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Club Rush

Club Rush

Everything was normal and fine in the small town of Apperdale. A young boy named Christian Kloss was your average male, 5'10, pretty fit, kinda nerdy. He walked around his school during their annual club rush. He joined a few clubs already. Being in the closet was so scary for him. He was tempted to join the school's LBGTQ+ club, but was scared to because of all of the homophobic kids around his school. He then saw a club in the corner not even anyone in line or attending the booth. He walked up to it and saw that it was a gym club. No one had signed the paper to join yet , so Christian wrote his name and number down. He joined because he was tired of being called string bean. This was his chance become a better version of himself. He continued to walk. He bumps into some of the football players and almost gets knocked over. 

"Watch where you're walking string bean."
"Yeah or we'll beat you to a pulp and you know we can"

'Ugh Chad and Brandon. They think they rule this school just because they are on the football team." Christian thought to himself

*The final bell rang to go home*
Christian walks home and the football players and their girlfriends pull up next to him on the road.

"HEY STRING BEAN BITCH." One of them yelled out
"HEY ARE YOU DEAF?!" The other called
"Chad just leave him alone." One of the girls said sympathetically
"WHY SHOULD I?" Chad yelled.
"He hasn't done anything wrong to you, and you've bullied him since the 6th grade." Elizabeth stated
"GET OUT OF THE CAR ELIZABETH, BEFORE I BEAT UP BOTH OF YOU." Chad said in a very monotone and annoyed voice

Elizabeth got out of the car and stood next to Christian. She gave the entire car the finger before Christian and her started walking down the street.
"I'm Elizabeth by the way." She said happily
"Christian." He kept looking forward
"Can I offer to walk you home Elizabeth." He said compassionately 

"Sure, but can I ask a question first?"

"Go ahead."

"Do you like me or something, Christian."

"Oh no umm...How do I say this. I am not into girls." He stuttered but got it out

*20 minutes later they end up at Elizabeth's house and by then they have swapped numbers* 

Christian was walking home when he felt a weird burning sensation in his chest. He got home and walked to his room to start on his homework. The burning sensation got hotter and hotter. It spread and spread. 
"AHHH. My skin burns it hurts."

Christian's skin was feeling like lava after 5 minutes of pain. His back and shoulders started expanding. He grew upwards he grew so tall he reached almost eight feet. Then it moved to his pecs pushing them out further and further. His arms growing to proportions never seen before. His quads swelling so large he was to readjust his stance. His stomach growing deep groves and a set of abs looking like they have been sculpted by the finest marble in all of ancient Greece. His ass growing to big globular spheres that would compete with any Instagram model. His bulge snaking down his shorts and slowly poking out. He became a moaning mess and started to slowly jerk his growing erection. 

*Days Later*


Christian just kept growing and growing. He worked out non stop and fucked so many guys and made so many of his past bullies pay. His muscles have grown beyond what they used to be three days ago. He was 10 feet tall and 469 pounds of pure muscle. 



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