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Chronivac Presents a Nerd/Jock Redux- Part One




From his bedroom window Eugene waved goodnight to his neighbor and school friend Glenn like he always did before he went to sleep, but Glenn didn’t wave back. Eugene watched him for a few moments, he was slumped over his desk typing furiously, which was odd Eugene thought, Glenn was a console guy. He hardly touched his PC.

Glenn and Eugene had been friends for years, they shared a love of gaming and comics, which when added to their small stature and general wimpiness made them uncrowned nerd royalty. But Glenn had hit the genetic mother-load, he was just about average, and he wouldn’t have been a target for bullying if he didn’t hang around with Eugene, but he never abandoned Eugene when the jocks came every day at school for their pound of flesh.

Eugene gave up trying to get Glenn’s attention and slipped into bed, his old baggy spider-man top and pajama shorts hiding his skinny body from view.  Eugene quickly fell asleep, the bright light from Glenn’s computer not effecting him at all. It was nearly two hours before the light faded and Glenn finally finished playing with his new Chronivac.


Next morning Eugene woke and stretched, his top split as his wide lats flexed, the sleeves finally gave in and burst as he brought his tree trunk arms up into double bicep pose. This shirt had put up a good fight, he usually woke up with his top in tatters, his small sleep flexes having torn it to pieces. He slumped back onto his pillows, the bed creaking under his weight. Eugene gazed down his long, thick body and at the monstrous tent rising from his crotch.

Why did I have to be so hung, Eugene thought, why couldn’t I be like my brother and have a hamsterdick, some guys just have all the luck.

Eugene sighed and rose from his bed, he bounced his pecs and the final tatters of his shirt fell to the floor. He noted that the 12pack of pajamas was empty and would need a refill, he’ll have to ask his mother to grab another pack. She’d complain, but she understood, Eugene was self conscious, even alone he was worried about his heavily built nerd body.

Eugene pulled on a shirt and did one button up at the collar to hide his pecs, any more and they’d probably pop off during class. He wore XXL, but he was really an XXXL, he didn’t want to wear the fashionable baggy clothes, what if he grew into them, he was huge enough as it was.

He tore off his pajama bottoms and gave his footlong horse cock a couple tugs. He though back to yesterday when the jocks pulled down Jimmy’s pants during gym, they all laughed and mocked his fat beer can cock, he could only imagine what they would say about his monster.

“WAKE UP HORSECOCK” Matt his big brother called from outside

“I’m up” Eugene sighed as he gave up with his morning wank

He hated his big brother, Matt was a jock and it showed, he was barely over 5ft and as skinny as a rail, a perfect quarterback. He’d always teased Eugene about his big cock and heavily muscled body. But he was in college now, and wasn’t around the house that much, so Eugene got a breather from the bullying in his own house.

He tucked his softening fat dick into his Thor briefs, the picture of the blond hero stretched out by his bull nuts. Eugene quickly checked his emails, the usually spam about muscle loss drinks and penis reduction pills littered the page, he deleted them, nothing could help him, he was just meant to be a hunk.

Downstairs Matt wolfed down his cereal and sniggered at the sight of Eugene’s heavy bulge bounce as his little bro thudded down the stairs.

“Fuck your such a nerd” Matt moaned “Couldn’t you at least try not to be so huge”

Eugene blushed and shrugged his massive shoulders “I do try”

Matt grunted, his slender feet swinging above the ground from his perch on the kitchen stool.

Eugene crouched down to put on his shoes, Matt sniggered again as the shirt was pulled thread bare over his vast back, his powerful muscle ass pulling the jeans taunt over itself.

Eugene remembered the conversation he heard between Kevin the football team captain and his jock mates last week. 

“Size four, just like the guys in the NFL” Kevin boasted after one of his buddies asked about his tiny feet

Eugene’s confidence dropped to rock bottom as he looked down at the giant boots that cradled his wide size 20 feet.

He finished and flung his bag over his shoulder, without a goodbye or breakfast he vanished out the door.


“Hey Glenn” Eugene boomed

Glenn was standing in the middle of his yard with a confused look on his face and a hand caressing his pec through his shirt.

“Holy shit, Eugene is that you” he asked

Eugene blushed again “What other 7ft nerd could it be”

Glenn went quiet for a moment. Eugene looked at his friend and envied him, like how he wore XL shirts, like how he didn’t need to duck through doors. He was so close to normal, but he was still a friend, a protector against the jocks. He could usually talk them down, he could of been one of them if he didn’t study so much.

Eugene’s stomach rumbled and his large hand slapped down on his solid eight pack.

“I’ve missed breakfast, and Matt’s home….” Eugene started

“Burger King” Glenn offered, he looked to be deep in thought

“No….. I’m not eating at some expensive health food place” Eugene bellowed as the two hunks started towards town “We’re eating at Cesare Salad Palace, I need something green and unhealthy in me”

Eugene’s long muscled legs kept him ahead of Glenn and he didn’t see the wide eyed shock on the confused stud’s face, or the little cocky smirk that was spreading over his chiseled features. Glenn was only just working out how the world worked now.

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