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When he came to me he was just out of college and had moved to the city to take a job. He explained that he wanted to enter a bodybuilding contest but he didn’t know how to pose. Sure he could flex but that wasn’t a fluid routine. He thought he needed a gimmick like moon-walking or a superman cape. I listened and my initial thought was not only no, but hell no. Then as he talked I saw something I didn’t expect.


“Take your clothes off,” I said interrupting him mid sentence.


“What? Here? Now? Naked?” he

“Do you want help or not?”


He looked at me and began peeling off layer after layer and as the clothes disappeared his body looked better and better. He stopped when all that was left were his blue jeans. I gave him a puzzled look and he turned away from me to open and lower his jeans. He wasn’t wearing underwear and he had one on the most beautiful asses I think I have ever seen. Buck naked his hands covered his genitals as he turned to face me.


“Give me a double biceps flex,” I said and there was terror in his eyes. I thought he was going to refuse but then the look on his face hardened and he lifted his arms. A second later he turned facing away from me but not before his uncut cock was revealed. Six or seven inches long with a circumference under the foreskin of about five or six inches and a low hanging ball sack containing golf ball testicles that nearly stretched past the tip of his soft tool.


“Tell me what you are thinking,” I said softly.


“Something my grandfather said to me. Be proud of who you are… and… I’m sorry I didn’t put on a jock this morning.”


“You have focused on arms, chest, and legs. Your weak points are your abs and your back somewhat but you have great lats. You could stand to bull up your neck a bit. Nice ass. Do you have a hang-up about being naked right now?”


“Just nervous.”


“Turn around,” and he did after lowering his arms and covering his cock again. “Hands at your sides,” I barked. He hesitated but he did as I said. Now it was time to see why he really came to me. I stood and peeled off my shirt as I came around the desk. He gave a little involuntary gasp and closed his eyes. I stood next to him and shoved down my shorts and jock. “Next I want you to follow my poses.” He opened his eyes and scanned my naked physique.


“Umm, I…”


I began calling out the different poses I was about to do. He followed fairly well but as I expected his cock was getting hard.


“Not bad,” I said referring to the posing.


“It’s too big,” he let slip out. Indeed it had almost doubled in size. I moved in front of him.


“To the right man it would be the perfect fit,” I said as I ran my fingers from the base to the tip. His back hit the wall and he looked trapped. “Is this who you are?” I asked.


“I like girls,” he said with a nervous intake of air. He bit his lip. I pressed my body into his.


“And do you also like this?” I asked quietly. “Do you think this feels really good?” I asked as my fingers brushed his crotch, feeling his balls, tracing the oval shapes below the steadily pulsing cock. He didn’t answer or know how to react, but his cock did because pre-cum pumped out and ran down his shaft. My hand reached for the tent-pole and then wrapped my fingers around it. Suddenly the young stud was breathing hard as I stroked the prominent erection a bit, “Do you know how good this feels to me?” I asked as I gave him a squeeze and gently stroked his cock.


“I think…” he began, but faltered with a gasp when I ran my finger under his hood. The pre-cum was rapidly filling his foreskin and since it was a very ample hood it was taking on the shape of his swollen cock head.


“I think I know how much pleasure you are feeling now. I think I know what you feel like every time you cum while looking at your stash of bodybuilder pictures.” He reacted like I found his stash but for me it was just a guess. “Now you have the real thing right in front of you and you are about to feel what it’s like when you have a bodybuilder’s cock in your mouth… and how it feels when you take a cock… my cock up your ass!” Pre-cum oozed copiously, and I rubbed it around his swollen head.




“Let’s start with the sucking part first,” I said, and pushed his naked shoulders down. He rubbed his face on my thigh and his hand found my cock. He squeezed my hard dick and, needing no urging at all, he took me into his mouth. He commenced licking and sucking with such lack of skill it was obvious he was a novice. As he sucked, I explored his shoulders, back, buns, and lats; his waist probably no bigger than thirty inches. He was gorgeous! I was getting ready to shoot sooner than I expected so I pulled him up.


“What’s wrong?” he asked with concern in his eyes. “Did I do something wrong?”


“No, you did everything exactly right. But, let’s try the other part now. Lie back on the sofa with your knees up.” When he was in position his hard prick stood above his pubes at a firm 30 degrees while a steady trickle of pre-cum pooled on his smooth belly. I paused for a moment and then raised his knees toward his shoulders. I lay over him with my pre-cum-slick cock pressing against his hot ass. I picked up some lube and applied a generous glob before I increased the pressure and was slightly surprised when I felt my engorged head slip in past his sphincter.


I began to thrust in one inch at a time until I was in to the base of my shaft. I looked in his eyes and then began to seriously fuck him. As each stroke of my swollen prick stimulated his prostate he moaned with ecstasy. As I thrust in and pulled out, I grabbed his rock hard shaft and began jacking him in time with my strokes. When I began shooting my load deep within his ass he also shot his hot cum between us. I collapsed on top of him as we caught our breath. I kissed him and then slid off him.


“It’s time for a shower. You can’t go around covered in cum.” I gave him my hand and pulled him to his feet. We walked to the bathroom, where we stepped into the hot shower. I began soaping his body and he soaped mine. I had him well lathered and by the time I reached his crotch, he was hard again but so was I.


“Well, what have we here,” I said, rinsing the soap off him. I dropped to my knees and took his perfectly straight cock into my mouth. As I began sucking, he grabbed my head and began face fucking me. His body was so out of control he spurted some hot cum into my mouth and then sprayed my body before he put his cock back into my mouth. I pulled him down to my level, and with hot water streaming over our backs, I smiled and shared the taste of his orgasm. He kissed his way down to my groin, and resumed the blowjob he started earlier. His hot mouth and tongue brought me to climax and I shot a full load into his eager mouth.


After a quick second wash we shut the water off and got out. Drying each other was yet another sensuous encounter. He was hard again.


“So will you train me and teach me to pose?”


“A champion needs a proper diet, we’ll need to sculpt your body and work on your weak spots, you will need supplements, plenty of sleep, and posing practice. You will have no night life… To be honest guys hardly ever win a contest the first time they compete,” I continued.


“Will I have time for sex?”


“We’ll make time,” I smiled as I pressed my hips to his trapping both hard cocks between us. He grabbed my ass and closed in for a kiss. Somehow I got the idea he wasn’t as inexperienced and innocent as he first led me to believe.

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