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you are a special man because you were born small, so small that you look like a bug, you are not the only one in this world because people like you are called minuses, and all minuses have the same thing in common, they are as small as a bug but they have the capacity not to die because their body is designed to be crushed, flattened etc even if it hurts them, it reform and cannot be dead or cut from blood.

at the age of 18 is when have become alone, the state sent a man to help you in life, he calls him the help to the minus, are role and to help the minus in all the day because the minus does not have a house or a bed made to measure so the help and to help the minus go to his bed but also for all other tasks, normally the help is 24/24 with the minus even in the toilet, help can sleep in the minus bed with him, it all depends on what you planned.

to have the right to this assistance he makes fill a request but also you could choose in a catagolgue your assistance.

you are called quentin, you had a fetish on the muscular man more particularly on their biceps, you had therefore the conditions to have a help, you go on the web site to make the request with evil but the site was well designed because you just needed to type on the keyboard,
the site says "to get help that suits you we need you to answer some questions"

first question "should your helper be?"
choice1: kind is attentive to you
choice2: listening
option3: brutal, dominant, who can be mean to you and can hurt you.

you were surprised that he offers the choice 3 puts you like the idea of having a man who takes himself for a god and you a little insignificant thing and that he can even hurt you so you press the 3.

then the site offers some man you can choose with that description

you choose the three too, his name is david, he is very muscular, he cares more about these muscles than anything else, he likes to do a lot of bodybuilding does not know the shower, has armpits full of hair, very domineering, love to grind things in it's mega biceps and other muscles



here are some info before you start
everything is fake of course except for the name age and the picture of me.
everyone added video photos and text but do not forget that it's about muscular men who come to crush me and you play me

quentin 30 years old



I was locked in a building with the impossibility of escaping or dying. unfortunately you have been locked up so that different muscular men come to play with their muscle and their strength on you, some even have super-power and super-strength.




I remind you that this story is imaginary.
Quentin is a 28 year old man with belly



You had a power that was not to die that power allow you to be crushed without losing blood and after your body is reforming all alone, the only problem is that you still had pain. You were secretly in love with superman because of his body and his powers.

you had a diary where you were full of superman pictures in different shots and you also write what he could do to you, he wrote your power, this diary follows you everywhere.
one day you go home and go to your room to see pictures of your newspaper, unfortunately you do not find and then you think and you start screaming, because you remember that you had put it on the bench this morning, you must have forgotten all day but before you can think of something someone knocks at your window, you tell yourself at the beginning it's a branch, because your room and the first floor, then it continues to hit you look back and see superman at the window with your newspaper in his hand, you run to open it and you get it back.

"It's nothing quentin I found your name and donate address in your journal, I allowed myself to read also your newspaper, because when I found them it was open on a photo of me" says superman

you were all red then superman add "do not worry what you wrote I liked more you like me" you were upset you answer "I thought you were with laws"

"In fact, laws are there to disguise that I'm gay, and my fantasy" says superman

"oh well, what fantasy" do you answer

"Well, you know, I love being admired, I love to use power too, sometimes I go to a place just to crush some car and something else, but what I will love the most is to make love without holding back all my powers "answered superman

you were surprised but you did not have time to answer that superman said "do you want to play with me and do you want to be my sulfur pain plus my sexual object"

you think, but you do not know why you said without realizing "yes"

superman approaches you is done .... (next in a future)



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