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Old Man Stevens - Part Twenty-Two



I asked Bud to stay in the bedroom when my friends arrived.  When he walked into the room I wanted to be able to see their faces.  It didn’t matter who it was, though, when Bud Stevens came in, ducking and turning sideways to fit through an archway, mouths were going to drop open wide and eyes were going to bug out.  I stayed hard just in anticipation of how my friends were going to react.  Three people were joining us that evening.  Marty, my best friend since high school who had a fetish for muscle that equaled mine. Jonathan, a gay guy I had met at work a few years ago who loved little guys that wanted to be taken care of. And Ned, a straight football loving man who just happened to like and be comfortable with hanging out with gay men. I had chosen them each for specific reasons and wouldn’t even tell Bud what those reasons were.  Everyone arrived at pretty much the same time.  


“Hey Bud, darling, our guests are here,” I called down the hallway.  


I know it was my imagination, but I swear I could feel the building shake when I knew my boyfriend was coming down the hall.  I turned my back to the archway and stepped closer to my friends – who were definitely interested in the guy who had kept me off the party scene and social media for quite a long time.  It was like a perfect symphony when Bud appeared.  I could have driven a truck through every mouth in the room – that’s how far jaws dropped in astonishment.  Marty actually let out a delighted squeal as Bud straightened out to his full height. Crotches all hardened – even Ned’s – which was one of the reasons he had been invited.  I wanted to see if hugeness impressed him.  Clearly, it did.  


“Well, it’s finally great to meet some of my sweet Connor’s little friends,” Bud said as he walked past me.


I could tell he was in full muscle daddy mode – wearing only some cut off denim shorts, a thick belt, and some work boots.  He easily scooped up all three men in a big hug and lifted them off the floor as he held them tightly.  I heard the air in all three men be forced out and I instantly knew Bud was applying more pressure than usual – just to impress them.  He bounced them up and down as he spoke, simply to make sure they knew lifting them was very easy.  His huge biceps bulged hugely even though they weren’t tensed.  Every man with his feet dangling in the air got a great view of my man’s humongous arms.  And they couldn’t contain their shock.  


“Connor has told me so much about each of you.  I want to thank you for allowing him to spend so much time with me, recently,” Bud said. “There were quite a few really big changes – well, one, really - to our relationship and we needed to take time to explore all the ramifications that change caused.  I can’t wait to get to know each one of you this evening.  I hope I can impress you.”


“Um, honey, they’re all turning purple.  Do you want to put them down so they can breathe,” I said, teasingly.


“What the fuck are you?” Marty exclaimed as soon as Bud placed the men back on the ground.


“You must me Marty,” Bud said and held out one of his humongous hands.   


Marty looked at the huge paw in astonishment.  Bud’s hand was way bigger than his head.  He couldn’t wrap his mind around someone being this big.  His mouth kept moving, but no words came out.  He was only staring at the big behemoth in front of him.  Bud turned to Ned.


“You gotta be Ned, right. You’re so big and strapping,” Bud said, but no one was really hearing.  “I can tell why you love football.”


“Big . . . and . . . strapping . . . small . . . and . . . weak,” was all that came out of Ned’s mouth. 


“And lastly, there’s Jonathan.  Connor told me you like small men,” Bud said, winking at me.  “I guess there’s no worry that you’ll try to steal me from my sweet man, since there’s nothing small about me.”


For some reason, this made everyone look down at Bud’s crotch.  To see a tree trunk covered in denim is one of the most amazing scenes ever. The eyes of all three men seemed to widen even more as they took in Bud’s enormously thick and insanely long member.  Marty actually licked his lips and let out a loud whistle.  


“You gotta license for that bazooka, Bud?” Marty asked, without taking his eyes from the bulge at Bud’s crotch.


“These are the only license I need, Marty,” Bud said as he raised his mighty arms into a double biceps pose.  Gigantic muscles erupted beside the big man’s head.


“Fucking hell!” Ned whispered loudly.


Marty, again, let out a little squeal and then he fell backwards onto the couch.  The sight of Bud’s guns was just too much.  Arms aren’t supposed to balloon up into mountains of muscle equal in size to young children.  Bud chuckled at everyone’s reaction until he noticed that Jonathan wasn’t breathing.  He wasn’t moving at all.


“Um, Connor, you might want to check on Jonathan,” Bud said, immediately lowering his arms and reaching out to grab the dude before he fainted, and then – with his other hand – grabbed a big chair and lifted it over so he could set the guy down.


“Jonathan, you need to breathe.  Can you hear me?  Come on, pal, inhale and exhale,” I said as I put my hands on his cheeks and made him look at me.


Suddenly, Jonathan sucked in a big gulp of air and refocused on what was happening around him.  He was still a little dazed and just kept repeating ‘so huge’ over and over.


“Sorry, little fellas,” Bud said, “I forget how overwhelming my humongous body can be when you’re seeing it for the first time.  Can I get anyone a beer?”


Four hand went up . . . including mine.  I knew Jonathan was going to be fine.  My big lover then waddled to the door to the kitchen and contorted his big frame so he could fit through.  It was like the elephant in the corner had left the room.  All three friends started talking all at once.


“What is this place – the top of the beanstalk and that’s the giant,” Marty immediately said.


“My fucking goodness, did you see the size of his arms,” Ned said at the same time.  “Those weren’t arms, they were blimps.  He must be the biggest guy on earth.”


“So huge . . . so huge . . . so huge,” Jonathan repeated.


“Fellas, he’s just my boyfriend,” I teasingly replied.


“Just your boyfriend,” Marty said loudly, “He’s all the fucking Himalayas and Alps all rolled into one. He can barely fit through an archway . . . let alone a door.”


“How in the hell did he get so big?” Ned quickly asked, hoping he’d get an answer before the giant reappeared.  


“We’re not exactly sure . . .” I started to reply.


“Sure we are, honey,” Bud said as he squeezed back into the room carrying five beers in one big hand. “The doctors say it was when Connor donated blood for me when I was in the hospital.  Specialists say it was just some freakish accident in nature. Our blood mixed together made me become King Kong.”


“Accident!” exclaimed Marty. “That was no freakish accident. That was a blessing, that was. Look at you – you’ve been morphed into a giant mound of muscle in real life.  Connor, I might turn into a vampire and suck your blood if that’s what it can do to me.”


“That’s the thing,” I said, “It only did this to Bud and no one else.  They tried to see if it could be repeated.  No one knows why it was just this once.”


“I think it’s because I loved you so much,” Bud answered.


Bud was opening the beers by putting the caps between his pecs and pulling lightly.  The popping noise filled the room as each top came off easily.  He’d then squeeze his chest together even more and turn the cap into something unrecognizable – letting them fall to the floor when he was done.  He saw my face and immediately bent down to pick up the remains on the floor.  My friends were impressed that a man as huge as Bud could bend so easily.  


“I tend to show off a lot,” Bud explained, “But the only issue is I sometimes forget to clean up whatever I have demolished.  I left the remains of four bowling balls I demolished between my forearm and biceps on the floor last week and it wasn’t cool.  Connor, my love, keeps me in line, though.”


Bud came and stood behind me, wrapping a thick arm across my chest.  I saw, by the faces of my friends, that seeing his enormous arm next to my seemingly insignificant upper body was a comparison shot that caused much excitement.  My big man pressed his hard cock against my back, just to send me a message that he was thinking of me.  All three friends took a gulp of beer at the same time.  Jonathan’s voice quickly reminded us all that he was there.


“Um . . . Bud, just how strong are you?” my friend asked.


Bud just grinned . . . from ear to ear and then looked down at me.  He wanted me to grace my friends with the news of what was to come.  He wanted me to give them the present I had asked for specifically.


“We don’t exactly know,” I said.  “That’s the main reason we invited you over.  We are taking a trip to that huge junkyard on the edge of town so Bud can play freely – with no fear of bringing down the apartment building or hurting someone. We were wondering if you three might like to come and watch.”


I might as well have been giving the three of them each a lottery ticket that won the largest amount in history.  No, this was even better than that.  They all affirmed their participation in different ways.  Ned simply said, “Fuck me!”  Marty squealed and jumped up and down.  And Jonathan downed the rest of his entire beer in one gulp.  I had not doubted that any on of them would not want to see Bud play.  Marty loved muscle and all that it could do.  Ned was an avid comic book reader and I got the feeling that introducing him to a real live superhero was going to be the best night of his life.  And Jonathan, that shy, quiet, keep-to-yourself friend had a secret that only I knew.  He dated smaller men because he loved to dominate them.  He loved being cocky and demanding, but I knew he secretly wanted to have someone do the same to him.  He wanted to be dominated or, at least, meet someone who would be able to boss him around if they wanted to.  I knew he had already met his deepest fantasy in my man, Bud Stevens. I had a feeling this night would change Jonathan’s life forever.  His fascination with domination had prevented him from having a solid relationship for his entire life.  I figured that Bud’s size and strength might open some avenues into that man’s psyche – healing some old wounds, allowing Jonathan to be weak and vulnerable, and even helping the guy to see he had a wild crush on Marty.  I saw Bud’s playtime as therapeutic for each of my friends.


“Well, I can see that’s a yes from all of you,” I said, smiling at their reactions.


“You fellas have no idea how much fun this is going to be for me,” Bud said, starting to slowly pulse his long hard cock up and down my back as he talked.  “I always have to be so careful.  When I lifted a fire truck I couldn’t crush the thing like I wanted to. When I took on a group of firemen all at one time, I had to be extra careful to not hurt them.  When I folded up some doofus’ Cadillac I couldn’t chuck it through the wall of the parking garage.  You see, there are always these rules about what a giant elder muscle man can and cannot do.  That’s why when Connor came up with the idea of a place where I could abandon all rules and truly let go, I got more erect than the Washington monument and we both knew we’d have to invite some friends over for our little power party.”


“You folded up a Cadillac?” Ned asked.  “A real Cadillac?”


“Yeah, it was kind of early on into my new body and I wasn’t really as powerful as I am now.  I’ve gotten stronger every day,” Bud explained. “I think it will be a lot easier tonight.”


“I gotta sit down,” Ned said and took the chair that was once occupied by Jonathan.


“You lifted a fire truck?” Jonathan asked, quietly.


“Well, the ladder didn’t reach the window.  They needed a few more feet.  You would have done the same thing,” Bud said.


“No, not really.  I can only lift a child’s fire truck . . . not the real thing,” Jonathan corrected.


“Yeah, but if you could have you would have,” Bud replied.


“You, my huge friend, are the only man on earth that could have,” Jonathan said.


“Hey Bud, you think you could take on an army?” Marty interjected.  “I’ve always had this fantasy of one guy taking on missiles, tanks, and thousands of men.  I bet taking care of that group of firemen was like child’s play for you.  I’d enjoy watching you taking on the army of an entire nation.”


“You were right about him,” Bud said turning to me, “He does have a great imagination.”


“You have no idea, big man,” Marty said.  “So, when do we get to see you demolish things?” 


“Right now,” I answered. “Let me just grab a few things from the back.  Bud, I left some presents on the dining room table to help you entertain our guests while I’m in the back.”


I saw my lover’s face explode with joy.  He instantly knew I had brought things in for him to manhandle and destroy for my friends. There was nothing that man liked more than showing off.  I was worried I’d come back to a room full of wet crotches, but I decided there were worse things that could happen.  These easy small feats of strength would be like appetizers before the feast to come. The big man grabbed me as I walked by, wrapped one arm around my backside, squeezed, and then lifted me into the air.  He gave me a big kiss and then turned to my friends – even as he continued to hold me off the ground.


“Is there anything sweeter or cuter in the world than this little man, fellas?” Bud asked, and it was perfectly clear that no one was going to argue with the behemoth.  “I’d do anything for him.”


“Okay, down, monster muscle daddy.  I need to get things ready for the evening,” I said, looking up at my handsome elder lover.


“Yes sir,” Bud shot back and put me back on the ground, making sure to get a good grope of my ass before I walked away.  “Shall we see what gifts Connor has brought out?” he asked as I left the room.


Bud let his huge body kind of corral the men into the dining room – when something that large is coming at you it’s a good idea to move.  As predicted, when the group beheld what I had left for them, Marty squealed, Ned said, “Holy fuck,” Jonathan turned white in anticipation, and Bud’s big cock bobbed noticeably in his shorts.  From the look of how many items were on the table most people would have thought they’d be there for hours, but I knew I only had about five minutes since we were talking about Bud Stevens manhandling everything.  There was a big industrial sized wrench, a thick crowbar, the kind of safe you’d find in a hotel closet, and a big old radiator that had taken me thirty minutes to get into the apartment since it was so heavy. Each of my friends went stock-still and silent when Bud picked up the wrench and started twisting it like it was a piece of long licorice.  He talked to them as he did it – making it clear it took no effort at all.  There was no strain in his voice and they all noticed his arms didn’t tense that much.


“So fellas, this is my chance to tell you that I think the world of Connor,” Bud said as he turned the wrench into something that resembled a corkscrew.  “As a matter of fact, he is my world.  I can guarantee that nothing is going to harm one hair on his gorgeous head.  I’ll make sure of that.  I just wanted you three to know that he’s my little man and I’d take on the world for him.”


There was something so unworldly about listening to a freakishly huge older man talk about loving your friend and promising to look after him while he manhandled a big wrench like it was paper.  By now, Bud had squeezed the thick end of the tool into something as thin as a pencil and he was folding the thing up like you would a matchbook.  Mouths were wide open in astonishment and eyes were much wider than before – and they had been pretty wide to begin with.  The once powerful looking wrench was now just a small blob of metal the size of ping pong ball.  Bud dropped the smashed metal on the floor without even thinking about it. The loud thud made it clear the thing still weighed a lot.  As he continued to talk he picked up the crowbar.  


“I mean, the guy makes me feel like Superman, you know?” Bud said, not really paying attention to what he was doing or how it was affecting the guys in the room.  “When I’m around him I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do – nothing I couldn’t take on.  And god, does he make me horny.  Sorry to overshare, but I gotta tell someone.  He like makes my testosterone boil twenty-four seven.  I walk around with a massive hard-on all the time.  He doesn’t know it, but I beat off thinking about him at least twenty times a day – sometimes a lot more.  I’m surprised my place doesn’t smell like a bathhouse.”


Without even thinking about it, Bud had taken the crowbar in his right hand and slammed it against his chest really hard.  The thing had bent at an angle – the steel having to yield to his massive pecs.  The three men had jumped at the sound of insignificant metal pounding against something infinitely more powerful.  The crowbar was now deformed and there was even a little indention where the thing had hit Bud’s super hard nipple.  Bud smacked his head this time, and the bar bent to a ninety-degree angle.  All three men gasped.  Bud didn’t notice and kept spilling his guts.


“And don’t even get me started on how much I like to show off for him,” Bud continued.  Last night we were at a bar and I had every customer and employee jump up on the pool table so I could lift it with on hand – just for my handsome boy.  I could tell he was pleased, but that only made me want to do something more for him. I swear I just can’t get enough of pleasing him.”  


By this point, Bud had wrapped the crowbar around his forearm – that being the only part of his body small enough for doing so.  He then twisted the ends of the bar together like those strips of papered wire you use with trash bags.  He tightened the bar until it was indented in his skin.  Then, he bent his wrist, and flexed the lower part of his hand.  The metal popped on two sides as if it were a rubber band that had been stretched too tightly.  The big man’s forearm – just his forearm – had been too powerful for a sturdy crowbar.  The two pieces of metal fell to the floor, demolished and nowhere near resembling the tool they used to be.  Bud was now on a roll with his conversation.  He wanted to tell my friends everything in his heart.  He was so wrapped up in what he was saying he didn’t realize the three men were almost passed out from shock at how easily the big man had just destroyed what was supposed to be an indestructible tool. The giant picked up the heavy safe – which none of the other men could have even attempted to lift – with one hand. He tucked it under his arm with the door facing out.  He returned to his earlier train of thought.  


“It’s really important to me, fellas, that you approve of me,” Bud said – to the absolute astounded looks of three guys who thought there wasn’t a guy on earth that would be brave enough to not approve of Bud Stevens.  “I mean, yeah, I’m strong as hell and bigger than six guys put together, but I have feelings, too, you know.  It’s important that any friend of Connor’s thinks I’m the right fit for him. I know I’m quite a bit older, but I don’t think I act my age, do you?”


At that exact moment Bud balled his free hand into a fist, brought it back a little, and then pummeled the front door of the safe with enough force that the thing buckled completely open.  Again, all three men jumped and gasped at the same time.  Bud put his thick fingers into the gaping hole at the side and then ripped the door completely off the body of the safe as if he were tearing a sheet of paper from a notebook.  The noise was loud and it seemed like the thick metal was screaming in pain from being abused so easily.  The big man got childlike when he peered in the gaping front of the box.


“Connor usually leaves me love notes in things like this,” Bud said as he retrieved a piece of paper. “It’s just his way of making me not flatten or destroy things before looking in.  I tend to get carried away and crush everything quickly.”


Bud read the note and smiled.  He then tucked the paper into one of the tight pockets of his stretched-to-the-max shorts.  After that, he picked up the door to the safe, the part with the combination mechanism and held it in his palm like it was a piece of foil.  He easily started crumpling it in on itself with just one hand. The guy was destroying thick metal with just his muscular fingers and powerful palm.  He ended up squeezing so hard that metal actually seeped out between his fingers – now clearly hot and moldable.  When he dropped what used to be the front of the safe on the floor all three friends could see large finger indentions along the now destroyed metal. He had his humongous arm wrapped around the body of the safe and as he continued to talk he bent his arm – squeezing the hell out of the box made of heavy, impenetrable steel.  This time the loud screeching of metal being destroyed made it almost impossible to hear Bud.


“So tonight, I hope I can really impress all of you at the junk yard,” he said as he crushed the safe almost as an after thought.  “I think you’ll be impressed with just how strong I am.  I can’t wait to see what I can do to make Connor happy.  He’s wanted me to cut loose with my power even more than I have.  Like I think I said earlier, there’s no reason to do any strength feat unless he’s part of it.  I love him, fellas.  It’s just that simple.  And I’m sure I can provide for him and make him very, very happy.”


Watching the big man easily smash the safe with one arm made it seem like he was simply breaking down a cardboard moving box.  His massive biceps bulged into the side of the safe and warped the thing until it was a mangled sheet of metal.  Bud then took the thing in his hands and started folding it – as if he were simply doing origami with thick plated steel.  Soon, the big protect-your-valuables safe had been manipulated into something the size of a thick wallet.  There was another loud thud on the floor when Bud dropped his handiwork.  Next came the big radiator – which was the size of a small bookcase.  Bud swung it into the air with one hand and placed his big paws on either side.


“God, fellas, talking about my little man has got me all hot and bothered,” Bud said with surprising honesty.  “When Connor gets me worked up into a sexual frenzy my strength seems to intensify by about ten times.  I also always seem to mysteriously grow bigger.  It’s the wildest thing.  I feel indestructible and much more powerful than the average guy . . . you know?”


This was being said by the man that was presently pressing in on both sides of the radiator and making it look like he was playing an accordion.  The metal cylinders of the big thing had no choice but to cave in on themselves and then become one with the next one beside them.  Bud’s mountainous pecs swelled even larger as he easily compressed the thing.  The big man hadn’t even broken a sweat, while all three other men were perspiring like pigs simply because they were working so hard not to explode in their pants. The radiator was soon just a long narrow pole – metal squeezed together like clay being rolled together by a child. Bud put his hands on either end of the long shaft and then started bringing his palms together.  When his hands finally met, the radiator resembled a flattened disc.  It joined the other pieces of what was now junk on the floor.  Bud looked up and was surprised to see Marty, Ned, and Jonathan staring at him with flabbergasted faces.


“What?” he asked – seriously not understanding what he had just done in such a short time was astonishing.


I was in the bedroom gathering some towels, a little KY Jelly, some bottles of water, a camera, a few changes of shorts for Bud – knowing he’d bust out of all of them – a few blankets, and a handful of cash in case we had to pay off whatever kind of night watchman the junkyard had.  I had a feeling whomever the guy may be he’d be more than willing to let us in if he were able to watch.  I could hear all the screeching of metal coming from the other room and knew, instinctively, that Bud was demolishing the items as if it were nothing.  Of course to him it was nothing, but I’m sure he was talking away – being the ever-chatty host – and crushing things without even thinking about it.  I also knew there’d be a mess on the floor when I returned.  I might have had a boyfriend who could fold up a huge car, but getting him to clean up after himself was way too difficult.  I never complained, though.  I got off on touching the indentions of his fingers and trying desperately to pick up something that had been compacted so small but still weighed so much.  I suddenly realized I did not hear any noise from the other room.  This was never a good sign.  I double-checked to make sure I had everything and then moved quickly to the front of the apartment.


“Bud Stevens, I hope you’re being a good host.  I don’t hear anything being destroyed,” I said as I came down the hall.


There was only one place in the world where you could walk into a living room and behold the sight that greeted me.  And that was because there was only one living room in the world that had a boyfriend like Bud Stevens.  My senior muscle daddy was standing in the middle of the room – furniture pushed back – with his arms straight out to his side.  He had become a living jungle gym for my three friends.  Marty sat on Bud’s shoulders looking quite small while Ned and Jonathan used the outstretched arms for exercising.   Ned had jumped up to Bud’s right arm, draped the back of his knees over the huge thing and was now doing in-the-air crunches.  Jonathan was doing chin ups on the other side.  My big boyfriend was rock still – loving every minute of the fun he was offering the boys.  Marty’s legs, straddled on either side of Bud’s head looked as if they were those of a child as they hung down across the big man’s monstrous chest.  To have grown men working out using your arms and not having them move even a fraction of an inch was something only Bud Stevens could do.  I put my hands on my hips in mock disapproval.


“What are you doing, Bud?” I asked.


“Playing,” he responded, smiling.  “I destroyed everything on the dining room table quickly and we were bored.”


“Which translates to you were bored,” I replied.


“Well . . . yeah,” the big man chuckled back.


“I just need to do one more set,” Ned said, “And then we can go.  I didn’t get to the gym today.”


Jonathan had already dropped to the floor and was huffing pretty hard.  I had never known him to do any kind of exercising, but I’m sure he just wanted to be close to my enormous boyfriend.  Who could blame him?  As soon as Ned finished his last set, grabbed Bud’s steady arm and flipped down to the ground, my man reached up and grabbed Marty at the waist.  He lifted him over his head and then placed his body down on the ground.  I could tell Marty was in muscle heaven.  He had taken the opportunity to grope Bud’s muscles the entire time.  


“How were the parlor tricks, boys?” I asked as they all tried to calm themselves down.


“Fucking amazing,” Ned said.


“Who knew a safe was so flimsy?” Marty replied, chuckling.


“I actually felt sorry for the metal,” Jonathan added and we all laughed.


“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Shall we be off to the main attraction,” I asked, holding up items to be carried.


“I’ll get everything, hon,” Bud said.  “I don’t want you boys straining yourselves.”


And all the things that had made me look weighted down like a donkey looked small and insignificant in Bud’s hands.  Why shouldn’t we let him carry everything?  It was nothing for him.  Hell, he should have carried us, too.  He should have carried the car!  And with that we were off for a night of fun.    

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