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About this blog

My first blog post!

I'm so excited to try out this new feature. With all these new members joining the forum, I know this will be a HIT on here! 

Let's get the word out about this!

Welcome all NEW members!!!!


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New Story Poll Results

The following story ideas received the most votes in the poll which I posted on my Blog on Tuesday:

1. A genie grants wishes and grows the muscles of a few guys in a college dorm - 10 votes
2. An ordinary young guy becomes a superhero with amazing strength and muscle - 8 votes
3. A scientist creates a clone from scratch and this guy becomes a popular, muscular college student -  8 votes
4. A skinny guy comes in contact with an alien object and gains super strength - 8 votes
5. A guy is bullied in school or college and seeks revenge after drinking a strength potion - 6 votes
6. A muscle guy with super strength travels back in time and becomes friends with a college nerd - 5 votes
7. A bullied young guy dies and is resurrected as a young bodybuilder - 3 votes

THANK YOU to the 24 guys who voted in the poll!!!!!



Okay, you guys. I need to be real here. This is your Senior Administrator. I run the day-to-day operations of this place. 

The good news... With the influx of the new people coming from Tumblr.com, we're about to hit a membership mark of seventeen-thousand. 

Let's have that sink in.

Last Wednesday, we had 16,757 members. 

Today, we were at 16,925 members. 

We have a gain of 180 members over 4 days. That translates into an average of about 45 new member sign-ups on our per day. 

Here is the bad news. 

I have been screaming...crying... begging... pleading for guys to apply for new Moderators on our forum since the beginning of the year. Yes, I've been taking applications for new staff positions literally ALL YEAR LONG. We had lost a few positions because people left or retired or resigned. 

Right now, we have 5 Moderators (including a bot), 5 Administrators, 2 Senior Administrators and 1 Head Administrator... A total staff of 13 running a forum of almost 17,000 people. 

My conclusion: We are severely understaffed. 

You can view the current web forum staff members here:  https://muscle-growth.org/staff/

It's time to get involved. Do you care about the forum? You care about the guys who stop and prevent spammers from flooding the place? Do you care about the crew who stops those who harass you in the chat room? Then, get involved and help out. Even if you can only help out for a few hours per week. All positions are volunteers. Nobody gets paid over here. We do this because we love this community which has grown from 11,000 to 17,000 guys who LOVE muscle growth since we re-launched this version of the forum back in April, 2014.... Almost 5 years ago. 

Please PM me if you want to get involved. I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. TODAY. 



Forum Senior Administrator


Cheat Meal Day!

So, what is your favorite cheat meal?

Today, I enjoyed a cup of hot tea with Moose Tracks ice cream! 

Comment below what you have when you feel like cheating....



It's Saturday, usually a slow day on the forum, so we look back on some old pics, videos and morphs on our site.

Anyone remember this morph?


Yes, it was posted by HardTrainer01 on December 5, 2016... About 2 years ago this week! It was captioned "A private moment..." 

I will use my Blog to re-post some of the HardTrainer classics from the last 4 years which were posted on this forum. 




The jacked-up kid

The Jacked-Up Kid




It was on a Friday afternoon when I walked into that little ice cream store which was located on that busy street corner, just a quarter-mile down the street from that large shopping mall. You know the mall… It had that grocery store, the hardware store, a few clothing stores, and… a gym. Guys would love to cross the street at that crosswalk and come over to the little strip mall on the other side of the road just to get a tasty snack at the ice cream place. You could get yogurt, ice cream or a smoothie there. Kids loved that place.


Anyway, I walked in there because I was thirsty, and I wasn’t in the mood for another soda or some other fountain drink. I wanted something cold, which sounded weird since it was rather windy and chilly outside. Everyone was wearing coats and sweaters outside, and so was I. But, a small bowl of ice cream goes so well with a big cup of hot chocolate, you know?


So, I ordered my hot cocoa and my Rocky Road and I took my seat at the table nearest the big, glass window overlooking the bus stop, where a few students were standing, obviously waiting for the next bus to come. The bus had just passed by, so they still had a long time to wait for the next one.


Well, then this car pulls up and parks before the entrance to the store. A lady comes out and buys something to-go. When she walks out, she stops and looks at her rear tire. The tire is completely flat. At first nobody is there to help her out… Until one boy with brown hair gets up from the bus stop and walks up to her. I look up and sigh. Finally, finally a kid with some class and good manners, who is willing to help a lady in need?


The kid gets a jack out of the back of her car and he sets it under the side of the vehicle. But, for some reason, the jack isn’t working properly. Then, the kid does something amazing. He gets another boy to loosen the nuts which hold the tire in place while the boy walks over to the rear of the car. Then, he places both hands on the bottom edge of the bumper. The kid squats down slightly, using his legs. He’s wearing gym shorts, so I can tell that his legs seem rather muscular. Other than that, he’s wearing a hoodie with long sleeves, so I have no idea of how athletic he is.


Is this kid going to do what I THINK he’s about to do? Lift the rear of the car?


Then, the kid stands up straight, coming out of the squatted position, lifting the rear of the car up high enough so that the rear tire, which is flat, comes off the ground! Holy crap! The other teen removes the nuts and takes the tire off and replaces it with the spare, and he finally puts the nuts back on and he tightens them back. When all is said and done, the teen sets the car back on the ground by squatting slightly until the rear tires touch down on the pavement. Incredible!


Once all is said and done, the lady thanks the boys and drives off. The boy, who lifted the rear of the car, casually turns around and walks into the ice cream shop, strolling past the table where I’m sitting.


I walk up to the front counter and I wait for the kid to order his cup of ice cream when I get up besides him.


“I’m paying for his ice cream, Sir!” I say to the man behind the counter.


“Gosh, Mister. Thanks!” the boy smiles, as he takes his cup of chocolate ice cream.


“You’re more than welcome to join me, if you got the time, big guy!” I say to him. “My name’s Jason, by the way!”


“Ohh… Hi! I’m Jack!” he replies shyly as he sits down on the opposite side from me.


Now that I see the boy sitting in front of me, I can tell that he’s much bigger than I thought he was. His shoulders seem wider and his arms seem thicker. Again, I can’t tell because he’s wearing a hoodie.


“You did something pretty cool out there, Jack! You just lifted a car?” I said to the teen.


“Oh… That? It’s nothing! Just part of my work out!” he just grinned as he took a spoonful of ice cream.


“You work out at the gym across the street?” I asked him.


“Yeah! Today was arm day so I was all pumped up anyway! Wanna see?” he grinned.


Oh wow. I couldn’t wait to see how big this kid really was.


“Sure, big guy! Show me what you got there!”


The kid stood up and he removed his hoodie, which barely covered his massive upper body. When the hoodie was gone, what was uncovered was nothing short of astounding. The boy was a muscle monster who could lift a tractor for all I knew. His arms were bigger than pythons of steel. His chest was bulging with muscle all over and his shoulders were incredibly wide. His tank top could barely cover let alone hide the cobblestone bumps made up of the washboard abs hidden below his mighty pecs. He was thick, big, and wide. Veins were covering his arms and legs all over. This young Hercules made me feel weak.


“Dang, Jack. You’re all… Jacked-up!” was all I could say to him. “You’re a beast!”


“Thanks, man… I’ve been lifting for two years now…. All natural! All I do is study and lift! That pretty much sums up my whole life right there!” he smiles as he sits back down again.


“You look great, dude! Look, I got a car. Can I give you a ride?” I chuckle. What a shame to have such a muscle kid ride the bus when we can have such a great conversation.


“I’m heading to the university. Sure, man. If you got the time!” he replies shyly.


“Hey man, I work from home. I do computer work all day. I’ll give you a ride, big guy. I’ll give you a ride every day! Come on, I’m parked out back! Tell me about your workout!” I say to him as we get up and toss the paper cups in the trash.


I got me a ride partner and a muscle buddy. Maybe I need to start working out in the gym as well?





Meet Brady Moser

One of the guys in our Discord chatroom was totally impressed with this young bodybuilder who had a profile page on the bodybuilder.com website. This young guy's name was Brady Moser and this chat buddy had invited me to check him out. 

I was very impressed so I decided to share some photos of this teen bodybuilder in my new blog!

You can view all of Brady's photos here: 


Check out these pics of 16-year-old Brady Moser below. 












Trying out a morph

It was that Thursday morning when I walked into the gym. It was freezing outside. I pushed through the cold glass doors of Planet Fitness and I marched past the counter where I quickly scanned my ID tag. From there, I marched to the locker room and changed. I was already running late. 

Once I had changed, I walked out to the weight room and I made my way to the back where the free weights were so I could work with some dumbbells when I saw this young guy, lifting a bar. 

Oh My God!

He just stared at me and smiled. What planet was this guy from again? Damn....



The way to use this feature is as follows:

1. First create the Blog, which is the container for your Blog entries. The blog is the description for all your daily entries. 

2. Give the blog a title and a description. 

3. Once done, save  the Blog. 

4. Then create your first Entry within your Blog. 

5. Add the title, the tags and a description for your entry. 

6. Type the body for the Blog Entry and an optional picture or photo. 

7. Save the Blog entry. 

8. Select the Album from your Image Gallery the entry is tied to. (Optional). 

9. Enter the time you want it to be posted (published). 

10. Submit the entry to post it to your Blog. 

Have Fun!

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