubes touched my ass and he pulled me back up against his chest. The two were pounding my hole sometimes together and other times switching to one or the other jack-hammering my chute. I felt as though I was having a continuous orgasm and was about ready to pass out when Terry began to fill my ass with his cum. The hot jizz in my ass triggered Joe’s cum explosion. My ecstasy made my ass clench around Joe’s cock as he stood. He thrust in as deep as he could and his cock deposited another load of cum in me. Terry stood and sandwiched me between them kissing first his lover and then me.


I found myself alone in bed reeking of man sex. I wanted a shower but I needed food. They say diving makes you ravenous but I think man sex compounds your hunger. The two of them were on a double wide chase lounge talking privately as I made a bee-line for the food. With plate in hand I squeezed between them. Laughing, Joe took my plate and Terry grabbed one arm. Joe grabbed the other and they threw me overboard.


“Why did you do that,” I yelled laughing and sputtering. I swam to the back and then made my way to the deck and my food.


“Coming between us,” Joe smiled.


“You were full of cum,” Terry chuckled.


“Whose fault is that?” I teased.


“Yours!” they answered in unison.


“For being so fucking sexy,” Joe added.


“Yeah!” Terry said as he pressed his massive chest into my arm.


“I’m eating here,” I laughed. Joe invaded my space and I knew something was up. They were ready for round two and I didn’t know if I had recovered from round one.


There were several more rounds as we drifted in the wind tethered to that spot in the ocean. I for one was exhausted and sore by the time we got back to the dock well after midnight. I had intended to leave that Wednesday before Thanksgiving but I slept through most of the day. It was only an hour and a half back to Ft. Lauderdale but I wasn’t sure I could drive that far safely. Falling asleep again after supper meant I spent the night.


In the morning I paid my bill and as I approached the marina I pulled in to say goodbye to Joe and Terry. Being Thanksgiving Day there were few people around and it seemed as if their boat was locked up as well. I sat there on the dock writing them a note when Terry walked onto the deck and saw me.


“G’morning stud. Have you had breakfast?” I knew my answer would determine when I got back to Ft Lauderdale so I hesitated. “Joe would be pissed if you didn’t tell him goodbye in person.” My stomach growled and Terry smiled. “I guess that growl means no.”


“I was going to grab something after I got on the road.” I said. It didn’t verbally answer his question but it gave me an out. I had knocked on the cabin door and they didn’t answer. Now I was led aboard. Joe was just out of the shower and pouring coffee so of course he was nude. Damn he looked good.


“Look what I found lurking on the dock,” Terry said as he started the engine. He said it was to heat more hot water for his shower.


“I wasn’t lurking I was writing a thank you note,” I challenged as I leaned against a counter. He reached in the refrigerator and brought out bacon and eggs. Joe set his coffee down next to me and slowly closed in.


“I’m the one who should be thanking you,” he said intimately. Damn when he did that the rest of the world was gone and the small circle we were standing in was all that mattered. He was talking in low tones just to me and it didn’t matter what he said I was mesmerized. His lips met mine and I inhaled his fresh clean soap smell mixed with his manly musk. I touched his hard body and pulled him closer. The kiss intensified and he stepped closer. By the time the kiss broke my cock was rock hard and Joe had his hands on my ass. I was subtlety thrusting my cock into his. “We have a huge Thanksgiving Dinner about to be delivered and we would love you to stay.”


“I kind of promised some friends in Lauderdale I would stop by,” I lied. My shorts dropped and since I wasn’t wearing briefs my cock dripped pre-cum onto Joe’s hip.


“There are fresh sheets on the bed,” he whispered. “I need you to fuck me. C’mon. Join me while we wait for the food.”


I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t resist. Joe wasn’t one to give up his dominance easily. We wrestled on the bed and eventually he let me win or at least he resisted less. Even at that he probably didn’t consider our tryst in bed bottoming. I was so enthralled the world around me didn’t exist. My orgasm was mind numbing and I must have passed out because I was alone in the stateroom when I opened my eyes.


I shook my head. We were moving. If we were out of the harbor I was a captive until we returned to the dock. I pulled on my shorts and shirt after a quick shower. There was a round table in the middle of the kitchen floor with an elegant setting fit for a five star restaurant with, cloth tablecloth, cloth napkins, candles, flowers and the whole nine yards. There were chafing dishes and warming trays keeping the food warm.


We were slowing so I went out on the deck.


“I’ve been kidnapped,” I yelled up to the bridge.


“Hey, we could have thrown you out on the dock naked,” one of them answered.


“You were asleep!” the other said. Joe came down from the bridge. “This will be the most unique Thanksgiving dinner you’ll ever have.”


“I’ve been kidnapped,” I teased as I pulled us together.


“Hey! You start that and the food will get cold,” Terry said as he came down. I went up to Terry and invaded his space. “He kidnapped me,” I said seductively.


“It had to be done,” Terry said giving me a peck on the cheek. “Let’s eat!”


The food was excellent! There were a few things I wasn’t familiar with but anything I tasted was utterly delicious. Then they brought out the piece de resistance. Key lime cheesecake! It was decadent. I had two pieces.


Then the after dinner drink they chose was called The Perfect Storm.


1 ½ oz. Grand Marnier®


2 fresh key lime wedges


3 oz. Spicy ginger beer


3 dashes aromatic bitters


Orange peel


Then we watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade on video tape from last year. I rolled my eyes a lot as we talked about the ginned up excitement of the commentators. I guess I was getting a little tipsy but I got to thinking that this had to be the most unique turkey day dinner I ever had. When the Santa float appeared they stood and offered a toast to the beginning of the shopping season. I drained my drink and turned to face the two men.


“I know what I want for a Thanksgiving present,” I said as I cupped both crotches.


“You mean a Christmas present?” Terry asked.


“That is a whole month away,” I sighed. “I want a Thanksgiving present.”


“Let’s take him someplace he’s never been before,” Joe winked. He went topside and soon the boat was moving. He anchored and then joined Terry and me in the smaller stateroom.


A soon as he walked in I felt my cock stirring. I glanced surreptitiously at Joe’s cock. He was already semi-erect. Joe smiled and then after sitting on the bed he kissed Terry. Joe’s right hand reached for my left thigh and squeezed lightly. The dance had begun. In response, I just spread my legs wider. His hand caressed my thigh for a few moments and then he reached for my cock. Joe explored my hardness as his hand wrapped around my shaft. I groaned as he slowly worked his hand up and down. I threw my head back and closed my eyes. I tried to reach his cock, which was so hard it was tight against his stomach.


“Not yet,” he whispered. Then he knelt between my legs. Without a word, he slipped my cock into his mouth. Now I really moaned as he slowly and expertly sucked me off. He was taking all of my seven inches in his mouth gently sucking. Then he began to lick my cock all over before he moved down to suck my balls into his mouth. After a few minutes he worked his way lower and I felt his tongue on my asshole. He rimmed me with great enthusiasm. I put my feet on his shoulders and shifted so he could get a better angle. His tongue started to probe my hole and I just about went over the edge. His technique was incredible and he seemed to know when I was about to come, then back off. I held his head in my hands as I urged him on. Finally, he took me back in his mouth and it was too much. I whispered hoarsely that I was coming and he dove down on me. I exploded in his mouth and he took all my cum. Completely spent I collapsed like a lump of jelly. Joe stood up, and then bent down and kissed me passionately


He broke the kiss. “Kneel on the bed,” he said. I shifted on the bed so that I was facing away from him. I leaned forward as far as I could before I felt him behind me and then the head of his cock at my ass. Slowly, gently, he pushed forward. My body resisted for only a moment and then he slipped in, lubed by his tongue job and some of my cum. He took his time and slowly worked into me. Again his cock felt like it was at least 10 inches long. Finally, I felt his pubic hair tickling my ass and I knew he was in. He started moving in and out, taking his time and relishing the pleasure. The huge cock felt so good. I was stretched wide as he continued to pump his cock into me.


Terry moved in front of me and his cock was super hard. He held it out and I opened my mouth and he slipped it in. Keeping one hand on the headboard to balance myself I grasped the root of his cock. I took him deep into my mouth and started sucking him off, my tongue playing with the underside of the head. He closed his eyes. A soft groan came from him. I worked my way up and down the shaft, and then licked around the head. Meanwhile, Joe was still working his big cock in and out of my ass. I was feeling pretty nasty as I let his cock fall from my lips.


“I’m going to give you a blow job you’ll never forget,” I said and he groaned louder. I bent to my task, licking and sucking, taking as much of him as I could, licking down the length, pausing to suck his balls into my mouth. He suddenly reached out and grabbed my head with both hands and started to fuck my mouth.


Terry tried to increase the tempo, but I resisted and instead licked and teased him. I swirled my tongue around the head, then sucked on it hard. I’d let him fuck my mouth for a minute, and then slow him down with the pressure of my hand still wrapped around the base of his cock. I would suck the top half while I gently stroked him with my hand. Then slowly take all of him in my mouth and work in and out. After minutes of this I could hear him moaning and feel him twisting and I knew he was close.


All this time, Joe was fucking my ass. He felt absolutely huge inside me. He was gentle for a bit, moving slowly in and out and then he would pick up the pace and pound me without mercy. After a bit I heard him grow and I knew Joe was finally going over the edge. His thrusting suddenly became faster and faster. I could feel his hands clenching on my hips. I sucked Terry harder and he warned me that he was about to cum. Joe gave one last thrust, grunted, and I knew he was firing his load up my ass. Simultaneously Terry was filling my throat with his cum. I swallowed most of it, the rest running down my chin. Even though I was in unbelievable ecstasy I continued to gently suck and lick him until he softened. Then I let his cock slip out of my mouth and Joe also pulled free.


“What a way to celebrate Thanksgiving!” I muttered in a stage whisper. I sank down on the bed with Terry behind me and Joe facing me. Terry wrapped his arms around me and Joe kissed me. We lay there for a while drifting in and out of sleep. Coming back to reality, we went to the deck and dove into the water to cool off and clean up some. I recognized the huge brain corral. Back aboard the boat I mentioned to Joe that this was the place he took me to on the first diving trip.


“Although this place is special when I said we were going to take you somewhere you have never been before I meant the perfect ecstasy you experienced,” he chuckled. I didn’t know if I should believe him or not.


“It’s time we tell him Joe,” Terry said as he hugged me from behind and leaned his chin on my shoulder.


“Each time both of us had sex with you we were tethered above this submerged atoll. We don’t know why but good things happen to the guys we bring here.”


“And fuck?”


“Yes,” Terry said. “And fuck! I was skinny as a rail when I met Joe.” He flexed his massive biceps. “This could happen with you too.”


“I’d like that,” I said while running my hands over Terry’s body.


“Only time will tell,” Joe said as he closed in behind me.




I remembered those words as I drove toward Key Largo. A year had gone by and this would be the first time the three of us were back together since Thanksgiving 2017. I talked to them on the phone but refused to tell them about the gains to my physique. My new business was making money hand over fist and I wasn’t even working that hard. They wanted me to come down for ‘anniversary day’ which is on November 19th. That was the day Terry and Joe first met and that was the day I first met them five years later.


When I pulled into the marina the two of them were pacing the pier. They didn’t know my new car so they didn’t react until I stepped out and walked their way. They hugged me and admired the fifty pounds of new buff muscle on my body but they could hardly wait to get underway. As left the harbor I breathed in the ocean air and then made my way to use the head. As I entered the cabin I stopped in my tracks. A guy in sunglasses was stripping off so he could put on the bikini next to him on the table.




“You aren’t going to put that on are you?” I asked as my eyes darted to the bikini.


“Are you suggesting I wouldn’t look good in a bikini?”


“No I’m suggesting you leave it off so I don’t have to take it off your sexy body when you follow me into the stateroom,” I said as I stepped closer to the man.


“Hey Mike I want you to meet…” I heard Joe say behind me. “Oh, I see you two have met.”


That was obvious since we were both naked and fucking right there in the galley. Mike and I fucked like rabbits for two straight weeks and when it was time to leave, Mike took me up on my invitation to move in with me.


I have to say that this Thanksgiving turned out even better than last Thanksgiving and Mike and I are already making plans for next Thanksgiving!

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