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Working Late

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Working Late
I was still feverishly scrubbing the kitchen floor while I heard recogniseable loud thudding footsteps come down the dorm hall. There was only one person on campus who could make walls shake that much by simply swaggering down a corridor. I bit my lips in worry, I had procrastinated doing my chores again, the big burling man that was about to bust in wasn’t going to like that.

“Afternoon pup!” My entire body wavered for a moment, his booming voice always made me weak. He walked into the small dorm provided kitchenette, I grew hard seeing him stand there in an instant. 

His body was hard and rigid with muscle, he stood tall and filled with power. His muscles defined but carrying the weight of a powerlifter rather than a model. He looked bigger than anyone else in their early twenties I could imagine. Not that anyone would ever estimate him to be in his twenties. His face was gruff and greyly balding, stretchmarks plastered all over his bulging muscles. No, he looked like someone in their forties or fifties, except more stacked with visible muscle than could be possible at that age.

He was my roommate, Chase, and the man wearing the pants in our college blossomed relationship.

Well, for the moment he wasn’t wearing any pants, he had discarded those somewhere in the hall. Instead he bulged out of his sweat and pre drenched jock, his wife beater being the only separation between the warm air and those fluffy pecs and abs of his. 

I barely even got a chance to reply to his greeting when I noticed brusque look of disappointment his face had taken on. Shit.

“Mikey, we talked about this, you gotta finish your chores on time man.” Although his voice was still harsh and commanding it got the soft mellowing tone of someone who had been let down. Like a father talking down to his son. Chase sat down in in the our old armchair, his thick and muscular digits tapping on it with dismay, his veins popping out of his still tight skin. 

“Let me guess, you spent the entire day watching me ‘work’ again?” I felt my turn a deep scarlet in embarrassment, I had been caught in the act, again. “You were working till so late…” I started to whine. The disapproving clack his tongue made shut me up right away. “Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, we talked about this. You get to have the real deal walk around you almost all the time, there is no need to waste your time watching those Chaturbate streams, those are just my job, just to pay the bills.” 

Chase was right, as he almost always was, but I couldn’t follow his advice regardless. As soon as his big muscular and mature body walked out of the door I opened up his streams, seeing him flex and show off all that aged beef of his, and watched the hundred dollar donations flow by in chat tempting the massive man to take off his jock and edge his oversized cum cannon for hours. Chase had a very lucrative job, even if the long hours had forced the sophomore to ditch classes, stroking his massive log for hours had been more lucrative than following an education. After I had been promoted from mere housemate to his personal maid and ditched classes as well I thought we would be kicked out of our dorm, but I guess security was too scared to take on the beast of a man. 

“So, you aren’t done cleaning, but did you at least get to the laundry?” I felt my cheeks burn an even deeper scarlet. “Mikey, pup, I’ve been wearing the same jock for days. You know how much I leak, this thing is practically drench in my cum.” Chase leaned back into his armchair, rubbing his temple while deep in thought. Luckily I knew how to cheer him up after disappointing the big manly man. 

Carefully I removed the straining jock, his huge manhood plopping out thankful for the space. It had to be eight inches while completely soft. It would look freakish on anyone else, but Chase had the huge muscle size to make it work. I let jumbo sized cock be for a moment and focused on the stretched out jockstrap instead. Gleefully I dug into the few days supply cum drenching the garment, savouring his raw and salty taste. Chase let out a deep laugh in approval. 

“C’mon Mikey, I’ll give you some fresh from the tap.” He rose to his full height and easily tossed me over his wider shoulders while waltzing over to our small bedroom. I let my boyish face rest against the deep interplay of muscles that made up his back for a moment, looking at the bald back of his head. To think how scared Chase had been when the first side effects had showed up from those muscle boosting pills he had been testing for one of the college profs. “I’m going bald! I’m aging! I look like I could be my own dad!” I smiled, remembering how my once twinkish roommate had been transformed into the fine ripe hunk he was today. 

God, to imagine he had just wanted to turn into some adonis. I wouldn’t want him any other way than his current hoary and hairy form. The form that could tenderly hold me and then plow me like there was no tomorrow. The form that made me do his chores but always thanked me for the work I did. The form that could outlift all those ‘hunky’ guys at the gym, and rubbed their feeble masculine pride in their face in the showers.

Chase threw me on the bed, my bubble butt bouncing up and down happily. “Fuck me.” I moaned, bathing in his musk having shut down all but my most primal urges. Chase growled. 

“Fuck me, sir.” I haphazardly corrected. 

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