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Stories about bodybuilders, muscular growth, and extraordinarily muscular men as well as the men who admire and love their physiques. 




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Super Growth Formula


Super Growth Formula


I made a commitment to help my friend to move a new mattress he purchased up to his bedroom.  The only time it could be deliver was while he was at an out of town orientation for his new job so he somehow convinced his real estate agent to let the delivery people into his new townhouse. I didn’t blame him for not trusting the neighbors because he didn’t know them from Adam. I couldn’t do it because I was at work.


I met Alan in college where we became fast friends. In college Alan was a wheeler-dealer that always had a scheme that was going to make big money. He wanted us to get paper routes so we could earn money before classes started in the morning… then there was the dishwasher job… sell gadgets on line… be a Wal-Mart greater… but I think the best was selling our sperm. After graduation he got a job making 120K but the drawback was he traveled forty to fifty weeks a year. All I knew was that he used his expertise to fix problems. He has a body like a gymnast or a swimmer and years after graduation he stayed slim and handsome as ever.


Tired of traveling all the time he applied for a job in Chicago where I live and work.

After his second interview he was hired. A few days later I met him downtown and we went to dinner. He was flying out that night so I rode the Blue Line (‘L’) with him out to the airport. There are two entrances to the Subway on Monroe Street, one is the Red Line and the other the Blue Line and a stranger in town could easily be confused.


When we were entering the platform a man in a dark blue suit and black rim glasses was walking toward us making a bee line for the stairs. I had to step aside because he walked right between us. Time seemed to slow down for a few seconds and when I blinked he was gone. The rude man was either a nut case or a jerk. I looked at Alan and he did a double take in the direction of the stairs before he laughed. What I didn’t know was the man slipped a plastic test tube into my suit jacket pocket without me feeling a thing. I didn’t find the container until I cleaned out my pockets that night so the suit could go to the cleaners. There was a cryptic note wrapped around the tube.


Confidential: Grow Formula 01/2029840438. Men. One dose; delivered as requested.


“Requested by whom?” I said. I decided the guy was a nut case and tossed the vial into the trash basket by my desk. It was probably poison… or drugs that would lead to addiction.


Before his job started Alan bought the townhouse he lusted after and had his worldly goods shipped. He didn’t have any furniture so it was just boxes of clothes and books. He went to the company orientation in Atlanta for all the new hires. There were reams of paperwork to sign according to Alan but he seemed very happy with his decision to change jobs. The last thing I wanted to do Saturday morning was move a bed upstairs.


I knocked on the door. It was just a few moments before Alan appeared in the doorway.


“Hey,” he said smiling and taking my hand in a firm shake. “How’s it going?”


I smiled back and rolled my eyes. “It is Saturday morning and I should be asleep in my bed.” He burst out laughing and stepped aside to let me in. The house was empty except for boxes and a mattress in the middle of the living room floor. The sheets and blankets were still on the mattress but he pulled them off as I watched. Soon we made our first trip upstairs to Alan’s new bedroom. The king mattress weighed more than I ever expected so by the time it was in his room I was sweating. The box spring was lighter but harder to get around the corners.


He asked me to help put the bed frame together so we went downstairs for some cold water and his tool box. As we went up the stairs again I couldn’t help but notice his athletic ass hidden in his tight jeans. Alan had been trying to put on some muscle recently but without success; not that he wasn’t muscular already. He was buff like a runner or tri-athlete. His quest reminded me of one of his get rich quick schemes.


He sent off for a supplement (that was mostly sugar) that was supposed to pack on muscle. Without the gym work he wanted the kind of muscle that took bodybuilders years to acquire by spending countless hours in the gym, taking steroids and supplements, and eating five meals a day.


Once in his room I sat on the floor reading instructions as he rummaged through his tools.  After a few minutes of small talk and banter we got busy bolting the frame together. It seemed like hours before we lifted the mattress in place and started making the bed. I sat on the sofa in his room and turned on the TV. The cable company hadn’t hooked him up yet so all I got was static.


He didn’t know I was gay. But I didn’t know I was gay until we became close friends. Like now I would chub up or get hard when I was around him. I didn’t tell him because I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship. I had learned to control myself around him but when he sat on the sofa next to me I could smell his cologne and man musk. It drove me crazy.


“I’ve got something to show you,” he said as he put his hand on my knee and stood. He walked across the room and dug in a box. He held up a test tube of green liquid.


“What’s that?” I asked knowing there was an identical test tube in the garbage can by my desk at home.


“Remember when we were getting on the subway and a guy walked between us?” he asked. I nodded. “He put this in my pocket. Well, I was trying to pack on some muscle like a big bodybuilder. There was a piece of paper wrapped around this tube.” He took a note from his pocket and passed it to me.


Confidential: Bodybuilding Formula 01/2029840438. Men. One dose; delivered as instructed.” I read aloud. I put the note on the table.


“What?” I asked.


“I dunno, but it sounds good, huh?”


“You can’t seriously be thinking of drinking it?”


“Why not,” he grinned, showing a set of beautiful white teeth.


“It could be poison,” I said. “It could be drugs! Or it could be green piss!” I said to gross him out. I tried to convince him not to even consider opening the tube but his face broke out in a sexy grin and he drank the mysterious green liquid. I pulled out my phone to call 911.


“Nothing’s happening” he laughed. “It’s Gatorade. What a whuss,” he said laughing. He suddenly bent forward, as though he had a stomach cramp or was going to throw up. His stomach made a gurgling sound and he clutched his belly with both hands.


“Oh shit!” he said, turning toward the bathroom. I grabbed the phone but when he got to the door he stopped groaning, and stood up straight.


“Wait,” he said. He started smiling like it was some practical joke or something. “I feel alright.” He was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, “I feel… good, actually. Woah, my legs feel weird.” He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down. He stepped out of them and I could see that his quads were thickening. The muscles on the front and back of his legs began to thicken and flex. Within a couple minutes there was a huge amount of mass on his now tree-trunk legs.


His calves and ass were growing as his abs began getting totally ripped. His obliques turned into an Adonis belt and I could see his cock chubbing up. He caressed his cock softly as his upper body began changing. His square pecs which had been totally flat and thin, grew, stretching his shirt until the seams could be heard popping.


“Woah!” he gasped as the huge slabs of meat kept growing and expanding his chest. His nipples were erect and pointing down at the floor. His hand touched his humongous pecs and he began stroking them in awe. Then his arms began to grow. His biceps and triceps were expanding so fast that the shirtsleeve cut into his flesh. They were well over twenty inches and growing. I could see that his neck was thickening like the rest of his body. His traps and back were thickening.


“I have to get this off” he said. His voice was much deeper. “This shirt… I can’t breathe.” He raised his arms, revealing humungous lats, and tore off his shirt. His shoulders looked three feet wide since his delts had grown thicker and more muscular. His hands no longer rested near his hips because his lats were so big they held his arms away from his body. He bounced his pecs playfully and I could feel my cock leaking pre-cum. Before my eyes Alan had become a muscle god. I sat down on the floor in awe as he walked over to me. I looked up, but could only see his mountainous chest. He slowly flexed his pecs to show me the rippling muscle fibers accentuating the deep crevice between his pecs.


“Touch me,” he said in his deep, deep sexy voice. I reached up and stroked his massive pecs as he continued to bounce those slabs of pure manliness. He flexed his biceps and I held them, though even both my hands struggled to wrap themselves around them. He smiled as my fingers were pushed further apart by his growing triceps. He turned and I knelt behind him worshiping his quads. He groaned while flexing them. As I massaged my hand was getting closer and closer to his crotch. Then he turned to face me and when I looked up his boner was penetrating the boxers. There was at least ten inches of shaft topped with a thick mushroom shaped head slowly pushing back the stretched foreskin.


He rolled a rubber on and started stoking his cock. He tore off his boxers and I thought he was going to fuck me but he didn’t. I licked his huge balls and worshipped his body until he started to fill the rubber. There were a couple ounces of cum in the tip when I pulled off the condom.


Then as his cock softened the muscle began to slowly be reabsorbed into his frame. Somehow I got the feeling that this wasn’t the first time he did this.


“I’m so tired,” he whispered as he fell into the bed. “I thought you ought to know I’m gay too.”


“I thought it was just me,” I told him as I sat next to him. He pulled me into bed so he could spoon against my back.


“I know about your bodybuilding magazines. I know you lust after muscle. I needed you to see what would happen. How big… I just needed to be with you,” he tried to explain. “I put one drop in some green Gatorade. I had to see if you want me to be that big?”


“How would you explain the sudden growth?” I asked.


“And none of my clothes would fit,” he chuckled as he fell into a deep sleep. I could have slipped away but being in bed with him was a dream come true even though I was fully clothed. I closed my eyes and savored the moment. When I opened my eyes again Alan had me nude and was cleaning me up with his tongue. He was huge again and he was after the cum I dumped in my pants. He lifted my legs and parked his cock at my ass.


“Fuck me,” I begged, and he did.


Within a year the company I worked for went bankrupt and I was out of work. We consolidated our households into his townhome and over the next year Alan had to keep buying bigger clothes because each time he took a drop of the formula he didn’t completely shrink back all the way. It was like he was making small gains every week in the gym and his co-workers never noticed. We made a time lapse film of his growth by taking a couple pictures of him standing in the same spot every day.


The day I cleaned out my desk at work Alan poured my tube of green stuff down my throat. My growth was amazing and I might even call it orgasmic.


The night of my initial growth I rolled on a rubber and fucked Alan. I knew it was a massive orgasm and that I shot a lot of cum ballooning out the rubber. I tied it off and dropped it on the floor next to the bed. I remained absolutely massive instead of shrinking down like Alan does after taking one drop in green Gatorade. I barely closed my eyes when we heard someone pounding on the front door. I pulled on a robe and when I opened the door I stumbled backwards. It was the man in the blue suit and black frame glasses we saw in the subway station. He barged in and made his way directly to our bedroom. Alan was asked who was at the front door when I got back to the bedroom.


The man in blue drained my condom into a container, mixed my cum with something, and then filled twenty to thirty plastic vacuum tubes with the green liquid. He was so focused on his task it was as if he didn’t see us.


“Explain,” I demanded. He jumped as if he was startled.


“Can you see me?” he asked.


“Mostly. You move from here to there so quickly it looks like you disappear here and reappear there,” I pointed at two spots.

“This is the most valuable first harvest I have ever made. I have pictures of your naked body before and after and this, (he held up the tubes) will be worth billions.”


“Explain,” I said again.


“This is a growth formula that cannot be reproduced in the lab. It is the produced by the body, and your body is unique. Once a person drinks a tube like I gave you and the muscular growth occurs a substance is produced in your cum. It happens only once. We call it the first harvest. The growth of your physique produces a compound that combines with your semen and is expelled via the first orgasmic discharge after the growth occurs but after that no additional growth serum is ever produced. I have been searching for years to find someone that would react to the formula like you have,” he said as he touched my pecs. “Massive growth,” he muttered.


“What I gave you and your friend over there was a diluted version of this, (he held up the tubes) because pure it would kill. There are ten thousand doses in this bag. Think what a government would pay to create a super soldier… or ten thousand that looked like you. You may not realize it yet but your brainpower also increased, possibly doubling or tripling your IQ. ”


“But if muscle growth produces the green stuff what is there to prevent that government from eliminating the middleman?” I asked.


“I will grow the soldiers and be in charge of the first harvest and therefore I will have a limitless supply of growth formula.” He smiled and disappeared.


“Who were you talking to,” Alan asked. “I saw some blue streaks that stopped in front of you but your back was to me.”


“Do you remember the man in blue from the subway? Well he was just here.”


“No shit!”


“And I know his secret,” I said as I ran downstairs to get Alan’s vial but it was gone. I got some Gatorade and filled my discarded condom with it and made Alan drink it down. The type of growth he had that night mirrored my body. Of course he was unique and he already looked like a bodybuilder but his body came into sharp focus and remained tight and buff without gym time or dieting. His clothing was a little tight in the chest and arms but looser around the waist. That night when he fucked me he filled a condom with a batch of the green super growth formula.


We found that men will pay big bucks to live a fantasy like I lived each time Alan drank the diluted formula and took me to bed. We run the fantasy and the men think it is a muscle suit they are using. Some believe we use hypnosis, none the less they have great muscle sex. It doesn’t matter if a guy wants to dominate or be dominated, sex is phenomenal.  In the morning they are usually ecstatic from living that fantasy and we have had many return customers. And yes each time they drink the diluted formula they retain a small amount of residual muscle just like Alan did.


The musclemen that Alan’s growth formula produced were good but not incredible. The stuff the man in blue gave us caused outstanding muscle growth in me but Alan had been diluting his vial of the formula. Maybe the residual cum in the condom wasn’t enough to trigger growth like I had. Also I can’t help but wonder if my body was pre-conditioned for super growth by Alan repeatedly fucking me in his expanded state before I drank that tube of green stuff.


As for the man in the blue suit, we never saw him again. No muscular army of ten thousand appeared on Earth so we have to assume that he has set up shop in some other part of the galaxy.







Adam O’Hara was my hero. The day I heard that Adam was going to be at the college to give a motivational talk I bought a ticket. I was going to be in a front row seat if I could. Adam was an Olympic star that beat the Russians multiple times by taking the Gold in all-around individual, and all around team gymnastics. He won Silver in the vault and another Gold in the Rings. At the winter games he won two Olympic gold medals.  I was also a gymnast but not of Olympic caliber. I never won anything—not a medal or a trophy. Sure my points counted for the team but I was not a star. If I could be a star it would be on the rings. I never had enough strength to excel on the rings.


As early as I was getting to the venue, the closest I could get to the front was in the middle of row twenty five and off to the side. I hung on every word of his speech and was inspired. I couldn’t stay for the Q&A because I had to work. I did buy a poster with his signature printed at the bottom. It was the closest I would get to an autograph.


After four hours of bussing tables I was ready to quit. I was frustrated and unappreciated so when my shift ended I was exhausted. I went home but the dorm was practically empty. The campus was deserted. Those who hadn't gone home for the long weekend were out partying. I changed and went over to the gym. It was even more deserted. The rings were set low so you could self-start. They swayed in the breeze from the noisy heating unit and it was as if someone or some spirit had used the rings just moments before. I stretched and then began my routine. I held the cross for about one second and then spun into the final moves before I dismounted.  I stuck the dismount but the routine was crap.


“You have good form and clean moves that would win a medal if there was more strength behind them,” a voice said from the shadows.


“Who’s there?” I reacted. Adam leaned into the square of light coming from a high window.  I gulped when I saw it was him.  He was sitting against the wall in a “Sitting Thinker” pose.


“When I need to think I use the rings,” he said.


“I use them to vent my frustrations,” I tried to make a joke that fell flat.


“There is your problem. You fight the rings instead of making love to them,” he said to soften his critique. He stood and walked toward me. He was much more muscular than I thought. I was blown away by the size of his arms. It was no wonder he was so good on the rings. He smelled really ripe and his clothes were sticking to his body because of the sweat.


 “Up close you look like a bodybuilder,” I blurted out. I was sorry I said it after it came out of my mouth. I was in awe of his body and I felt a bit of arousal but I couldn’t show what was happening to me.


“It would look funny if I just built my upper body besides strong legs are essential in floor exercise, vault, and just about everything. All gymnasts would greatly benefit from arm, chest, and shoulder exercises using weights so they can do a full range of motions through all positions of the cross or planche with less effort.”


“I guess you’re right,” I muttered.


He lowered the rings so that he could install what he called the ‘Iron Cross & Gymnastics Strength Trainer’ apparatus. My feet were just six inches off the floor when I did an iron cross. The gizmo supported my forearms so there was less stress on my arms while doing the Iron Cross, Maltese, and Planche.


“This rig allows gymnasts to feel the optimum position they need to be able to hold. This Iron Cross trainer jig allows for multiple reps to be performed safely, which greatly reduces the risk of injury. It also reduces the time it takes a gymnast to learn the iron cross on rings. The iron cross trainer is easily adjusted so that athletes can increase or decrease resistance as they gain strength or choose to have a light-weight training session. The cross trainer is perfect for gymnasts of all levels.” It sounded like he was reading a commercial written by the manufacturer. “I still use it when I am thinking. I can hold a cross for almost a minute,” he said with a modicum of humility.


“Did you invent this?” I asked.


“No but I sell them,” he smiled.


I could actually feel the difference as I experimented. Then Adam began training me. The great Adam O’Hara was getting me to do things I was never able to do.  He showed me that I could lift to an iron cross for reps by just touching my feet to the floor. He stepped close behind me so he could point out the muscles that were being used each time I lifted. I wasn’t sure about what he was doing because I was also rubbing against his physique as I did the exercise. I found myself becoming aroused even more. It almost felt like a hard cock was rubbing against my ass.


“Ok, you get the idea,” he said. “If you are interested I have a pamphlet for the ‘Iron Cross & Gymnastics Strength Trainer’ in my gym bag. It isn’t very expensive (his cost was $150 but they sold for much more) and you could even rig this up in your basement for a quick workout.”


I saw him adjust himself a couple times on the way to the locker room so I stayed slightly behind him. The view of his ass was spectacular. I stood there looking at the pamphlet and when I looked up he was lifting off his tank top. I backed away and found my locker which was on another isle. I heard him answer his phone and he was talking as I stepped into the shower for a quick wash. I was under the showerhead less than two minutes when I noticed that Adam was standing right outside the shower room watching me. He was lost in thought as his intensely blue eyes gazed at my nakedness. He was looking my way but his mind was a million miles away.


“Mind if I join you,” he asked when he came back to the present.


“Ummm yeah sure… kinda,” I said. I could smell his sweaty musk and my cock started to stiffen a bit. He was just soaping up when I was rinsing off. I quickly vacated. I dressed and debated with myself about asking a favor. I turned into his isle and he was almost dressed. He turned and smiled at me. Again his eyes looked me over.


“I uhh, I uhhh uhhh....” I was lost for words.


“Yes,” he looked like he was really amused.


“I was at your talk and I bought a poster. Would… would you consider personally signing it for me?”


“Do you have it here?” he asked as he tied his shoes.


“In my dorm room,” I said hesitantly. “I could run and get it…”


“Or I could follow you and sign it for you,” he offered. “I don’t have anything else to do tonight.” He followed me to the dorm. “This place is like a morgue,” he joked.


“Most everyone is gone for the long weekend,” I said as I opened my door. I rolled out the poster and handed him a sharpie. “They couldn’t find the big color poster of you doing the iron cross,” I said not wanting him to think I was too cheap to buy that poster. They really were out. He signed.


“To…” he paused. “I don’t know your name.”


“Tom West,” I smiled.


To my friend Tom West, always remember that I taught you how to perfect the iron cross, he wrote above the printed signature and then he signed it with the sharpie. He closed the pen and handed it to me. “I have that other poster back at the motel if you are interested.”


“I couldn’t impose,” I began. He insisted that it was the only way for me to get the color poster. I followed him to his rental car. Once in the motel room he closed the curtains and locked the door. He searched for the right box and pulled out a tube. Tom, aim high! You have the potential to be an Olympian, Adam O’Hara he wrote. “Thank you so much,” I gushed. “How much do I owe you?” I knew that poster was selling for $30.00 so I pulled out my wallet.


“Put your money away,” he said as he lifted my hands up above my head and pinned my back against the wall. His hard body undulated. His crotch began grinding against mine. “There is another way you can pay me,” he whispered into my ear. “Are you getting turned on by my body?” he asked. I could feel his hard dick rubbing against mine.


“I...” I stammered and started to breathe harder.


“I want you.” He breathed into my neck and my dick twitched. “Would you like to be the alpha dog of college gymnastics?” His voice was low and sexy. I couldn't do anything except nod in response and he stared deep into my eyes again. Our dicks rubbed against each other through our clothes and I could feel myself leaking pre-cum. He lifted me, turned around, and tossed me into bed. A second later he pinned my body down. I so wanted to feel every inch of his body but my hands stayed at my sides.


“Is this your first time?” he asked. I nodded. My response seems to amuse him and he chuckled. “I’m honored. Should I show you what I’d like to see you do to me?” he asked. “I’ll undress you and seduce you. Then you’ll seduce me.”


“I don’t know…” I said. “I don’t have a very good physique and…”


“Lesson one, never think negative thoughts,” he said sternly. “You should have said: Wow I must be handsome and desirable if Adam O’Hara jumped my bones.”


“But you are so muscular. You are an Olympic star. You’ve won gold medals. Do you find me handsome and desirable?” I asked as he lifted off my shirt.


“Shhh! Do you think I brought you here because you are ugly? Alright, then I want you to take off my shirt and explore. Feel free to explore every inch of my body, explore anywhere that arouses you.” He gave me an assuring smile.


I started by pulling off his tank top, revealing his perfectly chiseled body. I ran my hands from his neck to his chest and then down to his abs. He started to breathe a little heavier when I touched the waistband of his shorts. He trembled when I ran my hands to his thighs and let my thumbs stroke his inner thighs. Feeling his body seemed to make his crotch twitch a little and he would groan a little every time I rubbed close to his cock. Then I proceed to kiss, lick, and work on each of his abs towards my ultimate goal which was his chest. I stroked and lightly pinched his nipples while watched his face glow with pleasure. He stood next to the bed and I sat up before I pulled off his shorts. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his dick sprung into attention and slapped his abs, it is already wet and slick, oozing lots of pre-cum. Seeing that 8 inch giant I hesitated.


“Go on, lick it, taste it…” he whispered.  “You don't have to swallow the whole thing.”


“I don’t… Tell me if I… if it feels good,” I said to make my negative thought positive.


 “Just watch your teeth,” he hissed. “Oh yeah that feels so good,” he whispered. I started to suck on the head of his dick and then I slowly began to lick down his shaft inch by inch.


“Lick my balls too,” he told me. I never considered doing that but when I did his body trembled. I slowly lapped at his balls while I used my hands to jerk his dick. “Yes, that’s it!” he groaned. I stopped and sat upright. He grabbed my head and thrust his dick into my mouth again. I wrapped my lips around his prick and started to suck harder with every thrust. Each time his dick would twitch at the back of the throat. “Yes, suck me hard! I'm close!” His rhythm started to feel a little erratic and next thing I knew, his balls pulled up and he groaned.


“Fuck yeah! Ughhh!” he yelled and he started to cum in my mouth. Four or five jet of cum shot to the back of my throat and I tried to swallow as fast as I could. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and gave me a really satisfied grin, “That was great! But now it’s my turn!”  With that, he made me stand and proceeded to rip off my pants and briefs. My dick sprang free. I was leaking a lot of pre-cum and I felt like I was ready to cum.


What he did to me next is hard to describe because I was attacked on several fronts simultaneously. He used both thumbs to slowly rotate and rub both of my nipples as he kissed my neck and nibbled my ear. My dick rubbed against his body causing it to twitch and drip more pre-cum. He eased me into bed and then he proceeded to slowly suck and lick around my torso and then nibble on my nipples as I squirmed under him.


 “Are you about to cum?” he asked as he let out a groan of pleasure. I whimpered in response which made him grin as he moved further down between my legs. He began to suck around the base of my dick and balls while teasing my nipples with his fingers. He stimulated my dickhead with his tongue and then blew a stream of air over the sensitive crown. He would slowly drive me into edge and then when I was about to cum, he would back off. I would gasp each time when I was close and beg for release. He kept that up for what seemed like an eternity. I was putty in his hands.  He gently pushed my legs back and began to eat my hole. It felt weird but I was in heaven each time his tongue plunged into me. He put some lube on his fingers and stretched my hole.


“Ughhhh! Ohhh!” I moaned as my back arched. “I feel like I could cum,” I groaned out loud.


“Just overcome that feeling and enjoy it! I'm gonna put my dick in now. Its gonna feel uncomfortable at first and it may even hurt, but you will enjoy it later. Are you ready?” I was so into my own sexual trance that I didn't realize what Adam was saying. I nodded my approval and Adam slowly pressed his dick into my hole. I yelled in surprise when the head of his cock popped in.


“Just relax Tom, I don't want to hurt you,” he assured me. Every time he moved I would squirm.


He began to inch in again and before I could yelp he started kissing me. Kissing him made things feel better and before I knew it his cock was fully buried in my ass and he slowly began to thrust in and out. His dick began rubbing against something inside me and it was causing jolts of sexual delight to flow through me. Every time he would thrust in I would shudder and my dick would jump and drip a little pre-cum.


“Oh Fuck! Adam you are making me leak! I feel like I'm gonna cum!” I moaned. Adam started to pick up the pace and started fucking my ass harder. Every thrust made me feel like I could cum. I never felt so sexual. “Adam, what’s happening?” I grabbed onto his arms as he started to pump his dick wildly in and out of me. Every thrust made me shudder and drove me to the edge. I couldn't control myself; my dick couldn't take it anymore.


“I'm coming! Fuck! I'm coming!” I yelled. It was like every inch of my body started to tremble and shake as pulse after pulse of cum shot out of my dick. I could feel my back arch and my ass clenching on Adam's hard dick. Each thrust of his shaft made my cock shoot more cum and my ass clenched his dick even tighter.


“Ugghh Fuck! Yeah! Your hole is so tight!” he moaned and the next thing I felt was him ejaculating gallons of his seed deep into my ass. I could feel his body shudder. It was intense! He collapsed on top of me and my arms hugged his sweaty body. He brought his lips to mine and kissed me. It seemed like his cock took forever to soften and pull out. When he rolled to my side I drifted off to sleep. The next time I opened my eyes Adam was spooning me and his hard cock was plugged into my ass.


“We need a shower,” he said as he pulled free and stood. “Join me when I get the water going,” he ordered. We showered and then we spent the rest of the night cuddling. I could hear Adam slowly drift to sleep. The furthest thing from my mind when I went to the talk this morning was sex let alone sex with Adam O’Hara.


That weekend when I wasn’t at work or in his bed, we were in the gym training. Sleep came easily, my confidence was soaring, and I was thinking only positive thoughts. Adam spent the next several weeks in town giving his presentation to the local colleges and high schools. He fucked me several times a day and trained me long after the last student left the gym. Adam encouraged me to work out with weights and he even printed out his early lifting routines for me. He used a lot of cable work to strengthen my muscles. My body quickly responded.


The worst day of my life was the day he left to continue his speaking tour.


I never did qualify for the Olympics but we did win the regionals every year while I was on the team. After college I even won a couple of local bodybuilding contests. I still get a Christmas card from Adam every year and I smile when I see the stick figure he draws of the man doing the iron cross.


I still have those two posters. They’re framed and have a prominent place in my home gym and anytime I get discouraged or negative all it takes is a glance in the direction of the color poster to adjust my attitude.


The other day I heard that Adam was going to be at one of the colleges in the next town to give a motivational talk so I bought a ticket. This time I was in a front row seat when he walked on stage. His personality still sparkled and his message was still inspirational. It spoke of choices and jumping at opportunities when they were presented; small decisions that change your life for the better. I thought that he might tell them about our time together but he didn’t. I realized that everyone around me was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. They were all remembering a choice they made that changed their lives.


The house lights came on and they announced that Adam was signing posters and books in the lobby. Being in the front I took my time leaving and once in the lobby I leaned against a doorframe and watched Adam charm the people. I could see he was tired but he was there listening like the person he was talking to was the only one in the room. As the last poster was signed he sat back as if remembering something.


“I uhh, I uhhh uhhh....” I said like I was at a loss for words. “You think you could sign my color poster of you doing the iron cross?”


“Tom, Tom West!” He nearly flew out of the chair throwing his arms around me.


“Fuck!” he whispered in my ear. He pulled back to arms length to look me over. “That poster is out of print,” he said for others to hear. He crashed into me again. “I have something in my hotel room for you; I want you to take off my shirt and explore. Feel free to explore every inch of my body,” he whispered. “Let me clean up and then we’ll catch up with each other,” he said aloud.


*** Later in his room***


“I was thinking of you tonight and getting a little melancholy,” he said as he handed me a drink.


“I expected you to say something like… I met a young man long ago who…” I chuckled.


“I met a young man a long time ago who I thought was too young for me. I made a choice. Instead of jumping at the opportunity when it was presented I made a decision to leave him behind. I told myself he needed time to grow and perhaps I would impose my will on him and not allow him to mature naturally. I would make him into something I wanted him to be instead of letting him be free to become a man on his own. I made a choice. That was a small decision that changed my life for the worse. I came back and watched you graduate and saw you with that girl. I knew you were happy. I made another decision to go away forever even though I sent you a Christmas card every year. That card was a life line from me to you. Then you showed up tonight alone…”


“How did you know I wasn’t married?” I asked.


“No wedding ring.”


“You know that girl… she’s my cousin Julie. What we have borders on incestuous according to her husband. I’ve thought about a three way with her and her hunk but they are way too straight,” I laughed.


“I…” he looked like he was in pain. I reached over and held my hand over his heart and with my thumb I flicked his hardening nipple. He pulled away. “Tom West you are such a jerk.”


“Adam,” I said putting down my drink. I began to open his dress shirt. “I should have done this years ago but I didn’t have the courage. I intend to pursue you until we are together.”


“You are going to be pursed right back,” he said as he stepped in closer and lifted my polo shirt over my head. “I may never let you out of my sight again.”


“That might be excessive,” I laughed.


“Figuratively,” he said pulling me closer. We kissed and I knew he was right. I never wanted to be apart again.







I’m 25 years old, tall, rather muscular, and very straight. My entire life I never thought about men in a sexual way. I had been going out with women since I started high school and currently I had a beautiful girlfriend. I lost my virginity at sixteen and have enjoyed fucking a variety of women ever since. Nonetheless, one day I found myself being seduced by a man.


I was working out at my gym on a Saturday but it was at an unusual time for me. I had planned a trip with my girlfriend that got cancelled so all the errands I usually do on Saturday were already done. I was taking out my frustrations on the weights and I stayed in the gym a lot longer than I normally do.


After I finished working out, I went into the locker room where I could feel soreness already starting to set in. There were several other guys in the locker room talking loud and laughing. I removed my clothes and wrapped myself in a towel. I made my way to the Jacuzzi / hot tub which was empty at the time and lowered my body into the swirling waters. I contorted my body to let the jets pound my muscles and then I sat back and relaxed so much that I was drifting off.


After a few minutes I started to recall the time I fucked my then girlfriend Sue in the hot tub of the ski resort where we were staying. I began lightly touching my cock and found myself getting super aroused. Suddenly, another man entered the room and lowered his naked body into the hot tub. I couldn’t believe that he sat down right next to me. Well… within arm’s reach of me.


“How’s it going,” he said to start a conversation.


I immediately covered my cock with my hand even though the bubbles foaming up the water concealed my condition. I wasn’t sure if he had noticed anything since he began making small talk. He introduced himself as Brad. I knew who he was because his bodybuilding trophies and contest pictures were in the lobby of the gym. I understood that there was a nighttime session where he and his counterparts would work out. It was almost as if the weight room was reserved for them. It was understood you didn’t interfere with their workouts. It was something about momentum and getting to the equipment they needed for an intense work out session.


Brad was five to ten years older than me but somehow he retained his youthful good looks. He was a real man, a man’s man, a warrior, a stand-up guy. He was the kind of guy others look to for motivation, inspiration, and guidance. He was a leader often looked at with a hint of jealousy. He was the man women want; always the center of attention yet never demanding attention. He was the Alpha Male that other men willingly follow.


Brad was a professional bodybuilder but he didn’t wear tight clothing to flaunt his physique. In clothes he looked athletic but naked he was absolutely massive.


After a brief conversation, I found myself staying aroused by the soft and soothing tone of his voice. My cock had started to soften when he slipped into the water but now it began to grow again, reaching its full 8 inch erect length. I knew that my towel couldn’t cover me fast enough if I stood to leave.


I was, frustrated, intimidated, and slightly scared because I was 100% straight yet my cock rock hard. I told him that I had to get out before the over chlorinated water ate my skin away. He gave a slight chuckle and said he would have to be scrubbed down in the shower to get the chlorine off his body. I told myself that leaving let me remain in control of the situation. I didn’t understand why my cock was reacting that way with a stranger. I turned and knelt on the ledge I had been sitting on to grab my towel and stand with my back to him. I wrapped the towel around me binding my hard shaft against my body. I ran for the showers.


My cock began shrinking as I stood under the cool water in the shower room. Brad joined me shortly after my cock softened and continued the conversation where we left off. I remembered his comment about being scrubbed down so I didn’t linger in case he asked me to wash his back or something.


I went into the steam room to sweat out some of the toxins built up in my body. I took my towel completely off since the room was empty. I started to do some stretching and about a minute later Brad entered the steam room. He seemed surprised to see me and let his towel fall when he saw I was naked. I always heard that bodybuilders have small cocks because of the steroids they use, but that wasn’t the case with Brad. His soft uncut cock was at least six inches long. He sat down right next to me and began talking again. I told him I was in the steam room so I wouldn’t be sore from my over enthusiastic workout. He suggested a deep tissue massage.


“So you were going out of town this weekend?” he asked.


“Yeah we were going just to get out of the city and have a quiet weekend communing with nature,” I chuckled. He could tell we weren’t going to see much of nature and planned to spend a lot of time in bed. He knew that talking about it had me hot and he took advantage of it. I did nothing to hide my raging erection. The frustration that I couldn’t fuck all weekend and talking about it only led to me getting more and more aroused. As much as I tried to hide my erection, Brad knew what was happening. He smiled and asked me to get up and press the button on the other side of the steam room to create more steam. I got up and my cock was rock hard. He knew he caused my condition but didn’t seem to take it as anything unusual or unnatural. 


The air in the steam room thickened like billowing smoke as I returned and sat back down. Before I knew it, Brad stood before me stroking an erection bigger than mine. I was fascinated by the foreskin covering the head of his cock and then retreating with each stroke. The next thing I knew Brad was straddling my legs and rubbing his cock against mine. He grabbed my cock and brought it against his before he began lightly stroking both of them with his hand. My body began to tremble and shake with the kind of pleasure I experienced when a woman took me in hand. I tried to resist and push on his chest and shoulders but that caused him to lean in closer to my body and nuzzle my neck.


“Have you ever felt hard muscle like mine?” he whispered in my ear. “It feels so good when you touch and feel my hard physique,” he added. I pulled my hands away. “Oh please don’t stop,” he said while nibbling my ear. A shiver went down my spine and my hand awkwardly rubbed his arms. “Touch my back,” he groaned.


I knew there were other people in the locker room that could walk in at any moment and the steam clouds wouldn’t hide us once the door opened.


We shouldn’t… what happens if someone walks in?”


“I’ll move,” he promised. “Just enjoy the moment,” he said kissing my neck. My earlobes and more so my neck was my Achilles heel during sex. I was putty in the hands of any woman that learned that secret. He literally had me in the palm of his hand. “So hard. Is that your pre-cum or mine flowing like that?” For the next few minutes, he teased my cock to the brink of orgasm before he backed off and started the intense seduction again. I closed my eyes and tried not to moan. I kept telling myself that the next time he took his hand off my cock I would end the encounter… but I didn’t.


Finally he stood and my hands lingered on his forearms. He locked arms with me and brought me to my feet. The locker room was silent and I hadn’t even noticed. I decided that this would be it and I wouldn’t let things go any further. My cock had been on the edge of cumming too many times and was still super hard. He walked to the door to confirm the locker room was empty and he gave me the all clear. I stretched and I could still feel some stiffness.


“I’m gonna be sore,” I muttered to myself.


“There is an alternative. C’mon,” he winked. I followed. He was an Alpha Male after all. That’s what he expected. He led me to a room and I smiled when I saw the massage table.


“I don’t think so,” I laughed.


“The option is to be sore the rest of the weekend,” he shrugged as if he didn’t care whether I took the massage or not.


“I’ve never had a guy give me a massage,” I said as I entered the room. He patted the table and I started to get up. He whipped off my towel. “Hey!” I frowned.


“I’d say we’re beyond being modest around each other,” he grinned. I grabbed his towel and threw it aside. He laughed. “Face down on the table. The oils are heating.” I obeyed.


I felt the warm drip of oil on my body followed by his strong hands finding all the sore spots on my back. I felt the pressure he exerted hitting the tensest parts and then feeling my muscles loosen up. I also was feeling a bit aroused when he started massaging my ass. My cock hardened but I didn’t mind since the ass massage felt so good. He massaged my inner thighs which nearly drove me over the edge. I loved this massage but at the same time very nervous about the fact that I was getting turned on again.

That’s when he asked me to turn over so that he could massage the front side. I moved slowly so that my cock wouldn’t betray me but it was too late! My cock was now rock hard and standing straight up. Without missing a beat, he moved me around a bit so I would be more comfortable. He added more oil on my smooth chest and down to my abs and back up to my arms and hands. He paid close to attention to every part of me never rushing it or changing pressure and almost ignoring my cock. I could feel the muscles relaxing. He kept massaging my thighs over and over again moving up and down and all over while mentioning I may have done too many squats. He continued to ignore my cock which was standing up hard and leaking pre-cum. My nipples were hard and it was evident that this massage was turning me on.


“I need to work your glutes more. Those squats!” he explained sounding professional.

I thought I was going to hurt myself turning over because my cock was so hard. It took a minute to get comfortable. He laughed and then poured some warm oil on my butt and the back of my legs. He worked the oil in from the right side and then the left side of the table. I was so relaxed I was drifting off to sleep. He got up on top the table and sat on my legs barely missing a beat. I could feel the difference when he worked my buns from that angle.


He began to make long continuous strokes from my thighs to the base of my neck. He stretched out so his hard cock would nest in my ass crack and slide in the abundant oil dripping onto my balls. Then he rested his huge pecs on my back and licked my neck while he lifted his hips for his cock to find my relaxed ass hole. His arms wrapped around my shoulders and his hips gave a quick thrust.  I yelled out but a hand covered my mouth. Tears came to my eyes as my ass ring spasmed.


Brad was like an animal in heat as he worked his cock deep into my hole. His thrusts were short but each thrust shoved another inch of his cock deeper into my ass. He may not have understood my muffled begging but he knew I wanted him to stop. He did but only after he was balls deep in my virgin ass.


As much as I wanted to resist him further I couldn’t. My ass stopped clenching and relaxed, before he took over. He pulled almost all the way out, added oil, and thrust his cock back in with little resistance from me. My body shook and trembled with each thrust. After about a minute of this my ass was lifting into each of his thrusts. I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying the violation. He began to fuck me in earnest. He was pounding my ass with a hard slapping sound then yanking his cock back out just to drive firmly in again.


“Your ass is so fucking tight.”


We were moving in rhythm now and it felt so fucking good! I was glad that the table wasn’t portable and was sitting solidly on four square legs. He paused for just a moment while planted deep inside my ass. He rested his hard muscular body on top of me and wrapped his huge arms around my chest. His legs were stretched straight out behind him. He jack-knifed his body and started fucking me once again. He began licking the back and sides of my neck and I moaned. He started fucking me like a man possessed and I suddenly erupted spewing cum onto the table below me. He lost all control and started hammering my ass without mercy. He paused and shoved in deep as he collapsed on top of me. I knew he was seeding my ass. He took some weight off me by leaning on his elbows but then he began trying to shove his cock in deeper.


As Brad finished cumming, I became even more aware of his muscles against my body, the sweat that coated both of us, as well as his cock softening inside me. He hugged me tightly before he relaxed his body on top of me and I knew that he was done. He spoke softly and continued the neck kisses. I felt the most incredible connection and hoped that he would hold me, which he did. It felt so good to be in his powerful arms as he whispered endearments in my ear, telling me how much he had enjoyed having me. I felt the pressure inside of me lessen and then he withdrew his spent cock from my ass. The next thing I knew he was helping me get to the private shower in the massage area. His arms enveloped me as I felt the first warmth of his ejaculate ooze from by body and trickle down my legs. There was no mistaking that I had been truly marked by Brad.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hold back. I don’t usually cum so quickly,” he whispered in my ear.

I couldn’t have been more satisfied but I found it hard to voice my appreciation. I had been seduced and fucked but I was straight wasn’t I? He assumed I was thankful as I nestled in his arms facing him with my head resting on his massive chest. As I sighed contentedly in his embrace, my hand found and caressed his powerful cock and balls whose seed was leaking out of my ass.

I was only dimly aware of Brad moving on top of me again in the night, requiring my body once more. My legs parted easily as he mounted me again. My ass was coated with a healing salve as well as some of his cum which allowed him to penetrate me easily. I slowly awakened as I received his thrusting cock. I couldn’t remember if we were in his bed or mine.


I awoke around noon the next day. I was hoping it wasn’t a work day because I needed another day to recover. I slowly processed the weekend retreat being canceled, going to the gym and not knowing when to quit, as well as meeting Brad. It occurred to me that all the muscles that should have been sore from lifting weren’t sore yet my ass was on fire from being fucked… more than once.


I showered and cleaned out my ass with warm water several times during the day trying to avoid going to the ER. How would I explain to them that I had been fucked? I slept hard Sunday night and limped into work the next day with a ‘pulled muscle.’


I didn’t go to the gym all that week but when I returned I was invited to join the bodybuilder’s workout group as Brad’s protégé. I considered saying no but how do you say no to an Alpha that assumed I was ready to follow wherever he leads me? Brad told everyone I had potential and that was why he invited me to join the group. He never mentioned our weekend fuck to a living soul and he promised strict confidence forever saying I would have to make the next move. He did keep that promise because he was a man of his word. I’ll never win a bodybuilding contest but I do enjoy the challenge of working out with the guys. Who knows maybe someday I’ll get drunk enough and feel the need to take Brad to bed.


But I doubt it!





A Quick Workout



It was late and I couldn’t sleep. My mind was still going a thousand miles an hour. I had several good sales leads on top of the signed contracts. The show and convention was finished and all I had to do was show up in the morning and feed the service reps that were taking apart the instrumentation and getting it ready for shipping.


I packed the leftover liquor from the hospitality suite in my trunk. I always left the partial bottles the hotel provided and decanted a portion into the empties that I brought. It wasn’t more than I would have consumed with the customers. It was my habit to splash a taste on top of the mixer in my glass so I could keep a clear head. In other words I didn’t consume but a few drops around the customers. The rest I took home with me. Maybe it was wrong but it was better than some of the salesmen that blatantly took everything home.


I went to my room and faxed the signed contracts with the associated paperwork. Then I packed the papers to drop off at FedEx. Driving back to the hotel I passed a gym. On a whim I pulled into the parking lot. I needed a good cardio workout or a swim if the pool was open. The hotel gym left a lot to be desired. The hotel pool was super chlorinated so I didn’t swim in it. I usually ran a couple miles before breakfast but today I did nothing to maintain my physique—such that it is.


I am muscular but not huge like superheavyweight bodybuilders. Much as I would love to have a body like that, my very expensive suits wouldn’t fit if I gained that much muscle. It would take a year’s wages to replace all my suits. Business suits on big men like those superheavyweight bodybuilders just don’t fall right. The only suits I want to see them in are posing suits, gym shorts or bathing suits. They should have something on so I can order them to strip.


The sign said it was a 24 hour gym but they closed at about four in the morning so the cleaning crew could sweep through the place. They opened again at 5:30am when I would be asleep in my bed. I pulled my gym bag out of the trunk and paid my guest fee. I took a selfie to prove I was there and then I jumped on a treadmill. By the time I finished I had the treadmills all to myself. As midnight rolled around the gym was becoming deserted. Those leaving were doctors and nurses from the hospital nearby that got off work at 11pm who came to work out for an hour. I fantasized about a couple of them but I needed some physical stress relief not a roll in the hay with a potential client. You see I sell to the medical industry.


After my run I decided to do a light workout on the weight machines. As I entered the weight area I noticed a couple guys posing before heading to their showers. I assumed that the dress policy wasn’t strictly enforced at that time of night. One guy in particular caught my attention even though he was fully clothed. You can’t hide muscle like that with a shirt, a sweat shirt, or even a football jersey. The width of the shoulders and thickness of his arms gives them away every time. Tight ass, big legs, and the amount of weight on the bar mean’s he cannot be a mere mortal.


I got some side glances from a couple ladies. “Not a chance in hell,” I muttered to myself. I get hit on all the time and that’s why I wear the wedding band I inherited from my grandfather. That little band of gold does wonders to keep the ladies at bay—some guys too. I wanted to be noticed by the big guy working out but I suspected he was an alpha. Guys like him don’t notice guys like me.


He was lifting alone in the free weight area. I was using a machine doing high reps with low weight so I could watch him lift without seeming like I was staring. I made it look like I was doing sets while I was watching in a mirror when all of a sudden he pulled off his windbreaker and revealed his muscularity. The weight on the machine I was using crashed down onto the stack even though I managed to hang onto the bar. He looked my way and I rubbed my triceps as if I had worked them to failure. I walked to the water fountain stretching nonchalantly.


I decided to do some abs exercises. If there is anything that I overwork it is my abs. The more you work them the smaller your waist appears. I launched into my midsection routine and worked myself into the zone. I was so focused I didn’t even see the big guy any longer. My abs routine works all the muscles from my below my pecs to my hips which includes lower back exercises. I worked up a good sweat and hadn’t noticed that the big man had disappeared. I buried my face in my towel and then I headed for the water fountain. Lost in a fantasy about the bodybuilder visiting my hotel room I didn’t see him following me. I stood after a long drink and backed right into his body. I jumped and he grabbed my delts to steady me.


“Damn!” I said when I felt his strength. “Don’t sneak up on a guy like that,” I laughed and I immediately went into sales friendly alpha mode. He was shirtless. My mouth betrayed my awe when I let out an involuntary gasp. I covered it with a light cough into my towel. “I thought I was alone,” I said as he bent to drink. I was drinking in his physique. His back overflowed with muscle.


“There are usually more here but this is Friday night—really Saturday morning. They are probably just getting home from dates,” he said as he extended his hand. “Brad Cook, I haven’t seen you here before.”


“Don Adams. I’m here at a convention that just wrapped up tonight. Letting off steam so I can sleep,” I explained my visit to the gym.


“Killer abs routine,” he said as he tapped my midsection with two fingers. “Real focus. You would be huge if you applied that to the rest of your muscles.”


“Then none of my suits would fit!” I chuckled. I bent for another sip of water and I knew he was checking out my ass.


“So why aren’t you home with Mrs. Adams?”


“First, I have a breakfast meeting in the morning. Second there is no Mrs. Adams except for my mother. The ring is to ward off evil harpies,” I said wiping my face.


“I always finish off my workout with dumbbell curls. Want to join me?” he asked.


“Okay, I’ll start at the small end and work my way up and you start at the big end and work your way down,” I suggested.


“No. It is best to start with the heaviest first. Start wherever you are comfortable and work down to the lighter weights. Skip down if you find the next weight too heavy to do ten reps with each arm… until failure,” he said like he was training me.


I watched him walk over and lift two 200 pound dumbbells and start curling. If my arm was a foot thick like his, I could curl that too, I thought. I saw guys doing this at the gym at home but they were showing off. Brad was working out. He racked the weights and flexed his arm as I walked by to choose my first weight. I tested with something too heavy and racked it without doing ten. I went lighter. I saw that he wasn’t just pumping up his biceps but rather he was also working his forearms and triceps. I skipped down to twenties and focused on curls using smaller and smaller dumbbells until my arms were dead.


“Pick up the two pounders and give me ten,” I ordered to show my alpha. Brad smiled. He picked up the weights and only did eight reps.


“Two more,” I said touching his forearms from behind. The forearm muscle was like living steel and bigger around than my biceps. I could see he was struggling before he racked the weights. He flexed a double biceps and his man musk surrounded me like a cloud.


“The punishment for pushing me past my limit is… rubbing liniment on my arms after we shower,” he said as he did other arm poses. I did cool down stretches with him and then we headed to the locker room.


“Guess I’ll have to shower at the hotel,” I said as I lifted out my empty body wash bottle. The shampoo had one wash left in it. I started to pack up and he tossed me a sample size bottle from his bag.


“I always have an extra or two,” he said as he tossed his towel over his shoulder and began to walk toward me. Bodybuilders are supposed to have small cocks but his was a good six inches long, uncut, and I don’t think it would fit inside a toilet paper tube. “Let’s go, I need that rubdown,” he said as he ushered me into the open shower room. He walked in and turned on the two showerheads in the corner. I took the opposite corner. Mine were the wimp flow showers, but his were pulsating against his skin like the blast of a fire hose. “Join me. These are better.”


The water bounced off his skin and created an aura. I shut off my water and moved over into his corner. I stopped looking at his physique so I wouldn’t get hard. I washed my hair and as I rinsed he started washing my back. I felt an involuntary tremble run through my spine. He didn’t stop at my back. He knelt and washed the back of my legs and then he reached around and did my thighs. I was glad that he didn’t make contact with my cock because it was rock hard. He stood behind me with his back to me.


“Turn,” I ordered.


“Can’t,” he said.


“Why? Because you have a hard-on too?” I asked. He nodded and I turned him to face me. Our cock’s made contact and I backed away. “Holy shit!” he gasped. My cock was small in diameter but grows to nine inches long. His, on the other hand, was probably six inches in diameter and two inches shorter than mine.


“Don, I…” he muttered. I held him by the shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “Would you consider… fucking me… with that perfect cock?” he said as he searched my face.


“You? Me?” I said with a smile.


“You can’t tell anybody,” he added. Did he recognize me as the alpha male? He grabbed the body wash roughly started to wash my chest. “Now wash me… slowly,” he added. I washed his backside and he turned while I was still kneeling.  He grabbed the sponge and washed his own cock and balls. “If you had washed my cock you would be covered in cum,” he said as he helped me stand. I washed his chest and arms. I didn’t want to scrub away his musk but he insisted that I wash his shaved armpits.


“That was sensual,” I said softly as we dried.


“My house or your hotel?” he asked. “For the rubdown,” he said to my questioning look. I noticed that he didn’t mention the fuck he wanted. I had condoms that fit me in my room. Most normal condoms were so lose they usually slipped off.


“Hotel,” I said as he walked away to get dressed. We were dressed so similarly could have come from the gulf course.  His golf shirt made his shoulders look a mile wide. As we entered the lobby I began a friendly conversation about fly fishing. It was actually a joke I heard where the novice fly fisherman snags the seat of his pants. “On his first cast he dropped the fly right by the deep spot. I assumed he snagged a log. He set the hook and we all expected him to reel in a piece of driftwood. We had all done that so we were ready to have a good laugh at his expense,” I said as the elevator doors opened. We stepped inside as I continued. “I don’t know who was more surprised, him or us. He reeled in a twenty pound Salmon on his first cast. It was the biggest fish that day!” I said as the doors closed.


“Did you catch anything?” he asked in a soft voice as we stepped off the elevator into the quiet hall. I walked two steps and swiped the card key in the door reader. The door closed behind him and he turned the lock before I answered. I ran my hand up his broad back.


“I caught you,” I said.


“I think you’ll find that it is the other way around,” he said as he swept me against his body and pressed his lips to mine.





The Birthday Present


None of my friends called. None of my family called. It was my birthday and this was the big 40 so it was downhill from here. I didn’t expect to live beyond eighty thus the downhill coast. Yeah it was the middle of the week and I had been avoiding everyone because turning forty was depressing enough as it is but there was nothing, no happy birthday, not even greeting cards, making me even more depressed.  


Out of frustration I went to my basement gym. I pound the weights is when I’m angry or like now, frustrated. I have amassed a rather sizable quantity of exercise equipment through various garage sales, yard sales and penny pincher ads. I’m usually a slacker working out just enough so I don’t get fat, except when I’m frustrated, stressed, or trying to work out a problem. Tonight I was pounding the weights big time only occasionally thinking about how dangerous it was not having a spotter and even though it is now around midnight I was nowhere near done. I was approaching hour three and I still wasn’t sure I want to stop any time soon.


Once again I fucked up big time by letting my feelings and expectations get the best of me. By noon it was obvious that nobody remembered my birthday. My family, they were no different than some of my co-workers ignoring anybody but themselves because it might create some change in their little ordered existence.


The house alarm going off made me rack the weights. The keypad told me the garage door was opening. I shut off the alarm figuring it was my dad. He was the only one who had an opener. He probably remembered at the last minute and was getting here just before midnight with some token gift… I told myself to take a deep breath and be appreciative that he remembered even if it was my birthday day for only another ten minutes. In ten minutes I would be 40 plus one day.


I hung up my wet sweat towel and pulled on some running shorts since all I was wearing was a jock. I paused at the mirror and flexed out a couple poses when I saw how pumped I was. Fifteen years ago I was competition ready and I knew those days were long gone but pumped I didn’t look so bad. I bounded up the stairs to the kitchen to open the door for my dad. Throwing the door open I was hit in the chest by what felt like a paint ball. The impact knocked me on my ass. On bare skin a paint ball hurts like hell. Looking down the liquid was clear and spreading around my torso like a straight jacket.


In the empty garage was a black sports car with motor off and the headlights on. Standing next to the car was a giant seven foot tall black man wearing only a bow tie. In one hand he held what I assumed was a pistol and in the other was the garage remote. The only hair on his body below his neck was at the base of his massive cock. Soft and uncut, it was as big around as a beer can and twice as long. The damn thing hung half way down to his knees.


“I’ve come for payment,” his rich deep voice informed me as he set the gun and remote in the car.


“Who are you and what the fuck are you talking about?” I yelled. “Get out of my house!”


“You don’t remember me!” he burst out laughing. His huge cock slapped one thigh and then the other as he approached. “Your dad set this up 25 years ago when you were so sick the doctors at the hospital said you wouldn’t last the night. All he wanted was grandkids to carry on the family name. He figured if you were a jock and muscle stud by the time you were forty you would have five or six sons that were in college or finished with college but you made different life choices.”


“What the fuck are you talking about? I’m calling the cops!” I threatened forgetting I was in some sort of straight jacket that was sticking to the floor like a Spiderman web.


“That night in the hospital on your fifteenth birthday you were drinking something through a black straw. Do you remember?”


“That was a weird dream. They were giving me antibiotics and drugs that gave me strange dreams!” I protested.


“Your father assumed you would fuck your brains out like he did. You did but he didn’t know you would be fucking men and not women. That is my fault. My cum helped you recover and it made you muscular, as well as sexy. You like to think of yourself as a bisexual but what happens when you fuck a woman?”


“I pull out so I don’t knock her up,” I postured.


“That is a lie! Admit it! Your cock falls out of a cunt because your cock is limp and soft while fucking a woman but when you fuck a man what happens?”


I didn’t answer. He seemed to know I could stay so hard I could fuck the guy’s ass through my orgasm and then keep fucking until I shot cum in his ass a second time.  


“I never…”

“Your dad had you until you turned 40 and in minutes you’ll be mine. Think of me as your birthday present,” he laughed.


“What do you mean? Like a slave?”


“Hell no,” he said after he stopped laughing. “I get to take your virgin ass. I’m gonna fuck you and seed your ass stud. By dawn you’ll be begging me to fuck you again, and again, and again.”


“Get the fuck out of my house!” I yelled but the sight of his physique had my cock insanely hard.        


“Twenty five years ago you sucked my cum and you became a bodybuilder. Just think what will happen when I inject cum where it can be directly absorbed into your body?” He stood over me and I was able to see his low hanging ball sac filled with lemon size balls that seemed to be churning as they swung between his legs while crashing into the underside of his cock. I tried to kick him in the balls but he grabbed my feet and rolled my knees to my shoulders. He bent down close to my face and it wasn’t long before I heard him groan. He had a gleam in his eye when he licked my face.


“I can taste your desire,” he whispered as he reached down and ripped off my shorts and jock.


“Get the fuck off of me… ohhhhh pleased no,” I moaned as his cock teased my hole. I loved being rimmed but never allowed anyone to fuck me.


I had a good idea what was going to happen next. I trembled in fear knowing blood was rushing into his cock. He lifted his body up and I literally saw his cock growing. He chuckled and growled as he moved his chest over my face. He began to thrust his cock against mine making my cock pulse with pleasure. The two massive mounds of rock hard flesh rubbed against my face trapping my nose in the deep cleft between his pecs.


He hadn’t exerted himself very much but he was sweating and a cloud of testosterone filled man musk was pouring off his skin. He lifted up and I could see his abs flex as he thrust his huge cock against me. I breathed in his musk as he lowered a nipple to my lips. My first instinct was to bite but salty sweat dripped onto my lips and on impulse I licked. I not only licked my lips, I also sucked his nipple. He moaned and lowered his full weight onto my face blocking my air supply. My mouth was fully open trying to suck in air and I turned my head side to side which I’m sure he interpreted as me stimulating his nub.


I thought he eased up on me so he didn’t crush me but he brought the other pec to my lips with orders to suck and a warning not to bite him. As I complied he moaned in sheer delight and started to thrust his cock against mine harder because the feeling was so amazing. I didn’t want to admit to myself that I was already lusting after this man. Nobody has ever dominated me like this.


He chuckled as he lifted into a push-up position. I could see his cock cowl was completely retracted. His massive cock was wet and dripping with pre-cum. His cockhead was coated with it and he offered a taste of it as I licked my lips. He sat on my abs and rubbed his cock on my lips. I lifted my head to engulf his cock and he moved back but not before I got a taste. The taste is so sweet that I want more.


“You want more?” he asked as if reading my mind. A river of pre-cum came flooding out.


“I can see that you want it really bad!” he teased with his deep incredibly hot voice. I proceed to move my head up to catch a puddle of it in my mouth. I began to suck on the tip of his cock and realized that was all I could get in my mouth since his cock was so immense. He roared and flexed his massive arms. He kissed and licked them feeling their power as my mouth worshiped his shaft feeling his incredibly thick quads against me. He demands that I service him. He moves off of me to stand and start posing. I watched him flex the thick muscles all over his body wishing I could feel them. I couldn’t help myself I and I began to beg him to fuck me. I wanted to feel his power inside me.


“You want more?” he asked with a huge smile.


He commanded me to lick his bouncing pecs since he knew that I like them. The massive thickness once again smothered my face. I sucked on his nipples and made him growl. I could feel him position his cock to tease my hole. I could feel his cockhead smearing his pre-cum all over my tight pucker.


“Please fuck me! I’m going insane!” I begged. He held up my legs with his right forearm and put a thick finger at my hole to spread around the pre-cum. I could feel him push one finger in, then two, and finally three making me squeal and beg for the real thing.  He continued to tease me as he pumped his cock a few times and squirted a jet of pre-cum into my hole to make it slick which drove me wild.


I could feel him position his huge cock for entry. His wet cockhead was right at my entrance and I trembled. I couldn’t stand it anymore and started to squirm. I could feel his cock pushing my hole open wider and wider. It was painful but I this was the point of no return. He growled as he pushed more and more of his thick shaft into my ass.  Once every single inch of his rod in my ass his big balls slapped my ass and I was closer to euphoria than pain. He pulled back and with his first long thrust my hunger for him was insatiable. I wanted his cum so bad I was crazy with lust.


His thrusts were getting faster as he wrapped his arms around my back to get a good rhythm going. I realized that the spidey-web has melted away and is no longer gluing me to the floor. I wrapped my arms around his back to worship his physique. It made him crazy and he pushed his cock further into my ass as another jet of pre-cum lubricated the way.


I don’t know how long he fucked me but it wasn’t long enough for me. I was almost disappointed as he began to pump me full of hot thick cum. Jet after jet of his cum flooded my ass as I moaned in ecstasy.


“Fuuuuccckkk,” the black man moaned as I felt his cock spasm in an aftershock. His whole body trembled as several more aftershocks hit. The full weight of his body was on me but I hardly felt the huge muscles trying to crush me. I grabbed his ass to pull his cock deeper and he started to thrust again. After a dozen thrusts he shoved back in deep. “Fuuuuccckkk,” he moaned as several more aftershocks hit.


I moaned in pain as muscle growth began to radiate out from my core. I could feel the vertebrae in my spine crack and reshape as my muscles started to stretch and grow and thicken. My pecs were starting to fill out and harden lifting the huge man fucking me. My arms felt heavy and my back muscles seemed to pulse as they thickened. I arched my back because the feeling was so unreal.


“Fuuuuccckkk YEAH,” he moaned as another big aftershock traveled through his body.


I began shoot cum between his massive torso and mine. He started to laugh as more aftershocks filled me with more cum.


“The more I cum the bigger you get,” he said as he started to fuck me hard again. Before I shot my cum his cock felt like it was softening and slipping out but now it started to harden again. I could feel my body thicken even more as he fucked more of his cum into me.


Maybe an hour later he lifted off my body, stood, and pulled me to my feet. I put my arms around his neck for stability and he pulled me against his body. I looked into his eyes which seemed odd because he was so tall. He ran his hands up and down my sweaty muscular back. He led me to the antique doctor’s office scale I use every morning while my coffee is brewing.


“I can tell you I weigh 203 pounds,” I said.


“Humor me,” he smiled. I stepped onto the scale expecting to adjust the small weight a pound or so one way or another. He moved the big weight to 300 and I slid the small weight to 56 and looked down to see if he had his foot on the scale. He didn’t. “Most guys gain about fifty pounds but you gained three times that,” he explained. “I love it! We need a full length mirror.”


“My bedroom,” I said. I was almost afraid to open my eyes as I stood naked with my back to the mirror.



“Flex and turn,” he ordered. I swiveled and stopped dead in my tracks. It wasn’t the massive muscles covering my body that had me frozen in disbelief; it was my face and my cock. I looked like I was twenty five years old again and my cock was as big as his. My skin was bronzed and my body was hairless from the neck down.

“Fuck!” I hissed.


“I told you that you that by dawn would be begging to be fucked,” he laughed. “But you won’t grow anymore,” he added.

“I guess I wouldn’t mind being fucked again even if I don’t grow more muscular,” I said as I stroked his massive physique. We kissed and both our cocks started getting hard. “I’m so fucking horny,” I groaned as I led him to the bed.





I Joined the New Gym


Since I had to drive by the shopping center every day on my way to work I watched the closed K-Mart store being converted to a gym. That store was in the first wave of closings so the building had been empty for about three or four years. This wasn’t a mega K-Mart store with a bazillion square feet but it was bigger than the grocery store in the same shopping center.


I knew of four storefront gyms within a five mile radius and I wondered if this mega gym wasn’t going to put them out of business like the Wal-Mart shuts down mom and pop grocery stores when it goes into a small town.


After the gym opened every time I drove by the shopping center, there were cars filling the formerly empty lot in front of the gym. I chalked it up as a promotional low membership fee to get people into the new gym. Then one night when I was coming home from a New Orleans Saints vs. Rams game the lot was packed at two in the morning. I had to check this place out to find out what was drawing the people to the gym.


I walked into the gym at about ten o’clock on a Friday night knowing I probably wouldn’t be signing a membership contract because all the salesmen were gone. I asked for a quick tour and a trainer named Matt was glad to show me around. The gym was modern, well ventilated, clean, and best of all there wasn’t throbbing music blasting your eardrums out from the rafters. The played music with a beat but it was an understatement. When I pointed that out I was handed a pair of headphones. You had your choice of about 25 channels of music that went from New Age wave and ocean sounds to extreme Hard Rock. In the middle somewhere they had heartbeat rhythms starting at normal at rest heartbeat to quick aerobic beats. You could even program music for your whole workout or bring your own music. That was kind of cool.


Then there were the workout apps. It looked like they took the best of ideas from the top ten apps and rolled them into one. This too was adaptable because you could also use your favorite app if you preferred. You could also set the app for strength training, core fitness, or even muscle growth (bodybuilder mode). They could also monitor your vital signs so if you were getting to a danger zone they could warn you before you had a heart attack. The equipment was top notch and the deeper you went into the building the more hardcore the equipment got. In the front were dozens of treadmills but in the back and off to the side there was equipment for the hardcore bodybuilder. There was to be future expansion. In K-Mart’s outdoor garden center there would be a pool. The nearby hospital was building an outpatient rehab/ physical therapy/ cardiac rehab facility in the rest of the K-Mart building. There was going to be full time massage therapists, a day spa for the ladies and more small steam rooms and dry sauna rooms. It was impressive. I was ready to sign up for a membership.


As the tour ended I walked into the locker room to take a leak. After doing my business but before I went deeper into the locker room to check it out I caught the reflection of to a guy getting ready to undress. Even fully clothed I could see the guy was muscular so I decided to stay hidden and watch this stud undress himself.


He was wiping sweat from his face and head while he kicked off his shoes. Then he took off his shirt to reveal his muscular upper body. He had big meaty pecs and tight flat abs that were surrounded by Adonis belt obliques and just looking at his tight exposed torso started to give me a huge boner. He dropped the shirt. His arms were defined with gigantic biceps, equally huge triceps, and strong corded forearms. He stretched and twisted to expose the stratus muscles along his ribs and his well proportioned lats. Next he began to take off his sweat pants which really made me horny. He bent and I saw his tight ass.


Instead of seeing a jockstrap I saw a tight Speedo. I had a collection Speedo’s I wore at the beach some of which could only be worn on out of state beaches where nobody knew me. The guy stood up and adjusted his Speedo and then began to flex and check his physique out in the mirror. At certain angles his Speedo revealed the big cock he was packing. Smiling he took a bottle out of his gym bag and poured some of the oil on his pecs. He began to rub the stuff all over his body and groaned when he flexed again. At that moment I came in through the door because I couldn’t hold out any longer. When he saw me he grabbed a towel and covered himself.


“What the hell?” he said when I walked in.


“I was just checking out the locker room,” I said.


“Joining the gym? Well, isn’t it a little late at night for that?” he asked. I couldn’t take my eyes off his physique. I tried to conceal my raging boner. “Do you like what you see?” he asked noticing my interest in his body.


“Of course! You look really good in a Speedo,” I said as I looked around. “This place is deluxe.”


“I was going to rinse off and then relax in the wet sauna. Why don’t you join me?”


“No gym bag,” I smiled.


“Why not grab a Speedo and join me. Meet me in sauna number one. I’ll rinse off and be there in a minute,” he said tossing me a red Speedo.


I couldn’t believe what was happening. I told myself I should leave as I looked at the Speedo in my hand but then I stripped and I put it on. There wasn’t much material covering my ass. What there was slipped into my ass crack. This was an out of town Speedo. The feeling of his sexy Speedo made my cock even harder. I saw my body in the mirror. My physique was tight because I lifted regularly but my muscle mass was nothing like his. I noticed I filled the bigger pouch of his Speedo rather well too.


The lockers had those digital locks like a room safe in a hotel where you can set the code. I locked my clothes and wallet in the locker. When I got into the sauna I pressed the button for an automatic cycle that slowly drips water onto the hot rocks so by the time my new friend got there the room was steamy.


“It’s me, Paul,” he said as he stood before me. “I don’t know your name.”


“Doug Daniels,” I said nervously as I stood and began shaking his hand.


“You fill out that pouch nicely,” he smiled while looking down at my cock.


“Yeah, well…” I wanted to say something about the size of his cock but I didn’t. He rubbed his bulge against my cock and the towel fell off his hips. He was naked. He immediately put his arms around me and pushed down the back of the Speedo. I ran my hands over his hard muscles before he bent and started sucking on my nipples. My throbbing cock would jump whenever he nibbled on them and stretched them out with his teeth to tease me. He moved his tongue to my neck and I almost went insane. I sat too escape his seduction but then he turned his back to me and sat in my lap. Even though I still had the Speedo on, my cock lodged in his ass crack. I put my arms around him and began to message his pecs and abs. His body was harder than I ever imagined. His ass started rubbing and squeezing my shaft. I warned him that I was close to cumming.


“Stand,” he ordered as he stood and faced me.


When I stood up he immediately took off my Speedo and went right to work sucking on my cock. It wasn’t the first time for me because my girlfriend liked to lick it and suck on my cock head but it never felt like this; his mouth knew just what to do to make me go wild. He bobbed his head up and down on my cock over and over taking me to the root in his mouth and it was totally amazing. I put my hands on his head and did some of the pumping for him. He pulled his mouth off and put just the tip of his tongue the tip of my hard-on. The more he moved the more I trembled.


He moved his tongue down my shaft and licked it up again. Then when he put his mouth over my entire cock again I realized I was about to blow my load. Paul kept pumping harder and harder until I couldn’t hold back any more. I was amazed that he swallowed it all. I fell back on the bench and then Paul sat in my lap. We were both breathing hard. My cock was still rock hard and lodged in Paul’s ass crack.


“Fuck my ass!” he whispered as we kissed.


“Are you sure? What if somebody comes in?”


“Of course I’m sure, I want it.”


He took my raging boner and guided my cock into his ass. The feeling was ten times better than being sucked. His ass was well lubed and tighter than any pussy I ever fucked. It gripped around my cock with each thrust. I pushed every inch of my dick into his ass until my balls slapped his ass. Paul groaned and trembled as I thrust up to meet his downward plunge.


“I’m going to cum!” I groaned.


“Do it! Cum inside me, stud.”


“Here… it… comes… ahhhhhhhh! Oh yeah, fuck yeah!”


“Oh shit don’t stop! Keep fucking me!”


I kept thrusting through the orgasm as my cum filled his ass to overflowing. He loved it. Paul lifted his body off my shaft and put his Speedo back on. Just as he pulled his Speedo over his ass the door opened and I saw a figure in the door. I grabbed a towel to cover myself.


“What’s going on in here?” the trainer that was showing me around the gym asked. I recognized his voice.


“Nothing Matt, I invited Doug to try the sauna,” Paul said. The trainer had removed the windbreaker he was wearing earlier and now I could see extremely defined pecs, flat abs, and his big muscular arms. Paul grabbed his towel and moved toward the showers. His muscles looked super pumped.


“Well, I didn’t see you leave so I thought you got lost,” Matt smiled. I wrapped the towel around me and we walked to the locker room to get my clothes. “I have a membership agreement with your name on it if you are interested,” Matt grinned. “There is a special discount for friends and family.” His hand rubbed my semi hard cock. “I assume you and Paul were doing more than talking in the sauna and I assume you are family,” he said softly as he squeezed my hardening cock. “Paul is a taker but I’m a giver. Are you interested?”


“Fuckkkk!” I hissed.


“Exactly! My shift is finished and I clocked out,” he said as he pulled my hard cock against his big shaft. “I live just up the street.” He said as he nuzzled his chin against my neck. “Your ass is mine,” he muttered under his breath. “Get dressed,” he ordered. I began to bulk at his attitude. He took a step back and removed his shirt. He was twice as muscular as Paul.


“Fuckkkk!” I hissed again. Matt laughed and took me home.


Matt obliged and fucked me all weekend but early on Sunday morning he led me to the pool in the apartment complex and showed me how well he filled out that red Speedo. I grabbed his keys and ran back to his apartment because I was ready to be fucked again! He came into the apartment only seconds behind me, tossed me on the bed, and did just that.


Monday morning I joined the new gym.



Coming Out Bi



Coming Out Bi


I had just dropped my wife off at the airport. This wasn’t one of her normal business trips and she would be gone indefinitely. Her mother was terminally ill and she was going to be there to the end. It was the right thing to do. On the way home I stopped at one of our favorite haunts for a light meal and a drink.

I was at the bar that night alone feeling sorry for myself. I was on my third beer when a couple of guys sat down next to me. I didn’t think much about it at the time except that they looked like football players. I nodded and went back to my beer. They were joking and laughing and I made a comment. Somehow that let me in on their conversation. They really were funny and clever. Bob bought a round and we took turns buying until I realized it was about time to go. I knew my wife would call when she landed so I wanted to be home. I explained that I had to go.

“Forward the call to your cell phone and finish your beer,” John suggested. He showed me how to do it from my cell phone. Thirty minutes later they said they were headed out and asked if I wanted to come over to their place and hang out for a while. I was a little tipsy and didn’t want a DUI so I said why not. As I followed them home my wife called to say she arrived. Her cell battery was low so she didn’t stay on the phone long enough to hear the slur in my voice.

Their apartment was on the third floor. I made jokes about stair climbing and we all laughed. Anyway we all got in and took off our ski jackets. John got us all a beer and we sat on the sofa in front of the TV. It was a typical bachelor pad with a leather couch. In better light I could see that neither Bob nor John were fat. I could, in fact, tell they were really built.

Bob was flicking through the channels and we watched sports for a bit but they also went by a few porn stations. He stopped on one showing a couple fucking. She was hot and his cock was big.

“Fucckkk,” Bob hissed.

“Muscle stud fucking his bitch,” John added.

They both shifted in their seats and I looked down reflexively and noticed tents in both their pants. Finally Bob broke the silence asked if I minded if we all stroked out a load. I was hard and horny too and it just took a minute before all our pants were down around our ankles and cocks in hand. They both complimented me on my cock and they were watching me as much as the TV. John was right next to me and he asked if I would mind if he stroked my cock. I was embarrassed but I was also very inebriated so I nodded.

“Sure why not,” I said. His hand closed around my cock and I lay my head back and relaxed. Soon he brought his other hand over and began feeling my balls which felt even better.

I looked over and Bob was watching us while stroking. I knew it was kind of odd to be doing it but closed my eyes and lay back to enjoy it. The next thing I felt was a John changing position. I opened my eyes in time to see his mouth going down on my cock. Bob took that opportunity to get up and sit next to me. He had stripped off his shirt and I looked at his bodybuilder chest as he moved close, put one hand behind my head and leaned in to put his mouth over mine. John was a pro at cock sucking and soon I was ready to pop. I was moaning and gasping as John brought me to the edge. John and Bob then changed positions. They helped me out of the rest of my clothes and this time Bob went down on me. John’s mouth was soon on mine kissing me passionately. Bob inserted a finger in my ass and I exploded in his mouth. John’s tongue was dueling mine in a French kiss as Bob began licking my nipples and neck. Being with the two naked studs was amazing.

It really did feel great they were very gentle and wanted me to feel nothing but pleasure. I wasn’t sure what to do next when Bob bent to take me in his mouth. I was hard quickly. John got up for a minute but he was back quickly. He knelt in front of, applied a condom moved up hovered over my cock placed his lips on mine and slowly lowered himself onto my hard shaft. He took my hands in his and placed them on his hips helping him with the right motion as he fucked my cock.

His ass was slowly grinding as he continued kissing me. It was the best sex I had ever had. Bob now stood beside us on the couch, his cock poised between both of our mouths. John licked the side close to him and motioned for me to do my side which I eagerly did. John took his turn sucking Bob and then he pointed it my way and into my mouth he went. He held my head gently as he slowly fucked my mouth.

John took his cock back and we traded places for a while. Bob asked if he could cum in my mouth and I nodded yes as he was again face fucking me. I was getting close myself as I gripped John’s tight ass. I came first and John worked my cock just right as I gasped around Bob’s big cock. Bob exploded in my mouth and the load was so big some of it was leaking out and dribbling down my chin and neck to my chest. John quickly licked me clean making his way to my mouth and I lay there him still in my lap his mouth making love to me. I couldn’t believe that he was getting me hard again!

He finally got off and Bob motioned us both to the bedroom. I spent the rest of the night getting a formal education in gay sex. By the time I left the next day I was a great cock sucker, fucker and fuckee. My asshole was sore from time I had spent riding cocks. With a promise to return soon we met every weekend for the next month—it took me days to heal otherwise I would have been back sooner. After that it was at least once a month and sometimes more when my wife away on business.

On Friday night I would come to their door and they were naked. The apartment was dark so nobody could see them but they were excited.  One of them would pull me inside and we would immediately begin our sex fest. We would usually start by kissing making out on the couch each of us hard and horny as hell. Sometimes we would all get in the shower and suck each other off in turn. I loved the times I was between them getting slowly fucked from behind, John’s breath and gentle kisses on my neck and back; Bob in front taking my every thrust. Sometime I would be the only one moving forward into a willing ass and back onto a willing cock. Making John come in me and I would cum in Bob almost as quickly.

After several months they invited me to a party. They were going to have several of their friends come over. At first I was reluctant but then they said they had video of me being the perfect little whore and they had my wife’s email and phone number. I was scared but they said they just wanted to share me. I was a great sex partner but also wanted to “force” me to expand my horizons.

Their friends were mostly from their gym but some of the friends brought friends that worked out in other gyms. Several of them were hugely muscular. After that party where I was “shared” I would be given instructions on where to go and would show up at addresses and met by one and often more naked men who would take me in to smother me with love and affection and hot man sex. I would leave, sore but quite satisfied.

I always kept myself fit but after I became a regular, John and Bob insisted I get back in the gym to improve my body. Whatever supplements they were giving me quickly improved my muscle mass. All my bed partners loved it including my wife. She suggested changing jobs so she wouldn’t have to travel and I pointed out that her being home all the time would seriously reduce my gym time and I would get fat again. She actually began traveling more giving me even more time with my muscular fuck buddies but when she came home I satisfied and exceeded her every need.



Marcus was the first “job” I was sent on by Bob and John and he was quite memorable. I arrived at his apartment late in the evening and he invited me in. We talked for about 10 minutes in the kitchen as we sipped our beer. I think he could tell I was a little nervous, since this was my first time being sent to someone’s home. However, the thought of this dude, this stranger, having his way with me was really getting me turned on.

“Ready to get naked,” he asked.

“Yeah, sure, if you say so,” I said with a smile. I felt his huge arm and then I began to unbutton his shirt.

He started making out with me as I opened his shirt. I felt his massive pecs as he was deep tongue kissing. I love tongue kissing someone like that so it was really getting me hard. He undid my pants, and I undid his. We peeled our shirts off and continued kissing. Soon he was sucking and pinching my nipples. Then he ran his hands all over my backside and ass and thighs. I was getting so hot I couldn’t stand still. He got down on his knees and began sucking my very hard cock, tasting my pre-cum. After a while I asked him to lie down on the bed, and I began working his cock with my hands and then my mouth.

I put my leg over his body and got on top of him in a 69 position. He started blowing me again, while I continued to suck and jerk his shaft. I pushed my ass in the air and he began to kiss my ass cheeks, then flicking his tongue around my tight little pink asshole. I was going crazy.

“Damn that feels so good....mmmmm,” I moaned. He was no amateur, and as he began to lick my asshole, he would stop and push the tongue inside my hole, sometimes spitting on it and inserting a finger as well. Meanwhile I kept blowing him, as he licked my asshole and slobbered all over it while jerking my cock, still in 69 position.

I climbed off and was on all fours with my ass in the air for him. He pushed his well lubed cockhead up to my ass, and slowly shoved all 9 inches inside. He fucked me for a good 15 minutes while I jerked my cock. After fucking me, he lay on his back and I straddled him and sitting on his still hard cock. He started to thrust and when I orgasmed I blew my cum all over his hard pecs. He continued fucking me and I knew he came almost at the same time because I could feel the surge of cum explode inside me.

I got off and we said hardly anything. He told me to clean up so I jumped in the shower. I came out, got dressed, and got ready to leave. He grabbed me as I reached the door and he spun me around so my back was against the door. He pressed his naked physique against me and began to whisper the things he would like to do with me when I came back. I was so fucking turned on I was ready to spend the night. I quickly forgot being shoved out of bed and told to get out. This was so much better than pillow talk. The next thing I knew my cock was in his mouth and I was cumming. When I got home I found some of his cum on my shoes.

Every now and then I still jerk off thinking about that first encounter with Marcus.



I was walking downtown after a late meeting when I thought I saw Tony pulling around the corner. I saw that car circling the block but wasn’t sure it was him so I just kept walking. The next thing I knew he was pulling up alongside me calling to me so I bent to look at him.

“Need a lift?” he asked. I met him at my first party at John and Bob’s and I suspected he wanted a little one on one time. He said he was dying to meet up with me again but the timing was never right. Today he spotted me and he wasn’t going to miss his chance if I was willing.

We made the usual small talk as we drove to his house, which was only a few miles away, and I made sure he could see I was hard through my trousers. He gave me a squeeze and said he had been dying to get hold of my cock ever since that party.

We got to his house and went inside and, as he locked the door behind us, I pressed myself up behind him and started grinding my hard cock against his ass through our trousers making him groan with delight.

“I knew this would be worth the wait,” he said. “Let’s go upstairs and get naked.”

I followed him upstairs, but that took a while because I kept groping his cock and balls from behind, making him stop and moan but eventually we made it to his bedroom. He told me he had fantasized about having me all to himself as he stroked and groped me through my clothes before slowly undressing me. He started with my shirt and then began playing with my pecs and sucking my nipples, making me moan. Next he opened my belt sliding down my pants and revealing my cock straining at my tight briefs. He teased me with his hands and mouth and eventually slid my briefs down releasing my rock hard cock and telling me how nice it was and how he had dreamt of this moment for months.

He took me in his hand and slowly pulled my foreskin back, revealing my glistening bell end, and started to gently jack me as I stood there loving every second.

“Come in the bathroom,” he said. “I want to soap you up.” By then I would have done anything he asked so, naked, I followed him into the bathroom and he filled the sink. Long ago I realized that weird to me is kinky for other guys and that I should just go with the flow because it usually worked out. I had my limits but what Tony wanted was harmless so I stood with my hands gripping the sides of the basin, legs back a little and spread, and he soaped up a sponge before rubbing it all over my cock, balls and ass. It felt fucking amazing, and he was obviously loved doing it. Then he dropped the sponge and soaped up his hands, rubbing my cock with them, making me gasp with pleasure. One hand moved to my ass, squeezing and soaping my cheeks and crack. I was in ecstasy as he gave me a slow, soapy cock massage, as he teased his soapy fingers between my cheeks. He asked me if I liked that.

“Yes,” I moaned, pushing my ass out and spreading my legs a little more. “Don’t stop,” I moaned. He took me at my word and slowly, gently, worked a finger inside me as he stroked me. I also moved my hips so I was fucking his hand with my soapy cock as he fucked me with his finger.

I was incredibly turned on now, up for anything, and dying to be fucked. He was talking dirty to me the whole time and asking me if I liked his fingers up my ass, to which I replied I would rather it was his cock. He smiled and stood next to me, dropping his pants to reveal his hard cock. I just wanted it in me. He asked me if I really wanted that up me. I said yes and he stood behind me and I bent forward more, never letting go of the sink.

I was so soaped up, and opened up by his fingers, that it didn’t take much effort to get him in me. I loved the feeling as he started stroking his cock into me. I started telling him to fuck me, bouncing back on his cock, and it wasn’t long before he was telling me he was going to cum. I told him to do it, I wanted his spunk in me so badly, and the next thing I knew I could feel him pumping his load into my ass as he yelled, cursed, and moaned.

Once he recovered he washed me out in the shower and said it was my turn to cum. He toweled me down and asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted him to suck my cock, so he led me into the bedroom and had me stand at the foot of his bed as he knelt in front of me and began to worship my cock. He was an expert sucker, deep throating me, and really working my shaft.

He asked if that was all I wanted and I said no. “Get on the bed on all fours. He smiled and got up on the bed, with me standing at the end of it, as I teased his ass with my cock, spanking him with it, which he loved, then opening him wide and rubbing my bell end up and down over his hole. I made him lube me up, then ever so slowly pushed myself inside him. He was moaning with delight and when I was all the way in I could feel him clenching round me. I started slowly, again watching my cock slide in and out of him, grabbing his hips and pulling him back on me. He grunted and said he loved it. I asked him if he wanted it harder.

“Yes, yes fuck me!”

I started really pounding him hard and the sound of his ass smacking against my skin echoed off the walls. I fucked him like that for a good long until I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Cum up in me,” he said. “Cum up my ass now!” he yelled. I gave a few more hard strokes then exploded inside him, pumping a huge load of cum up his ass as he sighed and thanked me for the perfect fuck.

Tony, Tony, Tony no wonder I never noticed you at the parties. You act all alpha and then beg to be fucked.



I was at the gym dressed and ready to go home after an exhausting workout. I heard the door open as I stuffed my gym clothes into my bag.

“Bob and John’s party,” he said extending his hand to shake mine.

He took me by surprise and I just looked at him. My eyes focused on the well tanned handsome face staring back at me. Blond hair blue eyes, a body overflowing with muscle, did I mention handsome. He laughed again and put his hand under my chin, closing my mouth. “Maybe you’ll remember this.” He lifted up his shirt, exposing a nice tanned six pack complete with Adonis belt obliques. He grabbed my hand and moved it to his ridged stomach, moving it up and down. I I pinched a nipple and heard him release a sigh. I looked up to see his eyes closed and his teeth closed around his bottom lip. I reluctantly pulled my hand back, leaving his golden body.

“I don’t know you... this is kind of weird,” I said. He smiled, showing of his perfect teeth.

“It really isn’t that weird. I was with Ted that night and he wouldn’t let me get near you.”

“Ted? Black beard, bald head, and foot long cock?” I smiled. “Tall, sixty inch chest and twenty four inch arms?” Ted had me over to his place a dozen times since the party. Ted was aggressive and controlling in public but he loved me fucking his pecs. The rule was I had to cum on his huge muscles but never on his face. Ted told me nobody fucked his ass and I believed him. I could see Mike was his arm candy that night.

“That’s him!” Mike smiled again and put his hand on the back of my head, pulling it towards his face. I closed my eyes as our lips made contact and his tongue entered my waiting mouth. His kiss was amazing. Meanwhile, he grabbed my hand and put it on his abs again, moving it around his stomach. He moaned a little as he made out with me. The hand on the back of my head was controlling our kiss and his other hand was pushing my hand around his body going lower and lower. Suddenly, he let go of my hand. I could hear him unzipping his pants.

He pulled his hand off my head, and his face away from mine. My hand was still resting on his perfect stomach, but it fell off as he stood. I watched as he pulled off his shirt exposing one of the sexiest bodies I ever saw. He wasn’t the biggest muscleman I had been with but his muscles were in perfect proportion and he was ripped. He sat down and took of his shoes and sox. He took off his shorts to reveal red boxer briefs. He stood up and faced me, my eyes level with his lower chest. I looked up at him as he came closer to me, my breathing getting heavy. He grabbed my shoulders and brought his perfect face close to mine. I braced for a kiss, but instead, he pushed me on my back onto the bench and crawled on top of me. I could feel his tight ass through my shorts, and I got hard immediately.

I lay flat on my back, and he sat on top of my hips, sitting up so I could admire his physique. His body was all muscle and his red boxer briefs clung tight to his body, accentuating his perfect bulge, which was growing bigger and bigger. He started to hump my body while sitting on me, and he smiled when he saw my face tense in pleasure: he was rubbing his ass against my hard cock. He put his hands on my thighs, only a few inches from my cock and rubbed his hands up and down. He smiled again and grabbed my cock through my shorts. I closed my eyes as I felt his hand caress my stiff cock. He grabbed my head with his other hand and pulled me to sit upright. He used both of his hands and pulled my shirt off, exposing my nicely slim stomach with tight abs. He then backed up from my hips and undid my button and zipper and pulled down my shorts, taking my shoes off with them. I was wearing black boxer briefs, which were tight and very soft.

He put his hands on my legs and rubbed them up, reaching my silky briefs. His hands moved up my thighs, and moved over to my hard cock which was begging for relief. He smiled and started rubbing my cock. He then put his fingers under my waistband and pulled my boxers down, exposing my six inch throbbing cock. He stood up again and pulled down his own boxer briefs. His cock was enormous and shaved. About ten and a half inches, and hard as mine. He mounted me again, my cock being pushed flat between us. He wrapped his arms around me as we kissed.

He lowered me to the bench again before he started to slide his cock towards my face. I grunted when his ass brushed my cock and I watched his hard dick coming closer to my face. He grabbed the back of my head and guided his hot cock to my mouth. The taste of his flesh drove me wild as instinct took over. I took his big cock into my mouth, fitting about half of it in. I almost gagged, but kept going, wanting to fit it all in. I sucked his cock hard, looking up into his eyes as he smiled down at me. His cock tasted so good, and I could feel the pre-cum dripping in my mouth. He held his hand on the back of my head, and the other at the base of his cock. He moaned and threw his head back. I could see his body start to tense. Before he came, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved back, breathing deeply. He pulled out a condom and looked at me.

“You’re going to fuck me,” he said. Unwrapping the condom he put the condom over the tip of my cock and rolled it down all the way to the base. I sighed with pleasure. He smiled again and straddled my body. He leaned forward and kissed me. He opened a packet of lube and filled his palm. He grabbed my cock through his legs as he lowered his perfect ass to meet it. I felt like I wanted to cum as his ass lowered onto the head of my cock. He stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes as my cock slowly entered his ass hole. He breathed deeply and lowered his ass completely onto my cock.

His pleasure was as intense as mine. I could see on his face. He pushed up and sat fully upright. He sighed again and ran his hands over his perfect body. He started to move slowly up and down, bringing all his weight down on my hips. I moaned and closed my eyes, grabbing his thighs as he moved down again. He was picking up speed and my cock felt close to an explosion. He started to make moaning noises as he rode my cock, going faster and faster. I began to thrust up to meet his descending ass and he groaned in approval. I fucked his tight ass hole for a few minutes with the pleasure constantly increasing. I almost felt ready to cum when he stopped again, pulling me out of him. I sighed and watched as he pulled my arms up, making me sit up. He then moved over onto all fours on the floor, stretching his ass cheeks apart, exposing his hole. I moved onto my knees and positioned myself behind him. I wasted no time in burying my cock in his hole again. I had control this time and I was going to cum. I started pumping my hard cock really fast as my swelling balls slapped against his perfect body. He moaned like never before. I was seconds away from cumming, in and out in and out of his perfect hole. I let out an intense moan of pleasure as my load unleashed into the condom. I kept pumping until the huge load of cum fully left my hot shaft.

I pulled myself out of him and flipped him over, so he was on his back. I ripped off his condom and went down on him really fast, so that he couldn’t stop me. I started sucking his hard cock, fingering his balls and finger fucking his hairless hole. My fingers pushed inside of his deep hole and my tongue danced around his hot, thick shaft. I finally deep throated his whole cock without gagging, and he let out a moan of pleasure as his whole body tensed and he let out his hot load into the back of my throat. He grabbed both sides of my head as he face fucked me until his balls were empty.

I lifted my face from his cock, licking cum from my lips. He sighed and closed his eyes. I got onto my knees and took the condom off. We casually made our way to the shower. Eventually we got dressed and walked out of the building like nothing ever happened. I got Mike’s private number that day, and whenever I’m really horny, I give him a call. He is always ready and willing for a hot and heavy ball busting fuck.







Eric was 26 years old and just graduated college with some big ass degree. The jock and former wrestler needed somewhere to stay for a few days while he interviewed for jobs. Knowing my wife was out of town Bob and John put him in touch with me. When he showed up at my house he had just come from an interview out by the airport. He introduced himself and extended his hand in a professional way. The suit was expensive but it couldn’t hide his sexy muscular persona. I could see that he was the type that always wanted to do something with other guys but never had the balls. He was a little like me before I met Bob and John. I welcomed him in and showed him to the guest bedroom.


“So how do you know Bob and John?” I casually asked.


“My uncle Ed, he says they throw wild parties. My uncle called his friend Bob and they called you. My Uncle Ed said he never met you but a friend of Bob’s was a friend of his.”


I didn’t know what that was supposed to mean but I nodded and left the room so he could change. I took a leak and on my way back downstairs Eric called to me asking if he could take a shower.


“There are fresh towels in the bathroom at the end of the hall,” I called back from the landing on the stairs. Soon afterwards I heard the shower water running. I was in the kitchen getting some beer and snacks before the game started when I heard Eric walk into the kitchen.


“Did my luggage arrive yet?” he asked.


“No,” I replied. It hit me that all he had in his hand was a briefcase when he came to the door. I turned to see the wrestler turned bodybuilder holding a white hand towel around his waist. I nearly dropped the beer and pretzels. My friend Mike had a better body but not by much.


“I overheard Uncle Ed’s conversation with Bob and I think I know what goes on at those parties,” he said as he came closer. The towel slipped revealing his six inch soft uncut cock. Eric put the towel around his neck. “Uncle Ed doesn’t go out with girls. Once or twice when I stayed with him he would touch my abs and pecs when he thought I was asleep. It was summer so I slept with only boxers on top of the sheets. He even licked my nipples and shoved his nose and face in my arm pits. I never woke up.”


“Oh?” I said showing some interest.


“Later I would tell him I had a dream about a sexy girl coming to my bed to seduce me and his dick would get hard. The next night he put his hand in my boxers and felt my soft dick. It got hard and he kept rubbing and stuff until I was leaking pre-cum. I waited to see what would happen and he licked my cock. I moaned my girlfriend’s name and I heard him chuckle. He kept at it until my cum filled his mouth and he swallowed every drop.”


“Why are you telling me this?” I asked.


“Unlike Uncle Ed you are married and yet your cock is about to rip out of your shorts. I think I must be a bisexual because I still like to fuck my girlfriend. I think you can teach me,” he said as he started to lift my shirt. By the time I was naked his cock was eight inches long. I pulled his lips to mine and when the kiss broke he was breathless.


“Oh fuck that was good,” he groaned.


“That was just a kiss Eric,” I said as I pulled his body chest to chest and cock to cock. “Just wait until the real lessons start,” I postured grabbing his ass cheeks.


“I’m not sure I want a cock up my ass,” he said.


“That’s why you didn’t approach your Uncle Ed?” I asked.


“Yes,” he whispered. I handed him a beer and told him we would start slow. We went back upstairs for his first lesson in cocksucking. He was a natural.


He started screaming and calling me a pervert while he shoved his whole cock down my throat. He started raping my throat and was moaning. He pulled off my cock after the first shot hit the back of his mouth and the rest of my cum sprayed his face and body. I licked the cum away and we kissed and cuddled.


He was a sponge for knowledge and I taught him everything from cleaning a guy out to stretching and lubing before fucking. He especially enjoyed sensual washing in the shower and muscle worship. I got as far as finger fucking him to demonstrate how important it was to lube (of course) and his cum shot without anyone touching his cock. His ass did remain virginal however I taught him every position known to man. He really loved me riding his cock. He taught me some wrestling moves although each wrestling session ended up with his cock up my chute. It was as if he fulfilled a fantasy he had while on the wresting team conquering opponents and fucking them after he conquered them.


He had three job offers out of the four interviews so it was a good possibility I would see him again. When he moved to the city Uncle Ed came with him. It turns out we did know each other. Bob and John called Uncle Ed by his last name which was Riley. Bob and John threw a party in honor of Eric’s new job. I wish I could tell you I took Eric’s virgin ass but that honor went to Mike. I was second in line but the first to seed Eric. Yeah I did it on purpose and blamed it on a defective condom. Or should I say a condom I made defective.


In appreciation of the work I did with his nephew Uncle Ed gave me the name of a guy that worked out in a gym on the far south side of the city. Bret actually lived in a suburb so when I said I was from out of town and needed to work out it wasn’t a lie. I paid my fee and I was in. Uncle Ed said Bret had something special set up for me so be patient. Unbeknownst to me Ed sent Bret a picture of me.





He was a foot taller than my 5′11″ so my face was even with his humongous flexed arm, an upper arm that appeared to be bigger than my head. 


“Kiss it,” he said in a hoarse whisper. 


We were alone in the last row of the locker room and I was all but naked and on my way to the shower. His shirt (saturated with sweat) had the sleeve pulled back over his deltoid and his hand rested on a mound of pec muscle that was perhaps proportionally larger than the rest of his physique. I had been hanging out in the gym for three hours (mostly watching him work out) and he was well into his workout when I got there so he was really pumped.


“Kiss it and lick it if you want,” he offered when I hesitated. “Your cock is tenting the towel saluting me so I know you want to,” he chuckled.


“What if somebody...” I looked toward the end of the aisle.


“Not gonna happen! But if it did, the guy would be in envy of you,” he nodded toward his huge arm. ”Do it!” 


Just standing there his aura of sweat and musk was strong but as I leaned forward it became almost overwhelming. The hand that was holding the sleeve back palmed my head like a basketball and after the kiss my nose was shoved into his armpit. The flexed arm wrapped around my head and I started to flail which made my towel fall to my feet. When he released me I sat so the dizziness wouldn’t make me fall flat on my ass. He stripped off the shirt and let it fall in my lap with a splat. The shirt was saturated with hot sweat and I had the impression he was marking me with his bodily fluids.


“Uhhhhgggghhh,” I gasped as I lifted his T-shirt off my cock and up to my nose. “Damn,” I said. “Holy fuck, you are...” my brain froze and my ability to speak failed me.


“Massive?” he chuckled as he finished my sentence.” You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” he said as he started to shove down his nylon workout shorts. His pubes were shaved to his tan line and soon the root of his semi-hard cock was exposed. To me his cock looked to be about two inches across or about six inches in diameter. As the shaft was revealed it seemed to go on forever but eight inches down a foreskin sheathed cockhead appeared. The foreskin was stretched tightly around the mushroom shaped cock head and I gasped when it tumbled out of the athletic supporter. “Time to shower,” he said. I looked up at his face dazzled and overwhelmed. The dude flexed his pecs, and then rolled his shoulders as if to work out some kinks. Then another pec flex and a beaming smile. 


“Mgmph,” I mumbled. He knew exactly what he was doing to me and he obviously was enjoying it too. He rolled his neck and rubbed his traps with one hand over his chest. His forearm and upper arm bulged. “Fuck,” I said, having finally rebooted my brain. “You-you...you’re like nothing I’ve ever seen in any bodybuilding magazine!” He flexed both arms. “You look superhuman,” I mumbled under my breath. The guy was striated and ripped beyond belief. How can someone be so big and yet be totally ripped?


I eventually found myself on the shower room floor, naked. This wasn’t the locker room shower but the shower that the massage therapists had in their area which was now closed. He had washed my body and when I turned to return the favor he kissed me and lowered my back to the floor. Soon he was on top of me... kissing me and allowing me to worship his massive physique. 


Then he rolled my knees to my shoulders as I watched his handsome face and touched his awesome body. He rubbed his erect cock against my ass wetting it with a combination of his abundant pre-cum and a tube of lube that was stashed on a high shelf or ledge. As he slowly slid his shaft back and forth and up and down my ass crack he kissed my neck and licked my nipples probably to distract me. Then his cock head would momentarily rest against my sphincter. He did this many times, getting me as well as himself ready for the ultimate plunge. He lifted his body into a push-up position with his forearms above my shoulders. His huge arms, shoulders, and pecs were so powerful I was in awe. I felt so privileged to be there, providing some kind of pleasure to this super man.


He positioned his hot lubed prick at my hole and he stayed there. He rotated his hips and shifted his weight positioning his mighty pole for penetration. His jaw dropped and he groaned as he pressed his cock inside. My sphincter yielded at first but then closed tightly around his cock head. I groaned and bit my lip in pain trying not to cry out. He whispered encouragement and reminders that helped me relax my tight grip on his tool. 


Slowly he moved inside me with a tender yet powerful and controlled thrust. Our eyes locked and I silently pleaded with him because I couldn’t bear the pain any longer. He stopped his penetration and looked at me with a smile and a nod. He must have felt me relax because he resumed until he was balls deep inside me. Then he began to fuck me; slowly at first, then with more and more vigor until the sound of slapping skin echoed off the shower walls. The huge man moaned very loudly as the first ejaculation shot out and began to fill my empty hull. He leaned down on top of me and embraced me as he nipped at my neck and shoulders.  


“Fuck,” he whispered in my ear as his cock began to fill me with his essence. His whole physique flexed as my hands explored every inch of his body. Again he buried his face in my neck kissing it and moaning unintelligible words between passionate thrusts during his long powerful orgasm. He kissed me on my lips as my hands ran up and down his back and ass worshiping every hardened mountainous muscle in my reach.


He released my legs and I knew this was the beginning of the end. Soon his cock would soften and we would be one no more. When it happened he stood and pulled me to my feet. My knees buckled and he held me to his chest. 


“Wash me,” he said softly. “Wash me slowly and erotically.”


That was no challenge because Bret was Mr. Erotic in my eyes. I must have done a fine job because once again he lifted me and with my back against the tile wall he inserted his big shaft into me and fucked my ass royally.


I dressed quickly and silently trying to walk normally as I exited the gym. It was late so the parking lot was mostly empty. I sat in my car and called a friend who was on Maui to wish them a happy birthday. I started the car and was surprised by a tap on my window. Bret just wanted to tell me good night. 


Oh, and we did end up exchanging business cards and phone numbers; including private phone numbers.


“I only went to one of Bob and John’s parties,” he said. “I’ll be at the next party if you’ll be there,” he promised.


That night after I picked up my wife at the airport, I fucked her royally until she had several orgasms. Saturday we fucked four times during the day and twice that night. There was a repeat performance on Sunday except I took her out to dinner and then to the airport. By the time I got home Bret was waiting for me on the deck in the back yard. I thought I was all fucked out until he wrapped his arms around me and led me to bed.





When I talked about scheduling a ski trip my wife wanted me to meet her in Vancouver. I thought it was time to cross one more item off my bucket list. There is a train up in Canada that goes from Toronto to Vancouver called the Snow Train. Being a train aficionado I have traveled on Amtrak’s City of New Orleans, The California Zephyr and The Empire Builder just to name a few. I have also traveled shorter routes and specialty trains that serve dinner or lunch and are back at the point of origin in a few hours.


After four days of intense exhausting skiing I was ready to spend the next week traveling across Canada sleeping, eating, and relaxing. The trip actually takes four days with sightseeing day and a hotel stay in Toronto and another in Vancouver where I would meet my wife. The train leaves at ten so I was shown to my Rail Sleeper Car long before departure time and I settled in with the book I was reading.


I asked the conductor how full the train was so I could plan my meals and he admitted that the passenger list was light but the return trip was sold out. In other words there were empty sleeper cars on the trip west. On a train I prefer an early supper so I can see the scenery as I eat and possibly watch the sunset in the dome car. Once darkness falls I read or sleep.


As the train pulled out of the station I stretched my sore muscles. Not only was I sore from skiing but I spent my Toronto tour day in the gym pumping up my physique. It had been too long since I worked out in the gym and my wife had a thing for pumped muscle. I had a two hour workout scheduled in the afternoon before I was to pick her up in Vancouver but the Toronto workout was unplanned.


It was going to be a light workout and a massage but it didn’t turn out that way. The massage therapist I was given didn’t have the strength to give me the type of massage I needed. I mentioned that the deep tissue massage didn’t go deep enough.  They were booked until 3pm but the manager asked if I could stay or come back for a free half hour massage with one of the male therapists. I went to the weight room and was using light weights to stretch my muscles and as I warmed up I started adding more weight to stretch further. By three that afternoon I needed that massage. The guy was really good and I tipped him very well but the next day I was still feeling sore.


It was warm on the train so I changed my shirt and went to explore. I sat in the dining car for an early morning snack and then went up to the observation car. By the time I got back to my room it was like a sauna. There was a problem with the thermostat so they were moving everyone to the empty sleeper cars which had the deluxe accommodations. I didn’t mind at all!


While moving in I spotted a young Russian-looking stud, in his middle twenties and he reminded me of someone I had seen at one of Bob and John’s parties. I met Bob and John in a hotel lounge after dropping my wife off at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. One thing led to another and a whole new world opened to me.


My wife travels extensively and is actually the main source of our income. I have an internet business which brings in enough to cover our large mortgage but I also take care of the house and the clothes she wears for business. We have a system that rotates seasonal clothing so any given customer will not see her in the same outfit more than once a year. There are always bags packed with essentials but business attire and dresses are added just before going to the airport.


Anyway Bob and John have parties, all male sex parties. They mostly cater to bodybuilders and muscle studs but if you are rich or powerful enough they gladly accommodate. They also run a hook-up/ escort service for high paying customers who want to live out fantasies or have a muscle fetish of some kind. They don’t do S&M or slave stuff or any leather daddies. Those personalities are too demanding according to Bob.


Bob and John would set up something like this train ride where you accidentally meet up with a muscle stud like the blond I saw entering the last compartment on this train. If they had set this up I would know about it so I could plan the encounter. I didn’t care for a situation like this because there was no escape if the guy turned out to be weird. If things went bad in the city it would be a one night gig and a taxi ride home. On the other hand it could turn into a long term friendship like I had with Bob, John, Mike, and Bret.


I settled in and decided against crossing paths with the stud but as I sat there I started counting the days I had been celibate; two travel days, four ski days and three days before skiing. My cock hardened thinking about fucking that young Russian ass.


The next day I decided to wait until after sunset to eat supper and as I walked past his door it opened and he stepped out into the passageway blocking my path. He looked up surprised to see me. I couldn’t help but notice how his sweater bulged in all the right places. He was wearing a parka the last time I saw him which hid everything except his angular face and thickly muscled neck.


“Good evening. I saw you earlier and I didn’t know if we would meet. I’m on my way to the dining car,” he said. “I’m Yuri.” He didn’t sound Russian or even Canadian, he sounded like an American. I introduced myself.


“That’s where I was headed. We can share a table if you like… unless you are having dinner with someone,” I smiled. I already knew he wanted more than dinner and a good conversation. Even guys with no gaydar would eventually recognize his sexual interests. I think he would have skipped the food and went right to sex if I asked him.


Yuri really was born in Russia but he had gone to college in the northeast so he spoke excellent English. He could slip into a Boston, or Canadian accent or even a southern accent that was flawless. I began to wonder if he was a spy. He wasn’t, he was just a college graduate on his way to Vancouver to meet up with his parents who wanted to see America in three weeks or less. They were going to several big cities and stopping in six National Parks. They would fly home and he would begin his new job. There was a full moon and I mentioned how cold it looked outside just for conversation.


“In my country we have Vodka to warm a body when it is so cold,” he said with a Russian accent. “I have a bottle of the really good stuff in my room,” he said with his perfect American accent.


“Isn’t Vodka, Vodka,” I asked. “It all tastes kind of the same to me.”


“This Vodka isn’t for the commercial market,” he explained. “I don’t share this with many people not because it is that expensive but it is nearly impossible to get,” he said as he stood. We walked through the train and then he let me into his compartment. “This comes from Podlesnaya Tavla, which is a village about 330 miles southeast of Moscow,” he explained. He poured a lick of the spirits into a dish and carefully ignited it, smiling proudly as a flame leaped up like a blue imp. “If the liquor is less than 80 proof, it won’t burn. See that color? This Russian moonshine is about 95 proof. I pay the lady that makes it about ten times what her fellow villagers pay and then I have to get someone to ship it to me. That costs more than she charges for this bottle of Vodka.”


“Nazdarovya,” he said. I smiled and drank the glass of vodka mimicking what he did including the “Nazdarovya


“Russian vodka is never, ever drunk without a reason. Russians will only drink when there’s an occasion, though those occasions can sometimes be more legitimate than others. A wedding, a funeral, the birth of a child, a business deal sealed, a religious/national/local holiday, a successful harvest—these are all appropriate reasons to drink vodka,” he explained.


The liquor was really good, because it was not bitter and it didn’t burn my throat all the way down, indeed it left some kind of a sweet fragrance in my mouth. I felt the alcohol exploding like dynamite in my head and I had to sit.


“Man that is good,” I said. He was ready to drink his second and then he poured more for me.


“So… what are we celebrating?”


We both swallowed the second shot down and I savored the warmth inside me. Then I realized that Yuri was taking off his clothes.


“What are you doing?” I asked.


“Is other Russian solution... for cold,” he said reverting back to his native accent. I smiled and wasn’t surprised. He had a smooth hairless chest with huge defined muscles. He lowered his pants and as I expected he had an uncut penis. His blond pubic hair was trimmed to his bikini tan line. He got completely naked and offered to pour me more Vodka.


“No more for me,” I said. “So... is this the reason we’re drinking?” I asked as I adjusted my super hard erection. He looked at me and smiled.


“Russian vodka is never, ever drunk without a reason,” he said again as he lifted my shirt. I opened my belt and let my pants fall. Now that we were both naked and hard we began to kiss. The flower like fragrance of the vodka seemed to intensify as our tongues battled. He rubbed his awesome physique against my body and I actually felt a bit jealous that a guy so young could build muscles like that. “I need to suck your cock,” he whispered. I was on my back on the sofa and he came over me in the 69 position. Sucking his big uncut cock had me trembling inside and I was soon at the brink of cumming which was a bit unusual for me. I assumed it was the liquor. Before I could cum he backed off and began licking my pecs and my neck. Yuri was an expert at edging and he would move aside whenever I got close to an orgasm. Cock to cock frottage never affected me this way before. I was almost relieved when he stepped over to his bag to get some lube.


He straddled me and quickly slipped my leaking cock into his tight moist asshole. A wave of warmth washed over my whole body and the source was my cock deep in his ass.


“Oh yeah... Growd...” Yuri moaned. Was that grow or god?


I started to thrust up into him and he moaned his appreciation. The friction and our sweat seemed to create a cloud of pleasure smelling like the vodka itself. Fucking like that was doing something to me. It was as if I had spent three hours in the gym getting super pumped lifting heavy and then aggressively slamming my cock into a willing ass. I couldn’t take it any longer.


“I’m coming...” I yelled. His reply was instant.


“Shoot it in my ass! Cum... Fuck me hard and cum deep in my...” he gasped. He bent and kissed me. He was breathing Vodka fumes into my lungs. So with that muffled cry of lust I thought I was going to pass out and maybe I did because the next thing I knew his cock was pounding my ass. He growled and swore in Russian and then plowed me deep and deposited his cum in me.


We may have slept but how long I didn’t know. Yuri got a wet cloth and wiped us down. I grabbed my clothes and went to take a leak. I heard him talking to the porter. Yuri told the man to give him a minute to get in the shower and then he could come in and make up the bed. The bathroom filled with the sweet smell of the Vodka and Yuri shoved the wet towel filled with cum and Vodka under my nose and it was intoxicating.


The shower was short. The porter was gone when Yuri poked his head out of the bathroom. I pulled my clothes over my sweaty body for the short walk down the passageway. After a quick shower I stood naked in front of the mirror. I looked pumped.


All the way to Vancouver Yuri and I found a reason to have a Vodka toast. We finish almost two bottles of his special Vodka by the time the train pulled into the station. I lost count but we fucked at least a dozen times in three days. I stumbled down the passageway after the last fuck thirty minutes before the train pulled into the station. I showered and packed in record time.


Yuri introduced me to his parents who spoke a little English. I had lunch with his family in the hotel and then it was off to the gym before going to the airport to get my wife. I walked Yuri to their rental car where he handed me a fresh bottle of the bootleg Vodka. His father somehow had it shipped as legal Kubanskaya Russian Vodka. He had a receipt for the case of wax sealed bottles. Yuri let me know the bottle was filled with Vodka from Podlesnaya Tavla. We exchanged phone numbers but I never expected to see him again.


I had a killer workout and after I showered and pulled on a sweater I looked in the mirror at my sexy reflection. This was for my wife. I wanted her to have a soaking wet pussy just from kissing me as she exited the concourse. I wanted her all over me at the hotel. I wanted raw unbridled sex for the next five days and she exceeded all my goals and desires.


I flew back to Chicago needing a week of sleep. Bob and John met me at the airport to shuttle me and my luggage (and my wife’s spent luggage) home. The Vancouver trip was not only for sex. I brought my wife suitcases full of fresh clothes for the next leg of her long trip. Bob and John excitedly told me about their upcoming party and I yawned. Maybe in a week I would be interested in sex again.


I didn’t tell Bob and John about Yuri and The Canadian Snow Train. There would be too many questions about why I didn’t try to recruit him for a party. As I crawled into bed for much needed sleep I knew that I didn’t tell them about the encounter because I wanted Yuri exclusively for myself.


My wife came home for a couple weeks, which was not all that unusual. She skipped a short trip so she was home most of the month. I kept up my gym schedule and I fucked her like a rabbit on Viagra. I actually missed three of Bob and John’s party’s. As good as sex was she was ready to get back on the road. She loved her job! I didn’t mind because I was itching for some man sex. I kissed her goodbye and watched as her team walked down the concourse. My phone buzzed and I thought it was something she forgot but when I answered the voice was male.


“Yuri?” I said.


“My father has a case of Russian Vodka for my friend,” he said. “Hey dude want some help opening the box dude,” he said like a California surfer.


“I was just thinking about you,” I chuckled.


“I just landed in Chicago and I was wondering if we could get together.”


“What airline? What’s the flight number? I’ll meet you at baggage pickup.”


“I’m staying at the Hilton so why don’t we meet there?”


“Yuri just give them to me.” He did. He was surprised and he hugged me when I walked up.


“This is my friend Peter from Moscow,” he said with a sly smile. “He knows some English.”

“Peter Zhovetov this is my American friend…




To be continued…




Last Tuesday night I went to the gym two hours before closing. I got changed and went to the floor for some cardio. I looked around and the place was dead. I was alone except for a girl behind the counter, a couple women on the treadmills, and one guy lifting free weights. After about 45 minutes, I went into the locker room grabbed a towel and my soap and went to the shower room. The main shower is a big room with about 12 shower heads but I prefer the cubicles in the next room. I went to the far end, hung my towel, and started the water. Soon I was soaping up and enjoying the hot water.


I was almost finished when the guy that was lifting the free weights walked in and he said hello as he hung up his towel and took the cubicle across from mine.


Like me he was well toned—except he was ten times more muscular than me and tan all over with a very tight ass. It was clear to me that he shaved everywhere—even his nuts were shaved. His pubes were trimmed for a tiny bikini even though there was no tan line.


He was hung—I mean large swinging uncut cock and low hanging balls.  He had to be at least 6” long soft. I started getting horny checking him out so I turned sideways. I snuck a few looks as he stretched his neck and shoulders. I got semi-hard without even realizing he could see my cock. He smiled nodded at me.


“Seems like you’ve got a problem,” he said and pointed between my legs. I looked down.


“Sorry about that, it has a mind of its own,” I said.


“Especially after you started checking me out,” he said boldly as he turned off the water. I thought he was one of those guys that can shower in two minutes and I thought he was leaving but he joined me in my shower. He grabbed his soft cock in his soapy hand and began stroking it. I now had a huge hard-on. “Want a taste?” he grinned.


“No, not here,” I said.


Seconds later I was on my knees and he pushed his now semi hard cock in my face. I reached up and lifted his growing cock in order to lick his nuts. I gently sucked each nut in my mouth rolling them with my tongue. He grabbed the back of my head and ran his shaft across my face. I opened my lips and he plunged his hard cock into my mouth. I gagged. I wrapped my hand around the root of his thick shaft to limit the depth of his thrusting. My hand stroked as my tongue explored his big mushroom head and savored the taste of his pre-cum. My right hand was pumping my shaft.


“You’re a good cock sucker,” he grunted. I moaned. “I knew by the way you were checking me out in the gym you wanted this.” I moaned again even though he was too far away to really check out while we were in the gym. I reached up and started pinching one of his nipples. I felt him tense up and his nuts lifted. He started moaning before a very thick squirt of seed shot into my mouth. I tried to pull away but away but his hands held my head in place. The second volley was stronger than the first and it hit the back of my throat. I swallowed. He shot a good 10 to 12 times in my mouth. I kept licking and sucking and swallowing until he started going limp. He pulled me to my feet and jerked my cock. My cum started shooting on his abs and chest. He inhaled and gasped. He pulled my face to his pecs. “Lick it off,” he demanded. I didn’t find much cum but I sure did enjoy his hard body. “Now wash me,” he demanded in a whisper.


I don’t know which was more sensual, washing him or being washed by him. We both got hard again.


“I work out three times a week. I get here late and workout until just before closing,” he said. “Be here and we’ll do this again,” he offered.


Two days later I was there waiting for him in the free weight area when he walked in.

“Ready?” he said as he began to stretch. He started training me and then he started his routine. By the time he finished with me, I was dragging. He was really pumped. We showered in the big shower room because the cubicles were being bleached and as we were getting dressed he handed me a protein shake. I kept waiting for him to make a move on me but he didn’t.

The front doors were unlocked for us and as we walked to the cars he asked if I wanted to get a cup of coffee.

“I’ll follow you,” I offered. I had to smile when he led me to his house. “I was expecting Waffle House not your house,” I teased.

“Waffle House frowns on customers that strip each other naked and fuck on their tables.”

“Fuck on the table?”

“You know there are no beds in Waffle House, we’d have to use a table,” he grinned as he lifted off his shirt. My cock was instantly hard and I gladly submitted to my Alpha trainer.

We didn’t have that cup of coffee until the next morning at breakfast.    



I’m a good looking man, married, mid-thirties without any traces of a paunch and I still had a nicely defined chest and shoulders from my days in the military. My eyes are blue. My hair is dirty blond and close-cropped on the sides like the Marine that I am. Once a Marine, always a Marine Hooah! I was standing in this room, naked and waiting. I didn’t mind being naked except that the room was on the cool side and my nipples were getting hard. I recalled the summer nights in the barracks where everyone was naked and sleeping on top of the sheets. There were six of us with uncut cocks but I had the most impressive cock and balls even among those that had been clipped.


The room I was now in was empty except a massive four-poster bed, the steps to get into the bed, and two bedside tables attached to the wall next to the bed. The bed-posts supporting the huge canopy were two feet in diameter and heavily carved. The mattress was almost chest high, too high get into without using the steps but big enough for an orgy. Is there such a thing as a double king mattress? The mattress was covered with a thick goose down feather bed, an abundance of pillows, and silky white sheets. The contrast between the almost black wood of the carved pillars, the white bed curtains, and silky bed coverings was striking.


I swirled the Bourbon still remaining in the glass as I scanned the room for another entrance. These old castles sometimes had hidden passages in the wood paneled walls or behind bookcases; however the walls of this interior room seemed to be solid. There weren’t any windows. As far as I could tell there was only one way in or out and that was through the four inch thick carved door. The only other door led to the bathroom where I left my clothes. I drained the glass and poured another from the decanter that was on one of the bedside tables. Like everything here the Bourbon was excellent. My guess is that it had been aged 25 years. I made a mental note to ask the brand. Cost was no object for something that good.


My instructions were to go into the bedroom, get naked, and wait. I was here to scratch an itch but my patience was running thin. I arrived at the ancient castle precisely at 7pm and was escorted to the banquet hall. I was seated at the head of the table and served a gourmet meal by two model handsome footmen who would have made excellent Marines. They were disciplined and attentive but tightlipped. I could picture them in uniform on Marine posters. For a time I wondered if they might be my playmates for tonight.


I sat on the steps used for getting into the high bed staring into the honey colored Bourbon. I had taken too much. I was getting light headed. I smiled as I sipped more. I set the glass on the tray and began to make my way to the door but half way there the door to the hallway opened. He had obviously just taken a shower and he stood there drying his cock and balls.



He continued fluffing his cock and balls with one hand as he checked me out. He had a delicious looking ass and an impressive cock.


“What do I call you?” I said to break the ice.


“My name is J… You may call me Master,” he said.


He fondled the flesh jutting from his shaved pubis and he let the meat slap against his thick powerful thighs. He appeared to be well over six feet tall.


“Master Sir.” I ventured.


“Why are you here, Boy?”


“Do you have to call me that?” The question was polite. But still there was fire in his eyes.


“Yes! For now,” he qualified. “On your knees, Boy!” he snarled like a drill sergeant.


“Yes, Sir,” I said as I went down with my hands behind my back, chin up and chest high.


“Why are you here?” he asked knowing that sometimes it was difficult for a real man to admit that you wanted your ass fucked. I cleared my throat trying to say the right words. He knew why I was here! I hate these authority games but I knew he was establishing the ground rules just as any General would.


“Would you like to suck my cock?”


That might be a good start, I thought.


He watched my cock begin to grow hard. Kneeling in front of him I straightened my spine even more but I didn't make eye contact. He tossed the towel to the steps where I had been sitting and then walked around me as if he was inspecting my body.

He knew my training was kicking in and I was anticipating an attack. Again he moved in front of me and this time he was standing close enough for me to smell the soap as well as the man musk that never washes away. He slipped his hand down, placed it firmly under my chin, and cupped the back of my head with the other.


“Look at me,” he barked. “Have you ever sucked a cock?” I tried to nod, but he held my head still. “Speak.”


“Yes, Sir,” I answered forcefully like a recruit. Hooha!




“Yes Master Sir,” I shouted firmly.


“Has it been some time? Is that why you're here?”


“Yes, Master.” I swallowed hard and answered softly and submissively. “That and…”


“I can’t hear you Boy!”


“Yes Sir Master Sir,” I barked.


The vibes this Alpha radiated was one of strength, hardness, maybe even a touch of cruelty but I needed that discipline of a superior officer. I found it sorely missing once I returned to civilian life. All he demanded was respect. Was there that much difference between the words Master and Major or Master and General? He seemed to know I had a sexual appetite that couldn't be satisfied through ordinary, monogamous relationships. Why else would I have arranged this rendezvous?


I needed the structure again. I needed to be commanded and cared for. I needed to give as much as the authorities needed to take. He released my head and slapped each cheek with his cock before he rested the piss slit leaking pre-cum on my lower lip. I put my tongue out to taste him and met his eyes. He nodded and I understood the unspoken order. I opened and let him slide his cock onto my tongue. He kept his gaze locked on my eyes as he slid back and forth in a thrusting movement. I saw the hungry look in his eyes for a brief moment and then the hard ass Alpha returned. He didn’t react when he felt my hands on his thighs as I cautiously began to worship his massive physique. As his cock hardened he pushed in deeper and deeper until I took it, all of it. My eyes blurred with tears and I gasped for breath as I gagged.


“Touch me,” he demanded. My hands slid up his thighs, over his abs, and up to his massive chest. As he fucked my mouth he warned me not to cum. Then suddenly he pulled his cock out of my mouth. “Do you want to taste my balls before I fuck you, Boy?”


“Master,” I begged.


He sat on the bed and I took up a position between his massive thighs. I was back on my knees, this time kneeling on the steps as he draped one leg over my shoulder. My tongue lapped his shaved balls as he leaned back on his elbows. I ventured lower and he lifted his other leg to the mattress to give me access to his ass crack. As I buried my nose deeper and deeper I was making grunting noises of appreciation and pleasure. When he was satisfied (or maybe he couldn't take it any longer) he pushed me away.


 “On the bed Boy! On your back! I'm going to spread your hole like a whore!” His tone was severe.


“Yes, Master,” I said submissively. His cock was raging hard and his balls swollen with cum. He smiled a predatory smile while lubing his cock and my ass. His chest rose and fell as he finger fucked my ass to get more lube in me. He watched my face while he lubed his cock from the tip down the base until his low hanging scrotum was dripping with lube. Once again he circled my asshole this time using his hard 10 inch cock.


“Legs up,” he ordered. “Have you been fucked in the ass?”


“Not in a long time, Master,” I gasped as he played and teased until with a sudden thrust he breeched my ass hole. Only the head was in me and he groaned in pleasure as my muscles spasmed around his cock. “Please Master. I want more,” I begged as my ass muscles relaxed.


He began to thrust going deeper into me each time before he began to fuck me in earnest. Our bodies were slick with sweat and as he dominated me. I clawed at his back and ass. Each time I was ready to cum he would back off to edge me. Then his cock stroked my prostate to the edge me again and again and soon I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to cum.


“I want to cum, Master, please,” I panted.


“No!” he growled. “I’m not finished with you yet Boy,” he said while slamming his pubes against my ass. I submitted and I think he could feel it. “Good, Boy,” he said looking down at me. He pulled his cock out and pressed his cock against mine. He was gentle moving slowly in frottage and I could feel my cock harden even more. Once again he lifted my legs to his shoulders and slowly inserted his cock inch by inch to fuck my brains out.


I began to worship his physique again only stopping to pinch and stretch his nipples until he cried out with pleasure. He grunted with each thrust, and his face contorted as he drove his cock in deep with the rhythmic movements.


As he fucked me, my fantasies, always unfulfilled, crept in. I imagined sucking on a cock as another long hard cock was entering me from behind. I craved the feeling of being double penetrated… no triple penetrated…


He paused, leaned down, and took my cock in his mouth and sucked on me hard which was out of character for him. I wanted to cum but I didn’t have permission. I was trembling and holding back but pleasure was shooting through every nerve ending in my body.


“Please Sir!” I pleaded for release. He had pushed me beyond my limits and I was losing control. He began fucking my ass again and he had me bent in half with my knees at my shoulders. His chest touched mine and his mouth was at my ear. He shoved in deep and croaked out one word.




When he finally gave me permission my cock exploded in violent jets, one, then another, and another until my balls hurt.


His full weight crushed into me as he caught his breath. My hands stroked his awesome body. Slowly he lifted and he brought his lips to mine. Kisses were tentative at first and then his hunger began to manifest.


“Major,” he said. “Mission accomplished?” he asked.


“Yes Jason. Mission accomplished with valor, fearlessness, and gallantry!” I whispered as I stroked his body. “Jason you are even more buff and muscular than before,” I pulled him in for a long passionate kiss. His cock slipped out and we rolled to our sides. “Jason, I thought you were going to join me for dinner. Who were those servers at supper?”


“I thought it better to keep you in the dark. Keep you off balance. When I walked in I could see you were pissed off at the delay so I came on like a hard ass. Major… I have to admit I enjoyed that.”


“I did too Jason but who were the servers?”


“Jim and Mike are here to help me satisfy you insatiable ass the rest of the weekend. So are the two cooks that prepared the meal. You think I’m big? Wait until Craig joins us. He’s the chef.”


“Big where,” I asked.


“He has a physique like mine with a foot long upward curved cock though not as thick as mine.”


“Should we shower while we recharge?” I asked. We rolled out of the bed and entered the huge bathroom.


“How about a medieval fantasy since we are in this castle,” Jason asked as we stepped into the warm running water. “Would you like to be the king or the serf? Craig and I could be Quasimodo twins. Jim and Mike could be knights that love to spend the night with the king…”


“Maybe next time Jason. Why don’t we just relax and fuck?”


“Major you are so dull,” he laughed. “Alright then, an orgy in that big beautiful bed. Did you know that bed came from the set of a movie that was made in the silent film era?”


I let Jason talk on and on about the history of the bed as I washed myself. Then as I walked up behind him and planted my cock in his ass crack all he could do was groan. I scrubbed his back and the silence was almost deafening… that is until the other four guys joined us in the shower. Jason apparently told the other four what he was going to do to me and as far as they knew Jason was still ‘Master’ and I was there to be used. My cock shot up rock hard once I was shoved to my knees in the shower room. My heart was beating out of my chest at the thought of the night ahead servicing all five muscular Alphas.




I was out of town for corporate meetings that included the annual corporate golf tournament. What could have been accomplished in a long weekend was spread over a week but the daily meetings were followed by rounds of golf.  The following week after the senior staff meetings, there were workshops and seminars for middle management, supervisors, sales, and production.


So that the company could continue to function seminars specific to let’s say HR were held with half attending the morning session and the other half in the afternoon. The senior staff was expected to be there both weeks. I opted to be there the weekend before as well. My goal was to be as well rested as possible before the meetings started. For me it was like a mini vacation.


I normally maintain a rigid schedule. I’m not obsessive/ compulsive but if I don’t keep a schedule I tend to procrastinate and things don’t get done or I fall behind. For instance I leave the house at the same time every day. If I leave ten minutes later it takes thirty minutes longer to get to work because of traffic. If I don’t go to lunch at noon I may not eat lunch at all. If I don’t eat lunch my temper seems to flare late in the afternoon.


I normally go to the gym at least three times a week but being out of town I spent most of Saturday afternoon at the gym taking advantage of the weight room and the racket ball court. After supper while relaxing my body began to tell me that I wasn’t thirty any longer so I called for an in room massage. The hotel recommended an offsite service which was a bit more expensive because they had people available until 8pm whereas the hotel spa only had people available until 4pm on Saturday.


I was surprised they sent guy instead a woman like I expected. He explained that some people were looking for a “happy ending” from the female therapists sent to hotels. I got the picture. The company did not want to be known as an escort service and had some strict policies. I was glad they sent a guy because sometimes I felt like the females at my spa were too gentle even if I asked for a deep tissue massage. Steve looked like had the strength to give me what I wanted and needed. He asked me to take the hottest shower I could stand and stay in there for at least five to ten minutes while he set up.


I knew he was a big guy when I opened the door but when I came out of the shower he had taken off his raincoat and set up the table. His back was to me and even through his shirt I could see he how ripped and muscular his back really was. I quickly got on the table as tried to drape the towel over my ass but it fell on the floor leaving me naked. Steve was kicking off his shoes and lowering his jogging pants so that he only had on white gym shorts and a tee shirt. He peeled off his shirt and there was no doubt in my mind that he was a bodybuilder. I put my face in the doughnut hole and he began the massage without putting a towel across my ass. He was doing Swedish massage touch-y feel-y stuff and I reminded him I needed a deep tissue massage.


“This is not the massage,” he said sounding irritated. “This is the examination I do so I know where to focus. Like here,” he said as he pressed his thumb into a spot. I lifted off the table and he pushed down on my back so I wouldn’t get up. “Stay where you are. I promise not to do that again. So you were lifting and perhaps doing some other activity?”


“Racketball. They converted the racket ball court in my gym back home to an aerobics studio because there were only a few of us that used it in the evening. I don’t really like outdoor courts,” I explained. He started to work my back and I let out an involuntary groan of delight.


“Let me know if this is too much.”


“That’s perfect!” I mumbled. He was a great therapist.


After about 15 minutes he stood in front of the table and his crotch pushed against the side of my head. I was tempted to turn my head and look at it but I just used my imagination. It felt like a nice size cock but I couldn’t be sure he realized it was touching my head. Later he stood at my hip and reached across my body to work my right delts and traps and he brushed his bulge against my hand. I turned my hand so his cock rested in my palm. I closed my fingers a little and he got harder. He continued his massage but would come back to that position near my hip, right or left it didn’t matter, and press his cock into my palm. I assumed he wanted me to feel his growing cock. He was working on my lower back and hamstrings when he put more oil on my legs and then dribbled it over my ass and up to my lower back. He spread the oil and stopped.


“Any pain here?” he asked as his hand slid across my butt and over my hip. “Playing ball and running can cause soreness. Do you have any hang-ups about being touched there?”


“No,” I muttered into the doughnut. “Do it!”


I never had my butt massaged so I didn’t know what to expect. He worked one side and then the other left to right and right to left before he went from my hamstrings and across my ass to my lower back. I thought he was almost done with my back when he added oil to my tailbone and then spread my butt cheeks apart. He rubbed his hands in my crack where the muscle connected and whether it was by accident or on purpose his thumb slipped into the rim of my asshole and he held it there for a moment before he started stretching my hole. When I didn’t say anything he continued to massage my ass cheeks and then added the other thumb. He removed his hands, added more oil, and repeated the left to right, bottom to top, and ass crack spreading but this time a single finger entered my ass and began massaging my prostate.  


The only other person to have done that was my physician but his examination lasted just a few seconds. This intrusion was making the pleasure build but why was I letting this stranger stick his fingers in my ass. Yes fingers because there were now two and he was strumming my love nut. This process was repeated and continued for several minutes until I could feel my cum rise and get ready to shoot. When his hands left my body I was gasping for air. My urge to cum had subsided and I was ready to flip over and finish myself off when he walked to the front of the table and rubbed his naked cock against the sides of my head. He pulled me forward and I was facing his hard shaft. I opened my mouth to protest and the tip brushed against my lips and just part of his cock head entered my mouth. I recoiled and rebounded before I took more of his cock into my mouth.


He leaned forward running the heels of his hands down my spine while inserting about half of his uncut cock into my mouth. Touching my throat made me gag.  He stuck two fingers in my ass and began pumping into me from both ends. I’ve never even touched another guy’s cock much less had one in my mouth. Sure I had sex with a couple of women that were willing to suck on my cock but I never even considered touched a guy sexually. I began to lick and suck, and he began to moan.


“Fuck,” he whispered as he began to thrust. I pulled my knees under me and he pulled his cock free.


“Yeah fuck,” I said as I caught my breath and stroked his cock with my oily hand a few times. In an instant he was behind me stroking his big cock against my stretched relaxed ass. The instant his prick entered my ass, an involuntarily moan escaped my lips. I tried not to be loud but I had little control over my voice. He was cautiously thrusting and penetrating me slowly. When I fuck I need to get in as deep as possible as fast as possible so I didn’t know if I was doing something wrong or if this was normal.


“We have to move to the bed,” he said in my ear. He slowly retracted and then he finger fucked me again before he dismounted the massage table. He reached in his bag and grabbed out a waterproof mattress pad big enough to cover the entire king size bed.


With that I was on the bed, on my back. I was running my hands over his huge muscles and he was sucking at my nipples and thrusting his oiled cock against mine. He lifted my legs and before I knew it he entered me for the second time. Again I let out a long involuntary moan. I couldn’t believe that I was willing letting a guy fuck me let alone that I had already sucked his cock.


“I’ve never done it before,” I told him as he plowed my ass. He was so focused on getting every inch of his cock in me I didn’t know if he heard me. At the same time I was surprised that one man could give another man that much pleasure. I didn’t know and I think that made the experience even hotter.


Then he really started to fuck me and it was overwhelming. I began making noises I didn’t even know existed and I was grabbing his ass to help him drive his cock in as deep as he could. The sensations were mind blowing and at the same time I felt so vulnerable. I couldn’t believe that this beautiful man wanted to fuck me.  This fuck was incredibly hot and primal and aggressive.  This was wrong but it was right I never wanted to be in bed with anybody this badly before! I wanted him to fuck me hard but where was all of this coming from? Yeah I thought some guys were sexier than others but I didn’t even consider having sex with them. I was thinking of all the women that would throw themselves at him.  Now I just wanted to get fucked repeatedly by him.


I was writhing and shaking from everything that was happening to me. I felt so dirty and animalistic and kinky but I also felt like this is what I was meant to do… I was predestined to be fucked by someone like this muscular stud. I just know that it’s crazy to get fucked in the ass. It hurts, it feels good, it feels wrong, and it feels right. It’s a dick going deep into your ass. It’s a connection. It is pure raw sex.


Then he stopped and I could feel his cock throbbing inside me. It’s what a man does when he cums inside a woman. I expected him to pull out but he started thrusting his cock into me again. I kept gripping his cock with my ass muscles and he really responded to it by picking up the pace even more.


“Do you want me to shoot inside me or outside,” he said as he paused and hovered over me.  


“On me,” I said because I thought it was what he wanted to hear.


“Do you want cum in your ass? Some guys make me pull out and shoot on their ass or on his face.”


“I thought you had already cum in me but then you kept fucking.”


“I did so you are already full of my seed but I’m ready to cum again.”


He still had enough cum in his balls to shoot all over my face, chest, and belly. He looked down at me and I pulled him against me until we were chest to chest. I wrapped my arms around him and he rolled to his side taking me with him. I touched his chest smearing the cum he picked up from my body into his skin.


“Fuck,” he said catching his breath. He looked into my eyes. “You know this wasn’t supposed to happen… but I’m glad it did,” he admitted. I looked down and for once I had no idea what to say. I thought about what my colleagues might think if they knew this happened. I looked up.


“This is just between you and me. What happened in this room stays in this room,” I said with authority.


“Are you throwing me out?” he asked. There was hurt and anger hidden down deep.


“No!” I said harshly. “I just don’t know what comes next. Do you threaten to expose me, do you stay and we talk? Do you pack up and leave?”


He rolled to his back and then ran his fingers through his hair.


“I’d like to come back,” he said quickly looking my way to see my reaction. “For more of this,” he said running his hand down my body to my cock.


“I’d like that too,” I said maintain eye contact. “You still owe me half of a massage,” I grinned. He burst out laughing.


“You wouldn’t consider all that friction from our bodies rubbing together…”


“Hell no,” I smiled. “Holy shit! Would you lose your job if this got out? From what you told me there are strict company guidelines and policies about sexual contact.”


“You seduced me,” he said with an impish grin. “At least you started it by grabbing my cock first. You didn’t object when I took it a step further and then the aggressive attack on your butt… you were lifting your hips into it. You even moved into the doggie position. You don’t think that was begging?”


“Hold on, you put your thing against my head and in the palm of my hand… both hands. You were naked and hard and you put your… your cock in my mouth while you fingered my butt. You put it in me…”


“You willingly got on the bed,” he smiled.


“I did… but I had no idea…” I said and he looked skeptical. “That I would enjoy it as much as I did.”


“Have you ever had a shower with another man?” He didn’t let me answer. “A sensual, hands on, long hot shower with another guy where you wash each other and rub against each other and you don’t have to hide an erection?”


“No but I think I would like to,” I grinned.


I was in a suite with a combination steam sauna/ shower with a bench at the back of the tub. I started the shower and when he came in he turned off the lights. The first thing he did after he got wet was kiss me. That was another first. It took me s second to respond but I think he expected that. We washed each other and started the steam. We cooled off under the shower and I knew our time was coming to an end. He left his towel in the bathroom and went to raid the bar and grab some cold pizza from the mini fridge.


“Hope you don’t mind, I love cold pizza.” He said and then beckoned me to him with one finger. He smiled and removed the towel around my waist. “For a guy who is not that much older than me you sometimes act like an old guy.”


“I had a female cousin that used to say the same thing,” I told him. Maybe that is why I was able to rise to top management so quickly, I thought.


“With the right trainer you could look like me,” he said flexing his arm.


“A good trainer and about a hundred years,” I said as I grabbed a beer.


“I would like to come back,” he said getting rather serious.


“You better because you owe me a half a massage,” I said before looking at him. “But I’d like you to come back even if I didn’t get another massage.” I paused. “We could talk and play cards or watch a football game together…” I said to tease. “Or seduce each other and spend some quality time in bed,” I added as I rubbed against him.


“You confuse the hell out of me. One minute you are this old guy and the next you are this sexy stud tempting me to do things, bad naughty things,” he said as he put his arm around me. “I would love to stay but I can’t. The hotel management knows I’m here and they need to see me leave.”


“Two hours later? All freshly showered with your hair wet?” I asked. “Use the blow dryer in the bathroom.”


“There is such a thing as a two hour massage,” he said from the bathroom.


“Do a change order and I’ll pay for the extra time if it would help,” I said watching him from the doorway. Damn I loved watching his muscles ripple as he dried his hair. The dryer went off and I stepped behind him. “Come back?” I said as our eyes met in the mirror. “Call my cell to make sure I’m in the room. Use this card key to park in the underground garage and act like a hotel guest. You’ll be my hotel guest.”


The rest of that trip he was there every night for at least a few hours. I extended my stay to include the third weekend but Sunday night he didn’t show up. I was resigned that it was over but just after midnight a body slipped into bed with me to spoon behind me. We didn’t have sex but he stayed all night holding me in his arms. It was probably the right thing to do. I was in no rush to leave on Monday morning. There was a conference call to evaluate the corporate meetings and everyone assumed I was attending the meeting from home. I was a bit subdued and I think it was noticed. After the conference call I called my boss to tell him I was still in town because I was under the weather last weekend so I decided to get rest and not travel. I made it sound like I over imbibed at the Friday get together. I even offered to use a PTO day as a travel day.


“No,” he said rather emphatically. “Since you are still in town I would like you to attend a meeting here in the office at 3pm this afternoon.” 


He said he had to go and told me to be there early. I assumed my time with the company was coming to an end. One of the things we discussed in our corporate meetings was employee attrition, severance pay, and early retirement as cost cutting vehicles. I feared that meant the people in my position would be cut first after the smaller severance pay schedule went into effect. Maybe somebody knew about my visitor.


I spent a couple hours refreshing my resume. I ate lunch, showered, and put on a better suit. At least I would go out looking good. One of the first orders of business was the announcement that my boss was retiring (under the older more generous retirement plans) and that I was being offered his job. I was both elated and shocked that I had climbed one more rung in the corporate ladder.


They wanted me to stay an additional two weeks and they insisted I take better rooms befitting my new status. The first thing I did when I moved to the new suite was call the massage service and request Steve (only Steve and no substitutions) for a two hour massage. I didn’t give my name just the new location and room number. I could hardly wait to see the look on his face when I opened the door.




Under my leadership as well as the recent changes to the extreme government regulations imposed on our business, the cost cutting measures never went into effect. Bonuses were paid to all employees and wages were increased to retain our workers since they were in high demand. At a company picnic I even overheard two supervisors telling how people were turning down job offers because they were being treated like family by our company. I smiled knowing they were right. The new onsite employee gym, the flex hours, the leeway we give to them for kid emergencies (picking up sick kids at school while still on the clock), daycare for young kids, sick kids care in the building with skilled nursing, and free summer camp (all summer long) for employee’s kids where they could eat lunch with their kids during camp were just some of the benefits I instituted.


Steve and I are together now and he is no longer a massage therapist except for one client. He is a highly sought after certified personal trainer NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) working one on one with his clients. I am proud to say I am one of his top clients and he has slowly made me a believer that I could have a physique to rival his. He tells me it is for selfish reasons. He says that athletes make better lovers and I can vouch for that first hand.







I stood to the side waiting for him to finish a set of seated curls.

“Excuse me Sir,” I said. Without looking at me he pointed and I dutifully moved in front of the bench. “Scott Jackson sent me Sir.” I explained.

His body language and the almost imperceptible ‘no’ movement of his head indicated that I was doomed. Even if he would not train me I had up close mental images that would fuel my fantasies for years to come. He looked me over and then he placed his hands on the bench and lifted his ass to lean towards me. Seeing inside his shirt, his delts bunching, and his arms flexing made my insides tremble. He was only inches away when he inhaled deeply. He closed his eyes and the expression on his face was that of orgasmic delight. It was as if he was a connoisseur of fine wines tasting me.

I stood there waiting when something overwhelming hit me like a hot wind. I felt myself grow suddenly very warm, even though the AC vent was blowing chilled air across my body. A rush of sexual bliss erupted in my loins and my cock was instantly hard and shoving insistently against my underwear and jeans.

Then I saw the bulge in his pants and it was almost absurdly large. His manhood was becoming engorged. I could hardly believe that such an accumulation of muscular perfection was actually turned on by me. I took the opportunity to admire the amazing collection of brawn he had no doubt worked years on perfecting.

My prick was in pain. It was hard as a rock but confined in my pants at an uncomfortable angle. It was pushing awkwardly against my briefs and making my shaft embarrassingly obvious. The room felt hot and I momentarily forgot protocol to shift my cock to a more manageable angle. The movement brought his eyes level with my crotch and he huffed out a silent laugh.

He stood and pulled his shirt off. He was a head taller so I was eye level with his massive pecs. Another hot blast hit me and the feeling of ultimate sexual bliss washed over me like an ocean wave. My body felt suddenly hot and cold at the same time–like a shiver that runs up your back coming in from the cold. I looked up the muscled contours of his enormous muscular form. I shuddered and a gush of pre-cum spewed from my cock. The man was huge, powerful and stern, yet he was outstandingly beautiful. The scent of him surrounded me like a fog of sexuality. It was his scent—his musk that was doing this to me.

“Yes,” he said. “Tell Scott that I will train you and that he should bring you tonight.” His hands clamped onto my shoulders and my body shuddered in orgasmic release. Hot cum spewed in my briefs.

“You will… be huge. Is that what you want?” He almost whispered.

All I could do was nod.





I arrived at the small gay friendly motel and had to wait in line to check in. I didn’t mind because the lobby was bursting with eye candy. As I approached the counter I realized that everyone was checking out so when it was my turn I asked what was going on.

“We had a wedding here last night and the friends of the two grooms filled the hotel. Once they are gone there will be just you and another guest until late tonight. Another group in coming in and there was one early bird.”

I got to my room and opened the drapes. Right outside my window a muscleman was sleeping on a chair by the pool. The towel that had been covering his cock had slipped off and was sitting on the ground next to the chaise lounge. I stripped and pulled out my bikini. The halls were deserted except for the cleaning people. I stopped at the desk.

“What sort of group is coming?” I asked at the desk. He snickered and I caught the double meaning of what I said.

“GFBW,” he said. “Don’t ask me what that means,” he added.

“Gay Federation of Bodybuilders and Wannabes,” a deep voice said behind me. I rolled my eyes but the clerk’s eyes bugged out. I turned and saw two huge musclemen behind me.

“Has Dan Porter checked in?” the guy behind me asked. “He is our wannabe.”

“Can I be a wannabe?” I asked. I felt a hand brush across my ass. It was the guy that had been sleeping by the pool.

“Roger, Mike, we are in room 116,” he said as he hugged them. “Right next to his room,” he added as he nodded at me. I was just in town for an interview but I immediately asked the clerk to extend my stay for the duration of their meeting.

“Sorry, all I can give you is tonight, we are booked solid for the week,” the desk jockey said without looking up from the computer screen.

“If you can’t extend you can stay with us,” Roger offered. The other two smiled.

“Deal,” I said as I adjusted my hard cock.







The moment I walked out of the mansion my presence washed over the pool party like a wave. There was a smattering of applause but then most of the guys had a cocktail or a beer in their hand. A few congratulations were heard over the music as most guys turned to look at me. I am the richly tanned swarthy contest winning alpha bodybuilder whose junk was so large that the waistband of my tiny bikini had pulled away from my lower abdominals allowing everyone to see the small patch of black pubic hair and the base of my semi-hard cock.


My custom posers would have hidden everything like they did at the contest last night but that wasn’t the point. This was the sponsor’s party and in a sense every man here owned a part of me. Without them donating hard cash for my housing, supplements, food, and living expenses there was no way I could have ascended to the top of the bodybuilding world so quickly. I greeted Ted the party host and organizer of the consortium that funded my career with a quick hug and then I waited for his announcement.


“Gentlemen I give you Jim Wallace!” This time there was real applause before Ted continued. “Jim not only won first place in the contest and in his division, he won the coveted trophies for best legs, best arms, and best pecs. If there was a trophy for best endowment he would have also won that hands down! Jim our WINNER!” he yelled and they all applauded and cheered.


I stood on the diving board hitting a few poses from my contest routine before I plunged into the pool with hardly a splash. The force of hitting the water ripped the Speedo down to my knees and with a quick kick off the bottom it slipped off my ankles. I swam a couple laps of the pool to tease them and then all eyes were on me as I hauled myself out of the water at the side of the pool. I paused when my arms were fully extended and my triceps were flexed. Keeping my nuts and huge cock hidden knowing all eyes were devouring my body I slowly lifted out of the water. I stood at the side of the pool and shook the water out of my hair before I walked toward the group. I was determined to get my cock between some of those rich little bubble butts that were wrapped up in ridiculously expensive clothing. I began to flex again as I walked into the cluster of sponsors. I closed my eyes and let all the wealthy tanned and toned men consume me with their eyes.


They were wealthy, materialistic, urbane, sophisticated, and prosperous. I was the complete opposite. I grew up poor and hungry but when it came to looks I had it all. Women fell at my feet and later as I matured they couldn’t get enough of my cock. I guess I was in seventh or eighth grade the first time I got beat up by bullies. Luckily I protected my face. My mother was horrified and appalled by the attack. There was a free martial arts class offered by the park district that my mother signed me up for without telling me. I watched the introductions to the martial arts and thought it was just stupid movements until they demonstrated defense against attacks. From that moment I was all in. I took to it like a fish to water and soon my mother no longer worried about me being bullied or beat up.


Because I was so skinny Sensei introduced me to weight training, healthy eating, and wholesome supplements. My mother being a single parent couldn’t afford what he recommended and that is where I acquired my first sponsor. Mr. Jenkins was a truck farmer that I worked for at the farmers market. He taught me how to grow food organically. Many times I took home food that ‘didn’t sell’ that day. Mom learned to preserve the bounty for wintertime by canning and freezing vegetables. Sensei hooked me up with a company that sold their about-to-expire supplements at a cut rate. Just about all my wages from Mr. Jenkins went to supplements. I earned my black belt in about two years and as puberty hit me I was bitten by the bodybuilder bug. The more muscular I got the easier it was to bed the girls. By the time I turned eighteen there was also a huge amount of interest being generated in me at the gym. Tony became my Sensei of bodybuilding, my sex mentor, and eventually my lover. I do believe that living with Tony until after graduating college brought out the real Alpha in me.


I heard a gasp or two as my soft eight inch uncut dick slapped against my thighs as I posed. Within seconds I was surrounded by muscle worshipers. When I looked down there was a guy kneeling at my feet and I knew he wanted my cock. He nearly fainted when I slapped his cheek with my soft shaft. The blonde twink peeled back my hood and sat back on his heels in open-mouthed wonder. He seemed uncertain about what to do next.


Suddenly the group surrounding me closed in and hands from every direction were worshipping my flexing physique. I began my routine again and that started working the group into a frenzy. The more mature men stood but their twinks were kneeling and the licked and kissed anything they could reach with their lips, hands, or tongues. Some sucked my cock into their mouth momentarily until I hit the next pose. One guy tried to suck my cock clean down his throat and he almost succeeded before I swiveled and flexed. The entire time the sponsors were groaning in the background.  Kneeling twinks were fisting their cock and more than one shot his joy juice against my legs and feet.


The clothes of the sponsors began to come off and boners sprang free. A man buried his face in my ass crack while the mouth of one of the biggest donors fastened itself to my fat mushroom cap while two other mouths licked at the sides of my shaft and freshly shaved nuts. Hands stroked my chest and pinched my nipples. Everyone seemed to want a piece of me but who would be first guy I fucked? I looked around trying to find the perfect ass to fuck. I didn’t want any of the twinks. All around me men getting off, losing it to muscle worship lust. I could feel their hot cum blasting against my body and it made me incredibly horny.


Then I spotted the perfect guy. Daniel had come to the party late and was just stripping naked. He was in his mid twenties and sexy and smooth with a face that was model handsome. His physique was better than most and his virginal looking ass was full and firm.  His hardening cock was just under five inches long and no bigger around than a quarter. His ass was exactly what I wanted. I broke free of the mauling pack and made a beeline for Daniel. I stood behind him and wrapped my arms around his body and in no uncertain terms I told the young man in a whisper that he was about to get fucked.


Daniel melted into my massive arms and turned his face to me. When we kissed it took his breath away. His softly asked why I had chosen him above all others.

Daniel had come to the party late and he held back from the men that had been worshiping my body with hands, lips, and cum. He seemed to be a little shy about his small cock and tended to be a watcher rather than make the first move on his own.


Feeling my big beefy cock poking into his ass crack seemed to make his cock grow longer and harder. He reached back and his hand closed around my hard shaft. He moaned with delight feeling my hard physique as well as my hot leaking cock. It was probably unlike anything he had ever experienced before. I broke the kiss and started nibbling Daniel’s earlobes and neck while the he played with my cock. Daniel knew that he was one lucky dude. All around him the other guys oohed and aahed as they watched me make out with the little guy. Daniel couldn’t see it but he was milking out a steady stream of sticky pre-cum. Some of the guys just watched, while others jerked on their hard dicks and a few reached out and groped their neighbor’s butts and cocks. Others were preparing to fuck their twinks.


I quickly filled him in on what I was going to do before I lifted Daniel above my head and took the little guy’s small cock into my mouth. He brought his knees up and was practically kneeling on my pecs as I supported his ass. The onlookers went crazy at this show of power and there were a few grunts and groans as some more of the donors shot their cum. I worked on that slender cock like it was the best cock I had ever tasted in my life. The slight danger of slipping and falling on his ass added to the excitement that Daniel felt. Perhaps he was so excited because of being watched by all these jealous guys. Whatever it was made him feel incredibly turned on. Normally Daniel was always in the background, but today he was center stage and he loved it.


I lifted Daniel a little higher so that his cock slid out of my mouth and I started nibbling on Daniel’s smooth balls. I think that he had been really close to cumming and he was glad for the chance to cool off slightly. He bent down and quietly asked me to fuck him. I gently lowered him to a chase lounge. The onlookers crowded around closer when I parted his smooth cheeks and buried my face in the little guy’s ass. He let out a yelp of pleasure as my tongue started to tease his tight love tunnel. When I wet my middle finger with lube and slid it up into his hot hole the guy writhed around on it like he was being tortured. The onlookers groaned but I knew he was letting me know exactly what he wanted.


Someone handed me another bottle of lube with an enema tip on it and after filling him up I quickly finger fucked his butthole with a lubed up finger. Daniel was totally lost in pleasure now and he moaned and sighed as he writhed about on the towel. I knelt and applied some lube to my knob. Daniel gasped when he saw that my cock was totally swollen and lubed. I think he was having second thoughts about being able to accommodate such a huge prick. But I was gentle and took my time teasing his pucker with my leaking cockhead. He relaxed and his ring gently stretched to allow my cock to pop in. He bit down on his forearm as my huge cock slid all the way home.


I fucked slowly and gently and then I pulled my ramrod all the way out of his ass so he could experience the feeling of emptiness. He groaned when he let me slide back in again. Hands of the sponsors flew over their cocks and tugged at balls and nipples while the guys around us watched the fuck. A load of warm jizz splattered on my back, and was soon followed by another. Pretty soon someone else creamed off a massive load all over the two of us. I gathered up some of the man goo and quickly licked it off my fingers. Daniel mimicked my cum eating and that seemed to trigger something in me that started me thrusting like crazy.


“Fuck me forever,” Daniel moaned.  


I knew he didn’t mean that and I also knew that if I didn’t cum soon Daniel wouldn’t be able to even limp away from the party. Both of us were moaning and joining in the animal sounds all around us. I could hear the slurp sounds emanating from Daniel well fucked asshole rising over the din of the horny men around us. A flood of hot jizz rained down on us as guys above shot their loads. Less than two minutes later Daniel’s cock exploded blasting powerful jets of spunk between our bodies.


My whole body was dripping with spent man seed running down onto the towel covered chase lounge. The potent smell filled my nostrils and triggered the start of my massive orgasm. I pulled all the way out and slapped his ass hard before thrusting back in again. I saw stars and collapsed onto the little guy. We lay panting and kissing for a minute or so while the last of the onlookers creamed off on us. Then it was time for everyone to get showers and get dressed again before dinner was served.


I took Daniel to the room Ted assigned to me and we showered together. I hugged him and thanked him for the sponsorship he and his late father provided over the last few years. Just before the contest Daniel’s father passed away leaving a billion dollar trust fund for his son.


“I’ve decided not to continue being your sponsor,” Daniel said nervously.


“Okay,” I said as I continued to wash his body. “I would rather people didn’t think I wanted to fuck this tight ass because you have money. Its better this way,” I added. “Have you ever been fucked in a shower?”


“You’re not angry that I’m withdrawing support?” he asked as he turned to face me.


“A long time ago I was like you and a man decided to mentor me. He wanted nothing in return except 100% cooperation when we were in the gym. Would you do the same for me?” I smiled as he stepped closer and kissed me. 


“I don’t want a gym mentor,” he grinned. “I need a mentor in bed.”


“I’d expect 100% cooperation,” I said as I pulled him closer.


“Yes sir! And… I was only kidding about withdrawing my support.”


“I want you. I would still want you even if you were penniless,” I said as I led him to bed.






The Cop and my Winter Vacation


I escaped the harsh winter weather and flew to the sunny south for Christmas. I parked myself at the pool and began adding sunscreen to my body. The pool was nearly deserted but there was one guy doing laps. I did a double take and then I watched out of the corner of my eye. The guy was a mass of muscle and that turned me on to no end but in my opinion he was flawed. His right shoulder from his delts to his traps was covered in big black tattoos. Call me a purist but when somebody has muscles like his, I think it is just wrong to cover it with permanent graffiti. To me it is no different than spray painting gang symbols on a monument or statue.


I settled back as he did endless laps. My eyes closed as I worshipped the sun. He probably considered himself an alpha judging by his haircut and beard. My eyes flew open when I heard the crash. A woman was tangled in a chair and the umbrella table was on its side. Comically she rolled down a small hill but she appeared more embarrassed that hurt. The hotel staff was rushing to her as the muscleman lifted his body out of the pool. His swimsuit was two triangles held together with a cord-like strip around his hips. The back was stretched across a huge bubble butt and the front triangle sagged almost to the root of his cock from the weight of his junk. I was still in awe of his physique despite the tattoo. He turned his head toward me.


“Waddayou looking at faggot,” he growled.


“Jewelry? You swim with jewelry on?” I said looking at his wrist.


“Yeah so?” he barked.


“Nothing, it is just unusual.”


“That’s what you find unusual?” he said as he pulled a towel from the pile the staff left for swimmers.


“Beard and hair the same length?” I tossed out. He made a frustrated sound as he dried his face purposely flexing his arms. Fuck his arms were massive. “Ugly swimsuit?” I added. I got a dirty look. He stepped closer to my chair in an aggressive way. His muscles flexed like he was getting ready to pound me. Outwardly I remained calm and passive but inside I feared for my life.


“Do you have a death wish?” he demanded. I calmly shook my head no.


“Not today,” I shrugged.


“You’re not afraid,” he said flatly.


“Should I be?” I asked with a smile.


“You aren’t even intimidated by my size,” he continued.


“Tall, wide, muscular, ugly tattoo that fucks up a good body. There is no symmetry because your eye is drawn to the black pattern. Were you covering up a flaw? A birthmark? A scar?” 


“Just making my body unique,” he said in a hard voice.


“Didn’t the muscles do that?” I asked. He growled and walked away.


Well you fucked that up Rob.  Way to go. He was coming on to you and you just couldn’t keep your mouth shut. Great opening line but all downhill after that. He was a bit of a prick. Big ego. You did your best to piss him off. Great job Rob. Yeah sure he looks like a polar bear with that white hotel robe on. Fuck you can see his V shape even under the robe, I thought.


I was packing up to leave when the manager walked up.


“Did you see what happened over there?” he pointed at the lady surrounded by staff and paramedics.


“Yeah, the woman was watching the guy in the pool and not where she was going. She walked right into the table and chairs.” I testified.


“May I record you answer,” he asked. He held up his cell phone. “It will be an interview.”

He asked my name and if I was a guest. He repeated his question and asked a few more. When it was done I picked up my cell phone and noticed it was still recording. I set it upright against a towel to record the guy swimming to show my friends what they had missed. I had actually captured the fall. It also captured my encounter with the muscleman but you couldn’t hear the conversation because the mike was muffled by the towel. The management asked me to meet with a police investigator when they saw my recording. They asked for a copy.


The last person I expected to see when I entered the office was the muscleman from the pool.


“Hello, we kind of got off on the wrong foot out at the pool. I’m Rob,” I said offering my hand to shake. He took it and I felt his strength all the way up my arm to my heart. Fuck he was huge.


“Detective Mike Scott,” he said gruffly. “I watched the recording. I was glad she rolled down the hill because I would have been accused of neglect if I had seen her lying there hurt. She had already called 911 for help. They could see that you had your eyes closed when she fell.”


“So you aren’t a guest here?”


“I come over to use the pool on my time off. This isn’t my investigation since I was present.”


Another officer came in and interviewed us one at a time on camera. I was surprised that Mike Scott waited until I was interviewed until he told me they sometimes have more questions if the stories don’t jive. He stepped into the elevator with me and I wondered what was going on. He followed me to my room.


“I thought you weren’t a guest,” I grinned.


“Your body language invited me to follow you,” he said without a smile. I pushed open the door and he followed me into the dark room. I flipped on the light and he turned it off. He pulled the sweatshirt over his head and brought my hands to his chest and moved them over the slabs of muscle. “Which shoulder has the tattoo?” he growled. His hands released mine but my hands continued to roam. One of his hands went to my ass and the other went to my hard cock. “I thought so,” he said when I didn’t answer. He took my face in his hands and kissed my lips.


“Fuck,” I whispered when our lips parted. “I bet you are a top,” I mumbled to myself.


“To my toys I am ‘Master’, but you can call me Mike.”

“Toys?” I asked.


“Those who need to be abused by a master. I don’t think I could never master you because you are no toy. I might even let you fuck me,” he mumbled as he planted kisses all over my ears and neck. Clothes were removed and he carried me to the bed. He straddled me and rubbed his cock against mine. We kissed passionately. “I just need to know one thing. How did you have the balls to say my swimsuit was ugly?” I burst out laughing while pushing against his chest so I could see his eyes.


“I’ll tell you later,” I said as I flicked his nipples with my thumbs. “Right now you need to focus on sex.”


Mike Scott did not disappoint! That was when he proved he could be a gentle but forceful lover capable of delivering multiple loads in and on me. I didn’t think I would be able to walk for a week.


Later that night his ass was mine and what a fine ass it was.


Later, many years later, he continued to be an intense passionate lover; I even learned to live with the tattoo.



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