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Since tumblr is gonna delete me I might as well move here and post all my old tf stories and any new ones I create too.

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Chronivac Universe- Part Six


It didn’t seem weird to Mitch that all his friends had to suck his dad off when they came to visit, though he never had to do it when he went round their houses. It was just how his dad was, plus it was his house, you had to go by his rules.

But then other people's fathers didn’t have constantly boned 13 inch wrist thick monster cocks with orange sized balls that were forever streaming thick gooey cum.

His father had one rule, if you were a guy over 16 and under 30 you had to milk a load out of his cock before you came into his house. It was a fun rule, all Mitch’s friends thought so, even when his father hosted his work barbeque every year and the hot interns and his colleagues sons sucked his bull nuts dry no complained, even though a lot of food went uneaten. Though Mitch his hate having to make conversation with his fathers work friends while their sons were busy milking his dad. It left poor Mitch with no one his age to chat with for a while.

At this very moment Mitch was watching TV while his buddy Vince sucked out his ‘welcome’ load from Mitch’s dad’s cock, Vince was a regular visitor, everyday since school ended, even though he lived across town. Vince was getting pretty good at milking that horse cock, he almost had it down to a science. A couple flicks of his tongue and it would only be another 20 minutes till his guts were sloshing with Mitch's father's thick cum. For most people it took an hour to get a load out of the monster.

A clicking started, Mitch saw his dad smirking while he quickly typed something onto his phone. Which was pretty rude, Vince was trying really hard to be a good guest and his dad wasn't even giving his friend the attention he deserved. 

Mitch blinked, Vince’s loud moans blocked out the TV’s sound. Why did his father have to be such a good fucker, poor Vince’s eyes were rolling into the back of his head while Mitch’s dad impaled him again and again on his 15 inch baguette of a cock, his swollen grapefruit sized nuts slapped Vince’s peachy ass.  Mitch watched Vince's feet flex from their perch over Mitch's father's boulder like shoulders. Vince was probably delirious from another orgasm. 

It was easy inviting friends over, they always came, then his dad made them cum. His one rule of fucking every 16 to 30 year old boy was ironclad, even Mitch’s young English teacher didn’t escape when he came around to talk about Mitch’s progress in class. Or the neighbour boys when they 'accidentally' tossed a football over the fence, they seemed to do that once or twice a week.

Mitch watched his father’s wide back flare as his hairy arms pumped Vince down onto the his massive member. His dad’s muscle ass clenched and he roared. Mitch knew that his father had welcomed Vince properly with a thick gooey load shot deep into his guts. Now they could hang out, that was if Vince wasn’t exhausted after an hour long fuck.

Why did his dad have to be such a welcoming stud.




It had been a few days since Drew had let his two straight friends turn themselves into cum hungry sluts thanks to his jacuzzi and he was worn out. The boys had been riding him constantly and while he was blessed with an elephant cock, his body was failing him. Drew gave his boys some chores with the promise of a fuck when they finished, so that he could get some free time. Finally he’d be able to test out the jacuzzi.

He flicked it onto the setting he'd been planning on using all along and lowered himself into the bubbling water. The effects were instant, his skin prickled as it hit the water. It started with what felt like a deep wash, all faults in skin clearing. Then it started to burn, a deep pleasurable burn. Drew braced himself against the edge moaning as the water focused into a fierce torrent around his cock.

The burn melted fat and filled Drew’s slender muscles with strength. It refined Drew, removed and corrected faults. It stretched his bones, his widening feet slid across the jacuzzi bottom.

Drew felt his jaw broadening, stubble spreading across his face. The uneven dusty of hair on his chest retracted. The only body hair on his now athletic body was a small treasure trail running between his solid ab muscles, it was still more hair then Chris and Dan had.

Drew let out a sigh as the burn faded and the bubbles slowed, his hand caught the setting button and flicked it back to jacuzzi. He smirked down at very above average bulge in his speedo, now surrounded by a body which matched it.

“Wow” the soft voices of Chris and Dan chimed in unison

Drew winked at the thong clad sluts, it was a rule the boys decided on, they shouldn’t wear clothes. They dropped their thongs and splashed into the pool. Drew gave his decent sized pecs a bounce and the boys giggled, their slender hands pulled at the speedo, fishing out his hefty cock.

The two boys started jacking the fat monster, kissing and licking the fist sized head that rose from the bubbling water. Drew leaned back and let the boys work. He decided he’ll let them finish then see what another dose of subnami would do to the former jocks, hopefully it would make them a little more manageable. They were still pretty tall and built, though Drew’s new stud body was evening the odds, another dose of studicane should fix that.



“Sir, what kind of car is that”

“I was giving it an oil change, my first one by the way”

“And I got a load of oil on me, then I looked like this”

“Really, you don’t see a problem”

“I’m in high school, I was just being shown the ropes”

“Now I look like I should be on the cover of Men’s Fitness”

“OK, the abs aren’t that bad”

“And it’s nice being taller”

“But how do I explain this”


“Because I was like 5ft8 and barely 90 pounds”

“Now look at me, these arms have more muscle then my old body did”

“OK, I’ll flex my arms again”

“Sir, what are you doing, stop touching me”

“You’re like 25, I’m barely 18”

“Oh, you’re right, I’ll probably 25 now”

“So… I really shouldn’t be a 25 year old virgin”

“Especially if I look like this”



“Water is great man”

“Oh, what happened to me”

“What do you mean”

“Are you crazy, I’ve always been a stud”

“I’m serious man, are you OK”

“Wait, you don’t remember me at all”

“Shit, that guy had said my life would change”

“Oh, yea, I saved this guy”

“But if he had changed anything then I would be different”

“I mean I’ve always been 6ft4”

“I’ve always been ripped”

“I’ve always been this good looking”

“Wait, you really don’t remember”

“You think I was a pasty nerd, that’s weird”

“So you don’t remember sucking me off”

“Mate, you suck me off all the time”

“I come back from working at the pizza shop and I’m super horny”

“I’ve got like a baby’s arm in my shorts, and you can’t wait to get some”

“You are like addicted to my cock”

“Don’t blush man, you’re a great cock sucker”

“How about it, there’s some beach huts back there”

“I’m sure I can get you to remember”



“Hey Jim” the muscle hunk boomed as he approached

It was then that Jim recognised the stud. It was Toby, the little guy that he’d babysat for years before Jim went off to college. But there was nothing little about Toby now, he was huge. A few inches taller then Jim and twice as broad. His thick arms burst out of the armholes of his peach vest, his heavy pecs straining the fabric tightly. His chiseled face decorated with thick dark stubble.

“What the fuck happened to you, you’re huge” Jim gushed, Toby was one hot mother fucker

Toby smirked and flexed one arm, the bicep exploded with veins.

“Puberty…. it hit me like a fucking freight train” Toby sniggered

Jim nodded and looked over his shoulder to the restaurant he was meeting his family at, Toby noticed.

“You just get back from college” Toby asked as he moved towards the restaurant, and Jim started to follow, his eyes on Toby’s broad back

“Yea meeting the family” Jim answered “You”

Toby grinned “Meeting my girl”

Jim followed Toby in and saw his parents and older sister waiting for him on the far side of the room. He was about to say goodbye to Toby, but the hunk was moving towards Jim’s family. Dread spread over Jim, what if Toby was dating my sister.

Lucy rose from the table and caught Toby in a deep passionate kiss. Jim watched as Toby’s large hand slid under Lucy’s tight skirt. He overheard Lucy moan “So fucking horny” and the couple left for the bathroom. Toby tossed his sunglasses onto the table and gave Jim a cheeky wink.

They returned after 30 minutes, Toby swaggering to his seat, Lucy limping and cramming her sodden panties into her purse. The dinner appeared normal, but Jim was sure that Toby was feeling up his sister beneath the table.

The night was worse, turns out that Toby more of less lived with Lucy now, and they would use Jim’s bed when theirs got too sticky. Jim’s blanket were caked in Jim’s dried cum, and used condoms littered the floor. Then the moaning started, Lucy was near screaming as Toby fucked her. Her bed smashing against the wall. Jim noticed the crack in his wall and the broken shelf. Toby had fucked her so hard and often that he’d started to break the house.

In the morning Jim was almost falling asleep in the shower when Toby joined him in the bathroom. He used the toilet and started to give graphic details about his and Lucy’s fuck session yesterday. Jim found himself getting boned over it.

“You hard…” Toby asked “Same, your sis is fucking hot”

Jim hid is average cock and tried to get a peak at Toby’s dick. It rose from between his thick thigh, which were spread wide to give his monster bull nuts some space. The shaft was thick and veiny, the head looked like a deadly weapon.

“You know, you are her have the same ass” Toby mused “Peachy”

Jim blushed and started to splutter.

Toby laughed “Don’t worry, Lucy is cool with it, I have four other girlfriends, but I’m looking for a guy to fuck…. I hate using condoms”

Jim started to shake with anticipation as Toby’s large bulk squeezed into he shower with him. His big hands pulling apart Jim’s plump butt cheeks.

Toby chuckled “Gonna be a tight fit”


Pretty sure I have posted a swapcation story before. 


Welcome to Swapcations the newest way for professionals to travel.

Tired of your flabby tired body just taking up space in an office…take a swapcation.

For a reasonable fee you can take a week to a month swapcation in any one of 3000 vacation vessels.

How about Pablo, this Brazilian hottie loves the sun and loves fucking in the sun even more.

Or maybe Hans, this German stable boy is just as hung as the horses he cares for.

Maybe your tastes are more mature, maybe Robert is for you, this beefy plumber is always being called around to the fraternity house to clean some pipes.

Take someone with you with our Couple Swapcations.

You want to try being the TOP for a week or two, we can help.

Take Craig, this monster cocked stud can’t get enough of boyfriend Harry’s bubble butt, and neither will you.

Or maybe Dimitri, this big brute is as gentle as anything when snake tongued Peter gets between his cheeks.

If you’re interested in a Swapcation don’t call us, we’ll call YOU


Disappointment Hank always knew he was a disappointment to his father. Hank Snr had wanted a boy who could live up to his name, a beast of a boy. A real stud, a boy who could smash through a defensive line like it was made of sand. But Hank was a...

Hank always knew he was a disappointment to his father. Hank Snr had wanted a boy who could live up to his name, a beast of a boy. A real stud, a boy who could smash through a defensive line like it was made of sand. A boy who’d turn into a real man’s man, who’d have a jaw line that could chew leather and shoulders broad enough to carry the world.

But Hank was a gentle soul, too much like his mother. Where her small size and kind heart were seen a desirable feature by Hank Snr, in his son they were seen as weaknesses. He viewed his son as too effeminate, too soft and wimpy.

It only got worse when Hank came out to his family, and worse still when Hank introduced his 6ft6 lumberjack hunk of a boyfriend Bryan to his father. Hank knew why his father was pissed, it was because Bryan was obviously the top in the relationship. It was obvious to everyone that a big broad shoulders slab of beef like Bryan would be the guy fucking every last sense out of little cute Hank.

For Hank Snr he just couldn’t stand the idea of his one and only son taking a dick, especially the huge one that showed in Bryan’s jeans. The large lump which forced itself out against his jeans, backed up by two immense rolling bull nuts.

It hurt Bryan a lot to see Hank hurting, he couldn’t understand why anyone would treat such a cute little guy like scum just because he loved a big lug. The two guys talked one night, and Hank spilled on everything, how he was meant to be a big guy like his father or like Bryan.

Bryan knew that he had to do, he would use his father’s rings. The rings were simple pieces of gold, but once worn by two people the rings would swap the souls of the wearers. Bryan believed it wholeheartedly, he and his brother spent days swapping between each others bodies when they were younger. Most would have just batted away such an idea as some imagined game between two brothers, but Hank believed Bryan.

It was simple to set up and within moments Hank was towering over Bryan. Wordlessly Bryan in Hank’s small body unclipped his old bodies jeans and fished out his old horse cock. It was the first time Hank felt what a blowjob felt like, and it was good. The switched couple ended up on the bed with Hank using his new hulking muscles to fuck Bryan so hard the headboard cracked.

Bryan hid the rings, he knew that Hank would grow guilty about taking Bryan’s body, but it was for the best. Bryan wanted to be the small guy needing protection for a while, and it let Hank use his new size to tell his father what he thought about him to his face.



“These drinks are delicious” Oscar said slurping from a straw

In each hand he was holding a large hollowed out fruit. It was gimmick that the beach side bars did, they fill the fruit up with any drink of your choosing and you’d get to live out some tropical fantasy in your head.

Peter who laid on a towel next to Oscar on the sandy beach barely looked at his buddy. He was just trying to get a tan while Oscar was abusing the free bar.

“What flavours did you get’ Peter asked

Their other friends were in the crystal clear sea, tossing a beach ball between themselves. The group having taking a short vacation to a nice tropical island before school got crazy. Not like missing a week of classes in the middle of the semester would affect their grades at all.

“I got…” Oscar answered between slurps “Meaty Mango… and Alpha Apricot”

Peter sat up, his eyes curious behind his sunglasses.

“Those flavours sound weird” he said looking to Oscar

His friend looked different. He was shirtless, but it suited him more than it did at the start of the trip. His flabby stomach was tighter and firmer, his fatty moobs had turned solid and were now pecs. Peter watched as Oscar took a long slurp from one of the fruits, his friends bicep suddenly gained another inch.

“Was that Meaty Mango” Peter asked

Oscar shook his head, his greasy blond hair now had a nice lustre to it.

“Alpha Apricot” he said “This is Meaty Mango”

Oscar took a long slurp from the other hollow fruit. Peter saw something move in Oscar’s shorts. His fat thighs were now a lot more solid and pulling his brown swim shorts tight. A long slab of cock was running down Oscar’s leg and it was just about to pop out the leg of his shorts.

“Meaty” Peter muttered to himself just as the fat head of Oscar’s cock peeked out the leg of the shorts

Oscar stopped slurping and pulled at his shorts, tucking his cock away.

“Alpha… for muscle” Peter muttered looking at Oscar’s muscled chest

“What you saying” Oscar asked smiling between slurps of fruit juice

“Oh, nothing, just musing” Peter said smiling

Oscar’s pecs bounced, suddenly having gained a few pounds of muscle. Oscar returned to drinking and watching the rest of their friends playing in the ocean. Peter’s eyes were glued to Oscar, watching for every little change as Oscar drained his large fruit drinks.

“Say…. Oscar” Peter asked

Oscar turned to Peter, his lips thicker and poutier, his eyes bluer and brighter. His jaw looked more square and his double chin had vanished.

“Yea buddy” Oscar said, he almost sounded annoyed that Peter was bothering him, his voice dismissive of his friend

Peter watched as Oscar smirked, his shiny white teeth on show and his now tanned thick pecs bounced out a little tune.

“Where did you get those drinks from” Peter asked

Oscar didn’t seem to listening, he was flexing a full bicep and comparing the size of it to the large fruit he’d just been drinking from. Peter was guessing the Alpha Apricot was giving him more than just an alpha body, it was giving Oscar an alpha attitude.

“Oh” Oscar said turned to point behind him, flexing his bicep in Peter’s face as he did “At that beach hut”

Peter looked to where Oscar was pointing. There was nothing there, just empty golden sand.

“Huh, that’s weird” Oscar said slurping the last of his fruit drink

Without any effort Oscar tossed the finished drink over the heads of several other beachgoers and watched it land perfectly in a large trash can.

“Nothing but net” Oscar laughed, slapping Peter’s pale shoulder with a large tanned hand

“I’m gonna hit the water, see ya later little guy” Oscar laughed jumping to his feet and ruffling Peter’s hair

Peter looked on open mouth as Oscar stomped into the sea, at least 3 inches of fat cock hanging out the leg of his shorts. Peter looked to the large trash can, he wondered if there was any final drops of juice in those discarded fruit.



David watched as Logan climbed into the graffiti covered bus. His best friend flinging his skinny legs over one of the empty window frames and heaving his slender form into the guts of the old bus.

The bus was an urban legend for their town. David’s parents had talked about it being around when they were kids, Logan had even said that his grandfather knew about the buried bus.

The story was that the bus was an old red London double decker bus. A London bus which had somehow found its way across the Atlantic and then across the United States and found itself buried in a rocky valley in California. Everyone from drunk British sailors or aliens had been blamed for the buried bus, but for kids its was a place of horror.

It was a place where you showed off how brave you were, a place where dares were made.

“I dare you to touch the bus”

“I dare you to sit in one of the seats”

Logan hadn’t been dared at all, he was just curious, not that David wasn’t curious, he was just scared. Even though David was a senior in high-school and heading off to college soon the buried bus still scared him. Even beneath a cloudless blue sky with a bright sun shining the rusty colour strewn bus was creepy, there was just something about it.

It didn’t seem to affect Logan, he wanted to know what was on the bottom deck of the bus. Not one of the stories about the buried bus explained why it was buried or what was on the bottom floor. No one had even seemed to have gone down the stairs to the bottom floor, no one even mentioned that it had a bottom floor beyond saying it was a double decker London bus.

So David stood about 20 ft away from the bus as his best friend vanish into its interior.

“You see anything” David called

He could see Logan head of messy brown hair popping up from behind the rusty frame of a window.
“Nothing, just graffiti and rusty seats” Logan called back

While Logan had a very youthful voice, almost like puberty had skipped him, he was still able to throw a lot of authority into his voice. He always sounded confident even though a strong wind would blow him away like a plastic bag.

“You see the stairs” David called

He watched Logan’s messy hair move from the front of the bus down towards the back.

“Yea, they are here” Logan called back

There was a moment of silence and then the sound of a rock bouncing down the metal stairs.

“Its not buried” Logan called, some excitement in his voice “I’m going to head down”


Logan gently took his first step down to the lower deck of the bus. His small flip flop clad foot tested out the integrity of the rusty step.

The step held and he descended down into the bus.

He expected it to be dark, but it wasn’t. Sun light was pouring down through small holes in the upper deck’s floor.

The entire lower deck was clear. While the glass from the windows was gone the ground hadn’t caved in. Instead flat slabs of rock covered ever window. It was like the bus was encased in cement.

The rock had been covered in graffiti, but these weren’t the tags of artists or obscene images. They looked like cave drawings. Spirals and letters in foreign languages. With each aisle of rusty seats the drawings became thicker and thicker, new stuff drawn over older stuff.

Logan’s confidence was fading with each step, the bus was beginning to scare him.

He came to the drivers cabin. The drawings that dominated the areas where the windscreen should be all pointed towards the cabin, driving Logan to look inside.

Gingerly Logan leaned forward to look into the cabin, his small skinny body shaking from fear.

There was nothing inside the cabin. No drivers seat, no gear box, no steering wheel.

Where wasn’t even a cabin, just an empty void.

Logan tried to pull away, but he couldn’t. The void was pulling him in. His small hands gripped at the rusty door frame around him, the void now rushing air pass him as it sucked him into itself.

The rust beneath his fingers gave away, crumbling into red dust and Logan fell into the void.

Logan screams as he fell. His body twisting in the void, his arms and legs swinging wildly. He could feel air howling pass himself. He was falling, the void wasn’t just empty space, it went somewhere.

His chest felt tight as he fell, like he was struggling to breath. Logan could barely see himself in the darkness, but he could see that his chest was growing.

Expanding upwards and outwards with each breath, the void’s air growing his flat chest into a meaty pair of pecs that straining as his shirt.

He moved his hand onto his chest, feeling the muscle, it was real. Logan’s eyes widened as he watched his hand widened and this fingers thicken.

The change was running up his arms, his forearms exploding in size with thick veins appearing. He could feel his stomach crunching and just knew that his abdominal muscles had suddenly appeared.

His biceps expanded, popping the short sleeves of his shirt opened. Logan’s skinny shoulders ballooned with muscle, tearing his shirt apart. The tattered remains fluttering into oblivion as they escaped into the void, only the neck of his shirt remained.

It didn’t last long, it exploded as his neck grew into a tree trunk holding his tiny youthful head aloft.

Logan shorts grew tight as his thighs grew, matching his now meaty calfs. His feet now overhung his flip flops. His thick toes gripping onto them so that they didn’t fly away into the void as he fell.

Logan could see a light, a dim dot beneath him. It was growing brighter and brighter. He held his massive hands out to protect himself from the fall. His face cracking as he hid the light from his eyes. The bones rearranging themselves into a wide jaw and high cheekbones.

The light was blinding as Logan hit it.

He fell out of the void and into the rusty lower deck of the buried bus. His thick hands gripping the frame of a rusty chair. Logan was breathing heavily, his pecs rising and falling.

He stood up to his full height, and had to duck a little as his head hit the ceiling. Logan slowly made his way to the stairs, uneasy with his new long muscled legs and huge clown feet.

“Hey, you down there” David called

“Ummm, yea…” Logan called in a deep voice

His hand shot up to his thick neck, his voice was different. He went to explain to David why his voice was changed and what he found on the lower deck, but he didn’t need to.

“Oh, ok, didn’t hear from you for a little bit” David said, nothing in his friends voice indicated he’d noticed anything different

Logan went up the stairs, each step creaking loudly under his new weight. He continued to duck as he reached the upper deck. He now could see David clearly, his friend nervously waiting for him.

Logan stepped over a window frame, his long legs making it easier. He hiked up his shorts as he did, his big hand getting a handful of enlarged balls and a slab like cock.

“Fuck” Logan muttered quietly as he let his cock flop down the leg of one of his shorts

Logan rose out of the bus, his head level with the top of it. He felt his chest flexing instinctively, each pec bouncing.

“So” David asked eagerly, not noticing anything at all “What did you find”

David stared up at Logan as the now bigger boy stepped up to him. David just smiling like nothing was different. Behind David was Logan’s car, they’d driven up to the buried bus in Logan’s rusty hand me down wreck, now it was a big red truck, just like the one that Logan had wanted for his 18th birthday.

The void had changed him, he had the body of dreams, and now had the car of his dreams. Is that what it did, did the void grant you all your wildest dreams.

Logan felt his heavy soft cock against his thigh, he’d always wanted a big dick, he used to pray for a bigger cock.

It must grant wishes.

“Come on, what did you find” David asked again staring up to his best friend

Logan smiled down at his best friend and put a big muscled arm over his shoulder, turning him away from the buried bus and leading him to Logan’s new red truck.

“Nothing, nothing at all” Logan lied as he wondered how much cement he’d need to block up the buried bus’ stairs



“We return now to Kyle, who’s trapped with the hunters drawing nearer” the voice of the Host sounded out in Kyle’s head

He was lying low in some bushes, pressing his toned lithe form as close to the grassy ground as he could.

The shrubs around him hiding him from view, a large tree behind him coating him with dark shade.

Less then ten feet ahead of him stood three men.

Three large, muscled men, who each had a large bulge between their meaty legs.

Kyle couldn’t help but lick his lips. He fought against the urge to jump out of the bushes and offer his throat and round bubble butt up to the hunky studs. 

He knew if he then the urges would stop and he would finally get rid of the itch deep within him to have a monster cock slamming his prostate, but he also knew that if he did all that then he’d lose the game and lose 500,000 dollars.


The three men stood at the crossroads, sniffing the air.

“Fuck I can’t tell where they went” one of them said scratching at his beefy nuts in his shorts

“Yea, they all came through here” another said annoyed, his bare pecs bouncing

“We should split up” the last one offered, a large hand down his shorts

The three of them nodded, each taking a different path from the crossroads. Each still sniffing the air as they went, their rounded muscle asses flexing with each long stride.

Kyle waiting for a little before pulling himself out of the bushes and making his escape. He had to stay on the move or the twink hunters would get him.


Around the world an audience of millions was watching with bated breath as Kyle escaped a rough fucking at the hands of the twink hunters. The odd of him winning this years Twink Hunt rose up again. He hadn’t been the favourite at the start, but he was getting closer to being the underdog choice to win.

Twink Hunt was a sensation when it first came about, using the latest nanotechnology to turn a bunch of men into cock hungry little twink who had to spend a week in the wilderness fleeing the monster cocked Twink Hunters. It had spawned a ‘prequel’ show were the twinks were followed during their change and their time in boot camp learning how to suck cock. It had an All Stars show, we’re former competitors returned to get fucked again.

The after show “Hunters Lodge” was a big pull as well, mostly for the day in life parts where they followed the sexy Hunters. Mostly it was honey guys watching to see more detailed looks at the Hunter’s muscle bound bodies.

But Kyle wasn’t thinking about appearing on an All Stars season, he was thinking about not getting caught.

This seasons favourite to win had already been caught and fucked senseless, that had been two episodes ago. The marine who’d been regressed into a cute bubble butted twink hadn’t even lasted a full episode.

He was caught before the end of the opener, the biggest and baddest twink hunter with over 50 captures under his belt had got ahold of the marine and was still fucking him senseless in the cabin the marine had stopped off at to catch his breath.

The show would jump back to the marine to see how he was fairing, 23 loads had been shot into him already. His slim belly was bulging with cum, another dozen and he’d beat the record for fucks in a season. No hunter had ever been so enamoured with a twink before.

But Kyle kept moving, he’d seen a few other twinks fall prey to the hunters. He’d heard stories that a lot of twinks refused to be turned back into their old selfs once they’d been caught.

Kyle didn’t want to be a twink his entire life, he’d been hoping to last long enough that he’d be invited back to be a twink hunter.

Since the show had started he’d wanted to be one of the towering sex beasts, they were superstars.

But now Kyle thought he might have a chance at winning.

Kyle’s face slammed into 6 hairy bricks. He fell back onto his bubble butt and stared upwards at Eric, last years winner.

He’d lasted the entire week without getting caught and had been invited back to be a twink hunter for this year.

 “Nice, my first one” Eric said, his voice booming

Eric has been a runty nerd at the start of his season and then turned into a very hot little twink, Kyle remembered jerking off to the footage of Eric’s little bubble butt bouncing as he ran.

Now Eric was a mountain, a hairy red headed Viking. The show had made a very big deal about revealing Eric’s transformation, even having him measure his 13.5 inch cock on live tv.

Kyle slowly stood up, he knew he couldn’t run, he’d just get thrown over a broad shoulder before he could get a step away.

He’d have to make a show of it, give the viewers what they want and he could still get something out of this. Even if it was a twink trainer job at the bootcamp before the hunt began.

He dropped to his knees, begging Eric to let him go. It sounded forced, but the audience wouldn’t care, they were busy jerking off.

Both he and Eric saw the drone cameras dropping in to get the best view.

Eric winking down at Kyle, he knew what game Kyle was playing.

Slowing he undid his shorts and heaved out the biggest cock the show had ever had.

Kyle over exaggerated a gulp, even though the cock was very scary up close.

“So your mouth or ass” Eric offered

He wasn’t actually offering, Kyle had no choice in the matter.

Both of them knew the audience were on their smart phones quickly voting on which hole they wanted Eric to destroy first.

Kyle just hoped he could handle Eric growing cock, it was only half hard and he could barely get his little hands around it. He did though want to see what his new round ass could do.

Both Kyle and Eric could hear the shows Host in their head all of a sudden.

“And the votes are in... last years champion... Eric will be breaking in cute little Kyle’s.... mouth”

“Damn” Both Eric and Kyle muttered with disappointment



“What do you mean you won’t swap back” 

*The three hunks just stood and stared somewhat intimidatingly*

“You have to swap back...”

“You can’t stay in those bodies” 

“You signed contracts, exchanged money” 

“You’ll be in court for years” 

“What do you think? That you’d just vanish into a crowd” 

“You are inside the bodies of three famous models” 

“People will recognise you wherever you go” 

*One of the guy explains their evil plan*

“Oh... oh, that...”

*You think for a moment, admiring the hunks bare chests while you do*

“That might actually work”



“Come in honey, the water is great” 

*You stare open mouthed as your boyfriend comes galloping out of the water* 

“What’s wrong”

“What do you mean, look at myself?”

*He looks down and gasps*

“I’m... I’m” 

*You try to calm him, hoping no one notices the guy freaking out*

“I’m hot” 

*He starts poking his abs with a strong finger*

*You sigh that wasn’t what you expected him to say, he’d been a white ginger guy only ten minutes ago* 



Adrian watched over the beach with the same dead expression he did every day. He’d grown up on these beaches, played in the sea, built sand castles, and now he was working as a lifeguard to make some extra cash between semesters at college.

He hated it, the beach wasn’t the same when you had to police it. There was no fun, no lazy evenings under the setting sun. There was only being ignored by everyone even when he was trying to save their ass, and evening in bed exhausted from being ignored.


Watching from between the waves stood Poseidon. He knew of Adrian, he’d showed him mercy years ago and let the boy be saved from drowning.

He’d kept an eye on him every since. The god of the sea knew that Adrian had a deep love and respect for the ocean, he knew that Adrian understood the power of it.

He’d taken his time to find a mortal to gift with his blessing. He’d turned down sailors, divers, marine biologists. They didn’t feel right.

Poseidon knew that most of his brothers and sisters were ahead of him, they’d picked mortals. They were growing their flock.

But he’d taken his time, he hadn’t fallen on hard times like the other gods. Humanity always respected the sea, Poseidon always had people who’d pray to him, even if they didn’t use his name.

But he wasn’t going to miss out, and Adrian was perfect. He had the soul, and Poseidon would gift him the body. Adrian being a lifeguard was sure to bring countless mortals into Poseidon’s temple, even if that temple was Adrian’s bedroom for the time being.


Adrian was leaning against the railing of the lifeguards station, his lean body on full display. His boss was a pervert and had forced the female lifeguards into wearing little bikinis, and due to a lawsuit he’d then had to make the dress code ‘equal’. Instead of giving the girls normal clothes to wear he’d made all the male lifeguards wear speedo.

So Adrian was wearing tight white and gold speedos that showed to everyone that he had barely anything to fill them up.

Then the wind picked up and slapped him with a salty sea breeze.

His speedo strained against the kraken that had just sprouted inside it. Two rounded orbs and a long shrank of meat. Adrian stared down at it in shock, but a smooth deep voice whispered to him to be calm. He shook his hips, making his bulge bounce and shake.

His ass started to expand, thick powerful glutes to throw some hurricane like force behind Adrian’s new cock. Adrian pulled at his speedo to give himself some more space, his legs stretching and growing heavy with muscle.

Adrian was giddy, he should be freaking out, but the voice kept calming him.

The change was spreading, widening his feet, stretching his bones, packing meaty muscle onto his torso. His newly grown pecs bounced, his shoulders and biceps twitched.

His tan darkened and his hair gained a salty texture, like he’d been living in the ocean, instead of just taking a dip.

The breeze kept blowing, washing away the old Adrian. Waves of cool air sweeping in the new Adrian.

Tall, powerful, forceful, commanding. No one would ignore his orders anymore, when he told someone to get out of the water, they would, when he told someone to stop kicking sand, they would, when he demanded someone go to the lifeguard hut and spread their legs, they would.

Adrian scratched at his bulging basket and grabbed his bag, his shift was done. Normally he’d be getting changed before walking him, but today he felt it would be doing a disservice to his Lord if he covered up his glory. He picked up his old sneakers, not even realising that they wouldn’t fit his new flipper like feet.

Adrain was not what people would assume a servant of Poseidon would be, they’d assume a lean swimmer.

But a swimmer was meant to be quick and pass through the water, Adrian was big, broad and powerful he was meant to control the waves, to bend them and people to his will, all for the glory of Poseidon.




One day it just started, a burst of energy every morning when I woke up. It went on for a couple weeks before I noticed the changes, I was taller, broader. Only ever by a little, but it was noticeable.

No one at school noticed, I’m the mascot for my high school team, so I’m basically invisible. Just trapped inside my Bull costume.

When I noticed my changes I started to notice that Thad the quarterback looked a little deflated and it seemed to get worse day by day. He was losing bits of himself, becoming less and less like the big powerful Thad everyone knew. On the field he was becoming timid and delicate, off the field he was becoming shy and ignoring his friends and girlfriend.

The locker-room was worse, he was hiding behind towels and wasn’t even showering anymore to avoid being naked. It wasn’t like he was ugly, he was still near perfect, with nice muscles and an amazing face. He’d been perfect before, and now it seemed like I was gaining his perfection.

Pretty soon me and Thad were on the same level. We could have been twins, just I was blond and he was ginger. I started wearing looser clothes to hide my growth, didn’t want Thad working out what was happening. Only my sudden growth spurt was noticeable, and how my face had changed.

Me and Thad only came into contact at football games, me in a full Bull outfit and him on the bench. He’d been knocked off the main team after he shrunk to just under 6ft, he could barely keep up with other players now.

Then spring break came, over a week of growth, I was looking forward to how much Thad would have changed. It was a lot, when I walked into school on the first day back I couldn’t hide my changes. My loose clothes were tight now, I was pushing 6ft5 and absolutely gorgeous. Coach pulled me into his office and went off on one at me for not talking to him about training, he must have thought I’d been working out to try to get onto the team.

Of course I hadn’t and I didn’t want to be on the team, but this feeling came over me. I demanded Coach make me quarterback, I was bigger than the current one and after a quick demo I proved I was better than Thad and his replacement.

I saw Thad a couple days later, he’d dropped out of the team during spring break. He was so quiet now, and small, and timid. He actually called me ‘sir’ when I asked if he was Thad. He seemed to be in awe of me, staring up at me with his mouth open. He didn’t even think about it when I told him he’d be the new mascot, his submissiveness turned me on a little bit.

So it took probably two months for me and Thad to switch places, I still don’t know how. But I think his girlfriend had something to do with it, she threw herself at me when I joined the football team. She is fine with little Thad following me around all day, carrying my books, doing my laces when they come undone, grabbing my lunch for me.

It did take some time for her to let me wear my old Bull mascot mask when we fuck, but now she loves it, and Thad doesn’t complain about having to wash it.

I’m thinking about using Thad for something else other then as a slave, he does have a cute mouth. I bet he’d be open to the idea.



Jackson rushed back to his dorm room, his backpack bouncing with each step. The heavy books slamming into his skinny back.

Every few steps he had to push his glasses back up his hawk like nose, and have to focus so he didn’t trip over his ungraceful feet.

He arrived back at his dorm, thanking god again that he didn’t have to share it with a roommate. The heavy books crashing to the ground as he dropped his backpack and closed the door behind him with a loud bang.

Jackson kicked off his shoes and pulled off his shirt, stepping up to his bed he dropped his jeans. His briefs strained with the heavy slap of cock hidden within them, he scratched his swollen nuts and started searching through the bedside table.

He hadn’t jerked off since this morning and was near to desperate for release.

He found what he wanted, a small fleshlight. It was an XS size and used to fit Jackson perfectly, but now the rubber asshole was stretched out and the plastic holder was almost cracked from frequent use.

The fleshlight had arrived at Jackson’s door two months ago, sealed in a plain brown box. After leaving it for a few days and failing to find out who delivered it Jackson gave in and used it. He was almost too small for it at first, his small 2 incher not even touching the sides.

He dropped his briefs, out flopped 8 inches of soft horse cock. Jackson climbed onto his bed, his legs spread and his cock already hardening. Jackson was still in disbelief at the growth of his cock, it was now scary. Long, fat, covered in pencil thick veins and with a head that looked better suited to batter the gates of a castle down.

As he lined up the terrifying head of his cock with the tiny rubber asshole of the fleshlight the thick foreskin which has somehow regrown since Jackson got the fuck tube pulled back to reveal the angry red head.

Around campus several dozen athletes let out a moan of surprise as in unison they started to feel like they were being violently fucked by a baseball bat.

Every player on the football team, not just the first string, but the second string, the backups and the backups to the backups, every single player was getting their holes extremely stretched by an invisible force shaped just like Jackson’s wrist fat baby maker.

Some were in class, biting their lips and gripping onto the wooden desk or the chair in front of them. Grinding their toned athletic asses into their seats for some relief.

Others had worked out the schedule of the invisible cock which bred them multiple times a day and were right now wrapped in bedsheets moaning. An entire frat house was filled with the sounds of beds rocking back and forth as footballers were fucked raw by the biggest dick they’d never seen. Some would swear if they would even talk about it that they could feel two enormous orbs slapping their asses, they even had the bruises to show for it.

Some players dropped out, including boys with possible NFL careers, all to find that once they did they weren’t getting power fucked by a jack hammer all day. One or two even rejoined the team only to get their asses stretched open again.

Not one jock had told anyone what was going on, pride stopped them. Not that they could stop it or even find out what was happening, Jackson himself didn’t even know he was fucking the entire football team with his enlarged bull cock.

Jackson just furiously slammed his cock into the tiny tube, somehow his entire cock vanished into the thing even though it really should be bursting out of the other end.

He’d also never really thought why he’d never had to clean it. Jackson knew he was shooting huge loads, he could feel his hairy nuts emptying 20 or more ropes of thick cum into the tube. Yet it was always empty when he finished.

Jackson would fuck his fleshlight long into the night, stopping for a short shower and dinner, and maybe an hour of homework if he hadn’t done it already. It was surprisingly well timed, as the footballers all needed to be at practice when ever Jackson had a long break.

But the second practice was over and the athletes were home to get some sleep they were being bred into their mattress by the invisible cock of Jackson again.

This had been going on for months, with Jackson’s cock, stamina, roughness and load size getting larger with each passing day.

When Spring break came around the footballers left for home hoping the fuckings wouldn’t follow them. Jackson though packed his things, including the fleshlight, and hoped he’d get some new underwear.

As he went to leave he found a nicely wrapped present at his door. Glittery green paper with a bright red ribbon making a bow. He picked it up and stepped back into his dorm room, closing the door behind him. Dropping his bag he tore the present open, there wasn’t a card.

Inside was a new fleshlight. Fresh and unused, it hadn’t been abused by Jackson’s horse cock yet. Jackson looked it over, smiling that the rubber wasn’t an asshole this time, it was a pursed set of lips.



Owen pulled his coat close to himself, the rain pelting down onto the Danish street. Even though he’d lived here for over a year he still felt like a fish out of water. It was nice place, he just felt small. The average height here for men was much higher than back home in Britain, and 5′8 Owen was at least 6 inches shorter then the average blond Danish man.

He rushed up the stairs to his apartment, where the feeling that he was tiny got worse. Owen lived with a German, a Dane, a Swede and an Asian-American. All of them were big guys, they all went to the gym together, leaving little redheaded Owen alone.

Owen found Peter and Sven watching TV in their workout shorts, the German scratching at his abs, while Sven was tying his Swedish mane of golden blond hair into a bun. The TV’s sound was turned up very loud, and Owen could just about hear why. Lee’s bed was crashing against his bedroom wall, the giant Japanese hulk from San Francisco was ruining another poor Danish girl.

Owen sighed, Lee was always at it, Asians were just sex gods, plain and simple. It still felt odd to him, like Asians didn’t fit the image. Owen just couldn’t place it, like something had changed. He always brushed those thoughts off, he was just jealous of the massive stud. Owen grinned to himself at his own stupid thoughts and started pulling off his shoes, when Noah the native Dane thudded pass him, knocking Owen off balance.

“Shit… sorry Owen” he apologised pulling off his headphones

Noah was oversized, and was more viking like then Sven. Overdeveloped pecs stretched out his shirt and long beard masked an amazing solid jawline. He’d got caught without a coat and his shirt was damp to his chest and thick meaty arms. Owen nodded in response to his apology and bit his lips as Noah’s pecs bounces involuntary. He headed to the kitchen, while Noah slapped both Peter and Sven on their beefy shoulders before vanishing into his room to change out of his wet clothes.

“Anyone want a cuppa” Owen asked the two big blond men on the sofa

“Nah” Peter called back

“Owen, I haven’t asked, what is it with you Brits and tea” Sven asked

Owen ran a hand through his short reddish hair and sighed.

“I really have no idea” He grinned, something about India and the empire

They all spoke english in the apartment, as all of them but Noah were learning Danish. Owen lifted a supposably clean cup out of the sink, only it wasn’t and cold tea splattered Owen’s shirt. He grimaced and pulled off his shirt, his pale lean chest on show, lightly freckled and with little to no fat. Thankfully his red sweats were spared, he wouldn’t have to show off his tiny bulge, damn his Irish genes. That was another thing he was jealous about, he remembered his grandad mentioning before Owen moved to Denmark that ‘Hung like a Viking’ was a saying, and it seemed to be true. All of his roommates were hung, and weren’t shy about it. He expected it of Lee, ‘once you go Asian’ was well known, but all his other roommates being hung like bulls, that was just unlucky. It wasn’t like stereotypes were true.

Owen just shook his head, he was being stupid again, he was just a twinky ginger, he sighed. He tossed his shirt into the washing machine, finding some of the guys dirty clothes. What was it with these guys, they made a mess and wouldn’t ever clean, it was always Owen’s job.

“Fucking vikings” Owen muttered


He stretched himself out after rising from the washing machine, his meaty wide hands palmed the ceiling. He let out a deep contented groan as his long vast muscled back cracked.

“Owen can I get pass please” the small soft almost nervous voice of Noah asked

He grunted and leaned back, letting the small Dane slip passed him, Owen’s own swollen rounded pecs blocked his view of the tasty looking blond. Owen stared at the cup of tea on the side, he knew he’d made it but why. It was germanic Peter who inherited his country’s stereotypical lust for tea. With a meaty hand he poured it down the sink and grabbed a bottle of water.

Owen’s wide feet thudded with each step, his heavy swinging cock bounced wildly, level with Peter and Sven’s heads when he stood behind them. Both little vikings looked up at Owen, their eyes on the imprint of his hardening cock. Owen could almost hear them gulp, he gave it a scratch, hung like a celt he thought. He remembered when he showed each of the little blond northern europeans what that meant, even Lee was shocked when he saw it swinging when Owen swagged around naked.

He stepped around and sat between his ‘reluctant’ fuck buddies, they loved it and half the time begged for it, but none of them wanted to admit they rode the cock of the ginger celt they shared a room with, especially as Noah liked to have Owen dress up like some shitty marvel superhero, Taranis or something, he was the celt god of thunder. Owen usually just forced his cock down Noah’s throat when the little viking tried to explain it to him. Owen was too busy eating, drinking, fucking or fighting to read comics, he was a pureblooded celt after all.

Owen bounced his thick bicep, he could feel Sven’s pale fingers running along the celtic war band he had tattooed around the muscle.

“Shit Owen, can’t get over how fucking big you are” the deep voice of Lee chuckled

He swagged into the room, slick with sweat. Owen remembered when Lee moved in, the huge asian looked like he’d shit himself when he had to stare up at Owen, it was like the guy had never met a celt before.

“I’m a celt, dumbass” Owen called back “Average height is like 6′4 back home”

“And you’re way above average” Lee sniggered giving Noah a playful slap on his peachy ass as the little viking slipped pass the massive American

“Hell yea” Owen laughed giving Lee the view of his back flexing as he hit a double bicep pose from the couch

“I should visit Britain sometime, would be nice to be a shorty for once” Lee said

“Oh yea” Owen said “And you boys too” he slapped his hands on Peter and Sven’s shoulders “I’m Iceni, we breed them big”

Noah wrapped his little arms around Owen’s thick neck, kissing Owen’s traps. Noah while scared of how he’d be treated if people found out he loved getting pillaged by a celt like his homeland had been for hundreds of years was more open with his affection in private than Peter and Sven.

Noah continued with the talk about Owen’s family tribe “And don’t Iceni boys share”

Peter and Sven looked pass the rising tent stretching out Owen’s sweats with aroused but terrified eyes and gulped, both knowing Owen was one of 9 brothers.



Paolo was nervous, he’d been held up in the hotel room for a few days now, using a fake name and only able to answer the door for room service. He wasn’t even allowed to let in the cleaning lady or go out onto the room's balcony for fresh air.

It wasn’t because of anything he’d done, it was due to his father. His dad was a pretty senior level politician, many had considered him as future President, but not any more. His father had been taking bribes and had been pocketing money from the national budget. While Paolo was innocent he had benefited.

The expensive clothes, gadgets, cars, houses and vacations, all paid for by his fathers ill gotten gains. Thankfully for Paolo his accounts hadn’t been frozen and he’d been able to book a hotel room for a few weeks as staying at the family mansion wasn’t an option. The protests were getting bigger and bigger, the pool house had even been set alight by one very angry protester.

While his father was currently in prison awaiting trial Paolo decided to get out of the country. He’d paid off a fixer and had been trapped awaiting the fixers solution.

He hadn’t been too eager to leave as he’d done nothing wrong, but it had just been announced on the news that he was now wanted for questioning, so his nervousness had skyrocketed.

“Keep calm kid” the fixer said helping himself to another tiny bottle from the mini bar “All you can do is wait, you can’t take a private jet and you definitely can’t fly commercial”

Paolo sat himself down on the unmade bed, calming his breathing. Through the window he could hear a protest march passing by, his family name being bellowed out by thousands of people.

“Who is this guy you called” Paolo asked again

“A smuggler, expert at moving people from place to place who don’t want anyone knowing that they’re moving from place to place” the fixer answered again, he’d explained a few times already

Paolo nodded just as there was a heavy knock at the door. The fixer got up to answer it while Paolo moved out of sight just in case it was someone who shouldn’t be seeing him.

The fixer sighed when he opened the door “About time you got here”

A deep voice answered from the doorway “Sorry, the whole country is going crazy, the airports are pretty much in lockdown”

Paolo assumed this was the smuggler.

“Come in then, we should get started” the fixer said

Paolo let out an audible gasp as the smuggler ducked through the doorway. He was a brute, a towering man. He even batted away the lampshade as he stomped into the room, his feet enormous, his shoes more like canoes than actual shoes.

He dropped a small carry on bag onto the hotel bed, the fixer soon opened it and pulled out some sort of first aid kit.

Paolo came out of his hiding place and the giant smuggler turned and smiled down at him. The smuggler face was surprisingly youthful, he looked to be in his early 20s, probably the same age as Paolo.

Paolo himself wasn’t the tallest guy, but he never expected to be level with someones chest. The smuggler's shirt straining over two enamours slab like pecs, his shoulders and biceps threatening to burst the sleeves.

“I’m Travis, I’ll be smuggling you into the United States today” he said jokingly, a smile on his face, but his pecs bounced somewhat intimidatingly.

Before Paolo could reply the fixer had moved behind Paolo and jammed a needle into Paolo neck. Within seconds his vision was blurry and he was falling to the floor, his face landing between Travis’ massive feet.


When Paolo awoke he wasn’t himself, he felt empty and light. He was still in the hotel room, laying on the bed. He could see and feel the sheets below him, and see the room around himself. The fixer was no where to be seen. Travis thought was standing naked at the window looking out onto the city outside.

Paolo called out to Travis, but no words sounded out. He went to reach for his throat, but he had no hands to reach for it, he didn’t even have a throat.

The realisation of what had happened to him was sudden, he wasn’t human anymore.

Travis turned around, his thick rounded muscled ass and the backs of his wide thighs vanishing and an inhuman length of horse cock swung around. The slapping of the meat against Travis’ thighs almost hurt Paolo’s ears, but then again he didn’t have ears anymore.

“I hope you have come too little guy” Travis said scratching at his toned abs “I don’t want to you waking up while I’m wearing you”

Travis laughed as he walked over to the bed and lifted Paolo off it with one hand. The feel of Travis’ fingers on Paolo set a jolt through him. Paolo could now tell he was made of fabric, and after Travis said he’d be wearing him it must mean he was a piece of clothing.

“I do owe you an explanation” Travis said still holding Paolo and smiling down to him “Smuggling it really hard, I mean super hard”

Travis bounced his chest again, Paolo felt something jolt through him again.

“Rich people don’t like being shipped in cargo containers, and getting them private jets that no one will check is nearly impossible nowadays” Travis continued

Paolo felt air rushing by him as Travis lowered Paolo to his giant feet. Paolo felt stretched as Travis’ feet pushed their way through him. Paolo suddenly realised what he was, he tried to scream at Travis at this wasn’t a good idea, but no sound escaped his fabric form.

He was Travis’ underwear.

“So turning people into clothes was the best option, most people assume its impossible to do it, and only the most high-tech military bases or government installations have the tech to detect an inanimate transformation” Travis explained as he forced his tree trunk thick thighs through Paolo.

Paolo was barely hearing anything Travis said, his mind was being pulled apart by the girth of Travis’ legs and ass. What Paolo assumed was his face was being pressed against two swollen bull nuts, he could actually hear the cum churning inside them.

Travis’ hand pulled Paolo open from the waist band and gently crammed his shank of horse dick into Paolo. He palmed his bulge and chuckled.

“Full to bursting” he laughed “I don’t normally have guys like you as underwear, I save that for the war criminals, I like having them suffer from being full of cock” he started getting the rest of his clothes on “Guess your fixer didn’t known the underwear transformation always leaves you a size too small”


Travis spent the rest of the day sight seeing before heading to the airport, he avoided the protests and the police checkpoints. Paolo’s dad had really screwed up, but at least the poor guy was safe beneath Travis’ jeans.

The airport was quiet, but it still took Travis ages to get to his plane. Security gave him as full pat down unaware a wanted criminal was beneath their fingertips as they felt up Travis’ ass.

When Travis finally got to his seat he felt Paolo tighten around his fat balls. The guy had been twitching and moving all day as he got used to his new form. Travis was half worried all the movement would set his big cock off, but he was able to just keep it under control.

Travis had an uneasy flight, Paolo was ridding up between his thick cheeks and the second he got up to use the bathroom to unwedge Paolo the guy did it himself.

He was messing with Travis, getting some revenge for wearing him all day in the hot summer weather of his home country. Paolo was soaked in sweat, a few weeks of showers would wash it out after Paolo was changed back, but he would still always remember the smell of Travis’ cock.

Travis fell asleep a few hours into the flight, his chest rising and falling with his light snores. His shirt creaking as his pecs flexed. His legs were as widely spread as he could make them, but Paolo was still crammed between the thighs, and with Travis’ cock stretching him full he was completely surrounded by muscle and manhood, and he was starving.


Travis woke up in the middle of the night, the flight still a couple hours away from landing. The flight was quiet, everyone else asleep.

Travis felt in bliss, Paolo was twisting and constricting around his cock. The guy had either worked him up in his sleep or taken advantage of Travis’ morning wood. Travis gripped at the arms of his seat, his blanket pointing upright. His cock rock hard, he could tell his jeans had popped open and Paolo had been stretched upwards as Travis’ monster rose upright.

Travis could tell he was close to cumming, he forced himself to hold back. Cum had a terrible effect on people who’d been transformed. Best case Paolo would be a little cum hungry bitch when he turned back and Travis would have spend weeks fucking some sense into him before he could return to a normal life. Worst case Paolo would be stuck forever as a pair of too small underwear.

But Travis gave up protecting Paolo and let his swollen nuts shoot immense spurts of cum into Paolo. The cum joining the three or four loads that Travis had already shot into Paolo while he was sleeping.

Travis laid back and covered his tented underwear with the blanket. He let out a sigh, this was the third guy this year that he’d splattered with cum while they were his clothing. He knew he should have gone into mercenary work and not people smuggling.

He’d been warned, guys with big dicks never lasted in people smuggling.



“Thanks for this cream, really solved my problem” Eric thanked, he was lisping now

I just smiled while I shaved, Eric behind me rubbing the cream into his plump ass cheeks. Eric hadn’t even noticed that he hadn’t shaved since I gave him the cream last week, and he used to shave just as much as I do. It had been the only manly thing about the little guy.

While I was a jock through and through, my housemate Eric was average, though he’d had some very high opinions about his worth. He’d even claimed to making a bigger impact on the world, while I just sat my muscle ass on the couch and lived off my parents money. I’d earned my parents money, I’d suffered through college like they’d wanted me too, when I’d just wanted to travel the world and fuck like the god I am.

Eric didn’t seem to agree with my well deserved ego, like being 6′9 and 280 pounds of beefy muscle wasn’t something to be proud of. Like his degree in engineering and his decent starter job at that construction firm was more important than the footlong fuck stick I had between my thighs. Though his opinion of me was changing, slowing, but it was changing.

He’d been complaining about his dry skin and I jumped at the opportunity. I had the cream for a while, I’d found it during a trip to the far east, on daddy’s dime of course. But the cream was meant to make the user a better sex slave, usually it was used in a royal’s harem, and I was as close to royal as you could get.

I’d claimed it was a moisturising cream, and he’d brought it. He’d been rubbing the cream all over his body all week, and he’d barely made a dent in the heavily stocked tub.

“You’re welcome little guy” I replied, my voice soundly like I imagined Thor should

I winked at myself in the mirror, my thick days growth of stubble all shaved away. I even caught Eric biting his lip as he looked over his shoulder at my wide back. The little straight guy was having some gay thoughts. I knew that for sure, I’d caught Eric sniffing my underwear after he’d offered to wash my clothes two days ago, he’d never done that before. He’d always made me do my own laundry, like I was some common person and not the god I was.

I turned around, the thick head of my cock hanging out of my boxers. Eric let out a little moan, I scratched at my fat bull nuts. Eric was hungry for cock, I could read it in his eyes.

Maybe a few more days on the cream and then I’d push the little guy to his knees and make good use of his mouth. I was sure that already delicious ass would be even more fuckable. Plus it wasn’t like he went to work anymore, he’d been fired yesterday, he’d been caught fingering that hungry virgin ass of his.

I swaggered back to my room, leaving Eric to shower, though I was sure I’d seen a big dildo hidden under his towel. I smirked, my dick was bigger, and soon Eric would know that all too well.


Anonymous Asked: Hey, dude. I've always wanted a huge bubble butt, but I hate having to put time and effort into it. Think you can make the process a lot simpler?



You are just in luck kind Anonymous messenger, with Mr Abs Insta-Booty you can get the ass of your dreams with one simple method.

Just lay back, think of England and pray Mr Abs patented botty inflating thrusting doesn’t wake the neighbours and/or break your bed.

All for the low low low price of your soul and the cost of replacing your bed.


Anonymous Asked: I'm a chubby nerd with an average cock, do you think you can turn me into the hung alpha I've always wanted to be?



I can try…… I mean I have so little experience with turning guys into beefy alpha men with fat donkey dicks and insane sexual appetites.


Yea I can’t keep a straight face either.

Sure man… what do you want?? Height? Muscle? Hair? Beard? Bull Nuts? Big Feet? Big Cock?

Ohhhhh, all of the above and a dominating attitude. Ok, I can get all that for you.

Hung and Alpha is what you asked for, so its what you get.

Double digit cock with the body and mind to back it up. Everything you do is cocky, the slightest movement has a swagger to it, every word you say drips with authority.

Your body is towering and broad with strong muscle, hair covers it in all the right places without looking too overdone. A couple tattoos and a hearty beard finish off the look as you pull yourself out of your personal pool at your beach front house. Your wide feet thudding as you wide some cool water off yourself.

So, who’s gonna get fucked first?? I hope you made a list???


Anonymous Asked: People always teased me because I have long hair as a boy. Could you make them stop?



There is nothing wrong with a boy having long hair, yea sure you may get bullied now, but in a few years you’ll be a man with long hair and that is one of the hottest things around.

Every boy I know who grew long hair ended up looking like some viking stallion when they left college. Tall, hairy, booming voice and a commanding presence.

All muscle, all man.

Don’t let the bullies get you down, because soon you’ll be looking down on them and they’ll be begging for you to show mercy….

Whether you do is your choice, but I wonder who’s sitting at your feet in this pic.



Strange thing were happening around the frat the last few days, the place was changing, the brothers were changing. 

Joe hadn’t been the first to notice, it had been Fred. His best friend in the frat, Fred has noticed they’d been partying a lot more then normal, that the girls who were turning up were a lot hotter then normal. 

Their frat wasn’t a popular frat, it wasn’t a jock frat, or at least it hadn’t been. Joe and his brothers were all nerds, or they had been nerds.

Fred has tried to get Joe to notice, but he’d been too caught up in the hot chicks and wild parties to care. 

Then Fred changed and Joe took notice. Fred has been a chubby greasy olive skinned guy, he’d had one too many dinners from his Italian grandmother. 

Then one day he was different, like he’d jumped straight from the Jersey Shore. 

He still had his beautiful olive toned skin, but now he was tall and beefy. Not fat, just covered in thick muscle. 

He’d lost all interest in investigating the changes to the frat and while he was still Joe’s friend he was too busy banging chicks two at a time to notice anything anymore. 

Joe took up the gauntlet and started looking into everything. 

A few weeks ago the frat went from a run down near empty frat to the most popular frat house on campus, both for parties and for pledges. 

The collapsing building was suddenly a newly furnished mansion, it was like it had absorbed the neighbouring frats. 

An entire jock frat had vanished from the face of the earth, their had never been a chapter of that frat here and its members didn’t even seem to exist anymore. 

Joe thought he had worked it all out. A few weeks ago they had a sudden pledge. Some runty goth kid. He was nice enough and very eager to join up. 

Joe and his brothers has welcomed him with open arms as they did with everyone who joined. Craig, the goth kid, had joined up and then things changed. 

Joe had kept his distance from Craig since Fred turned into an Italian stallion, but he still investigated.

Once Joe started investigating he worked out Craig had been the first guy to change. 

He was now taller, built and with the face of a model. He never went to class and there was a parade of girls and guys leaving his room throughout the day and night. The guys in the room either side of Craig were complaining about being kept up all night long with his relentless fucking.

Joe was putting it all together, he found out that Craig had been unto witchcraft. He’d been warned about performing rituals in the campus woods, the last time it had happened had been two days before he’d joined the frat.

Joe was certain that Craig was a witch... or wizard, what ever a male magic user was called.

He was the reason the frat was growing and popular, he was the reason that the brothers were all turning into hunks.

Joe was only one of a handful of brothers not changed. Joe had even been keeping track with a group photo from a party, a cross drawn through each face once they’d changed. Not that anyone would think the geeky guys in the old photo had any relation to the gorgeous muscle bound hunks that they were now. 

Joe was terrified of bringing any of his non-changed brothers into his investigation. Everyone liked Craig, he was the live of the party, even if he was dog and would steal a girl off your arm or fuck your best friend because he was hot. 

But Joe should of been more worried about whether Craig already knew about the investigation.

One day Joe came down to the kitchen for breakfast and it was empty. No tall hunks eating fatty cereal from tiny bowls.

Joe was nervous, it felt like the start of a murder mystery.

He turned to leave and slammed his face into Craig’s sweaty chest. He’d either been out running or has just finished fucking someone. 

“Hello Joe, sit down please” Craig said, his voice oddly soothing

Joe found himself doing as he was told. He wanted to run away. While Craig was smiling and looked friendly, Joe felt like he’d just been cornered by a predator. 

Craig sat down across from him. His pecs bounced slightly as he sat, and he ran his tongue over his amazing lips. 

“What have you done” Joe asked

Silence” Craig said, again in a soothing tone “I know you have been investigating me, I know you have worked it out” 

Joe was about to ask how, but Craig answered before he could ask.

“Fred told me what he’d been up too before I helped him out” Craig said “I thought I’d leave you be for a bit, see if you’d work out” he sighed “Thought you might come around” 

He shoot his head, his tight black curls bounced. His hair had been dyed, but now it was a natural deep black. 

“You aren’t though” Craig said “So I’ll step in” 

Craig licked his lips again. Joe found himself drawn to them. They were perfect, with an amazing shape and just enough plump. Surrounded by designer stubble and sitting above a string squared jawline. 

I’m sorry if you are scared, you shouldn’t be scared” Craig said and Joe was instantly calmed and smiling

Craig smiles back. 

You are tall, basketball player tall” Craig said and Joe had to move his long legs, he felt trap at the table with his legs pinned under the table top “with massive feet” 

Joe's size 22 socked feet rested across the tiled floor, Craig could see them jutting out from under the table. 

You are very well built, beautiful fitness model level muscles” Craig said licking his perfect lips again

Joe’s pyjamas were suddenly straining over his muscles. The sleeves having vanished to let his gigantic shoulders and biceps breath. His shorts stuffed full with thighs and ass. 

You are very manly” Craig said with a wink

A beard had spread over Joe jaw, which was now like an anvil. His eyes were crystal clear and his dirty blond hair was hanging down to his thick shoulders. 

A splattering of hair had appeared over his rounded pecs and his ripped abs. 

You have a big dick, biggest in the frat” Craig said, he stood up to leave

Joe pulled at his pyjama shorts, his inhuman horse cock was all bundled up. His heavy bull nuts swollen with cum.

“So what you up too today Joe” Craig asked, licking his amazing lips again and raising an eyebrow

Joe sat silent for a few moments, his mind coming to terms with his entire body being morphed into a towering muscle god. 

In that moment he decided that Craig was doing good work, it wasn’t weird that everyone was changing, that people were vanishing and reality was being twisted.

“I’m gonna fuck someone” Joe said standing up

He towered above Craig, his massive pecs bouncing intimidatingly. 

Joe cupped his massive bulge, it was too big for his hand, and his hands were giant.

“You want to take it for a ride” Joe asked with a laugh

Joe was joking, he wasn’t gay. He thought a joke like that would let Craig know he’s settling into the new world order.

Craig licked his lips again, a glint of something in his bright eyes. 

Craig smirked and then flipped Joe world on its head again.

You’re gonna fuck me till those monster nuts are empty



Vince sipped his coffee, admiring himself in the mirror. He was built, and young. He had to be in his early 20s now, nothing like the 67 year old professor he’d been yesterday.

Vince now had abs and pecs, he’d never had those, even when he’d been in his 20s. He was still wearing his glasses, even though he was sure he didn’t need them anymore. His arms were thicker with sculptured biceps and his legs were longer and meaty with muscle.

It had been that women who’d done this, that interesting young lady with the old grey eyes. She’d stopped Vince at the conference in the hotel’s ballroom, and they’d spent hours talking about Vince’s research and about his latest book. Then he’d found himself carrying her up to the hotels room and they’d fucked like animals, he was sure he’d have to pay for the broken bed.

He couldn’t believe what had happened, half way through the chat with this girl he’d noticed his body was difference. His suit was skin tight, highlighting his pec shelf and swollen biceps. Even his pants were tight around his thighs and ass.

The women had seemed reluctant to go up to the room with him, but she gave in, kissing him first. She’d giggled like a school girl when he’d lifted her up, both of them marvelled at how solid he was now, how strong he was. Her hands playing with Vince’s growing pecs.

She’d warned him she was a virgin, then she’d made a comment about how she’d wished his cock hadn’t been effected by her power so much. He’d assumed she meant her beauty, because he was harder than he’d ever been.

Plus like the rest of him it had grown. It was like a battering ram, as thick as a beer can and capped with an apple sized cock head. Two bulbous bull nuts swung below it and slapped loudly as he fucked.

The sex was amazing, better then he’d ever had. The women seemed to love it. Vince was sure with every orgasm he gave her he felt himself change more, not just his body, but his mind too. The bed had broken half way through, so he’d carried her around the room, fucking her on every surface. Even on the balcony with the city below them, he’d caused her to scream while he fucked her like a beast.

Now it was morning and she was gone, the room was a mess and Vince only had some undies that fit him tightly now, the suit from yesterday couldn’t even get over his freshly inflated muscles.

He knew who she was now, as he stared at his grey eyes, similar to hers. She was Athena, goddess of wisdom, his goddess, and she needed more followers.

Vince knew what he would do, he’d return to teaching, now with the body of a stud. All his student soaking up every word he spoke, while they soaked their underwear. Boys and girls alike would be welcomed by Athena, they’d just need to welcome Vince’s fat long dick into themselves first.



“Are you sure these are the uniforms” Will asked from behind the closed door

Rob who was sitting on a the sofa just sighed while he half heartedly watched TV while playing with the skimpy black shorts of his own uniform in his hands.  

“Yea that’s the stuff the boss sent” Rob said

He too was a little concerned and confused by the uniform, but their employer, a local restaurant, had been making stranger and stranger business decisions lately. 

Changing the menu and firing the chef was a bit sudden, but not really strange. Changing the name to Cocky’s BBQ Joint and adding a logo of a muscle bound rooster was strange, but they’d been a low rent bbq joint before hand. 

The uniforms being changed from farmer like garb to a black cap, black socks and little black shorts was the strangest thing so far. 

Will’s door opened and out strode an enormous black man. Rob threw himself out of his seat.

“Who the fuck are you” he shouted

He was about to shout for Will, his roommate and a short flabby white boy when the big black brute put up his hands in a calming gesture.

“Wait wait, it’s me” the man said in a voice similar to Will’s, just a bit deeper

The black guy turned his cap backwards and suddenly he deflated, his skin lightening and his height decreasing. Within a second the black man had changed into Will.

“What the fuck” Rob muttered, stepping forward to check out Will

“I have no idea, I put on the outfit and I grew into a black guy” Will explained “I read the letter that came with the uniform, it said to turn the hat backwards if you want to switch out of your work form” 

“Work form...” Rob started to ask, but Will turned his hat forward again and began to grow 

Will's chest shot outwards, inflating into two thick pecs which slammed into Rob’s face as his roommate grew taller. 

Rob’s face remained pressed between the heavy warm pecs as Will’s skin darkened into a rich dark hue. 

Will’s shoulders rocketed out as his toros grew wider and his arms lengthened to match his new height.

His messy dark hair retracted under his hat and his face cracked into a handsomer shape. Will’s lips plumped up and were joined by the sound of his flat white ass inflating into a meaty black muscle butt.

Rob stepped back from Will just as his roommates legs exploded into two black tree trunks. His roommates shorts were pulled tight, but continued to grow tighter as his small white boy cock swelled into a shank of black sex meat, capped off with two hulking cum filled bull nuts. 

“Fuck” Rob muttered

He was hurriedly pulling off his clothes and trying to get his own uniform on.

“Magic uniforms” Will chuckled “Uniforms which turn us into hunks... black hunks” 

Rob was still changing into his uniform “Why though... to get more people in” he asked

“Don’t think too much about it” Will laughed, flexing a thick muscled arm for his own amusement “Just enjoy the body” 

Will had taken off the hat, testing whether it was needed to maintain the change. It wasn’t, once it was removed Will remained as a big black guy. 

He then pulled down his shorts, a pair of briefs struggled to contain his newly enhanced cock. These briefs were Will’s from before he changed and they didn’t seem to be effected. They were still the small size and looked like they’d burst at any minute.

“Gonna need some new briefs” Will laughed

He turned to look at Rob just as Rob gingerly put the black cap onto his head.

The change was as sudden as Will’s, but it was different. Rob’s muscles were inflating, but not as big as Will’s. His body was soon covered in smooth yet tight muscles. His proportions similar to a gymnast. His chest cut into a v shape, with plumped up pecs. 

His shorts grew tight over a rounded bubble butt, but unlike Will, Rob’s crotch didn’t swell like a subway sandwich had been stuffed into it. To Rob it actually felt like his cock was shrinking. 

He could tell he was getting shorter. His eyes going from looking at Will’s massive black pecs down to his ripped abs. 

The change stopped, Rob looked himself over. He was tiny, muscled and cute. His skin was snowy white and near to perfect.

“Fuck me” Will said staring down with hungry eyes at his roommate

Will’s underwear snapped, the tattered fabric slapping Rob in the face. It was damp with sweat and pre-cum. There was a louder slap as Will gargantuan horse cock flopped rock hard onto Rob’s gymnast chest. A long string of pre-cum dripping from the apple sized head onto Rob’s white skin.

No words passed between the two. Rob was scared by how much he suddenly wanted that massive black dick, and it looked like Will could tell he wanted it. 

Rob went to turn his cap backwards so he could change back, but he was beaten to it by Will’s big mitt of a hand.

Without a word and a smirk on his lips Will effortlessly tossed the black cap out of the apartments open window, trapping Rob in his cock hungry twink form. 

“Whoops” Will laughed as he lighted his cock up to Rob’s already opening plump lips



(Allegations that Swapcation Corp has ‘cherry picked’ positive testimonials from its award winning Student Exchange program are unfounded and denied by Swapcation Corp, the Student Exchange is a much celebrated program that spreads cultural understanding and provides opportunities to under privileged students of all nations)


Farel- Jakarta, Indonesia- Swapped with Louis- Paris, France

How has my experience been you ask, I mean, seriously have you seen the picture I sent (Picture inserted above). I’m a stud, I’m a smooth talking French stud.

Being Louis is amazing, his course at university is so easy, it is an art course, and half the time I keep being pulled up to be a model for the other students. I hope he can handle my engineering degree, probably not though. So when I’m not painting or stripping for the class (seriously that’s all I seem to do) I’m in the gym working out or jumping from bed to bed.

But the best experience was when I gate crashed fashion week, all I did was put on a black t-shirt and walked straight pass the guards, I guess I’m big enough to pass as one, or I look like a model. So I sneaked in and started working the room, got involved with a group of models and just partied all week. Louis will probably not thank me with how many angry girls (and some guys, sorry Louis) are after him, I kinda fucked and ran.

But what do I care, in a couple months I go home and escape all the drama, but yea, Swapcation’s Student Exchange is great, everyone should try it.


Edward- Cornwall, England- Swapped with Deshaun- Atlanta, USA

Thank you Swapcation Corp, this year has been incredible. It really lived up to its aim of spreading cultural understanding, I mean I’m from a small town in the country side, not many black people around, but now for a year I’m this giant black….sorry African-American…. basketball star.

It’s been a whirlwind, Deshaun is on an athletic scholarship so I’m always working out or playing ball, its fun. The course seems to be kinda easy, like they want him to pass or something, but that just takes a real load of stress off my shoulders. I was struggling back home, hope Deshaun is doing ok stuck at my tiny rural university.

The real highlight though has been Deshaun’s body, 6ft8 tall, lean and toned, with abs you can grate cheese on. But the highlight of the highlight is an 11inch cock, 11 INCHES, that’s like twice the size of my old white one. It’s been in constant use, every girl who asks gets fucked, I don’t even need to look for pussy, it finds me.


Wei- Guangzhou, China- Swapped with Cooper- Sydney, Australia

Everyone should do a Swapcation Student Exchange, I know I’m telling all my friends to do so when I get switched back. I will miss being Cooper though, he’s a fucking lifeguard on Bondi Beach and I’m just a normal student in China, with no chance of being a lifeguard ever.

Cooper is tall, fit, blond and tanned, nothing like my old body. Also his course is super easy, he’s doing Chinese languages, I’m fucking Chinese. I’m barely doing any work, so I get to spend all my time on the beach life guarding or surfing. I never knew how to surf, but thankfully the swap gave me some of Cooper’s skills, so I don’t look like a idiot when I’m out on the water.

His girlfriend is super hot and totally open to threesomes, which is great because the two of us attract incredible looking thirds. She keeps saying how Cooper has changed, gonna be a shock for her when we switch back, if we switch back that is.


Vladimir- St Peterburg, Russia- Swapped with Olly- London, England

The student exchange has been an eye-opening experience, I’m gay and had never acted on my urges till the exchange, mostly because I was a fat blob that ate and played video games all day, now though I’m in Olly’s body, a short, super cute, toned twink.

He does drama and its been great, everyone is really nice and it was really easy to come out, they were all very accepting. I know I broke the rules about ‘major life changes’ but I had too when his parents caught me in bed with two guys (Sorry Olly).

Which leads me to how easy it is to pick up guys, I just head down to a club in London in any outfit, I think I would wear a sack and still pick up guys. So yea I go down to a club and start dancing, Olly has a great ass for dancing, and an hour later I’ve got my tongue down some big muscle guy’s throat and he’s carrying me to the nearest bed.

So yea its been great, really sorry to Olly for fucking things up with his family and stuff, I’m pretty sure he was straight before I got switched with him.



As Jamie packed his gym bag up after football practice he noticed he had missed a text, it was a picture from his girlfriend Katie. He clicked it open, it showed two very well built men in her bed, both were obviously naked.

Friday 18:12

Jamie- WTF are they in your bed

Friday 18:19

Jamie- Answer me

Friday 18:32

Katie- Yea, they just finished double teaming me

Jamie- You fucking serious

Katie- Joke man, this isn’t Katie

Jamie- Then who the fuck is it

Katie- Its the two guys who just fucked her unconscious

Jamie- Stop fucking around man, I’ll kill you if you have

Katie- Well we have, and we both have a good hundred pounds and six inches on you

Katie- So try it

Katie- Six inches in height and cock length

Katie- Bitch was as tight as a drum, you must have a peanut for a cock

Jamie- Fuck off, put Katie on

Katie- Can’t do man, she sleeping off our power fucking

Katie- And when she wakes we’ll fuck her again

Jamie- Who is this

Katie- You know who we are

Jamie- Don’t recognize you, and its a small town

Katie- LOL, we didn’t look like this till a few hours ago

Katie- Just after you finished using us for punching bags

Jamie- Wait, your not Mark and Greg

Jamie- Those fuckers are tiny

Katie- Wow you don’t know when to shut up

Katie- After you finished beating us we turned into this

Another picture popped up, the guys had taken a picture of their still hard cocks, both of them glistening with Katie’s juices. They were huge and thick, and the size of their balls made Jamie’s shrivel.

Jamie- How

Katie- Don’t know, maybe someone watching did it

Katie- Hurry home man, Katie is waking up

Jamie- Don’t touch her

Katie- She’s begging for it

Katie- Wants a real man dick, might try to fit both of us in this time

Katie- Be quick man, you won’t want to miss this



Eugene laid on his bed, the heads of Sam and Dan bobbing beneath the blankets. His massive feet hung out the end and he was gently running a hand across his pecs. His TV was on and playing the latest Spider-Man movie. The arachnid superhero was swinging through the streets of New York, sunlight glistening off his hairy abs and his overstuffed bulge bouncing with each swing.

Eugene felt one of the twins gag on the massive head of his cock. He chuckled slightly before returning his attention to Spider-Man, he liked seeing a nerd superhero. It was always these short, skinny or fat superheroes. Former models who turned to acting and now made guys like Eugene feel bad about their muscle bound forms. This guy playing Spider-Man, Tom something was actually pretty good and looked a lot like Peter Parker from the comics. Though Eugene never remembered Peter Parker using his giant bulge to smother robbers.


In some studio Tom stood atop a New York apartment building, staring out at a green screen while the director and crew fiddled with a camera behind him. His feet overhanging the slabs capping the building’s brickwork as he stood astride the corner of the roof.

Clad head to toe in the red and blue spider-man uniform. Just a young actor pretending to be a teenage superhero. Filming was close to finishing and this was one of the final scenes. They’d actually filmed it before, but the director wasn’t happy with it so he’d got Tom to fly back to the studio from London and film it again.

He flexed his toes, his heels hanging off one end of the wall and his toes off the other. Luckily he was pretty well balanced, even though his size 22 feet were barely getting any stability from the wall. Before puberty hit and turned Tom into any other stereotypical nerd Tom had been a dancer, but growing over a foot and piling on thick muscle had ruined that, so he turned his talents to acting.

The fans turned on behind him, the cool breeze making him flex his thickly muscled glutes. The skin tight costume was hugging every curve of his muscle butt, the tops of the cheeks actually partly visible. Originally the costume had covered him completely, but he’d had a slight growth spurt between getting measured for the costume and when he turned up for the filming of Civil War.

Slight, being 6 inches of height and 50lbs of muscle. Plus hair had started to come in. He remembered how embarrassed he’d been when he turned up to the studio with a thick beard and richly forested hair spreading over his abs and pecs.

But it turned out it actually fit the character better. Peter Parker had always been a towering mass of hairy nerd in the comics, and Tom’s portrayal had gone very well with audiences.

“Ok Tom, you know how this goes” the director shouted from behind him “Just a good dramatic shot of you overlooking the city you saved from Mysterio”

Tom shook out his massive arms and stood proudly with them on his lean hips to stare out at a green screen. Even though his face wouldn’t be in the shot he was trying to put on a serious smile. The mask didn’t cover his bearded jaw, the higher-ups decided that for some reason Tom’s lantern jaw covered in the thickest beard ever to appear on film was a good fit for the character even though Spider-Man always covered his nerdy beard.

The studio went silent and the director called ‘action’. Tom just stood and breathed steadily, he could actually hear the fibers of the costume straining against his slightly heaving pecs.

“Wait….wait… cut” the director shouted

Tom turned his head. His thick bull neck being slightly strangled by the costume.

“Whats wrong” he asked his voice booming loudly even though he’d tried to keep the volume low

“Just your junk” the director said stepping over to him

With Tom standing on the wall his solid ass was face level with the director, with Tom flexing his cheeks in embarrassment. He looked down past his pec shelf to the overpacked crotch resting between his giant thighs.

It looked like it always did when he wore the costume, a round lump of animal sized fuck meat.

“Jake, can you sort him out please” the director shouted to one of the aides

A young guy came running over and without saying a word to Tom stuffed his hands into Tom’s pants. Tom could feel Jake’s face resting against one of Tom’s ass cheeks as the guy reached around him to pull at the straps of Tom’s jockstrap.

“We really need to get you a new jock” the director said “The straps are always getting loose”

Tom was thankful for the mask covering most of his face, he could feel his cheeks burning red. Jake’s hands were forearm deep in Tom’s musky jockstrap and were rearranging their contents. One of Tom’s baseball sized nuts was being lightly cupped by Jake as Tom’s deli quality sausage was curved around underneath them.

“Your junk was hanging lower then it should” the director explained to Tom

One of his hands on the small of Tom’s back, it would of been on Tom’s shoulder, but Tom was over 7ft tall and standing atop a high wall. The director would have to be a nerd of the highest standard to even hope of reaching one of Tom bowling ball sized shoulders.

“We can barely have these beach balls you call ass cheeks in a shot” the director chuckled, Jake though was nearly pressed his face right between Tom’s cheeks “Can have those wrecking ball nuts swinging low between your legs”

Jake finally got ahold of the straps of Tom’s jock and was adjusting them to tighten them up. Tom could feel the weight of his genitals rising up, his almost overflowing pouch getting dangerously close to completely overflowing with cock meat.

Tom could swear Jake lingered for a moment, he could feel Jake take a deep breath with his face buried between Tom’s ass cheeks.

“Much better” the director said, giving Tom’s ass a firm slap when Jake moved away

Filming started up again and within 5 minutes it was over.

Tom jumped down from the wall with a floor shaking thud. Pulling off his mask and tossing it to Jake, the aide passing him a water bottle.

“Thanks” Tom said, staring past his pecs down to Jake

The guy was actually very cute, maybe a year or so older then Tom. He was short and very slim, probably had been an athlete in school, a guy who’d never even look at Tom. But now Tom was a big celebrity, didn’t matter that he was a hairy muscle beast, just appearing in a film had made it like he was a short fatty.

“You’re welcome” Jake said beaming up at Tom “Your lunch is waiting for you in your dressing room, and is there anything else I can do for you”

Jake was biting his lip and gently loosing the straps of Tom’s jock. Sweet relief spread up from Tom’s crotch as his heavy meat was allowed to swing.

“Can’t believe it is actually part of your job to do that” Tom muttered as he started for his dressing room

Jake just laughed, a few steps behind Tom. His short legs not keeping up with Tom’s lengthy strides.

“Well I’m your assistant, you are my job” Jake said as Tom ducked into his dressing room

“Wait what” Tom said suddenly turning around

Jake walked face first into Tom’s hairy abs. The warm studio lights had caused them to be slick with sweat.

“Yea, I’ve been your assistant throughout filming, who did you think was bringing you scripts, food, costumes and emptying your trash” Jake said wiping his face clean of sweat

Tom felt himself blushing again. The mention of his trash turning him a bright crimson, everyday of filming Tom’s trash was packed with cum stained tissues. Wanking his massive meat was the only way for Tom to not pop an arm sized boner in the middle of filming, and he’d had to turn to tissues after seeing some of the crew carrying cum soaked towels through the set on the first day.

“I never noticed” Tom said feeling bad

Jake just laughed “Surprised you notice anything with those pecs”

Tom found himself bouncing them for Jake, who’s eyes just went wide. Jake quickly moved past Tom and set up Tom’s lunch. A massive fresh salad, Tom had tried to eat healthy, but the studio ordered him to keep his weight up, so it was salads and protein shakes everyday.

Tom changed out of the Spider-Man costume, pulling some grey sweats over his rounded ass. His long cock hanging down one leg.

Jake had moved onto cleaning up the dressing room, the small guy struggling to restock the dumbbells onto Tom’s weight rack.

Tom took a seat and started eating. The heavy duty metal chair creaked a bit as he lowered himself into.

In the mirror at his dressing table Tom could see Jake sniffing Tom’s jock strap. Jake’s tongue flickering out to lick at some of the still wet pre-cum staining the pouch.

Tom’s cock throbbed slightly and hardened down the leg of his sweats.

“Hey” Tom called

Jake dropped the jock and started spluttering out an explanation, his eyes wide at seeing himself over Tom’s shoulder in the mirror.

“Was it you who cleaned out my fleshjack” Tom asked

On the table an XXXXL fleshjack sat somewhat clean. It did look like someone had been scooping out the gooey cum with their tongue.

Jake went bright red, Tom’s bearded face pulling up into a smile. He swiped his hand out and knocked the fleshjack into the trashcan.

“Get under the table” Tom ordered, his cock flexing against his sweats


In honour of Endgame coming out here a story involving Cap himself. 


My name is Rick and that is me in the picture, I like to think I’m pretty hunky, but I wasn’t always. I’ve always been a nerd and a couple years back I looked like one, but puberty and a big brother forcing me down the gym changed all that. A couple hours a day in the gym, four days a week was all I needed. I still wear glasses and read comics, but now I’m ripped and have killer arms.

Chris my boyfriend though is the same nerd I fell in love with. We came out to each other and started dating soon after, just two cute nerds. But years later I’m a stud and Chris isn’t, I still love him, but I’m just not attracted to him anymore. I know it sounds terrible, but I keep catching my eyes wandering to hot guys when I have an amazing guy who loves me already.

The Djinn promised to change all that. I wasn’t sold on him being a Djinn, but when the greasy teen turned into a green skinned muscle bound genie, complete with the puffy pants and goatee I became a believer. He gave me one wish, I asked about the three wishes rule. He said because I didn’t find his lamp I only got one, I felt lucky for just the one.

So when Chris was around my place playing video games the Djinn appeared and asked what I wanted, he already knew. I stared at Chris for a while, his top pulled tight over his slightly flabby belly, his hair greasy and his skin not much better. My eyes wandered over to the framed Captain America movie poster on the wall, Chris Evans handsome face looking across the room to me.

“I wish they looked like Chris Evans” I asked the Djinn, he smiled and nodded

There was a puff of smoke and suddenly Chris Evans sat on my sofa, he was still wearing Chris’ clothes, but pecs and abs pulled the shirt tight now and his cargo shorts looked much better with nice long toned legs erupting out of them.

“You ok” I asked concerned

Chris turned and smiled, he was identical to Evans now.

“Yea I’m cool” He grinned then turned back to his game

He sounded the same as before, the wish must have only effected his looks, not that I was complaining. I sat down and started kissing his neck, but Chris was focused on his game, and I needed to head to work. Reluctantly I left Chris with his games, but I’d get to try out the new Chris tonight.

I half jogged to work and didn’t even notice another jogger, so the two of us banged into each other.

“Crap sorry” I apologised

“No worries” An elderly voice replied

But it came out of Chris Evan’s body, the tight muscle covered by little running shorts and a skin tight muscle shirt. I just nodded immensely confused, and someone who wasn’t Chris Evans jogged off, Evan’s muscled ass flexing with each step.

“Worked it out yet” A familiar voice oozed

Another Chris Evans rested against a nearby street lamp.

“Genie” I queried

Chris Evans nodded, he even flexed his arm for me.

“So have you worked it out yet” the Djinn asked

I shook my head, noticing more and more Chris Evans making their way about town.

“You wished for THEY to look like Chris Evans” Djinn smirked “You never said who was the THEY, so I covered myself by making everyone look like Chris Evans”

“Everyone” I asked

Djinn nodded and with a poof of smoke vanished. The one wish rule fluttered though my mind, I was stuck in this world. I slowly made my way to work, everywhere a new Chris Evans distracted me, up till I got to the local gym.

Maybe having a dozen Chris Evans in various states of undress running on treadmills at the gyms large front window would make this world liveable.




“Yo bro”

*You raise an eyebrow at the two hunks*

“It’s us, G and Xander”

*Greg and Alexander, you think, it can’t be*

“I know, I know, we weren’t fucking wimps”

“Not shredded bros, like we are now”

*They both high five and bump their chests together*

“Man, you got to come talk to this guy”

“He knocked into Xander, and we both called him a douche”

“And then bang”

*G slapped his hands together for effect*

“We were shirtless and ripped”

“He made us studs”

“Fucking studs, man”

*Both start looking for the guy*

“Ummmm, can’t see him”

“Yo, bro”

*G points Xander to some girls*


*Your friends side step you and swagger over to the girls*

“Ladies have you met my bud Xander and his pet Monster”

*Xander drops his shorts and the girls take turns angrily slapping them, you grimace and hope the guy doesn’t come back for you*



“Wow, look at you”

*Your best friend is in shock, but flexes his abs*

“You’re like a fitness model”

“Those abs….. Fucking hell”

*He flexes his biceps*

“Talk about gun show”

“Must of been that weird looking plant that did this”

*He chuckles and bounces his smooth pecs*

“Guess it wasn’t poison ivy after all”

“And too think you didn’t want to come hiking”

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