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I had just closed a big sale that I had been working on for almost a month. After I sent the signed contracts to the home office via FedEx I went back to my hotel room and changed my clothes. I decided to treat myself to an expensive steak for supper but it was mid afternoon so I headed downstairs to the bar to celebrate with a beer. They were out of my favorite beer so I asked for Makers Mark on the rocks. I think he poured me a double. There was a rerun football game on the TV so I sat down to watch the game I missed. I knew the winning score but that didn’t matter because there were some spectacular plays I heard about and wanted to see.


I was nursing my second drink when two guys sat next to me at the bar. Frankly they looked like football players or at least professional athletes. Since it was three in the afternoon we were the only guys in the bar if you don’t count the bartender. During the commercial they introduced themselves to me and we shook hands. I went to the rest room and soon Brad followed me in. I was washing my hands when Jack walked in to ‘get rid of some beer.’ I guess that was when I really saw their faces for the first time. Their features were chiseled and they were quite handsome. Both were taller than me and I’m six foot one inch. In the dark bar I didn’t realize their shoulders were a mile wide. I knew they were athletic but in better light they looked more like bodybuilders.


Jack had jet black hair and Brad’s longer hair was a sun-kissed honey blond. They both had great tans like they lived outdoors.



When we returned to watch the game there was a fresh round of drinks which surprised me. I had been reluctant to have another because the liquor was already going to my head. I was drinking on an empty stomach. I knew it was foolish to drink that much but I was coming down from the adrenalin high caused by closing the deal of the century. What the hell, I was celebrating. As we watched the game, we drank and laughed and chatted. We must have sat there for the better part of an hour. I announced that I had to get something to eat and we settled our bar tabs. When I stood I knew I was too drunk to drive. Jack and Brad asked me if I cared to join them for supper. I thought that was the best way to get to the steak place so I agreed. Brad said he had to stop at their room to get a gift card that he wanted to use. They had a better view on their side of the hotel so I stood at the window. Brad used the bathroom first and I was lost in thought looking at the mountains when Brad wrapped his arms around me and kissed the side of my neck.


“Hey, what the hell is going on?” I protested. I saw Jack’s reflection in the window as he came out of the bathroom and he was naked.


Brad held me and Jack started to remove my clothes. I tried to fight back and resist, but it was no use. There were two of them and they were too strong besides I was drunk as a skunk. It took Jack just a few seconds to get me totally naked. I was stunned realizing that Brad’s hard cock was pressed into my ass crack. Brad was naked as well. He threw me on the bed and Jack climbed on top of me and sat on my chest. His thick cock was dangling there, directly over my mouth.


“Open for me Tom,” he said.


I had no intention of doing that, but Jack forced my mouth open and stuffed his semi-hard cock past my lips. He warned me that if I bit his cock he would knock every one of my teeth out. Seeing the look on his face I believed every word he said. I didn’t want to die so I guess I submitted and let these guys use me. Before I could do anything he forced his cock as far down my throat as he could. I was gagging on it and trying to resist Jack, but I didn’t have the strength to overpower him. I gasped when I felt Brad playing with my cock. I didn’t know men did this kind of thing to other men.


Brad had some warming K-Y and squirted it all over my shaft. His hand was full of lube as he cupped my balls and I could feel the lube running down my ass crack. He pushed two fingers into my ass and began to stretch me open. It hurt like hell as he spread his digits and added another finger. Soon Brad was working four fingers in and out as Jack was fucking my mouth.


After a few minutes of sucking on Jack’s cock, I was taking the whole thing down my throat. His balls were hitting my chin as I sucked the biggest cock I had ever seen. Jack just grunted and the next thing I knew I felt his hot cum streaming down into my belly. I’m not sure how long I had his cock in my mouth before he blew his load.


Brad lifted my legs by my ankles and Jack hooked his arms behind my knees. I couldn’t even imagine what they were doing. I felt something trying to enter my asshole and assumed it was Brad’s fingers but it felt more like his fist. I was really tight and Brad kept prodding at my pucker until I felt him pop inside me. He would pause and then thrust in a bit more until he had the whole thing in me. I realized what was happening when he started to moan and tell Jack his whole cock was in my ass.


Jack released my legs and rolled off onto his back next to me. That was when the fucking really started. Brad began to fuck me like I was his whore. His long, deep strokes seemed to stretch my ass to its limit. I had felt the doctor’s finger in my ass to check my prostate but that was nothing to compare it to this.


Brad’s balls began slamming into my butt and each thrust into me made a clapping sound. He told me he was going to breed me and I didn’t know what that meant.


“I have a massive load of cum I’ve been saving for this virgin ass,” he growled aggressively as he began to fuck me harder. Even drunk i figured out what he meant. Jack had stepped back off the bed and was watching Brad fuck me.


I heard my voice begging Brad to rape my hole. I wanted it now, more than I wanted anything else. Brad obliged and fucked me hard as he could. It didn’t take long before I felt his cum exploding into my ass. He lowered his huge pecs to my chest which pushed my legs forward until my knees were at my ears. His cock thickened as he dumped every drop of his seed into my ass. I was terrified because he was cumming in my ass without protection. He brought his lips to mine and began to devour me with passionate kisses. He would thrust in and groan as more cum shot from his cock. Gradually he relaxed and I found my hands running over his sweat drenched body. There was nothing soft about the man. I never knew a body could be that muscular and that hard.


Brad eventually pulled out and Jack took his place. I knew Jack was going to breed my ass too and I welcomed his cock filling the void that Brad left. Jack’s body trembled as his cock plunged into the hot cum still in my ass. Jack seemed to savor my slick tunnel because he fucked me slowly and methodically. After several minutes he began to cum. Jack would thrust in hard and dump a load. It seemed like he did that ten or fifteen times. Where all that cum was coming from I didn’t know. Brad came out of the shower and took Jack’s place as soon as he pulled his cock out of my ass. It seemed like the two men had endless stamina and could fill me with cum all night long.


I was put in every position imaginable to be fucked. Brad made me get on all fours as both men took turns dogie style fucking me from behind. I also sucked one cock while being fucked. When I thought they were exhausted Brad helped me sit on Jack’s shaft and then he made me lean forward so Jack and I were chest to chest. The last thing I ever expected was Brad mounting me and inserting his huge cock into me next to Jack’s. They took turns thrusting into me until I shot another load of cum onto Jack’s chest.


I guess I eventually passed out.


When I awoke I was all alone on the bed. Brad and Jack were long gone. There was no luggage so it looked as if they had checked out of their room. I was on my back lying in a pool of cum. I ran my hand over my chest and realized that cum coated every inch of my body. My ass was sore. I could taste cum in my mouth. I stood and seed was dripping out my ass. I stumbled into the shower to wash the dry cum from my body. Once I dressed I went down to my room. I showered again because cum was still dripping from my painful asshole. I managed to flush most of the cum out of my ass and then I fell into the bed and slept. The next morning I got into some clean clothes so I could check out of my room and head home.


For several weeks after this encounter I wasn’t quite the same. When I would think about that night I would get super turned on and then get scared as hell. I had never experienced anything like that in my life. I couldn’t believe that I was taken, used, and abused by those two muscle studs. I get chills down my spine when I fantasize about it. Other times I worry that the two guys might have given me an STD. They had fucked me bareback for hours and I encouraged them to fuck me harder.


To ease my mind I found a clinic where I could be tested for STD’s. I paid cash and used a false name. I surely didn’t want that in my records. I definitely didn’t want to file an insurance claim. The councilor at the clinic asked a lot of questions and told me I was raped. I listened and agreed just to shut them up. I knew that if I ever ran into Brad and/or Jack I would beg them to fuck me all night long. I do wonder what it would be like to be with another man but I don’t think anyone could come close to the fuck that Brad gave me.


The seasons changed and I brought out my fall wardrobe. The jackets felt tight in the shoulders and the trousers were loose in the waist. I had been hitting the gym but I always made sure I didn’t overdo because clothes are expensive and didn’t want to replace my whole wardrobe. I stripped naked and took a long hard look at my body. My gym routine hadn’t changed but my physique was beginning to look like a smaller version of Brad.


I didn’t know if this was something from being filled with his seed or if my subconscious was pushing me to emulate Brad’s awesome physique. Minutes later after stroking my cock a huge load of my cum was running down my mirror. I know it is insane, but I want to feel Brad’s cock deep in my ass once more.

It gets me hard just thinking about it.

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