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About this blog

Hey muscle fans.  I don't know if all the ideas for muscle-centric stories have been exhausted, but it definitely feels like the forum has slowed down a lot in the last year.  And not just this forum, but many other sites as well.  It just seems that new stories are harder to come by.  Thankfully, there is still tons of good content out there, you just have to do some digging.  I've always been a fairly good internet researcher so I've located lots of good stuff out there.  The intent of this blog is to post some of my favorite, rare and hard-to-find stories.  

Out of respect for the authors, I'm going to try to avoid re-posting the actual stories, but will show links to these stories as well.

Hope you enjoy some of these!  Stay pumped!

Entries in this blog


I've been wanting to post this for a while, but I could NOT find the story.  I posited the question in the story forum and thankfully @musclelover1996 remembered the story's title.   With that info I was able to quickly find it. 

What's fun about particular story is that it's told entire from the perspective of an inanimate object, a t-shirt.  The shirt is bought by a college student who takes up bodybuilding.  The shirt become it's wearer's favorite as the college boy grows.  It's an incredibly fun and VERY creative story.  I never thought I could be turned on by an inanimate object,  but this story accomplished the task. Give it a read!




Ugh, here's a story to hopefully buy myself some time.  I'm actually working on two stories right now, one is Valentine's Day themed and it was supposed to be done last week, natch.  Of course, life got in the way and I'm still working on it.  The next chapter of Performance Index is close to complete as well...if only I had like 2 more free hours each day!

To tide the time...Here's a really old story from nifty about a gym encounter leading to more.




Whenever new material seems to slow down I like to dig into the old forum archives and rediscover old stories I may have forgotten about.  This is one such story involving a sexy situation of a huge muscular hunk shopping for clothes where a cute little muscle obsessed man works.  It's a great little realistic fantasy.

Part 1:  https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/2055-p1.html

Part 2:  https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/2787-p1.html


One question I have for the mods, if I were to repost some of these old stories here, would there be any objection if I cleaned them up?  I don't mean changing the  actual story language or anything, just cleaning up the formatting.  And when the old archive was created there were some formatting hiccups, such as certain punctuation marks changing tos.  I also may add some paragraph breaks to make them easier to read.  


Here is a sexy first time/romance story from author "posingstrap" on Nifty.  With a name like that he obviously likes muscle.

Do not let the unfortunate title of the story fool you.  It is NOT a racist story (lol), nor is it an incest story.  It's the story of a 18 y/o foster kid, a young man who connects with his mentor, a big muscular lumberjack type.



Another Coach Story

Ugh.  Sorry I've haven't been as active.  Every weekend this fall that's not a holiday I feel like I've been picking up leaves.  I hate leaves.  HATE them.  And it feels like they never stop falling.  The bright side is, I think I got them all mostly picked up now...finally.  So hopefully I can stop spending so many hours every weekend picking up the fucking leaves. 

Ok, enough ranting 😬

Here's another story from the nifty archive featuring my favorite subject, huge muscular coaches.  I can never get enough of this type of man, haha. 




Just a little shameless plug, I've started posting a story that is basically a transcript of an RP I did a few years ago.  It has the same tone as my Elongro saga, which I know was a bit controversial here so I'm not sure if I'll post it on this site or not.  

But, if Elongro was your thing, feel free to check it out!

The story is called "A New Performance Incentive" and is based on the cut throat world of corporate sales in an office setting.  As with Elongro there is a lot of height and muscle growth, dominance, submission, and humiliation.  





Here's a fun story by author "Short Guy".  With that name, it will probably be unsurprising to realize that his stories focus on his small stature and his submission to larger, masculine men.  This story is actually part 3 in a series of stories and involves him temping for a huge, studly boss.  And there's not much hotter than huge, muscular, masculine man in business clothes!



Holy moly. I just myself rediscovered these stories by going back in time on my list.  Author Bobaroo2 on Nifty Gay Male Stories website wrote some fantastic muscle-centric lit way back in the late 1990's.  He clearly knows his stuff about muscle and bodybuilding from his descriptions and writing.  

His stories involve my favorite male subjects, middle-aged muscle studs.  The gents in his stories tend to be blue collar dream studs in their mid-30s or so.  Maybe it's only because I'm about that age as well now, but that to me is the prime age for muscle hunkiness.  Mature enough to have years and years of growth and experience, but still young enough to have full stamina and that smooth, taught, look to the muscles and body.  There's a reason why most Mr. Olympias are in their 30s!  If you ask me there aren't nearly enough stories about guys in this age-range (wink wink nudge nudge to all the authors out there 😉).

Because I'm smitten enough by these stories and they are relatively short, I'll share two.  The first is about two guys who meet a tall, studly fella at a new bar catering to bodybuilders. 


The second is nice little story about a super huge, super strong landscaper.  



The type of guy I picture Bobaroo2's stories:



Some of you may know of the author "Aardvark".  He has posted on here and the previous versions of this site.  He is a master of muscle growth reality shift type stories.  Some of you may not know this, but he has a tumblr and he is one of the few people who still maintains his tumblr, updating it with a new story about every 1-2 months.  I picked one of my favorites from his tumblr and posted it here, but if you are new to his tumblr you will have lots of new content to explore!




Today's tale comes from and old story website called "Perspectives."  It was site that focused on size changing, so themes of macro/microphilia.  This short tale also piqued my interest and has been one I revisit every once in a while.  It's a reality and size shift story and I really dig the central theme of the main character's insecurities manifesting itself into reality.  



This story comes from the great site metabods.com.  It's unique in that the story is made up entirely of dialogue.  I love how it works as the two jock bro's describe each other, with their awesome and sexy muscle-jock descriptions.  Someday I may try to do a short story in this way as well.   




Today's listing comes from the website LPGS.org.  If you don't know what that stands for it's "Large Penis Support Group" 😄.  LPGS has a forum of user-submitted stories that I check every once in a while.  With some searching you can find some real gems, such as this one. 

It's a standard guy-finds-magical-growth-cream type story, but still very enjoyable.  As you can probably guess from the name of the webiste, the crux of the story focuses on the guy's growing cock, although he grows all over and there are several nice muscle growth moments as well.  It is a straight story, so fair warning if that's not your cup of tea. 




If you don't know who Sean Reid Scott is, can you really call yourself a muscle-literature fan?  He is a fantastic author who writes some of the best, realistic muscle worshipping stories you'll find.  You may have read some of his stories in the past without knowing it, as he has worked under a few different aliases, such as Derek Flex and another one he has used on Amazon that I can't look up because my computer is email is currently being stupid. 

Most of his stories involved a closeted man meeting the huge bodybuilder hunk of his dreams (and ours).  His stories are lighthearted, often romantic, sexy, and full of hyper descriptive muscle admiration.  

It was hard for me to choose one to post, so I started with this one:  Camo Hat.



Be sure to check all his stuff though.  He even has several books published on Amazon. 


The Roomie

This one comes from the site coiledfist.org.  If you aren't familiar with that site, it is mostly a size fetish site, focusing on macro and microphilia.  With some digging you can find some fun stories with some hot muscular blokes as well.  

As such, this story may not be for everyone (very few stories are!) but if you are into size changes and seeing big muscular roommates growing even more then you will enjoy this one. 

THEMES:  Growth, shrinking, humiliation, macro, micro, domination, college




So I'm an office drone, and as an office drone I enjoy businessman muscle.  Like the characters in this next story, I often travel for work attending conferences, meetings, seminars, etc.  I dream of being in a situation like this one.  From Author "crayrei" on Literotica it's Muscle on My Mattress:

Themes:   Encounters, office workers, businessmen, muscle admiration



One of my favorite subjects for big muscle guys are football coaches.  If you enjoy these types of men as well then this story is right up your alley. 

This story was originally posted to the alt.sex.stories way back in 1996!   But, it can still be accessed via Nifty.  It was written as a chain letter with different authors contributing different parts.  This was a more recent find for me and quickly went toward the top of my favorites list.  I just wish the chain letter would've continued!   

THEMES:  Athletics, Romance, Realism, Workouts



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