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Since tumblr is gonna delete me I might as well move here and post all my old tf stories and any new ones I create too.

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Anonymous Asked: Your stories are awesome! My girlfriend always tells me that I am unable to satisfy her sexual needs because of my small stature and tiny dick. Please help me making he happy. And maybe our sexy neighbor too.


You’ll never have any complaints from anyone you fuck every again.

Nothing on you is small, if anything you’re almost too big. Size queens are your best friend now, your double digit monster has seen to that.

The bed shaking, wall pounding, toe curling fucks you dish out to your girl and any other girl you can get ahold of are legendary. No one is unsatisfied, if anything they are satisfied into delirium.

Your neighbor originally came to complain about the noise, then found herself giving into your charms and letting you fuck her senseless on the hallway floor.

You’re dominating too, your girl didn’t even complain when you moved in your other fuck toys, thats just how constant your authority is. It comes with the territory of being a door ducking muscle man with a horse sized cock and bull sized sexual appetite.


Anonymous Asked: I thought of my dream wish for if i ever found a genie in a lamp "I wish EVERYONE was more muscular than me" i think that would be a fun world to live in.


Well….. it all matters how the wish is made.

Because if you are a runt, then everyone is already bigger than you.

But I’m going to assume that you are a slightly above average build, say you go jogging, you eat healthy and you go to the gym 4 times a week.

You’ll be watching something on tv when it happens, like a swimming champion. You wouldn’t notice it at first, not like you’re paying that much attention to the crowd.

It’ll be the speedo clad swimmers who you’d notice. They already have near perfect bodies and then they’d start to suddenly swell up, chests broadening, arms thickening, thighs widening.

I’m sure you’ll be very interested in the swimming after that, though you’d probably not notice the sudden drop in their times, I mean swimmers, runners and other athletes suddenly being at least 30 lbs heavier would really effect their times. World records would drop…..

You’d probably not notice that your clothes are now all considered Extra Small size…… I can’t image how big the XXL guys are.



It was the fifth time today that Kyle was on his back with his boyfriends Freddy bouncing up and down his goliath slab of dick meat. Kyle’s thickly built arm rested behind his head as he smiled with satisfaction. Freddy’s small slender hands running through the manly pelt of chest hair that decorated Kyle’s slab like pecs. Kyle was a very large man in every way possible. His wide feet hung off the end of the metal frame king sized bed and the mattress slumped under Kyle’s muscled bulk. Freddy was another story, he was small, barely breaking 5’7 and lightly muscled with lean but durable muscle, his black hair was matted from the sweat of riding Kyle’s meat all day and his pale skin flushed from the effort.

He was just how Kyle liked him, just as Kyle designed him. A few days ago the couple had been different, they both been average gay guys, both living in a shitty apartment and not the lavish property they lived in now. Everything had changed when Kyle got ahold of the Chronivac, not that Freddy knew that anything was different.

For Freddy he’d always been short cock hungry power bottom, he’d always loved riding massive thick dicks and slamming his plump bubble down meaty sclongs. Kyle was a top, a complete top, but until the Chronivac he’d had to be a versatile as he didn’t fit the mould for a top at all. His cock had been small, not the ass destroying 11 inch monster he know had pillaging his boyfriends meaty glutes. Freddy had been happy being versatile, but Kyle was a selfish lover. He hated having to let his boyfriends fuck his ass, so when he got ahold of the Chronivac he corrected their relationship.

Now he was the complete power top, the dominator, and Freddy was the bottom, the cute little cum slut.

Kyle’s big hands swung out and slammed Freddy down his cock one more time, his deep voice roaring as his bull nuts emptied another virile load into Freddy’s guts. The smaller guys tiny cock shot a sliver of cum onto Kyle’s hairy six pack abs.

The boyfriends wallowed in the after glow of their sex for a few moments. Freddy near to exhaustion as Kyle’s softening cock popped out his abused ass.

But the rest didn’t last long.

“Get me a beer will you babe” Kyle ordered, giving Freddy’s ass a slap as he pushed his little boyfriends out of bed

Freddy didn't respond, he just rubbed the red handprint on his ass and bounced out of the room. Kyle smirked and lay back in bed, bouncing his pecs and smiling up at the reflection in the mirrored ceiling. While cleaning it would be a bitch, he still thought the mirror ceiling was a good idea, not that he did any cleaning. Maybe he should create a cleaner to save Freddy some chores, a cute little hispanic boy, another willing ass to fuck.

Kyle liked that idea, his heavy feet stomping as he got out of bed to get the Chronivac, he knew he’d left it out in the living room. He’d made Freddy super horny so he’d be happy to let Kyle fuck him before the orgy of sex between the two started, so it must still be opened and logged in.

The floor boards creaked as Kyle walked across the room, he’d remove that creaking with the Chronivac, another thing added to the list. As he came to the door, already hunching his bowling ball shoulders so he could fit through it he saw little Freddy.

Freddy had put on some underwear, his ass filling out the black boxers. He was on the sofa, barely taking up any space.

He was busy typing on Kyle’s laptop, the screen open onto the Chronivac. The heavy click of the enter key echoed around Kyle as his power bottom boyfriends changed reality.

A wave of exhaustion washed over Kyle, his legs went slack and he fell against the side of the open doorway. Vertigo swept over him, the ceiling rushing away from him as his towering 6’8 height plunged towards the 5’4 mark. His muscled evaporated, skinny legs and arms and a boney torso replaced the sculptured muscle. Kyle rich body hair fell away, falling into dust as his dropped off his body. The sharp strong plains of his face cracked into a weaker, boyish form.

Kyle took a few uneasy steps on his tiny feet, the heavy loud slapping of his immense cock rang out. Kyle’s eyes fell down to his crotch.

Hanging between his skinny thighs was a monster, even though he was smaller he could tell it bigger. The length was surreal, the thickness jaw breaking, the head looked like it would knock down a set of castle doors. Kyle’s cum laden nuts forced the soft meat to swing outwards, his balls bloated beyond human, like two furry oranges. A thick rope of pre-cum hung off his piss slit, almost dragging along the floor.

Kyle’s felt weak and used. His flat boney ass, his pelvis and his legs were all sore, like he been ridden by an elephant.

Kyle’d heard a deep chuckle and looked up from his beastly cock to where little Freddy had been playing with the Chronivac.

Freddy was still laying on the sofa, still typing away on the Chronivac, but he wasn’t little anymore. He filled the entire sofa, his entire body thickly muscled with bulk and size. The black boxers now fighting a losing battle against solid muscled thighs and a bubble butt bloated bigger with muscle. Kyle’s massive cock twitched as he stared at the two globes of Freddy’s ass.

His eyes moved up Freddy’s enhanced form. His boyfriends torso was wider, a thick chest rested against the sofa cushions and meaty arms flexed as he tapped away on the laptop.

Freddy looked amazing, his skin lightly tanned and his pitch black hair tousled. He didn’t looked like he’s just fucked five times. Kyle thought knew he looked like his massive power bottoms boyfriends has drained him of as much cum as possible.

Freddy closed the laptop and moved off the sofa. He was taller, Kyle’s eyes now coming to the top row of Freddy’s six pack. Freddy smiled down at Kyle, but there was an evil glint in his eye and Freddy without a word snapped the screen off the laptop.

“No” Kyle shouted, he jumped to stop Freddy, but he was so weak and his cock so heavy he barely lifted off the ground

Freddy tossed the two parts of the laptop to either sides of the room.

“Don’t know why you are complaining, you wanted a bottom power and I want a top” Freddy explained, but Kyle noticed Freddy left out the word ‘power’ to describe Kyle

He continued “So now you can lay back and let me milk that horse cock for all its worth” Freddy smiled “Which should be maybe a dozen more times”

Kyle could feel himself getting weaker as all the blood rushed to his donkey dick, the thought of slamming his meat between the thick cheeks of Freddy’s ass getting him hard.

Freddy passed Kyle dropping his black boxers to his feet and slapping Kyle’s boney ass.

“Come on cum machine I want to ride you a few more time before you have to go to work” Freddy said “Maybe a good eight times.. I should be satisfied after that, till you come home of course"

Kyle then had the horrible realisation, Freddy still thought it that Kyle’s opinion on how their relationship should be was correct. Kyle was the breadwinner and the man in the relationship, and Freddy would stay at home and ride Kyle’s cock as his only job.

But now Freddy was the big strong man and Kyle’s was literally an extension of his immense cock and balls. Freddy was also still super horny and cock hungry.

“What the fuck you waiting for runt” Freddy shouted, he was already on the bed and waiting for Kyle’s cock

Kyle gulped, he didn’t think he’d survive a single night as the living dildo for the super bottom Freddy.



Pete was a student, he was doing sociology and was currently doing a paper on how various people are treated on dating apps. He’d set up a bunch of different profiles, using donated images from other male friends and students. The profiles for each were identical, very normal and very plain. Each profile was named the same, Darren, and each profile spoke of a love for movies, football and cooking. Some were already successful, some had already been offered meet-ups. One in particular was doing very well, but for Pete did not remember setting the profile up.

It was called Darren, it was registered as gay, whereas all the other profiles were straight. The profile picture didn’t look like any of Pete’s classmates or friends. The profile picture showed a large black man. A very well built and good looking black man. It was a selfie pic like all the other donated pics, but unlike the others who were all fully clothes the black man was shirtless and wrapped in a towel.

The race of the picture wasn’t odd, Pete had made sure to include a wide variety of profiles. This black hunk was one of four other black guys in the experiment. The reaction to the profile was the same as the other pictures who anyone would class as ‘goodlooking’, and it was actually probably going beyond the normal reaction the ‘goodlooking’ profiles was getting.

At least twice as many people were contacting ‘Black hunk Darren’ as any one else, and the messages were extremely explicit. People were very quick to ask this Darren for sex or sexy pictures.

Pete was shocked at how he’d seemed to be happy to play along, he didn’t remember any of it. The messages Darren had sent were just as explicit and super dominating, treating every guy who messaged him as nothing better than a ‘pathetic runt’.

Pete was worried about how this would effect the essay, but before he could contact his professor to ask about the issue he noticed his hands were black.

Not brown, or tanned, but richly black, nothing like the pasty cream he’d skin was. They were like the hands in the ‘black hunk Darren’ profile pic. Pete freaked, jumping away from his laptop. His legs which were suddenly filling out his shorts much more then before sent his note book and papers flying.

Pete was thankful he was in his dorm and not in the library as he freaked out. The thighs beneath his shorts were super thick with muscled and the same dark tone as his hands. He moved to the bathroom to find a mirror. His nose had changed as well, it was black and looked a lot like Darren’s.

He was playing with his nose with his newly black hands when the seat of his shorts tore. His ass was inflating, two rounded black muscled cheeks bursting out of his shorts and underwear. The shorts now in tatters fell to the floor. His lowers legs and feet were black now as well. Pete’s feet tearing apart his socks, his toes popping out between the straining threads of cotton.

Pete didn’t react to his lower body changing, he was too occupied and worried as his entire face cracked into Darren’s. The well kept facial hair in the profile pic spread over Pete’s strengthened jaw. Pete’s light brown hair pulling into his scalp.

The sleeves of his shirt burst. The change to his hands had spread up to his shoulders, he arms were longer and covered in dark muscle. His stomach crunched as abs popped into existence. Pete was taller, his head inching closer to the ceiling with ever second. His chest exploded outwards, two massive slabs of pitch black muscle bounced forward.

Pete was Darren, or more accurately Darren had replaced Pete.

The worries about his essay were gone and the only thing Darren cared about was fucking ass and getting money for it. Cash Master Darren didn’t even know he was or had been a sociology student.

Darren bent down and picked his phone up from the torn remains of his shorts. He bounced a pec for himself in the mirror before dropping the towel.

The thick head of Darren’s log like cock was losing the final cream tone of skin as Darren snapped a nude selfie. Darren nodded at the hot pic of him flexing with his soft cock draped over the edge of the sink. His meaty fingers deleting all the picture of some pasty white dude that had appeared throughout his phone.

Darren thudded on his wide feet into Pete’s dorm room. For some reason he didn’t have a single weight in the room, and why were there books on the shelves and not sport trophies from his glory years in high school. Darren ignored the scattered essay papers and with a confused grunt he logged off the dozen different dating profiles till only his one remained.

He clipped his phone in and loaded the nude pic up, sending it to every single one of his contacts.

“There you go you sluts” Darren laughed deeply, scratching as his bull nuts “Fuck.. I need to find a throat to fuck”

Darren then saw his profile, it was super tame. Nothing about Darren’s love of fucking ass relentlessly till beds break, or how he loved dominating guys till they were quivering cum dumps.

“Gotta change that” Darren muttered

But he was stopped, the first replies about his massive black cock were coming in, and they all wanted to meet Darren, or ‘BlackDomBeast’ as his profile was named.

“Damn, gonna have to set up some surge pricing for all the sluts on campus” Darren laughed as he started to book his first meet up, and the second, and the third and the fourth.



“I knew you wouldn’t wear anything” Craig your buddy complained

He and your other buddies were all dressed up in various superhero costumes. Craig having crammed his hefty girth into a Superman costume. You though wore normal clothes. Jeans, shirt and a cap. Your buddies were all very ready for this convention, you weren’t, it wasn’t really your thing. You’d have rather gone to the gaming expo last month, but it wouldn’t have been all that fun without your friends. So you’d submitted and brought a ticket for the comic book convention.

“You know this isn’t my thing” You shrugged

Craig tossed you a grey shirt as you passed through the door and entered the convention.

“Good thing I brought a backup incase you didn’t do anything, go put that on” He ordered

It was a simple grey shirt with a black bat emblem on it, a Batman shirt. You grunted in annoyance and left your friends. They had already faded into the crowds, with awe on their faces at the sight of the booths and stalls. You moved into the restrooms, you quickly ducked into one of the stalls.

The toilets seat was down and you gingerly placed your cap and headphones onto it, your music still blaring out of them.

You pulled your shirt off, unlike most of your friends you didn’t have much meat on your bones. But you were by no way athletic, just skin and bone. You gave the Batman shirt another quick look before pulling it on.

The tag on the collar was of a make you didn’t recognise, there wasn’t even a DC logo on it. Just some plain logo of some mega corporation, FLD.

The shirt was smooth to the touch and actually sat on you pretty well, even if it was a few sizes too big. The neck hole showed off your slim neck and the beginning of your boney chest. The short sleeves hung around your elbows even though they should be ending nearer to your shoulders.

You pulled it down, its hem hovered somewhere just below your crotch. All in all it wasn’t a bad shirt, you’d actually keep it if Craig doesn’t mind you having it.

You picked up your cap and headphones, and went to leave the stall, your old shirt in hand. But you stop, your heart suddenly racing. The shirt isn’t smooth and soft anymore, it is itchy, painfully itchy. As you try to remove the shirt you arms seize up, the sleeves of the shirt tightening. Your chest feels compressed as the shirt appears to shrink.

You look down, your neck muscles fighting against your movements. The shirt isn’t shrinking, you’re growing. Your arms are throbbing, each heart beat meeting with each throb of your arm muscles. Each time your arms slowly grow, the sleeves of the shirt tight.

Your chest isn’t being compressed, it is inflating, straining against the shirt. Pulling the batman symbol taunt over your pumped up pec shelf.

The beat from your music matches that of your heart, your muscles matching it too. But as the music slows your muscles don’t. Your body is going beyond the size of the shirt, but your legs have already gone far beyond the size that your jeans can handle. They looked painted on, your ass hanging out like a shelf, your thighs pressing together.

The itching subsides and your heart slows, you take a few deep breaths. Your pecs inflating and deflating, straining the shirt. The thick chords of muscle in your shoulders and arms are crammed in the stall, pressed up against the walls of it.

You pull the door open, dropping your old shirt. Stepping on it with shoes that look full and at places beginning to split, like your feet are too big.

You stand open mouthed in shock as you see yourself in the mirror. You’re immense, pure muscle having been poured into a shirt and jeans. As you go to get your phone out of a too tight back pocket your pecs bounce involuntary. You can feel the weight of them as they bounce.

Both of your meaty nipples harden and you take the phone up and snap a few photos. A cocky smirk spreads over your strengthened jaw. You turn and leave the restroom, off to find your friends and thank Craig for the shirt.



“I’m on my way”

*Your buddy replies to your text with a picture of his huge muscled arm wrapped around a girl way out of his league*

“Fuck dude, that music did a real number on you”

“I’ve gotta be like a good foot taller”

“Heads nearly hitting the ceiling of the train”

“I’ll be like 10 mins, don’t claim every girl before I get their man”

*You continue to liken to the music, its melody refining your body* “Oh, good idea getting bigger shoes, my feet would of burst out of my old size 11s ages ago” “Though ain’t there meant to be mental changes”

*Your buddy reads the messages but doesn’t reply to them*

“Like confidence, I’m the size of a house but I’m still so fucking timid”

“Should of worn a sleeveless shirt, but I don’t have the heart too”

“I’m even covering my crotch…. and I really shouldn’t”

“It’s like I’ve stuffed a fucking melon in there… well an apple and some large oranges Lol”

*You grin at your own text and slowly move your coat away from your crotch, giving the entire train a good view*

“Scratch that, the mental stuff just kicked in :P”



“You should probably stop drinking those”

*Your buddy takes another slurp from the glass*

“They said you could only have one, because you could only afford one”

“I don’t think they thought anyone would spend their college fund on five”

*He slurps again, his shorts straining against his thighs and ass*

“Your getting too big, no ones gonna recognise…..”

*Suddenly your mute as his shorts burst into pieces and he’s nude on the very public beach*

“Wait here”

*He’s blushing and trying to hide his inflated cock while still drinking from the glass and only getting larger*

“I’ll get you some new shorts…. and I’ll get myself one of those drinks”


Bottle Blond


Harry and Zeke weren’t anything special, both spotty DnD nerds. Both were short, Harry only just breaking into average height. Both were skinny, but Zeke had a quite visible gut. It wouldn’t be odd to think they were related, both sharing a similar coloring, both with pale greasy skin, dark muddy eyes and oil slick black hair. They were best friends and were inseparable, so when Zeke decided to dye his hair blonde, Harry decided to do the same.

They went together to get the dye, both young men having a grocery list of allergies. The local store didn’t have anything they could use without suffering itchy scalds or blisters. So they went the new super store just outside of town, it was eerily empty. Only a few staff populated the spacious store, all of them tall well built men. The greeter was too busy focusing on his swollen bicep as he waved at the front entrance to actually greet the two friends.

They found the dye easy enough, there was rows and rows of the stuff, every colour under the sun. Red, with some kilt wearing muscled hunk on the box. Black, with an olive skinned gardener with a shovel thrown over his meaty shoulders on the box.

Zeke was busy looking at a light blue dye with some muscle bound asian anime boy on the box when Harry found the blonde.


“No blue, we decided on blonde” Harry said waving the surfer dude clad box at Zeke


His friend sighed and they left to pay. The cashier was a hulking red head, staring down at his heaving chest the entire time the two friends were paying for the dye. He gave a dull and dumb ‘cya’ when they left, his eyes focused on his bouncing pecs.


Neither of them mentioned how odd and empty the super store was they drove home, Zeke at the wheel and Harry reading the surprisingly simple instructions. When got back to the small apartment the two men shared Harry was quick to get what they needed, mostly just towels. It didn’t take long for them to get the dye in their hair. They’d expected to have to bleach their black hair a couple times to lighten it enough for the dye to take, but they didn’t. It was one time wash and it claimed it would make them sun kissed blondes.


Zeke noticed the throbbing first, his scalp starting to feel like it was swelling. By the time Harry started to feel the throbbing Zeke had his head under running water in the bathroom. Zeke’s hair was now a golden blond, and the skin running down his neck was darkening with a light tan.

Harry was busy scratching at his own skin, from his neck and now down his back a deep itch and throbbing was spreading.

The friends were experiencing the same thing, skin tanning and flesh throbbing. Soon their entire bodies felt itch and uncomfortable, as it their clothes weren’t fitting correctly. Zeke when he lifted his head out from the sink nearly screamed at his reflection in the bathroom mirror.


He was blonde, as expected, but he was huge. He was thick and muscled, his gut was gone and his shirt was pulled tight over rows of abdominals. Zeke’s shoulders and arms were straining the seams of the shirt and he was far taller than he’d been before. His face had completely changed, his weak jaw was squared off and effortlessly masculine. Zeke struggled to walk out of the bathroom, his jeans strangling his nearly tree trunk thick thighs.

Harry had suffered a similar change, he was blond now too, and like Zeke was just as thickly built. His clothes skin tight and threatening to burst, Zeke while still shocked was happy to find he was now taller than Harry.


“I guess… something was off with this dye” Zeke asked, his voice deeper

Harry was holding the dye box, both friends realizing they looked a lot like the blonde surfer dude on the box. Not identical, but a variation of the guy. The idea that these guys could be related still held true, they continued to share the same coloring. Now just tanned, blonde and blue eyed.


“So… what do we do” Zeke asked, Harry still reading the dye both


“Well, it says 6months of use, use same brand dye removal for quick return to previous form and colour”  Harry recited from the box


“Form… and colour” Zeke mused “So they knew it would do this” he gestured to his pecs which threatened to pop the collar button of his shirt


“Yea I think they knew, I bet this…” Harry waved the box “Is why all the guys at that store was super hot”


“Maybe everything at that store did stuff….” Zeke wondered “Maybe we should go back”


Harry checked the clock, it was getting late “No it would be closed now… how about we hit a club”


Harry was already taking off his shirt, his wide pecs and solid abs coming into view. He was looking for something more club worth that fit him. Zeke smiled, liking the idea, and doing the same.

The night the two friends had was one for the ages. They couldn’t really remember it, but the social media photos showed the two blonde studs having a good night. Neither woke up in their own bed, and neither returned home for days, fucking their way through every one who’d take them, and a lot of people were willing to take the hunky blondes.

It was nearly a month before either of them decided to go back to  the super store to stock up on years worth of the dye, and even get some different colour to try out.



A deep metallic clanging echoed throughout the dark compartment, someone was banging on the door.

“Time to wake up Eric” a voice called

“It’s Enrique” He called back in a voice that was unfamiliar

The clanging stopped and light filled the compartment. Enrique was inside a shipping crate, the heavy metal door slowly opened and natural light shone in. Enrique was an expert in computer engineering and some big software company wanted him at their HQ in the US, but Enrique was from Central America. Which for the current administration was on its way to becoming a big no no.

So this company paid a group of very smart men with very low morals to bring Enrique to the US in the most permanent way possible.

As Enrique stepped out into the light he saw what that permanent way was. His dark skin was lighter, whiter. He felt taller, when he stepped into the crate he wasn’t anyway near as close to banging his head on the top of the doorway as he was now.

“I’m white” Enrique exclaimed in that unfamiliar voice

“You’re American” the voice from earlier corrected

It came from a friendly looking man who was obviously wearing a gun under his jacket. The man was searching through a pile of clothes.

“You took to the change much more then we thought you would” the man said “Though our employers will love you, a brain and some brawn, they might be able to put together a company football team now”

Enrique looked down, he had pecs, and abs and he was hairy. He’d been hairy before, but now it looked good. Curving between the ridges of his new pecs and abs. He ran a hand through it. It was soft and a little sweaty.

“I don’t remember anything” He said, still feeling up his abs

Enrique remembered getting into the crate and having it closed on him, but the next thing he knew was the man banging on the crate to wake him up.

“The change puts you into a coma so it is easier to change you” the man explained vaguely “Easier on you mentally, plus it means you don’t have to sit through a couple weeks of travel”

Enrique stepped out of the crate, he felt like a new born learning to walk. He was so much larger now, his legs reaching much further than before. His hand was still on his abs, but it was moving down towards the small brown briefs he’d been given to wear before being loaded into the crate.

The man turned back from the pile of clothes with a shirt and jeans in hand.

“Christ” the man said looking down at Enrique’s bulge “I swear every time a guy changes the cocks are getting bigger and bigger”

Enrique knew he had a goofy grin on his face.

The man laughed “Don’t worry about it, you’re an all American corn fed farm boy now, you’ve gotta have a cock like a horse on ya, or no one would believe it” he winked

He tossed the clothes to Enrique, who started to get dressed. The clothes didn’t fit, they were tight around his crotch and his shirt barely buttoned up.

“We’ll get you some new clothes tomorrow after we get you set up at your new apartment” the man explained

He’d locked up the crate and was tidying up the pile of clothes. With one hand he guided Enrique towards a car, Enrique far taller than the man.

“Now Eric” the man said “This is your new car, its from the company as a welcome, I’ll drive you today, and we’ll get you a license tomorrow”

Enrique nodded “Ok, and its Enrique”

The man shook his head “No, its Eric, no 6’5 ginger dude is called Enrique”

The goofy smile returned to Enrique’s new American face.



Hello, just wanted to post about how I'm gonna to be sorting out my postings from now on. Now I know a few people haven't been happy with me reposting all my old stories without anything new, but since Tumblr decided to shoot itself in the foot I'm slowly migrating everything over to here and that how its gonna be. I will be making small edits and in the case of my very old stories I'll be giving some small expansions. 

So to the scheduling.

Mon- Whatever I line up.

Tues- Whatever I line up, most likely when new stories will be posted.

Wed- Reposted and new additions of my multipart series, these include Chronivac Universe, Nerd/Jock Redux and Gift of the Gods.

Thurs- Whatever I line up, and most likely longer story requests (some already in the works)

Fri- Batches of old Anon Asks and Short Captions.

Sat- Most likely nothing at all.

Sun- As god rests, so will I.

Also I am reopen to requests, so just send me a message here, on discord, or any other way you know how to contact me. 

Some will end up long and have their own posting if the idea catches me, most will end up in the Anon Ask Batches.

All requests will be treated as anonymous.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous Asked: Hey, so if you're taking requests, I could really use a pick me up. I live and grew up in Minnesota but don't really look like the sort of Nordic or lumberjack type, and I feel like if I did, it'd make everyone else's day. Paul Bunyan me up?


Wait…. it’s isn’t a legal requirement that every male in Minnesota doesn’t look like they just descended from Asgard.

*cracks knuckles*

Can’t have that. Nordic is what you want then Nordic is what you get.

First long hair, long blond hair.  Second tall…. 6'7 sounds good.

Third…. shoulders…. big wide shoulders…. so you can carry all the timber you need to in your new job chopping down America’s forests.

Fourth…. technically sixth…. abs, rock hard, steel plated six pack abs.

Enjoy the view….. I’m sure you’ll never want to pull yourself away from that mirror. Just wait till you drop that towel, thick muscled legs, an ass you could crack a walnut on, and cock that inspires those who see it of Thor’s hammer…. just don’t tell them that’s what you nicknamed it.

I’m almost jealous of the first tree you chop down. Hope this makes you feel better, I know it’s made me happier to know your Vikinging your way across Minnesota.


Anonymous Asked: I've always admired your stories! You're an amazing writer. If you could do me the honor of turning me into a super star athlete, I'd be eternally grateful!


Thanks for the kind words.

You want to be a super star athlete and don’t care which sport….. yea I’m gifting you Tebow, just look at those bouncing pecs, it’s hypnotic.

He made the jump from football to baseball, but you could always jump back. Though I’m not sure it you’d want too.

Also because of your kind words I’m giving you a nice fat dick, just in case Tebow was lacking there. You know guys like him could surprise you and be peanut dick owners.

Though not now, with you running Tebow he’ll be swinging a dick the size of the bat he swings.


Anonymous Asked: Someone incapacitates the rival star football team by growing their feet too big.


Pretty evil thing to do…. but then I guess someone just wanted to take JJ Watt out of the game for a while.

The poor meathead was walking down some steps when his already huge feet started to feel tight in his shoes. He started at the top of the stairs with wide size 16s, about three steps down and they were size 18.

His shoes burst when they hit size 22 and he’d only got half way down the steps. Poor confused JJ fell down the last few steps, his feet long wide size 26s.

JJ could hardly walk when they finally finished growing to massive size 30s.

He’ll probably never play football again, but he’ll make a mint with all the pervs wanting to play with his clown feet.




The Wright boys hung behind and allowed their buddy Demarco to swagger into the house, his swelling ass giving his hips a swing. The four boys were half brothers and shared the common features of their legend of a man whore father. All tall, all built and all very well hung. Demarco was their friend since childhood, they’d all growth up together, but now Demarco’s paling skin and slimming body was bringing the boy’s well practiced black horse-cocks to a solid throbbing erection.

The brothers felt a little sorry for Demarco, he was like family, but there was no shared blood. They all knew that Demarco would do the same to them if they were in his position. It was either he gave up his holes or the Wright boys ended up like their dad with a dozen kids in a dozen cities.

They were practically drooling as Demarco’s basketball shorts slid further down his thinning thighs, his shelf like ass the only thing holding it up. The boys had already been shocked by the changes, within seconds of Demarco downing the protein shake after their long game of basketball the changes had started. He’d reaching into his shorts and with some maneuvering he pulled his sweaty jock out and dumped it on the floor. His healthy bulge shrunk into oblivion, that made the boy’s feel really sorry for him, but Demarco wouldn’t need his cock any more.

Demarco turned to his homies as he stepped into the house, barely registering that his hand wasn’t palming the basketball like it used to.

“We watching the game” he asked, his voice now soft, his widening tongue flopping out between his plump lips

The brothers nodded shocked as the changes, there was no trace of the tough looking black boy, now only a slender lisping white boy. Demarco’s broad chest had thinned out, the six pac on his slim stomach only there due his now very low fat content.

As Demarco moved towards the sofa he left his shoes behind, his big size 13 feet long gone. The brothers followed him in, all of them stroking their huge cocks through their shorts, pre-cum bubbling through the fabric. The brothers moved towards the kitchen, dropping their shorts as Demarco settled on the sofa. Their huge cocks swung ahead of them, they were the main reason for dosing Demarco. The brothers were always horny and in need of a pussy, but if the boys could even find a condom that fit it would only break when they shot their humongous loads. Instant baby maker, the boys didn’t want a kid yet, they needed a slut.

One by one the brothers filled a cup with their thick loads, it would finish the transformation. Deon the eldest brought the cup over to Demarco, the now even smaller white boy didn’t notice the huge black boys naked in front of him. They settled into their seats, Deon and Noah joined Demarco on the small two seater sofa. The brother’s heavily muscled thighs crowding the still shrinking boy.

“Got you another shake” Deon smiled as he used the cup to scoop up a fat drip of cum from his fist sized cock head

Demarco smirked and took the cup, the game started playing in the background. The brothers weren’t interested, they slowly jacked their cocks and watched Demarco chug down the full cup. He moaned with approval as he finished, his long tongue slurping up the leftovers.

Demarco’s little feet swung over the edge of the sofa, nowhere near the floor. His entire body was tiny, but built for sex. He squirmed his swollen bubble butt into the sofa and slapped his thick pouty lips together. His slim belly groaned and the brothers smirked at each other, it was time.

“I’m really hungry” Demarco moaned, his eyes of Deon’s footlong black monster



The car sped down the highway, Cliff and his friend Kurt bored in the back, the trees outside weren’t much to look at.

Cliff was a rich kid and Kurt was the poor best-friend. Kurt rarely got vacations, so he jumped at the chance to spend spring break in the Hamptons with Cliff and his family. Cliff’s parents were cool with it, they encouraged Cliff to hang around with Kurt.

They’d hoped it would bring him down to earth and get him to stop acting like a pompous rich kid. It worked at times, but Cliff was quick to rub new gadgets and new clothes into his poorer friend’s face.

The two boys did get on though, and they were both playing the same multiplayer game on their smartphones. Kurt’s phone being a hand me down from Cliff.

Cliff noticed that Kurt would drop out of the game sometimes and have a sudden burst of typing. Who was he texting, Cliff was just about to ask when his father butted it.

“So Cliff” his dad asked “How’s the wrestling team going”

Kurt on the wrestling team, that the most ridiculous thing Cliff had ever heard. He’s guys family could only afford horrible fattening food, so Kurt had ended up as a podgy fat ass. The lack of vitamins hadn’t helped him height wise either, he was barely average height for a high-school student.

An amazingly rich and deep voice replied “Yea, got the championship and got my athletic scholarship all sorted”

Cliff put down his phone and turned towards Kurt. A giant sat in his place, massive muscles strained his shirt, the biggest thighs Cliff had ever seen filled a pair of broad shorts to bursting. A humongous bulge was nestled between the heavy legs.

Cliff noticed a thickly muscled arm running over the back seat, the huge hand at its end resting on Cliff’s shoulder. The now older looking, powerfully masculine face of Kurt smirked at him as Cliff’s father asked more questions.

“Any chance of Cliff getting on the team” he asked

Kurt shook his head, long black hair waving over his giant shoulders.

“Cliff’s too small for the team” Kurt squeezed Cliff’s shoulder “There is a water boy position open”

“What would be good, teach him some responsibility” his mother answered like Cliff wasn’t in the car “What would it entail”

Kurt’s chest flexed, a small tear appearing at the collar of his shirt.

“He’d have to give us water after matches, wash our towels, singlets and jock” Kurt smirked “He already does all of mine”

At that Cliff clenched his teeth as a sudden headache shot through his forehead. A new memory formed Kurt having come over to Cliff’s house after a match one day. Kurt in the shower while Cliff washed his dirty clothes. Then Kurt catching Cliff as he sucked the sweat out of Kurt’s stretched jockstrap.

“I’m sure he would love to help” Cliff’s father said from the front

The talking stopped for a while. Cliff watched Kurt typing on this phone, his now huge hands struggling to hit the right buttons.

Cliff’s stomach growled, Kurt turned his head at the sound a wide smile on his face.

“You hungry” his mother asked

A deep hunger roared in Cliff’s belly.

“Well…there no restaurants for a while” his father announced “Kurt can you handle it”

Kurt chuckled and lifted his tight ass off the seat, his huge hands hooked under the waist band of his shorts and he pulled then down to his giant clown feet. A fat swollen dick bobbed upwards, the apple sized head already leaking pre. Big bull balls rolled in their furry sack, heavy with a large load.

Kurt’s hand wrapped around Cliff’s head and pulled him down towards the dick. His mouth flopped open and Kurt forced his immense horse cock down Cliff’s throat.

He held Cliff’s hair and pumped his head up and down the giant dick. Cliff’s parents continued like nothing was happening, while Kurt’s deep voice moaned loudly.

Cliff lost track of time, but found himself really getting into milking the dick halfway down his gullet. His hands squeezing the bull balls and his tongue licking every inch of the monster cock.

Then Kurt came, a mass of thick volleys overflowing Cliff’s stuffed mouth. Each one rocketing down into Cliff’s hungry guts. Kurt popped Cliff off the dick and the rich boy thudded back into his seat. He patted his stomach, the growling had stopped.

“Better” his mother asked

Cliff nodded.

“Thank you Kurt” this father smiled “It’s hard raising a cum slut”

Kurt chuckled “It’s cool, I’m happy to feed Cliff’s addiction”

Cliff heard the clicking of Kurt’s phone. Then the hungry returned, Kurt smirked.

“You want more” he asked already pulling Cliff down to the still hard dick

Cliff nodded and engulfed the monster cock down his throat again.

His father offered “Cliff might as well stay on your dick till we get to the house”

Kurt laughed “Yea, what is it….like two, three hours before we get there”

“Yes, about three hours” his mother answered

“I can keep pumping out cum till then” Kurt sniggered as Cliff gagged




The resort had a certain style, that style being Mediterranean architecture, palm trees, golden sands and dark haired men with tanned chiseled bodies.

I flew out to the resort with a couple friends, the second we landed I lost track of them. I got pushed into a limo by a perfect dark haired man, who started plying me with alcohol. I’d barely got his shirt off before we arrived at the resort.

Another dark haired man took my bags as I checked in, then I was shown to my suite. I changed out of my groggy airplane clothes and into something more fitting of the blistering heat.

I still hadn’t seen my friends.

I left my suite and headed out into the paved area around one of the resort’s many pools. Three dark haired men introduced themselves, Angel, Bruno and Caleb, or A,B and C. I knew who they were, they were my personal companions. The resort offered a lot of extras for those who could pay.

I still hand’t seen my friends.

The rest of the week was a blur, just fuck after fuck. I was sure I’d been dosed with some sort of super viagra, I remembered the resort’s term and conditions mentioning something about ‘supplements’.

Angel was the slut of the three, he was constantly begging for sex, he’d slip under the table at dinner and suck my dick. Bruno was the romantic, he’d sneak a kiss, whisper nice things, have me pin him against a wall and fuck his ass till he screamed. Caleb was the ‘reluctant’ one, he was so shy and introverted, waiting for the others to fuck themselves to exhaustion before having me pound his ass half a dozen times.

I still hadn’t seen my friends.

I met a very interesting guy, he’d been coming to the resort since it opened over a decade ago. We talked for a while, each of us with one of our companions massaging our feet. The others were in the pool wrestling for our amusement.

He told me about the Template, it was the standard that all the dark haired guys were held up too. He explained it was why they all looked the same, which they did. All of them with dark hair, dark eyes, tanned skin and ripped bodies.

He then told me I was wrong, he meant that when the resort opened all the companions were identical, the same face, the same body. The Template created the companions from other people. Guests who didn’t pay the full way, guests like my friends.

Over the years the Template had added slight variations, small little quirks which changed the companions in slight ways. Which must be why Angel’s abs are deeper cut, or why Bruno’s ass is a bit plumper and perkier, or why Caleb is a few inches shorter than the other two.

I guess the Template meant I had been seeing my friends all week.


Anonymous Asked: Very funny dude. My little brother has fallen for this shit hook, line and sinker. The dorky doofus totally thinks that any day now he's going to be transformed into some kind of muscle-head warrior and whip my ass!

Ha! Would love it if you replied to his ask with a story of him getting even scrawnier!!! Would pay good money to see that - humiliate the little twerp for good. :D


I’m not going to reply to his ask, I’m going to reply to yours. Now I was considering whether to agree to your request, but then you don’t believe in any of this and your brother does…. plus he’s a fan and you’re not.

So I’m actually going to give your brother what he wants…. and I couldn’t even answer his message if I wanted too, because it looks like the changes have taken hold and the new him would never send such a message to me, let alone read my stuff.

As you can see your little brother is not very little anymore…. the guy is a muscle-head warrior like you said. Though I imagine you wished you hadn’t said that, the word warrior has made his change a little too aggressive.

Not that it’s done him any trouble, all those boxing trophies in his room, which used to be your room, tell a story of a man with a punch that could put a guy through a wall.

And he’s done that…. your former best friend who he caught sniffing his XXL jockstrap can testify to that, and he did…. though the case was throw out.

But like I was saying I have gifted your brother with more than he asked for. He asked for the normal check list of stuff.

Tall- Check

Muscles- Check

Handsome- Check

Big Dick- Check

What he didn’t ask for was a voice that give any guy lower in the food chain than him an instant erection…. which is pretty much everyone.

He also didn’t ask for a near sadistic love of fucking into sexual oblivion any girl who gets close to you.

I also threw in big feet, peak physical health and sexual stamina of a purebred stallion, teenagers always forget to ask for the best things.

Now we come to you….. if I’d answered his ask then you’d most likely have ended up with some improvements. Easiest way to change someone without anyone noticing is to change their genetics, which would mean changing their parents, so you’d have ended up as his equal.

The older muscle bro to show a young hung beast how to rule the world.

Because when he said he wanted to whip your ass…. I think he meant in wrestling or in football….. not the insanely brutal beatings he’ll dish out to you now.

But you asked for him to end up scrawnier, so that’s your fate now.

Enjoy being a runt for the rest of your life…..


Anonymous Asked: Yo bro, did you help my former buddy turn me into this. I mean I love my body, check out the gains, but bro the tank and compression gear ain't right for my classes.

So I want revenge, curse my buddy to be a professional heavyweight bodybuilder, I want him working out nonstop, no sex, no beer, early nights and fucking chicken breast for every meal haha but let me him keep his brain, wanna see him squirm. This is gonna be so freakin funny bro


Yea that might have been me who changed you….. guys gotta eat and granting wishes and supplying revenge pays so well.

You’re not Herbert the Maths Whizz are you?? Cause sorry about draining that amazing brain of yours. Hope the big dick makes up for it.

But back to your buddy, yea I’ll give him the body you want for him. Plus with all the hard work it takes to have a body like that. All the trouble and none of the fun, unlike what he got for you.

I have gotta say he’s an inspiration for the fitness freaks out there, the guy is a lifting machine.

Such sacrifice for beauty, sad that he hates it. Same nerdy guy stuck inside that brute of a body, trapped forever in the body of a Greek god.

Plus a peanut cock just because I’m feeling extra mean today.


Anonymous Asked: Could you do a Truman show type transformation where I wake up to being transformed into a hunk and as I get used to my new life I'm unknowingly having my life broadcast on TV?


Awwwww you think you’ve only just ended up on TV, the world has been enjoying your life for years.

We have all been watching you grow up into an awkward nerdy runt only to suddenly grow into a rampaging muscle stud over the course of one night. I made a killing betting that your change in weight would break your bed, lost money betting you’d be a redhead.

Most of the audience jumped ship to see how the new young guy deals with childhood and his teenager years, I hate spin off shows.

But a few fans have stayed to watch what you get up to now you're a sex machine, the show has changed its tone a lot. The producers keep throwing you into situations where you need to take your shirt off, or pull your beer can fat dick out.

You have made us who still watch very happy, always flexing, and even though you have no clue you somehow always flex directly at camera.



Archie sat himself down at the back of his shared apartment, the chair creaked under his weight. His laptop was already open on the wooden dinner table and waiting for him to start blogging.

He had a load of drafts lined up, though he’d have to spend some time fixing his queue. Archie had to push his chair back, his expansive gut pressing against the table. He quickly reblogged a few gifs and comments from some mutuals, then moved onto his own stuff. Archie’s blog was mostly fan edits of shows, or his own thoughts on some nerdy piece of news. He had a very healthy number of follows, numbering at just over 1000.

Archie though noticed something odd. His messages, he normally had maybe one or two messages. Usually from the other bloggers he spoke too, but somehow he had over 200 messages.

He clicked them open, his eyes ran over the first message and he felt a pulling force in his stomach.

‘I love your abs, how the hell can you eat shit and still have abs’

Archie’s hand went defensively to his washboard stomach, the ridges of his abs pushed against his shirt. He quickly typed out some bullshit answer about his high metabolism, even though he did do several hundred crunches a day.

‘How tall are you, cause in some pics you seem small, but you must be over 6ft at least’

Archie’s knees hit the underside of the table, he cursed and stretched his long lean legs out. He was tall, above 6ft, probably nearer to 6′4 then the 6′2 he told people he was. Archie always did that to make them rethink their own heights, suddenly guys who thought they were model quality 6′2 didn’t think that anymore after standing next to Archie.

‘Are you the guy from those sunglasses ads, your lips and jaw are very familiar’

He chuckled and bit one of his pouty lips, he typed out a simple ‘Yea’ and gave his glossy styled hair a flick. Archie knew he was a heart breaker, he was gifted with great skin, amazing bone structure and glittering eyes, if only he had a better built. Sure abs you could grate cheese on was nice, but he wanted some more size all over.

‘Any pointers fitness wise, I’ve hit a plateau, but you just keep gaining’

His crisp white t-shirt strained against his pecs, the collar pulled low and it showed a lot of flesh. Archie’s biceps flexed against the sleeves, pushing them up onto his shoulders. He replied with a link to his fitness page, if you wanted a body like Archie’s you had to pay him. He had to make money after all, not many 22 year olds could fund a luxury apartment by themselves, let alone all the gorgeous guys and gals who’d call it home while Archie was attracted to them.

‘I gotta ask is it true what they say about big feet…. cause we all know you got clown feet’

Archie’s oversized battleship feet sat heavy on the floor. They were size 18 and thudded everywhere he walked, but it wasn’t his feet the questioner was interested in. Archie’s jeans already contending with his meaty legs and muscle butt fought against his cock meat. The zipper straining, his bulge even kissed the edge of the table. His thick thighs pushing it forward. Archie smiled and typed out a reply, playing it cool and dismissive, he was a fitness blog after all, not a porn blog.

‘So when are we gonna see the BIG MAN again, haven’t posted a vid in weeks’

Archie sighed and pushed his seat back clicking the camera button while he did it.

“Hey guys, you want to see the BIG MAN” he laughed as he pulled at the zipper of his jeans

He never wore underwear, none could handle his meat and his meat couldn’t be contained.

It thudded onto the table, and with one hand Archie slapped it loudly against the wood a few times.

“Remember to message me for private sessions, via cam or in person” Archie said before hitting the stop button

He used the video as a reply to the message, just letting his horse dick swing free as he scanned the rest of the questions. Mostly the same old stuff about his huge cock or amazing body.

Archie closed his laptop, he was getting horny, time to fuck the latest twink he’d brought back from the gym. Archie did notice his follower count had just passed 100,000 followers, probably time to post that sex tape he promised.


Morning Meal


Oscar’s eyes opened, the curtains had been abruptly pulled open and the late morning light had woken him. A tall muscled man leaned against the window, his squared pecs glistening in the sunshine.

“Hey little buddy” the big beefy lug smirked, shaking his water bottle at him “You want a shake”

Oscar threw himself out of bed and launched himself at his roommate Paul, his slim arms reaching for the water bottle. Paul who was at least two feet taller than the runty Oscar just lifted a thickly muscled arm and chugged down the contents of the water bottle.

Oscar landed with a thud against Paul’s abs, his girly hand resting on Paul’s short clad thighs, he could feel the heat and power coming through the fabric.

“Sorry little buddy” Paul said repeating Oscar’s new nickname “You were just too late”

Paul let out a satisfied burp and pushed Oscar off him. Oscar bounced onto the floor, Paul’s enormous feet either side of him. Paul just laughed and pulled his striped shirt over his torso, a week ago it had been baggy over him, but now it was skin tight. The sleeves had been ripped off and Paul’s rounded shoulders and biceps hung out the tattered arm holes.

“I’m heading out to pick up a video game I preordered…. might grab some burgers” Paul said pulling at the hem of his shirt, his toned adonis belt on show “You want anything”

Oscar just nodded “I’ll have some fries”

Paul smiled and tossed the empty water bottle to Oscar, who caught it and ripped the lid off. His tongue licking at the still damp innards.

Paul laughed loudly “Fucking pathetic man, you know the shake has no effect on you”

Oscar stopped as Paul turned away to leave. He threw the water bottle at his roommate, it bounced off Paul’s meaty bubble butt, not even drawing the big brutes notice.

Paul called from the bedroom door “Oh, I left your chores on the fridge”

Oscar sat and waited for the front door to close. Pulling himself up from the floor. He headed out of his room, passing the boxes of his old clothes that he was giving to good will, Paul had already taken all the nice stuff he wanted.

The kitchen was a mess, the various ingredients for Paul’s morning shake littered the counter. The old dusty magic book that Paul had used to create the shake sat open on the table. Oscar pulled himself onto a stall and looked at it, as usual the letters became all distorted. Paul had been smart enough not to allow Oscar to have any way of reversing the changes Paul had made.

Oscar started to clean up, wiping down the counter. His mind full of the memories of when he was a big guy, when he was the one teasing Paul for being little, or keeping the nerd awake all night with long sex sessions.

Once Oscar was finished he checked the fridge. A long list of chores had been stamped to the fridge, held up by a magnet which showed Oscar as his old big blond manly self, his thick arm around a tiny geeky Paul.

Oscar sighed and read the list. His first chore actually sent a terrifying thrill through Oscar, ‘Remember to eat your breakfast’.

He opened the fridge, it was full of junk food, Paul never lose his abs now, no matter what he ate. On the middle self was a water bottle, full of the brim with a white liquid.

“Maybe today it's the shake” Oscar said to himself reaching for the water bottle.

It was never the shake, nor would it ever be.


Chronivac Universe- Part One “Who’s sneakers are these” Charlie called, holding one of the massive stinky shoes in his hands “Which ones” his mother called from the kitchen Charlie pulled back the tongue, the musky smell only stronger. “Size 22s” He...

“Who’s sneakers are these” Charlie called, holding one of the massive stinky shoes in his hands

“Which ones” his mother called from the kitchen

Charlie pulled back the tongue, the musky smell only stronger.

“Size 22s” He shouted back

“Oh, those are Reese’s” his mother called back

These can’t be Reese’s, the 5ft6 fat ass didn’t have size 22 feet.

“Reese is like 5ft6, aren’t his feet size 7” Charlie replied, burying his nose into the shoes mouth

His mother chuckled lightly “Charlie are you alright”

Charlie quickly dropped the shoe with a thud, he had no idea there this sudden fetish for foot funk came from.

“Yea, I’m cool, a little tired” he yawned

“Ok, go to bed” His mother ordered as he appeared with a pile of laundry “Take this with you”

“Ok” he took the pile “But the shoes”

His mother looked at him with confusion, she checked his forehead.

“Mom” he stepped back

She shook her head “You’re just tired” she rubbed his arm, comforting him “Charlie, Reese hasn’t been 5ft6 since he was 13, he’s got to be pushing 7ft by now”

Charlie’s face went blank “What”

“Honey, Reese has been wearing those sneaker for a month now, you were there when we brought them” she explained “He had just got back from football practice and you gave him a foot rub, I’m proud how well you support him”

Charlie dropped the laundry. His mother scolded him, and they quickly put the pile back together. His mother dumped the last piece on top, a giant stretched out jockstrap, that had been hidden in the pile.

“Now get to bed, and wake Reese up, he has practice in a few hours” she ordered

Charlie’s brain worked overtime to process everything, his eyes glued to the fading name written on the jock, REESE. How could Reese with his baby dick fill such a large cotton tent. Charlie had seen that micro-dick enough times, Reese was always jacking it. The two boys shared a room, their beds either end and facing each other, so they’d seen a lot of each other.

Charlie opened the bedroom door, noticing that it now was decorated with ‘REESE’S PAD’ in big colorful letters. The room was different, now dominated by a huge bed and the even bigger occupant.

Charlie stared at the long wide feet near the end the bed. He could see that it was two double beds pushed together.

The door swinging closed made Charlie jump, the pile dropping to the floor, the musky jock landing at his feet. The beast on the bed sat up, rubbing sleep from his eyes with long heavy arms.

“Reese” Charlie questioned

Reese chuckled “Hey bro, like the changes” he bounced a pair of thick pecs

“How” Charlie asked froze to the spot

“The Chronivac finished downloading on your laptop” he smirked, a large hand disappearing under the blanket “But you wouldn’t know anything about that, I made sure of that”

“The Chronivac” He questioned “What does that matter, you’re huge, mom thinks you’re on the football team….and my bed is gone” Charlie listed, his eyes stuck on a growing mound between Reese’s trunk like legs

Reese’s free hand twisted a pierced nipple “Yea, I’m huge and I’m on the football team” he moaned suddenly, the mound rising higher “And your bed isn’t gone, it’s at the foot of the bed"

Charlie looked down at the small cot, a pair of gym shorts stuffed with socks as a pillow and an old basketball jersey for a blanket.

"You find my smell comforting” Reese explained “But sometimes you sleep up here with me”

Reese suddenly threw back the blanket, and slapped a huge leaking meat-stick against his abs. Charlie licked his lips, his mouth full with saliva all of a sudden.

“You want breakfast” he offered “I have a couple hours before practice”

Charlie now settled into this new world tentatively climbed between Reese’s legs, spit dripping from his plump lips. Reese fell back onto the bed as Charlie spat a large gob-full of spit onto his hulking brothers horse cock.


Atlas Shrunk

A Requester asked for a Zeb Atlas story about anything…. so here it is. Plus I got to use an Ayn Rand pun for a title. Atlas Shrunk The director sighed, why did they sign Zeb Atlas for a twink movie. Granted he was hot, but he was 6ft3 and 44 years...

The director sighed, why did they sign Zeb Atlas for a twink movie. Granted he was hot, but he was 6ft3 and in his 40s. He wasn’t suitable for the movie. It was about young hot twinks and the young hunks that fuck them. Zeb was a hunk, but he was too old, at least for what was planned.

He felt bad, but the director had been left with few options. He couldn’t fire Zeb, and he couldn’t use him, but there was a way to make him work. The director saw it as a kindness, it would give Zeb another 20 years of work, if it worked.

The director chuckled, he knew it would work. It always did, there was always some producer at the studio pushing a big daddy guy into the films. But the director would use the ‘special’ stuff and soon that big daddy was ready for the shoot, just a couple decades younger and a few feet shorter.

Zeb was no different, the director could see the changes already at Zeb rubbed himself down for the camera. The water cascading down big plump muscles, muscles that got smaller with each drop. Bones that compressed with each rub of Zeb’s soapy hands. His heavy cock quivering under the water, shrinking away.

Zeb was too wrapped up in the feel of the water to notice the changes, as was everyone else. Only the director was immune to the effects, and he liked it that way. He enjoyed watching the age drain from guys like Zeb. He liked to see their lives shrink and change. Most of them had been athletes or bodybuilders when they were younger, not now. They weren’t built for stuff like that now. They could be gymnasts or dancers, the director knew they were flexible enough, he had enough films to prove that.

Zeb let out a moan, a high pitched girlish moan. He was near done, his body devoid of nearly all muscle. He’d stopped at 5ft3, a foot of height gone forever. He looked barely 18, but the director had the records to proof that Zeb Atlas Junior was 18. Zeb flicked his long wet hair from his face, his soft mouth curved into a smile. A few of his slender fingers buried between his plump ass cheeks.

“Ok, cut” the director shouted “Zeb keep doing what your doing, you’re gonna need to be really stretched out for what I have planned”

Twins moved into view, they were corn fed, farm raised boys. As hung as the bulls they bred. Little Zeb gazed up at the big dumb farm boys, both of them looked down hungrily at the twink. Squared heavy pecs hanging high above his head, the chiseled faces of the twins smiling downwards. The twins shared a look, they were going to ruin this boy.

“Ok, boys don’t go gentle on Zeb, he can take it” the director ordered “Now….Action"


Cub one Day, Bear the Next Adam was always in the gym, constantly trying to built and sculpt his already excellent body. His boyfriend Robby was tired of it, he thought that Adam was perfect already, he looked like a fitness model. But Adam wanted to...

Adam was always in the gym, constantly trying to build and sculpt his already excellent body. His boyfriend Robby was tired of it, he thought that Adam was perfect already, he looked like a fitness model.

But Adam wanted to be bigger, he wanted to be at a bodybuilder level. His body and his genetics weren’t going to let it happen. So Robby decided to step in, he got ahold of either a magical or scientific super protein shake, it mattered on who you asked. It would give Adam the boost he wanted, and if Adam was happy then Robby was happy.

That was till the growth started. It was fine at first, Adam went from toned lean muscle to looking like a ripped linebacker. Then no matter how much he shaved he always had a pelt of dark hair on his chest, legs and stomach. His beard was worse, it was impossibly thick and scratchy. Robby was also worried that Adam was going bald, his thick brown hair was thinning and getting much shorter.

He was also getting older, he’d gone from 25 to near his 40’s in a couple days, but Robby wasn’t very concerned with that. Because it came with a huge rise in their sex life. The new older beefier Adam was an animal, always pinning Robby down and grinding against him whenever he saw his boyfriend. Which was all the time because Adam didn’t go to the gym anymore.

So all in all Robby liked having the new daddy Adam around, till one morning. Robby woke as usual covered in cum and sweat from the mammoth fuck session the night before. Adam was still snoring away, all big, veiny and hairy.

Robby was in the middle of making breakfast when Adam thudded into the kitchen in just his undies.


“Hey babe” he growled, itching his furry stomach


Robby noticed it, Adam’s abs were gone, just a plump flabby gut.


“You know babe, just a little breakfast for me” He jiggled his belly “I’m gonna need to start hitting the gym again”


Robby sighed and wondered what the opposite of a protein shake was.


Time of the Month It was happening again, Jimmy could feel it. A pulling feeling deep in his guts, a throbbing that run up his spine. It was his time of the month again, but it couldn’t be, it was too soon. Since puberty started Jimmy would have...

It was happening again, Jimmy could feel it. A pulling feeling deep in his guts, a throbbing that run up his spine. It was his time of the month again, but it couldn’t be, it was too soon.

Since puberty started Jimmy would have these really strange male periods, for a couple minutes for one day a month Jimmy couldn’t be around any other men because they would change.

Jimmy was at a friends house staying over to play video games for one last time before they went to college. So the second Jimmy felt the pressure building inside him he made an excuse and went to hide in the bathroom. He’d only be gone a couple minutes, not long enough for anyone to notice.

Jimmy didn’t want his friend Tim to end up like the others who’d been around Jimmy during his time of the month. It had happened a few times, the first victims being his dad and older brother.

They didn’t see themselves as victims, but then they didn’t even realize anything had changed. The first time it happened Jimmy hardly knew what was happening, but he put the feeling of pressure and the sudden massive muscle growth together. All Jimmy did was look at his dad and brother and with a flash of light two hulking hairy studs had replaced them.

And no one saw any difference, it was like they had always been hunks. But Jimmy worked out the rules of this power very quickly, it would only change men, it happened once a month and he couldn’t change himself. He’d worked the last rule out after several tries of just sitting in front of a mirror.

But Jimmy was a little suspicious that he’d changed a little. Somehow whatever he wore showed off his plump butt, even clothes that were several sizes to big became tight when he pulled them on. Which for a straight guy who turned other guys into hulking horny gods once a month was bad. This was why he was so desperate to control his power, he didn’t want to get fucked again like last time when he changed the mailman.

So Jimmy could only sigh when he opened the bathroom door and found Tim’s dad Keith lounging in the bath with a book in hand.

“Hey Jimmy” Keith greeted in surprise “There’s another bathroom downstairs….” he started but the flash of light silenced him

Instead of the soft 40 something man that Keith had been a bulky tanned much younger hunk sat in his place. Jimmy felt the throbbing in his spine move down to his ass. Keith grinned and gave his pecs a bounce before rising out of the water. Jimmy looked straight into the soft fat cock and swollen balls that slowly started to swell.

“Come on little guy, you’ve been asking for this for years” Keith explained as he still dripping with water led Jimmy out of the bathroom and towards his bedroom

Jimmy didn’t fight it, his body wanted it, but his mind never did. After the first couple of incidents he decided just to let it happen.

Keith pulled Jimmy onto the bed, his heavy wet body soaking through Jimmy’s clothes. Keith tore Jimmy’s shorts off with his big hands and flipped the boy around. Jimmy’s face pressed against Keith’s rock hard cock and instinctively started to swallow it down. Keith’s long tongue delved between Jimmy’s peachy cheeks and found his tight hole.

They weren’t at it for long before Tim appeared in the doorway. He and Jimmy were the same age, but Tim looked much more adult than Jimmy. His power having held Jimmy back a bit, probably so he couldn’t fight off the big hunks he created. Tim was only able to get out a gasp as Keith’s cock popped out of Jimmy’s mouth and Jimmy looked at Tim.

There was a flash and Tim was replaced by a man bigger, beefier and much better hung than his father. Keith didn’t care that his son was in the room, only Jimmy’s ass mattered.

“Nice one dad” Tim boomed “Wanted to fuck the little slut for ages”

Big Tim thudded over to Jimmy and grabbed a handful of his hair. Jimmy’s jaw dropped open hoping it was wide enough for his friends giant monster cock. As Jimmy was taken at either end by the big father and son duel the pressure in his guts stopped and it would be a whole month before it came back.


How to Deal with Bullies “You Dean” the massive man asked, his chest glistening beneath his unzipped hoodie Dean gulped, the little fag had said he’d set his big brother on him, but Dean had just laughed and dunked the nerd’s spotty face into the...

“You Dean” the massive man asked, his chest glistening beneath his unzipped hoodie

Dean gulped, the little fag had said he’d set his big brother on him, but Dean had just laughed and dunked the nerd’s spotty face into the toilet again. He never considered the little guy would actually do it, let along that his brother was actually a beast. But the man before him did share some similarities, they had similar coloring, similar eyes and even hints of a similar facial structure.

“Yes…….sir” he quickly added

“Cool” he rose up from his perch, the underside of his pecs level with Dean’s eyes “I’m Hugh, you’ve been harassing my little brother”

Dean started to back off, but Hugh gripped his shoulder and pulled him back. The hand massively  meaty and denting into Dean’s pretty thick shoulder.

“Nah, you’re not going anywhere” Hugh’s free hand clenched into a fist

“Please, I’ll leave him alone…….” Dean begged, but Hugh hushed him

“I’m not here to hurt you” He paused, flexing his biceps “I’m here to thank you”

“Thank me” Dean questioned

“Yea” Hugh let his shoulder go and started to feel up his own solid abs “If it wasn’t for your constant abuse, my little bro wouldn’t have come to me and asked to get big”

Dean paled “Get big”

Hugh laughed “You think this is natural” he bounced his pecs “hell no, I’m a chemistry whizz, or was in a past body, I mixed a little potion and got this body out of it”

Hugh rubbed his crotch, his memories turning him on. His jeans showing the teeth of the zipper straining and nearly popping open from the mass behind them.

“My bro’s been stubborn about getting huge, but you have helped chang his mind”

Hugh patted Dean’s head “I’ll leave you two alone”

He turned and jogged away towards some passing blond joggers, his muscled ass flexing.

“Two?” Dean shouted after him “It’s just me here”

A deep thundering chuckled erupted behind him.

Dean jumped, falling to the floor. Behind him rose a mountain of muscle, gym shorts strained against huge thighs and a monstrous dick mound.

Eight furry cinder blocks rose upwards towards two hairy muscle slabs. A thick neck and even thicker traps held aloft a solid jaw coated in stubble. Arms thicker then Dean’s thighs strained against tanned skin, thick veins coursed with testosterone. Two dark eye glared downwards, the muscle man’s mouth stretched into a sneer.

“Hey Dean” the little fag boomed from 7ft above him


Fresh Ink

Fresh Ink “It doesn’t look bigger to you” Jim asked pulling back the elastic of his briefs “No, not at all” Sam lied, he crossed his legs to hide his boner “Really” Jim asked with disbelief “None of my pants fit properly anymore” Sam just...

“It doesn’t look bigger to you” Jim asked pulling back the elastic of his briefs

“No, not at all” Sam lied, he crossed his legs to hide his boner

“Really” Jim asked with disbelief “None of my pants fit properly anymore”

Sam just shrugged, crossing his legs again to trap his boner. Jim cupped his swollen cheeks in his hands and jiggled them. Each cheek was rounded and meaty, straining against his briefs which were already sizes too small.

“Their so sensitive” he moaned

Sam’s hand slid down to his crotch, cupping his balls and trying to hold his cock down. His eyes glued to the meaty buttocks of his buddy.

“It has to be this tramp stamp” Jim mused, a finger running over the freshly healed tattoo

“Must be an allergic reaction or something” Sam offered, knowing full well what was happening, he had sent Jim to ‘his’ tattooist after all

He’d even gonna a little money off his buddy for sending him a new client. He’d even be able to give a suggestion about what sort of effect the tattoo should have on Jim.

“Plus I’m feeling really…..excitable all the time” Jim added a hand slipping between his cheeks

Jim was appearing more energetic, which he’d find out was actually horniness. But he was also becoming more playful and touch friendly, a sign of his inhibitions fading away. He’d be on his knees sucking dick within a week.

“Give it a few days and see how you feel” Sam smiled, biting his lip

Jim nodded and headed out the room, his bulging butt bouncing and swaying with each step.


In Too Long

In Too Long Trent looked his friend Marshal up and down. Gone was the lean swimmer who’d slipped into the tanning bed over an hour ago, now a wall of thick muscle stared back at him with dull hollow eyes. “Marshal you ok” Trent asked Marshal just...

Trent looked his friend Marshal up and down. Gone was the lean swimmer who’d slipped into the tanning bed over an hour ago, now a wall of thick muscle stared back at him with dull hollow eyes.

“Marshal you ok” Trent asked

Marshal just bounced his pecs and chuckled as he looked down at his heavy chest.

“Yea, I’m good bro” Marshal laughed in a surprising deep voice

Trent gulped, Marshal had never said ‘bro’ in all the time he’d known him. He’d overdosed Trent thought. Trent had brought Marshal to the Tanning Shop, he was one of the short list who knew that the tanning beds here did more then just tan your skin.

After a short session in the bed the user would crawl out with tanned skin, but also slimmer, healthier, better looking and even a little bit taller. Trent sighed, he should of checked on Marshal. Trent though had been too busy flirting with the hot receptionist to notice that Marshal had been inside the bed for three times longer then he should of been.

Trent shook his head “Sorry man, but this isn’t good”

Marshal just stared blankly at Trent, his head cocked to one side. He was confused Trent thought, but then he was probably going to be confused all the time now, too much time in the beds would cook your brain.

“Overuse can lead to permanent damage” Trent explained “I warned you beforehand”

Marshal laughed again and brought his arms up. His rounded biceps bulged and he gave his abs a flex to finish off the pose.

“This isn’t damaged” Marshal laughed again

Trent nodded, Marshal was certainly a sight now.

“But what will people say, you’re like three or four inches taller” Trent offered

Marshal smirked “Not to mention a beast” he bounced his pecs again

Trent nodded again, Marshal was certainly a beast now.

“No one noticed you’d changed… you explained it once” Marshal added

He was scratching his head under his cap, his head must be hurting from using such big words like ‘noticed’ and ‘explained’.

“Yea, a healthy glow” Trent offered “They just see the tan, not the couple pounds of muscle or the inch in height the bed gave you”

Marshal nodded, then just waited for Trent to continue. He really was dumb now, Trent almost felt sorry for the idiot who’d stayed in the magical tanning bed for nearly two hours.

Trent pondered out loud for a moment “Well… I could do another 30 minutes without any permanent damage, just exterior changes”

He stepped passed Marshal and climbed into the bed, flicked the switch to turn it on. As it closed he saw Marshal mouthing the word exterior to himself, trying to work out the meaning.


A request from a while back that had just been lying around in my docs forgotten, sorry for the wait Learning to Love the Change “I fucking hate this” Lou muttered under his breath Ronny just focused the camera on Lou’s swollen pec shelf as he worked...

“I fucking hate this” Lou muttered under his breath

Ronny just focused the camera on Lou’s swollen pec shelf as he worked the machine. Ronny smirking and shaking his head.

“Nothing we can do about it” Ronny replied “You’re hot property”

Ronny continued to film Lou’s heaving flexing pecs. Lou was a fitness model, a huge, hulking fitness model and Ronny the blond all American boy was his manager. They were both barely 25 and already making tonnes of money selling pictures and videos of Lou just being the Asian beast he was.

Though he hadn’t been a beast a week ago, Lou had created this entire reality, and he hated it a little bit.

Ronny had been Lou’s roommates, they had been just friends, but now they worked closely together and Ronny even expected Lou to dump a couple thick loads of Asian bull cum deep down Ronny’s throat every day. The guy had even been straight before Lou changed everything.

It had just happened one day, Lou was in Chinatown looking at some antiques. He and Ronny had wanted to class up their apartment a little.

He’d found a nice looking vase, it was surprisingly cheap and well within Lou’s budget.

He’d picked it up to give it a better look, the vase had dragon like handles and a pattern of a Chinese dragon over the vases main body.

It was a heavy piece of pottery and Lou’s slender weak arms could barely hold it up. He remembered cursing under his breath, cursing at his own weakness.

He remembered hating how he was so short compared to his white and black friends. How he was always skinny, no matter what he ate or how much he worked out. He was just a short, skinny Asian boy, like hundreds of thousands of other Asian boys. Lou was a walking stereotype and he remembered hating it.

But it was different now, the vase had done something. The dragons eyes glowed and everything was changed. Lou had almost dropped the vase, he was suddenly massive. Just a block of breathing muscle, his head nearing the ceiling and heavy meaty slabs of flesh hanging off every bone in his body.

He remembered buying the vase from the oddly big elderly Asian shop owner. he remembered running the 7 blocks back to his apartment, his now huge wide feet thudding on the side walk. He remembered how people would step aside, how equally big Asian men would nod at him with a smirk as he sped pass.

Later he found out they were smirking due to the shared experience they had of having a massive soft cock slapping from side to side against their thick muscle thighs as they ran, all Asian men where hung like bull elephants now.

He remembered getting back to the apartment, how it had changed. Posters of Lou flexing decorated the walls, nice expensive furniture littered the room and a mass of trophies for bodybuilding and various sports lined a wall of shelves. Lou placed the vase on those shelves and tried to get sense of what happened.

Turns out the vase changed the world. It had turned the entire stereotype of Asians on its head. All Asian men where now tall, built, hung and mostly not very smart. Lou wasn’t even in school anymore, his entire life was working out, partying and fucking. It was like he’d never even attempted to go to college, he wasn’t even sure if he graduated from high school.

So thanks to a magical vase Lou found himself working out his sweaty pecs while a near drooling Ronny filmed him.

“I think we have enough” Ronny said with a smile

Lou stopped and rolled his shoulders. Stretching out his arms, he been doing the same movement for ages, his arm felt stiff.

He scratched at the massive bulge in his sweats, his huge hairy bull nuts rolling around between his thighs. His fingers ran along the length of his footlong soft cock, it was draped over his thigh and Ronny’s eyes were tracing the outline just like Lou’s fingers were.

“Ok man” Lou muttered “Now fuck off”

Ronny just nodded and vanished, Lou had found Ronny to be a lot more submissive since the change and Lou liked it. If he needed Ronny he just called him, if he wanted privacy he just told him to leave.

Lou stood up, his swollen pumped pecs bounced. He a little too close to the 8ft high ceiling for his liking. Another inch or so and he’d have to duck under the lights.

Lou’s cock slapped his thigh as he stood, he never wore underwear now.

Lou started toward the gyms locker room. The other patrons were mostly all Asian, all big and beefy men. He caught himself in a mirror as he walked.

“Fuck” Lou chuckled

He still couldn’t get other how hot he was. A chiselled model face, a face which Lou knew was the main reason he was a fitness model. Any Asian could be a bodybuilder now, but it took looks like Lou’s to make big money.

“Excuse me” a voice asked

Lou turned around, a young Asian boy stared up at him. Even though he was a teen the boy was built and must be at least 6'6 already, yet he was only level with Lou’s sweaty chest. His highschool jersey was straining against some thick looking muscles.

“Yes” Lou asked curious

“Ummm, can I get a pic with you” the boy asked “I love your videos”

Lou smiled widely and nodded, he and the boy lined up. Lou putting a huge hand over the boys shoulder as the teen snapped a couple pics with his phone.

“Thanks man, I hope I’ll have a body like yours some day” the teen said before heading back to his workout

With a wide grin on his face Lou continued to the locker room, that has been his first taste of the fame this new massive body commanded in this new world and he liked it.

He was already forming a plan, he’d jerk off a couple times in the gym’s showers, stop to eat, jerk off again in the restaurant’s restroom, head home, fuck Ronny a couple times, then finally he’ll break the vase and if that doesn’t change everything back he’ll just learn to live with his new life, then he’ll fuck Ronny a few more times before going to bed.

Either way his balls needed emptying.



Every year the Hitchens family would gather together for Christmas and New Years. The two Hitchens boys, now both family men were larger than life characters. Both towering lumberjack like men who led the festivities and their wives and kids would follow. Harry Hitchens was the proud father to two boys, both athletes and both the apples of their fathers eye.

Sam Hitchens, the eldest, was now a star athlete at his college, on the fast track to professional stardom and already an Olympic god medalist in track, before he filled out at 16 and his muscle mass slowed him down too much to be any sort of track runner.

Scott Hitchens, the baby, was pretty much a younger version of his elder brother. He was tall and thick with muscle. His messy blond hair always looking nearly perfect like he’d just walked off a catwalk, his youthful yet masculine face naturally falling into a cocky smirk.


Roger Hitchens was the proud ‘as much as a father naturally should be’ father of one son. His son Lucas had been completely bypassed by the Hitchens genes. He was short, he was chubby. His dark hair shiny from grease and his face caked in a crust of spots. He and Scott were the same age, but light years apart in every possible way.

Yet they were forced to share a room for the holidays. Since Sam had moved onto college he spent all his time in the penthouse apartment he’d lucked himself into having, and barely spent any time at home. His room, the largest bedroom in the house, had been taken over by Scott and Scott’s old room had been converted into a shrine to the greatness that was Sam Hitchens.

Lucas’ parents had gotten the spare room and Lucas had to sleep on the floor of Scott’s room, hearing the big lug snore and stare up at Scott’s massive feet hanging over the edge of the massive, by Lucas’ standards at least, bed.

It was on Christmas eve after a nice family meal and a genuinely good time that the boys were sent to bed. It was only 9pm and Lucas couldn’t sleep, he was 18 and used to staying up much later playing video games with people on the other side of the planet. Scott was already asleep, even though he’d bitched about now being able to jerk off because Lucas was in the room.

Lucas was looking up at the meaty soles of Scott’s feet for the 4th night in a row.

Why he couldn’t of slept in the central open area of the bedroom and not cramped into a corner beneath Scott’s feet was beyond Lucas.

Scott’s excuse that he needed the space to do his exercises in the morning didn’t hold as Scott used the home gym every morning when he woke up.

Lucas tossed and turned in his makeshift bed. His eyes caught sight of something under the bed, it hadn’t been there before, maybe something had shifted when Scott had pulled out the hidden Christmas presents last night before he put them under the tree.

Lucas tried to reach for the shiny object that caught his eye, having to move a box labeled “Sam’s Underwear”. His arms weren’t long enough. He sighed and pulled himself out from under the covers. Without even thinking about the embarrassment of being caught under Scott’s bed next to a box of his elder cousins musky briefs he was crawling in the dark with Scott’s snoring mass above him.

He reached the shiny object, it was an old looking touch phone, or an old PDA device. Without even touching the power button it strung into life, lighting up the dark beneath the bed.

A near silent jiggle played and an ancient looking graphic of a genie lamp flashed up blocky letters popped into being.




“What the hell” Lucas muttered then hushing himself as Scott grunted above him.


Lucas tapped the screen. A loading bar appeared and then vanished. The PDA was obviously newer then it appeared, after the old grey intro screens it was bright and colorful. It looked like an advanced customization screen for a SIMs game or something.

Lucas clicked on the previous session button and the complete outline of his cousin Sam appeared, everything from his favorite color to his obscene girth of his cock was written down for Lucas to know. Sam’s family was listed below, including Lucas (cousin-father’s side). Beneath that was a “Make realistic”.

When Lucas clicked on this opinion a small cartoon genie lamp appeared.

A speak bubble appeared explaining he was the PDA’s helper function and the ‘Make Realistic’ option made it so that changes would appear to be natural, such as making physical changes genetic, which would change family to match the physical changes to the user.

Lucas was confused, what sort of game was this. He saw the “Change History” box on a side bar next to the floating beautiful face of Sam.

An insanely long list of changes appeared. From increase in height, made a natural athlete and increase cock length. The make realistic option seemed to apply to them all.

Lucas came off his history and clicked on himself. His meagre frame and spotty face appeared, with all his statistics listed. He clicked on height, 5’5 it read. A dial appeared below, or he could edit his height. Lucas ran a finger over the dial, increase the avatars height.

He chuckled quietly as the avatar grew taller, then almost shouted out load as his feet moved along the carpeted floor as his own height increased. In a panic he pulled the dial back till his height on both the Chronivac and in reality retuned to normal.

It dawned on Lucas what he was holding, he’d just grown a foot in an instant and it looked like Sam had made himself the hunky athlete he was now and no one seemed to know any different.

Lucas smiled, he could change anything.




Scott woke on Christmas morning, stretching out his beefy arms and yawning. Flexing his toes and sadly trying to kill his throbbing morning wood before swinging his thick legs out of bed. He pulled on some stripy pajama bottoms before he noticed that his little cousin Lucas wasn’t still asleep.

He cracked his knuckles before flexing a bicep in the mirror, smirking to himself and headed out of his room. His big bare feet thudding as he stomps down the stairs into the living room. Both his parents and his aunt and uncle were already there, sitting on the sofas and talking over coffee.


“Merry Christmas” Scott greeted, a hand down his bottoms rearranging his fat nuts


They returned the greeting and his uncle Roger shouted out to the kitchen to his cousin Lucas.


“Time for presents” Scott’s mother offered


Scott with childlike glee dropped to his knees at the foot of the heavily decorated Christmas tree and started to hand out presents. He found one with Lucas’ name.


“Lucas” he shouted


Instantly his cousin replied “No need to shout, I’m behind you”


Scott turned and handed the present over, then back to the tree. Scott blinked a few times before turning back to his cousin. Lucas looked good, very refreshed. His skin very clear for a guy who looked like the face of the moon last night. His cheekbones were even showing through his cheeks, like he’d dropped a few pounds in the night. Scott looked down to Lucas’ pj clad form, his shirt was tight, but only showed a flat stomach were a chubby gut should have been. Still he wasn’t anything compared to Scott’s and his Hitchens family six pack, but it was odd. Maybe Scott just hadn’t payed any attention Lucas, wouldn’t be the first time Lucas’ existence had come as a shock to Scott.

Scott began unwrapping his first gift, it was tickets to a football game, him and his dad most likely. Behind him Lucas was tearing apart the paper on his gift.


“Oh awesome, new headgear, I need this for wrestling” Lucas said happily


Scott’s dad started talking to Lucas about wrestling, the runt lying through his teeth about being a state champion. Scott turned to call Lucas out on his lies, but he stopped. Lucas was now shirtless. His chest jutting out like slabs of rock and his stomach ripped into six thick cobbles. Lucas’ shoulder were rounded and had meaty biceps swinging from them.


“You ok cousin” Lucas asked with a bounce of one of his heavy pecs


Scott shook his head and went back to handing out presents. The gifts got weirder and worst. Scott was getting books, socks and gift cards to shops he’d never go too. Lucas though was getting amazing stuff, a new lap top, a new PS4, bundles of games, but some weird stuff too. New shoes which weren’t that odd, it was just Lucas made a show of announcing they were size 17. Again Scott wanted to call him out, but as he turned around he saw the enormous bare dogs that Lucas had connected to his three trunk legs. The thick toes flexing as Lucas looked.


“You know what they say about big feet” Lucas said quietly to Scott


Scott shook off the implication, knowing while Lucas was a beefy wrestler with massive flipper feet, he was still a short ass with a small baby cock if the flat front of his briefs in the morning was any indication.

With the presents done Scott’s dad and uncle went to the kitchen to work on getting the Christmas roast ready, while the mothers cleared up the ripped up wrappings. Scott carried his disappointing load of gifts up to his room, his heavy footfalls drowned out by the even heavier footfalls of Lucas behind him.

Lucas’ booming voice echoed around him, his beefy cousin gushing about all the amazing gifts he’d gotten. Scott actually pushed his door shut behind him, almost hitting Lucas in his chiseled lightly stubbled face.


“That was rude” Lucas said opening the door, not even looking at Scott


He was busy typing into his phone, Scott pulled at the fabric around his crotch, it was unusually baggy.


“So baby dick….” Lucas started


Scott was instantly turned around and squaring up to Lucas, just he wasn’t towering above him like he expected. Instead a squared meaty pec bounced slightly in front of his face. Lucas’ face smirking down at him.


“So baby dick” Lucas repeated, a massive finger flicked at the billowing empty crotch of Scott’s pajamas “We have a couple hours before Christmas dinner… what you want to do”


Scott started to splutter, the words catching in his throat. He didn’t know it, but he was wearing his older brother hand me down pajamas, he had the ass and legs to fill them out, but the Hitchens donkey dick had passed him by.


Lucas’ eyes rolled “Shouldn’t of left you aware, looks like your minds breaking”


A large hand fell onto Scott’s rounded shoulder and forced him to his knees. Lucas unlike Scott wasn’t struggling to fill out his pajamas bottoms. The fabric was bursting with meat, from Luca’s insanely thick pillar like thighs, to the rounded boulder ass that was eating away at the back of them. The hems of his boots ended at the thighs, someone had either cut them off or Lucas had burst them stuffing his quads into them. The crotch was like an entire butcher’s platter of beef, two swollen orbs of sloshing cum and a shank of the finest wrist fat cock meat strained at the seams. To Scott’s shock the sight was making his mouth water.


“Try not to think too hard, I want you to remember that I was once a runt, but I don’t want you to snap” Lucas said, his hand pulling Scott’s face towards his bulging crotch “Unlike your brother I want to see how my changes effect people, just wait till I get ahold of him”


Lucas laughs, the intentions behind it made Scott worried, but the musk of Lucas’ crotch was too incising. He sighed happily as Lucas’ other hand started to heave out a very fat soft cock.


“Good, your calming down, I knew making my cock your happy place was a smart idea” Lucas said starting to jerk his soft meat off “Give me a minute and I’ll dish up your breakfast”


Scott was shaking his head, but his tongue was hanging out and his mouth was full of salvia.


“Just don’t ruin your appetite” Lucas laughed his jerking speed increasing “You got a big dinner ahead of you”



Glenn thought that a salad place being considered fast food was weird, but he did find it cool that obesity seemed to mean killer abs now. But while everything had been weird so far, from the fat guy on the Calvin Klein billboard to the Big Bang Theory now having a cast of bodybuilders, the changes to high school were scary. 
It was just like it had always been, there were cliques, there was bullying, there was popularity. But it was just plain scary, a guy like Eugene at 7ft tall and a couple hundred pounds of muscle shied away from the crowds and almost climbed into his locker when king jock Kevin passed him in the corridor. 

Glenn though realised he was the scary one, he was a 6ft6 nerd that didn’t act like a nerd. He was acting cocky, he was acting like a jock would. But he wasn’t a jock, he was a nerd, and nerds were hunks in this world. It terrified him, he really needed to fix this mess.


Eugene was worried about Glenn, the confusion this morning could of just been him still being tired. The clothes though couldn’t be, Eugene hadn’t noticed it before because of the jacket Glenn was wearing, but when Glenn took it off in class the sleeveless vest was obvious. Glenn had never worn a vest, only jocks did. It highlighted Glenn’s pecs and shoulders, it clung around his abs. No nerd had any business wearing clothes that revealed that much, but then again Eugene’s clothes were just as tight.
But Glenn didn’t seem to care, he seemed to love it. He was flexing when people looked, throwing cocky grins and sneers at any jock that looked at him the wrong way. He was gonna get hit, but he didn’t seem to care.

“So…..” Glenn started quietly, from their perch at the back of class “I think I should try for a girlfriend” 

Eugene tried not to laugh “What Sarah” 

Glenn spluttered his eyes on Sarah, she was nice, but plain. Completely in Glenn’s league.

“No, not Sarah” Glenn whispered “Courtney” 

Eugene’s worries were confirmed. Courtney was Kevin’s girlfriend. She was tall, slim, big titted and gorgeous. She would never go for a built hunky nerd like Glenn. Before Eugene could start on Glenn about how stupid he sounded Glenn butted in.

“You should get a guy too, what about Kevin, you making him suck your dick on a regular basis would make breaking him and Courtney up much easier” Glenn offered

“No, I don’t like Kevin, plus he’s straight” Eugene answered

“No one is straight when your 7ft tall and built like a bull” Glenn smirked slapping Eugene’s thick thigh for effect

“He’s not my type, too arrogant, and again he’s straight” Eugene replied, deciding to play along with what ever had come over Glenn “So you’re gonna break Kevin and Courtney up and then get the hottest girl in school to date you a big hunky nerd” 

Glenn’s eyebrow cocked “You say that like its a bad thing” 

Glenn got up from his seat, Eugene hadn’t noticed that the bell had gone for lunch and the class was emptying. Glenn jogged off to follow Courtney, so Eugene was left alone.

Rhodes the math teacher called after Eugene in the emptying corridor “Eugene, how’s the college hunt going” 

Rhodes was a little shorter then Eugene, but was just as thick with muscle. His suit looked painted on and dangerously close to bursting. 

“Good, had an interview with CalTech, MIT and Cambridge” Eugene smiled

“Cambridge” Rhodes nodded “Didn’t know you were thinking about going abroad, you know their systems are different to ours”

“Yea I know” Eugene explained “They had me do the push up, pull up and sprint tests “ 

“I’m sure you will get in” Rhodes grinned “You study more then any student I’ve had, and it shows, your very smart and very big” 

“So are you” Eugene joked back

Rhodes bounced his pecs and regretted it as the shirt popped open.

“Fuck…… that’s what I get for trying to be funny” Rhode scolded himself “And forget I swore”

“Done” Eugene smirked “I’m gonna get lunch, but we should talk about my other applications”

“Yea we should, Harvard and Princeton have you on a weight bench while you’re interviewed” Rhodes answered while trying to pull his shirt  back over his pecs “We should practice, tomorrow meet in the library at lunch, we’ll start then”

“Sure thing” Eugene nodded as he jogged off towards the canteen

Eugene’s mates were no where to be seen when he got to the canteen, they’d probably already gone to the library to burn off some energy before gym next period. 

“Hey, Eugene” A soft voice asked soon after Eugene had sat down to eat

It was Leon, a cute blond boy from the drama club. He was the odd mix of nerd and jock, he had the height and natural build of a jock, 5ft4 with slender shoulders. But he studied a lot, Eugene had even seen him in the library a few times, so he had a tight ripped body, one that Eugene had stared at a lot in the locker room.

“Hey…” Eugene greeted the nerves obvious in his voice 

Leon rocked a little on his toes, like he was nervous too. What did he have to worry about, a few BurgerKings and he’d be an Abercrombie model in no time flat Eugene thought. He wore enough of their stuff, the baggy shirts and loose fitting jeans. Just Leon’s jeans hugged his ass too well, just like how Eugene wore his jeans, jus like how a nerd wore their jeans.

“I was wondering if you could help me with my interview for Cambridge, I know you’re already had yours” Leon asked

“Yea sure, they see how fast you run 100 meters, how long it takes to do 100 pull ups and push ups” Eugene explained “And the normal questions throughout” 

“Cool, what did you wear” Leon asked “I wore suits for my other interviews, but academics weren’t that big with them”

“Oh, I’ve worn study shorts too all of I’m” Eugene nodded

“No shirt” Leon questioned

Eugene shook his head “Why would I need one, do you study with a shirt on”

Leon’s eyes widened a little, Eugene couldn’t tell why, he was probably shocked at how big a nerd Eugene was.

“Me and Rhodes are practicing for my other interviews tomorrow in the library at lunch, I can help you then” Eugene said stuffing a mouthful of chicken breast into his mouth

“OK, but I’m wearing a shirt” Leon smiled as he walked away


Eugene was just finishing lunch as Glenn slid into the seat next to him. His vest was sweating and he had a massive smirk on his face.

“I just jogged home and back” Glenn stated

“Ok” Eugene looked at the clock “You’re slower then normal” 

“Really, I thought I was fast, it felt great though” Glenn smirked pulling out his phone

Eugene downed the last of his lunch as Glenn started tapping away on his phone.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” Glenn shouted, the lunch ladies jumped

“What” Eugene asked calming Glenn down

Glenn looked deep in thought for a moment “I’ve been playing this game, like SIMS, it lets me control THE…. I mean A world, and I did some big changes and now my game can’t undo them” Glenn explained

“Just reset the game, or change things back” Eugene offered

“I can’t, the game saved my changes as the default” Glenn sighed

“What game does that” Eugene asked getting up to head to gym

“This one apparently, but I can work around it, just need to make some more changes” Glenn smiled




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