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Confidence Builder




Marty and I had been friends for about five years.  He was one of the coolest guys I had ever met.  I even had a slight crush on him, and I was pretty sure he felt the same way about me.  The only problem was that he was not my type.  And I couldn’t get beyond that.  I knew I was being petty, but I just didn’t like small guys who were so shy they were scared of their own shadow.  Like I said, Marty was incredibly nice – he’d give you the extra small shirt off of his back – but that didn’t make up for the fact that he was so unconfident you sometimes forgot he was in the room.  I tried introducing him to new friends and getting him to go out, but the guy just didn’t like to mingle with people he didn’t know.  I had a long talk with him one night about how I was scared he was going to end up alone – some crazed loner because he was so shy.  A week later we were making some pasta for dinner and he informed me he was finally going to do something about his shyness.  He had found an enhancement program that he’d be going to for a month.  He had enough time off from work and the program was in a small town about an hour away. He’d just be gone thirty days.  I asked him if he knew anything about the place – it sounded pretty secretive and weird, but he assured me he’d be fine.  A friend of his who had been through the program highly recommended it.  Marty said the friend had definitely changed.  I was still reluctant, but Marty was a grown man and I was happy he was being proactive.  


A month of being alone was really hard.  I missed Marty a lot more than I imagined I would – but living with someone for so many years makes it hard to adjust when they’re not there.  I made the time go faster by going out with friends and having people over to our place.  Finally, it was the day of Marty’s return.  I was very excited about coming home from work and him being there – not because of the ‘so called’ enhancement program, really, but more because I had really missed the guy.  I dropped my keys and my briefcase as soon as I walked into the living room of our place. Little dweebish Marty was no more. There, in the middle of the room, stood an enhanced, beefy, morphed version of the guy I had once known.  I was shocked.  He just smiled.


“Like the improvements, dude?” he said in a low, smooth, silky voice that made the juice in my balls instantly boil.


“Marty . . . look at you! You’ve grown!” I stammered back.


“Yeah man, about seventy-eight pounds of pure muscle,” the once sheepish guy said and then turned his head to his right as he flexed his new monster biceps in a cock-hardening tense. “Look how my ‘ceps stretches the material of my shirt now.  Pretty fucking hot, isn’t it.  I’m curling more weight than your body now and can do a thousand push-ups with no problem. Feeling powerful, man!”


His cockiness made my cock shoot hard.  The dude was looking at his own arm with so much pride – with so much self lust – I almost shot my building load right there.  That’s when I noticed the room was really hot and smelled of something that could only be described as manliness.  My enhanced roommate’s body was permeating some kind of testosterone-filled musk that made me dizzy with a powerful need.  The dude had a pull on me that was instantaneous and overwhelming. He was still flexing his softball-sized gun and admiring it, so that gave me a chance to acknowledge all of the outward changes.  His hair looked thicker – manlier – and was no longer styled in a way that matched a guy would might wear a pocket protector or say ‘I’m sorry’ all the time even when it wasn’t his mistake.  There was stubble across his now chiseled face – stubble that was so dark and full even after definitely shaving that morning that you knew it also now covered his once sunken, but now protruding chest.  A hard nipple poked through the material of his shockingly athletic shirt in a way that made it clear Marty got off on his own body.  Trap muscles bulged, shoulders jutted out twice as wide as they used to, and veins snaked across his mammoth biceps in a way that made it clear the things were hard as stone.  


“You should feel how hard my gun is now, man,” Marty said, without taking his gaze away from his own bulging arm.  “Every time I grab it with my other hand I shoot harder than granite.  Fuck, where are my manners, you probably want to see more of my enhancements, don’t you.  I was just too busy getting off on my own monstrous arm.  Help me peel this shirt off of my upper bod, dude.”


There are moments in your life when you’re pretty sure the scriptwriter had suddenly gone from a cute little innocent film into some trashy porn movie.  Marty’s request was like music to my ears.  I was so turned on by the fact that he needed help to get his own shirt off that I couldn’t move at first.  I paused long enough for my newly empowered roommate to notice what was happening to me and he chose to lessen the distance between us.  Marty stepped so close to me that the mixture of heat, muskiness, confidence, and obvious muscle power radiating from him almost immediately made me pass out.  My weakness must have shown.


“Whoa, little man, don’t go rolling your eyes into the back of your head and blacking out on me.  We haven’t even got to the best part of the show, yet.  You need to keep it together for a lot longer, dude.  We’ve both been waiting for this day for a long time.  It’s time to let big ol’ Marty take care of you, man. It’s what you’ve wanted for so many years.  It’s what you encouraged me to release in myself.  You think the outside of your roommate was enhanced, just wait until you get a full experience of what’s been improved on the inside of me.  I’m not your little pencil-necked dweeb of a roommate any more, man.  I’m your fucking superhero now, dude.  The enhancement facility said they’d never had a guy grow so much – on the outside and inside.  I told them they’d probably never had a dude who wanted his roommate as badly as I want you. They told me to have a goal in my mind as I worked out or as I built my confidence.  I chose as my visual mantra the goal of pounding that sweet tight ass of yours as I pressed you against the wall.  You can see it was the right vision for my improvements, yeah?” Marty said with a grin that lit up the room like a thousand stars had just been pulled by his magnificent arms into our place.


He tensed his entire body just to intensify the cock-teasing animalistic pleasure his every pore was oozing. I had never believed in auras before – but at that moment the man was emitting something that blanketed me with something akin to the glorious rays of the sun.  My trembling hands grabbed the hem of his shirt and started to lift.


“Go super slow, dude,” Marty whispered in a gruff voice, “I want you to etch this moment in your memory for life.  You made me, roomy.  I want to give something back to you that makes you as happy a I am.  I’m a big strong cocky muscleman, dude, and I’m going to fill you with as much of my cockiness as you can handle.  Get ready for pleasure you never imagined possible. Get ready for bulged you never expected me to have.  Tonight we’re going to leave an impression of your body in the drywall of our living room. The cracks in the wall will remind you of what you have created.”

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