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Hot Muscle Boy Asked:

I'm an athletic, muscly guy. Im pretty tall in height and I am really handsome.

I may look dominant, but for some reason sometimes i fantasize to be submissive to an older, overweight dude who slowly takes my muscles and looks, so I can be his limp dicked submissive pussy boy.


Is there a way to make it happen? You know, just a one time try before we swap back to our original self. 

Of course its just a fantasy and i dont intend to stay fat and ugly forever....



Goggletan Reply:

Well hello there Muscle Boy.

Looking at the photos you sent me I was really surprised. You really are what you said you were. Athletic, muscular, dominant looking and most importantly, young and in your sexual prime.

Some would wonder why you desire to give up your hunky stud body in exchange for a fat ugly body. Very strange indeed.

But I have read your profile that you have sent us and I am happy to diagnose you as a “Trans-Fag” which means you were born into an Alpha body when you really are just a submissive fag deep inside. And i’m more than happy to take this burden off of you. You deserve to be happy in a body that would be more appropriate to your liking. In fact i have already arranged a swap partner for you.

Meet Mr Ugly Fat Fuck.




Ugly Fat Fuck Reply:


Sup boy

I was assigned by the agency to deal with your problem. I know you’re desperate to continue your transformation to become a fag. So lets get straight to it.

<Whispers under breathe>

You have no idea how much i paid for you.... damm what a fine piece of meat you are boy......



I’m here to help you. But first let me lay down some important groundrules.

1. I will be addressed as “SIR” at all times

2. You will not speak to me unless spoken to

3. I own you. So everything you own belongs to me now.

4. You will eat my leftover scraps and only with your mouth. No hands allowed.

5. I reserve the right to dump you as my fag and kick you out of my house whenever I want.

6. I ain’t swapping back ever.



Read the rules?

Good .

We can begin.



You can start by getting on your knees… 

And my cock is only gonna leave your mouth after I cum. 

I don’t care if you choke or gag.

I'm gonna make you suck up all my disgusting fatty fats, bad breathe, ugly looks through my cum

While i absorb all your youth, pretty boy muscles, dashing good looks and sexual energy by raping your cute boy mouth with my hot warm tongue.

You will surrender your god given right to be an Alpha stud to me.

Got it bitch? 



And when you’re not sucking me off I’m gonna make use of everything you once owned and use it for my own pleasure.

Right now I’m gonna take your sunglasses and relax in your pool. Since I will become a cocky stud soon, I should learn to put on your flashy shades and look like one.

Already i can feel the fats on my belly and arms getting smaller while you start to become the fat fuck instead.


While you are still muscular and fit now. I would make sure you use that body to the best of what it can do now.

Namely cleaning the house.

And being my personal muscle slave.


Occasionally i’m gonna make you spread your pussy boy hole to me as i bang you till your eyeballs pop out.

And you’re gonna absorb more of my butt ugly face , acne scared skin, bad breath, disgusting fats and beer belly. 

Your asshole might tear. But do i look like i care?

Hey you asked for this dude.

You were the one who wanted it.

Didn't you?


The process will take months.

But as you can see my cock has already grown 3 fold from what it once was and my fats have almost been transferred out of my body. Soon I’ll take in all your rock hard muscles and I’ll be able to wear most of your clothes.

Oh, and thanks for giving me the luxury car you once owned. Not that you have any choice not to give it to me.



But to be able to absorb all your muscles and pretty boy good looks is gonna take an extra long time. So I’m gonna make sure that you are gonna learn your new place as a fag during this time.

You will learn to lose your freedom


You will learn new ways of respect


You will learn new table manners.


And you will begin to appreciate new ways of seeing things



But as always there will finally come a time many months later when the transformation is almost complete.

And it is you who is now the fat blob of shit.



And chances are, I would have grown sick and tired of how ugly, disgusting and old you are now.

Honestly I’m starting to have trouble getting hard and jerking of on your face even though you beg for my cum everyday.



I on the other hand would have taken your place in life as the Alpha stud I rightfully deserve to be. 

Youthful, good looking and in my sexual prime..


Now im the one taking a tan as I allow my glorious golden hunk of a body to be displayed to the masses. And living the life you were supposed to live in the mansion you once called your home.


Well look whos the Hot Muscle Boy now huh?


And as I look down on your pathetic existence of a fat fucking pig.


I'm gonna spit on your face and tell you to get the fuck out of my mansion.

Thanks for the body though. 

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