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The Groomsmen

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The Groomsmen
Howard had originally been delighted to hear his coworkers could still come to his wedding as his groomsmen. 

Howard was not a man of many friends, a loser in more direct terms, so his buddies from work at a warehouse had been Howard’s logical choice for his side of the wedding assemble. However, after a nasty accident with a vat of experimental chemicals on a day Howard had taken off his colleagues making it to his wedding had been out of the question. 

“They’ll have to stay put for at least another few months.” A hospital worker had told him just last week. Two days prior to the big day however Howard had gotten a note. Written in a brutish and strong scribble, and much unlike the neatness and perfection Howard was used to from his coworkers, it had announced they’d be there regardless. Hastily scrawled underneath was an enquiry to the amount of ‘Bangin’ Bitches’ that’d be attending, something Howard took as an excellent joke from his nerdy set of groomsmen.

But, despite that, on the big day his set of groomsmen remained MIA. 

Howard had even phoned the hospital about his colleagues whereabouts. A nurse had waveringly and longingly ensured him his friends had strutted out much healthier men that then had ever been. Howard made a mental note to ask his friends how their shrimpish forms had brought about such eroticism and attraction in the nurse, it might help him on his honeymoon night.

But his groomsmen kept their promise. And a few hours to late they had waltzed in while the ceremony was well under way. Howard didn’t recognise them initially. How was he supposed to? 

These muscular goliath’s hardly shared any similarities with his puny groomsmen. But as they strode up to their front row seats, their muscles flexing in contracting in so many places, Howard faintly recognised his friends from work in their new handsome square jawed faces.

Howard vaguely recalled the vat of chemicals they had gotten unwillingly showered in being produced by 'Hunkify'. 

“What took you so long.” Howard hissed as the wide men and muscular men took their front row seats. 

“Sorry man, we had leg day, and you know we can’t skip that.” One of their bass like voices boomed, apparently free of the embarrassment of interrupting the big day. His adam’s apple bobbled up and down on his thick neck.

“Here, we’ll prove it to ya.” One of the other stallion’s said while dropping the buckle of his belt. Howard most definitely didn’t need proof they had been working out their new muscular bodies, and just wanted to go on with wedding, but there was no stopping the hunk from showing off his… Magnificent legs. 

An audible gasp went through the filled room as the tree trunk like nature of the studs legs was revealed. Muscle laid over muscle formed a thick logs of meat that constantly rubbed together with the post gym pump. The other two hunks dropped their pants as well, their very filled bulges bouncing up and down happily with the attention.

“Think these legs are holy, father?” One of them asked, rubbing his hands over his diamond shaped calves. The priest officiating the union stammered awkwardly, doing his best to hide his erection behind a bible. “I think we should get back to the union of these spirits.” He finally managed to say meekly.”

“Oh! Right, the wedding.” One of the groomsmen said, as he went for a facepalm his sleeves gave way as a bicep ripped itself free from the expensive suit. “Sorry, we still have so many girls we need to fuck, I really don’t think we can stay…” Their deep voices boomed in chorus. 

One of the hunks walked right up to Howard. His protein filled breath didn’t manage to smother the musk that was emanating out of every orifice on his body. “We got you a wedding present though.” He softly whispered, the deep voice gaining a new sensuality atop it’s brutishness. The hunk carefully put a small green vial in Howards breast pocket. “That’s some of that stuff from Hunkify we ‘accidentally’ took a bath in.” He continued. The hunk winked before walking out of the room, his stallion like equals marching right behind him.

Howard didn’t hesitate for a moment, quickly downing the small flask, it’s green thick content burning intensely. As he felt liquid power travel up and down his body, his muscles blazing with pain, Howard thought his soon to be husband might just be in for a surprise yet on their honeymoon. 

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