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Jason had to admit he’d passed having a swimmers build. As he looked at the engorged and hard muscles swiftly carrying his body through the water, he had maybe overshot the lithe and smooth body of a swimmer by a mile or two.

Not that his results were suffering, Jason was hardly putting in any effort and yet continued to be ahead enough of his competition that he could safely contemplate the predicament that was his hunky body.

If Jason fully made use of the 240 pounds of muscle he now had at his disposal he might cause enough waves to leave his competition spinning. He didn’t need to win the nationals by such a margin, that’d only attract attention. Might even inspire someone to look into Jason’s previous records and discover the previously average swimmer had somehow managed to get pecs bigger than some full time bodybuilders in less than a month. 

And Jason didn’t need extra eyes investigating how he had somehow managed to grow a solid foot in height while already being in college. 

“Woohoo! Go Jason!” He just smiled hearing all the cheering. There used to be barely any attention for the swimming team. Changed once the cheerleaders found out a hunk bigger than their rugby honed boyfriends was clad in nothing but an overstuffed speedo and beating all the competition however. 

Jason let himself be guided by the cheering for a moment, speeding up ever so slightly to show off his muscular prowess for his fans. He’d had to slow down again once he noticed he had gained 20 meters over his nearest competition. Damn this powerful body, Jason thought, can’t even use it to its full potential.

Jason knew it was his own fault really, he’d gotten… Carried away once he started using those instant muscle providing pills from Hunkify.  But who could blame him, and who would have guessed his overcompetitive nature would force him to use those pills to win games till he had ended up competing against the best college swimmers of the nation. 

All these twinks claiming their small bodies had the best hydrodynamic qualities apparently didn’t know that having biceps the size of footballs was a much easier road to success. Winning was easy really, once you had so much strength over all these other twerps. The bulging muscles even made up for the decidedly unhydrodynamic swollen package Jason had dangling between his legs. 

Jason barely even registered he had just crossed the finish line till loud clapping and cheering erupted from all around the pool. 30 Laps flow by if you’re having fun he supposed. He looked at the clock, still a couple of dozen seconds remaining from breaking 15 minutes, he was he hadn’t broken the world record by accident again. 
Jason pulled himself out of the pool, his water cascading and running off his thick muscular body. He loved the look of people had on their face when they were confronted with his outhanging pecs. The combined look of lust and jealousy was his favourite.

“Jason! Congratulations on your win! What’s next now that you’re the best college swimmer in the nation?”

Jason had to think for a moment. He’d love to be challenged again, to be able to push his body to its limits. Clearly swimming wasn’t gonna provide that. He scratched his head, his arms revealing the thick interconnected sinews that made up their impressive muscles.

“Uh… I’ll guess I’ll try competing in something different? Weightlifting maybe?” He wondered out loud. The small group of journalist eagerly scribbled his answer down.

“Are you planning on taking up the offer to join the olympic team?”
“Any comments on your supposed substance abuse?”
“Is there any relation between you and that unknown wrestler that has been dominating the nationals for the last few weeks?”
“Is is true you injured an teammate while shoving your gargantuan cock down their throat?”

Jason waved with his hands. “No more questions.”

Jason headed for the showers, he normally enjoyed the running water after a good tiring swim but his muscles barely felt pumped with the record breaking effort. He was just about to to head to the changing rooms when he felt the soft bubbly butt of one of his competitors press into his meaty and overflowing speedo. Jason finally realised that those softly curved hydrodynamic bodies might be good for something yet.

As he patiently pulled down his last remaining garment he realised he still had the relay title to conquer. He’d have to be careful while shoving the eighth wonder of the world up this guys ass, he’d have to be nice and pristine when Jason would use some pills to size him up to be a suitable relay partner.   

And hey, if Jason had covered all swimming titles, his earlier thoughts about competing in lifting or bodybuilder shows seemed attractive.

He’d just have to be careful and not let his over competitive nature again. That’d be easy, right? Who knew how big he’d grow if he tried being the best in either of those categories...

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