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A New Kind of Baseball

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A New Kind of Baseball
It was a filled stadium for the first national championships of BaseBalls. Most likely because nearly the entire audience thought they were watching the final tense competition in the Baseball world cup, and hadn’t realized the S at the end of BaseBalls wasn’t a typo, and instead indicated an entirely different game. They should have realized they were in the wrong stadium when they walked past the refreshments area really, but everyone had dismissed the cum themed smoothies as a funny novelty. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, unbuckle your trousers, and give a warm applause for the home team: The Boston Big Cocks.”

The stadium looked on in awe as twenty-five large and muscular men strutted on shirtlessly over the field. Even from the highest and furthest seats there ripped and manly bodies were apparent. The tight striations and rippling size shimmered in the sunlight, the deep grooves and peaks that made up their abdomen in full display. Tall and packed full with muscle, these men showed up in the dictionary next to the word ‘manliness’. 

“And put your hands together for their stark opposition: The Toronto Blue Gays”

Opposition couldn’t have been a more applicable word. For the twenty-five men that that jogged into the field looked like the exact opposites of their manly counterparts. Instead of the square muscular edges, there were soft round curves on their bodies, their ass bubbling out of their uniforms and looked to be the only thing trained and honed on their body. Thin and close to the ground, no one would have mistaken them for sportsmen. 

But then again, BaseBalls did require a certain kind of body.

“Opening our match is Matt, swinging around his dangerous bat while Ron is gonna be running bases. Patrick is going to be pitching this match it seems, a bold choice considering his unproven nature.”

The men in question walked up to their positions on the field. Most would question why the batter wasn’t also the one running basses had it not been that they had become infatuated with Matt’s rippling body. Collective moans and gasps went through the stadium seeing the tight set of lycra shorts pulled over Matt’s tree like quads, his calves shimmering brighter than their diamond shaped likeness. He stood there, towering over Patrick, smiling cockily for all to see.

“Cocks out!” The referee’s voice shouted across the field, his voice almost unnaturally deep and far-reaching for such a puny man.

Acting like it was the most normal thing in the world the two hunky players currently on the field grabbed around in their crotch for a minute before heaving out their rock hard and pre leaking cocks. It was clear why Matt was the one batting, his oversized foot long cock was thick enough to be a baseball bat on its own. Not to detract from Ron magnificent own tool, but it was hard to beat over twelve inches of dripping and veined up cock.

The small army of twinks that littered the field looked hungrily at Ron’s tool. Patrick just looked with determination at the giant of a man standing in front of him. The stadium collectively held their breath. They knew little of this sex focused game, but they knew enough that the pitcher probably opened it.

And open it he did.

Like a suction cup Patrick attached himself to Matt’s throbbing member. His small hands feverishly grabbed for hold on in one of the ridges of Matt’s divine body. Patrick worked the steel like shaft with an incredible expertise, Mat shook almost instantly with pleasure. 

Ron started running the bases like his life depended on it. The field team started making their move, circling the running big man and lunging onto his body. Soon the runner had one twink on top his magnificently muscled body, and then two, and three, and four…. All playfully toying around with one of his muscles, licking up the sweat pooling up in his pits and pecs. Soon Ron had a twink who’s bubble butt had pressed itself on top his rock hard member, Ron’s every move drowning him in pleasure.

Both Matt and Ron had to fight the oncoming orgasm with all the willpower they had in their hunky body’s. Both the game and their continued life in masculine godhood depended on them fighting off the urge. Perhaps if they hadn’t wanted to open with a home run they could have made it work, but alas.

Matt buckled.

Ron had been halfway across the field when he suddenly heard the loud moaning and grunting coming out of Matt’s perfect chest. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck! OH FUCK!!!” Matt screamed out while his balls turned and the orgasm took over. Patrick smiled gleefully, satisfied with his work. Cum shot in thick ropes of across Patrick’s face who licked most of the salty mixture up. Matt’s faced changed from its handsome, self-satisfied, post orgasmic expression to one of pure horror when it set in what he had just done. 

“What a turn of events, veteran Matt losing to a newby in the first round. Unheard of.” From his panting it sounded like the announcer had just done some cumming of his own. “Well folks, we all know what's next for BaseBalls players who can't stop themselves from cumming.” 

Matt looked around anxiously while he soaked the grass and himself in the cum still spewing from his cannon. Ron quickly threw the twinks still attached to him on the ground, he was on the edge of an orgasm as well, and didn't want to have the same humiliating experience Matt was about to go through. 

The referee gave a short whistle to indicate the fault. It'd effects were immediate. 

The cum flowing out of Matt intensified as he lost all control over his body. Patrick put his lips over the out of control spunk faucet, swallowing down all the thick cum effortlessly. But cum wasn't the only thing leaving Matt’s body. Much like a balloon, Matt, stars BaseBalls player, was deflating. His impressive muscles flattened. His eight pack smoothed out to a soft tummy, his pecs looking more like fat male tits. Handsome features made way for soft edges and thick, cock sucking lips. Bones creaked as he grew closer and closer to the ground. Matt’s cum spewing horse cock was the last thing discerning him from the army of twinks that littered the field. But even that slowly drained and disappeared, till he was nothing but a sorry excuse of a man shivering with the last remnants of pleasure as Patrick drained his 2 inches of cock and pea sized balls for the last drops of the sweet nectar. 

“Oh I love the next part.” The sounds of his stroking clearly audible on the announcer's mic. 

Patrick slammed his cum filled belly with enthusiasm, it jiggled, and then bounced back, looking a little less round than it had done a minute ago. Soon stretching could be heard as the puny looking’ Patrick stretched and grew. Where once had been nothing but fat and flab, now the round defined curves of muscle started emerging. Patrick went for a double bicep pose. It looked kind of ridiculous at first, but soon real biceps popped out. And it wasn't before long that the flex showed off how much every muscle on his body had to fight for space. 

“GOD YES. MORE. MORE! MORE!!” Patrick roared. 

He got his wish, in mere moments the stud grew into a full-blooded hunk. Could have easily been a part of the Boston Big Cocks with how big he was. But he wasn't done growing. Patrick wouldn't be done growing till he was standing over seven feet tall and weighed over 300 pounds in pure ripped muscle. A true mountain of a man. 

Matt jealousy bit his lips. He tried summoning his most sportsmanlike behavior and meekly smiled while handing over his team's uniform to his competitor. Of course the new giant couldn't continue playing for the twink filled team. He was a divine muscular man now, a member of the Boston Big Cock's. Likely their new team captain with all that size on him. 

Patrick tried pushing his legs into the tight lycra uniform, but to no avail. Hie legs were too thick, his cock too massive. The uniform was too small. He just shrugged his impossibly wide lats and gave up on clothing all together. Instead, he just plopped down next to his new teammates. All cheerfully welcoming the big nude hunk. 
“We’ve never had an athlete be able to down that much cum, and wow, would you look at those effects! Patrick is looking like the biggest BaseBalls player around. That chest is looking mighty fine and way past fifty inches, and that cock… Damn, that might just be pushing the fourteen inches.”

Matt meanwhile looked disgusted while he put on Patrick’s old uniform. It was drenched in cum. He sighed. You win some, you lose some. That was so great about BaseBalls, you could always make a comeback to godhood. 

“What an opening match y'all! To imagine we still have so many hours of this to go! I've been asked by the caterers to remind you we still have fresh batches of Matt’s cum for sale, doesn't look like he's gonna be shooting any of those fountains he's so known for in porns anytime soon.” Slurping noises could be heard as the announcer himself worked through one of these smoothies. “Doesn't come with any of the magical growing powers, but damn if it doesn't taste good…”

“Oh and before I forget. You can take the fun home with your own BaseBalls starter kit. Comes packaged with enough magic for three full games. Muscle draining fun for the whole family.” 

Going by the loud noise of people grabbing their wallets sweeping through the stadium it seems quite a few wanted to try out this new kind of baseball with their friends. 

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