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Slave Training




I stood outside the porch of my house in sheer excitement as i waited for the moving van to park at the house across the road. 

A couple of men in red hats came out with various furniture, unloading them while being supervised by a tall dashing young man in a tight shirt revealing his broad shoulders and budging biceps.

I could not see from my distance how he looked like exactly, but you can definitely tell a young hot blooded man from your average joe even from my distance. 

He took off his sunglasses revealing a pair of beautiful eyes before giving me a sexy wink. My new neighbor then disappeared into the house.


A few hours later just after i had put my laundry in the driers I heard a door bell ring.

Opening the door i was greeted to the face of an angel.

Literally an angel.

It was my new neighbor! 


He had smooth skin and piercing eyes. His face was the epitome of good looking and manly. While he was tall and imposingly muscular. I could certainly tell that he was a gym regular from those bulging biceps and broad shoulders. 

The only thing that was keeping my mind from thinking of his tanned body shirtless naked was the sexy long hair that framed his face. God i just wanted to place my hands on his cheeks and take a whiff of his sexy blonde hair. 

He opened his mouth to reveal a set of pearly white teeth.

“Hey there new neighbor, the name’s Gunner Golden”

"But you can just call me Gunner"

Sweeping his fabulous golden hair off his face he gazed down on the ground next to him and kicked his legs towards an object.


Looking down I noticed he had a slave kneeling next to his feet. The slave was tied on both his hands, had a dog collar on his neck and a mouth ball gag fastened steadily into his mouth preventing him from saying anything more than mere noises. He was pathetic looking, with a bald head and looking malnourished with skinny shoulders and flat weak tummy.

Wow i thought to myself. Sexy, hot, handsome and now i find out he was a slave owner too. How much more Alpha can this guy get?

The slave struggled to move his body before facing a direction facing towards me. He looked looked up at me under the weight of his metal dog chain before doing a small bow and nod. 

Gunner immediately slapped the slave on both his cheeks before grabbing the slave's head with his larger bodybuilders hands and forced its head lower. The slave yelled in pain through his gag before doing a deeper bow towards me. Gunner smiled at me pleasantly "Sorry about that. I'm still trying to train him up to standards" 

Gunner than patted his slave’s head like a master would to his dog before complementing him “Good Boy!”

He than further invited me over to his place as we continued chatting by his luxurious living room.

While he lounged comfortably on his luxury sofa, he man-spreaded his powerful thighs allowing me to see the huge bulge between his thighs , his slave quietly stood next to him, head down and hands bound by chains. Ever so ready to do his masters bidding if needed again. 



Throughout our conversation i managed to find out many things about him.

He was an heir to a banker's fortune worth millions and he was only in his early 20s. Of course being that rich he never needed to work but instead decided to pursue his hobby professionally.

As a world class bodybuilder and fitness model he was making his own money on his own terms.



As our conversation carried on he was as surprised by many of my past jobs as well.

Namely he was surprised that i used to be a slave trainer in my teen youth. Being born a free man i decided why not try my hands at being a slave trader and which i realized i was good at. Particularly at training and disciplining slaves.

So with my vast experience at slave training i was asked to help train Gunner's slave as this was his very first slave. And he had aspirations of buying and training new slaves.

I shared with him a few tips on disciplining his slave and he took some pointers seriously. For example i agreed with him that a slave should always shit outside the house and not pollute the owner's home with his dirty slave filth. Although i did find it amusing that Gunner gave the slave toilet paper to wipe as a privilege. 

My advice for him : Toilet Paper for a slave was too luxurious. let the slave find some dried leafs to wipe. Or you could use a spray hose and shoot water up his ass like what you would do to a dog. 


I also gave him some tips on making some money from his slave.

As slaves are simply property, like a chair or a table. Why not rent out your slave sometimes to make some extra cash?

For example you could leave your slave at the locker section of the gym, and while you work out and train your glorious muscles your slave could have its asshole rented out to other horny men looking to fuck your slave after a hot testosterone heavy gym session. 

I would recommend your slave be gagged so that his screams do not disturb the other gym going patrons.


Although i really enjoyed teaching Gunner the tips and tricks of being a slave owner, what i was looking forward to the most was when the sun was hot and the sky was cloudless, that was when he would take his slave out for a walk. 

And if the weather was hot enough he would take of his shirt. 

Just seeing him in this state was enough to make me cum instantly



And thats not the best.

Gunner was also a horny fucker.

I would spy at him from a distance unzipping his pants to reveal before me his giant monster cock and watch as he forced it into his slave’s little tiny pussy mouth. 

Its only during times like these that i wished i was a slave myself. 

What a privilege that slave must have to have the honor of sucking on Gunner’s prime muscled cock and slurping up his creamy protein shake everyday! Damm!


That was why it pained me to have my company shift me to New York City for a full month to settle some accounting issues. 

Can you imagine? A full month of not seeing Gunner’s hot ass body. Fuck..

I had to leave urgently and i did not even have the chance to say goodbye...





It was a hetic schedule in New York where everyday was moving so damm fast. So you could say i was relieved to come back to town. 

Or maybe i just needed to see Gunner again   ^Horny Laughter^

To be honest i was getting older and i swear i was becoming more forgetful everyday. But it was certainly strange to see that my memory has failed me once again as i gazed at my “Hot” neighbor from across the street walking his slave.

He wasn’t hot at all.

In fact he was skinny, pale and definitely not as attractive as i remembered him to be. 

He was weak and malnourished looking. 


Still one facet of my memory did not fail me. I remembered he had a slave and there he was. But the slave was incredibly muscled and physically large even though he was on his knees. He also had the most lustrous and beautiful locks of hair i have ever seen on a slave.It was like his owner made an extra effort to properly shampoo and condition his long locks. The slave had a rope collar attached to his neck and had his arms tied to his back. I did however like how he handled the bondage on his slave as i saw how tight the mouth gag and rope blindfold was on his face.

It must have been distressing to the slave however as i could see him struggle hard and making muffled noises through his mouth gag. Gunner even seemed to have problems dragging the slave on the walk. I could tell the slave would overpower his master if he was ever let free. So kudos for the extra blindfold and mouth gag on the slave. 



After putting down my luggage i approached Gunner who did not seem to want to talk to me. Hmmm, it seems he wasn’t as friendly as i remembered him to be.

I could tell he was dodging my questions about the previous one month and i swore at times he didnt even know his own name was Gunner Golden.

It was all very strange especially when his slave heard our conversation and instantly started reacting to my voice. It almost seemed like he was trying to get my attention. Yelling through his muffled mouth gag and i swore he was trying to tell me something. 

Gunner realizing his slave was misbehaving grabbed his long locks of hair, pulled his head upwards and slapped him hard across his cheeks a few times before grabbing a piece of dirt on the ground and forced it into the slave's mouth yelling at the lowly slave to “Shut Up!”

I was so impressed. Instead of simple slaps Gunner actually improvised more punishment. Seeing this i nodded my head in agreement before saying to Gunner

“That was a good punishment to give. But if i were you i would threaten to pour his own shit on his face too if he wouldn't stop making noises. Punishments have to be harsh for the Slave not to repeat the same mistakes again”

Gunner looked at me shocked for a few seconds before doing exactly just that. He grabbed the bond muscled slave by his long locks of hair and shoved his head close to a pile of dog shit making the helpless slave smell the dog shit and threatening to push his face into the shit if he would not shut up.

Interestingly the slave continued making muffled noises but much softer and kept up with his struggling on the ground. As if he wanted to desperately tell me something. If i was not wrong it almost seemed like the slave was crying. What a joke. This slave definitely needs more training and discipline. Slaves should never speak to a freeman unless initiated.

But I was certainly incredibly impressed by how cruel and forceful Gunner was. In fact i was very surprised how much potential Gunner had as a slaver holder. I honestly couldn’t remember him being this mean to his slave but i was glad that that was a wrong memory. 

So I offered to help him become a better slave trainer to better discipline his slave and our neighborly relationship instantly got better. 

For a first tip I encouraged him to wear dark sunglasses and always have his slave kneel before him no matter what. As Gunner was physically smaller and shorter than the slave now he has to set a mental precedent that he was the Alpha Boss. Not the other way around. No emotion or kindness was to be given to the slave so the dark sunglasses will mask it all out. Interestingly, Gunner already had a pair of flashy intimidating reflective sunglasses that most slave owners would wear.


Another tip to him.

Slaves are mere property. they do not deserve clothes. Only free people deserve to wear clothes. The slave is to be stripped of all clothing.

If the slave does something wrong or displeasing to the owner, hit him. the harder the better.

If the slave does something good. Do not call him a “good boy” or reward him. He needs to learn that no punishments are a rewards in itself 


The next tip i gave to Gunner was his body.

Gunner claims to have “bought” this slave in its original state as a tall hunky bodybuilder. So i told him that a slave should always be degraded into a small weak creature. Not just for security reasons but also to look good when taking your slave out for a walk. A muscled  bodybuilder slave and a small skinny master never looks good as a combination. 

Being a rich heir to a fortune and with the money he already had, Gunner decided to opt for a body transfer with his slave.  

The slave would then have his muscles, height manliness and alpha scent drained out before being given to Gunner.

The slave would then be returned to what society intended it to be by becoming a short skinny and weak property of his master.

Of course when we told the slave what was about to happen we could both see him protest, struggle and yelling under his mouth gag but I told Gunner that it was important to note that Slaves are property. They do not deserve human rights. A master has the right to do anything to his slave including taking his hot hunking body if needed. We forced the slave into the surgery swap center and had it bond in chains before forcing it to sign a document agreeing to give Gunner all rights of his hot muscular body.

It was so funny watching the slave struggling for his "rights"


The process was a success and it was incredible to see Gunner now as a hunky Alpha with the proper body he deserves. Not only did the muscles and height transfer correctly but the golden tan too.

Of course it works both ways and now the slave looks more like a slave too.

If there was a definition of “Alpha Master” in the English dictionary you would see this picture.


Slave training did not just end there however. I instructed Gunner that his slave was to be under lock up no matter the circumstances. 

Especially when the slave was alone or when Gunner was asleep. A slave could easily break free of a simple tied up hand bondage. So extra precaution should be taken. A blindfold, mouth gag and even ankle chain should be used.


 That includes his cock.

He is to be under strict orders never to be able to touch his cock. Because the slave needs to understand that that isn’t his cock. You as his master are the rightful owner. And all touching of his cock will be considered a privilege.

His cock is to be forever caged up. 

Any touching should result in harsh punishment.


There would however be a point where the slave is unable to handle all the horny build up from months of having no ejaculation and he will constantly plead and beg with you to give him a chance to ejaculate.

Let him get on his knees and beg. 

Let him know that he is at your mercy

What i can suggest is if you’re really bored and looking for some entertainment you can stroke his balls and maybe play with his caged up cock alittle. When he’s close to ejaculation stop everything. Keep edging him and soon he will realize how humiliated he is, unable to even control his own ejaculation. 

Let him be humiliated. 

Humiliation is good for him.


The slave was also never to be allowed to sit like a human being. He was to kneel before his master at all times when stationary.

Doesn't matter in the gym while you are working out your gloriously tanned biceps.



 Or simply resting your hot body in your expensive house.



The only time a slave could rest was sleep.

And even then he could only lie on the ground next to his master like a dog. Remember, beds are only from people. Slaves are merely property and have no privilege to lie on a bed.


I also had some personal questions for him too.

One of them pertained to the slave’s hair. I mentioned how un-slave it was for his slave to continue keeping his long golden locks and asked that they should be cut off completely.

I also told Gunner to grow out his hair as he was a free-man and having a bald head was usually something for the slaves to have.

Gunner however disagreed and mentioned that he liked his slave with the long golden hair and himself being bald. I could not understand his answer but he told me he "Wanted his slave to remember what he used to be and how low he has fallen" 

Strange reason... But as Gunner was the master after all, I believe he has the ultimate decision.  

He did mention however that it was quite fun to grab his slave's hair and pull it like the bitch he is. Makes him laugh when the slave yells in pain through his mouth gag.


But the most important lesson i have for Gunner is that he should never forget.


He is a master.

He is a free man

He is the one with power


The thing crawling at his feet is nothing but a lowly slave

It is mere property

It has no rights to any form of freedom

It is powerless and is to be used at you disposal.


Remember that. You are the master, while he is the slave.

Nothing can change that.



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