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Stories about bodybuilders, muscular growth, and extraordinarily muscular men as well as the men who admire and love their physiques. 




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Don’t get me wrong, I love cocks, but there are cocks and then there are COCKS! I don’t have a rating system it is just what I find sexy. For instance, a big buff bodybuilder can have just about any size or shape cock and it turns me on except maybe if it is two inches long and as big around as my thumb. Even then I would give him a blowjob so I could run my hands over his body.


Next there is the long spear; long but not much girth. Fun to play with, no pain on entry. Then there is the normal length cut cock, the uncut cock, the longer cock, straight as an arrow cock, bigger diameter cock, and so on and so on. However to me the upward curving cock is the ultimate. I don’t know why but it is. My very first lover had a curved cock. He was so skinny he bought his pants in the boys section of the store but he had a great cock. 


After college I met Doug. Doug was so straight acting I didn’t know he was gay for almost a year. Seeing him in a gay bar shocked me but I still didn’t believe he was gay. Sure he was tall and ruggedly handsome but Doug wasn’t gay. Doug was a jock; the ultimate sports fan, rugged outdoors man, athlete, hunter, beer drinking stud, and woman tease. I knew because I watched him in action. Doug and I played racket ball at the gym so I observed him everywhere except in the locker room shower because he always showered at home. 


“I was surprised to see you at Jim Dandy’s last night,” he said as we stretched before the game.


“Not as surprised as I was to see you there,” I replied.


“I haven’t been to a bar for years. Not my idea of fun. I usually get hit on by every guy except the guys that I’m attracted to, you know what I mean?”


“Uh, no. That’s why guys go there. So why were you there?”


“I was the designated driver and my friends wanted to go for a nightcap,” he explained. So maybe he just has gay friends…? “We had a big fight when we got home and when I got home from work today Eric had moved out. Frankly it was a bit of a relief. I should have seen the handwriting on the wall. Things haven’t been good for months.”


Doug began to talk and before I knew it our allotted time on the court was over. Some guys walked in and asked if we were finished and as soon as they came in Doug left. I assumed he went home but I found him in the locker room. I had to ask one more question.


“The guy he accused you of fucking on the side… were you?” I said. “I mean were you going out with him?”


“I was with him every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night.” he admitted.


“So you wouldn’t shower here and you would meet this guy after we played racket ball?”


“NO, dumb ass. He accused me of having an affair with you. He said I couldn’t take my eyes off of you last night. That part is true. I realized the true Eric was using me. I could see it when he was drunk because his real personality was coming out. I saw you and I saw a real man. I saw someone I would rather spend my time with.”


“Damn!” I said as I plopped down on the bench next to him. “I assumed you were strait and I didn’t have a chance. I settled for the time I could spend beating your ass at racket ball.” I said. He bumped me with his shoulder like any red blooded jock would. 


“In your dreams, I let you win sometimes.” 


Our banter continued and then he suddenly pulled on a sweat suit. I realized he was hiding his boner.


“Doug… would you rather be alone tonight?”


“Are you asking to have supper with me and maybe do a sleepover?” he teased. “That would be nice. We could start with a nice long very hot shower.”


Seeing Doug naked for the first time was like the perfect storm. Handsome, muscular, not overly hairy, slightly trimmed pubes, and a perfect upward curving long, thick, cock. 


After a sensual shower he held me in bed as we talked. It was a slow seductive session that turned into a hot night of lovemaking. 


Even after ten years, friends both gay and straight sometimes think we are just roommates. If they only knew.









I hardly recognized Mo Brown or Morris the Nerd as he was known around school. I didn’t believe it was him until I saw his glasses tucked into the bathing suit. At graduation last week Morris had a fifty inch waist.


“Jim! Psssttt Jim follow me,” he said slipping into the crack in the rock.


“Morris is that you?” my voice echoed. He called again for me to follow. Morris was the guy who helped me graduate last in our class. Without his tutoring I wouldn’t have graduated at all. Give me a barbell or a football and I was king, the champ, the best. To me you could never be too muscular but to Morris you could never be too smart. “Morris,” I called as I squeezed into the crack. The crack opened into a tiny room. Morris was sitting in a beam of sunlight coming from a hole in the ceiling. 


“I wish that your IQ and your physique would double,” Morris said. He stood and began to shove me out of the cave and the rock was scraping my pecs. By the time I had one foot outside I was stuck. It felt like the muscle in my right pec was being ripped away from my bones. Morris shoulder blocked my delt with all his might and I popped out of the crack. He was out a second later and when I looked back the crack looked like it was only four inches wide. I assumed that was why I got stuck.


“What did you just do Morris,” I demanded.


“You get one wish but you can also give something away. I was too much of a brainiac anyway,” he said. “I gladly gave you part of my IQ”


“Why?” I demanded. “You had a future… MIT or Cal Tech, college, doctor… you want to be a doctor, right?”


“A PhD not a physician,” he chuckled. For the first time I understood what he meant. His higher education was something he looked forward to but to me my higher education was going to be HVAC training… until that moment. I knew I needed to finish college to get ahead. I needed to be an engineer like my uncle. 


“That is just wrong Mo!”


“Jim you gave me something I never had… acceptance and respect. You didn’t allow guys to make fun of me. I wanted to give you something you wanted as well as something you needed,” he said.


“Hold on, hold on! Where did you get the killer body?” I asked. Just a few minutes ago Morris was as skinny as a rail. Before my eyes his body was packing on muscle. He went from skinny to athletic in the blink of an eye. Then he went from athletic to a muscle stud but his physique kept growing beyond muscle stud and into a full blown professional bodybuilder.


“A friend. I told a friend I wished I wasn’t fat. He brought me here and gave me my wish,” Mo explained.


“Holy shit! Look at those pecs! Look at your arms!” I yelled. “Deeeamn! Look at those wheels!”


“What are wheels?” he asked all puzzled. 


“Look at yourself!”


This is a picture of Mo after his wish was granted

“Holy crap!” Mo yelled back and he crashed into my body. “I love ya man.” 


That was something the guys on the team always said. When I wrapped my arms around him my tank top ripped up the back. We both looked like bodybuilders. Huge pro bodybuilders. Apparently when you make a wish and give something away it also applies to the wish granter. So Mo’s IQ also doubled and we both grew huge muscles. Standing there holding each other our hard cocks rubbed against each other and Mo had an instant orgasm. He tried to pull away but I thrust against him until I shot my wad. 


As college roommates for the next four years we had muscle sex morning noon and night. We dated girls too but damn he was good in bed. 


Truly what goes around comes around.





A Bar Hopping Bachelor Party


“I brought you home last night because you passed out on me. How about a shower,” I asked him as he walked into the bathroom naked. He grunted as he took a long piss. I looked over at his fine ass and V tapered back. I really lucked out when the huge bodybuilder followed me out of the bar last night and asked me for a ride, I thought.

Yeah you can ride my cock, I thought.

He asked me for a ride and I told him to get in and I would take him home. He told me it was a bar hopping bachelor party. He was an out of town guest going to a wedding or something. He wasn’t very coherent. I could tell he was fading as we drove toward the house. He plopped down in one of the recliners as I went to get him a beer. I always open the bottles in front of guests because I prefer to see the bottle open so I know there isn’t anything extra slipped into my drinks. He was snoring. I didn’t open the bottle.

“Come to bed,” I said softly. He blinked and tried to stand. I let him lean on me as I led him to my bedroom.

“Man, they got me drunk and left me. They left without me. I’m glad you came and got me,” he mumbled. It was dark in the bedroom and he let me help him get his clothes off. He kept calling me Mary or Gary or something. I took a chance and shoved his briefs down. He kicked them off and passed out in the bed.

He was really out! I was able to run my hands all over his body, suck his nipples and cock, and even thrust my hard cock between his huge pecs without him waking up. I was so turned on I didn’t even feel the orgasm building and suddenly I shot cum all over his pecs. My cock was rubbing his balls and I almost had a second orgasm as I licked my cum off his chest. I rolled over and basked in the afterglow before I fell asleep.

I’m an early riser even on the weekends. I’m awake at 6am no matter when I go to sleep. I stood by the bed stroking my morning wood wishing he was riding my cock instead of me stroking my aching shaft. He groaned and turned which made me run for the bathroom. I was trying to decide if I wanted to shave when he walked in to take a piss. He walked up to the sink I assumed to wash his hands but he stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me. My cock tented the towel.

“I brought you home last night and you passed out on me before you could tell me where you were staying.” I repeated and modified what I said when he walked in. “How about a shower?” I asked him. 

“Would you like to explain why I smell like sex and why there is dry cum on my pecs and balls?” he said in my ear. I looked at his smiling eyes in the mirror. “You fucked around with me last night but I was too drunk to participate,” he accused as he made my towel drop. 

Guilt washed over me for a second or two. Was he accusing me of rape?

“I don’t have to be anywhere until late this afternoon. I hope you’re versatile because I wanna fuck and be fucked. I love a good looking muscle stud like you. I love that alpha attitude of yours but sometimes an alpha can be out-alpha’d. The fact is right now I’m the alpha but when a guy like you comes along I also love to be deep fucked by something like this.” he said stroking my boner. The brief moment of guilt that I raped him was washed away by his words.

We quickly flushed out and returned to the bed. Brad let me be the alpha first and gladly rode my cock but when he took over as alpha he taught me the real meaning of being alpha. His seduction was overwhelming. I was totally in his power. I willingly gave him my virgin ass. 

I drove him to his hotel so he could shower and change. He was an usher at the church for his cousin’s wedding and needed to be in place an hour before the 6pm service. I offered to help him change and he laughed.

“We both know I would be late if you helped me. Besides I have a ride,” he said. “Here, come to room 836 around 9pm and dress like you were invited to the reception in the ballroom downstairs,” he said as he handed me his spare key. “Remember my cousin’s last name is also Moore... for the reception.” 

Brad Moore had three of his friends (betas) in the suite with him when I arrived. He wasn’t kidding about liking them muscular.


By midnight all of his ‘boys’ drifted away very satisfied. The last guy we double fucked before he left. The guy rode me and Brad came in from behind. His cock rubbing against mine really got me going. The guy being fucked was yelling even though Brad’s hand covered his mouth and he didn’t notice my reaction. We showered after he left and then Brad asked me to stay the night. We changed the sheets and held each other and just talked for the longest time. It seemed he lived on the other side of town close to where I work and not out-of-town like I first understood. As we talked he thought maybe we should team up (move in with him) but I wanted to get to know him better, besides I had a lease.

He mounted me before we slept and I fucked him in the morning before he went to breakfast with the wedding party. 

Within two months there were so many of my clothes at his house I was practically moved in. I turned in my notice early (that I wasn’t going to renew) and the management told me someone wanted to move in and was willing to take over my lease plus sign up for another year. I called Brad and asked what he thought.

“Get all your stuff out of that place by tonight,” he ordered. That was physically impossible but I knew what he meant. I filled my car with clothes and drove to my new home.

Guess who was so horny he wouldn’t let me unload my car when I parked in the garage.





I decided to move all the stories from my original blog. I did something that locked me out of the original blog when we had the password issue so after a time I just started a new blog. These stories are in order by the dates they were published on this forum.

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Entry posted by Diesel · January 31









I was at a conference and medical equipment show in New Orleans and while down at the pool for an early morning swim I met a man in his mid 20’s that looked to be of Russian descent. His name was Dennis. He had blond hair, blue eyes, and a very buff, big muscular body that was totally shaved from the neck down. He was about 6’2” and had an amazing ass.


We had a fairly short chat about sports and exchanged info before we agreed to meet for a drink in the late evening. After a long day of presentations I showered and had supper. I was flipping through TV channels when Dennis called asked if he could come over. Of course I said yes and he showed up at my door about 10 minutes later. The guy wasn’t really dressed like I expected, but I found him quite hot. Literally! He was just coming from the gym so he was dressed in sweats still dripping with sweat and man musk which filled the room when I closed the door. He lifted off his shirts and his physique was really pumped. I offered him something to drink and he asked for water.


He asked to take a shower as he stuffed his wet smelly clothes into a plastic laundry bag. He sat and took off his shoes and then lowered the sweatpants adding them to the bag. I ran my hands over his arms and pecs as he flexed for me. I expected a stud like him to be a real alpha but he told me he was a total bottom and thought all day about being fucked by me. This was definitely my kind of guy!


He wrapped his arms around me and we kissed after I assured him he would get the fucking of his life. He stripped naked and then he went in and took a quick shower. I got on the bed wearing just my boxer briefs with a hard-on that wouldn’t quit. He came out of the bathroom naked and I focused on his big juicy 8-inch cock. His dick was getting bigger, harder, and longer as he walked toward me. He crawled up on the bed and started licking my cock through my briefs.


“I thought you’d be naked,” he said before he ripped them off.


He sucked my cock for a while and then we kissed while I worshiped his huge physique. I fingered his ass and realized he was already lubed.  He grabbed a condom and put it on me. He lubed my cock and he guided my cock to the target before he sat down on it taking all seven inches at once.


His cock was hard as he rode my dick. I ran my hands over is body and he moaned, begging for more as I thrust up into him. When he was close to cumming he would lean down to kiss me.


Then we switched positions, he got on his back and I started fucking him missionary style. I started kissing him and he wanted me to fuck him harder and by then I was drenched in sweat and so was he. We switched again, and I took him doggie style, fucking him hard until I filled the condom with cum.


Then we lay on the bed for the longest time talking and stroking each other’s body. My cock never quite went soft and neither did his. After a time he started stroking my meat again and he got me totally hard. He finally grabbed another condom and put it on me, lubed me up, and got back on top to ride me, again taking my cock up his ass in one swift movement. I grabbed some lube and greased up his big cock, jacking him while he rode me until he sprayed cum all over my chest.


We lay together talking and then he led me to the shower to get cleaned up. Soaping up his body was almost like sex for me. I watched as he got dressed in clean clothes from his gym bag and he seemed reluctant to go. He lingered to kiss me and tell me how hot I was.


Every day we exchanged vague brief texts all during the ten day conference and show. Every night Dennis was in my room or I was in his for hot sex. We often lay in bed talking about our dreams and goals. We talked about being together and possibilities for the future.


After I got home I tried to text him and even call him but my calls went directly to voice mail. I left messages as if I was following up on a sales lead but they went unanswered. Then when the mailbox was full I couldn’t even do that. Eventually there was a ‘this number is no longer in service’ message when I called.


The phone may have been lost or maybe something happened to him on the way home. Surely Dennis would replace the phone if he was alive. Weeks went by and life went on. I was flying all over the county getting signed contracts from leads I got at the show. It looked like I would be the top salesman in the company but the victory was hollow because I realized I had fallen in love and life was empty.


It took all the strength I had to act enthusiastic at the company awards banquet. As top salesman I gave a rousing thank you speech about never giving up knowing I was getting on a plane in a few hours to go look for Dennis in California.


Before dawn the next morning I was closing my carry-on bag when my phone rang. It was a (601) area code followed by a number I didn’t know. I had been getting calls about lowering my interest rate on my credit cards and I had asked them to remove me from their call list. It was time they took me off the call list so I answered.


“This is Dennis,” he said and I fell to my knees. “I am using a borrowed cell phone. I’m still in New Orleans… Hello? Mark?”


“I’m here,” I croaked out.


“Mark, my boss called me to the restaurant in the Hilton and fired me after you left. They took my phone, company credit cards, rental car, and even my plane ticket. I was mugged and shot at the edge of the French Quarter. Now I don’t even have an ID or personal credit cards. I have been in the hospital and this guy let me use his phone. I didn’t know who else to call…” his voice trailed off.


“Get to the airport and go to Southwest airlines. There will be a ticket in your name… Spell your last name. Go to the Hilton where we were staying and get the shuttle to the airport.” My mind was going faster than I could talk. “Dennis? I love you.” I said. I heard a sob. “I’ll be at the airport waiting for you,” I told him.


“I’ll get him to the airport,” a strange voice said. “He’s really messed up,” the guy said quietly.


“Take him to Southwest Airlines and I’ll have a ticket waiting for him.”


“You are a good brother. My brother wouldn’t do this for me,” he said. I began to wonder what Dennis told the man so he would let Dennis make the call.


“I wish I could reward you,” I offered.


“No reward needed,” he said and we said goodbye.


I went to Midway Airport as soon as I bought the ticket. There were flights arriving almost every hour and if I was lucky he would be here by noon but I had no way to know what flight he was on since he didn’t have a phone. I waited outside of the TSA checkpoint. I got worried when the 5:40 pm flight arrived and he wasn’t on the plane. I was eating a sandwich when my phone rang.


“Is this Mr. Mark Hanson?” the voice asked.




“We have a gentleman trying to claim a ticket you purchased but he has no identification. We can’t let him on the plane without ID.”


“How many people named Dennis Selikoff do you think there are in the United States? (There was only one) Look up his facebook page for picture ID. Look he was mugged and his wallet was taken. I sent him a ticket to Chicago. He was shot and mugged,” I said with a steady but angry voice.


“I’ll take this to my supervisor but chances are not good,” and the guy hung up. I couldn’t even beg him to call me back with news one way or the other. My stomach flipped and I couldn’t eat anymore. The last flight until six in the morning came in at 12:15 am and as the stragglers headed for baggage claim I turned to leave. Did I have to send him a fake ID? Did I have to charter a jet to go get him? Drive to New Orleans to pick him up?


“MARK!” I heard. I swiveled and almost lost my balance. Dennis was handcuffed to a wheelchair and he looked like shit warmed over.


“Can you identify this man?” the cop asked.


“His name is Dennis Selikoff. Are handcuffs necessary?” I asked as I showed them pictures of Dennis and me together in New Orleans. The cop removed the handcuffs. The porter brought Dennis to my car. I handed him a $50 dollar bill for his service.


“I had to get a photo copy of my driver’s license from the DMV in California. TSA still treated me like a criminal,” he said softly.


I sat behind the wheel and started the car. Before I could put it in gear the tears began to flow and I wept. His hand gently touched my back and when we tried to hug the seatbelts wouldn’t let us. He started to laugh and I smiled through my tears. He kissed my forehead because that was all he could reach without being in pain. I released my belt and kissed him properly and tenderly.


“I’d go through this all again to be here with you at this moment,” he said as he touched my face.


“I should have just chartered a jet to go get you,” I said.


“You wouldn’t do that!” he mocked.


“I thought about it,” I admitted. I didn’t tell him I thought about it at 7pm last night and again at midnight when he didn’t show up.


“You did too much…” he choked up.


“I’d do it all again and more to have you here with me right now,” I said before I kissed him again. “Now to your new home,” I said as I clicked the seatbelt in place. I smiled and held his hand almost all the way home.










decided to move all the stories from my original blog. I did something that locked me out of the original blog when we had the password issue so after a time I just started a new blog. These stories are in order by the dates they were published on this forum.

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Entry posted by Diesel · January 30





My wife and I both traveled for work and sometimes we didn’t see each other for a month. I was returning home from a trip on Friday knowing she went to her corporate offices on the west coast for meetings last Wednesday. If I got sent out of town again for two weeks before she got back it might be the longest we were apart since we got married a year ago.


My birthday was the next day (Saturday) and I was hoping that she didn’t arrange a surprise birthday party with our friends and neighbors. I was actually expecting people to yell surprise when I walked in the door but it didn’t happen. Then I saw a note on the table. I rolled my eyes thinking it was honey-do list.




Happy Birthday! There is an ice cream cake in the freezer along with some individual servings of your favorite meals for you to enjoy while I’m gone. I love you and I wish I could be there to give you a special night of lovemaking on your birthday.


Since I can’t be there I got you a special gift that will be arriving at 7pm, sharp (Saturday) on your birthday. I wanted to make sure you didn’t make any other plans for Saturday and/or weren’t delayed getting home. Remember the blizzard?


Love and kisses,



I wasn’t sure what to think. It sounded like Joan had organized a birthday party after all. The house was clean and pristine. She must have had the maid service come in for a deep cleaning.


I was exhausted but instead of falling into bed I unpacked and washed my clothes. They may be in the dryer for a couple days but they wouldn’t stink up the place. There wasn’t a stockpile of food, beer, and soft drinks in the refrigerator for the party so I assumed the guests were bringing everything. I put the fried chicken I bought on the way home in the oven on low to keep it warm and I jumped into the shower.


One of my fantasies started as I washed and my cock got rock hard. We had been discussing our fantasies lately and I told Joan about some experimenting I had done in college. Senior year I found out that my bodybuilder roommate was bisexual, and one night after we came back from an end of exams party we had sucked each other’s cocks.


What I didn’t tell her was that started a full semester of oral sex and muscle worship with him. I let her assume it was a one off thing. Early in the year Ted encouraged me to join him in the gym and that turned into a lifelong quest for fitness. Ted was Mr. Muscles and I was his fitness sidekick. It was unbelievable how women threw themselves at us. We had the reputation of being the Don Juan’s of the dorm so nobody suspected what went on at night behind our locked door when we didn’t have chicks in the room. Just so you know my ass and his were still virginal when we graduated. We fucked the ladies and not each other. I had great memories of my time spent between Ted’s legs, and would like to experience a cock like that again.


Right before my trip Joan gave me a fantastic blowjob and afterwards as she knelt between my legs she forced some of my cum out of her mouth and let it flow down onto her tits. My mouth was practically watering when she got on her back and pulled on my head over to lick it off. Feeding me my own cum made me super hard. The taste of semen brought back a lot of memories of college and started me thinking about all my old fantasies. When I started to kiss Joan she tongue kissed me. I didn’t know she was holding part of my load in her mouth. Our tongues intertwined as the salty cum was swapped between us. I slipped my erection into her very wet pussy.


“Mmmmm, that’s so nice. Fuck me Michael! Fuck me!” I couldn’t deny her. I thrust into her over and over again and even though I didn’t cum very much she had a series of orgasms. “That was so hot,” she said as she jumped up to shower.


When I spent that semester trading blowjobs with Ted just the smell of cum would make me hard. I joined her in the shower I was still semi-hard. I still had the taste of cum in my mouth.


All day Saturday I was anticipating the party people showing up at my house to… celebrate with me? I decided to get some salty snacks and the kind of beer I liked to drink because who knows what might walk through the door. After an early supper as I stood in the shower with water pouring over me I couldn’t help but think about Ted. I imagined him showing up at my door an hour early to give me a birthday present I would never forget. Clearly the thought of Ted coming to the party was getting my cock hard. Like I said we had never experimented or experienced anal sex but lately I have fantasized about being in bed again with a man. In my fantasy the man wanted my ass. If Ted showed up then maybe tonight was the night I would get fucked. I dried off, grabbed my robe and headed to the computer to watch a little porn.


I lost myself in several hot sites and I was so hard my cock was dripping pre-cum. I heard my alarm on my phone warning me that it was nearing 7pm. I lost track of time, and ran to get dressed. I pulled on some running shorts when I heard the doorbell ring. Someone was early. It took me by surprise. I smiled and put on my robe before I went to the door. It seemed fitting to answer the door in my robe if this was a surprise party. Let them be surprised too!


I opened the front door and saw a tall man standing on the porch that I didn’t know. He was about six foot three and had wide shoulders, muscular arms and a massive chest. He looked to be about two hundred forty or two hundred fifty pounds of raw muscle. Ted was an amateur bodybuilder compared to this guy. He introduced himself as Brad and asked if he could come in. I stood there with my mouth agape and then asked who he was.


“I’m the massage therapist your wife ordered as a birthday present. I was supposed to be here at 7pm but I guess I’m a bit early.”


I stood aside and he walked past me carrying a massage table and a black bag filled with his oils and tools of the trade.


“Glad to see you’re ready for me,” he said. “I don’t get a lot of calls from wives ordering a massage for their husband, but yours sounded very hot. From what she told me you were given gift certificates to get a massage and you wouldn’t use them so she had to use them before they expired.”


“I’m really at a bit of a loss. I was expecting a surprise birthday party but this is really a surprise so I’m not sure what to do. Maybe you could help me out here,” I said as he was setting up a massage table.


“She told me you’d be surprised. Was she wrong?” Brad asked as he finished setting up his table.


I thought about it and she was right. I am surprised.


“She wasn’t wrong. Are you really a masseuse?” I was trying to figure out why she did this.


“I am. This is a little different than most massages. More… longer than most massages. More thorough. Why don’t you take off your robe and those shorts? Get on the table, face down and we’ll get started. As I moved to the table he started to take his shirt off. He explained that the massage oil stains clothing. I closed my eyes and assumed he went into his black bag and got some other clothes.


I lay on the table and got comfortable. Brad rubbed oil into my shoulders and upper back. As he worked my tight muscles I wondered why I never did this before. As the massage went on I became completely relaxed and I almost fell asleep. However my cock was rock hard. When my boner got really uncomfortable under me, I adjusted myself. About then Brad asked me to turn over so he could work on my front. I did, and of course, my hard as steel cock snapped up against my stomach. He didn’t seem to notice, continued with his work and moved from my calves up my legs, massaging with his strong hands, really doing a professional job.


When he got to my groin I felt a light brush of his hand against the underside of my cock as he moved to my stomach, and continued up to my chest and neck. I had been anticipating him making a move on me and I thought that this may lead to a hand job or maybe some oral but was disappointed because my cock remained relatively untouched. By then I was really turned on and I could feel the pre-cum streaming from my cock, pooling on my lower abs.


I opened my eyes to see his reaction and saw that he was naked. The whole time he was massaging me his penis was bobbing up and down, occasionally rubbing against me as he moved. I saw the glistening drop of pre-cum on the tip and inhaled the musk from his groin as he moved past me. He began working on my legs.


“Why are you naked?” I calmly asked.


“I hope you don’t mind. I do have some shorts I could wear but there is nobody here but you and me.” I saw that his uncut cock was at least two inches longer than mine when I was fully hard and his hadn’t even chubbed up yet. The tip of his cock extended through his foreskin as if he had been partially trimmed. I thought about Ted and how he would love to see this big, masculine cock.


Then as he moved around my head to concentrate on my shoulder his erection touched the side of my head. I thought about trying to lick it or get it in my mouth but at that angle it was impossible. It bobbed away as he moved to my other shoulder. His cock touched my ear.


“It looks like you might need some special attention in some areas. You are very up tight but I think maybe you’ll like what comes next,” he smirked as he stood back slightly. “Roll on your side and get comfortable. You may want to bend the leg under you for stability.”


I moved on to my left side and Brad placed a cushion under my head. He paused for a moment and then placed his right hand on the side of my head. I thought it was some shoulder manipulation or something but he fed me his cock with his left hand. I opened my mouth and suckled hard as he slid more and more of his awesome cock into my mouth. I moved my hand up to pull him deeper, but he withdrew. My mouth remained open, awaiting his return, but when I opened my eyes, he was no longer there. He moved behind me to start the massage on my leg again. This was a little different though.


“Please, let me…suck…” I said softly as his hands moved over my hip.


Before I could say another word, I felt his strong hand freshly covered in warm oil slide up my inner thigh and into my ass crack. His fingers lightly moved over my tight opening to apply some slight pressure and then continue up to my hip. He moved my knee up so I was completely exposed and moved a warm, oil covered hand to cup my balls as he pushed a finger into my ass. I was so relaxed that his finger easily slid into me. The sensation of him holding my balls while he penetrated me was almost too much. I felt my cock surge, but didn’t want to cum yet.


“Man, oh man. Fuck, you are tight down here too, but I think we can change that. Is there anything else I can do for you before we move to the next part of the massage?” he asked. I was speechless.


He withdrew the finger and moved it back into me several times before a second finger joined the first and stretched my hole. There was a need building in me unlike any I had ever felt with Ted. I needed him inside me but first I wanted more of that thick cock.


“Please let me suck your cock again… I want to taste that again before you fuck me.” I heard myself bargain.


“Oh, so you think I’m going to fuck you do you?” I heard his voice moving from behind me and knew I would see the object of my lust soon. I opened my mouth as he moved in front of me. My head rested on the pillow as I watched him dry his hands on a towel and move closer.


“Okay. Open your mouth and suck my cock… or do you want me to fuck your throat?” I was about to answer when he moved the pre-cum covered shaft past my lips. I sucked and ran my tongue along the ridge under his head. He began thrusting in and out.


“Yeah, that’s it, suck that cock… your wife told me you needed this…told me you were a cocksucker from way back when. She said you needed to be fed a real man’s cock. Oh yeah… you are good at this. I’d love to just fuck your mouth and shoot a load cum down your throat, but I have other plans for you.” He pulled free of my mouth as I looked up at him. “Roll over on your front,” he ordered. I did.


Brad resumed the massage of my ass and balls with the warm oils and soon had three fingers moving deep in my ass. My opening was fully relaxed and my hips were starting to lift off the table, trying to draw his fingers deeper inside me. Without warning, he pulled his fingers out and I heard him squirting more of the oil but it wasn’t being applied to me. Clearly Brad was lubricating his big cock to make the next step as easy as possible.


Without a word I felt him get up onto the table and he placed his knees on either side of my hips. I could feel the warm, hard length of his cock slide down my ass until the tip slipped past my opening. Brad reached down and positioned the tip of his cock against my opening, and held himself there for a moment.


“Just relax… I’m going to apply a little pressure and if you push out a little it will help. Your wife told me you were an ass virgin and that’s about to change.” I tensed for a moment as I anticipated what I was sure would be a sharp pain as he entered me but then I relaxed and pushed out as I felt him push in. Instead of pain I was amazed to feel his entire cock slide smoothly into me, with no resistance. I felt totally full as he just kept pushing more and more of his long, thick uncut cock into my body. When he was in to the hilt, I felt his body press down on me as he relaxed. The sensation of feeling the weight of his hard physique on me, all the warm, full body contact, and his deep, complete penetration made me think of Ted and I being face to face while he was crushing me and thrusting his cock against mine. Ted was good but I had never felt anything like this.


“Ohhooh fuck, that is so good,” he said. “You were relaxed weren’t you and you didn’t tense up, just accepted me as I slipped into you. That’s so nice. I fucking love taking a virgin like this.” Brad moaned as I felt his hips start to thrust. “You have eight inches of cock inside you right now,” he said softly in my ear. Now you know what it’s like to be a woman. You know what it’s like to be taken for the first time and to feel your man enter you and take his pleasure with you.” I felt him start to withdraw. His cock slid out of me in one long, slow motion, making me feel empty and incomplete before thrusting back deep inside me. He started a nice slow fucking motion and I knew I was close to cumming until I felt him pull completely out.


“Wha… What the fuck where are you going? Put it back in. I need to feel you.” I pleaded as he got off of me and off of the table.


“Don’t worry we’ll keep going,” he said as he helped me sit up. I wrapped my legs around him like I did with Ted. He moved back lowering my feet to the floor. “Now, to be properly fucked we need a bed. I led him to the master bedroom and turned down the bed. I slid in on my stomach. “No roll over I want to see your eyes when I take you this time.” I rolled on my back and he lifted my legs over his shoulders as he mounted me. I felt him position himself at my opening and in one quick motion he slipped into me. The feeling was still amazing. Brad began fucking me as held my ankles using long, slow strokes. My cock was beyond hard and dripped pre-cum.


“Oh, fuck yeah! Brad you are so big, and it’s so deep. I can’t believe it….” I was barely able to breathe as Brad started to speed up.


He was holding his cock inside me now, grinding his hips so I could feel very vein, every inch of his thick cock before he started to pull out. He started really fucking me now hitting my prostate with each thrust.


I’m, I’m cumming,” I yelled. My cock sent cum flying up to my face and all over my chest. That didn’t stop him from fucking me harder and faster. He had to be close. He buried his cock in me and I reached down to hold his balls. They were drawn tightly against his body so I knew he was about to shoot.


“Fucccckkk here it comes. I’m fudirnrh reshsd to eed you,” His words were mumbled as he held himself deep inside me; his cock gave a strong pulse, followed by several more as he filled my ass with his seed. I could feel his cock swell, and pulse, and it seemed to be hotter.


He pulled out and moved up my body. He placed his cock in my mouth and I sucked the last of his load from his balls. It was warm, and tasted so manly. The smell of the cum on his cock and on my face was making me hard again. The heat of his cum in my mouth, the taste, and the thought of having his seed inside me was too much for me. I grabbed my cock and it exploded all over his back with the first stroke. I couldn’t believe it. I had never cum twice in a row so quickly in my life!


Brad pulled me into the shower with him and as I soaped his body I was in muscle worship heaven again. He rinsed off before he started washing my body causing another hard-on. We walked into the bedroom drying our bodies and he smiled when he saw the fresh sheets. Brad stayed and that weekend we dirtied every sheet we had in the house. He left late Sunday night because we both had to be at work the next morning.


Monday night after work I was folding the last of the sheets when the doorbell rang. My pizza was here. I tied my robe closed and answered the door with money in hand. I opened the front door and saw a tall man standing on the porch with a pizza in hand. He was about six foot three and had wide shoulders and muscular arms. He looked to be about two hundred fifty pounds of raw muscle. Ted was an amateur bodybuilder compared to this guy. Brad asked if he could come in. I stood there with my mouth agape and stepped aside.


“I saw the pizza guy pull up so I paid him and then rang your bell myself,” he said as he walked inside. “Glad to see you’re ready for me,” he said as he grabbed my hard cock sticking out of the robe. I ran my hand across his massive chest and was speechless. “Was I wrong to come back?”


“No,” I managed to say. He took me in his arms and kissed me. “We can’t do this… because I hate cold pizza. We have to eat first!”


Brad burst out laughing.


“Okay, we’ll eat naked in bed,” he said by way of compromise. I groaned and shook my head smiling. I put a waterproof picnic tablecloth on the bed so the sheets wouldn’t get greasy from the pizza. He spread some beach towels on top so our bare skin didn’t stick. It wasn’t long before we were fucking and not eating. The towels and tablecloth caught all the flying cum. At least I didn’t have to wash tons of sheets.


Brad was there every night fucking me until Joan came home. After non-stop sex over the next two days Joan asked me to quit my job and move to London England. She was offered a position in London making more money than our combined salaries in the USA. She said I could be a house husband and I just stared at her in disbelief.


“You already accepted the job didn’t you?” I asked.


“Yes,” she whispered.


“My job… My house… my promotion… I can’t go…” I admitted. She didn’t have to know I also couldn’t go because I couldn’t leave Brad.


She was in London more than she was at home. Movers packed a container filled with her furniture to be shipped to London and she was at the house to supervise but she caught a plane for England that night. That weekend I knew that this spilt was going to be permanent.


A few days after she moved her stuff to London I was served with divorce papers. As per our pre-mutual agreement I kept my house and we split the joint savings. Our checking accounts were ours to keep. She took everything she wanted with her to London so there was nothing in the household to split. The uncontested divorce took six weeks to process.

At first the house seemed so empty and sparsely furnished but then Brad rang the doorbell and I knew what I wanted.


“Brad would you consider moving in with me?” I asked as I opened the front door. He smiled and picked up the two suitcases he brought with him.


“Michael, I was about to ask if I could move in with you,” he grinned.


The first thing Brad did after he unpacked was give me the most erotic massage I ever had.






I decided to move all the stories from my original blog. I did something that locked me out of the original blog when we had the password issue so after a time I just started a new blog. These stories are in order by the dates they were published on this forum.

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Entry posted by Diesel · January 28










His nickname is Scorpion but nobody called him that to his face except for those that were in his inner circle. Never in public; only in private and when they are intimate.


I met him quite by accident. I was walking along the water’s edge well past the public beach on the west end of Dauphin Island in Alabama when I saw a ski boat land on the beach in the distance. I was ready to head back toward civilization until I saw what was coming off that ski boat. Even at a half mile away I could see the distinct V shape of wide shoulders and narrow waists. I asked myself what are the chances of seeing six huge bodybuilders in the middle of nowhere?


It was just supposed to be a day trip to Dauphin Island but it turned into two weeks of bliss. The eastern, wider portion of the island is shaded by thick stands of pine trees and saw palmettos, but the very narrow, western part of the island features scrub growth and almost no trees. There are miles of unspoiled beaches beyond west end public beach. The island, complete with dunes, maritime forests, salt marshes, tidal flats and two freshwater lakes, is approximately 14 miles long and 1 ¾ miles wide at the widest point. The eastern six miles are inhabited while the western 8 miles are undeveloped and privately owned. The island is easily accessed from the mainland via the Dauphin Island Bridge or by private boat which was how the huge men arrived.


The guys were pulling coolers and things off the boat and it looked like they were going to have a meal, drink some beer, and soak up some sun. As I got closer shirts and board shorts came off revealing miniscule bathing suits exposed almost all their flesh. A pop-up beach cabana appeared and a table was placed inside, I assumed to keep the sand and the food separate. The guy in charge of the food had a mop of curly blond hair and seemed to be the youngest guy there but despite his young age he was powerfully built. Two guys were tossing a football and two others were playing Frisbee.


The sixth guy seemed to be the leader of the pack and when he pulled off his shirt and shorts I stopped dead in my tracks. He wore a black square-cut bathing suit that left no doubt he was blessed by the gods in the cock department. The low cut band of material looked like tan through fabric because there was a pattern in the weave and it was almost transparent except for the pouch which was slightly darker to protect the family jewels from sunburn. The closer I got the more massive the guys looked especially the fearless leader.


I was not only impressed by the caliber of men but also by their boat. I was familiar with the Yamaha 242 Limited S E series jet boat because I had an in water demonstration and was sold until they told me the boat cost 70K. I’m sure it was worth every penny but I didn’t have that many pennies to spend on a ski boat. I could buy an E-Class Mercedes-Benz for less and I needed a better car more than I needed a tricked out ski boat that holds 12 people. Not that I’d buy a Mercedes.


Tell me it was lust if you must, but I needed to get a closer look at the man in black. He was sprawled out on the sand beyond the boat soaking up the sun. His body was perfection and I defiantly had to get a closer look. The instant I stepped into the water to go around the back of the boat pain shot up my leg. I fell in the sand on the other side of the boat not knowing what hit me.


“Jellyfish,” I heard behind me. One of the men playing Frisbee stood behind me and soon all six were there to see what was happening.


“What do we do Doc,” the cook asked.


“Trey, get me some vinegar, paper towels, and somebody get me a credit card,” the man ordered. Trey ran toward the tent and another guy got in the boat to get his wallet.


“Jellyfish arrive around this time of the year and I’d advise anybody to stay out of the water if you find any dead jellyfish on the beach. Since you’ve already been stung by a jellyfish, we’ll rinse the sting with salt water, not fresh water then we’ll soak the area in vinegar and scrape the tiny stingers away with a plastic credit card,” the Doc said.


“I guess it’s too late to stay out of the water. I didn’t see the jellyfish… Damn, this really hurts!” I complained. Trey arrived with the vinegar. The Doc wrapped my lower leg in paper towel and saturated it with vinegar.


“Who’s the patient Doc?” the man in black asked. My jaw felt like it dropped to my belly button.


“Beach walker, stung by a jellyfish,” he answered as he lifted me and carried me to the tent. “Tell Ed your name,” he said as he stepped out of the way and the man in black stood before me. That was the first time I noticed the Scorpion tattoo that looked like it was crawling into his sexy low cut trunks.


“Ed Yates,” the muscleman in black said extending his hand.


“Tom Jacobs,” I said and as our hands met I felt a static shock run up my arm. Ed looked at Doc and nodded before he smiled down at me. He introduced me to everyone there but it was hard to focus on names with that many awesome bodies around.


Ed invited me to eat with them and since my leg was still painful I accepted. Trey had an aluminum baking pan full of baked chicken, and baked beans being kept warm over Sterno cans. Then on a table of ice he had traditional potato salad, creamy kale Caesar pasta salad, chopped chicken salad, red cabbage mojo slaw, tricolor potato salad, and foot long ultimate three-meat po-boy sandwiches. It looked like there was enough food for twenty people but at the end of the meal there was nothing left but the ice and the guys looking for dessert. Trey pulled out containers of brownies which seemed to be inhaled.


Ed came and sat next to me with a stack of ten brownies. We had been jousting jokes since I arrived and my guess was that he wanted to go another round.


“Are half of those for me?” I asked knowing he was one of the biggest eaters of the group. He looked at me with stunned silence.


“Absolutely not!” he growled folding his body around the pile. Trey opened another container of brownies and set the whole box in front of me.


“Are half of those for me?” Ed asked. I wrapped myself around the box and grinned.


“I might leave you a few crumbs,” I offered. “My food my rules,” I added. “Hey guys you want more brownies?” I said to everybody else. Ed started laughing harder than everybody else even though the joke was on him.


I realized that the day was ending when they started packing up the boat. I looked back the way I came and I couldn’t even see the end of the road where my car was parked. I thanked the guys individually for their help, the food, and the comradery. Lastly there was Doc and Ed. I thanked Doc and promised him I would stay out of the water as I walked back.


“Ride back to civilization with us,” Ed offered. I was a bit stunned but quite pleased.


“Really? Thanks!” I was grateful I didn’t have to walk several miles in the dark.


“If we hurry we can catch the sun setting from the water,” Ed mentioned and the whole crew sped up the process of stowing everything they brought including the garbage. Once we were ready Dan and Pete slipped on some white boots so they wouldn’t be sting and shoved the boat back from the beach. The twin engines roared to life and once everyone was aboard we headed for deep water. The sunset happened a bit after 7pm and it was one of the most spectacular I had ever seen. I felt like it was an omen of better things to come.


“How do you navigate in the dark?” I asked.


“Breadcrumbs,” John answered. “The GPS got us to the beach and we can retrace our steps. Yamaha calls the system ‘leaving breadcrumbs’ and it will take us back to where we started.


It seemed as if Ed was renting a house near west beach where my car was parked. The boat pulled up to a dock and I stayed to help unload. It was the least I could do to repay the hospitality as well as the ride.


“I want you to soak that leg right now in hot water for at least thirty minutes,” Doc said as he prepared to go to his car.


“Upstairs, doctor’s orders,” Ed strongly suggested. It sounded like an order to me.


“After that a hot shower will wash away any disabled stinging cells that we might have missed,” Doc explained. As I entered the kitchen Trey was filling a 60 quart seafood boiling pot for me to soak my leg in. As I sat there Trey was cleaning and other guys were showering. From what I could gather they were going out on the town. A door slammed and the voices faded making me think I was left alone. I quickly showered the stink and sunscreen off my body and was about to pull my bathing suit on when Ed walked into the bathroom totally naked and turned on the shower I just vacated. I nearly lost my balance and fell on my ass. His cock was unbelievable.


“You aren’t finished,” he said. I couldn’t tell if it was a statement or a question. “One of the guys usually washes my back but they all went out to spread some wild oats. Would you do the honors?”


“B-Back in the shower,” I stammered.


“What, you never showered with other guys in a locker room or gym?” he mocked with a smile.


“Never with anyone that had a body like yours,” I answered.


“There aren’t many bodies like mine,” he said as he guided me into the running shower. My cock got hard as I scrubbed his back. I tried to make my exit but Ed turned to face me so he could rinse the soap off his back. His cock was not only hard, it was huge. “Continue if you like,” he smiled.




He just stood there waiting for me to make a move. I started on his incredibly massive pecs and worked my way to the left arm, right arm, and down to his legs skipping his cock. He turned and I washed his ass and the back of his legs. He stood there letting the water flow over his body and I had an urge I couldn’t contain. I reached between his legs with a handful of liquid soap and stroked his cock just once.


“Mmmm, that’s the move I was waiting for,” he said as he turned and faced me.


He rinsed the soap from his cock with the hand held showerhead and then rubbed the tip of his cock against my lips as my fingers touched the Scorpion tattoo poised above bikini shaved pubes. “Taste,” he suggested. My tongue lapped at the pre-cum that bubbled out and my lips engulfed the head of his cock. It wasn’t the first time I ever did that but it was the longest shaft I ever sucked. His hand rested at the back of my head encouraging me to take more of him.


“Swallow,” he said as I gagged. Then somehow my throat was slicker and I didn’t gag when his 10 inch cock touched my tonsils. His cock pulsed and throbbed in my gullet as if it was stretching my throat while both his hands held my head in place. Maybe it was lack of oxygen but I was euphoric and exhilarated by the experience. The thing was I didn’t have the whole thing in my throat because my right hand was stroking the root of his cock. My left hand was fondling his low hanging balls.


“Feels so good,” he groaned as he withdrew his tool. My head was spinning and my hands were soon on the shower floor supporting my upper body. I was undeniably aroused by the encounter and glad he was satisfied with my performance. I began to wonder if he had pumped cum down my throat without me tasting his seed.


His middle finger started rubbing soap into my ass crack, forcing it open and hunting for my asshole. His fingers found what he was looking for and one of them started pushing itself into me, prying my tight ring open and easing its way inside. I was surprised by how much it intensified my pleasure. I was torn between telling him to stop and pushing my ass backwards further onto his finger. He probed deeper for just a few seconds before I felt the familiar sensations of approaching orgasm building in my balls and I pulled away from him. I fell flat onto the shower floor trying to recover my breath when Ed lowered his hard body to my back.


“You liked what I was doing to your ass, didn’t you?” he whispered in my ear.


I nodded unable to speak or move.


“If you liked what I was doing to you back there, you’ll love the feel of my cock,” he said as he wiggled his shaft into my crack and against my hole.


“Fuck,” I hissed. I loved the feel of his body against mine but I knew that cock was going to hurt. “A finger isn’t that big,” I reasoned.


“Your ass ring will easily stretch open,” he explained. “Once I slowly work it in you’d be panting like a dog and begging for more. It feels so amazing.”


“Seriously… I never…” How do you tell someone you are a virgin? The most I ever did was give a blowjob or two and I never fucked a girl let alone a guy. The only thing in my ass had been a finger during a doctor’s exam. He seemed to know my ass was virginal and it seemed as though his whole body trembled.


He moved back spreading my ass with his hands and pushing his tongue into my ass crack. He began licking the hairy cleft and I don’t know why but I opened my legs further to allow him better access. He pushed his face deeper between my ass cheeks as he worked his tongue towards my asshole. Water was pelting our bodies from the shower above as I heard a gasp. Mine. “do that again,” I begged. His face, nose, and mouth were buried in my ass and I was so turned on I lifted my hips to press back into him. I could feel him pushing his tongue into my asshole. There was no resistance on my part and I knew I was loose and wide open. He flicked his tongue in and out of me as he moaned apparently relishing my insides. I pushed backwards forcing his tongue further into my hole and I felt the beginnings of an orgasm becoming stronger, almost overpowering.


Then he pulled away and reached up to a shelf. I stayed there on the floor panting like I did after a major self induced orgasm. Then he hovered over me again and reaching down to hold his dick he rubbed against and around my ass hole to spread a huge gob of lube. He parked his cock and then brought his chest down to my back.


“Fuck!” he groaned as my ass slowly yielded to his invasion. Then he gently thrust his hips pushing his cock deeper into me. He kept thrusting into me millimeters deeper each time while my ass was gripping his cock and pulsing with shooting pain. I started working with him, relaxing and thrusting my ass back into him further, feeling the pain easing. His cock rubbed against something inside me and suddenly an earth shattering orgasm was approaching again. This time there would be no stopping it.


He wrapped his arms around my chest and began to thrust faster and harder. He threw his head back and moaned letting his pleasure consume him. I realized I was on my knees again and looking down I saw my cock leaking. Then milky white ropes of my cum began shooting from my cock harder and faster. When my orgasm subsided I realized that he had stopped moving and just held me. His pulsing cock was still inside me and was being crushed by my anal ring.


He started thrusting again, hearing me gasp as his cock slid in and out of my sensitized rectum. He kept grunting and whispering nonsensical words in my ears.


“Fuck YEAH!” he yelled.


He hammered his cock into me even harder. I began hearing squishing noises my ass made as it ate his cock and felt his balls slapping my ass. Then within ten or fifteen strokes I felt him tense again as another orgasm overwhelmed him. He kept fucking through his orgasm until every drop of his seed was in me.


I opened my eyes and it was intensely quiet. I was in a bed that engulfed my body like a cloud. My back was spooned against a hard body and a gigantic arm hugged my chest. I became aware of hot breath at the back of my neck as his chest rose and fell.


In the next room I heard his companions whispering and laughing at drunken comments while others shushed them not to wake Ed. I tried to move Ed’s arm to get up and maybe quiet them but the arm flexed and pulled me closer.


“They’re home. Don’t move. Pretend to be asleep if they look in on us,” he whispered. I felt his cock harden and fill my ass crack. I wiggled and his shaft touched my hole. A jolt of craving, want, and yearning filled my being as his slight movement teased my craving ass. A sliver of light from the door made him freeze and whispers of awe were soon silenced by the door closing. A hand covered my mouth as the tip of his shaft found my eager channel and then with no effort or resistance from me, he filled me with the entire length of his cock. A low rumble from his chest blended with my muffled cry for him to fuck me. As his sword entered my sheath there was momentary silence in the other room as if they heard. The voices moved away and a shower started.


He nipped the back of my ear and kissed my neck as his fingers returned to my chest. A slow withdrawal was followed by an equally slow thrust.


“Tell me what you want,” he muttered.


“I want you to fuck me a thousand times tonight. I want to be filled to overflowing with your seed. I want you to hold me like this forever,” I whispered expressing my fantasy.


The shower stopped and the other part of the house was quiet again as our sweat covered bodies climaxed for the third time in the last hour. This third time we were chest to chest as he filled my ass to overflowing. He turned to his side without removing his cock so as not to crush me. We kissed.


“I knew you were special the instant we met on the beach,” he said as he brushed the hair out of my eyes.


“I was watching all of you but especially you when I stepped on that jellyfish,” I admitted. “I never expected more than a friendly wave from any of you.”


“And now you are one of us,” he smiled as he turned me to my back and playfully thrust his still hard cock into my cum filled channel. I touched his cheek with my fingers and brushed my thumb across his lips before I pulled him closer for a tender kiss of thanks.


After some pillow talk Ed carried me to the shower for a different sort of lovemaking. While washing him I touched his Scorpion and walked my fingers to the base of his cock.


“Consider yourself stung by the Scorpion,” he said.


“This scorpion,” I touched the tattoo again. “Or this scorpion,” I said holding his cock.


“Neither! I am the Scorpion,” he said as he pulled me against his body. We made love in the shower and when we came out the bed was freshly made. We stood by the bed touching, kissing, and ready for more sex as the bedroom door silently began to close.


“Thanks Doc,” Ed said without looking away from my eyes. There was a grunt and a click of the lock. I wanted to ask how he knew it was Doc but the thought disappeared as he lifted me and guided his cock to my tunnel as I slid down his body and wrapped my legs around his hips.


“Oh Scorpion,” I moaned.


It is a privilege to have been repeatedly stung by his Scorpion and even now I can feel the venom changing me and packing tons of muscle onto my frame day by day.



To date only two of his inner circle has been allowed to wear a smaller version of his Scorpion tattoo. I like many others hope to be the third.






I decided to move all the stories from my original blog. I did something that locked me out of the original blog when we had the password issue so after a time I just started a new blog. These stories are in order by the dates they were published on this forum.

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Entry posted by Diesel · January 27





In Harper’s Grocery when I was twelve.


My dad was the biggest bigot and racist on the planet. For the first twelve years of my life I was no better than him. We hated anybody that wasn’t straight, white, and strictly Christian. I knew better than to express my views except to my father. It just took one mild racial slur at church when I was about eight to shut me down. I couldn’t defend what I said so I denied saying it ‘that way’ and told everybody that the constitution says all men are created equal. We had been talking about the constitution in home school otherwise I wouldn’t have known to say that.


My mom died about six months after I was born so I never knew her. All I know of her came from the articles she wrote for newspapers, magazines, her books and the manuscript of an unfinished book she was writing. My grandmother had everything my mom ever wrote. My father raised me with the help of my grandmother and aunt who home schooled me along with her children.


There was one group of people who even though they were white, we hated more than non-whites. My dad often said he could tolerate living next to Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Catholics or Jews but he could never live next to a ho-mo-sexul. (His pronunciation) If you knew how much he hated non-whites that proved he hated gays even more.


Then sometime after my twelfth birthday as I started to mature into a man I began to have abnormal thoughts about what was sexy. I saw my first bodybuilding magazine in the drugstore and my cock got so hard I thought it was going to burst out of my pants. I knew I wanted to look like the guy on the cover. I knew I wanted to be a bodybuilder. Somehow I got the courage to buy that magazine and I read it cover to cover several times. I kept it hidden until it fell apart but I kept that cover picture. I have it even today. I had my first orgasm while looking at the pictures. Even after several months all I had to do was open the magazine and I would get hard.


That summer my dad announced that I would be going to a Christian school for high school. My aunt was sending my cousin to the same school and my dad thought that was the way it was done. I was into sports. Homeschooled kids play sports just like other kids. I played soccer and baseball on city teams just like the kids that went to public and private schools. Regular school had their own sports teams and I found out that the football team at the Christian high school lifted weights as part of their training. That summer before school started I learned all I could about football. I knew that being on the football team was the only way my dad would approve of strength training.


I have to say it took me some time to adjust to the rigid schedules of the non-homeschoolers. My aunt would start teaching between 8 and 9 in the morning and we would be done by noon. If there was a doctor or dentist appointment it was scheduled before school but never after ten in the morning. Regular high school went until three in the afternoon but they had recesses and lunch. After school we had football practice. I didn’t care much for the game but I took to weight training like a duck to water.


High School Senior year


I warmed the bench in the beginning but as I built strength I played more. My dad had a football hero that was slowly becoming a bodybuilder. The summer between freshman and sophomore year of high school I knew I had to set up a gym in the garage to keep training. I built my weight room with stuff from craigslist and penny pincher. I had a paper route so I had some money but I convinced my dad the home gym was an investment in my sports future. I would buy stuff and then sell it to dad for whatever the market would bear. I often talked the seller’s price down but charged dad the advertized price so I could buy even more weights.


Then one day I hit the jackpot. A lady was selling a small home gym with a bunch of free weights that included boxes and boxes of bodybuilding magazines. To her they were trash but to me they were gold. I found the ones with how-to articles and put those in one box to show to dad. That publication was mostly a fitness magazine so it had pictures of women too. Dad told me to get rid of that smut and then I showed him what was inside. I told him I wanted to cut out the how-to articles but when he saw there were also women inside he deemed the magazine non-ho-mo-sexul and said I could keep them. He didn’t know about the hundreds of real bodybuilding magazines I devoured and jacked off to up to six times a day.


By the time I entered college I had a head turning physique my dad was proud of because I was a football hero.


College sophomore year

I dated a lot of Christian girls and that pleased dad too. To dad I was a real man. Then I went off to college in Colorado. Yes it was a Christian college otherwise dad wouldn’t have paid anything. My mother left me money for college from one of her book deals. She put $50K in gold so now I had about $190K for tuition and living expenses. Dad bought me a brand new Jeep Wrangler since he would have to pay almost nothing for college. I hated the dorms and told dad I needed to live off campus. Dad paid the apartment rent and gave me an allowance for food that barely covered my supplements. Unbeknownst to him I had a roommate and he paid for our food. Chuck knew from the outset that he would have to vacate if my dad ever came to visit. Fortunately that only happened once or twice a year.


The college didn’t have a football team (aww shucks) so I didn’t play sports. My new sport was bodybuilding and that was how I met Chuck. He worked in the gym I joined. He was going to another college in Denver but he was a part time trainer in the gym.


The gym provided a trainer to get new members started. I signed in and Chuck came to meet me at the reception desk. There wasn’t a soul in Denver that could deny that this guy was extremely sexy. Chuck was about 6’2” and extremely muscular, perfectly proportioned, an Adonis with massive brown eyes and a pearly white smile. His face and body was absolutely flawless. I was so sexually attracted to him my cock got super hard. I thought it was going to cum my pants. It reminded me of the day I saw that bodybuilding magazine in the drugstore only this was flesh and blood and raw muscle and not a picture. The only drawback to his perfection was that he was a black man and my father would be appalled, horrified, revolted, and disgusted knowing that we even worked out together. Imagine if he knew I was sexually attracted to Chuck.




I quickly realized that Chuck was a really nice guy that knew instinctively what his client needed. He didn’t know it but he replaced the bodybuilder on the magazine cover as the man with the perfect physique. I quickly realized that I was highly attracted to my sexy trainer and mentor. That first month we were becoming fast friends. If he didn’t have a client he would work out with me and give me tips. He would tell me his schedule so we could work out together and spot each other when he was free. He kept challenging me and changing my routines and before I knew it, I was stronger and more muscular than I was before moving to Denver.


Chuck and I became close and found we had a lot in common and I began to wonder what it would be like to have sex with a man like Chuck. We talked about many things but we never talked about was our sexuality or our girlfriends.


One day, I had a string of tests and papers due and wasn’t able to get to the gym. I sent a text to Chuck the night before to tell him that I wouldn’t be there to workout. I got a speedy reply from him, saying that if I arrived at 9pm, he would do an hour with me before he went home. I was surprised by his eagerness to spend time with me but I was also delighted at the prospect of getting in a good workout. I put the finishing touches on the papers and sent them to the professor’s in-boxes.


I had a light meal and made my way to the gym. The gym was officially closed and Chuck was letting out the last of the customers when I arrived. He let me in, locking the door behind us. He closed the curtains and turned off the lobby lights. We began our warm up and as we were stretching I noticed Chuck seemed a bit pissed off about something.


“What’s up? You tired? Did something happen? You want to talk about it?” I asked. “Should we skip the training?”


“Do you have a girlfriend Christian Harper?” Chuck asked to my utter astonishment. I couldn’t figure out why he used my formal name instead of calling me Chris like he always did. I was sort of taken aback and hesitated before replying.


“Well Chuck, I go places with Anita but we are just friends so I guess no I don’t really have a girlfriend at the moment,” I replied.  Chuck laughed nervously. “Are you bothered by that? Really she and I are just friends. I have male friends too, like you.” I said. I kept up a front with Chuck that I was straight like I did with everybody else. Anita pledged to be a virgin when she got married. I had no desire to fuck her so it worked out for both of us. I halfheartedly took the pledge too but she was the one coming closest to breaking her vow. She really liked a guy named Ted.


“Do you have any really close male friends?” he asked. I just shrugged.


“Yeah, you. Why?” I asked. He wiped his face with his hand and looked like he was rehearsing something in his head. I knew I wasn’t totally straight but I still acted straight.


“I’m gay!” he said as he searched my face for a negative reaction.


“I think I’m bisexual,” I admitted in a rapid fire response. You could have heard a pin drop even though we dropped those bombs. We just stared at each other.


“Boy that’s a relief. I didn’t know how you would react when I told you that I was gay!” he laughed. “Bisexual? Really?” he raised an eyebrow. My sexual attraction to him was as strong as it always had been. I began to realize that my feelings for him may be the same as feelings he had for me. The tension was gone and we went to the workout. The session was professional and before we knew it two hours had gone by. I went to the locker room while Chuck cleaned up the building for the night. I started the shower running and then I stripped naked. I sat on the bench as the shower room filled with steam. I stood up and flexed my naked pumped body in the full length mirror. My mind was still reeling from finding out that Chuck was gay. I hadn’t consciously realized that I was sitting there with a solid 9 inch boner while thinking about him.


I sat again and slowly started to stroke my cock as my balls swung and softly tapped the edge of the bench. I imagined Chuck flexing while I ran my hands over his body. I imagined stripping him naked… I hastily made my way to the steaming shower. I pulled the curtain and stood under the hot water. I squirted a dollop of liquid soap on my cock and with both hands began to rub one out. I moved my hands to my torso and then slowly rubbed my erect nipples.  The thick lather coated my throbbing meat and I began to pound on my swollen cock while teasing my ass ring by rubbing a finger around it in a circular motion. I began to moan loudly with sheer pleasure confident that nobody could hear me because Chuck was the only other person in the building.


As I jerked faster I thought I heard a sound like a door closing, I cautiously called out to see if Chuck was in the locker room and when there was no reply I continued stroking my cock. A few moments later I stood with one hand against the wall approaching a climax when the shower curtain opened. I jumped and spun around to face the man I had been fantasizing about as I stroked my cock. I didn’t know what to say.


His physique seemed bigger and his chest heaved as his rock hard muscles bulged and twitched. My eyes focused on his gorgeous cock and balls. The stud’s prick was uncut and perfectly straight. It was almost twice as long as mine and it was definitely thicker. His black pubes were trimmed but not shaved clean, although his massive low hanging balls looked hairless.


He stared into my eyes and then down at my cock as he slowly walked towards me until we were chest to chest.  He bent his head to the side and kissed me. If my back wasn’t against the wall I would have fallen over backwards. He slowly dropped to his knees while staring seductively into my eyes. He licked his lips as he gently held my cock around the base. He licked and tasted my cock until I quivered with an approaching climax. He opened wide and took my dick into his mouth. He moaned with pleasure as his hot wet mouth tasted a sudden flood of pre-cum. I pulled his head away from my cock and bent so I could shove my tongue past his lips. The salty pre-cum wet my appetite for Chuck’s prick and I was eager to taste his meat. He stood and I knelt.


His cock was so perfect I kissed and licked the length. I couldn’t get enough. I took part of his shaft into my mouth and slowly massaged it with my tongue. His tool began to swell even larger and it was only seconds before I had to come up for air. It was so thick, so juicy and so perfect. I began to stroke his cock slowly and then took just the head into my mouth while jerking and sucking and licking it all around until he shuddered and had to withdraw quickly to avoid cumming. He pulled me to my feet.


Cock to cock and chest to chest I caressed Chuck’s muscular ass and fingered his tight hole while we kissed under the steamy shower. Then he turned off the shower and took my hand, guiding me back to the lockers where he put some towels down on the floor by the mirrors in preparation for a good hard fuck session.


He knelt on the towels and encouraged me to fuck him. I wanted to tell him that this was my maiden voyage and that I had no idea what to do but I didn’t. I had witnessed a thousand fucks on the internet and knew we needed condoms and lube. I rubbed my cock around his hole and he moaned. I tried a dry entry (condoms be damned) but he gasped in pain.


“Lube me. Wet it with spit,” he moaned.


I squatted down behind him and spat on his ring; licking in a circular motion around his pucker. I expected a nasty taste but he was clean. The only taste was sweat and his musk. When I thought that his ass was well lubed, I spat on my dick and again tried to penetrate his ass. His muscular back arched and tensed in pain. He handed me a condom and a packet of lube. I was both grateful for his help and abashed that he knew I had no idea what I was doing. He gently instructed me in how to apply the lube and even handed me a second packet after I used all the lube on my cock. Finger fucking the lube into his ass had him moaning and writhing in anticipation. I felt like I was about to cum as I slowly penetrated his ass. I had to stop and regain control.


He began to fuck himself using my pole even before I began to thrust. The feeling of his muscular ass slapping against my pubes made me spring into action. I held onto his hips and began to fuck him like I saw on line. I looked up and saw our reflection in the mirror. Chuck was smiling as he moaned with pleasure. I looked down at my cock ploughing in and out of his tight hole wondering how long I could last before my cum filled the rubber. I wanted this feeling to last forever. I pulled him up so his back was against my chest. In the mirror I saw that his cock was wet with pre-cum


I withdrew and lunged towards his leaking prick to lap up his juices. I stared seductively into his deep brown eyes as I glided my mouth up and down his veiny shaft. His body was so muscular and powerful I wanted to kiss and taste every inch of him. I couldn’t wait for him to be thrusting his big cock inside me.


“Fuck me Chuck but be gentle,” I whispered.


We traded places. He lubed my ass and began to finger fuck the lube into me. I shuddered with the pleasure as he slowly lowered his groin to my wet hole. As he slowly entered my virgin ass hole, I gasped in pain. He instructed and guided me to relax. He patiently filled me inch by inch until I could feel his pubic hair brushing against my ass cheeks. He hugged me and laid his torso against my back and let me adjust to his invading tool. When he began to move his huge pecs pressed and rubbed against my back with each thrust. His swollen cock filled me fully and as he pumped in and out I moaned in ecstasy. As his rod glided back and forth he kissed behind my ear and on my neck. Then after several minutes of hard fucking, the stud began to moan and tremble. I knew he was going to cum. He thrust in deep and I thought he might be cumming but he pulled out and stood in front of me jerking his rod as he moaned louder and louder.


“Ahh! Fuck yeah! Ahh! Oh yeah! Eat it! Eat my cum,” he yelled as several ropes of creamy jizz squirted from his swollen cock landing in and around my mouth and all over my face. As his body flexed and writhed with orgasmic pleasure he bent forward and began to lick up his salty cum. Then he then kissed me passionately, transferring his jizz from his tongue to mine. His cum was warm, salty and tasty and I savored every last drop as he knelt down and jerked my cock while sucking the tip. It wasn’t long before I warned him of my approaching climax.


“Cum on me,” he whispered as he lay on his back.  I sat on his abs and pumped on my throbbing meat. Within seconds I let out a wail of ecstasy and shot seven jets of sticky cream all over Chuck’s stomach, chest and face. It was the longest and most intense orgasm I think I ever had. Again I never wanted it to end. I sat and looked at Chuck, covered in my jizz and couldn’t resist licking up some to taste. When I had gathered all of my cum I hovered over his open mouth and let my huge load trickle from my mouth to his. He lapped up my salty deposit and we kissed. I collapsed on top of him and we lay motionless body to body for a long time. Finally when we began to get cold we took a long sensuous shower in the dark.


The next weekend Chuck moved in. It took three days because we fucked every time we unloaded the car. It was just clothes, computers, and books but it took all weekend. He moved out of the dorm so he didn’t have furniture.


It didn’t take a genius to figure out someone was living in the second bedroom the first time dad came to visit. I told him that Chuck went home for the holidays and dad gladly slept in Chuck’s bed. Had I told him Chuck was black dad wouldn’t have set foot in the apartment. Then again he would have disowned me if he knew I was gay. Like I said he was the world’s biggest bigot and he was true to his weird beliefs until the day he died.


Four years later I didn’t know that dad was that sick; nobody knew. He didn’t make it to my graduation ceremony but he knew I had finished college before he died. It was sad because he had no friends. Only family was at the cemetery.


Going through all the papers I found the small fortune my dad had amassed. With insurance benefits and the money he had in a living trust there was almost a million dollars plus the value of the house.


I sold the house to my aunt for market value but I lent her the money to buy the place. I planned to gift her and her husband the maximum amount under the tax laws (15K each per year) until the debt was canceled.


Going through the papers I discovered that my mother also left me some stock in a trust she set up. It was ironic that I couldn’t touch the money until I was twenty one which was in another month. She used 100k from another book deal to set up the trust right before she died. It had just one stock in the portfolio; Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. That single stock has been one of the top performing domestic stocks of the past two decades. Today it is worth $13.7million. After stock splits, I now have about 114286 shares at $119.92 per share (price as of June 21st). I couldn’t touch the money but I could direct those that were managing the trust. All during the rest of June and the first part of July I had my portfolio managers diversify. I didn’t want all the eggs in one basket so to speak. He sold off Green Mountain and by September I was a couple million dollars richer.


Chuck doesn’t have to work but he loves training people in the gym and then coming home to train me for a couple hours. Sometimes we fuck before we eat, work out, or shower. That never stops us from fucking afterwards too.


Chuck molded and shaped my body over the last ten years and when I remember and look at that first bodybuilder magazine cover I have to laugh. I surpassed that guy years ago.



Me---June 2018


I am proud of what I have accomplished but I owe it all to the love of my life, Chuck.





I decided to move all the stories from my original blog. I did something that locked me out of the original blog when we had the password issue so after a time I just started a new blog. These stories are in order by the dates they were published on this forum.

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Entry posted by Diesel · January 26






This is me before being manscaped.


I was alone again. I checked into my room at the Caribbean Island Resort and as I looked around. I was pretty certain I was the only single dude here. Stan should have been here with me but he decided monogamy was too high of a price to pay so he packed up and moved out.


It wasn’t just the fact that he was fucking around; he was fucking around with my close friends. Then he had the balls to say it was my fault because I introduced them to him. Yes them, plural, many of my friends. To him it was just a blowjob or a friendly fuck but to me he was a predator that was using me. What an asshole.


So here I am a single dude closer to 40 than I care to admit wandering around a resort filled with sexy bodybuilders, young couples, and parties full of gay studs having fun. Why did I come? Yeah it would have been expensive to lose the deposit plus 50% of the all inclusive price of the vacation but what was the point when Stan was gone. Then I thought that since I was going to have to pay if I went or have to pay if I stayed home, that I better go. Fuck it, I thought. It’s a resort. I’ll have fun on my own. Stan paid for his half and if he lost money it was on skin off my nose.Then I had a depressing thought; what if Stan showed up here at the resort. 


I decided walk along the beach and watch the sunset. The really expensive villas were all along the beach and they were filled with men partying. I assumed that groups of guys rented the beach villas because they were so expensive. How expensive? My whole vacation cost less than the price of one night for a beach villa. I had a cheaper room that was good enough to be in a five star hotel in a single story hotel building without water views. Don’t get me wrong my digs were deluxe but the parties were in the resort by the pools and the really good parties were in the villas. It was depressing seeing guys having so much fun so I looked away and watched the waves as the sun inched lower and lower toward the horizon.


The resort has small cement piers that jutted out over the water. I think they were meant for tanning and cooling off in the deeper water but the padded cushions, I was told, were great for sex too if you didn’t mind fucking in public. I sat in the middle of one of the pier pads trying to think of anything but Stan as the sun touched the horizon.


“Romantic isn’t it,” a deep voice said behind me as an ice cold beer bottle touched my shoulder.


“Corona, how did you know it’s my favorite beer,” I asked taking the bottle but not looking at the gift bearer.


“It’s all I have in my villa besides water,” he chuckled.


“Join me and we’ll watch this depressing sunset together,” I said sarcastically. I patted the pad next to me. He sat so close to me we rubbed shoulders. I did a double take when I looked at the young bodybuilder. He was at least fifteen years younger than me and he had a physique that reminded me of the guys I see on the covers of bodybuilding magazines yet his face was so handsome he could be a movie star.


“Awesome,” he said as the top edge of the sun dipped below the horizon. Depressing but awesome,” he teased.


“I was supposed to be watching this with someone but…”


“I’m not someone?” he interrupted with a laugh.


“Sorry that came out wrong. This was supposed to be a vacation with my lover.”


“And?” he said draining his beer.


“Let’s just say he moved out and it’s over,” I explained.


“That made the sunset depressing?”


“I guess.” I drained my beer. He wrapped his arm around me and lowered my back to the mat. He looked into my eyes as the light was fading.


“I don’t like your attitude,” he said as he moved closer. “Let’s find a party,” he said as he stood and pulled me to my feet. I thought he was going to kiss me. I would have punched him if he kissed me but I never wanted to be kissed more than I did at that moment.


“You are crazy! I came here to be depressed,” I teased. His face fell. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. At first he kissed back and then he smiled and broke the kiss. We walked across the beach to his villa.


“One of the first things you have to lose is those board shorts,” he said holding up a thong.


“I’m approaching 40! I’d have to shave all the hair on my… on my crotch… and ass… and body,” I began. He held up shower clippers. I shook my head. “I’m too fat for a thong.”


“Have you ever been manscaped?” he chuckled. “Come into my shower.”


“I would need a case of beer to get the courage to wear that under my board shorts,” I teased. “What is man-scaping?”


He slowly lowered his square cut trunks to show me his trimmed pubes, shaved balls, and hairless ass crack. His soft uncut cock was at least six inches long. He didn’t seem to have any problems being naked around strangers. “My chest hair at one time was as thick as a lush carpet,” he added. I couldn’t imagine his huge physique all hairy. He walked up to me. “This is a gay male resort for men only. If you want to have fun….” He wiggled his eyebrows. “Of course if you want you and I could order food to be delivered and have a private party right here in my villa.


“Wow!” I croaked. “Are you seducing me?”


“Ya think?” he said next to my ear. His hard cock brushed against my stomach. “Come with me,” he whispered. Right about then I would have followed him anywhere. He led me to a shower that was bigger than my home office and twice as big as my walk-in closet. One wall was a window that looked into the jungle although when you looked hard you could see a vine covered wall in the background. It was carefully planted to look as natural as possible.


He pulled me under the water fully clothed… well I was clothed and he was already naked. He started to wash me and removed my clothes in the process. At one point he shaved me but if you asked me when it happened I couldn’t tell you. It was the most sensuous shower I ever had, bar none. I felt like it was sex without penetration.


When I was finished and my body was dried I wrapped a towel around my waist. He told me that there was a mirror behind the bathroom door. I sucked in my gut and flexed my abs for the big reveal. He closed the bathroom door so I could see the finished product in the full length mirror.




Damn I looked sexy.


He handed me the thong and held some cargo shorts. I put on the shorts and a shirt that only had one button that sat just above my naval. It hid my belly and showed off my now hairless semi-muscular chest. He jelled up my hair trying to spike it but I knew only an entire can of hair spray would hold my hair that way. I looked ten years younger.


He pressed against my back. “Let’s show you off. Let’s eat and find a party.”


I should have known it was a set-up. We met up with a table full of his friends having dinner poolside by one of the restaurants and they were all muscle hunks. I wanted to button the shirt but of course there were no other buttons. Ken’s friends were instantly my friends. They joked and teased and we all laughed. They thought it was funny when things went over my head but I didn’t care because I was having fun. After the meal I was too drunk to drive but I could still walk.


There were dimly lit winding paths through the dense jungle behind the villas that were wide enough for a golf cart. Those trails led to all the beachside villas. You couldn’t see the villa from the path just as you couldn’t see any other villa from your villa. However villas up the hill could see over the roofs of the villas on the beach for an unobstructed view. At water’s edge you could barely see the beach villas buried in the jungle. The only place you could see more than one villa at a time was on the beach.


Ken and I walked back to his place and I meant to just say thanks and goodnight but he pulled me inside. He kissed me like a lover and brought me to his bedroom. That was the first time since I met Ken that I thought about Stan and it was a negative thought. By now Stan would have tried to bed everyone at the dinner table. Stan would have thrown himself at Ken and I could almost see Stan in the bed with his legs spread or his ass exposed begging to be fucked.


“Stay with me tonight,” Ken asked.


“I shouldn’t.”


Seconds later I was standing next to the bed in front of Ken wearing only the thong.


“Fuck me,” he whispered. I had been at the resort for less than twelve hours and one of the sexiest men alive was asking me to spend the night with him. Totally unbelievable! I’m the type of guy that doest even kiss on the first date let alone fuck. In a way this was kind of scary and I began to wonder if I should call in a couple of his friends to help take Ken on. I put all those thoughts out of my head and focused on Ken.


The room was slowly getting dimmer and I realized that the villa was equipped with everything deluxe including the lighting that could be programmed. This program mimicked the sunset where the lights gradually faded from sunlight bright to romantic moonlight dim. Later I found out you could close the sliding glass doors from bed and even close the room darkening curtains if you wanted to sleep in.


Ken liked to kiss, which is very cool with me, but he didn’t just want to kiss my lips because he ran his tongue down my pec to kiss and lick my erect nipple, then he kissed my left bicep and moved back to my lips while rolling the right nipple between his finger and thumb. He pulled me against his body and began giving me a deep throated kiss showing he was as horned up as I was. We were so into each other we were kissing and rubbing our hands over each other’s muscled bodies. His muscles were definitely better than mine. Our hard cocks were rubbing against each other so in a way the bedside seduction was like a slow dance. The next thing I knew I was on my back and naked in his bed. Ken was on top so who was fucking who?


“Where’s the lube?” I asked. He reached for the bedside drawer. Ken shifted his top position and while kissing and flicking my nips he reached back and lubed up my boner. Then the hot muscle man slid back on my abs to impale his tight ass on my shaft. He pushed my arms over my head holding them there, with his face next to mine.


“You never asked me what I’m into,” he said.


“What?” I was a bit terrified that he was into whips and chains.


“Once I get comfortable I want my ass pounded and honestly I wouldn’t mind getting some of your ass tonight but the fact is, you have me so fucking fired up… I need to be fucked.” All I could do was groan.


“One condition,” Ken said as he stared down at me. “I want all your cum in me,” he said softly in my ear. Without warning he rolled us over so now I was on top and I started to fulfill Ken’s wish starting out slow then building up steam and he not only took a hard pounding, he became pretty vocal yelling at me to fuck him faster and harder. I was soon pile driving his ass when we both shot our loads the same time, him slightly sooner clamping down on my pole making me shoot streams of hot cum up his chute. He rolled me to my side where we touched and kissed in an afterglow almost as pleasurable as the wild monkey sex we just had. My former partner never did anything like that; sex was for his pleasure alone. If I didn’t feel fulfilled or loved by him that was my problem.


Knowing the two of us were now committed to an all nighter, we took a break and he grabbed a couple of Corona’s from in the fridge while I took a leak. Joining him outside, we clinked bottles and sat naked on the double lounge on the lanai just watching the waves rolling ashore.


“Well damn, this beats my room,” I said. Ken acknowledged my comment with an mmmm sound. I began to think that until today I would never have had the courage to sit out in public like this with a naked man. We sat there finishing off our beer when his arm came over my shoulders. I turned my head and our lips met. He took my empty bottle and set it on the ground next to his. Then returning the kiss in earnest, we locked lips and we both groaned.


“Dude, do you have any idea how hot and sexy you are? It’s not only your killer body but stud, I feel like I can do anything or ask you to do anything with me and you won’t say no. Well you might say no but you haven’t as of yet,” I said. “I want a slow passionate fuck,” I added.


“I can guarantee the passionate part but as for slow…” he said as he rolled on top of me again. This time he was between my legs and not straddling my hips. He slowly but firmly slid his cock up into my tight ass. There was plenty of lube so there must have been a stash somewhere near the lounge chair. Once he was totally inside, Ken bent and kissed me. One of his hands was already moving around my chest to idly flick one of my nubs. Slowly grinding his cock in and out an inch or so he began to grunt and moan. Damn when he picked up speed his fuck was delectably passionate but it definitely wasn’t slow. Not that he rushed. He played me and edged me until I begged him to cum in me. My orgasm was so intense I almost passed out.


After a short rest, we continued screwing each other’s brains out pretty much throughout the villa. That night Ken would alternate between fucking me furiously and fucking me gently. Yet anytime my dick was in his hole the muscle stud wanted to be pounded. We played inside, outside, and even in the shower. One time in the dark on the beach we even pissed on each other’s bodies to get rid of the beer before jumping into the surf to play. Then as the sun began to rise we were freshly showered and watching the sunrise from the newly made bed.


“I don’t fucking believe I did this,” I said. I was thinking of all the barebacking we did but that didn’t seem to faze Ken. Everybody at the resort had to be free of STD’s. If tests came back positive or questionable then they banned you from going to the resort island. Your room was on the mainland.


“What’s wrong? You didn’t enjoy it?” he asked.


“I’ve bottomed before, but it was… I don’t know… okay, no not just okay… it was outstanding  but I’ve always wondered about some things…”


“You mean like some of the stuff we did tonight?” he said.


“Yeah,” I chuckled. “I’ve never been pissed on! And once was enough for me,” I laughed.


“It was all about trying new things,” he grinned.


We talked a while and then we crashed after closing the drapes to shut out the morning sun. I got a kick out of the fact we’ve been going fairly nonstop for the last eight hours. Of course we fell asleep after fucking but the need to clean up had us in the shower an hour later. Then instead of being sensible and going to sleep for the night we would run on the beach naked or hit biodegradable golf balls off the lanai toward the surf. Whatever we did, ended in more sex; a whole night of sex. I couldn’t imagine what we could do on day two that would top what happened tonight


I was going to be at the resort for another ten days and as I drifted off I snuggled against Ken and began to wonder if I would survive. If I didn’t I would die a very happy man.



I decided to move all the stories from my original blog. I did something that locked me out of the original blog when we had the password issue so after a time I just started a new blog. These stories are in order by the dates they were published on this forum.

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Entry posted by Diesel · January 23





We originally met at Crusin’ the Coast. That’s the classic car show in October in Biloxi MS where 7000 to 8000 antique cars and their owners come to party among the string of towns along 26 miles of white sand beaches. I asked him about his car which was for sale. He began to tell me how he and his father did the off frame restoration using only original parts. His father passed away leaving him everything and the fully restored Chevy was something he was willing to part with. I didn’t have the money or the desire to buy the car but it was a way to justify talking to a perfect stranger.


This particular stranger was one of the sexist men I ever saw. I was immediately hot for him. He was not only sexy he had an alpha type personality. We exchanged email addresses and over the next month realized we had a lot of common interests. We decided to do lunch so I drove to the next town to his place.


This was like a first date and I was a bit nervous but very excited at the same time. I was actually shaking as I got out of my car. We chatted for a few minutes in the living room before we decided to jump into his fully restored 1969 GTO and drive to Pirates Cove to get the best roast beef po-boy on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


After lunch, extended by great conversation, Brad asked if I minded making a few stops on the way back to his house. The first stop was the cleaners. He made three trips and it looked like he filled the trunk with suits. I wondered if he brought every suit he owned to the cleaners as I watched him wrap the dry cleaning in a white sheet that lined the super clean trunk. Then he picked up ink for his printer, dropped off an almost late power bill payment, and stopped to top off the gas. He added a fuel stabilizer to prevent ethanol buildup and protect the engine from gum, varnish and rust. He explained that the fuel stabilizer will prevent the gas from deteriorating for up to 12 months.


He handed me half the dry cleaning to carry into the house. We moved directly to his huge masculine bedroom to hang the clothes in his walk-in closet. The bookshelf lined bedroom was furnished with a massive antique bedroom suite carved from solid Mahogany.


In the walk-in closet there were dozens of fresh clean suits hanging in one section. Another section held shirts that were perfectly pressed and spaced so they wouldn’t get wrinkled, not to mention there were more neckties than a person could wear in a year. I thought only women owned fifty pairs of shoes but Brad had at least that many. I could only imagine what was in the drawers. I would love to explore.

We stripped off the plastic bags covering the ten suits and put each on a special wooden hanger. The pants were hung separately and then each hanger was placed in an airing cupboard. That closet had an exhaust fan to vent the cleaner’s chemicals to the outside. The last item to come out of the plastic was a tuxedo.


“I bet you look sharp in this,” I said as I slipped the jacket onto the hanger.


“Shall I model it for you?” he asked as he hung a dark blue suit.


“Yeah! Walk sexy in it like a runway model,” I teased.


“Ok, go sit in the bedroom,” he chuckled. There were two leather wing chairs by the fireplace that seemed to wrap around your body when you sat in them. I imagined Brad sitting in a silk robe reading a book while he sipped his favorite liquor. Midnight would come and he would close the book and turn off the reading light. The flames from the fire would reflect on his face as he finished the drink and then he would stand and the robe would fall open revealing…


“Ahem!” Brad cleared his throat to get my attention.


I jumped to my feet red faced and filled with guilt for thinking thoughts like that. I looked toward the walk-in closet and saw Brad in a bathing suit/ posing suit made out of tuxedo material.


My feet were glued to the floor as he approached. His whole attitude was sex personified. If a runway model looked like him there would be multiple orgasms from both male and female fashion queens in the audience.


“Those cleaning fluids still might be carcinogenic so I decided to wear this tuxedo,” he said just inches from my face. “Does this make you uncomfortable?” he asked as the back of his hand brushed against my hardening cock. “You do find me sexy,” he stated flatly as he stepped closer. “The feeling is mutual. It took every ounce of my strength and will power not to touch you or take you into my arms all during our date.” He inhaled deeply. “I can smell your needs and desires,” he whispered in my ear. Our bodies made contact from thighs to pecs and my knees started to buckle. His arms came around me and I grabbed onto him. His musk surrounded me like a cloud.


His hands began to lift my golf shirt and there was skin to skin contact. I lifted my arms and he tossed my shirt to the side. My fingers trembled as I touched his physique. He gently assured me that as a newbie, my limits would be respected and that it was my call to do as much or as little as I liked. More clothes came off and we hugged as we stood naked next to his bed. There was no rush and he let me move at my pace. I kissed him. It was just a peck but he smiled.


He took my face in his hands and kissed me properly. I kissed back and it took my breath away. I knew he was leading me and teaching me how to touch him, how to excite him.


Finally I sat on the bed and admired his manhood. There was seven to eight inches of very hard cock standing almost parallel to his abdominals. Pre-cum bubbled out and ran down his poker-straight shaft. His abs and balls were shaved and his pubes were trimmed to wear a thong or low cut posing suit. I moaned when I took his erection into my hand and began pumping his dick, massaging his balls, and working up the nerve to bring his cock to my mouth so I could taste him. I ran my tongue from base to tip, and then quickly swallowed the head of his cock.


He groaned and fed me as much of his erection as I could get in my mouth. He tried to push his cock down my throat and I choked a couple of times before he backed away. He knelt and did things to my cock that nearly drove me over the edge. He stood and lifted my legs onto the bed and as I settled he moved on top of me into a 69 position and soon we lay on our sides. Again I nearly came when his mouth surrounded my cock. He knew and backed off until my cum was back in my balls. I licked his cock and balls as my hands roamed over his physique. I couldn’t get enough!


After he brought me to the brink a dozen times I told him I couldn’t hold off any longer. He turned around and knelt between my legs. He kissed and licked my thighs before taking me deep into his mouth again. He made my orgasm build and build for the longest time and when the flood gates broke, my cum felt like it was shooting forever. I bucked against him and drove my cock deep in his throat as I came. As I calmed down he fondled my balls as I moaned in pleasure.


His cock bounced and danced in the air right in front of my face as he moved up onto my chest to touch his leaking cock to my lips. I couldn’t believe that I was getting hard again already. I began slobbering and tonguing his cock as my lips sucked his cockhead. He began to fuck my mouth with ever-increasing power and I used both my hands to control his penetration.


“I’m going to cum,” he groaned and I pushed him back to watch him ejaculate ten huge ropes of cum. It shot onto my chest, neck and face. I could feel his semen running off my cheek and onto the pillow. Watching him cum was so fucking hot it was indescribable. He slowly licked me clean as I caught my breath. I tasted cum on his lips as he kissed me but I never expected him let a mouthful of our combined cum flow into my mouth.


He rolled to his back and pulled me against his body. I lay my head against his massive chest and slowly stroked his physique. Words of thanks and appreciation passed between us as we slowly cooled down.


“You have to experience my shower,” he said as he sat up and put his feet on the floor. I knelt behind his massive body and massaged his traps. He rolled his head and arched his back as my hands moved to his pecs. I think that was when the notion entered my brain that I wanted him to fuck me. I was concerned about STD’s even though he guaranteed me that he is HIV negative and disease free. I was still unsure if I could trust him completely.


The shower was a room big enough to hold ten men his size comfortably. There were seats and shelves, multiple programmable shower heads, and a 4x6 ceiling rain shower that could produce everything from a stinging rain to a gentle mist. I think we soaped up three times so he could demonstrate the thing I called a car wash, the ceiling gizmo, and a metal shelf that came out high on the wall to create a waterfall.


Standing in the gentle rain we kissed and our cocks were hard again. We dried our bodies and returned to bed. He spooned against my back and slowly stroked my cock using a bit of lube. I climaxed again and quickly fell into a deep sleep.


I opened my eyes to the sound of curtains automatically opening and allowing the sunlight to brighten the room through the plantation shutters. The room was all dark wood and the walls were lined with thousands of books. There was a wet bar stocked with liquor, a coffee maker, a refrigerator, and microwave. A body could live in this room and be perfectly satisfied.


We were back to back until I moved into the bathroom to empty my bladder. I crept back into bed and watched his muscles ripple from just breathing. He had kicked off the covers so that only his ankles were partially covered. I wanted to kiss and lick every inch of his body. I moved closer to inhale his musk and he rolled to his back. He stretched his arms over his head and groaned as I lapped at one of his nipples but my focus was on his erection standing straight up. His hand found his shaft and he coated it with lube he just squirted into his palm.


“Nothing like a morning orgasm,” he groaned as he slowly stroked. I made a decision not knowing how he would feel about my aggressiveness. I straddled his abs and leaned forward to kiss him. His clean hand rested on the back of my neck and prolonged the lip lock until he was satisfied. “Glad to see me?” he teased. Without asking I moved back against his slick cock. His eyes opened wide. “Are you sure?” he said gently. “Once I’m in I will fuck your sexy ass mercilessly until we both cum.” I reached back and guided his cock to my hole. He rubbed the lube in my crack and rimmed me with his cock. “Fuck, he whispered. “You have to push out like you are taking a crap so I can push in,” he instructed. “Relax for me.”


“Grrrrrr,” I growled. I felt the pain and then it slipped in and my ring spasmed around his cock. I remembered why I never wanted prostate exams. He added more lube and was telling me not to move. I gasped when he lifted his hips and went in deeper. It was done. My ass had been fucked as far as I was concerned. My hands were on his pecs trying to push off his cock when he thrust up and his cock head raked against my prostate. “Oh fuck,” I moaned as a bit of pre-cum shot out of my cock onto his belly. “Fuck me,” I begged as I pushed back toward his groin.


“Ride me,” he whispered.


I buried his cock to the hilt inside my hot hole and rested for a few seconds before slowly drawing it back out until just the tip was still inside. Then I glided it back in a little faster and then pulled up riding him until my ass was relaxed enough for a proper fucking. When my gasps turned to soft moans he knew it was time to take charge.

Before I knew what hit me I was on my back. Brad began smooth and rhythmic thrusting to drive his throbbing cock deep into my ass. I moaned quietly at first but as Brad’s gentle pumping turned to a hardcore pounding my moans became interspersed with “Yes, yes, yes.” and “Oh yeah,” and “Oh fuck yeah!” I grabbed onto his body to better brace myself and take the full brunt of his thrusting. He slowed down and the methodically buried his cock balls deep in my butt. My intense gasp told Brad that he had hit the spot. He pulled out slightly and rammed in hard again to be sure.


I was breathlessly begging him to fuck me over and over again. He pumped in slowly hitting my prostate in the same place each time. Sometimes he let his cock head nudge it and rub up against it, pressing into it gently, other times he raked his cock across the spot coming in and going back out. He reached down and stroked my pulsing cock just as I started to shoot rope after rope of steaming hot cum as my ass convulsed tightly around his shaft. I never had an orgasm like that before.


“That was your first prostate orgasm,” Brad announced as he lightly touched my prostate again and I felt like I was squeezing out every last drop of cum in my body. “But it won’t be your last,” he promised with a smile. I thought it was over when Brad started pumping his cock in and out of me again. I began lifting my hips to meet his down stroke and he began grinding against my ass when he hit bottom.


“I want to feel your cum up inside of me. Slap my ass with your balls. You made me cum like my very first orgasm, now cum in me,” I yelled. He thrust harder penetrating my ass deeper than ever as I taunted him to get in even deeper. I began squeezing my sphincter muscle down on his cock to tease him further.


Brad gasped involuntarily. He plunged his dick in and held it there as he shot his first load. Then another load of hot jizz shot out of Brad’s cock deep inside me. Then another and another and another until I lost count. He lowered his chest to mine as the last load spurted out.

We lay there for a minute and the only sound in the room was heavy breathing and the tick of a clock on the mantel above the fireplace. I could feel his cock starting to soften and he lifted his body off of mine and started to draw his shaft out of my thoroughly fucked hole.


When I was able to move I joined him in the shower. I hugged him from behind and rested my head on his thickly muscled back.


“You ruined me,” I said. He quickly turned to face me with a concerned look on his face. “I don’t think that sex any other way will ever satisfy me,” I added and he smiled.


“I think you should withhold judgment about ultimate satisfaction because you haven’t fucked my ass yet!” he said as he pulled me under the shower and began to wash me.



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I decided to move all the stories from my original blog. I did something that locked me out of the original blog when we had the password issue so after a time I just started a new blog. These stories are in order by the dates they were published on this forum.

Entry posted by Diesel · January 22







I was terrified walking in the first day of high school. To me it was chaos and uncertainty. My gut was filled with butterflies and I felt as if I could throw up. My dad and I had long talks over the summer and I knew he was trying to build my confidence. Up until then he had been traveling almost weekly and spent little time with me. I envied other kids who would play catch with their dad. I envied the kids whose dad coached soccer or baseball. Dad tried to explain that his job provided a rich lifestyle for my mother and me and with his promotion he wouldn’t have to travel as much.


My father didn’t understand my lack of coordination or inability to play the outfield in little league. How do you explain missing the catch that would have won the game? Most of the time it was a shock if I caught the ball. Dad was a natural athlete and a jock beginning in grade school. He had a natural physique that was enhanced by regular visits to the gym. His arms were bigger than my thighs whereas my biceps were the size of his wrists. I took after my mom’s family who were all as skinny as rails. Fortunately I got my brains from my dad’s side of the family. The guys in eighth grade considered me a geek since I was the smartest guy in my class. My knowledge of computers and games was legendary.


Maybe dad was trying to cram in ten years of father/ son bonding into one summer, and don’t get me wrong I loved it, but it was impossible to become something I wasn’t. Yes I had a little more confidence but I didn’t have and never would have the talent for sports like he had. When he started taking me to the gym with him I loved it. I absorbed the gym culture like a sponge. It was also when I discovered that I was turned on by other guys with great physiques especially huge bodybuilders. I didn’t understand. I was just as turned on by beautiful women. That was the first inkling that I was bisexual.


Dad wanted to do a makeover of me beginning with a haircut. He hated long hair as well as man-buns as much as I dislike extremely short hair or shaved heads. I had to admit the hair did get in the way while lifting. The new haircut wasn’t too short but it was radically different than the shoulder length hair my mother loved. The second thing he did was get me contact lenses to eliminate the ugly thick glasses. I had to admit that gym training, haircut, getting rid of the geek glasses, and new clothes made me more of a stud… or twink as it may be. I liked the look.


So back to the first day of high school; we got our schedules and were sent to find our homerooms. Mr. Peters, the homeroom teacher, assigned us seats alphabetically so he didn’t have to call roll. If a seat was empty he knew you were absent. I ended up toward the back of one of the rows sitting between two jocks named Luke and Jerrod.





In front and in back of me were two of the hottest girls in my class. To say I was distracted was an understatement.


The jocks to the right and left of me were always hitting on the girls and I was almost jealous the guys weren’t hitting on me. Maybe that was why the girls befriended me because I didn’t hit on them, I was safe. I actually went out on dates with both girls but I knew I didn’t have a chance because they also went out with the jocks. I considered the girl’s friends more than future mates. I was a safe date but the jocks just wanted to get them in bed.


It was strange but the five of us built a friendship that lasted throughout high school. Luke and Jerrod were football jocks and the girls and I were part of the co-ed cheerleading team. I learned how to do lift’s and catches of the girls while Luke and Jerrod perfected catching and running the football.


One time they belittled my abilities so I challenged them to do a lift. Even though they were quite muscular they couldn’t do it. Of course Sandy wasn’t helping them because she was afraid of being dropped. I showed them how we do a Cupie or Awesome (a lift). In this position, the flyer (Sandy) had her two feet held by my one hand. My arm is straight above my head with the elbow locked. The flyer stands straight with hands in a high “v” and my free hand is either on my hip or in a high ‘v’. If the base (me) has his hand is on his hip, the position is known as a cupie. If his hand is in a high ‘v’, the position is known as an awesome. After that I thought maybe I earned their respect but years later I found out that I was wrong.


We scattered all over the country for college although Sandy and I dated during the summer and during holidays when we were home. Sandy had more boyfriends than the grains of sand on a beach and she would tell me of her conquests on our movie or dinner dates. From what I could tell they were all muscular like Luke. Those guys seemed to be her lovers and I was her friend even though I wanted to be more than a friend. Senior year of college her family moved out of the neighborhood and I lost contact with Sandy. She later claimed she lost my phone number in the move.


After graduation I started working in downtown Chicago not knowing Sandy was working in the same building. One day I was running late and we ended up in the same car on the ‘L’ (elevated tracks of the subway system in downtown Chicago). We agreed to meet for lunch. Sandy seemed to have grown up now that she was on her own. To make a long story short we fell in love and got married two years later. I assumed I took her virginity on our honeymoon but being a virgin myself how would I know? I was gloriously happy.


We continued working and the plan was she would quit when she got pregnant.


We met for lunch just about every day to be with each other and talk. One day as we sat down for lunch I heard my name being called from across the room. Looking up I saw a huge bodybuilder in a polo shirt. I didn’t know anyone that big! Then looking at his face it hit me that the guy was Luke, our high school buddy Luke. I stood and greeted him while Sandy sat there in awe. I wasn’t surprised when she jumped up and hugged him. What I didn’t like is that he squeezed into the booth next to my wife to join us for lunch uninvited. I couldn’t believe that my beautiful sophisticated wife turned into a fourteen year old who just met Justin Bieber. She found a thousand reasons to touch his body and I only could imagine what was going on under the table.


They handed me the check for lunch and he didn’t even offer to pay for what he ate. That night Sandy was wild in bed and I couldn’t help blaming it on Luke. I figured we wouldn’t see him again but there he was the next Friday when we sat down for lunch. Luke suggested we get together but fortunately that next weekend we were going to visit her parents. I was relieved when Luke didn’t show up at lunch the next week.


I was glad to have met Luke again but I really didn’t want him in my life. In a way I was afraid of my feelings of admiration for the body he built and in another way I didn’t want him to steal my wife away. I wondered what might happen if I was alone with him. Thoughts of slowly stripping him naked and then making him cum danced before my eyes. One thing I had to thank Luke for was Sandy’s ramped up sex drive since he reunited with us.


A couple weeks later I had to go to a meeting in St Louis and I invited Sandy to come with me. She declined because she wanted to save her paid time off in case she got pregnant. So instead of staying the weekend I came back late Friday night with some great news. Sandy ran into my arms at the airport and she was overjoyed. She whispered in my ear that she was pregnant. I was ecstatic and then I told her my news; I got a promotion, a bonus, and a much larger salary. She could quit her job without us losing lifestyle. She put in her notice and they asked her to stay on until the new HR person got up to speed. She only worked a few hours a day training the new person but kept her full salary. We knew that was temporary.


One day I decided to go home for lunch because I spilled coffee on my shirt and I needed to change. My suit jacket covered the spot but I had to keep my coat buttoned for it to stay hidden. I told my secretary that I would be taking a long lunch and told her approximately when I would return.


I didn’t call Sandy because I thought I might surprise her. I was quiet opening the door and disarming the alarm. The house was so quiet and I thought she might be napping or in the bathroom; she seemed like she was always in the bathroom since she got pregnant.


Then as I approached the bedroom I heard some grunting and thought she might be exercising. I smiled before I looked in the half open door. Standing there I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was huge muscular man on my bed fucking like a madman and my wife was under him. As they fucked I could tell she was building toward a toe curling climax unlike any I had never seen or heard before. I rolled away with my back to the hallway wall listening to the kind of sex you would expect to hear in a porn film. I knew it was Luke long before I heard her scream his name when she climaxed.


I stumbled down the hall and got a fresh shirt out of the laundry where the dry cleaning hung to air out before being put in the closet. I set the alarm and locked the front door. I changed my shirt in the garage and parked down the block before I called Sandy.


“I was exercising,” she said to explain why she was out of breath.


“It sounds like you were overdoing. Remember what the doctor said,” I chuckled. “I was thinking of coming home for lunch…”


“No please don’t because I have nothing in the refrigerator for lunch,” she said almost in a panic. Seconds later a shirtless Luke came out of my house, got into his truck, and drove away.


“Okay, I’ll get a burger or something downtown. See you tonight, love you,” I said breaking the connection. I was angry, pissed off, hungry, and my cock was rock hard from seeing Luke run from the house half naked… or was it because I saw them fucking in my bed. I rubbed my cock thinking there is no fat on his body, none at all. What was it like being in bed with him? Would he let me run my hands over…Whoa, whoa what am I saying? I was useless all afternoon so I stayed an extra hour to finish up. I left work later and got home almost at the regular time. Coming home I sat down to a wonderful dinner.


“I thought I saw Luke downtown around lunchtime,” I casually told her.


“Oh?” she said calmly as she poured me coffee. She sounded calm but she spilled some coffee on the counter when I said his name.


“I walked the other way so I didn’t have to buy him lunch,” I laughed.


“That’s not nice,” she laughed and relaxed assuming I didn’t know anything about Luke being there at the house. “After my workout I took a warm bath and went to the grocery store. I rode in one of those electric carts so my ankles wouldn’t swell. That store is so big. I wanted to save some of my strength for tonight,” she said seductively. “We ought to get together with Luke. Maybe invite him to the house.”


I sat there and did a double biceps flex. “Luke you have big muscles,” I said like Darth Vader.


“Yes he does,” she said dreamily. That night we had wild sex… twice.


We didn’t invite Luke to the house and I didn’t ever catch them having some afternoon delight again. I knew it was happening but I couldn’t prove it. I even set up a secret wildlife camera in the bushes by the front door but all I got was the mail man, the FedEx guy and a couple dogs and cats from the neighborhood. I was about to trust it wasn’t happening anymore when I got a cat picture with Luke in the background walking along the fence line toward the back door of the house. I assumed they knew where the camera was. I secretly added another camera around the back door. I had evidence.


I was planning to confront them when Sandy called to say she was in labor. The baby was coming three weeks early. We rushed to the hospital and that night my first son was born. I asked the doctor if this was a premature birth and he laughed at me.


“At nine pounds eight ounces no baby is premature. You counted wrong,” the doctor laughed.


Mark Joseph was named after his paternal grandfather. For the first four weeks I was allowed to sleep most of the night but was awakened for the 4am feeding. I would put Mark down and go into work early so I could leave early and beat the rush hour traffic. During the next checkup we got the all clear to have sex but Sandy and I were exhausted. We tried but Mark started crying and that ended everything. Sandy told me that she began getting eight hours sleep because she didn’t have to deal with Mark until noon. Now if he would only sleep eight hours at night.


What I didn’t know is that Luke was spending the morning at my house so Sandy could sleep. He was also fucking her regularly so eight weeks after Mark was born she was pregnant again. If we fucked a half dozen times during those eight weeks it was a lot. The thing is I knew I couldn’t be the father because I had myself tested and my sperm count was nearly zero because of a medication I was on.


I gathered all my data and invited Luke to the house one Saturday morning. Sandy was surprised to see him but they hugged anyway. She was scheduled to spend the weekend at her mom’s house. I handed them my sperm count results and they shrugged. Then I showed them a DNA test on Mark and myself proving Mark wasn’t mine.


“I would wager the Mark and Luke would be a perfect match,” I said. Luke stood and walked toward me threateningly.


“No need for fancy tests. Both kids are mine,” he proudly announced.


“Get out of my house,” I ordered. Luke left and Sandy packed the baby in the car.


“It is true,” she said tearfully. “I had you tested two years ago and there was no way you could…”


“We should have talked about this,” I said as she wept.


“I wanted us to have children,” she admitted as she started the car. “I did it for us.” With that she sobered up and drove away. She called when she got to her mom and dad’s house and said she might stay a few extra days.


I spent Saturday cleaning the garage, mowing the lawn, and doing general yard work. The house was spooky quiet without the baby around. I almost dreaded being alone and thought about going to my in-laws house when the doorbell rang. I thought Sandy changed her mind until I opened the front door and saw Luke standing there wearing low cut jeans with his shirt over his shoulder. Fuck he was not only muscular he was pumped and sweaty for being in the gym for several hours. He smelled like sex.



“You upset Sandy,” he said as he pushed into the house.


“Fuck you sperm donor!” I yelled back.


“Well fuck you too faggot! I went through the history on your laptop and I know where you surf to jack off!” he yelled back. I sat. My heart was racing because he knew… He started to open his jeans making my cock get hard. “You want the real thing? Have you ever had the real thing?” he asked as he flexed. He stopped and looked at me. “Your ass is still virginal isn’t it?”


“Married men are supposed to be…” I slumped in the chair looking at the floor


“I’ll be glad to teach you how two men have a good time together,” he grinned and I was terrified.


I tried to distract him by offering him a beer and I started talking about his football career. Then I got him talking about bodybuilding and that was probably my biggest mistake. I… we had more beer than I intended and my inhibitions began to crumble. He asked to take a shower and I led him to the master bathroom. He stripped off my shirt suggested we shower together because I was pretty ripe too. In my big shower room he began to demonstrate cleaning out his ass and suggested I clean my ass out too. I objected but not that strongly.


“Don’t be nervous,” he said calmly. I simply nodded my head hoping this would stop. “I’ll take good care of you and if you ever want me to stop, I will… no questions asked.” He smiled and I somehow didn’t believe him.


“Now get down on all fours. Keep your ass up high for me,” he commanded. I thought it was some kind of examination he wanted to do to make sure I was clean. I crawled onto the shower floor and arched my back so my ass was up. I had a rush of adrenaline anticipating what might come next. He moaned at the sight of my hole and grabbed onto both of my ass cheeks. He massaged them with his big hands and groaned. I looked down surprised to see my hard cock starting to drip pre-cum. I remembered when I saw him run out of the house that first time. I wanted him to fuck me.


Holy shit, this is really happening, I remember thinking.


He placed his tongue on my tailbone then licked up and down my crack, teasing me sending shivers down my spine. Then suddenly, he grabbed both of my hips, pulled my ass closer to him, and pushed his tongue inside my freshly cleaned hole.


I gasped, not having expected anything like that. He chuckled at my surprise and started rimming me. His tongue slid in and out of my hole, shooting waves of pleasure through my entire body. So this is what it’s like to get tongue-fucked. I pushed my hips back against him and I felt his tongue push deeper inside, causing me to groan a little louder than I intended. He smacked one ass cheek playfully and chuckled.


“You love having that hole played with. Don’t you? Just look at your cock. You’re leaking like a faucet.” I looked down again and saw he was right. My cock was rock hard and was constantly pumping out more pre-cum. I had never felt that way before and my thoughts started to lose focus. All I wanted was more. More of whatever he was doing to me.


I tried to slow my rapid breathing to calm down, but before I could, he was inserting a lubed finger into my ass hole. I gasped at the sudden invasion, but it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable. It was something doctors did during a checkup. He started stroking my insides with his finger, loosening up my hole. His finger began to prod and rub my prostate and I instinctively pushed my hips against him.


“Oh yeah, that’s the spot!” That’s the spot doctors hit that drove me nuts.


“You like that?” he asked again and I shook my head no. He slipped in a second finger and I gasped. “You still okay?” he asked softly as he strummed my love nut with both fingers.


“I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be feeling,” I gasped. He merely smirked and massaged his fingers around inside me. A few more minutes and he stuck in a third and then a fourth finger. I had used a small dildo the size of my thumb before, but I had no way of knowing how much better it would feel to have another man massaging my prostate. Without warning he pulled his fingers out of my hole. He coated a dildo with lube before he began pushing at my hole. Instinctively I clenched.


“Shh, quiet it’s okay, just relax.” His words reassured me and I relaxed the muscles around my hole. As I did I felt my hole stretch out wider and wider until it the head of the dildo was inside. At first the sensation was a bit uncomfortable because his dildo was much bigger than mine but far from painful. He slid in an out just an inch or two as I got used to the size. “Take a deep breath and relax again,” he commanded. I obeyed and he slid the remaining four inches inside. A large glob of pre-cum spilled onto the shower floor as I moaned in pleasure. I had never felt so… full before. He waited a few moments before pushing the dildo around into the recesses of my bowels. I buried my face in my forearm to keep from yelling. I could hear him snickering behind me, knowing I loved every second of this. After a while he tugged toy back out with a soft pop, and my hole twitched for something else to fill it.


“Okay let’s try something else now,” he said gruffly. He stood as I turned to face him but I stayed sitting on the tile. He had a massive chest, gigantic arms, and tight abs. Then without skipping a beat, he reached for his cock and started stroking himself. As he stroked his cock I shook my head no but the man musk coming from his body was doing something to my brain.


“Go on. Show me how much you want this cock.”


He grabbed my head and brought my face closer. The musk was stronger. I placed both my hands on his hips and brought my mouth right to the foreskin. I inhaled deeply because this close I was overwhelmed by his manly smells. To me it was a drug driving me wild. Without another thought, I wrapped my lips around the head, savoring his taste, and then slowly started working the rest into my mouth. He placed a hand on the back of my neck and started to guide me up and down his shaft. I think his soft cock went down my throat.


“Yeah, that’s right! Swallow my cock!” I could feel his shaft getting harder in my mouth, which made me want it all the more. “Are you ready for the whole thing?” he asked just before using both hands to pull my head down on his cock.


I felt the head push to the back of my mouth and down my throat until my chin was touching his ball sack. I gagged but he held me fast until it quit. I looked up at him to see a devilish grin spreading across his face. He clasped both sides of my head and started humping my face. Each thrust slid his cock deeper down my throat creating a new gag. I pushed away to get a breath of air.


“Oh fuck yeah!” he groaned.


“You wanna try the real thing now?” he asked.


“What?” I asked innocently.


He ordered me to get back on my hands and knees and he got behind me and immediately pushed his tongue back into my hole. Now that it was more stretched out it felt like he was reaching twice as deep than he did before. I couldn’t hold back my moans of pleasure. He pulled his tongue back out and I heard him positioning himself. Then I felt his warm cock resting across my hole as he gently slid it along my crack. I was losing my mind.


“Please no,” I pleaded with him.


He started grinding his cock against my crack with a bit more intensity. He chuckled again as he added globs of lube.


“I’m going to give you exactly what you want!” he muttered before parking the cock head on my hole and sliding the tip of his thick pole inside. He was definitely bigger than any finger I’ve had up my ass so far, but once again it wasn’t that painful… yet. In fact, despite the tight fit, I could feel the lube working as my ass began swallowing his cock inch after inch until he was balls deep. He held still to let me feel his hot throbbing cock pulsing inside of me.


He started thrusting slowly, letting me adjust to his huge tool. I expected him to pick up speed but after only a minute inside me it was like he was teasing me. I began begging him to fuck me harder. He didn’t hesitate once I asked him and started to thrust faster. After a minute he stopped and lowered his chest to my back. Feeling his hard body against mine while his tool filled me was a fantasy come true. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my moans of pleasure became more shouts of joy than anything else.


Without saying a word he flipped me onto my back with his dick still inside me. He raised my legs up over his shoulders and started pounding my hole with even more vigor.


“This ass is mine. Mine to tease, mine to play with, mine to fuck to my heart’s desire.”


I had to admit to myself that he was absolutely right.


“Stand up.” He ordered and I obeyed him. He pressed his body into my back and his cock slipped back into my willing hole. He slid his hands up my stomach to my chest where he started to pinch my nipples and kiss my neck. I pushed back into him, letting my hole swallow his massive cock. How could I have denied doing this for so long? Why was I so afraid of this? He placed his hands on my hips and fucked me ravenously. Each thrust sent a new wave of electricity through my body. His pace quickened and he started to grunt and growl.


“You want this?”


I thought he was already giving it to me when he buried his dick as deep as it would go. He wrapped his huge arms around me and bit down into shoulder as his cock pulsed and spurted. He growled deeply while his cum continued to pump into me until I thought it would never end. When he finally finished he pulled his softening cock out slowly.


“Look at that cum just oozing out of your ass. Reach back and feel it,” he growled. I gasped feeling how much cum was flowing out of me over my balls and down my legs. How much did he pump inside me? He started nibbling my ear and whispering how this was just the beginning and that there may be a dozen babies. He informed me that none of them would be mine yet I would treat them as my own. I knew what he said was true.


“There will be a gym where I can train our sons and I think a small house for Uncle Luke,” he chuckled. About then I was willing to give him anything he asked for within reason. “There is one more thing I need you to do,” he said. He guided me to the bed and I sat. He turned and his cock was at my mouth as he bent to suck my cock. I had been leaking pre-cum but I hadn’t cum. I took his cock between my lips and the taste of semen on his cock made me want him even more. I trembled as I felt like I was about to climax. My cum began to explode and I think it was the best climax of my life.


“I’m gonna cum again!” Luke barely managed to say before my mouth and throat were flooded with his thick warm cream. I swallowed as much as I could, but it was simply too much. I pulled my head away and it drained from my mouth as he continued to shoot his cum all over my face and chest. He rolled onto his side next to me.


“You sure that’s your first time?” he asked sarcastically.


“Yes,” I said softly.


Later he led me into the shower and he made me wash his body. I thought the way he rubbed his hard body against mine was one of the most sensual things I had ever experienced. Then when he washed me I thought I might have another orgasm. The whole weekend when we weren’t sleeping or eating we were fucking. I began to doubt that I was in love with Sandy and I said something. Luke set me straight and yelled at me.


“Don’t be an idiot. Whatever is happening, the one thing you do know is that woman loves you very, very much. You two are so much fun to watch. You are this big macho man, full of power and wealth expecting everyone to do his bidding at the office. Sandy walks up and you are putty in her hands. You would give her the sun and the moon if she asked for them even back in high school. She just wanted the genuine you. She trusted you implicitly. In cheerleading she knew you would never drop her and would always catch her perfectly. When you did the way you looked at each other could have set the stadium on fire. Then you would set her on her feet and present her to the cheering fans in the bleachers. Did you know you would always take a step back to let her take all the credit for you performance? You know why I couldn’t lift her back then, she didn’t trust me. You stupid man, there were times you two would go at it. It was funny since you never argued in front of anybody, but you could always tell when there was an argument. And we could see how the distance between the two of you always hurt you. It was always you; it was never her that gave in. We could see she held back her affection and you would do anything to get it back. The sun and the moon buddy! The sun and the moon! Don’t you ever doubt that she loves you!




When Sandy returned we sat and talked with her explaining about Luke’s house and the future gym. She listened and then added stipulations of her own. She wanted me in the room while Luke was in the bed impregnating her. I could watch or participate but she would rather me be in bed with them. If Luke and I wanted to pal around without her (her words for man on man sex) we would do it at his house. She seemed to have known all along that I was bisexual but she didn’t want outside people coming in to pal around with either of us and she demanded that Luke and I make peace. There was a list of demands too numerous to list here and they all made sense if we were going to make this work.


The 500 acre farm that backed up to our fifty acre Ranchette came up for sale and I bought it. Luke had his instant house that wasn’t that far from ours. He converted one of the small barns into a gym and I was the first one he started training. He worked my ass off until I had a buff body. What a perfect reward for working hard; a shower fuck.


That was twenty years ago and young Mark has just finished college. People say the boys look like me but they all have physiques like Uncle Luke.


So far we are raising four of my son Mark’s boys and there may be more that we don’t know about. Our second son Todd took better precautions and has only produced two sons that live in our house. Rick, Terry, Mike, Dennis, Al and Jim I’m sure have all spread the genes of their superior biological father to the next generation ‘for the good of mankind’ as my son Mark says.


Today the area around Luke’s house is a veritable sports complex where our eight boys and six grandsons can learn to excel in their chosen sport. Mark is building a home for his new wife and I think it is a modern monstrosity. Fortunately it is on the other side of the property and I can’t see it from my house. Todd has picked out his land and wants to build a modern energy efficient traditional looking farmhouse complete with barns. Uncle Luke and I will build it for him once he gets a job. You may wonder how we can afford all those kids and our lavish lifestyle including building houses for our sons. We discovered oil on the farm and we pump money out of the ground every day 24/7 without fail.


You may think that raising fourteen boys is difficult but Sandy says she would gladly take on ten more boys and love every minute. If Mark and Todd are any example she may get her wish once Rick, Terry, Mike, Dennis, Al, and Jim start college.


As for me and Luke he is still the alpha male. I willingly let him strip me naked and use my body for his pleasure. Some people may think it is humiliating but there is nothing like a hard body dominating and fucking me into oblivion yet sometimes turnaround is fair play. I remember the night of Mark’s wedding. The kids were all asleep in bed, Sandy was soaking in the tub, and I remember walking into Luke’s kitchen. The only light was from an open door to the hall. He was lost in thought looking out of the window at the stars.


“Do you have any idea how sexy it is to see the father of my children wearing a tuxedo?” I said standing behind him drawing his hands back to feel my raging shaft while speaking softly in his ear. “I could cum right now with how hot you look tonight,” hearing a soft groan and turning his face for a kiss I noticed his eyes were closed.


I pulled off his jacket as well as mine hanging them on a chair and once again pressing against his back I undid his tie then I opened his shirt.


“I should have my way with you,” I said nipping his ear. Hearing a gasp I knew I was right about some recent suspicions I had about Luke. It wasn’t hard to see that the muscles I had gained under his tutelage turned him on. His new fantasy was taking a little rough play and domination from me. “Make no mistake I would tie your wrists with invisible rope and torture you (I twisted a nipple) the whole time I was making love to that magnificent body of yours,” rubbing my hands inside his now opened shirt feeling his incredibly hard torso as I pushed my crotch once more against hands which remained clasped behind his back even though I hadn’t told him they were tied or that they needed to remain there.


I pulled his shirt off and down his arms, leaving it around his wrists acting as handcuffs as I took off my own shirt coming back to press my hard pecs against his back, hearing a moan when my bare chest touched his back. Reaching up, I turned his head for another long kiss before I talked about eating his ass out then sliding in to dump load after load of cum inside his tight ass hearing faint groans from where he stood transfixed. I couldn’t see the expression on his face but his body trembled. I told him the different ways I would make love to his defenseless body. I kept hearing his moans grow louder and more helpless.


It was as if he was glued to the spot so I knelt to strip off his shoes and pants. Then I removed his under shirt. I stepped back to survey the beautiful naked man as I stripped down behind him so he couldn’t see me. Once again I placed my rock solid cock in his hands only to hear a whimper.


“Understand, I’ll strip you down until the only thing you’ll be wearing will be this ring because you are mine.” I slipped the ring on his finger. “But also understand something else I will also be wearing the mate of your ring because I am yours as well.” I said speaking softly with my lips right behind his ear.


He cried out as he started firing huge ropes of cream toward the countertop. His knees buckled but his hands remained behind his back. I made it to the door with my clothes in hand when he spoke up.


“Are we done in here?” Luke asked.


“For now. I did make promises to you. It won’t be tonight or tomorrow, but someday you’ll come home and I’ll be standing here holding up my ring for you to see and I will show you how we are nowhere near done in here.”


He squeezed his eyes closed as I spoke to him. I ran my free hand over his hard pecs. It was like the world stopped for a moment to digest what was promised as well as implied. Then I quietly left.




“Is Luke okay?” Sandy whispered as I slipped into bed. She was naked and I was tasered when our bodies touched. We softly kissed as she ran her hands over my hard buff body. I rubbed against her and she moaned.




“Luke is Luke, proud father of our newly married son. Did you see his shirt buttons popping off out of pride for Mark the man he has helped create?”


“The two of you created,” she smiled.


“The three of us. You are the foundation.” I said smiling down at her.


“I gave you the boys and you made them into men!”


“Yes dear,” I said as I closed in for another kiss that turned into passionate lovemaking. She clawed at my muscular back as the third massive orgasm washed over her body. I plunged in deep and added my fluids to hers. She whispered her thanks in the afterglow as she snuggled against me and drifted off to sleep.


I knew that Luke was in the shadows watching and waiting for a sign to join us but it never came. His time was coming but it wasn’t tonight or ten nights from now. One day when he least expects it I will fulfill my promise to my alpha, my lover, and my friend and that night will be monumental.







I decided to move all the stories from my original blog. I did something that locked me out of the original blog when we had the password issue so after a time I just started a new blog. These stories are in order by the dates they were published on this forum.




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Entry posted by Diesel · January 21







I was 17 years old when my parents were killed in a plane crash. I stayed with my grandmother for the rest of that school year and then after graduation it was decided that I should live with my aunt in Michigan. Grandma was great but she couldn’t cope with a teenager in the house. I love her to death but we both knew I had to get out of there. My aunt had a farm that she ran with the help of my cousin Tony. He was 23-years-old and worked with my aunt to manage the family farm. He graduated from some agriculture college with the goal of owing his own farm but that all changed when his dad was killed in Afghanistan.


I took a Greyhound Bus to the small town near the farm. The further the bus traveled the less civilization there was. It was like I went back in time into rural America. Finally I arrived in the small town and got off the bus. I looked up and down Main Street and I could see where the town ended and the farms began—on both ends of the street. I collected my bag and went into the small storefront that served as the bus station.


“We’re closing up in fifteen minutes,” the ticket seller told me. “You waitin’ for somebody?”


“My cousin is picking me up,” I said.


“And who would that be,” he asked in order to gather some gossip.


“I’ll just wait outside. Is there a Coke machine close by,” I asked as if I didn’t hear his question.


“Down in front of the drugstore,” he pointed in the direction the bus came into town. The machine was so old it didn’t have a dollar bill changer. A Coke was just fifty cents. Luckily I had change. By the time I got back to the bus station it was closed up as tight as a drum. The streets were so deserted I thought maybe it was siesta time. Later I found out that all the businesses closed at noon on Wednesday. Why? Because they were open a half day on Saturday. Hey, it didn’t make any sense to me but this is a small town. I waited about twenty minutes and was just about to wander down the street for a second coke when a pickup truck stopped at the curb. My Aunt Jenifer jumped out and threw her arms around me.


Although Aunt Jen had grown up in Chicago she had become a farmer’s wife through and through. Her laugh was contagious and her warm welcoming hug was just what I needed. She thought I was too skinny and that I needed more meat on my bones. She talked a mile a minute all the way back to the farm. I told her about the station master and she laughed.


“By the time we get home they will have figured out that you are visiting us. It is just a process of elimination. They will want to know why you are here and how long you will stay. They will assume that my son Tony is buying his own farm. Or they will assume you are a troubled kid sent away by your parents. They may even think that we are doing so well we had to hire somebody to help,” she laughed. “I told the preacher at church about the plane crash so maybe they will put two and two together. I hope that doesn’t bother you,” she said quietly.


“No,” I said. “I still miss them,” I said as my eyes welled up with tears.


“I miss them too,” she said as tears dropped off her chin.


“Why do things like this happen,” I asked.


“I asked the same thing when your Uncle Jim died. He was in the reserves. He was in supply and he wasn’t even in battle. He was in the wrong place and it was his time,” she said with tearful resignation.


“It still hurts,” I said softly.


“It will for a long time,” she said. It started to rain and the rain made her happy. “A gentle rain is cleansing. It makes the crops grow,” she smiled through her tears.


I somehow knew there was a silver lining to the cloud I was under. The likelihood of me starting college in the fall was dim. All my parents’ money was tied up. They kept on delaying. I believed the lawyers were doing that to see how much money they could get from the estate—two thirds for them one third for me. To them I was just a stupid kid that didn’t know the law.


I was lost in that thought when we turned into the farm.




Chapter 2


The kitchen smelled of fresh baked bread, roast beef, and all the good stuff you have for Sunday dinner—except it was Wednesday. I set my bag down in the kitchen as she checked the oven and turned on a burner to boil the potatoes.


She brought out an old fashioned glass milk bottle and mixed the cream that had risen to the top of the bottle back into the milk. A tin of chocolate chip cookies was placed before me and ice cold milk filled a tall glass. I dipped the cookies and savored the treat. Grandma was on a heart diet and didn’t even have whole milk in the house. This was unpasteurized milk straight from the cow with cream still mixed in—delicious!


Aunt Jen sat at the table and looked me in the eyes. “I’m so glad you’ve come,” she said with all sincerity. “I’ve been getting a room together for you upstairs but the new mattress didn’t come in yet. There hasn’t been much need for those bedrooms since the girls and Jim Jr. got married. I hope you don’t mind sleeping in Tony’s room until the bed comes in. You could sleep on the sofa he has in there or if you’d rather the sofa in the living room,” she offered.


“Do you think Anthony will mind?”


“Don’t call him Anthony or Tone,” she warned. “He has grown out of that.” She laughed heartily. “Come on let me take you upstairs,” she offered.


We went up the back steps, down the hall and into Tony’s bedroom. The upstairs was darkened by the sun blocking shades and familiar odors brought me back to my childhood visits. Tony was five or six years older than I was but he was the baby of his family ten years younger than his other brother and sisters who were all married.


“I’ll leave you to freshen up. Use the hall bathroom because I don’t know how clean Tony’s bathroom is,” she laughed. They had apparently come to some agreement about not invading each other’s space. “Dinner will be when Tony gets home.”


There was a big bed in Tony’s room—queen or king, a sofa, two easy chairs and big flat screen TV. The room was clean and so was the bathroom but I took my aunt’s advice and used the other bathroom. I left my suitcase packed until I figured out where I was going to sleep.


There were a lot of additions to the original farmhouse. The last addition was done by Aunt Jen and Uncle Jim. I think that my aunt and uncle wanted their privacy at the other end of the house. Uncle Jim had taken the three bedrooms downstairs and converted them into a huge master suite with a luxurious bathroom and a walk-in his and hers closet. The addition to the back of the house had another master suite and four bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The first floor of the addition was a big recreation room. The room that was now Tony’s bedroom was where guests slept when we came for weekend visits when I was a kid. The bedroom they were fixing for me (Tony’s old bedroom) adjoined the hall bathroom. I explored. The girls’ old rooms were packed with boxes and totally unusable. There was a Jack and Jill bathroom for the girls’ bedrooms.


Tony’s old room had been painted and there was a new coat of polyurethane on the floor. The windows were open but you could still smell the fumes. I heard the tractor come into the yard and I knew Tony was home and it was time for supper.




Chapter 3


I hadn’t seen Tony for many years. We came for his high school graduation and after the ceremony he went off with his friends. He was still sleeping when my parents and I left the next day so I actually only saw Tony in cap and gown for about five minutes that trip. The time before that was when Tony’s team won some championship game in some other city. He was in football pads is all I remember. I think I was in sixth grade at the time. Then after that he was off at college when we visited. Counting back it had been about eight years—maybe ten since I saw him for more than a few minutes.


I looked down into the yard and saw him come out of the barn. It was as if my Uncle Jim had been reincarnated. Tony had become a man—a big muscular man! I made my way downstairs to see if I could help set the table or something. Tony was taking his boots off in the mud room/ enclosed back porch. He announced that he was going to jump in the shower. He disappeared into the basement. “Make it a quick shower! The food is ready,” my aunt said without looking his way. I don’t think he saw me.



He was upstairs in five minutes in clean clothes and smelling of the bath soap they used. I loved that smell. It was all part of the aura of the farm.


“You’re here cuz!” he smiled. His handshake had been firm and his smile of welcome was genuine. “Boy you have grown! I remember you as being that tall.” He held his hand at his waist.


“Ok everybody,” Aunt Jen interrupted. “The food is on the table.” We sat and she blessed the food.


“And bless the cook…” Tony added. She blushed.


I hadn’t had a meal like that since before I went to live with grandma. This was a meal for men who worked hard. There was real butter and real homemade bread, roast that melted in your mouth, mashed potatoes, thick brown gravy, three vegetables, plus fresh corn on the cob—and there were no restrictions as to how much I ate. When we cleared the dishes and loaded the dishwasher there was fresh coffee and mile high apple pie. (The pie was actually four inches high and made from scratch—even the crust.)


“Ice cream,” Tony asked.


“I didn’t know there would be pie!” I said as I sat back ready to burst. “Only a half slice for me and no ice cream thank you,” I replied. Aunt Jen looked worried.


“Don’t worry mom he’ll have an appetite tomorrow!” he chuckled. He had two scoops of vanilla ice cream on his pie. I watched him eat and was in awe of his thick muscular arms and bulging chest. I wondered how his waist stayed so small.


Afterwards, I dried the pots and pans which Tony washed. Aunt Jen had gone to put her feet up. She had the evening news on and was asleep in front of the TV. Tony was only interested in the weather report and then he went up to his room. I watched Big Bang with her and then she put on another news program. When it was dark she went to bed. There was nothing on TV so I went up and knocked on Tony’s door.




Chapter 4


“The sofa downstairs isn’t very comfortable. Could I try your sofa?” I asked. He paused what he was watching on his TV as soon as I opened the door a crack.


“That sofa is worse than the one downstairs,” he laughed. “You can sleep with me unless you find that too weird,” he said as he changed the disk. An action adventure movie came on the screen. It was like it was in the middle of the movie which I found strange. He paused the movie and turned to talk to me. “I know what you are going through,” he said. “I still miss my dad and you have that times two. If you need to talk…”


“Thanks Tony,” I said softly. I felt guilty that I hadn’t grieved for my parents since I set foot on the farm. “I think being here will help. Being with grandma and her restricted diet… I really love her but I think she cried more than I did. We both needed our space.” I told him.


“I understand, sometimes you just need to keep busy,” he advised. “A little love doesn’t hurt either.”


“I didn’t date much last year. Grandma wanted me home when it got dark. She went to bed after the nine o’clock news. I usually played on the computer quietly for a couple hours before I went to bed,” I admitted.


“By the way I set up your computer. (I had shipped some stuff I couldn’t take on the bus.) Hope you don’t mind. You need to clear the history more often,” he said. “Some people might find out where you play at night.” My face turned bright red.


“What did you find?” I gulped. “Did you open…”


“Yep,” he grinned. My cousin stood and began to strip. He was a big muscular bodybuilder just like his dad! “Have you ever been in bed with someone who looked like the pictures in that hidden file—someone like me?”


“You had no right to snoop,” I said. “Who else did you tell?”


“I just told you and nobody else.” Tony said as he stepped out of his pants. “You work with me on the farm and in the gym in the basement and you could look like this too,” he offered. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. He slowly pushed his boxers down and as he bent in half his butt was perfectly proportioned and so muscular his ass cheeks spread to display a rosebud begging for attention. There was no tan line. That skin had often seen the sun. He turned to face me and his un-cut dick hung down six inches from the tuft of blond pubic hair. His balls looked like they belonged on a bull. He leaned against the arm of the sofa and his cock began to harden.


“You are very welcome to share my bed, but in this room you need to sleep in the nude. If anything happens between us—you will have to initiate contact. If something does happen between us you can’t get all sappy and look at me with moon eyes. Mom will see right though you. She might even send you packing. You were a jock in high school so just act like you did in the locker room. Mom will like it if we are friends.”


I climbed into my side of the bed and Tony switched off the lamp.


“Night,” I said as I turned on my side and snuggled into the pillow. Tony’s reply was a soft snore. I had slept with cousins before but I was in grade school at the time. I had never slept with a man like Tony. He had a better body than some of my imaginary lovers in that hidden file.




Chapter 5


I awoke at four in the morning. I must have relaxed in the darkness because I kicked off everything but the sheet and I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck. We were nestled together like two spoons. His massive erect penis was lodged deep inside the length of my ass-crack. His muscular arm was around me and his hand was on my chest.


So much for me initiating first contact, I thought. I had imagined scenarios like this a thousand times but now that it was real there were butterflies in my stomach. I never thought that a muscle guy’s body would be that hard—I mean his whole body was hard even though he was fully relaxed and sleeping.


Maybe he wasn’t sleeping.


At school one time an opposing team member had cornered me and tried to take my cherry but my friends heard me and came to my rescue. They threatened to cut off his cock if he ever did that again. One of the guys even pulled out a knife. The guy said that I wanted it (which was true) but he was going to rape me and I didn’t want that. Fortunately my teammates believed me and not him. The guy was so scared he pissed his pants.


Tony’s penis felt like a ram-rod compared to the runt of a cock that once tried to rape me. I reached back and gently felt his naked ass. I slowly stroked his rod with my ass and felt pre-cum dribble onto the small of my back. Then my cousin snorted in his sleep and I pulled my hand away. Tony rolled over onto his back. I felt the air cool my back where his hot body had been. I closed my eyes and clamped my hand around my cock while wishing he would roll back against my back.


I must have been drifting in and out of sleep because when I awoke again the shower was running. The next time I opened my eyes there was a delicious smell of fried bacon filling the air. I jumped in the shower, dressed in shirt, shorts, and work boots and went down to breakfast. I looked outside and it was still dark. Aunt Jen was in her robe and didn’t look awake. She soon set a big plate of bacon and eggs in front of me and I surprised myself by eating every bit of food. Grandma didn’t eat real eggs—and definitely not bacon.


We worked all day in the hot sun and Tony made me drink lots of water. We moved irrigation pipes from one field to another and by noon I was worn out. Aunt Jen had a big meal waiting for us but we were so dirty we at on the picnic bench in the back yard under the tree. It was pleasantly cool with the breeze blowing. I dragged myself back out to the field where we put the rest of the pipe on a trailer. Fortunately I got to drive the tractor. I brought the pipe back to the barn and waited for Tony. My aunt ordered me into the basement shower to cool off and clean up. She set out some of Tony’s old clothes.


When I got upstairs it was pouring down rain and Tony did not return to the house until dinner time. His blond hair was plastered to his head and his clothes stuck to his skin. He showered downstairs and we all ate dinner. I was starved and Aunt Jen was very happy. It seemed like I was eating like a farmhand and she approved. After dishes Tony took me downstairs and made me stretch. We did a very light workout and then stretched again. I took another shower downstairs while he showered upstairs.


I crawled into bed and wanted sleep. It was just getting dark. The next morning I felt like I had been in a brawl. Everything hurt. Tony was already out of bed and downstairs. He came up to get me for breakfast and he made me stretch before I showered. I was still sore. They were discussing what had already been planted and what couldn’t be planted because of the rain. I thought that meant a day off to recover from my soreness but Tony said we were going to do some no-till planting if the field wasn’t too wet from the rain. We worked half a day and I didn’t know I could get that hungry from riding a tractor pulling a machine that was planting a field.


When we got back to the house my aunt was at the farmers market selling produce from the huge truck garden they had by the house. We ate leftovers. We showered upstairs and when I entered his room he was wrapped in a towel. I dropped my towel and was about to pull on briefs when he rubbed his cock across my ass.


“So why were you touching my ass the other morning?”


“I thought you were asleep,” I said as I straightened upright. I tried to turn to face him but he pulled me against his hard chest.


“I wasn’t asleep,” he said as he turned me to face him. His handsome face looked stern and his eyes were piercing.


“I’m sorry,” I whispered. “You were in a rather provocative position,” I justified my response to his snuggling. “I think you started it,” I said.


“No I think you started it! You were against my back and your cock was trying to hump me. Then you turned over so it was my turn to move against your backside,” he explained. “Then you grabbed my ass. It was too close to breakfast to do anything. Then last night you passed out on me. I could have done anything I liked—but I didn’t. Today is another day.” My big cousin grabbed me by the arm and brought me to the bed. “On your hands and knees, ass in the air,” he ordered. Tony’s big hand explored my butt.


“Why did you touch my ass?” he asked.


“I dunno,” I replied.


“Were you teasing me?”


“You’ll kill me if I tell you.”


“I might kill you if you lie to me,” he threatened.


“I-I wanted to feel your cock inside me. I-I wanted you to be the first…” I stopped before I made it worse. “I know we are related and… it is incest…”


“Wrong!” he said with authority. “You were adopted.” (A week later the lawyers confirmed that I had actually been adopted by my parents.) “Have you had a cock in you before?”


“No,” I answered.


His finger explored and penetrated me. I gasped at the intrusion but then sighed when the tip of his finger massaged my love-nut.


“You’ve got a tight one. It’ll hurt,” he warned.


“I know, I’ve read stories,” I said. He took me back to the bathroom and he showed me how to clean out properly.


“Everyone is different but it always hurts the first time,” he warned. My cousin coated his cock with Vaseline before climbing on top of me. I felt his knob press against my ass.


“Push like you are taking a crap,” he said. I did and he slipped the head of his cock past my tight sphincter. It hurt like hell.


“Keep doing it,” he ordered.


Tony inched his way inside me. When his nuts were brushing against my body he stopped and he fell to his side dragging me along.


“Tell me when it stops hurting,” he instructed.


“Take it out.” I begged. “I feel like I have to take a crap,” I whined. Tears filled my eyes as I struggled to accommodate his engorged dick inside my ass. Slowly, I started to get used to the alien invasion. I was impaled by Tony like I had dreamed so many times in my fantasies but I really didn’t like it. His hand gently stroked my trembling body. Despite the huge pole that was stretching my asshole, I started to relax. He must have felt something.


“Are you ok?” he whispered.


I nodded my head. Tony began thrusting, long hard strokes which made me whimper. After an eternity, I felt his rod swell deep inside me. He groaned and then began spraying the walls of my bowels with his cum. Our bodies were hot and sweaty and we lay there for the longest time. He took me to his bathroom and cleaned out my ass again. After I evacuated he washed me in his shower. He cleaned out his ass and then I washed him. Just touching his body had my cock hard again.


“What have we here?” Tony’s hand touched my super erect cock. “Nice! You want to give that to me?”


My cousin told me to get down on the shower floor. He straddled my hips and lined up my cock with his ass. He coated my dick with Vaseline and aimed it at his hole and it slid right into him. His inner-muscles seemed to swirl around the head, drawing me right inside him. His ass was so hot! His ass ring spasmed around my cock and he closed his eyes as he threw back his head.


“Are you ok?” I whispered.


“Fuck yes! Fuck me hard,” he moaned.


I commenced thrusting. Nothing had ever felt so good. All too soon my cock erupted, filling his ass with hot cum. We cleaned ourselves up and then went back to his bed where I straddled him. I wished we had done that the first time because I could control the pain of the stretching. After he filled me with cum again we fondled and kissed each other for an hour. We showered off and cleaned out one more time.


Chapter 6


That night at dinner I was fidgeting in the chair because my ass was sore.


“What’s the matter?” My aunt asked anxiously.


Tony grinned. “He’s ok; remember how sore I was when I first came home after graduating college. His is using muscles he didn’t know he had,” Tony laughed.


“I remember,” My aunt was relieved it was nothing more serious. I smiled to myself because I knew the truth. Living on the farm was going to be better than I ever imagined. Tony worked me like a slave all summer and when fall came none of my long sleeve shirts fit. His hands slowly worshipped my hard pecs and we had jaw dropping sex.


The boxes in his sisters’ old rooms were filled with clothes that didn’t fit Tony or his older brother any more. I slowly went through them and repacked the clothes that were too big. We separated out what no longer fit me and those clothes went to the church bazaar.


The harvest came in and it was a bumper crop. Jim Jr. and the two brother’s-in-law came to help. I thought I would have to be celibate while those guys were there but instead it was an orgy. I don’t know how we got the crop in. The girls married hunks that knew how to fuck ass. Peter was a lawyer and Mark was a CPA. They all grew up on farms and all three were bisexual. Peter helped me to settle my parents’ estate and Mark took care of the financial end. Jim Jr. fucked Tony and me like a sex starved teen. It was no wonder he had six kids. I spent two more years on the farm before I went to the same local AG College where my cousin got his degree. I lived and worked on the farm and my physique grew huge and buff.


(Note: Tony is in the background)


Sex with Tony just got better and better. Right after I graduated college my Aunt Jen suddenly passed away from a heart condition. All of us were devastated but her passing brought us all closer together.


Chapter 7


The farm has become the place to be on the holidays and it is wonderful to have the house full of people. His brother and two sister’s old bedrooms have become guest rooms. The kids sleep in the two guest room’s dormitory style—boys in one room girls in the other. Jim and Ann have the first master suite. Tony bunks on the daybed in my room (yeah right) with me so Peter and his wife Mary can have Tony’s master suite. We converted the recreation room to a third master suite for Mark and Sue. We put an addition on the house that houses a new kitchen, a huge dining room, and a recreation room that can seat everyone at once. We love when they all come because we all enjoy the bounty of the harvest. When they all go home it takes a few days to recover. After that we hit the gym hard to burn off all the extra calories and the more we work out the better sex is—it is a hopeless cycle but I love it!


Peter, Mark, and Jim always help plant crops in the spring and harvest in the fall but more and more I am beginning to look forward to the monthly business meeting we started having after Aunt Jen died. Tony owns 49% of the company that owns the farm and the rest is divided among his siblings. At first his sisters were at the meeting but eventually they let their husbands attend the boring weekday supper meetings alone. I take the minutes and publish them by the next day if the wives care to read them. Most of the time I could publish them before the meeting starts because they have already hashed out any issues or problems on the phone as they arise. So I read the old minutes and then the new minutes. Unless there is something I missed or something has come up we begin the orgy. I may not have been born into this family but I am their brother and they are mine.


After Thanksgiving this year when the house got super quiet I sat and thought about the laughter and all the good memories we were building. I realized that for the first time in many years I had a family. We were making traditions. The young ones wanted to come and gather together for the holiday meals. Summer was becoming summer camp. They willingly picked vegetables and learned how to preserve tomato’s and pickles in jars, how to freeze corn and green beans for the winter months, and make sausage. They learned how to sell vegetables at the farmer’s market in town. Then at Thanksgiving their chests would be bursting with pride knowing they provided part of the bounty we were so thankful for.


I look forward to Christmas and the Christmas trees and the decorations and the food, and the laughter, and the love but most of all having everyone here to share the traditions. Then I think that none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Tony.


Lost in thought I was surprised by Tony straddling my lap facing me. He set my book aside losing my place making me peeved. He took my face in his hands and looked deeply into my eyes.


“I am the luckiest man in the world. I look around and I see what we have knowing none of this would have happened if I didn’t have you,” he said with tears welling in his eyes. “I love you.”


How could I not love a man like that right back?




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I decided to move all the stories from my original blog. I did something that locked me out of the original blog when we had the password issue so after a time I just started a new blog. These stories are in order by the dates they were published on this forum.

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Entry posted by Diesel · January 21





I took some needed vacation time at Thanksgiving and drove to Florida. An older couple I got to know over twenty years ago was finally getting married. I was young enough to be their grandson but I felt like they were the closest of my friends. We were thrown together during a hurricane when my car died in a grocery store parking lot and I had nowhere to go and no way to get there. In the end the car got flooded and the insurance company gave me more for the car than the car was worth. The couple took me and my groceries in and I helped finish boarding up the house. During that storm and after they became like the parents I never had.


They dated in high school in the 1960’s and their lives stayed intertwined even after college. Judy became a teacher and Tom a National Park Ranger. Tom was stationed all over the country but Judy was rooted to the college where she taught. Tom retired and lived in his parents’ house and Judy was down to teaching one evening class a week. At 72 they decided to tie the knot. I teased them telling them they had one foot in the grave. They were as healthy as can be and remained healthy as they traveled the world for the next few years.


After dropping them off at their (honeymoon) cruise ship I continued down to the Florida Keys.


Why I stopped and stayed at Key Largo is anyone’s guess. I ate a late lunch and then found a hotel room. It was one of those two story box motels they built in the 50’ and 60’s but it had been modernized with each of the rooms having a lanai. The ceilings were higher and the rooms bigger than the standard motel room of today and the second floor had a nicely furnished ten foot deep lanai deck built to create an open air kitchen for the first floor rooms. I was told fishermen loved the place because they could clean their fish and hose the outdoor kitchen down into a special drain. Families could watch kids playing in the sand as they cooked meals. I wanted the deck to bask in the sun and a view the ocean. Telling the proprietors what I wanted, I was given an upstairs corner room with the up charge waved for the better room. They were doing some work at the other end of the hall so they didn’t want guests in that area. Almost the whole bottom floor was occupied by the proprietor’s family for a Thanksgiving family reunion.


The corner room had a giant curved lanai so you could sit in the morning sun or the afternoon sun and since that corner faced the water you could watch the sunrise or sunset as well. It was definitely an upscale room. I spent the afternoon with a small cooler filled with Corona, a bottle of suntan oil, and a thong so small it was nicknamed ‘postage stamp’ by a friend. That night at supper I overheard the next table talking about the cost of lodging in Key West at this time of the year and I started rethinking the need to go that far south.


The next day I called about doing some snorkeling but most places had boats taking out divers to dive the wrecks. The last call I made was to Key Largo Diving. I talked to a guy who had a group that canceled but he was still obligated to take out a scuba diver not part of the big group. Joe seemed genuinely pleased that I had called and promised me a fun day out on the water. I pulled on a t-shirt and board shorts over a bikini before going to the boat with dive bag in hand. It was such a short drive to the marina I could have almost walked. When I got there a big guy in a windbreaker was getting a cooler out of the back of an SUV. I offered him a hand and picked up the other end of the cooler and we carried it to the dock. I went in the small shack to check in. The guy from the SUV that I helped with the cooler waited on me; he was one of the owners of the boat which was a nice 49 footer with an enclosed flying bridge, a deck with benches on it for divers to suit up, and a nice cabin complete with kitchen, ample seating (out of the weather) and two staterooms. His name was Terry.


Joe was standing on the deck coiling up a rope, his top shirt already off, looking tanned and natural bodybuilder muscular.


“Glad you could join us!” he called out to me.


“Thanks,” I said as we climbed aboard. Joe said they were waiting for the diver and we would be leaving as soon as he got there. I could see they were chomping at the bit to go and then I saw Joe on the dock answering his phone. He was friendly sounding to the person on the phone but he didn’t look happy. He approached Terry telling him the diver canceled because he was sick. Something he ate.


“Would it help if we didn’t go?” I asked. “I mean with the cost of gas for one passenger and all I could go another day.”


“No,” they said together emphatically and then they both laughed. They cast off and we made our way toward the deeper water. “This is a special day for us. We met five years ago today.”


They hugged, but it was more than the guy-style hug I was used to. I found myself surprised that they were gay, and then laughed at my own dumb pre-conceptions. They both seemed so manly that I felt slightly intimidated. We were out in deep water quicker than I would have thought. Clearly these guys had a lot of experience. I just relaxed on the deck drinking a coke and enjoying the ride. After we got further out Joe shut off the engines and came down off the flying bridge. He cracked open a beer and sat down next to Terry. They kissed each other tenderly.


Terry invited me to bring out the food in the refrigerator in the galley. They had a tray of cold cuts, plus a bowl of shrimp salad, and chicken salad. We spent a pleasant hour just talking and eating the food that Terry made. I liked them. I had things in common with both guys and the conversation was never forced. It was really rare for me to feel a connection with new people, particularly gays. I couldn’t believe that I was really enjoying myself. I got a little warm and decided to take off my shirt and shorts. They immediately whistled at me in my bikini. I blushed and felt a little self-conscious.


“Sorry,” Joe said, “We don’t get a chance to admire a heavenly body like that very often.” They stripped out of shorts and Terry lifted off his windbreaker. They were both bodybuilders compared to me.


“Yeah right,” I said. “You guys look great.”


“Thanks,” Terry said. “We need to put some more sun block on if you are going to go without a shirt. Your skin will burn quickly out here.” He handed me the sunscreen and I began to spread it all over my chest and arms. Terry came around behind me and offered to do my back. I handed him the tube. He began rubbing the cool lotion into my hot skin, and it felt really nice. Even after I was thoroughly coated, he continued massaging my back. It felt wonderful, and I felt more relaxed than I had in ages. I noticed myself chubbing up a bit, and wondered if they noticed. I honestly kind of hoped they did. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed Terry’s expert hands on my back in the warm sun.


“You are welcome to join us.” Terry said encouragingly. I opened my eyes and saw that Joe was naked and that he had Terry’s bikini in his hand too.


“Thanks,” I said. Terry turned me around and gave me an affectionate hug, and I hugged him back, surprised by how nice his body felt against mine. The hug went on longer than it normally would, but I was in no hurry to pull away. Suddenly I felt his hand give my ass a gentle squeeze, and he began gently kissing my neck. I had a moment of indecision. I knew I wanted this, and I knew he did too. I didn’t want to upset Joe but I was not the one making the first move after all. I decided to just do what my body told me to do, and I reached out and grabbed Joe pulling him in for a group hug. I kissed him on the lips, and he slipped his tongue inside my mouth. We began making out while Terry continued to feel me up. Kissing a man was strange. Feeling his stubble against my face was a huge turn-on. I could tell that Joe wanted more than a quick kiss because of the intensity of his kiss, and I realized I wanted him just as badly. Joe pushed his body against my back.


Terry led us to the bigger stateroom and we began kissing. It never crossed my mind that I was about to have sex with a man. Two men, actually, and I had never been more aroused. Joe turned down the bed and I was again impressed with his physique. His back muscles were tight and buff and his ass was fine. He turned and his cock was already nice and hard. It looked like his cock was close to nine inches long. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but he was coming on to me making me want him all the more. He sandwiched me between them and I shivered. Terry was nibbling on my ear and was sliding his hand over my naked body. I gasped as he wrapped his fingers around my hard cock.


“Oh man, he’s nice and big,” he said to Joe.


“Let’s see,” Joe said he stepped back about a foot. My cock was standing out straight, looking even bigger than my usual seven inches. “It is nice,” Joe smiled. “But I’m more interested in his ass.” I shuddered in anticipation. I loved the way they were talking about me like I was just there for their pleasure. It was the truth; I just wanted them to use me any way they liked. I surmised from Joe’s attitude that he was strictly a top. I had no doubts that he was going to be fucking me soon.


Terry turned me to face him so Joe could see my ass and Terry began sucking my nipples. I had always loved having that done, and having it done by a bodybuilder made me feel even sexier and more like the horny slut. Joe half turned me so that one of my shoulders was against each of their chests and we started making out again. I reached down and felt his big cock. He had a nicely trimmed dark bush and his huge balls were shaved totally smooth. Joe moaned a bit as our tongues explored each others’ mouths. I pulled away to catch my breath.


“I want your mouth on my cock,” he said. Joe sat me on the bed and stroked his dick enticingly in front of my face. While I had always been somewhat aroused by cocks, I had never thought I would be sucking one. I reached out and touched Joe’s ass. It was as tan as the rest of his body. It was obvious they didn’t wear much out on the water. There was a generous foreskin still covering his cock head yet there was a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip. I was way past any concern about my sexual identity. I just wanted to have his cock inside my mouth to please the man.


His cock tasted amazing, salty and warm. I licked the slit on top, savoring the sticky pre-cum. I ran my tongue along the base of the head as I began to suck. I barely had the head inside my mouth when I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to swallow his whole cock. I was determined to get as much as possible in my mouth and I started to gag a little. Joe pulled back.


“Slow down and just enjoy it,” he said. I grabbed his shaft around the middle and tried just sucking the top few inches. I attempted to lick the tip under his foreskin and he moaned. I slid my mouth up and down. With my other hand I reached up and began to fondle his shaved balls. Joe started moaning softly, so I knew I was doing a good job. With all of my focus on Joe’s cock, I had nearly forgotten about Terry, but I was suddenly reminded of his presence when he started sucking my cock.


Terry was a fantastic cocksucker, and I bet he had spent hours perfecting his skills on Joe. Probably on many other guys too, considering how easily these two had seduced me. He was making me feel so good that for a moment I lost my focus on Joe’s cock. Joe grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth. It was a whole different feeling than just licking and sucking and I loved it. He was being gentle and not trying to force the whole thing in my mouth, but I did gag a few times until I learned to match my movements to his.


“You’re getting good at this,” he told me. I was thrilled and start sucking even more intensely. He grabbed the back of my head and held it close, but there was no need. I wanted his cum and nothing else mattered.


I felt Joe’s body tighten and I braced myself for his orgasm. His cock was so far inside my mouth that his first shot of cum hit the back of my throat. I pulled back a bit because I thought I might choke but I also wanted to savor the taste, while continuing to play with his balls. Joe shot three more times in my mouth. His cum was so delicious compared to mine but with that same salty, manly flavor. Having a mouthful of cum was such a turn-on that I involuntarily started fucking Terry’s mouth hard. He took it like a pro, having no trouble deep throating me and I quickly rewarded him with a huge load of cum. I still had most of Joe’s in my mouth, not wanting to swallow it yet.


Terry slid up on the bed until he was next to me and started kissing me passionately. I discovered he also had my cum inside his mouth. We traded and mixed the loads back and forth until there was just one frothy mess and two tongues. I swallowed what I could and let him have the rest. He swallowed the rest and then immediately grabbed Joe’s cock to suck the last few drops from it. Joe pulled Terry up and kissed him.


I lay back and tried to soak in what had happened so far. Normally, after I’ve cum I’m still a little turned on but relaxed enough that I don’t want to do anything more for a little while. This time though, despite having had Terry expertly suck me off, I was still horny as hell. Terry’s cock was within range of my mouth, and since he had yet to cum, I decided to get some more practice sucking. Terry moaned as soon as I started.


“He’s pretty good at that for a straight guy, isn’t he dude?”


“He really is,” Terry agreed. “However I’m not sure if he’s really all that straight.” I knew he was right. I admitted to myself but not to anyone else that I was a full-fledged bisexual but now that this happened it’s was all out in the open… at least here in the Keys.


Terry’s cock was quite a bit smaller than Joe’s, about six inches long and not too thick. His body was hairless below his neck and that included his cock, balls and ass completely shaved. I found I could get almost his entire cock in my mouth, and I was quickly bobbing my head up and down on it. I rubbed Terry’s ass, which was hard, smooth, and round. I wondered if I would get a chance to fuck it. Thinking about that, my finger found its way to his asshole, and I began to lightly tease. He let out a whimper and started fucking my mouth. Encouraged by this, I started to gently work my finger inside him. I glanced over at Joe, and he was lazily stroking his big cock, clearly enjoying watching me pleasure his lover.


“Yeah, suck that cock,” Joe said to me. I loved being talked to like that. My back was pointed toward Joe because I was bent over sucking Terry, and I wiggled my ass at him. He gave it a slap, and then began rub something in my ass crack. I wanted more cum in my mouth so I jammed my finger as far as I could inside Terry’s asshole and pressed on his prostate. He cried out and immediately began to cum. I swallowed the first mouthful, and then coaxed out additional squirts each time I pushed on his prostate. I swallowed most of it and then stood to kiss Terry and we began grabbing at each other’s bodies as we kissed. When we finally broke away from each other, I was out of breath and my cock was completely hard again. I wasn’t the only one; Joe was also fully erect again. Terry and I moved over towards him, and Joe kissed us both deeply.


“I want to fuck you,” he told Terry. I immediately felt jealous, but then I decided it was only fair. I was only a guest here after all. Terry got down on his stomach and spread his legs a bit. “Get his ass ready for me,” Joe whispered to me. I enthusiastically buried my face in Terry’s ass. I had no hesitation about trying something new. I pulled his cheeks apart and flicked his asshole lightly with my tongue before really getting into it. Since I had already loosened his ass with my finger, it wasn’t much of a challenge to get my tongue inside. I worked my tongue around, tasting the musky flavor. I spit inside of his asshole, unsure if Joe was planning on using any lube. I was quite willing to keep at this for as long as they wanted, but Joe was ready to fuck. He pulled me away from Terry’s ass and shoved his cock in my mouth.


“Get it nice and wet for me,” he ordered, and I happily complied. I notice that Terry found some lube and was squirting some inside his hole. I didn’t blame him, because his ass was tight around my finger and Joe’s cock was much larger. Joe pulled away and I made sure to leave a big glob of spit on the tip of his cock. Terry stuck his ass up a little and Joe began to penetrate him. It was very erotic watching the huge cock slowly disappear inside of Terry’s smooth ass. I could tell that they had fucked many times before. I watched and their movements were perfectly synched.


Within a minute Joe’s balls were slapping against Terry’s ass. I decided I wanted a closer look and leaned in. After watching them fuck for a few minutes, I was so turned on that I had to get involved. I began to touch both of them, pinching nipples and caressing different parts of their bodies. I gave Terry’s cock a feel. It wasn’t fully hard and I enjoyed the feeling of being able to play with a soft penis and it getting stiffer in my hand. Terry was so into getting fucked that I’m honestly not sure he was even aware of me, so I moved over to get behind Joe.


I began to lightly stroke and kiss Joe’s hairy ass. It was very different than Terry’s, although Joe’s ass was also muscular and unmistakably masculine. Joe pushed Terry forward until he was flat on his stomach and began fucking him harder. I managed to pry Joe’s cheeks apart and get my mouth into his crack. It was hairy and sweaty and musky but not dirty. I reveled in it. I began to try and force my tongue inside his asshole. I’m not sure if he was tighter because of the way his body was moving, or because he was a total top and not used to being penetrated, but it was hard to get inside. I settled on just licking his tight little hole. I reached around and played with his balls, then gently wrapped my fingers around his cock as it plunged in and out of Terry’s ass. It all felt raw and sexy, but there was a real intimacy too. I was thrilled to be sharing in the love of these two beautiful men.


“Go stick your cock in his mouth,” Joe ordered. I almost reluctantly pulled my mouth away from his ass and crawled up on the bed so that I was in front of Terry. He grabbed my hard cock and started sucking. It felt amazing. I looked down at Terry, watching him get pounded at both ends. It was such a hot image, and I was filled with envy. I hoped Joe had another fuck left in him, because I wanted to feel him deep inside me. He was fucking Terry harder now and I knew he was getting close. I could barely concentrate on the superb blowjob I was getting because I was so transfixed by watching them fuck. Joe grunted and slammed into Terry, causing my cock to go all the way down Terry’s throat. I pulled out because I didn’t want to choke him. I could tell that Joe had just shot inside Terry, who let out a soft moan and wiggled his ass a little, coaxing all the cum out of Joe’s cock. Joe pulled out slowly and there was an audible pop when he vacated Terry’s ass.


“Want to clean us up?” Joe asked me. I didn’t even think about it, I just bent over Terry and began cleaning Joe’s gorgeous dick. I couldn’t taste Terry’s ass on it, so I didn’t mind at all. He must have been really clean. I just licked and slurped enthusiastically until his cock was clean and shiny with my saliva. Joe grabbed my head and pushed it down towards Terry’s gaping asshole, which was dripping with cum. He didn’t have to force me, as I was totally cum-crazy and I hungrily lapped up the cum from Terry’s ass. It was mixed with lube and tasted like a man’s sweaty ass. I devoured it. His asshole was so stretched that I could stick my whole tongue inside him without any trouble. I reached around and was delighted to find that Terry was still hard. I hoped he wanted to fuck me. I pulled away from Terry’s ass and slid around the bed. I leaned in and started kissing him again.


“Want to fuck me now?” I asked. I was unsure if he even liked to top, but I assumed Joe would need a little while to recover and I needed to be fucked right then. I also thought Terry’s smaller cock might be a little easier to handle. Joe laughed.


“Hey, here’s your chance stud. You were just saying that you hadn’t gotten to fuck anyone in a while,” Joe said. Terry kissed me deeply.


“Have you ever been fucked before?” Terry asked me. I shook my head and his face lit up. “Really? A virgin ass? It has been a long time.” I smiled at him.


“I’m surprised,” Joe said. “Usually first time guys are a lot more nervous and shy, not sucking cocks straight from an ass.” Terry laughed and I blushed.


“I guess I’m just eager. I’ve been curious for a long time.”


“We could tell,” Terry said, and stood up. “Why don’t you lie on your back?” he suggested. He knelt down between my legs, pushing them back and apart. A second later, I felt him spread my ass and start to lick my hole. He was just as good at eating ass as he was a cocksucker. He began working my asshole with his finger and I stuck my ass further towards him. I was a little nervous and I felt him having trouble getting his finger in, even though I was desperate to be fucked.


“Just relax and let it happen,” Terry whispered to me, in between licks of my ass.


Joe walked around to my other side and shoved his semi-hard dick in my mouth. “Here, focus on this,” he said. I did as he said, just trying to enjoy the dual sensation of a cock in my mouth and a tongue and finger in my ass. I relaxed a little and Terry shoved another finger inside. I loved what he was doing, but I needed to take it to the next level.


I spit Joe’s cock out long enough to beg Terry, “Please just stick your cock in me!” Terry giggled.


“I love how horny he is,” he said to Joe.


“Give him what he wants. Stretch him out for me,” Joe told Terry. I felt Terry pull away for a minute and I returned to sucking Joe’s cock. A moment later, I felt the coolness of lube being squirted into my ass. Then I felt the tip of Terry’s cock brush against my hole and I trembled in anticipation. I was finally going to be fucked by a man. I kept sucking Joe’s cock, but all my attention was on the feeling of Terry gently pushing himself inside me. I have had fingers in there before, but this was so much better. I expected it to hurt, but I was so turned on that all I felt was pleasure. Terry, as I expected, was a very gentle lover. He only pushed his cock in a little at a time, pausing to let me get used to it. Horny slut that I was, I just wanted it all.


“It’s ok, you can just fuck me. I can take it,” I told him. Terry smiled at me and pushed further into me, going faster than before but still letting me adjust. After a few more seconds, I felt his hips press into me, and I knew that he was all the way inside. He slowly began to fuck me, pulling in and out. The feelings inside my ass were almost indescribable. I found myself pushing back against him, trying to somehow pull him even deeper inside me. Terry leaned down and kissed me. I kissed him back and we made out as we established a good rhythm with our fucking. I lost all track of time and place, just reveling in the feeling. I noticed Terry was beginning to fuck me a little harder. I nibbled on his ear and whispered for him to cum inside me. After a moment, I felt his body spasm and my ass was full of his hot cum. He kissed me deeply and I could feel his cock begin to soften inside me. He pulled out and he immediately started sucking my cock.


I was so turned on I only lasted about ten seconds before I exploded in his mouth. Terry and Joe kissed, and I knew Joe was getting a taste of my cum. “Delicious,” he said. I smiled weakly at him. “How was it?” he asked.


“Amazing,” I told him. “Thank you, Terry.”


“You have such a hot ass,” Terry replied. “I loved getting to fuck it.” He gave me another kiss. “You have to try him out,” he told Joe.


“What do you say?” Joe asked me. “Are you ready?”


I could barely speak, but I managed to whisper, “Please.”


“Get on all fours,” he ordered. I heard him squirt lube onto his cock and stroke it. He didn’t waste any time and I felt his lubed cock against my ass. He didn’t even spread my cheeks, he just slid his cock between them, and I felt the tip against my already tender asshole. I unconsciously tensed up and he had trouble getting it in. “Just relax,” he said. I exhaled and I felt my ass loosen up just a bit. That was all Joe needed and he thrust himself inside me. Even though I had just been thoroughly fucked by Terry, I wasn’t prepared for the size of Joe’s cock. It hurt but I just needed to be fucked. “Damn, you are still tight,” he said. “I’m only halfway in.” I couldn’t believe it.


He started to pull his cock out just a bit, then pushed it back in, but didn’t try to get any further inside. The pain was already beginning to turn to intense pleasure. After about a minute I needed more. Joe grabbed my hips and pushed himself all the way inside me. It was the single most intense moment of my life. When his cock hit my prostate my cock spewed cum but it wasn’t an orgasm. I moaned because I could feel his pubic hair touching my ass. He just stayed all the way inside me for a minute or two. Then he slowly started fucking me. I whimpered incoherently and Joe grunted with exertion. My cock released a few more squirts of cum. I vaguely heard Terry and Joe kissing behind me. “You look so hot,” Terry told Joe. “I love watching you fuck that hot ass.”


I had never felt so sexy in my life. Joe’s cock continued to slam into me rhythmically. Eventually he started to speed up, and I knew he was getting ready to cum. I wanted it inside me so badly.


“Please don’t pull out,” I begged him. “I need you to cum in me.”


Joe just moaned and fucked me harder until he grunted and slammed into me, and I actually felt my ass fill with his cum and I was fully satisfied. When Joe pulled his cock out I collapsed forward with my ass still in the air. I felt a finger playing with the pool of cum inside my asshole. I managed to turn my head enough to see Terry pulling a cum-coated finger out of my ass and back to his mouth.


“Mmm, you taste even better from his ass,” he said to Joe.


I smiled weakly at them. I was utterly exhausted, and I wasn’t sure what all this meant going forward. I now knew I loved cock, but I was sure this was a onetime deal. I slept for an hour or more and when I stumbled out on the deck they smiled.


“Ready to snorkel,” Joe asked.


“Is that a code word for something sexual?” I asked as I guzzled a Coke.


“It does but I asked if you were ready to get in the water,” Joe laughed. “You want to be able to tell people what you saw and experienced. We’ll eat lunch when you come up.”


The sun was still high in the sky so the colors underwater were incredible. There was a giant brain coral at least ten feet in diameter as well as smaller coral formations everywhere. As I swam I realized that there were drop offs in all directions. This reef was like the top of a small mountain and the boat was attached to a buoy which was attached to a man made anchor. The huge block of cement had rings that you could attach a line to hold the boat in place. After what seemed like hours I reached the back of the boat and hauled my body onto the diver’s deck at the waterline. I rested for a minute before I climbed the ladder to the main deck. The food was already being brought out as Terry guided me to the deck shower to rinse off the salt water. It seemed so normal and natural to be nude around those guys.


We motored back to the dock after dark and I thanked them for a wonderful day with a lingering man hug. In the shack Terry asked if I was interested in going out again. The next day the boat was totally booked but Tuesday they were free. I didn’t want to impose so I said maybe. Monday night Joe called me and told me they would be leaving the dock at 6am sharp and they wanted me aboard to watch the sunrise from the water. I stumbled aboard with my dive bag at 6:05 and the boat pulled away. I expected a kitchen full of divers but it was just the three of us aboard. Terry smiled when I stripped naked and poured coffee. It was awful so I picked up a Coke. Terry carried the black coffee I poured up to Joe. Terry took the wheel while Joe hugged me. I playfully grabbed his ass. He kissed my neck and ear.


“You’re naked,” he said.


“You’re not,” I replied. He slapped my ass and before he took the wheel again he was naked too.


We stopped at several different places where I could snorkel and one of them swam with me each time to point out different things. As for the sea life I have yet to see a barracuda. They are fast and I don’t understand under water sign language. Even a white board didn’t work because by the time I looked where he was pointing the barracuda was gone. It got to be a standing joke and Joe even tried writing a giant B on the board and then pointing. I told them I would go to the aquarium or look up a video on line, making them roll with laughter. In a quiet moment in the shower I realized I really liked these two men. I felt good being around them.


The boat stopped and the engine shut down. I hadn’t even finished rinsing off from the last dive but they did say they were going to stop for lunch. Thinking about food made me hungry. I finished my military shower and stepped out. (Military shower: wet yourself down, shut off the water, soap yourself up, scrub, and then turn on the water to quickly rinse.) I was drying my hair when I stepped into the stateroom. Terry was sitting on the foot of the bed waiting for me. Damn his body was fine. His frame rendered me speechless.


Terry has a big upper body tapering to an almost tiny waist without an ounce of fat anywhere on his body. He is totally shaved from the neck down making his hard tool looks even bigger and more inviting. I stood between his spread legs and he hooked the back of my neck to bring me in for a kiss. The dude is a great kisser who loves to touch and be touched and neither one of us could keep our hands off the other. I found myself on my knees licking his thick athletic thighs on my way to the real prize, his dick and balls. He stood to give me total access and I nuzzled my face into his crotch as I grabbed his beautiful bubble butt, pushing first one then two fingers past the muscled guy’s rosebud. He leaned forward and moaned. I was sucking on his pole when Joe entered the stateroom.


“Starting without me?” Joe chuckled.


I cast my eyes his way without pausing and then I pulled off and sat on my heels. I felt just a little guilty having sex with his partner without him being there. Joe had apparently rinsed off on deck because he had a towel in hand and there were beads of water all over his body. Joe didn’t have a big bodybuilder physique like Terry but his thick neck led to sharply sloping traps, he also has his huge biceps compared to mine. But it’s his torso that’s truly mesmerizing with his wide deep chest and deeply cut wash board abs and prominent obliques making his abdominals look like a shield.


Grinning, Joe grabbed my face with two hands, pulling me in for a deep kiss moaning as we made out. I could see his eyes were unfocused when we separated. He straightened and kissed his lover and the air seemed to crackle with static electricity. My cock pumped out an unexpected spurt of pre-cum just watching the hot men getting even hotter. I ran one hand down Joe’s back to his ass and the other up the massive thigh to Terry’s cock. Joe straightened and his huge hard cock was right in my face. I licked some nectar off the tip and he touched my face.


“Terry is going to get you ready for me while I put the food back in the refrigerator.”


There it was; permission to have sex with his lover until he returned. As the door quietly closed Terry pulled me up between his legs as he lay back on the bed. I sat on his abs and ran my hands over his colossal physique. He reached behind me and greased his pole with lube. His fingers stroked my crack and hole with lubed fingers.


“Have you ever ridden a cock?” he asked. His eyes were begging as if he wanted to be the bottom even though his tool would be inside me. I shook my head no so I didn’t have to tell him the first man sex I ever had was two days ago. I had watched someone do that in a video so I knew what he meant but I was still afraid I would screw it up. “Oh fuck stop,” he said trembling. “Stop or I’ll cum,” he gasped. It was odd being in control and wanting more but holding in place so he wouldn’t cum and then I felt him thrust up shoving several inches into my ass. “So tight, so good…” he gasped. “Fuck yourself on my cock,” he growled.


My ass started slapping his pubic mound and I was lost in the moment. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me down for a kiss. His body trembled as he hugged me and breathed heavily in my ear. Then I felt Joe’s cock stretching my ass open way beyond its limits. Cried out in pain as I camped down and Joe stopped. “Relax and let it happen,” I heard in my ear. Within seconds of arriving Joe was sliding his thick cock in next to Terry’s shaft. In no time Joe’s pubes touched my ass and he pulled me back up against his chest. The two were pounding my hole sometimes together and other times switching to one or the other jack-hammering my chute. I felt as though I was having a continuous orgasm and was about ready to pass out when Terry began to fill my ass with his cum. The hot jizz in my ass triggered Joe’s cum explosion. My ecstasy made my ass clench around Joe’s cock as he stood. He thrust in as deep as he could and his cock deposited another load of cum in me. Terry stood and sandwiched me between them kissing first his lover and then me.


I found myself alone in bed reeking of man sex. I wanted a shower but I needed food. They say diving makes you ravenous but I think man sex compounds your hunger. The two of them were on a double wide chase lounge talking privately as I made a bee-line for the food. With plate in hand I squeezed between them. Laughing, Joe took my plate and Terry grabbed one arm. Joe grabbed the other and they threw me overboard.


“Why did you do that,” I yelled laughing and sputtering. I swam to the back and then made my way to the deck and my food.


“Coming between us,” Joe smiled.


“You were full of cum,” Terry chuckled.


“Whose fault is that?” I teased.


“Yours!” they answered in unison.


“For being so fucking sexy,” Joe added.


“Yeah!” Terry said as he pressed his massive chest into my arm.


“I’m eating here,” I laughed. Joe invaded my space and I knew something was up. They were ready for round two and I didn’t know if I had recovered from round one.


There were several more rounds as we drifted in the wind tethered to that spot in the ocean. I for one was exhausted and sore by the time we got back to the dock well after midnight. I had intended to leave that Wednesday before Thanksgiving but I slept through most of the day. It was only an hour and a half back to Ft. Lauderdale but I wasn’t sure I could drive that far safely. Falling asleep again after supper meant I spent the night.


In the morning I paid my bill and as I approached the marina I pulled in to say goodbye to Joe and Terry. Being Thanksgiving Day there were few people around and it seemed as if their boat was locked up as well. I sat there on the dock writing them a note when Terry walked onto the deck and saw me.


“G’morning stud. Have you had breakfast?” I knew my answer would determine when I got back to Ft Lauderdale so I hesitated. “Joe would be pissed if you didn’t tell him goodbye in person.” My stomach growled and Terry smiled. “I guess that growl means no.”


“I was going to grab something after I got on the road.” I said. It didn’t verbally answer his question but it gave me an out. I had knocked on the cabin door and they didn’t answer. Now I was led aboard. Joe was just out of the shower and pouring coffee so of course he was nude. Damn he looked good.


“Look what I found lurking on the dock,” Terry said as he started the engine. He said it was to heat more hot water for his shower.


“I wasn’t lurking I was writing a thank you note,” I challenged as I leaned against a counter. He reached in the refrigerator and brought out bacon and eggs. Joe set his coffee down next to me and slowly closed in.


“I’m the one who should be thanking you,” he said intimately. Damn when he did that the rest of the world was gone and the small circle we were standing in was all that mattered. He was talking in low tones just to me and it didn’t matter what he said I was mesmerized. His lips met mine and I inhaled his fresh clean soap smell mixed with his manly musk. I touched his hard body and pulled him closer. The kiss intensified and he stepped closer. By the time the kiss broke my cock was rock hard and Joe had his hands on my ass. I was subtlety thrusting my cock into his. “We have a huge Thanksgiving Dinner about to be delivered and we would love you to stay.”


“I kind of promised some friends in Lauderdale I would stop by,” I lied. My shorts dropped and since I wasn’t wearing briefs my cock dripped pre-cum onto Joe’s hip.


“There are fresh sheets on the bed,” he whispered. “I need you to fuck me. C’mon. Join me while we wait for the food.”


I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t resist. Joe wasn’t one to give up his dominance easily. We wrestled on the bed and eventually he let me win or at least he resisted less. Even at that he probably didn’t consider our tryst in bed bottoming. I was so enthralled the world around me didn’t exist. My orgasm was mind numbing and I must have passed out because I was alone in the stateroom when I opened my eyes.


I shook my head. We were moving. If we were out of the harbor I was a captive until we returned to the dock. I pulled on my shorts and shirt after a quick shower. There was a round table in the middle of the kitchen floor with an elegant setting fit for a five star restaurant with, cloth tablecloth, cloth napkins, candles, flowers and the whole nine yards. There were chafing dishes and warming trays keeping the food warm.


We were slowing so I went out on the deck.


“I’ve been kidnapped,” I yelled up to the bridge.


“Hey, we could have thrown you out on the dock naked,” one of them answered.


“You were asleep!” the other said. Joe came down from the bridge. “This will be the most unique Thanksgiving dinner you’ll ever have.”


“I’ve been kidnapped,” I teased as I pulled us together.


“Hey! You start that and the food will get cold,” Terry said as he came down. I went up to Terry and invaded his space. “He kidnapped me,” I said seductively.


“It had to be done,” Terry said giving me a peck on the cheek. “Let’s eat!”


The food was excellent! There were a few things I wasn’t familiar with but anything I tasted was utterly delicious. Then they brought out the piece de resistance. Key lime cheesecake! It was decadent. I had two pieces.


Then the after dinner drink they chose was called The Perfect Storm.


1 ½ oz. Grand Marnier®


2 fresh key lime wedges


3 oz. Spicy ginger beer


3 dashes aromatic bitters


Orange peel


Then we watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade on video tape from last year. I rolled my eyes a lot as we talked about the ginned up excitement of the commentators. I guess I was getting a little tipsy but I got to thinking that this had to be the most unique turkey day dinner I ever had. When the Santa float appeared they stood and offered a toast to the beginning of the shopping season. I drained my drink and turned to face the two men.


“I know what I want for a Thanksgiving present,” I said as I cupped both crotches.


“You mean a Christmas present?” Terry asked.


“That is a whole month away,” I sighed. “I want a Thanksgiving present.”


“Let’s take him someplace he’s never been before,” Joe winked. He went topside and soon the boat was moving. He anchored and then joined Terry and me in the smaller stateroom.


A soon as he walked in I felt my cock stirring. I glanced surreptitiously at Joe’s cock. He was already semi-erect. Joe smiled and then after sitting on the bed he kissed Terry. Joe’s right hand reached for my left thigh and squeezed lightly. The dance had begun. In response, I just spread my legs wider. His hand caressed my thigh for a few moments and then he reached for my cock. Joe explored my hardness as his hand wrapped around my shaft. I groaned as he slowly worked his hand up and down. I threw my head back and closed my eyes. I tried to reach his cock, which was so hard it was tight against his stomach.


“Not yet,” he whispered. Then he knelt between my legs. Without a word, he slipped my cock into his mouth. Now I really moaned as he slowly and expertly sucked me off. He was taking all of my seven inches in his mouth gently sucking. Then he began to lick my cock all over before he moved down to suck my balls into his mouth. After a few minutes he worked his way lower and I felt his tongue on my asshole. He rimmed me with great enthusiasm. I put my feet on his shoulders and shifted so he could get a better angle. His tongue started to probe my hole and I just about went over the edge. His technique was incredible and he seemed to know when I was about to come, then back off. I held his head in my hands as I urged him on. Finally, he took me back in his mouth and it was too much. I whispered hoarsely that I was coming and he dove down on me. I exploded in his mouth and he took all my cum. Completely spent I collapsed like a lump of jelly. Joe stood up, and then bent down and kissed me passionately


He broke the kiss. “Kneel on the bed,” he said. I shifted on the bed so that I was facing away from him. I leaned forward as far as I could before I felt him behind me and then the head of his cock at my ass. Slowly, gently, he pushed forward. My body resisted for only a moment and then he slipped in, lubed by his tongue job and some of my cum. He took his time and slowly worked into me. Again his cock felt like it was at least 10 inches long. Finally, I felt his pubic hair tickling my ass and I knew he was in. He started moving in and out, taking his time and relishing the pleasure. The huge cock felt so good. I was stretched wide as he continued to pump his cock into me.


Terry moved in front of me and his cock was super hard. He held it out and I opened my mouth and he slipped it in. Keeping one hand on the headboard to balance myself I grasped the root of his cock. I took him deep into my mouth and started sucking him off, my tongue playing with the underside of the head. He closed his eyes. A soft groan came from him. I worked my way up and down the shaft, and then licked around the head. Meanwhile, Joe was still working his big cock in and out of my ass. I was feeling pretty nasty as I let his cock fall from my lips.


“I’m going to give you a blow job you’ll never forget,” I said and he groaned louder. I bent to my task, licking and sucking, taking as much of him as I could, licking down the length, pausing to suck his balls into my mouth. He suddenly reached out and grabbed my head with both hands and started to fuck my mouth.


Terry tried to increase the tempo, but I resisted and instead licked and teased him. I swirled my tongue around the head, then sucked on it hard. I’d let him fuck my mouth for a minute, and then slow him down with the pressure of my hand still wrapped around the base of his cock. I would suck the top half while I gently stroked him with my hand. Then slowly take all of him in my mouth and work in and out. After minutes of this I could hear him moaning and feel him twisting and I knew he was close.


All this time, Joe was fucking my ass. He felt absolutely huge inside me. He was gentle for a bit, moving slowly in and out and then he would pick up the pace and pound me without mercy. After a bit I heard him grow and I knew Joe was finally going over the edge. His thrusting suddenly became faster and faster. I could feel his hands clenching on my hips. I sucked Terry harder and he warned me that he was about to cum. Joe gave one last thrust, grunted, and I knew he was firing his load up my ass. Simultaneously Terry was filling my throat with his cum. I swallowed most of it, the rest running down my chin. Even though I was in unbelievable ecstasy I continued to gently suck and lick him until he softened. Then I let his cock slip out of my mouth and Joe also pulled free.


“What a way to celebrate Thanksgiving!” I muttered in a stage whisper. I sank down on the bed with Terry behind me and Joe facing me. Terry wrapped his arms around me and Joe kissed me. We lay there for a while drifting in and out of sleep. Coming back to reality, we went to the deck and dove into the water to cool off and clean up some. I recognized the huge brain corral. Back aboard the boat I mentioned to Joe that this was the place he took me to on the first diving trip.


“Although this place is special when I said we were going to take you somewhere you have never been before I meant the perfect ecstasy you experienced,” he chuckled. I didn’t know if I should believe him or not.


“It’s time we tell him Joe,” Terry said as he hugged me from behind and leaned his chin on my shoulder.


“Each time both of us had sex with you we were tethered above this submerged atoll. We don’t know why but good things happen to the guys we bring here.”


“And fuck?”


“Yes,” Terry said. “And fuck! I was skinny as a rail when I met Joe.” He flexed his massive biceps. “This could happen with you too.”


“I’d like that,” I said while running my hands over Terry’s body.


“Only time will tell,” Joe said as he closed in behind me.




I remembered those words as I drove toward Key Largo. A year had gone by and this would be the first time the three of us were back together since Thanksgiving 2017. I talked to them on the phone but refused to tell them about the gains to my physique. My new business was making money hand over fist and I wasn’t even working that hard. They wanted me to come down for ‘anniversary day’ which is on November 19th. That was the day Terry and Joe first met and that was the day I first met them five years later.


When I pulled into the marina the two of them were pacing the pier. They didn’t know my new car so they didn’t react until I stepped out and walked their way. They hugged me and admired the fifty pounds of new buff muscle on my body but they could hardly wait to get underway. As left the harbor I breathed in the ocean air and then made my way to use the head. As I entered the cabin I stopped in my tracks. A guy in sunglasses was stripping off so he could put on the bikini next to him on the table.




“You aren’t going to put that on are you?” I asked as my eyes darted to the bikini.


“Are you suggesting I wouldn’t look good in a bikini?”


“No I’m suggesting you leave it off so I don’t have to take it off your sexy body when you follow me into the stateroom,” I said as I stepped closer to the man.


“Hey Mike I want you to meet…” I heard Joe say behind me. “Oh, I see you two have met.”


That was obvious since we were both naked and fucking right there in the galley. Mike and I fucked like rabbits for two straight weeks and when it was time to leave, Mike took me up on my invitation to move in with me.


I have to say that this Thanksgiving turned out even better than last Thanksgiving and Mike and I are already making plans for next Thanksgiving!




I decided to move all the stories from my original blog. I did something that locked me out of the original blog when we had the password issue so after a time I just started a new blog. These stories are in order by the dates they were published on this forum.


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Entry posted by Diesel · January 18






When he came to me he was just out of college and had moved to the city to take a job. He explained that he wanted to enter a bodybuilding contest but he didn’t know how to pose. Sure he could flex but that wasn’t a fluid routine. He thought he needed a gimmick like moon-walking or a superman cape. I listened and my initial thought was not only no, but hell no. Then as he talked I saw something I didn’t expect.


“Take your clothes off,” I said interrupting him mid sentence.


“What? Here? Now? Naked?” he

“Do you want help or not?”


He looked at me and began peeling off layer after layer and as the clothes disappeared his body looked better and better. He stopped when all that was left were his blue jeans. I gave him a puzzled look and he turned away from me to open and lower his jeans. He wasn’t wearing underwear and he had one on the most beautiful asses I think I have ever seen. Buck naked his hands covered his genitals as he turned to face me.


“Give me a double biceps flex,” I said and there was terror in his eyes. I thought he was going to refuse but then the look on his face hardened and he lifted his arms. A second later he turned facing away from me but not before his uncut cock was revealed. Six or seven inches long with a circumference under the foreskin of about five or six inches and a low hanging ball sack containing golf ball testicles that nearly stretched past the tip of his soft tool.


“Tell me what you are thinking,” I said softly.


“Something my grandfather said to me. Be proud of who you are… and… I’m sorry I didn’t put on a jock this morning.”


“You have focused on arms, chest, and legs. Your weak points are your abs and your back somewhat but you have great lats. You could stand to bull up your neck a bit. Nice ass. Do you have a hang-up about being naked right now?”


“Just nervous.”


“Turn around,” and he did after lowering his arms and covering his cock again. “Hands at your sides,” I barked. He hesitated but he did as I said. Now it was time to see why he really came to me. I stood and peeled off my shirt as I came around the desk. He gave a little involuntary gasp and closed his eyes. I stood next to him and shoved down my shorts and jock. “Next I want you to follow my poses.” He opened his eyes and scanned my naked physique.


“Umm, I…”


I began calling out the different poses I was about to do. He followed fairly well but as I expected his cock was getting hard.


“Not bad,” I said referring to the posing.


“It’s too big,” he let slip out. Indeed it had almost doubled in size. I moved in front of him.


“To the right man it would be the perfect fit,” I said as I ran my fingers from the base to the tip. His back hit the wall and he looked trapped. “Is this who you are?” I asked.


“I like girls,” he said with a nervous intake of air. He bit his lip. I pressed my body into his.


“And do you also like this?” I asked quietly. “Do you think this feels really good?” I asked as my fingers brushed his crotch, feeling his balls, tracing the oval shapes below the steadily pulsing cock. He didn’t answer or know how to react, but his cock did because pre-cum pumped out and ran down his shaft. My hand reached for the tent-pole and then wrapped my fingers around it. Suddenly the young stud was breathing hard as I stroked the prominent erection a bit, “Do you know how good this feels to me?” I asked as I gave him a squeeze and gently stroked his cock.


“I think…” he began, but faltered with a gasp when I ran my finger under his hood. The pre-cum was rapidly filling his foreskin and since it was a very ample hood it was taking on the shape of his swollen cock head.


“I think I know how much pleasure you are feeling now. I think I know what you feel like every time you cum while looking at your stash of bodybuilder pictures.” He reacted like I found his stash but for me it was just a guess. “Now you have the real thing right in front of you and you are about to feel what it’s like when you have a bodybuilder’s cock in your mouth… and how it feels when you take a cock… my cock up your ass!” Pre-cum oozed copiously, and I rubbed it around his swollen head.




“Let’s start with the sucking part first,” I said, and pushed his naked shoulders down. He rubbed his face on my thigh and his hand found my cock. He squeezed my hard dick and, needing no urging at all, he took me into his mouth. He commenced licking and sucking with such lack of skill it was obvious he was a novice. As he sucked, I explored his shoulders, back, buns, and lats; his waist probably no bigger than thirty inches. He was gorgeous! I was getting ready to shoot sooner than I expected so I pulled him up.


“What’s wrong?” he asked with concern in his eyes. “Did I do something wrong?”


“No, you did everything exactly right. But, let’s try the other part now. Lie back on the sofa with your knees up.” When he was in position his hard prick stood above his pubes at a firm 30 degrees while a steady trickle of pre-cum pooled on his smooth belly. I paused for a moment and then raised his knees toward his shoulders. I lay over him with my pre-cum-slick cock pressing against his hot ass. I picked up some lube and applied a generous glob before I increased the pressure and was slightly surprised when I felt my engorged head slip in past his sphincter.


I began to thrust in one inch at a time until I was in to the base of my shaft. I looked in his eyes and then began to seriously fuck him. As each stroke of my swollen prick stimulated his prostate he moaned with ecstasy. As I thrust in and pulled out, I grabbed his rock hard shaft and began jacking him in time with my strokes. When I began shooting my load deep within his ass he also shot his hot cum between us. I collapsed on top of him as we caught our breath. I kissed him and then slid off him.


“It’s time for a shower. You can’t go around covered in cum.” I gave him my hand and pulled him to his feet. We walked to the bathroom, where we stepped into the hot shower. I began soaping his body and he soaped mine. I had him well lathered and by the time I reached his crotch, he was hard again but so was I.


“Well, what have we here,” I said, rinsing the soap off him. I dropped to my knees and took his perfectly straight cock into my mouth. As I began sucking, he grabbed my head and began face fucking me. His body was so out of control he spurted some hot cum into my mouth and then sprayed my body before he put his cock back into my mouth. I pulled him down to my level, and with hot water streaming over our backs, I smiled and shared the taste of his orgasm. He kissed his way down to my groin, and resumed the blowjob he started earlier. His hot mouth and tongue brought me to climax and I shot a full load into his eager mouth.


After a quick second wash we shut the water off and got out. Drying each other was yet another sensuous encounter. He was hard again.


“So will you train me and teach me to pose?”


“A champion needs a proper diet, we’ll need to sculpt your body and work on your weak spots, you will need supplements, plenty of sleep, and posing practice. You will have no night life… To be honest guys hardly ever win a contest the first time they compete,” I continued.


“Will I have time for sex?”


“We’ll make time,” I smiled as I pressed my hips to his trapping both hard cocks between us. He grabbed my ass and closed in for a kiss. Somehow I got the idea he wasn’t as inexperienced and innocent as he first led me to believe.




I decided to move all the stories from my original blog. I did something that locked me out of the original blog when we had the password issue so after a time I just started a new blog. These stories are in order by the dates they were published on this forum.

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Entry posted by Diesel · January 17








I had just closed a big sale that I had been working on for almost a month. After I sent the signed contracts to the home office via FedEx I went back to my hotel room and changed my clothes. I decided to treat myself to an expensive steak for supper but it was mid afternoon so I headed downstairs to the bar to celebrate with a beer. They were out of my favorite beer so I asked for Makers Mark on the rocks. I think he poured me a double. There was a rerun football game on the TV so I sat down to watch the game I missed. I knew the winning score but that didn’t matter because there were some spectacular plays I heard about and wanted to see.


I was nursing my second drink when two guys sat next to me at the bar. Frankly they looked like football players or at least professional athletes. Since it was three in the afternoon we were the only guys in the bar if you don’t count the bartender. During the commercial they introduced themselves to me and we shook hands. I went to the rest room and soon Brad followed me in. I was washing my hands when Jack walked in to ‘get rid of some beer.’ I guess that was when I really saw their faces for the first time. Their features were chiseled and they were quite handsome. Both were taller than me and I’m six foot one inch. In the dark bar I didn’t realize their shoulders were a mile wide. I knew they were athletic but in better light they looked more like bodybuilders.


Jack had jet black hair and Brad’s longer hair was a sun-kissed honey blond. They both had great tans like they lived outdoors.



When we returned to watch the game there was a fresh round of drinks which surprised me. I had been reluctant to have another because the liquor was already going to my head. I was drinking on an empty stomach. I knew it was foolish to drink that much but I was coming down from the adrenalin high caused by closing the deal of the century. What the hell, I was celebrating. As we watched the game, we drank and laughed and chatted. We must have sat there for the better part of an hour. I announced that I had to get something to eat and we settled our bar tabs. When I stood I knew I was too drunk to drive. Jack and Brad asked me if I cared to join them for supper. I thought that was the best way to get to the steak place so I agreed. Brad said he had to stop at their room to get a gift card that he wanted to use. They had a better view on their side of the hotel so I stood at the window. Brad used the bathroom first and I was lost in thought looking at the mountains when Brad wrapped his arms around me and kissed the side of my neck.


“Hey, what the hell is going on?” I protested. I saw Jack’s reflection in the window as he came out of the bathroom and he was naked.


Brad held me and Jack started to remove my clothes. I tried to fight back and resist, but it was no use. There were two of them and they were too strong besides I was drunk as a skunk. It took Jack just a few seconds to get me totally naked. I was stunned realizing that Brad’s hard cock was pressed into my ass crack. Brad was naked as well. He threw me on the bed and Jack climbed on top of me and sat on my chest. His thick cock was dangling there, directly over my mouth.


“Open for me Tom,” he said.


I had no intention of doing that, but Jack forced my mouth open and stuffed his semi-hard cock past my lips. He warned me that if I bit his cock he would knock every one of my teeth out. Seeing the look on his face I believed every word he said. I didn’t want to die so I guess I submitted and let these guys use me. Before I could do anything he forced his cock as far down my throat as he could. I was gagging on it and trying to resist Jack, but I didn’t have the strength to overpower him. I gasped when I felt Brad playing with my cock. I didn’t know men did this kind of thing to other men.


Brad had some warming K-Y and squirted it all over my shaft. His hand was full of lube as he cupped my balls and I could feel the lube running down my ass crack. He pushed two fingers into my ass and began to stretch me open. It hurt like hell as he spread his digits and added another finger. Soon Brad was working four fingers in and out as Jack was fucking my mouth.


After a few minutes of sucking on Jack’s cock, I was taking the whole thing down my throat. His balls were hitting my chin as I sucked the biggest cock I had ever seen. Jack just grunted and the next thing I knew I felt his hot cum streaming down into my belly. I’m not sure how long I had his cock in my mouth before he blew his load.


Brad lifted my legs by my ankles and Jack hooked his arms behind my knees. I couldn’t even imagine what they were doing. I felt something trying to enter my asshole and assumed it was Brad’s fingers but it felt more like his fist. I was really tight and Brad kept prodding at my pucker until I felt him pop inside me. He would pause and then thrust in a bit more until he had the whole thing in me. I realized what was happening when he started to moan and tell Jack his whole cock was in my ass.


Jack released my legs and rolled off onto his back next to me. That was when the fucking really started. Brad began to fuck me like I was his whore. His long, deep strokes seemed to stretch my ass to its limit. I had felt the doctor’s finger in my ass to check my prostate but that was nothing to compare it to this.


Brad’s balls began slamming into my butt and each thrust into me made a clapping sound. He told me he was going to breed me and I didn’t know what that meant.


“I have a massive load of cum I’ve been saving for this virgin ass,” he growled aggressively as he began to fuck me harder. Even drunk i figured out what he meant. Jack had stepped back off the bed and was watching Brad fuck me.


I heard my voice begging Brad to rape my hole. I wanted it now, more than I wanted anything else. Brad obliged and fucked me hard as he could. It didn’t take long before I felt his cum exploding into my ass. He lowered his huge pecs to my chest which pushed my legs forward until my knees were at my ears. His cock thickened as he dumped every drop of his seed into my ass. I was terrified because he was cumming in my ass without protection. He brought his lips to mine and began to devour me with passionate kisses. He would thrust in and groan as more cum shot from his cock. Gradually he relaxed and I found my hands running over his sweat drenched body. There was nothing soft about the man. I never knew a body could be that muscular and that hard.


Brad eventually pulled out and Jack took his place. I knew Jack was going to breed my ass too and I welcomed his cock filling the void that Brad left. Jack’s body trembled as his cock plunged into the hot cum still in my ass. Jack seemed to savor my slick tunnel because he fucked me slowly and methodically. After several minutes he began to cum. Jack would thrust in hard and dump a load. It seemed like he did that ten or fifteen times. Where all that cum was coming from I didn’t know. Brad came out of the shower and took Jack’s place as soon as he pulled his cock out of my ass. It seemed like the two men had endless stamina and could fill me with cum all night long.


I was put in every position imaginable to be fucked. Brad made me get on all fours as both men took turns dogie style fucking me from behind. I also sucked one cock while being fucked. When I thought they were exhausted Brad helped me sit on Jack’s shaft and then he made me lean forward so Jack and I were chest to chest. The last thing I ever expected was Brad mounting me and inserting his huge cock into me next to Jack’s. They took turns thrusting into me until I shot another load of cum onto Jack’s chest.


I guess I eventually passed out.


When I awoke I was all alone on the bed. Brad and Jack were long gone. There was no luggage so it looked as if they had checked out of their room. I was on my back lying in a pool of cum. I ran my hand over my chest and realized that cum coated every inch of my body. My ass was sore. I could taste cum in my mouth. I stood and seed was dripping out my ass. I stumbled into the shower to wash the dry cum from my body. Once I dressed I went down to my room. I showered again because cum was still dripping from my painful asshole. I managed to flush most of the cum out of my ass and then I fell into the bed and slept. The next morning I got into some clean clothes so I could check out of my room and head home.


For several weeks after this encounter I wasn’t quite the same. When I would think about that night I would get super turned on and then get scared as hell. I had never experienced anything like that in my life. I couldn’t believe that I was taken, used, and abused by those two muscle studs. I get chills down my spine when I fantasize about it. Other times I worry that the two guys might have given me an STD. They had fucked me bareback for hours and I encouraged them to fuck me harder.


To ease my mind I found a clinic where I could be tested for STD’s. I paid cash and used a false name. I surely didn’t want that in my records. I definitely didn’t want to file an insurance claim. The councilor at the clinic asked a lot of questions and told me I was raped. I listened and agreed just to shut them up. I knew that if I ever ran into Brad and/or Jack I would beg them to fuck me all night long. I do wonder what it would be like to be with another man but I don’t think anyone could come close to the fuck that Brad gave me.


The seasons changed and I brought out my fall wardrobe. The jackets felt tight in the shoulders and the trousers were loose in the waist. I had been hitting the gym but I always made sure I didn’t overdo because clothes are expensive and didn’t want to replace my whole wardrobe. I stripped naked and took a long hard look at my body. My gym routine hadn’t changed but my physique was beginning to look like a smaller version of Brad.


I didn’t know if this was something from being filled with his seed or if my subconscious was pushing me to emulate Brad’s awesome physique. Minutes later after stroking my cock a huge load of my cum was running down my mirror. I know it is insane, but I want to feel Brad’s cock deep in my ass once more.

It gets me hard just thinking about it.




I decided to move all the stories from my original blog. I did something that locked me out of the original blog when we had the password issue so after a time I just started a new blog. These stories are in order by the dates they were published on this forum.




By Diesel, December 18, 2018



The big city intimidated me. I grew up in a small college town so when I got my first real job and my first apartment in the big city I didn’t have any friends.  Like I said the city intimidated me. I started going to the gym every night to work out. This was my social life. It was better than sitting alone in my apartment. The gym was my outlet and contact with people outside of work. I know this sounds pathetic but you have to start somewhere. I grew up in a city of twenty five thousand and moved to a city of ten million when you include the metro area. Unfortunately the people at work are mostly older, married, and lived in the suburbs. Some spent 4 hours a day on a train. They were in the city 10 hours and if they slept 8 hours, their home life was 2 hours long.

That is 4 + 10 + 8 + 2 = 24 hours and they would be on the train again at 5:30 am. Not the life for me. My commute was five minutes by cab (if it was raining) and I would walk home for lunch.


After the first week or so at the gym I noticed a dark haired guy that was quite fit and as much of a loner as me. I found out his name was Tom. It appeared that he was about ten years older than me. I can’t say he reminded me of anybody I knew back home but I imagined he was a coach or a leader of some kind. He had a work ethic that I admired. He worked out intensely for a short time every day but from the looks of him he also jogged every morning. Runners have that lean look. Not that he was skinny. From what I could tell he had a great physique. He wasn’t one to flaunt his muscles like some of the pro bodybuilder wanna-be’s that frequented the gym, he wore loose fitting clothes.


Unbeknownst to him I modeled my workouts after his. I started jogging every morning and focused my routines to work one major muscle group plus my abs every day since my midsection was my weakest link.


Day after day he looked more and more depressed. He started skipping gym days and had bags under his eyes like he was getting no sleep. Then he disappeared for a couple weeks. I thought maybe he moved away but one day he came back and looked very angry. He attacked the weights and attacked anyone that tried to come near him or console him. He worked himself to exhaustion and one of the trainers drove him home.


Again he disappeared for a few weeks and looked more rested. He sported a new beard but at least the bags under his eyes were gone. Tom resumed his daily workouts and his solitary lifestyle… nobody bothered him in the gym.


I began to make friends outside the gym and life went on. I dated but wasn’t in love.

A chance encounter with a couple after a post Thanksgiving party opened a new door for me

Accepting a ride home and an invitation upstairs for a nightcap turned into more than I expected. I was naïve and a bit uninhibited from the rum punch they were serving at the party. The couple had already decorated for Christmas and when I stood under the mistletoe Linda kissed me. It wasn’t a pec on the cheek either. Jack silently came up behind us with a tray of drinks as the kiss broke. He handed the tray to Linda and grabbed my shoulders like he was going to trounce me for kissing his girlfriend. He looked pissed but then he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me just as passionately as Linda had.


“You started without me,” he said reaching around me and handing me the drink. He smiled and they broke out in laughter. He wrapped his muscular arm around Linda and kissed her like he kissed me.


“Don’t look so shocked,” Linda chuckled. “We think you might like what we have to offer.”


We sat on the sofa with me between them and two drinks later I was getting into bed with Linda. The last thing I expected was Jack slipping into bed while I as fucking his girlfriend. He began touching me and coaching me on what to do to make her climax. I didn’t know it at the time but I was being edged. Jack would do things that would make me pull out and calm down. Linda was just as complicit. Then when Linda rode my cock and Jack inserted his cock next to mine I lost it. In just a minute or two Jack was cumming causing me to fill his girlfriend with my seed too.


I never ate cum from pussy but Jack insisted we take turns. Linda climaxed five or six times and then bolted out of bed to use the bathroom. Jack and I were on our backs coming down from the intense sex when I heard Linda running bath water.


“She’ll soak for an hour or more,” Jack said as he rolled to his side and faced me. His hand ran up my body and he pulled me closer until I felt his hard cock on my thigh. I put my hand on his chest to push him away and when my thumb brushed against his erect nipple he hissed. His pecs were huge and he was nothing but rock hard muscle everywhere. He moved and brought his nipple to my lips. He rubbed the nub against my lips until I opened to suck and flick the nub with my tongue. Before I knew it Jack was straddling my body and I was running my hands all over his physique.


Without saying a word Jack opened the drawer of the end table and pulled out a plastic bottle of baby oil. This was perfect! I already knew what I wanted to do. I opened the bottle of oil and drizzled oil over his back and ass. I began a slow hypnotic movement of my hips as I rubbed the oil evenly across his butt and the back of his thighs. I could see Jack's eyes and mouth wide open as he slowly stroked his cock. I blindly brought the bottle down between us and covered his hand with slick oil. 

I slowly ran my hand across his ass and placed my fingers on his ass hole. I squirted even more on his butt and I began to rub his muscular cheeks. I smiled to myself as he rubbed his oily hand across his chest. My finger penetrated his hole and he moaned


“Ohhh fuckk Jack,” I said in a gasp. “That feels so fucking good.” I encouraged him further by sticking my cock against his ass crack. He wiggled his ass and began to thrust his hard cock against my chest.

“I want to show you how bad I want this cock.” He knelt up and positioned his ass right over my cock. Slowly lowering his ass down I felt my hot cock was now touching his asshole. Maneuvering a little, I lodged my cock between his muscular cheeks and gasped at the sensation as he used more pressure to impale himself. He slowly started to grind up and down and every time his tight hole touched my mushroom head he moaned uncontrollably. “Your dick feels amazing,” he said between moans. “Your dick feels so good.”


I smiled and began begin rubbing my cock head right against his hole and shivers ran through his entire body. I grabbed the bottle of oil and poured more onto his ass as I kept rubbing my cock head on his tight hole. After a minute or two he began to sit back with my prick wedged against the hole.

“Are you ready to go for a ride?” I asked. “I wanna feel that muscle butt bounce on my big cock.”


“Fuck yeah,” he moaned. With that, I felt him apply more pressure against my cock. My head popped past my outer ring. He gasped as his face showed some pain. Slowly but surely, he began pressing down more and more on my meat. He would slide down about an inch at a time, feel a little pain, and just stay like that for a minute until he was ready to take more. As he got about four inches in he stopped.

“It's so fucking big. I don't know if I can take it all,” he said panting heavily. I knew he was bullshitting me to make me feel good.


“Then pull off,” I postured. That is all the motivation he needed. With one final push he pressed down until he was completely impaled on me.




“Ahhhhhh there you go. Now just sit there for a minute and get used to it,” I said. Jack purred and started breathing heavier. He tried his best to relax. After a few moments he slowly raised his ass up and then plunged back down. He began a steady rhythm and moaned. Jack grabbed the oil again and sprayed it over his dick as he rode me. Jack had a look of complete lust on his face.


“Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me!” he kept chanting.


Then he pulled off and knelt on the bed doggie style. I knelt behind him and I pushed into him again. He moaned as I slid in to the hilt and placed both hands on his hips. I started to fuck him like a mad man, pounding his tight ass. Every time I slammed into him it was fucking amazing. I yelled that I was about to cum and thrust in hard. The first shot went deep in his ass but then he fell forward and the second volley streaked across his back. He rolled between my legs and begged me to cum on his pecs. I moved up on his abs as my cum poured onto his chest, chin, and face.


Jack went into the bathroom and I quickly dressed. I called a taxi and went home. I was forced to admit to myself that I am not totally heterosexual. I didn’t consider myself to be gay because I loved to fuck Linda too.


Analyzing the encounter I was just as excited touching Jack as I was touching Linda. She was rather drunk and had regrets so it was a one off encounter for her. Jack, the muscle stud boyfriend contacted me later and we had a drink together. He wanted more but I didn’t let it happen.


Christmas was on a weekend that year. Thursday was the day before Christmas Eve and at midday the gym was practically empty. I loved that holiday and decorated like my family did back home. My fake eight foot tree had 6000 miniature lights, a few dozen cheap plastic ornaments, and hundreds of gift bows that you stick on gifts. The wrapped empty boxes under the tree were from the small appliances I needed for the kitchen. I even had a model train going around under the tree.


I planned to cut that Thursday workout at the gym short because I was going home for Christmas Eve. The mystery man was there but he only walked on the treadmill… he didn’t work out.

I finished my workout just after he went to the locker room. I decided to tell him Merry Christmas even though I never talked to him before. The locker room was empty except for the two of us. I stripped and wrapped a towel around me. Exploring I found him in the sauna and I thought I heard a sob.


His hand was on his forehead… he glared up at me when I stood next to him in the steamy room.


“Tom, I hate to bother you but I’ve been having trouble starting my car,” I lied. “If it doesn’t start could you give me a jump? I have starter cables.”


“Do I know you?”

“I’m Eric.”


“Sure Eric. I’ve seen you around. Didn’t know your name,” he said then looked away. I didn’t move. “Is there something else?” he asked. I got that glaring look again.


“Yes. I wanted to tell you… This is going to sound dumb. Anyway I watched you and modeled my workouts after what you do. In a way you are like a mentor to me. Call it hero worship… Anyway Merry Christmas,” I said and began to turn away. He grabbed my arm.


“You can’t be a hero if you can’t save someone,” he said as tears welled up in his eyes. I stood there waiting for him to continue. “The way you said that… Sorry,” he said letting my forearm go. He put his feet on the floor and faced me.

“Said what?” I asked.


“Merry Christmas… Anyway Merry Christmas. Brian used to say that when we would exchange gifts. He wouldn’t just say Merry Christmas he would say Anyway Merry Christmas. One of the small things that use to piss me off royally but right now I would give a million dollars to hear him say it again.” His shoulders slumped like he was defeated. “He loved Christmas. He loved the first snowfall. He drove me crazy with Christmas Carols playing all the time and that damn noisy train under the tree. I couldn’t hear the TV and would turn it off. He would come in and see it wasn’t running. His face would fall and he would turn back to whatever he was doing. Probably wrapping gifts; he had gifts for everyone and extras for surprise guests even little kids. I have a closet full of storage containers filled with wrapped gifts each one has a post-it note telling what’s under the gift wrap.”


He paused but continued before I could say anything.


“Then the gentle loving man got cancer that didn’t respond to treatment. He wanted to see Alaska and Hawaii. We did an Alaska cruise, and then flew to Hawaii. We saw the volcano, and we went swimming in the seven sacred pools on Maui. I had a fresh lei delivered for him every day. He seemed better and very happy even though he slept a lot. He died a week after we got back and he thanked me for a wonderful life that last night when we talked. He just stopped breathing that night and there was a smile on his face. His hand let go of mine.”


The man choked up and quietly sobbed.


“Stand up,” I ordered. “Let’s get out of this heat.” Surprisingly he followed me to the shower. I handed him a clean towel when we finished.


“Thanks for listening,” he said softly.


“You know what I think?” I asked and he gave me a blank look. “I think you should give away some of those gifts he left.” His head shook no and he seemed lost like he didn’t know where to start. “Just one gift, or should you clean out that closet?” I teased.


“To who?”


“A retirement home, kids in the hospital, Toys for Tots, bell ringers for Salvation Army…” I suggested. “You start doing what he did. Have a Christmas party and do a grab bag where people can trade gifts from your friend.”


“The house isn’t decorated… they wouldn’t come on short notice… there is no food…”


“We’ll get poinsettias from Walmart, candles and garland from a Dollar Store, cheese and sandwich trays from the grocery store. You have all the gifts. I have a tree you could borrow.”


“Brian started decorating after Thanksgiving. It took a month,” he told me.


“You have a day. Start calling your friends and tell them it is Brian’s last Christmas or Christmas to honor him or a Christmas to remember Brian party. He left gifts.”


“I don’t know,” he said but I could see his mind working.


“I’ll help but is it yes or no?”


“No,” he said. “Not enough time.”


“Anyway Merry Christmas,” I said as I grabbed my bag and headed for the door. He was right behind me and as we got to the front lobby he yelled out “SNOW” and he stopped me.


“It’s snowing,” he gasped. “Snow! Brian! It’s a sign. I need a party. Would you help me?” He pulled out his phone and dialed a friend. In ten minutes he had six yes answers out of six calls. In an hour or two we had all the decorations at his house. We had everything except for my tree and food. He was still calling people. I left to get my tree. He went to the 24hr liquor store.


I plugged in the tree and arranged the potted flowers in all the rooms. I was trying to get the lights in the garland on the fireplace to work when Tom walked in. He sat in a chair by the tree and shook his head.


“Beautiful! Simple but elegant!” he said as he sat back. “All we need is food and people.”


“And gifts,” I added.


People came and they hugged Tom. There were tears and private words but then there was laughter. They all brought food and drink, and there was music, and people told Brian stories. I mostly stayed in the kitchen or passed out food like the hired help. I collected empty plates and cups. I stuffed garbage bags with trash. Then it got very quiet and when I peeked out of the kitchen, Tom was standing by the fireplace with a giant cloth Santa bag overflowing with gifts. When everyone had a gift wrapped box in hand except Tom, he looked at me.


“I want to introduce you to Eric Jones,” he said holding his hand out to me. My last name isn’t Jones it is Smith but I didn’t correct him. “You know what he said to me tonight that got this party rolling?” His face beamed and you could hear a pin drop. The CD was changing so there wasn’t any music either. “He said Anyway Merry Christmas.” There were a couple gasps and people had tears in their eyes. “I got all depressed and then I looked outside and it was snowing. You know how Brian loved the first snowfall!” Just then Silent Night softly started playing and there were more tears. “Eric had suggested that I… that we celebrate Christmas the way Brian would have. He brought the tree and the train and fortunately he left the train transformer at home. Those things are so damn noisy.” People who knew chuckled. I touched the foot switch with my toe and the train started. Tom’s face went blank so I turned it off. “No, turn it on,” he said to me. “Everybody open the presents!” he shouted over the train noise. I made the train go slower but by then everyone was talking and there was wrapping paper everywhere. I went to get a couple garbage bags.


When I returned Tom was standing by the fireplace. “This gift had a note on it to me,” he announced to the friends. “It is personal but I want you to hear what he wrote. Here goes.


Tom, you have this in abundance and as a matter of fact I sometimes feel like… I’m drowning in it… because it takes my breath away.” Tom composed himself. “I… saw this… and… it spoke to me… and I realized this… reflected not only you and me but everything and everyone in our lives. It is solid and unbreakable. Un-tarnish-able (if that is a word) and is totally useless unless you give it away.” He lifted the box and I could see it was heavy. “Anyway Merry Christmas Tom,” he choked up. Tears were falling but he composed himself.


“He had this for my present this year,” Tom announced as he tore at the paper.


Tom opened the box and pulled out a metal sculpture and held it up for all to see. It was the LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana where the LO is stacked on top of the VE. This stainless steel version of the sculpture was about eight inches high and had a highly polished mirror finish. He set it in the middle of the mantel. After that the home was filled with joy and after a few hours everyone left with their treasure from Brian.


The guests picked up most of the paper and when they were gone I came out of the kitchen. The train was running. The Christmas tree and fireplace provided the only light for the room. Tom was in his chair.


“Brian was right about love,” he said. “You can’t keep it locked up. You are dead without loving other people. You would have liked Brian. My friends told me not to let you get away. They think we should be… together but it is too soon. Maybe… I need time. You… kick started the healing process. I want to thank you for all this, even the damn train.”


“I was going to go home tomorrow.” I looked at my watch. “It is tomorrow,” I laughed. “Would you like to come with me?”


“Thank you but no. Bringing a gay man home for Christmas might be a bit much for your family. I assume you haven’t told them that you are not fully heterosexual. My friends assumed you are gay. My eyes saw how you looked at Sally and when you found out she was married to that muscle stud Jim… you had to hide in the kitchen. Those two will consume you if you let them. They were on the fringe of Brian’s circle of friends. Brian may have been one of the few that ever fucked Jim…


“TMI,” I laughed. I made the time out hand signal.


“But that was before I met Brian,” Tom added.


“What about you? Will you be alright?” I asked.


 “Brian isn’t here anymore. I feel like his spirit moved on tonight.”


“Speaking of moving on…” I said. Tom stood and was in my personal space.


“Stay here tonight with me. Not for sex or anything… sit with me. Watch the fire. Listen to the snow fall.”


“I shouldn’t,” I whispered.


“Please,” he asked.


I stayed for a couple hours and we talked. I did make to Christmas dinner at my parent’s house that evening but I turned around and came home after we opened presents. I missed my apartment, my Christmas tree, and my train.


Most of all I missed Tom. So Anyway Merry Christmas.




The Guest in Suite 1023


I was working in a hotel restaurant washing dishes. I hated the job but I liked the money. I was in my final semester of college taking a couple required courses and washing dishes at night. Fortunately the hotel had a great gym so I was also able to get in some serious gym time before I went to work every day. I considered having gym time to be the biggest perk of the job. The second big perk was a free meal now and then.


Before running the plates through the dishwasher I had been collecting the steak bones and meat scraps as I scraped the dishes. They let me do that because I was taking the bones to the animal shelter. What they didn’t know was I was making and freezing beef broth with the bones and scrap meat before it went to the shelter. It was free food in my freezer for the future.


So anyway it was late on Friday night and I was finished for the week. Monday was a holiday giving me a three day weekend. I changed into street clothes and was about to leave when the chef asked me to take an order of food up to suite1023. I rolled my eyes and pulled on a white kitchen jacket to cover the tank top I was wearing to go home. The bones were already in bags on ice and the ice chest was in my car so I didn’t have to return to the kitchen. I always did that before I changed so the scraps wouldn’t be dumped in the garbage.


“Look Tom, just roll the cart into the room and wait for him to sign before you leave. Don’t worry about collecting the cart. Tell them to leave the cart in the suite or in the hall and it will be picked up in the morning. You don’t have to come back to the kitchen, you can just go home,” the chef said as he handed me a master pass key card that would be active for the next fifteen minutes.


I gladly took the cart up because it was well known that the people in the big suites gave big tips, usually in cash. I knocked and waited before I used the key. The suite was darkened but the bathroom light was on. There was somebody in the shower. I stood near the bedroom door so I could call out to them that the food was here. After a while I began to think the occupant fell asleep in the shower so I peeked around the door in case they had fallen or were hurt. My jaw dropped when I saw the guy washing. His shoulders were three feet wide and his chest was massive. I could see the lines his abs made as well as a hard or semi-hard cock. I jerked my head back when the water went off. I ran out of the bedroom to the living room and took up a position by the cart where I could watch his reflection in the huge bathroom mirror from where I was standing.


He dried his body slowly and fondled his hard or semi-hard 10 inch uncut cock. He dropped the towel and began to flex for himself. In profile his cock looked even longer and thicker. After five minutes I opened the door to the hall and called out, “Room Service!” and closed the door. He grabbed the towel off the floor and I gasped seeing his ass spread and expose his pucker.


“I’ll be right out,” he replied. He had a slight accent but his deep voice was sexy as hell. I busied myself with the cart and when I looked up he was wrapped in the towel. Damn, he was tall and massively muscular.


“Oh, excuse me sir they said I was to bring the cart into the room. I could return or wait in the hall until you dress,” I offered. I realized that my eyes were roaming all over his physique and so did he.


“I have a favor to ask,” he smiled as he approached me. His massive hard pec touched my arm as he reached behind me for a bottle of lotion. “I need to be… moisturized,” he said looking at the name tag on my white coat. He looked up and smiled at me, grabbed my hand, and filled it with lotion. He brought my hand to his pecs and I almost shot cum in my briefs. That wasn’t bad enough; he grabbed my other hand and did the same thing. There was now enough lotion on his chest to massage into his entire torso.


“The food…” I muttered but he began to flex and pose. Muscles exploded into sharp definition as my hands went into auto-pilot. Wherever he flexed muscle, my hands spread the lotion. Then he lifted his knee and I gasped when the towel opened and he exposed his gigantic thigh as well as his cock. He grabbed my wrist and filled the palm of my hand before he brought it to his thick thigh. He used my hand to slowly stroke outside of his leg and then his inner thigh. The top of my hand ran into his cock and he hissed his approval. Pre-cum streaked my skin and my mouth watered wanting to taste his seed. Releasing my hand he turned his back to me and dropped the towel before his arms rose in a double biceps flex. I slathered lotion all over his delts and back.


I knelt to get the back of his legs and calves but soon after he turned and he was stroking his nearly 8 inch long hard cock. His cock touched my lips and they opened automatically to engulf the head. My tongue danced as I sucked. His hands pulled off the white jacket and my shirt and then he made me stand. It was my turn to be massaged. Once the front of my torso was covered with oily lotion he moved behind me and began sensually massaging my back from my belt to my neck.


“You like the way this feels,” he rumbled in my ear. He was telling me not asking. I found myself rolling my neck and arching my back. “Fuck! Excellent physique you have,” he moaned. He grabbed my arms and I could feel his power. I had the feeling he could snap my bones in an instant if he had a mind. “You want more,” he told me. Again it was a statement of fact. His hands slid to my belt and he opened my pants. They fell around my ankles as his fingers plunged into my tight briefs. In an instant I was as naked.


His hard cock was in my ass crack as he fondled my balls and stroked my shaft. Our bodies moved and rubbed and undulated like lovers that couldn’t wait. I wanted his seed but not in my ass. He wanted more. He pulled me to the bed… maybe he lifted me. We rolled and he was on top of my naked body. He kissed aggressively and then there was something new… a new scent. Musk and lust surrounded me as he nuzzled into my neck kissing, licking, nipping, and whispering his needs and desires. His hard physique crushed me, massaged me, and telegraphed his unyielding desire.

He hugged me tighter and ran his hard dick along mine. The feelings made me gasp as the intensity began to rapidly build causing my whole body to stiffen. He slid his hard cock back along my cock in the other direction and I felt like I wanted to crawl into his skin. I thrust my cock forward to help intensify the pleasure churning in my balls. A gush of cum was about to begin to shoot from my churning balls when he stopped.

“Not yet, too soon,” he moaned. I suspected he stopped for himself and not for me. He was hugging me tightly and letting out a deep groans interspersed with little gasps. My hands stroked the rippling muscle of his amazing back and moved across the deep valley at his spine. He moved up dragging his cock against my abs. A hard nipple touched my lips and I flicked it with my tongue. He gasped.

“Fuck me,” he begged. He reached back and lifted my cock and his body all in one swift move and then he impaled himself on my shaft.

“Oooooh!” I moaned. My whole body trembled and I thought my cock would detonate but then he stopped. He knelt upright fully impaled and every muscle in his body stood out in incredible clarity.  It was as if he was becoming more buff and more defined by the minute. His cock jumped almost imperceptibly with each beat of his heart. His thighs flexed and although his knees didn’t move inwards, I felt my ribs being crushed by his flexing thighs. His hands covered my pecs and he leaned forward increasing the pressure on my ribs inhibiting my ability to breathe.

“This hasn’t happened for… for so long. Who sent you?” he asked with his eyes boring into mine.

“The… I…”

“What you want… It will happen but not immediately,” he said as his hands moved up to my traps. He kneaded the muscles like an over enthusiastic massage therapist and then his hands moved down my back to pull me closer until our lips touched. It was as if he hungered for what was about to happen. His kiss took my breath away and I melted. At the same time, that kiss was incredibly tender yet invasive and abusive. I was being crushed by his arms and at the same time being devoured by his lips. Engulfed, I was being engulfed! My cock, my lips, my tongue, and my entire being was being engulfed by this man. He was invading my being like a symbiont. Not a symbiont that consumes the host but as one that enhances the host in order that the symbiont might live and prosper. Prosper but not dominate or even influence.

“Oh fuck, I’ve needed this for so long,” he moaned breathlessly. “You can’t know what this means to me,” he said hugging me tightly.

“The chef sent me,” I managed to answer the irrelevant question he asked earlier.

“That is of no consequence,” he replied. Then it was as if the muscular ass was coming alive while stroking my cock. His tunnel surrounded my shaft like a glove made of the finest mink squeezing me tightly at the base and progressively stroking my tool rising toward the crown. The contractions of the fur glove changed intensity and it was like a feather touch jacking my meat. His body was not even moving yet I was on the receiving end of the most intense pleasure I ever felt. His entire tunnel was stimulating every inch of my cock at the same time driving me ever closer to climax.

His ass ring clamped around my cock and he lifted his body slightly pulling more than half my cock out of his ass. It was as if he was trying to pull my shaft out of my groin by the roots. It hurt so bad I thought my dick was going to break off. Again and again he painfully stretched my cock and then used that fur glove to ease the pain and bring me to the brink of orgasm. The torturous pleasure seemed to last for hours as I twisted and thrust my cock into his tunnel. My brain was in overload and flashes of lightning illuminated my brain. I was either going to cum or pass out when once again he stopped. My mouth was open and saliva was drooling down my chin and onto my chest. I was spent.

“I have only begun,” he whispered with a snicker. His kisses seemed to breathe new life into me and at the same time intensify my exhaustion.

“I don’t know if I can take any more,” I gasped.

“Wait until I take you to the stratosphere and beyond,” he smiled. “Perhaps to the edge of the universe,” he quipped.

“I’d die!” I replied breathlessly.

“We’ll soar!”

He edged me several more times and then my cum splattered inside his tunnel. My mind did soar! It was an orgasm there are no words to describe.


“Arrrghhhhhhhhh” he roared through clenched teeth as this overwhelmed muscle stud’s cock began to throb and empty his hot cum into my mouth.


More of my cum was pumping into his willing hole. It felt like my cock shot rope after rope of cum for over a minute. I never had multiple orgasms before and the fifth orgasm was on the way.


A sudden shockwave of sexually charged erotic bliss shook me to my toes. It was an orgasmic tremor that grew in strength shoving its way into my muscles and my cock until my balls tingled and my prick spewed again. It was as if a lightning bolt passed through the guest in room 1023 and into my body shoving itself deeply into my core to intensify my orgasm. Something had been released inside me that was like a feral beast or a powerful fire breathing dragon of unstoppable carnal bliss and somehow I was absorbing every ounce of whatever it was. It was as if my whole being swelled with animalistic lust.


Then as quickly as it had begun, it was over. Breathing hard and coated with each other’s creamy spunk he kissed me. We wrestled on the bed licking and trying to devour each other until exhaustion overwhelmed us and we slept with him spooning against my back. Hours later he led my naked body to the shower.


“I have only just begun,” he repeated with a snicker.


He was true to his word because that three day weekend I was repeatedly taken to ever higher sexual levels I had never experienced before.


Tuesday as I stood at the door getting ready to leave his room to go downstairs to work he looked deeply into my eyes after he kissed me.


“There is more,” he said softly. “You are only beginning to experience what I have in store for you,” he whispered in my ear.


That next week my car remained parked at the hotel all night long. When I went home after work it was to freeze the bones, pick up my mail, and get a change of clothes. Then as I was leaving for work after a second glorious weekend he held me and kissed me. There was pain in his eyes.


“You’re leaving,” I said as my forehead touched his. There was a slight nod that I felt more than saw.


“I cannot take you with me… I would if I could.”


“I’ll stay until you have to leave. To hell with work,” I snarled.


“You must go now,” he said as he tried to smile. “I… I’ve stayed too long. I should have been gone before you awoke. I wanted this one last goodbye.”


“Then stay,” I begged.


“It would be a lie if I said I would stay… there is a car waiting for me. My luggage is in that car.”


“Will I ever see you again?” I asked searching his eyes.


“Yes,” he said with a smile. I knew it wasn’t a lie. I held his face and kissed him like the first time he kissed me. He returned the kiss and then he staggered back. “I have taught you well,” he said trying to catch his breath. “You have work to do, and I have a plane to catch. So many things are about to change in your life,” he sighed as his eyes looked into my soul. “Now go,” he said swatting my ass. I opened the door and walked to the elevator. The elevator descended as I began having second thoughts. I reversed course and walked back to room 1023. The maid was about to enter the room to clean it and she looked at me funny.


“I was supposed to pick up a food cart and bring it back to the kitchen,” I explained. She let me in but the suite was empty. He was gone. “I guess they put the food cart in the hall and somebody already took it down,” I said to the maid. She nodded suspiciously.


Tears flowed in the elevator all the way to the kitchen. I changed and began with pots and pans. Nobody noticed my sadness. Everyone was too busy. I left for my class and returned for the supper dishes. I didn’t use the gym. Days later I took my final exams and although I did well my heart wasn’t in it.


On May 9th 2019 there was great joy at my graduation. Coming off stage I saw a big man standing at the back of the auditorium and I thought it was Ben. I continued walking instead of going back to my seat. It wasn’t Ben; it was a man holding a toddler on his shoulders. I used the rest room and returned to my seat. I looked at my diploma that said I was a Chemical Engineer.


After my family left I had a few days to clean out the apartment. It was already being shown to other students to rent for the next school year. As I packed the U-Haul trailer I was also filling the dumpster with stuff I didn’t want as well as the cheap furniture held together with duct tape. My new high paying job would begin after the 4th of July but I was moving to the small rural town instead of going home to my parent’s house. They had downsized and there was no room for me.


I tried to rent a farmhouse at the edge of town that was close to the plant where I would be working. The family didn’t want to rent, they wanted to sell the property to settle their father’s estate. I ended up buying the one hundred fifty five acre farm and renewed the lease with the neighboring farmer to grow crops on my land. The five acres around the house was mine to maintain.


I had a bed, my freezer, boxes of books, my laptop, my clothes, and dishes. Everything I owned fit in one corner of the huge kitchen with lots of room to spare. Buying that house was overkill. I could comfortably live downstairs and never use or even heat the upstairs. The house payments on the huge farmhouse were only a third of what I was paying for an efficiency apartment at college. Behind the house there was a hay barn, a truck garden, a chicken coop, and a farm equipment garage that had been converted to a gym. All the equipment was rusty and the benches were covered in a thick layer of dirt. Only one of the ten bays was used to store an old tractor with a bush hog attached and the rest was gym equipment.


 I had nearly six weeks to get my new home in order and do some serious weight lifting.


It had been less than a month since Ben abandoned me. I knew it wasn’t fair to use that word and it wasn’t true but I did feel abandoned. I spent my days cleaning and painting the house from top to bottom. The outside remained white but the inside the rooms were painted a soothing blue, tan, or green. I shopped for furniture and of course it had to be shipped in from elsewhere. The table in the kitchen could easily seat twenty but I needed chairs. It was a plank table four inches thick and almost impossible to move. Four feet wide it was cut from a single tree including the turned legs, each leg was ten inches in diameter. Cleaned of years of grime and wax it got a coat of clear polyurethane that sailors used on boat decks. It took a car jack and four furniture mover’s dollies to get it out of the way so the floor could be sanded and refinished.


Trees had been planted around the five acres as a wind break. It looked like new trees had been planted as the first trees matured and the windbreak had become a narrow mini forest that hid the house from the road and fields. As the weather warmed I lived in gym shorts and tennis shoes except when I went to town. While painting the house I often worked naked so I wouldn’t ruin clothes.


A month later furniture began arriving and I was pleased that I leaned heavily on Amish built end tables, chairs, rocking chairs, and bedroom furniture. Except for the modern sofa it had the farmhouse feel I was after. The only problem the house had was there was no AC so I learned to sweat and strategically place fans around the rooms. I had yet to see if the heating system worked. I had my suspicions that it was shot judging by the cords of firewood stacked outside the kitchen. That was an expense wasn’t looking forward to after regular paychecks started coming in.


June was coming to an end and I thought to make sure dress clothes were cleaned and pressed to make a good first impression but when I put on the shirt I couldn’t button it across my chest. Sure I had been working out for two months but the shirt had a gap four inches wide. In a panic I drove to the big city to find a big and tall men’s store. I had gone from a 1XT to a 4XT shirt size in less than sixty days. The guy in the store asked me how long I had been a bodybuilder. I didn’t think of myself as a bodybuilder but looking in the mirror I sure looked like one. I told him I started lifting weights in high school, which was true. What I didn’t tell him was I hardly ever worked out in college because I just didn’t have the time. In the last two months I only spent an hour a day in the home gym. Of course I was working my ass off doing renovations and cleaning up the farm but that wasn’t heavy labor.


When I got home there was a strange car parked at the house. License plates were local and I wondered if it wasn’t the HVAC guy here to give me an estimate. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw Ben sitting in the shade on the back porch.


“Howdy!” he said like a hick.


“Asshole,” I said as I threw my arms around him in a man hug. A quiet sob followed. “I thought I would never see you again,” I whispered.


“Yet, here I am,” he said as he held me an arm’s length away to inspect my body. “I am… we are going to fuck non-stop for the next week.”


I didn’t think he meant that literally but he proved me wrong. I often felt his cock in my ass as I slept. He fucked me in the shower, in the gym, in the barn, and in every room of the house. The orgasms far exceeded those I felt in Room 1023 at the hotel.


Then on the night of July 2nd we crawled into bed and Ben held me. Our lovemaking was unhurried, not the unbridled, wild, feral, and brutish sex we’d been having all week.


“What’s wrong? Has your fire gone out?” I asked as I stroked his pecs because that always made him attack my body with a vengeance. “I wore you out!” I teased.


“Hardly,” Ben laughed. He paused and chose his words very carefully. “My sex drive is unlimited and my ability to pleasure someone like you... someone like us… is inexhaustible.  In these two sessions we had we just touched the surface. I don’t know if you realize it but you’re growing stronger every minute of every day. Your body and your mind are changing. You are getting more and more powerful.”

I chuckled and flexed my arm.

“In time you will come to understand this gift we share,” he said softly. I looked into his eyes and I could almost see his muscular body glowing with sexual energy. I looked down at his hard throbbing cock and I straddled his hips. I reached back and stroked his thick meat and he groaned with absolute ecstasy.

“That feels so good,” he moaned. I fully intended to line his cock up with my ass and ride his cock. “Tom, I want you to suck my cock!” he ordered.


An overwhelming desire washed over me like a giant wave and I moved between Ben’s legs. I had an intense desire to suck Ben’s cock and drink his cum.  I inhaled and then swallowed the shaft entirely. I was licking and sucking the thick, hard meat like it was my first time and a feeling of satisfaction engulfed my being like a cloud. I have no idea how long I was sucking when a geyser of warm cream erupted and filled my mouth until my cheeks were budging. As I swallowed I moved my face towards his pubic bush and swallowed Ben’s tool. I could feel his cock swell before each geyser-like explosion of cum was pumped into my belly. Ben groaned from the intense pleasure as he moved his hips and fucked my throat. I could feel the warmth of his seed spreading throughout my whole being


“Fuck,” I gasped as I rolled my back.


“Are you ready to do that again?” Ben smiled as he stroked his cock.


“You couldn’t possibly…” I said but my words barely left my lips when Ben’s body began to tremble and his muscles began to swell just before a fresh eruption of cum shot six feet into the air and rained down on our naked bodies. He shot a second wad of cum that splattered everywhere. Then he shot a third thick load as powerful as the first.


“Wow,” I laughed. “I bet you can’t do that again.”


“Oh, fuck,” Ben moaned as he repeated the feat. I looked at him and was flabbergasted. “Should I do it again?” he asked.


“Only if my ass is parked on your cock,” I said with awe.


“Bring it!”


“I’m not sure my body could survive more sex with you tonight,” I teased. Ben lifted me and parked my ass on his big cock. Three times his cock exploded deep in my bowels and I had a corresponding orgasm each time he came. The third time he pointed my cock at my chest and after the cum hit my body it began to be instantly absorbed into my skin. I told myself it wasn’t sticking to my skin because I was so sweaty. Then I realized that I was super hot but not sweaty. The heat was inside me and when I looked at Ben there was a mental communication between us that gave me some shocking insight as to what was really happening. His cum was transforming my body and my body was going to be able to do the same thing to others once the process was complete. When would it be complete? That was something even Ben didn’t know.


We Ordered Pizza



It had been a week since his birthday and when he came home from work I asked him when he was going to wear the (ugly) plaid tie I gave him. What else can you give a guy who has everything?


“Soon,” he said as he walked into the bedroom to change out of his suit. We usually went out to dinner on Friday. Once when I complained that we spent too much money going out every week he asked me if I would rather pay a psychoanalyst or go out to dinner. If he went to a psychiatrist I’d get nothing out of the deal so dinner it was.


“Ahem,” he said and I looked up from the magazine. He had on the tie and little else. “Dinner will be delayed,” he said as he stood in doorway to the bedroom. “From now on when you see me wearing this birthday present be prepared for wild sex.”


Man he wasn’t kidding!


We ordered a pizza at midnight.


The Unexpected Part 3


The Unexpected Part 3

Not What I Expected

As told by Eric


I grew up on a farm in a remote part of Minnesota with seven brothers all older than me. We didn’t farm crops or animals we farmed trees, Christmas trees!  Minnesota Christmas tree farmers sell 500,000 trees each year and they are a renewable crop. For every tree harvested, we would plant three seedlings in its place. It takes 8-12 years for a Christmas tree to grow to market height. During that time, we had to shear the trees for the proper shape, water young trees and make sure the trees had the proper nutrients to grow.

Our farm was so remote my parent’s home schooled us. Mom would teach us in the morning and then we would work the trees until dark, eat a hardy supper, do some chores, read books etc until we went to bed. My oldest brother Adam decided he wanted a barbell set for Christmas when he was about twelve and by the time I was allowed to lift real weights we had a full blown gym that everybody used, including mom.


Being Scandinavian we were large men with natural physiques which only improved with weight training. I was the youngest of eight sons yet I was the tallest at 6’8” and I had the highest metabolism so I burned fat without trying. I looked more like a bodybuilder than a weight lifter.

I trained every evening in our gym with my brothers six days a week. They lifted for about an hour and I lifted three hours a day so I had the biggest and most defined muscles. Sunday was always a day of rest.  


Working the trees was like a workout in itself. There was always something to do and when we started cutting and stacking trees for shipment I was exhausted and frustrated. I took my frustrations out in the gym.


Then as my parents aged they decided to visit the old country. One of us would accompany them but some of my brothers already had families and were now running the farm. We all put our names in a hat and my mom drew a name. It was me! I didn’t know at the time that all my brothers wrote my name on their papers.


Since my brothers were running the farm the month long vacation began being extended. First it was extended to six weeks but eventually the stay turned into six months. With all that time on my hands I lived in the gym. Yes I delved into the Scandinavian culture and the men of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, as well as Iceland because we had relatives everywhere. I was of age so I frequented the bars and pubs which led me to the local boys. I always knew that I didn’t want to get married and it was on that trip that I came to understand why.


Returning to the USA I decided I had enough of rural life and I moved to Minneapolis until winter set in. From there I lived in New York City, Chicago, and Miami, where I met Javier. Then I lived in California, and finally ended up here.  


Javier invited me to a weekend getaway with some of his friends and it was a perfect diversion especially when I found out that his buddies were extremely muscular and loved to fuck. We would be staying in a condo and I figured it would be one of those bare bones time share rat holes near the beach but not facing the water. It didn’t matter because all I wanted to do was party and fuck for the next two weeks.


Javier told me that all his friends were bringing someone to the get together at the condo owned by his friend Tom and preferably someone who had never been before. He also warned me that if he saw someone he liked then I was on my own. I wasn’t obligated to be with or stay with Javier either. He indicated that he was going to the vacation to fuck new meat as well as double fuck some guy named Ed.


I was having second thoughts about staying the whole time. Javier started explaining his rules as we pulled into the parking lot of the condo complex. I probably wouldn’t have come at all if he told me the ground rules before I got in the car.


We were some of the first to arrive and the instant I walked in the condo I knew it wasn’t a time-share. The view was spectacular and the view of the water was nice too. Having seven brothers who are muscular, it is hard to impress me, but there were a guy standing on the balcony that made my knees weak. His face was young and handsome making him look like he was barely legal. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was the Ed that Javier was talking about. I was in lust.


“Are you Ed?” he asked me.


“I was about to ask you the same thing,” I replied. We introduced ourselves.


“Did you get roped into coming to this affair too?”


“What do you mean?” I smiled. I didn’t care what we were talking about I just wanted to keep him talking so he didn’t get away. He looked around and then he whispered so softly I almost couldn’t hear him.


“Are you gay?”


“Bisexual,” I told him in a low voice. “I like guys but I’ve only been with girls lately.” There was a long pause but then in a very quiet voice, told me that he thought he might be bisexual too.

“Have you ever been with a guy,” I asked and he slowly shook his head no.


“In fact I’ve been out on dates with girls but haven’t gone all the way if you know what I mean.”


He said he had never really kissed a girl other than a peck on the cheek. I asked him if he would like to kiss me. He looked stunned by the question but you could have cut the sexual tension with a machete.

“Yes,” he answered at last, his voice trembling a little. “I think I might like that… but not here in front of all these people.”


I looked around and there were maybe eight people in the condo. I smiled and touched my beer bottle to his. “Where then,” I asked.


“Well, when I got the invite I assumed I needed a place to stay so I rented a one bedroom condo in this building. My view is nothing like this. I’m on the parking lot side and my view is of other buildings. I was told that this condo can sleep fourteen but I don’t know where they would put all those people.”


“Maybe they stack them in bed like firewood,” I said to make a joke and Rick blushed. “Who invited you?” I asked to change the subject.


“My cousin’s friend,” he said looking for the guy so he could point him out to me. “He told everyone this was a golf vacation and the partner he was playing with had to pull out and cancel. He said he had a plane ticket that would go to waste if I didn’t use it. He told me in private that this was a carousing vacation and not to say anything to his wife. I didn’t want to sleep in the same room with him if he was going to bring in whores every night so I rented the condo.”


“I guess you could say that this is a G-U-L-F vacation since that is the Gulf of Mexico,” I said pointing to the water. I was chuckling at the pun but all I got from Rick was a dumb look. Seconds later he got it and started laughing so hard he pissed his bathing suit.


“Come with me, I’ve got to wash up and change,” he said all embarrassed.


He led me to his place and what he said about the view was true except there were also some drainage ponds covered in green scum-like algae. He did a quick rinse off in the shower and came out of the bedroom with a towel around his waist and a pair of board shorts in his hand. He walked up to me with determination and it looked like he made up his mind about something while in the shower.


“I’ll take that kiss now,” he said as he invaded my space. The first kiss was a peck but then I held the back of his head and kissed him properly. He got weak in the knees. We kissed for a long time, and they were not innocent kisses, not by a long shot. He was an inexperienced kisser but he was also a quick learner. We sat on the sofa making out and almost unconsciously, he brought his hand up to my pecs.

“Is this ok?” he said as he explored under my shirt. Seconds later he was lifting the shirt over my head.

“Yes,” I whispered. “That feels good.”

My hand found his cock and I started stroking him. I could feel the heat radiating off his body.

“Please,” he said “You’re going to make me cum. I don’t want to cum yet Eric.”

I stopped. “Come with me,” I said.

“Okay,” he replied. I took him by the arm and led him into the bedroom, where we fell onto bed, kissing and touching in a frenzy of lust.

“Could you get naked?” he asked. “I’ve been dying to see you naked since you walked through the door upstairs with that other guy.”

“Fuck yeah!” I said. “We both need to be naked,” I said. I’ve been dying to suck your dick and to fuck your little asshole. Do you think you would like that? I thought.

“Umm, I’m already naked under this towel.”

I stood and dropped my shorts and kicked off my sandals. He stood there in the towel and I was only wearing a jock. He did a countdown and we were naked in seconds. I could feel his eyes traveling all over my body. I hoped he liked what he saw. His smooth, young physique was beautiful. His dick was standing straight up against his abs looking delicious. His cock felt huge and hot in my mouth as I ran my tongue all over his meat.

“I can’t take much more of this Eric,” he moaned. I took my mouth off him long enough to tell him not to worry and that I wanted him to cum in my mouth. Then I went back to sucking.

He was really excited, I could tell because he started fucking my face hard, and I loved it. I had his firm butt cheeks grasped tightly in my hands, and I let a finger explore his crack, probing the tight ring of muscle. It was too much for him. He seemed to cum forever, filling my mouth with load after load of his hot salty seed.

Finally he pushed my head away and I smiled. We kissed deeply, sharing his cum. His hands roamed all over my body.

“Thank you Eric” He said at last. I slipped my hand between his legs, expecting to find his penis soft and wilted. Instead it was still erect, and hard as a rock. I remembered that guys his age could stay hard for days.

“Can I do something else?” I asked.

“Anything,” he said “You can do anything you want to me.”

I guided him onto his hands and knees on the bed until his upturned ass was in my face. His low hanging balls dangled between his thighs and I couldn’t resist licking them all over, sucking gently on his balls, kissing his upper thighs, dancing my tongue up and down his smooth butt crack until his ass winked at me begging to be fucked. Finally I pressed my tongue into his tight asshole, rimming him deeply. He moaned when I stopped long enough to reach for the condom and a small bottle of lube he left by the lamp and alarm clock.

I pressed my lubed cock against his wet hole. I wanted to take it slow. I didn’t want to hurt him. He pressed hungrily against me. My sheathed tool slowly disappeared into his hard muscular body. He jerked off, grunting and moaning to himself as I fucked his asshole and pinched his erect nipples. Suddenly his body went rigid, he shut his eyes tight. I jammed my cock deep inside him and twisted his nipple hard. He came again, shooting a healthy amount of cum onto the sheets.

I pulled my cock out of his ass, and we cuddled for a while. I scooped up some of his cum and he sucked it off my fingers. He snuggled against me and I let him explore my body. His hands traveled all over my huge physique. I enjoyed his shy touch on my pecs, abs, thighs, cock and ass. He looked at me, as if asking permission with his big brown eyes, and I spread my legs, guiding his hand to my meat.

He stroked my cock and fingered my ass for a while, and it felt good. I was really hot, and his fingers inadvertently stroked my prostate. I felt like I could cum but he really didn’t know what he was doing so I lay back and enjoyed the sensation of being on the edge but not quite at the point of no return. My whole body ached with desire.

I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to be inside me, to possess me. His dick was still hard. It was unbelievable. Rick just kept going and going. I slathered his dick in lube. I was nervous that he might be too aggressive and rip me a new asshole but I wanted him. I wanted him desperately. I lay on my back and lifted my legs. He had one slippery finger up my ass and I squirmed, enjoying the sensation.


“Is that ok?” he asked, worried that he had hurt me.

“Yeah, it feels incredible,” I gasped. “Don’t stop.”

My cock was gushing pre-cum as he fingered my ass and explored. My cock felt like it was going to explode. I looked down and could see that he had two fingers inside me.

“Rick, I need you to fuck me right now. I need your cock inside me,” I begged. He had never fucked anybody so technically he was still a virgin. I wanted his virginity! He withdrew his fingers and pressed his slippery cock head against my pucker. “Do it,” I ordered. He pressed into me, and I pressed back until he was inside me. It hurt and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to take it.


“Hold still a minute and just let me get used to it,” I whispered.

I don’t know how long we were motionless with the head of his cock held tightly in my hole. As I held his face and kissed him the pain melted away, and my asshole relaxed. The sensation was incredible.

“Fuck me stud,” I said as I pulled on his ass. And fuck me he did, sliding his sexy cock all the way inside me, then pulling it almost all the way out again, fucking my ass long and hard and deep. I could feel myself cumming, and I ground my ass onto him.

Somehow we managed to cum at the same time, bucking and moaning. My cock exploded as he shot his hot liquid deep into my bowels.

Finally his soft penis slipped from my asshole followed by a flood of his cum. He looked down at the shattered condom and began to apologize. I pulled his body onto mine and I thanked him for seeding my ass with virgin cum. We cuddled while his cum was leaking out of my butt. I liked that. Finally he ran for the shower.


I was already looking forward to the next time but I didn’t want to be rude since I had yet to meet the host and the Ed guy. I knew we had to get back upstairs, not smelling of sex.


“Want to share that shower,” I asked as I pulled aside the curtain. His wet body looked even more muscular. He looked down helplessly at his hard cock.


“I was just thinking about you,” he grinned as he looked between my face and his cock. We fooled around some as we washed each other but we didn’t fuck in the shower… I was saving that for later.


I walked up behind Javier and ran my hand across his back.


“Ah, Eric! I want you to meet Tom and Ed.”


Tom was a fox… I was smitten! Ed looked totally out of place and guilty as hell. I had the feeling Javier was just using Ed as a fuck toy. But I saw something else that surprised me. Javier feared Tom. As I shook Tom’s hand I knew we would be fucking each other hot, hard, and often during the next two weeks. I suspected that Javier would never be invited to join us. As for Rick after supper I followed him back to his condo and fucked his ass raw. I went to the evening party but Rick never showed up. I went back to his condo to look for him but he didn’t answer the door so I ended up that night in bed with Tom. Fuck, I was in heaven.


This is Tom in bed watching me slowly strip for him


The next morning I heard that Rick checked out and went home. We never heard from him again. It was just as well because Tom and I became inseparable. The G-U-L-F vacation ended but Tom insisted that I stay on as a permanent house guest, lifting partner, companion, and lover.


You know something; I really don’t miss those bitterly cold winter nights alone in my bed in Minnesota.



The Unexpected


I got an unexpected call from Ed. We were in college together but traveled in different circles. There were three places we interacted, the dorm, class, and the gym. Ed wasn’t bad looking but he was a bit strange. He was one of those people who want to be your friend so he can says he’s friends with a gay guy, yet if you touched him or draped your arm over his shoulder he would jump. Maybe he thought that touching would turn him gay.


I heard from a friend of a friend that he got married and he had a great job somewhere up north and frankly I never expected to hear from him ever again so when he called I thought it was a wrong number. He kept me on the phone long enough for me to make the mental connection and then I waited to see what he really wanted. After a few minutes the truth came out.  His wife was at a spa weekend with some bridesmaids and he was the only male that didn’t back out at the last minute so he needed to escape.


He was far enough away to need to spend the night and I just assumed he would get a hotel room. He assumed that he didn’t need a hotel room if he took me out to supper. It was typical. We were never on the same wavelength. I sent him directions to the condo which was like a second home at the beach. I kept it for the snowbird relatives that came to visit and also did some vacation rentals to pay the taxes and fees. I usually broke even or made a few hundred dollars a year. I used it now and then to just get away. It was set up for rentals so there was a management company that handled the bookings and the cleaning. I had an owner’s closet so I could drive over on a whim and spend the night as long as it wasn’t rented. The owner’s area was a large walk-in closet where I kept clothes, some better sheets, and the liquor. I even had a refrigerator to keep beer ice cold… just above freezing.


If Ed was still the same nerd weirdo I could always leave him there and go home. He would be at the condo by noon so I setup an alarm using a special ringtone for 3pm if I needed to ditch him. If everything was cool I would claim the call was a telemarketer.


So I arrived and parked only to see Ed leaning up against a tree. He was shirtless and he had on some weird geometric compressions shorts. His left arm sported a couple of tats but damn he had a killer physique. I was still sitting in my car when he grabbed the waistband and made a cock adjustment. I stood by the car and called to him but he was so focused on a couple that was walking on the sand he didn’t hear me. He pulled on a shirt as I walked toward him.


“Hey Ed,” I said with extended hand. Fuck, the closer I got the bigger he looked. “I left my car running to keep it cool. Should we get some lunch?”


Sitting across the table I could see his face still hadn’t lost his naïve look but he was confident and well spoken if not somewhat assertive to the waiter. I couldn’t figure him out. We caught up on old news and although I didn’t tell him that I inherited money from a lover I did explain that I was an investor and was living off the profits before I invited him up to the condo.


“Oh man,” he groaned before he whistled.  It was an expected and common response to entering the corner of the building double condo for the first time. Looking straight out from the door there was nothing but blue water and as you looked right you could see the town. Walking out on the wide balcony you could see the wide beach and get a little more perspective. That view was the reason I was holding on to the property; that and the premium rental income I was getting for that view.


“Did you get a place or will you be staying here?” I chuckled as I handed him a beer. That was his sixth whereas the beer in my hand was my second.


“Man, if I did I’d cancel and stay here,” he said. It answered my question about him making a reservation. “I was gonna grab a room at the Hampton Inn. Are you serious about me staying here?”


“It wouldn’t be a problem,” I chuckled as my phone rang. It was the alarm. I had a conversation with the fictitious person on the phone that put serious doubt in Ed’s mind that I would be staying. I rolled my eyes. “A party that I didn’t promise to attend,” I said by way of explanation. “I helped them with an investment and now they want to show me off to their friends. Their friends will all want free advice too.”


“You do that too?” Ed chuckled.


“I ought to go and hand out business cards while telling them to make an appointment and tell them… oh by the way I charge a hefty fee for advice plus ten percent of the profits you make,” I smiled. Ed’s face fell. I could see he wanted a few free stock pick tips too.


We watched the sunset and Ed stumbled to the bathroom a couple times and this last time from processing beer number fourteen. When he didn’t come back I went searching. I smelled the shower gel and the shower steam. Ed was on the bed.


“Who’s there?” he asked as I settled on the bed behind his naked body.


“Only me Ed. Alright?” I replied.


I was naked and breathing right next to his face. Then my tongue licked his neck.


“I’m not gay.” Ed said.


“Oh yes you are. I know you are. Everyone knows,” I whispered.


“You can’t prove it,” he objected. I began to stroke his hard muscular body and he couldn’t help but moan when I stroked his cock.


“Oh you like that?” I inquired.


“Yes, fuck, yes,” he moaned as I pressed my physique against his back. “Fuck, I thought your body was huge in college,” he said. “I thought you would be impressed by the physique I built but I still feel so inadequate around you. Your body is bigger and perfect!”


“What are you saying Ed?” I chuckled.


“I’m not gay! I have sex every night with my wife.”


“So I should go away,” I asked flatly and rolled to my back. He grabbed my wrist to stop me from leaving the bed and was soon on his knees looking down at me with admiration and awe. His six inch cock was rock hard and damp at the tip. “Not gay but bisexual,” I said like a potential lover. He didn’t answer and he didn’t object when I pulled him on top of me.


I could feel him thrust his hard cock against mine and without looking up at me he began twirling his tongue around my nipples. His tongue was relentless and his teeth gently nipped. This wasn’t his first rodeo. I raised his head and looked in his eyes before I kissed him. He definitely was a good kisser and not the first time he kissed a man. Then, I flipped him on his back and I was on top now. I began licking his nipples. I licked his pecs and abs all the way down to the root of his cock while avoiding his shaft as much as possible. Licking his balls, now that is a huge turn-on for him. I loved it.


His hands had never stopped worshiping my huge muscles and even licking below his balls he was massaging my traps and upper back. I moved back over his body and thrust against his cock. He began to kiss my neck as his hands explored. I returned the favor nipping and biting his neck and earlobe.


“Holy fuck, I can’t tell you how turned on I am,” he whispered. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it. He groaned as I rubbed my cock against his.


I knelt between his legs as I lifted his legs onto my shoulders. I bent and stuck my wet tongue into his tight asshole. I smiled to myself because he was as clean as a whistle. He had not only showered he used the shower attachment on his tunnel. It was amazing. I pushed it in and twirled my tongue around to really get his ass wet.


He kept moaning and telling me nobody had ever done it like that as I kept shoving my tongue in farther and farther. I reached for his dick and began stroking it. While I was rubbing it, he moaned and he sounded like he might cum. I rolled off of him and he went down for my dick. He straddled me 69 style and lowered his hips so I would suck his dick.


I began licking at the bottom of his shaft all the way the head of his dick. I swirled my tongue around the head until I could feel him twitching from the building orgasm. Then I put his whole cock in my mouth and when it hit the back of my throat and I heard him moan even louder. I moved up and down several times pushing his cock to my throat, just to pleasure him.


“I can’t take it anymore!” Ed panted as he rolled to his back. I guess it must have been a form of edging for him.


“Are you sure?” I asked seductively. I got up and hovered over his body. I began kissing him and he shoved his tongue into my mouth while he clawed my back. I got some lube and I began sticking my fingers in his ass one-by-one until he was sufficiently stretched. I began to rub my cock in his ass crack. His expression of fear told me he could feel the head of my cock touch his tight hole but no man had gone there before.


“I think it’s too big,” he said as he held my hips and bit his lip.


“You want to ride?” I asked as I put my head on the pillows. If he wanted to be fucked he would have to fuck himself. “It is easier if you have control,” I said softly. He sat up and looked me over. His cock seemed to get a little harder as he wrestled internally with something he wanted since college. He put his legs on either side of my hips and began to squat. I could feel the tip of my cock touching his tight hole. He lifted and I added more lube. He rubbed my cock against his hole but he waited for a second to do anything more because he was scared.


“I’ve never had anything that huge in my ass before,” he softly said to himself. Then, I felt his hole spreading to let me in.


When it felt like he was lifting off I thrust my whole cock up into his ass. He let out a scream it hurt so much, but I was moaning in ecstasy. After a couple of minutes his ass relaxed and I could see it didn’t hurt at all. I lifted my hips and smiled.


“Hold still or pull out,” he said as he lightly punched my pecs with both fists. He felt like he was trying to lift off a bit. Every time my cock moved inside his ass he winced because it hurt.


I pulled his body down until we were chest to chest and nibbled on his neck again. He moaned and relaxed so I assumed really was enjoying this kind of physical contact. I didn’t thrust again but it felt like his insides were adjusting or untwisting. His ass ring relaxed slightly. I began to slowly thrust and he began to moan because it really did feel good. Before long I was fucking him so fast it felt like I was going to cum.


Without warning I lifted him to pull my cock out of his ass. I flipped him on his back, lifted his legs, and shoved my cock back in until I hit bottom. I moved my hips in a circular motion and his eyes bugged out. I pulled completely out and thrust my cock back in hard. As I continued the rough thrusting and pounding he totally submitted to me. His moans and body language told me he was about to cum.


“I’m gonna cum! Aghh!” he began to scream. I fucked him harder and harder so I could seed his ass.


“Iiiiaaaeee Yeah!” I yelled as I filled his tunnel with cum. After we caught our breath we showered and crawled between the sheets. I spooned him as we fell asleep. I felt the bed move and I heard him getting rid of more recycled beer. I stood behind him as he finished and I rubbed against his body as I hugged him.


“I never expected…”


“But you fantasized, didn’t you?” I said in his ear. I reached down and his now drained cock was getting hard.


“Thousands of times,” he admitted. He washed his hands as I took his place at the toilet. He came up and rested his hard cock in my ass crack. He chuckled when I pushed back and then he walked back to the bedroom with his hard cock waving in the wind. He was just about to pull the sheet up when I straddled his hips. He moaned as I lubed his dick.


“Do you want a ride too?” he asked.


“Fuck yes,” I smiled.  


“I love it,” he gasped biting his lip. I watched his face as his cock spread my ass. This had to be another first. “Fuck yeah,” he whispered. I could feel his body trembling. I pulled off and rolled to my back.


“Come fuck me,” I gasped. He jumped at the chance and soon he began to fuck me faster and harder. He was fucking so hard our sweat soaked skin slapped. 


“I’m fucking cumming!” Ed moaned as he collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around him because I knew what was coming next.


“Anything left for me Senior Tom?” his deep booming voice asked from the door.


“Ed this is Javier my friend, companion, and sometimes lover. I felt Ed’s body jump in terror but I had him firmly in my grip. I felt the bed move and I knew what Javier was going to do.


The Unexpected Part 2


I had him firmly in my grip. I felt the bed move and I knew what Javier was going to do.



I never expected…

As told by Ed.


The most I ever expected to do was to buy him lunch and spend thirty minutes alone with Tom. In college Tom was the stud to know. He was a high school football star that really didn’t like playing football so he refused to join the team in college. It turned out he was only on the high school football team so he could use the weight room at school. Damn! He had a great body. We were in the same dorm building but I was one floor down. I had friends upstairs so I had a reason to be up there. Then one day I saw Tom in the hall in some skimpy workout shorts. Once again Damn! I had a few classes with him but I tried to sit in front of him rather than behind him because I would zone out and miss the whole class while I was watching his body.


My wife was asked to be the Matron of Honor in a wedding and the bridesmaids wanted to have a spa weekend. I tried to organize the guys but all the guys backed out at the last minute just as I expected. I knew Tom lived nearby so I chanced giving him a call. Like I said I felt like I would be lucky if he met me for lunch.


I had been working my ass off in the gym for years and I thought I was looking good. I got there early so I could set up where and how he would see me. Then I saw Tom and I couldn’t get my shirt on fast enough. We went to lunch and then he invited me up to the condo. I was so nervous I was slamming down beers one after the other until I nearly passed out. I thought a cold shower would help and while in the shower I think I drank a gallon of water.


The next thing I knew I was having sex with Tom. Damn! A couple hours later I was riding his cock to orgasm when in walked his friend. I felt exposed, naked, alone, and outed. I was actually scared shitless. First of all the guy was massive and exuded sex. He looked like a gangster. He looked like a greaser. I was afraid for my life and at the same time I was excited. The first thing out of his mouth was that he wanted to fuck.



The fact that Javier was so clearly a dominant alpha male made my tight asshole twitch in anticipation. At the same time my cock was shrinking and I wanted to be swallowed by the bed. Then as he walked in he stripped off a sweatshirt. Holy shit! I realized very quickly that this guy had complete and utter control over me. He was stronger and bigger than Tom and could easily do whatever he wanted. Normally this would scare the hell out of me but in fact it only made me more horny or is that hornier. The size of his muscles and his aggressive nature made my cock harden again. I saw Javier grinning at the realization that he had caught us in the act.



“Strip,” Tom ordered. Javier had already pushed his sweat pants off his ass but he sat and gave Tom a look. He stood and stripped naked and then he walked over to the bed and looked down at me


“Suck me slut,” Javier ordered.


As soon as the words left his lips, I knew what to do. I grabbed his cock and put it to my lips. It was much bigger than I anticipated. I licked and rubbed his cock until it was so hard it slapped his abs when his rock hard 8.5 inch cock sprang free from my grip. There it was; a super cock waiting for worship, for sucking, for pleasure. He bent forward and kissed Tom and I put the head of his dick into my mouth and began licking the tip with my tongue. Javier moaned, and I could taste the salty pre-cum leaking from his shaft. Without warning he quickly got on the bed behind Tom to make out with him. I was a little disappointed because I thought he was going to face fuck me.


“Take this fat cock,” he yelled as he forced his cock into Tom’s slimy ass right against my cock.

Tom gasped. I was in ecstasy. His massive dick sliding against mine made me feel inadequate yet my dick felt like it was harder than ever. I couldn’t believe how much I loved it. I could tell he was about to cum. Then suddenly he pulled out and Tom moved aside. My raging dick pulsated as it pulled free of Tom’s ass. The huge muscular hulk was hovering over me.


“Get on your hands and knees and face away from me now. I’m going to fuck you from behind,” Javier ordered.


I got on all fours and turned away from him. He crawled up behind me. He put his hands on my hips and started grinding my ass with his wet cock. I realized the cum he was using as lube was mine.


“Gonna fuck this ass,” he said to Tom. This was the moment I had fantasized about for years.


 “Hope you don’t mind,” he added with a chuckle. I didn’t know if he was talking to Tom or me.


“No,” we both said at the same time.


My hole ached with desire as he prepared to enter me. I pushed back into him loving the sensation of his warm incredible cock pressing against my ass. I was on the verge of cumming just from the anticipation. He sat back on his heels as he slathered his cock in lube and began to finger my hole. It was pure bliss.


“You ready to take my cock? You know you’re going to take my cock. I’m going to slap my balls against your ass.” He said as his dick began stretching my hole, I lost all control and blew a load of cum. All Javier did was laugh as he continued to force his dick inside me. If this wasn’t heaven, I don’t know what is. We got into a rhythm and his balls were slapping my ass over and over again. He grabbed onto my hips as he vigorously pounded away.


“Oh yes! Fuck me harder Javier!” I screamed with lust. I could feel every inch of his cock pounding away. Even though I had already cum, my cock was rock hard. He pulled out and then shoved in hard. I thought he was cumming.


“Move,” he growled. I got out of the way and he got onto his back. I couldn’t believe it was my turn to ride him to his climax. 


I straddled Javier, grabbed his cock, and held it upright. I didn’t take my time. I didn’t ease him in. I simply sat down. My ass was so stretched and ready that his cock filled me with one effortless motion. He took my hips and made me start gyrating. I moaned and twitched in pure ecstasy as his cock rubbed my prostate. He thrust up into me a couple times and then he pulled me down for a kiss. While I was distracted Tom moved into position and eased his cock in next to Javier’s huge tool.


“Noooooo hurts,” I yelled but he was relentless. They alternated their thrusting and eventually Tom filled me with more cum. Feeling Tom cum, Javier let loose. The feeling of those massive loads of warm cum filling my ass was more than I could take. My cum shot all over Javier’s massive pecs. I didn’t think there was any cum left in me but there it was; several ropes of cum.


“Lick Javier’s pecs clean and give him some… mouth to mouth,” Tom whispered in my ear. I did as he said and Javier shot another load of cum in my ass without thrusting or fucking me. The three of us enjoyed the afterglow on the bed before we jumped into the shower.


I don’t know how many times I was fucked over that four day weekend.


We boarded the cruise for the destination wedding and the whole thing was anti-climactic at least for me. For the next couple months I could get hard at the drop of a hat and I fucked the hell out of my wife like we were newlyweds. I made great strides in the gym and surpassed my goals for size and definition. I did some soul-searching and admitted to myself that I was a true bisexual.


Because I was too well known I couldn’t chance going local. I reached a plateau at the gym and things are beginning to slow down in bed so I thought that maybe it was time for another weekend with Javier and Tom for a few more natural testosterone injections.


Speaking to Tom I could almost hear the smile in his voice. “Javier wants you to meet big blond Erik direct from Scandinavia. Of course I’ll be there too,” he chuckled. “The condo isn’t rented for the next two weeks!”


I groaned just thinking about being fucked day and night for that long.


“I’ll get back to you with my itinerary Tom.”


I adjusted my hard cock and the friction almost made me cum. I needed it bad!



The Look



The Look

He was just finishing up his routine when he got that look on his face. There was no doubt in my mind that he won his class and possibly the over-all depending on how fickle the judges were. That look! My knees buckled and I collapsed back into my seat while everyone around me continued to scream and cheer. My brain blocked out clamorous roar in the auditorium and I saw his face hovering above mine. 


Sweat covered our bodies and the smell of sex surrounded us like a cloud. My whole body trembled as my ass clenched and cum filled my briefs. I almost felt him thrusting and heard the rapid slap of skin on skin. My hands roamed over his insanely massive hard physique as I saw the expression on his face changing.


Then as his balls got ready to spew he held back the desire to explode and like a jet revving up its engines before takeoff he would slam into me harder and harder until ‘that look’ surged over his face. Many a time ‘that look’ triggered my orgasm just as it had seconds ago. With his eyes locked on mine his jaw would clench and his body would flex as he planted his seed deep inside of me blasting us both off into the stratosphere.


Then his face would soften and his massive body would collapse on top of mine as his kisses landed on my neck and his grunts of delight filled my ears. Words of love for my ears only and never spoken in public rolled off his lips as mini-orgasmic aftershocks added more of his seed to the flood each time my ass clenched around his shaft. Sometimes there would be a frightening roar as a second orgasm overwhelmed his body. I consider that second orgasm to be a gift but he often told me it was his lack of control. He would smile and tell me it was my fault. I’d smile back and tell him ‘I hope so’ and he would laugh.


“No lover but you has ever been able to make me have multiple orgasms or keep me so hard so long,” he told me. It was as if he took a little blue pill but I knew he didn’t. He hated taking any drugs even if he got the flu. Often he would roll to his back and take me with him. Then it was my turn to worship his physique or toy with him or kiss him or even just rest on his pecs listening to his heartbeat. We would shower and then he would snuggle against my back on the clean sheets and envelop me with his hand against my chest pulling me in until there was full body contact.


Yep that was my love posing on the stage and he was able to make me cum with a look. I’d say I was a pretty lucky guy.







I would have never met him if I hadn’t forced myself to go jogging that morning. He was sitting on a bench soaking up the sun. I was bending over to get a drink of water and trying to catch my breath. He had one of those faces that look totally innocent. His rich dark tan told me he lived in the sun and that he was probably a lifeguard or a surfer—maybe he had a sailboat. His face lit up as he smiled at a girl running past. After he smiled at her I figured that my chances of an encounter with him had dropped to near zero but that was before he sent one of those dazzling beaming smiles my way.


All sorts of things ran through my head. The guy was a hustler. He had to be homeless. He had to be living off the land. I turned my attention to the water fountain and was ready to head back to my car when he approached. He gave me another smile and his teeth were dazzlingly white. Without a word he bent to get a drink. When he was stretched out with his hands behind his head on the bench he looked athletic but up close he was amazingly muscular—like someone who used the gym every day—like a gymnast turned bodybuilder.


“Are you going that way?” he pointed in the direction I came. I nodded. “Mind if I join you?” he smiled and I melted. Enthusiasm and sociability seemed to ooze from his pores.


“I wouldn’t mind some company,” I said before I took another drink. I sensed that he was looking me over. He fell into step and he slowly picked up the pace forcing me to run above my fitness level. Soon I was anaerobic running and he began to overrun my body’s ability to maintain the pace. He slowed even though he didn’t seem short of breath, yet I, who thought I was fit, was at the edge of collapse.


I slowed going up the incline right before the parking lot and he kept with me. I stopped at the stretching station and even though I was extremely winded I began to stretch out my muscles. I stripped off my shirt and wiped my face; he used his hand. The sweat was the only indication that he had run three miles. He stretched with me.


“Not many people can do what you did,” he said.


“What’s that,” I gasped still trying to oxygenate my body.


“Keep up with me,” he flashed a smile. I stopped stretching and looked at him. His body was all muscle like a really buff bodybuilder—very lean—maybe four to six percent body fat. His face told me he was in his early to mid twenties but his physique was that of someone who had been into bodybuilding for twenty or thirty years.


“Not bad for a senior citizen, huh,” I teased. I was thirty two and proud of the shape I was in.


“Did I say that?” he laughed. “I’m Brad Hass,” he said extending his hand. “You can’t be much more than thirty,” he smiled. “I’m twenty eight so I guess you are more senior than I am,” he chuckled.


“Chris Walker,” I replied. “I thought you were about ten years younger than me. I haven’t seen you out here before,” I said to find out more about him.


“I just got here last night,” he told me. He didn’t offer any other explanation.


“Are you moving here?” I asked to see if he was a potential running partner.


“Interviewing for a job this afternoon,” he said. “I caught an early flight.”


“Can I give you a lift?” I asked.


“I have a rental car.”


“I run every morning at seven if you want to join me tomorrow.” I offered.


“I might fly home tonight,” he said as we started toward the cars.


“It was nice to meet you Brad. Good luck with the interview.” I said when we reached my car. By the time I backed out of the parking space he was gone. At home I showered and was rock hard. I fantasized about being in the shower with Brad rubbing my cock against his. All I could do was stroke my shaft until I climaxed.


I logged on to my computer and began to take calls. Even though I worked remotely I usually dressed in slacks and a golf shirt—it made me feel more professional. Today I was in my robe. I was busy but the thoughts of Brad and his great body hovered in the back of my mind. I checked my over the telephone fix rate and I was way above average—even my average. Then the aggravation started. Calls were being shunted to me from the less productive reps. I looked in the mirror at my scowl. I knew I would sound gruff when I answered so I tried to duplicate Brad’s smile.


“This is Chris how may I help you today,” I gushed. I heard a string of curse words and a tirade about how unreliable the machine was and how he should have bought our competitors unit.


“What is a code 3400? Why can’t you just use plain English?” he demanded.


“Humor me and check to see if there is paper in your printer. If it is out of paper all your results will print from the cue when you have paper in the machine,” I explained.


“I just filled the dam thing with paper. I am short three people today and…”


“Please hit the enter key on the printer keypad,” I interrupted. I could hear it printing. “It isn’t your fault. They should have put an auto reset in the program so that when you shut the door on the printer it starts printing.” I said to take the blame from him. He wasn’t the key operator and it was a quirk of that machine. “I hope they fix that in the next program revision.”


“Look, I’m sorry I cursed you out like that,” he began.


“It is perfectly understandable,” I smiled. “Do me a favor and put a note on the printer until the key operator gets back. Is there anything else I can help you with?”


“That’s it,” he said. “Thanks.”


Chalk up one more for the phone fix column, I thought as I typed to close out that call.


At noon I got dressed and ate lunch. I couldn’t get Brad out of my mind. I thought about the encounter and I should have gotten his cell number or given him mine.


At 6:55am the next day I was stretching and preparing to jog. Today was one of those days I wanted to sleep in and I would have except for the fact that Brad might show up. It was 7:08 when I sat on the bench feeling depressed. I kept stretching and he didn’t show. I took a heaving breath and decided to jog back to the car. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Brad putting a note under my windshield wiper.


“Hey,” he said softly. “I figured you would be on the trail somewhere.”


“I came back to get water,” I lied. “I thought…”


“That I wasn’t interested?” he chuckled. “I got the job so I guess I’ll be looking for a place to live.”


“It just so happens that I have a three bedroom house,” I smiled. I didn’t tell him one spare bedroom was set up as an official office and the other was so tiny it doubled as my walk in closet. He could always say no thanks when he saw the set up. The point was to get him there. He made a face.


“I was hoping you wanted a bedfellow not a roommate,” he said hesitantly. I broke into a huge smile. That morning I worked up a huge sweat before I started work but it wasn’t from jogging.



The Three Bears


The Three Bears


I had my eyes closed while soaking in the hotel hot tub. The convention was over and the rest of the week was mine. Five whole days in the luxury resort and I would only be paying for two nights. Monday was for supervising the packing of the machines and displays. Tuesday was for shipping and Wednesday was a contingency day. Thursday and Friday I pay for. Saturday and Sunday too if get lucky and find some ass to fuck. 


I was hit on all during the convention. I was hired to attract people to our booth. I’m tall, kind of muscular, blond hair, sky blue eyes, magnetic personality, and handsome if I do say so myself. I rope them in and turn them over to the guys that up sell so I can pull in a new victim. It may not be fair but too bad.


“Hey Goldilocks,” I heard. He had a deep mellow voice. I slowly opened my eyes and flashed one of my killer smiles before I even focused. “We’re the three bears. “I’m Poppa Bear, to my right is Junior Bear, and to my left is Muscle Bear and we want some of your porridge.


“Call it what it is Poppa,” Muscle Bear said flatly. “We want to fuck his ass.”


“Speak for yourself! I wouldn’t mind riding his big cock,” Junior Bear chuckled.


“Boys, boys, we don’t want to scare Goldilocks off.”


“You just want him to cum all over you and lick it off,” Junior Bear chuckled.


“More like drink his cum,” Muscle Bear grunted.


Poppa Bear threw his head to the left at Muscle Bear. 


“Look out he gets rather dominant. Muscle Bear would keep you to himself if we’d allow him. So do you have any hot porridge for us?” Poppa Bear smiled and folded his arms over his big chest.


I stood with my bikini around my knees and my nine inch poker straight hard cock was pointing right at them. I slowly pulled up my suit as I continued the story for them.


“Papa Bear growled, “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed!”


“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed, too,” said the Junior Bear


“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed and he’s still in my bed wanting me to fuck him until next Sunday!” exclaimed Muscle Bear.

“Just then, Goldilocks woke up and saw the three bears and he yelled in a soft rather unconvincingly voice.” 


“Help!” “Help!” “Help!” 


“And Goldilocks jumped up out of the hot tub and ran up to suite 569.  Goldilocks opened the door and flipped the night latch so the door wouldn’t lock. And he never let the three bears return to their rooms until he wore out Poppa Bear and Junior Bear. As for Muscle Bear they fucked and fucked and fucked. Goldilocks worshiped his outstandingly perfect muscles and couldn’t get enough of his cock… 


And they lived happily ever after.


I jumped out of the hot tub and ran. By Sunday night I almost wore out Muscle Bear too. I might need to take a few more days off of work just to recover from the three bears.


P.S. Muscle Bear keeps calling and calling wanting to know if he can have more porridge.


This is me---Goldilocks





I purchased a houseboy today. There’s my tag around his wrist. I was impressed by the tight muscularity on his small frame when I bid on him. Then the serious bidders were taken to a viewing room where he could be displayed naked. The price doubled eliminating all but the fools like me. Soon there were only two of us bidding and then the assistant of the Arab bidding against me showed pictures of what was being offered now and they rushed out of the room. With no further bids I won. He knelt at my feet and thanked me with tears in his eyes.


“The last thing I wanted to do was to live in the desert. How can I ever thank you!” he said as he ran his hands up my thirty six inch thighs. He licked his lips when he saw me getting hard.


He doesn’t know it but his duties will be to clean all twenty apartments in the building and service every one of the thirty bodybuilders living there. He stood and proudly displayed his eleven inch erection. Somehow I expect that he will relish every minute of every future orgy.


Now all that is left is to gather his things, take him to my rooms, to test drive his ass. There is a three day satisfaction guarantee and if we aren’t happy with him we can get our money back. The five members of our co-op waiting up in my rooms will be the ultimate judge of his qualifications. I’m sure he will pass with flying colors. You see I’m not one to waste an erection and we used this changing room for him to bend over and show me his gratitude.


I’ll let the others find out for themselves that he can fuck like a stallion too.



The Best Man


The Best Man

Even though I never met Erik I reluctantly agreed to let Tom’s best man stay with me. The guy was in the Army and had little money for lodging. As I understood it he even hitched a ride on an airplane from where he was stationed to get to the wedding. This was a weekend trip and he would be leaving Sunday night to catch a ride back so he could report for duty Monday morning. Erik arrived with a gym bag and in the bag were several pair of underwear. He arrived in his uniform with nothing to change into.


I picked Erik up outside the base on Friday evening and we went directly to the tuxedo rental store to get him fitted. Seeing him shirtless to try on the tux shirt had my cock rock hard. He tried on several jackets to accommodate his wide shoulders and huge chest. The tailor had to drastically take in the jacket to fit his taper. From the Tux place we went directly to the rehearsal and the dinner.


Erik asked to borrow some sweats so he could run and I pointed him to the drawer to find something that fit him while I took a shower. I only had four hours sleep in the last twenty four so I was so exhausted I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I went to bed and Erik went out for a run. I didn’t know where he got his energy. I went to bed knowing he had a key. 


That night I had the most erotic dreams of Erik. He got back and showered and then he got into bed with me. He demanded that I worship his muscles and suck his cock. He made me swallow his cum and then he painlessly fucked me and filled my ass with a couple loads of cum. He got up to get some water and then he made me suck more of his cum out of his cock.


I heard the door slam and I sat up in bed with a start. It was just before dawn and I remembered that Erik was here and wanted to go jogging. I checked the bed for evidence of wild man sex but there wasn’t any. The dreams seemed so real but the sheets were still clean. I felt a little sweaty so I started the shower but before I jumped in I went to start the coffee. I stopped dead in my tracks watching Erik stretch. He was wearing my thin flannel pajama bottoms as if they were a sweat pants and they hugged every inch of his ass and legs. I forgot that I was naked until I realized my cock was getting hard. Mortified, I retreated to the shower.


I was washing my hair when Erik stepped in behind me. I mean literally behind me. His arms came around me and his chest pressed into my back. Before I could rinse my head his cock had penetrated my ass and he was fucking me. Either his cock was long and narrow or my ass was stretched wide open because it didn’t hurt.


“Thank you for letting me fuck you so many times last night,” he said near my ear. “You have very tasty cum. I hope you enjoyed drinking mine as much as I enjoyed drinking yours.”


“Erik it is six in the morning!” I said struggling to pull away. He began to thrust which almost caused me to orgasm. “Erik…” I moaned as I pushed back into his thrusting cock.


“The wedding is at seven this evening so that gives me twelve hours of fuck time.” he growled. 


He had two or three orgasms in the shower before he dragged me back into bed. I didn’t have a sip of coffee until noon and that was only because we had to pick up the tuxedos. We had a big steak for lunch and then the two man afternoon orgy began. We showered and dressed arriving at the church at the designated time. At the reception we acted like two studs on the prowl for a mate but when the bride and groom left we went home together.


At the bridal party brunch the next day we looked exhausted and hung over but I assure you that it was caused by lack of sleep and not too much to drink at the reception. The happy couple was off to the airport for a Hawaiian honeymoon as Erik pulled me back into bed.


That night after supper he changed into his uniform and I drove him back to the main gate of the base to catch his 9pm flight. He asked me to pull into a Mc Donald’s parking lot where he kissed me passionately. The main gate was a mile away and he couldn’t kiss me goodbye in front of the sentry’s.


Erik said he would contact me but he never did. Strangely over the next year I began to acquire a physique like Erik’s but that was almost expected because I was hitting the gym hard. I can’t explain it but I now train with focused intensity and it’s as if my body is fulfilling a need to produce a perfectly proportional physique.


My libido has gone through the roof and I have no problems attracting studs. Once I get them in bed I can shoot full loads of cum ten times a night if I choose. I don’t know if Erik triggered something in me or if he infected me with some kind of experimental super soldier virus but I’m sure he did this to me; what else could it be. Don’t get me wrong I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth but it sure would be nice to spend another wild weekend with Erik now that I can keep up with him.

Erik was truly the best man I ever met.



Magazine Article Interview


“I have one final question.” I said pausing and not knowing if I should ask the question. The interview was scheduled to take ten minutes but we had been speaking for almost an hour. He smiled as if to say this is the tenth final question.


“We’ve talked about the food and the supplements and diets. We’ve discussed the gym hours involved and the pain as well as the gratification of winning major contests. I was wondering if you had to do it all again what you would change.”


Rick looked at me and pondered his answer.


“Knowing what I know now I would have started younger and sought out better trainers.” I was about to open my mouth and thank him for the time and the candid answers he gave me when he continued. “I would have gone to California to the Mecca of bodybuilding to learn from the best of the best.” Again he paused but he had a faraway look in his eyes so I waited. “I would have fucked more and I would have taken a lover. I would have never allowed a naked picture of me to be published even if they were only ass shots. And lastly I would have kept my private life more private, built a compound where I could have mentored young bodybuilders that had that fire in their gut to be great; to become Mr. Olympia.”


“Would you mentor someone like me?” I asked. He slowly shook his head no and I was a bit hurt. I had a decent physique but nothing like his. He turned off the tape recorder.



He looked around, flexed, and leaned closer.


“I would have taken you as my lover. I would have fucked you mercilessly and expected you to do the same to me,” he whispered. “My physique would have been bigger and better. You would have been my motivation.”


“Is it too late for that to happen?” I said softly. His face lit up.


“Look at the time! This interview has screwed up my whole workout!” he said in full voice and then he laughed. “Why don’t we finish this interview over dinner?” he said as he stood. He waited for me to stand. “Your place or mine,” he quietly added as he shook my hand. I almost came in my briefs. "Since I need a change of clothes let's make it my place," he said as we exited the gym.

I blindly followed him home.

"I always shower when I get home," he smiled. "Care to wash my body?"

"Wash your back?" I mumbled. My cock was rock hard watching him get naked. "What are you doing?" I said as he lifted my golf shirt.

"Don't you shower naked?" he smiled.

I soaped his entire physique and then he took over and washed my body. It was the most sensual thing that ever happened to me but that was before he led me to bed where he slowly and gently began to relieve me of my virginity.

I was so turned on when he bent over and turned down the bed I ran my hand up his back. He turned and then we were chest to chest kissing. He laid me gently on his pillow. I was ready and willing for what was about to happen next. I moaned in ecstasy when he lowered his body on top of mine. I keep saying this but this was the greatest experience I ever had. 


He took me in his arms and smothered me with his soft kisses. He suggested we start with frottage to explore and before long I was moaning in pleasure. He allowed me to run my hands over his body and he called that muscle worship. Slowly he taught me how to have sex with a man. He started fingering me and spreading lube around my pucker. His finger fucking surprised me at first but felt really good after a while. He took more K-Y and lubed my asshole. He rolled on top of me and told me it would hurt at first but he would go slowly. I felt his huge rod enter my virgin hole as he pumped me slowly and he was right it hurt like hell at first but soon it felt exquisite.


As time went on he began pumping me faster and faster. I screamed in pleasure as he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me into his cock harder. The bed shook as he fucked me and I heard the sound of his balls slapping my ass as the headboard banged against the wall. He was making me moan in ecstasy. I just relaxed and let him fuck me wildly. I grunted in pleasure as he fucked me and jerked me off. 


He finally stopped and I thought I could feel him shoot his cum into my body. He grunted and fell down on my back before he thrust his cock into me a few more times. We lay there panting and kissing. He led me back to his shower and later that night I fell asleep in his arms.


The interview was promoted on line but it never made it to the printed magazine. He was true to his word and he took me as his lover. He always says I am his motivation but a body like his is my goal. Today he is leaner and buff as a stallion but he doesn’t allow pictures unless he is fully clothed. He no longer showers or changes at the gym and I insist on stripping him naked for his shower here at home.


I often think of how lucky I was to be assigned the interview. My life would have been so mundane and boring…


I could smell his gym musk as he entered the kitchen. He always hugs me from behind and kisses my neck. Supper is prepped to be finished in just minutes when we get ready to eat. I tap his arms and he loosens so I can face him for a proper kiss. His stink gets on me but it doesn’t matter because in seconds we'll be naked in the shower. I ran my hands under his shirt and I could feel him tremble.


“I need you to fuck me,” he whispered and I knew supper would be delayed for a couple hours from now.

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