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About this blog

Just a small blog to continue my old caption blog from tumblr. Took me a while to get to it, but I will try to keep a consistent schedule for future installments. If you have any questions or any ideas you want me to potentially write about (no promises, but if I like an idea I'll very likely write a story about it too), just PM me or leave a comment (actually I'd be happy about any comment 😁).

I have nothing else to say, so... I hope you'll enjoy some of my stories^^

Entries in this blog


Supersteroids: Risks

They stood in front of each other, sweat glistening on their newly transformed bodies, panting heavily, disoriented by their unfamiliar power and mass. Perhaps it had been a bad idea to use supersteroids to escape their life as miserable dweebs. They just heard of all the pros, how it could turn even the smallest weakling into a hulking alpha whose scent alone would drive everyone in his vicinity into a sexual frenzy and they just couldn’t resist. Fortunately nowadays it wasn't too hard to get a




The Glow

Jacob and Matt had been friends for a very long time. Both were gay, but Matt was lusting after muscular guys. Jacob with his small built could never have satisfied that desire. What Matt didn’t know was that Jacob had been in love with him for quite some time now and was getting desperate. He would have probably given up any hope of having a relationship with his friend if it wasn’t for the strange talisman his father brought back from one of his expeditions. He told Jacob that it had magical p




Fun with DNA

Dr. Denninger was happy when his experiments with neanderthal DNA and retroviri gave him the body of his dreams. To hell with all his colleagues who had told him that he was insane for believing that Homo sapiens neanderthalensis were much more physically powerful than our species and that only their more limited mental capacities had caused their extinction. He had decided to directly test this on himself. Now a less honest person would have told everyone that this was just a way to find cures




Supersteroids: Comeuppance

He didn’t know how he got here. Fading memories told him that he had been shy, lanky, white Tyler Mason just a couple minutes ago, with no sex life to speak of. Then he had gotten into contact with this nice, handsome and rich investment broker called Peter. His needs had overwritten any kind of doubts he had about the other guys' motivations and Tyler agreed to meet Peter at his flat. Their date had been off to a great start, Peter seemed to be nice and eloquent and actually interested in all t

The Wish

“And for my last wish I would like to have balls the size of melons and a two foot long penis, ok Djinn?” The Djinn sighed and waved his arm. That wasn’t the first master who had uttered such a wish. It wasn’t a bad wish per se, just so… crude. He was happy to give his masters the body of a god, and all the riches they could think of (although he often tweaked those wishes to not cause his masters to become literal metaphysical and transcendental beings or to instantly cause worldwide econo

Supersteroids: Observation

Day 4. I have studied the effect of the chemical for quite some time now. It is definitely the work of a genius. Aside from everything else, the muscles, the beauty and the… other advantages, it changes the body of its user into a production facility for itself. Traces of it are present in the saliva and the aspirations of its users, but it is mostly concentrated in the seminal fluids. This might be an indicator for the reason why it doesn’t seem to affect women in any way, but I am not certain

Line of Change

Yes boy, you might not believe what you are holding there, but those massive guns are real. Go on, lick them, I know you want to… need to. Oh yeah, that’s right, keep doing that. It’s too late to refuse the call of all these muscles. You will soon reach my broad and thick pecs, followed by my extremely cut abs and once you reach my cock, I will blow the biggest load into you that you have ever seen. Don’t be frightened. Once that happens you will swell out of these clothes in no time. And then t

The Treatment

I had planned this for quite some time now: I invited my lanky and shy friend Thomas over for a fun evening watching The Expanse or some other sci-fi series. Then I excused myself halfway through for a moment and activated a specific machine I had build inside my TV. Without knowing it, Thomas was subjected to multiple specific electromagnetic pulses directly interacting with his neural activity. It only worked for him and boy, it was hard gathering enough information about the specifics of his

The Tanktop

When young nerd Alexander found the disregarded tank top after another disappointing workout session in his locker, he first thought that it was some kind of prank by the three jocks that always harassed him during his training. Still, the shirt looked nice and what could be the harm in wearing it for a short while? He looked down… - - - When massive bodybuilder Alex looked up he began to flex his pecs just to remind himself of the pump he had received today. He had destroyed the weigh

Supersteroids: Secondary Transmission

Kai had been lucky enough to meet the inventor of the drug firsthand. Not that he had known about it, he was just in awe (like everyone else) when this hypermasculine guy came into the club he used to hang out in after work. He tried to look away (why would such a guy even bother with a small fat guy like me, he thought) but couldn’t withhold his gaze for long. When he looked again a massive shelf of pecs blocked his view of anything else. The guy didn’t say any word, just breathed heavily, then

Supersteroids: Prologue

Someone is enjoying his new supersteroids very much. A few hours ago he was just a small geeky guy in his mid twenties studying biology. Then he had downed his own invention: Human testosterone amplified to an extreme degree by bull hormones, certain epigenetic markers and another half a dozen illegal substances. His magnum opus both as an upcoming scientist as well as someone who hated being small and fragile his entire life. Soon his mind and body burned as he packed on huge amounts of new mus

Supersteroids: Unexpected

It started pretty harmless. Just another day with my boyfriend Chris, that's what I thought at that time. Playing video games, watching a movie together (or one of our favorite series on Netflix), then good but typical sex, followed by cuddling and sleeping. Satisfactory, even nice, but nothing out of the ordinary. Well, all of that went out of the window when this guy drove past us while we were walking to my place, followed by two police cars in hot pursuit. From what I could tell the guy look

Changing Perspective

When he realized what happened, it was already too late. Doctor Patel could feel the serum taking effect across his whole body nearly instantaneously, his muscles becoming hot and getting bigger in seconds. It felt like his groins were in flames while his cock began to harden and then harden even more after reaching full erection, slowly growing down his jeans. He tried to fight it, knowing what had happened to previous test subjects. At that point he hadn’t known that the chemical could enter t

United at last

“Jack?” I asked the tower of muscle and masculine power standing before me, “is that really you?” Jack had always been the bigger one of the two of us, dwarfing me in nearly every way. But I never had been jealous of him, our ideals were too different for that: He wanted to become a leading rugby player, I wanted to study physics. We had been friends since elementary school even though our differences were getting noticeable soon after we first met. But don’t get me wrong: Neither did he be


“Shit I don’t know if I want this anymore. I mean it was great when I was only that sorry dweeb with no sex drive whatsoever…. suddenly so full of testosterone that I could barely stand a day without sex anymore. And these muscles that grew like crazy on me made it so easy to get it… but now? I mean it’s not the muscles per se… it’s getting extremely hard to find clothing for them, but whatever, who needs clothing looking like this. It’s also not my sex drive, hell, just before I got here I fuck

Changed, yet the same..

Hey, if you want to touch them, do it, I won’t stop you. No, it’s still me under all of this…just huge and improved. Of course I’m still the geek you fell in love with, I still like Star Trek, I still want to play Magic with you and I will still cuddle with you while watching Alien for the tenth time. It’s just that now I’ll do all of it with two hundred pounds of pure muscle mass on me. Well, it feels absolutely fantastic! I admit, I was scared when I took the stuff, it felt as i

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