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About this blog

Hey muscle fans.  I don't know if all the ideas for muscle-centric stories have been exhausted, but it definitely feels like the forum has slowed down a lot in the last year.  And not just this forum, but many other sites as well.  It just seems that new stories are harder to come by.  Thankfully, there is still tons of good content out there, you just have to do some digging.  I've always been a fairly good internet researcher so I've located lots of good stuff out there.  The intent of this blog is to post some of my favorite, rare and hard-to-find stories.  

Out of respect for the authors, I'm going to try to avoid re-posting the actual stories, but will show links to these stories as well.

Hope you enjoy some of these!  Stay pumped!

Entries in this blog


If you don't know who Sean Reid Scott is, can you really call yourself a muscle-literature fan?  He is a fantastic author who writes some of the best, realistic muscle worshipping stories you'll find.  You may have read some of his stories in the past without knowing it, as he has worked under a few different aliases, such as Derek Flex and another one he has used on Amazon that I can't look up because my computer is email is currently being stupid. 

Most of his stories involved a closeted man meeting the huge bodybuilder hunk of his dreams (and ours).  His stories are lighthearted, often romantic, sexy, and full of hyper descriptive muscle admiration.  

It was hard for me to choose one to post, so I started with this one:  Camo Hat.



Be sure to check all his stuff though.  He even has several books published on Amazon. 


This one comes from the site coiledfist.org.  If you aren't familiar with that site, it is mostly a size fetish site, focusing on macro and microphilia.  With some digging you can find some fun stories with some hot muscular blokes as well.  

As such, this story may not be for everyone (very few stories are!) but if you are into size changes and seeing big muscular roommates growing even more then you will enjoy this one. 

THEMES:  Growth, shrinking, humiliation, macro, micro, domination, college




So I'm an office drone, and as an office drone I enjoy businessman muscle.  Like the characters in this next story, I often travel for work attending conferences, meetings, seminars, etc.  I dream of being in a situation like this one.  From Author "crayrei" on Literotica it's Muscle on My Mattress:

Themes:   Encounters, office workers, businessmen, muscle admiration



One of my favorite subjects for big muscle guys are football coaches.  If you enjoy these types of men as well then this story is right up your alley. 

This story was originally posted to the alt.sex.stories way back in 1996!   But, it can still be accessed via Nifty.  It was written as a chain letter with different authors contributing different parts.  This was a more recent find for me and quickly went toward the top of my favorites list.  I just wish the chain letter would've continued!   

THEMES:  Athletics, Romance, Realism, Workouts



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