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Business and Pleasure

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Business and Pleasure
As Alan inspected himself in the mirror he had a hard time convincing himself he was getting the better half of the deal. 

Alan traced the flat and smooth surface of his belly while looking at his reflection. It was beginning to look a bit flabby. Alan bit his lips, he had lost a little more muscle mass than originally planned. But great things can only be achieved by making great sacrifices, right?

Slowly Alan slid into the suit and tie prepared for him. His expression lightened somewhat, the new hand tailored outfit neatly hid some of the more unsavory curves on his body. Alan even let a smile briefly creep over his face, his handsome jaw was still largely intact. Largely. 

Alan’s smile faded once he heard the loud knocks of his twin brother, Travis, banging on the bathroom door. 

“Open up twerp!” 

Alan let out an exasperated sigh, opening the bathroom lock so his twin could waltz in. Alan felt his own tiny dick grow hard as he saw the bodybuilder sized Travis strut up to the mirror. His tree trunk sized legs had to move awkwardly in order to not crush the massive bulge that was barely contained in a filled out set of posers.

As Alan looked at brother’s ripped and shredded physique he felt nostalgic for the time he and Travis had been equals. It was barely a few months ago, but the times that Travis didn’t have a squad of girls worship his devine body while he did his workouts in the mansion’s gym already felt like a distant memory to Alan. 

Alan jealousy watched as Travis started shaving, a thick shadow already having formed between the last shave a few hours ago. Travis’s big biceps flexed involuntarily with the motion, veins spreading and thickening to feed the big swelling muscle.

“My muscle.” Alan thought with another pang of jealousy. 

Alan immediately scolded himself for the thought. A deal was a deal, and he could hardly call himself the CEO of one of the world’s biggest companies if he couldn’t accept the terms of a fair trade. Alan been sober and well when he had signed the agreement. He had given up his college grown muscles for them to be added to already bigger twin, in return, Alan had gotten the knowledge of the economics field his brother had acquired at college. 

Five years of muscle mass traded for five years of knowledge, it should have been indisputably fair. 

But each day Alan doubted the fairness of the deal more and more. Travis hadn’t just taken his muscle. His formerly formidable cock had been drained and added to Travis’s body as well. Lot’s of other things too, hair growth, testerone, feet size, all had been taken away and fed to the newly dominating bigger twin. Travis had argued that having two college degrees was much more useful than all these useless qualities that were just there to distract Alan from the company.

But Alan missed needing two hands to play with my cock. And he was getting tired of his wimpy reflection. Alan was sure Travis had taken more size than he was supposed to, Alan hadn’t been this shrimpish before college.

Alan was just about to ask if maybe they should have written their deal so he could have the matter looked into by one of the companies lawyers when he was distracted by his brother’s immense bulge jumping up and down happily as Travis tried to stuff his thick legs into trousers. 

“No home workouts and hours of worship today?” Alan said in surprise. His brother hadn’t stopped for a moment getting his immense muscles played with since he stole…. Acquired them. 

“Nope. Got a job interview.” Travis said, preoccupied with checking how great his massive muscles looked stretching out the suit. 

“Oh! What position?” Alan asked, privately hoping his brother would finally get into porn so Alan could jerk his puny dick off to images and videos of his brother flexing his weighty muscles.

“Your position.” Travis said with a grin. “Shareholders called me, said they’re willing to buy you out and lose billions if that means they get a strong man in charge.” 

Alan stammered, unsure what to say. “But dad left me the position in his will….”

Travis shrugged his wide lats. “The partners want you gone man, they think you’re just some wimpy college boy.” Travis reconsidered for a moment and opened up the last few buttons of his dress shirt again, his square pecs bulging out obscenely. “And they want a man in charge, someone they’d love to watch fuck their wives.”

Alan’s expression grew even more dumbfounded.

“Their words, not mine. Though all those trophy wives with sad and drooping husbands are probably aching for a real man like me.” 

Alan finally managed to refind his tongue, nearly biting on it while crying and stammering out something about ‘the deal’ and ‘the agreement’

Travis grew even more absent minded, trying to find an arrangement for his package that looked less lewd. “Don’t work yourself up so much wimp, haven’t said yes yet.”

Gears seemed to turn inside Travis’s head as his groped more and more of his mountainous muscle mass through the tightly stretched suit. “In fact, I’ll even decline their offer if you can counter it with a better one. Better offer something big, the partners did promise a pretty big signing bonus.”

Alan jumped on the opportunity right away. He wouldn’t allow himself to feel any more emasculated. If he couldn’t even keep the job he literally inherited… Alan doubted he could match the signing bonus or salary Travis was promised however, all of Alan’s bank accounts were maxed out trying to pay for Travis’s lifestyle. The big house, the new weights, the expensive hand tailored clothing, the never ending bills for hand made XXXXL condoms… It added up, even on Alan’s generous income.

But he had other things to offer.

“You could take a few inches of my height. We’re still both 6’0, you could finally be the taller brother.” Alan pleaded, desperation seeping into his voice. “And there’s still dozens of pounds of good muscle hiding under this fat. 20 pounds extra you could take…” Alan saw his brothers expresion remain unchanged. “30 pounds even, ripe for you to take, fuck, you could probably head straight for Mr. Olympia with 30 extra pounds of pure muscle.” Alan was practically on the floor, begging for his brother to take the deal. “And cock, can’t forget about that. Still have 4 inches left… You can have it all. But please, let me just keep my job” 

Alan looked up, Travis had grown a wicked smile.

“You got yourself a deal, lil’ bro.”

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