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1.5.2019 (Valentin Mitev, William Seed, Zach Zeiler)

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Side triceps. My condition for one day before a world championship in the. Philippines. This was my last year when I can started in junior category. I make a year or more break to raise the bar higher.  #world #champ #junior #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #instagold #instafit #polishfreak #genetics #eatclean #athletic #youngwinners #philipines #cebu #memories #abs #shredded #muscle #flexday  Tomasz Giza

Motivating myself in this Monday ð¨ð» - This was peak week... conditioning still need improvement next time around. Gonna have to dig deeper and suffer harder.  Tristan James

42150453_2144287292486877_2247996356301736158_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-amt2-1.cdninstagram.com  Valentin Mitev

Practicing what I preach. - - Simply because my posts are now aimed at helping YOU, and less about me, does not mean Iâm slacking with my own training and nutrition - - Are you a little bit anxious of the weight you may put on over Christmas? - - Well your not alone. If you are investing time and money into yourself and your weightloss, then you donât want to see it go to waste. Iâm with you. But your also torn between the fact that itâs Christmas and itâs a time of fun. You want to spend time woth family and friends, eat out and not have to worry about calories and food choices. Well, in my view, you shouldnât! - - Christmas comes once a year, and if you restrict yourself too much over Christmas, you may end up resenting your weight-loss journey, and so, give it up! Donât do this! Go out and have fun, and if you have been training and watching your nutrition for a while, at this stage you will know whatâs over doing it! Be mindful when eating and understand that there is no real fun in gorging your food. Take time to eat, and make sure to chew all your food until it gets to a paste in your mouth and then swallow. The more work your mouth does, the less your stomach has too and you will avoid bloating. - - Make sure to have a greens powder like Synergy Supergreens each day, as this  will help your liver to detox and keep you feeling good. Drink lots of water and keep your steps on your phone or Fitbit, high. All energy expenditure is good, so if you canât get to a gym, then why not go for a hike, or a cycle. - - Be mindful with your eating and drinking, but still have fun over this festive period. ðð  Vinny Gough

Are you going to stand there dreaming or are you going to get up and run?  There are two options that you have every day when you wake up ... ah and if you woke up, thank God, it was more opportunity he gave you ðð» #tbt  Wesllen Alves

38505448_218638622146984_4586330056225193984_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-amt2-1.cdninstagram.com  William Seed

جاÙ٠را ب٠دÙدا٠گرÙØªÙ Ø Ù Ø§Ø¹ØªÙاد را ب٠خاک سپرد٠!  Ø®Ùب ÙÛداÙÙ Ø Ø±Ø§Ù Ù Ø±Ø³Ù Ø¯Ø±ÙØ¯Ú¯Û ÚÙ٠دÛرÙز ÙÛست Ø Ú¯Ø±Ú¯ ÙØ§Û Ø§Û٠جÙگ٠رÙÛ Ø¯Ùپا را٠ÙÛ Ø±ÙÙد !  Yasin Amanipour

ש××××¢ ××ר ק××¥.... צ×××× ×©× @olimpus_videos_israel_ . . . . . #bodybuilder #muscle #fitness #israel #sport  Yoel Israeli

Here I come.  Zach Zeiler

Offseason training. Project get jacked af has commenced! At 200 lbs currently, a little fluffy but still decently lean. For the next 4-5 months, Iâll be solely focusing on growing new muscle tissue. There will be mounds of food eaten daily. Lots and lots of carbs and protein especially. If you wanna go where youâve never been before, you gotta do what youâve never done before. When youâre willing to outwork everyone else, youâve already won the battle. #goldsgym #nashville #teamforzafitness #pathwaystalentservices #bengebodies #bodybuildinglifestyle #npc #fitfam #mymusclesaremybling #imfluffyandiknowit #growtime #offseasongainz @teamforzafitness  Zack Benge

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