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High School Reunion

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High School Reunion
I had been looking forward to the reunion of the high school football team of 2009.

That might have been a bit surprising considering I, as the designated benchwarmer, didn’t have all that much of connection with the rest of the team. It was a pretty bad connection if you could even call it that. Coach had been had been more than happy to turn a blind eye to the often cruel behaviour theyd throw at me and the other less gifted football players. Teens just need a punching bag during puberty, right?

And now we were here. At the same bleachers I had been forced to sit on during most of the trainings because coach didn’t want his view disturbed by a set of wimps running across his field. At the same bleachers I had been given a black eye by Wyatt and his group of jock goons after they thought I been trying to steal the show at the latest game by performing above my usual abysmal standard. At the same bleachers Wyatt had allowed me to suck him off in the last half of our senior year, our session always ending with him grabbing my tiny dick and telling me how pathetic I was. 

The memories… The overwhelmingly negative memories. But that was a decade ago, and things have a knack of... Changing in such a period of time.

So that's why I was smiling as I walked up to the bleachers that had been in my nightmares just ten years back. But, to be fair, I tended to smile a lot these days. Why wouldn’t I? There was a lot to smile about in life, my life specifically.

I was a different guy compared to 10 years back. Grown up to be a man. Long gone were my boney limbs and puny form, all replaced by solid muscle stacked on top of solid muscle. Had a late growth spurt too, made me bigger all over. Instead of insecure and unsure I was confident. 

Had all the reasons too, If you looked as good as I did in a sleeveless shirt, you’d be hella confident too, even if you were sitting at the place that had made you miserable a few years back. 

I considered snapping a quick pic for my millions of instagram followers but I heard shuffling footsteps behind me. 

“Wyatt!” My deep voice boomed. I gave him a tight hug making sure he felt each of my massive muscles envelop his lesser form, and making sure he got a deep inhale if my musk as I pressed my soft yet meaty package into him. “You're looking good man.” I commented while staring down at Wyatt. 

Wyatt was not’ looking good’. If anything, he was looking pretty terrible. His football honed and toned body had made way for soft edges and pudginess. Laziness, probably. The once handsome squarejawed look seemed now to be covered by fat and a late onset of acne. I'm pretty sure he looked shorter as well, though that might just be my own growth spurt playing tricks on me. I'm pretty sure I saw a bald spot forming as well with my height advantage.

To imagine the subject of my nightmares and wet dreams being reduced to this. God, Wyatt was looking pathetic.

The puny man tried to escape my massive and muscular bear hug. “Can you let me go, please?” His meek voice called out. Losing all that muscle mass to laziness must have raised his voice a few octaves. 

I tried on my best dumbfounded expression, as if I was only just realising my powerful and muscle filled body was completely overpowering the lesser man. “Sorry!” I said, while letting him go and taking a step back, making sure he basked in the pure sex my body was radiating.

“I'm bad with faces…” He whimpering mumbled clearly not remembering me, the super stud, as part of his team. “You don't recognize these babies?” I said while flexing my 21 inches of cold biceps. I watched the expression of pure arousal and bliss turn sour as I dropped the façade. “It’s Jack, dedicated reserve of the ‘09 team.”

Horror instead seeped into his face as he was probably remembering all the times he shoved me down a dumpster and used me as his cum dump. Probably regretting that now that I was approaching the 300 pound mark of pure muscle mass.

I continued our little charade by pretending to be surprised by his shock and horror. “Don't worry little man, bygones are bygones.” Waving my hand like the year of torment hadn't left a mark. Actually, now that I had the strength to lift up cars and the confidence to match, I could probably say the only marks on my body were the stretch marks on my muscles. 

“Are you sure? I feel…. Pretty terrible about how I treated you.” Wyatt's sentiment was there but it was still hardly sincere. He was infatuated with the Adonis that I now was standing in front of him. I'd make that sentiment of regret sincere yet.

“Well, I could really use your help with this.” I sighed heaving out my gigantic shaft and filled blue bursting balls. I'd have another few minutes before the rest of the reunion showed up, and I could really use a proper draining right about now. 

He didn't need much encouragement to start worshipping my divine form. His own sad looking body contrasted nicely with my own testosterone filled one. 

“God you're pathetic.” I grunted as I grabbed Wyatt by his hair and forced more of my big jawbreaking tool down his throat

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