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  • ravenweremuscle

    2.7.2019 (Worship Thursdays: A Mixture of Pleasure)

    By ravenweremuscle

    Pretty much a mixed bag this week! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c25f99c42e74 (with Sascha Zalman) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c24c83c44257 (with Sascha Zalman) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c2712500af33 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c24c83bae47c (Cassinelli) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c24a50841464 (Cassinelli - with Boris Makov) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a1bc2051a7b5 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c268739cecbc (with Joey Jordan) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5b0a5392b3b6f (from The Best Flex) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph567c28b3dcbc1 (with the Blake Brothers) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c15e12215e21 (with Justin Morinetti - Smoking Hunks)

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  1. londonboy
    Latest Entry


    “I’m a sure thing,” the big guy said, leaning towards me on the rack.


    “I’m sorry,” I said, confused and distracted by his arms.  


    “I noticed you watching me as I worked out.  It’s also kind of difficult to not notice that hard thing poking out your shorts,” he responded, lifting his chin to point at my crotch.


    It was true.  I had been gym-stalking him the entire time we worked out and I was now blessed with a raging hard-on that could not be hidden. He was simply gorgeous in every way. Older muscle men turned me on more than anything in the world.  I had been endowed with a large tool that always gave away my muscle daddy thirst.


    “Like I said before, I’m a sure thing.  I’m into getting worshipped probably even more than you are into worshipping. Also, I can grab my ankles and put my head between my big muscled calves . . . if you’re interested,” he added, smiling.


    “I don’t understand,” I lied, unable to process anything at the moment since every ounce of energy in my body was pulsing hard into my cock making me unable to stop my shorts from tenting out like we were now in some kind of porno movie.


    “Then let me be clear,” he said, smiling even more broadly.  “I love to flex my huge muscles in some guy’s face – getting him all hot and bothered.  I like bear hugging a dude until he can’t think straight.  I love having every bulge on my body being kissed and licked. But, most of all, I love taking it up the ass all night long.  I’m the most masculine alpha bottom you’re ever going to meet.  Again, I’m a sure thing.”


    This was almost too much for me to handle.  I moaned a little and I knew a wet spot was beginning at the crotch of my gray cotton shorts.  He tensed his arms to emphasize his point and to make me leak even more.  The guy was the biggest tease I had ever met.


    “What’s the matter, kid? This old man too much for you?” he asked, squeezing his fists so the veins on his biceps popped out even more. “I could milk your big rod like it’s never been emptied before.”


    I had to shake my head to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.  I also closed my eyes.  When I opened them again, the beautiful older muscle dreamboat was still standing there – looking at me with eyes full of lust and honesty.  I suddenly felt like I had won the lottery.  He clearly caught on to the fact that I was beginning to fully understand and he quickly answered the one question that was kicking around in my head.


    “It’s simple, kid.  I chose you because you have the biggest package in the place,” he said, glancing down at my bulge.  “The bigger the better is my motto.  And you’ll probably never have a hotter bunch of big muscles riding that thing, dude.  I can please you in ways you never even dreamed of.”


    “Is this some kind of television show of practical jokes?” I asked, looking around for cameras.


    “Nope.  I’m the real deal, man,” he answered.  “Like I said I’m . . .”


    “A sure thing . . . yeah, I’m beginning to get the point,” I interrupted.  “I’m not sure my body can handle hearing you say it again.”


    He simply mouthed the words, again – teasing me and tensing every damn bulging muscle that covered his magnificent body.  He clearly was in no rush at all – loving the foreplay even more than I was.  His forearms flexed bigger than my legs.  The big elder man kept looking down at my crotch and licking his lips.  


    “My tight ass can squeeze that big thing until you cry uncle, boy,” he said, staring directly into my eyes with an intense look.  “Just think of how you’ll love feeling all my big muscles as you pound away.”


    “Dude!  You got to be quiet or I’m going to explode right here,” I said, quickly and a little too loudly.  


    This made him smile and then he glanced down – anticipating that my big rod would twitch with excitement. It did not disappoint.  He was rewarded with another glob of pre-cum and some serious dick bobbing under the material.  He licked his lips again.


    “I could take care of that for you in the bathroom before we leave,” he offered.


    His confidence was intoxicating.  He knew I was putty in his hands.  He was this big muscle bottom that was completely in control.  I suddenly imagined kissing his huge hard calves as his legs were draped across my shoulders and he was moaning from the pleasure of my pounding.  I had never wanted to fuck a man more in my entire life and he knew it.  I had never even begun to think that a bottom could be so dominating.  He dictated everything and I followed obediently.  


    “My mouth is almost as hot as my tight hole,” he said, knowing the comment would edge me even closer to explosion.  “I can suck you off so hard that you’ll pass out.  Don’t worry, though, I’m big and strong enough to carry you out.”


    I didn’t know what thought to focus on first – the thrill of being carried by this big older man or the pleasure of having his warm, wet mouth around my now aching cock.  The idea of shooting a load that would go through his incredible bull-neck was, again, almost too much for me to handle. I shook my head again and he knew I was still mystified by the situation.

    “Cop a feel, little man,” he said, “Touching this big arm will show you I’m for real.”


    He didn’t move.  He simply tensed the biceps nearest me and waited. He knew I wouldn’t refuse.  He also knew I wouldn’t even hesitate for one second.  My hand obeyed his suggestion without me even receiving a message from my brain.  I touched hard flesh-covered stone.  I could feel the blood pumping within his huge gun.  He glanced down at my small hand pressed against his marvelous bulging arm.  


    “It’s even harder and bigger when I flex,” he said, looking back at me.  “Fella, I’m going to need your big cock in my mouth or in my ass pretty soon.  I want you to make me walk funny tomorrow.  Let’s go get you leaking something awful from me offering you my best double biceps pose.”


    Three minutes later his huge arms were bulging harder and bigger against the black and white backdrop of the gym’s shower.  My hands explored those mountains, as well as his magnificent lats, perfect pecs, and those gorgeous giant forearms that had pleased my eyes earlier.  The muscle foreplay was so incredible that I was quickly teetering on the edge of the most intense ejaculation of my life.  When the dude turned toward the wall and pulled his shorts and underwear down to reveal his perfect muscled, bubbled ass it was – as he fully planned – just too much for me.  I shot off like a cannon into my shorts, my body flailing into his powerful back and then flopping against him as I released rope after rope of my thick cum. I finally came back down to earth, pressed into his strong back and continued breathing hard.


    “I’m so sorry,” I quickly said, “You were just too much and that gorgeous ass sent me over the edge.”


    He turned around, pulling up his shorts and then taking my still shaking body into his big arms. His smile made it clear this situation had gone all according to his plan.


    “No need to apologize, man,” he said.  “I thought we’d give you just a taste of what’s to come . . . so to speak.  I’ll have you full of more of your man juice in no time at all.  Picking you up and carrying you out to my car is going to keep that big weapon of yours fully hard.”


    And as he easily picked up my body into his big arms I knew he was right.  

  2. tumblr_o11g4kYQ0M1v38s6uo1_500.gif.ea2e8f39eb531ed51e7f437bd0998591.gif

    “This really isn’t what I meant when I wished for jock sex”

    *You’re jostled around as the man wearing you grinds against his boyfriend*

    “I’d have liked to have been one of the guys”

    “Or you know have some basic senses”

    “I’m just getting this loose idea of what’s happening”

    “I could be in a washing machine for all I know”

    *Then you realise without a mouth you can’t make another wish*

    “Shit…. I’m stuck like this aren’t I”

    *From his invisible perch the Djinn watched the hung jocks grind and kiss with a smirk on his lips*



    “Yea, keep smiling you cunt”

    “I know it was you who sold me out to the exam board months back”

    “But you don’t know that I know”

    “So keep smiling, keep enjoying our holiday”

    “Keep resting your beautiful ass on Kent’s amazing shoulders”

    “Keep flicking your hair in the breeze”

    “Because come tonight your body, life and near perfect test scores are mine”



    “Oh, look who’s waking up”

    *You stare up at your baby brothers face on a hugely muscled body*

    “Yea…. So guess who opened your mail”

    *His arm twitches and he smirks a little*

    “Now don’t be angry”

    “I’ll pay you back for the potion”

    *You go to sit up, he pushes you back down*

    “Now, I’m thinking you getting to watch me workout is $100”

    “Listening to me fuck babes through your bedroom wall is $200”

    “So if my math is correct….”

    *He stops to mentally workout the relatively easy math*

    “It will take three months of lifting and fucking to pay you back”

    *He smiles widely*

    “Should we get started, those cheerleaders you tutor just arrived”

  3. 05_02.thumb.jpg.efbd10fb02a83d1a41e214e63ff591b0.jpg


    Buyer Note:

    Hi @goggletan

    I'm a 5' 4" scrawny shrimp but I've been trying my best to bulk myself up during this last year. But I seem to be battling some really stubborn ectomorph genetics as I'm not getting far!

    I'm 28 though I look a lot younger - I try to grow a beard to make myself look like my age, but it's all patchy and scraggly. And being pale blonde doesn't seem to help! I've got a larger than average dick (7 inches of thick meat), but it doesn't help to be hung when I'm too embarrassed about the rest of my body to use it. To top it off, it's best to describe my face as looking like I could be cast as a pimple-faced science geek for any 80s sitcom.

    As it happens, Logan is one of the people who I follow on Instagram - as one of my main "inspirations" for me to keep heading to the gym. In fact, I regularly post some of his photos on my personal Tumblr, um... "Face Fuck Fantasies".

    I did pluck up the courage to message him and he did seem to be very pleasant and genuinely want to help me improve my workouts (I kept mum about my blog during our interactions!). But the exercise guides he was sending me were crazy -  amounting to 2 hours of heavy weight training every day! I distinctly got the impression his mentoring was less about improving me and more about boasting what he could lift.

    Of course, he charged me big bucks for his "training" and when he found out I wasn't able to do it, he started sending me emails calling me a "scrawny-assed wimp". But later he laughed his comments off as a joke and offered to do a Skype with me so he could see what he was working with. I knew in the back of my mind that this video call was going to be humiliating, but I willed myself to do it just to see his magnificent body up and close.

    The call itself was a disaster - just an excuse for him to belittle me and laugh at my pathetic excuse of a body. He also knew straight away I was having a hard-on for him and browbeat me into buying a pair of his used jockstraps at $250 dollars a pop. I suspect that financial exchange was his real reason for getting in contact with me.

    I know I shouldn't let him get to me, but I'm spending my spare time these days photoshopping his smirking face onto the bodies of hot, tied up twinks and crudely photoshopping my throbbing cock in front of him.

    Please let me finally bring down this asshole and show him how a proper alpha male mentors his followers.



    Body Cost : $750,000

    Status: Buyer is eligible for a special discount rate and has paid in full cash. Body swap may commence 

    Notes: Buyer has tested this new body by facefucking Logan's mouth with his larger than average size dick. The staff assisted by forcing the larger man's mouth into the buyer cock. Buyer seem to really enjoy it while Logan was gagging, yelling and begging to be let free. Logan at this point has no idea that he would soon be losing his body forever.





    After Swap Documentation:

    The buyer wakes up in the clinic room as per most of our other clients but said he required more time to rest. So the staff decided to check back on him a few hours later.


    To our surprise when we came back we found 2 of our male clinic nurses was already fighting for who could suck on his cock. While they were jostling each other and trying to stick their tongues on the new Logan's cock. We could see new Logan was already preparing a new instagram post. Taking an image of him smirking while getting blown by 2 men. 

    He almost instantly got 100k likes on social media. 

    It wasn't long before one of our female nurses succumbed to his good looks and cocky bad boy smile and stripped her own clothes and forced herself on New Logan's mouth kissing him deeply.

    I could immediately tell that unlike most of our past clients, this buyer of Logan's body was adjusting almost immediately to his new body. It was almost like he was studying Logan for months and learnt beforehand how to behave like a cocky fitness influencer would. 


    After getting out of bed by satisfying all the nurses that wanted to suck him off, get fucked by him or just wanted his tongue down his throat, one of the first things he did was to destroy all his past photos.

    I understand that before the body swap, our buyer was one of the most disgusting looking man in the country. We know this as he was voted in an online poll as having the ugliest worst looking face in the city. Quite sad for him to have to go through all that. But look how far he has come now.

    After destroying all his past ugly photos he has started to re brand himself as the New Logan.  

    Confident and Cocky

    Handsome and Hot

    Muscular and Sexy


    Although the previous owner of this amazing sexy body focused on being a fitness influencer, the new Logan has decided to also branch out to be a model.

    And he has almost immediatly begun signing contracts with top fashion companies. 

    Maybe its just me but for some reason, New Logan loves to have photos taken of him. He seems to enjoy always being in the limelight, wearing new sponsored clothing by expensive companies and of course uploading all his images on instagram and getting likes after likes after likes!

    So far in just a month after the body swap New Logan has already done sexy underwear poses showing of his amazingly toned muscular body in exotic island destinations.


    Stylish shoots with the latest fashionable hairstyles for the cover of magazines.


    And he was even chosen to be the cover boy of a college frat, taking shots depicting him as a cocky fratbot in his muscular prime.

    He's done it all! And its only been a month! 



    We have come to note however that the previous owner of Logan's body has fallen on hard times.

    Being a good looking hunky popular Alpha all his life he is unable to adapt to life in his newer ugly and skinny body. He even intends to file a lawsuit against us as he feels that he was tricked into selling his body.


    We know that he has been making some cash sucking cocks from a gloryhole downtown and have even sent people to interview him on his new life.


    It seems that even after losing his Alpha stud body he is still chasing after the "influencer social media dream" and hopes to get "likes" by sucking cocks.


    Its almost sad knowing that this Alpha stud used to get thousands of likes on his instagram and know barely gets 1 like from a gloryhole suck.




    For now we hope that New Logan could answer some of our questions regarding the changes he has with his new body

    1. Its interesting how well and quickly you adapted to this new body and life. Have you been preparing for this change for a very long time?

    2. How do you cope with always having men and women wanting to suck you off everywhere you go and suddenly being such a sexy center of attention?

    3. We understand you used to have a larger than average cock and had to leave that behind in your old body. How are you adapting to your now average cock?

    4. If old Logan starts to get more funds to press a lawsuit against you what would you do?

    5. Anything you would like to say to Old Logan?

  4. tumblr_pe03c8aszz1uivhj9o1_1280.thumb.jpg.39bf3e8a86fe7a263c14c6a92a4d25da.jpg

    (Originally posted on my Tumblr)


    I never understood why my lifting partner had such a complete obsession with being bigger than me.

    He always tried to put a few extra weights on when we were lifting together. He wore weird shoes with thick soles so he could be just an inch taller than me. And he always felt the need to comment how much more of a ‘man’ he was, even though the difference between us was minimal.

    And, if anything, I was pretty sure I beat him in almost every regard. I was stronger, and bigger, yet he insisted that he was the man between us two.

    It irritated me to no end, and his latest obsession was about my dick.

    I was pretty hung, and when you shower together after hitting the gym for a few years my lifting partner was bound to find out.

    Recently however he had been 'joking’ about how I supposedly only was a 'shower’ and that, if he got hard, my far below average lifting buddy would really outgrow me.

    And if anyone should know I was very well endowed it should have been him. Wasn’t it the girl he had a crush on I ‘accidentally’ send a pic of, being penetrated by my fully hard battering ram? That had really pissed him off a while ago, I assumed he had been looking at my 8 incher as well when he jerked off to her in that pic.

    At first I just brushed it off, my 8 inches of heat had never disappointed anyone, so I tried to not let it bother me.

    But something about him repeating it, every, single, day, really got to me.

    So after the third joke that day at the expense of my beautiful cock I just told him:

    “Fine, we’ll hold a little dick measuring contest, if that will shut you up.”

    It did, he looked at me with slight unease. I was going to love wiping of that smirk from his face.

    And so I came to sit in my private backyard with my dick in one hand and an old playboy in the other. My lifting buddy, looking rather anxious now, with the ruler opposite of me.

    My cock never needed that much encouragement. It got hard easy and stayed that way as long as I wanted, and soon pre started leaking out of my cock head. It was a little over 8 inches and hard as steel.

    I looked over my to spotter, who also looked about as hard as he would get, and still not much larger than 4 inches.

    I raised my eyebrow at my spotter. “Think measuring is a little redundant, no?” I asked, wiggling my cock around in my hand.

    “No man, you’ll see, just measure your one first, I’ll really get hard in a minute.”

    I thought he looked at my cock with just a little too much excitement. Of course he was just a fucking fag, who wanted to see my massive cock, I knew it.

    Even more pathetic was that he couldn’t even admit he had lost when the it was swinging in front of his face. But if it would shut him up…

    I grabbed the ruler, doing my best job with the tools available.

    “8.2 Inches” I exclaimed triumphantly.

    “Come on man, you expect me to believe that?”

    Of course I did, because he had been looking at me while I had measured.

    I sighed. I really wanted to get this over with.

    “Want me to measure again?”

    He nodded, the assured expression that was now plastered on his face making me slightly uneasy.

    I put ruler next to my cock again, my mind not really processing the results when I read them out loud.

    “6.1 Inches.” I said.

    I wanted to scream that wasn’t right but… I felt a headache pass through as slowly my memories seemed to become less clear.

    I packed eight inches of heat, right? My memories seemed now to disagree. Encounters with hot chicks who had noticed my bulge fading into nothingness, and being replaced with more average sex with a more average dick.

    Yeah, I had nothing to be ashamed off, six inches still got the deal done, most of the time, and it was well above average. I scratched my head, wondering where I had gotten the idea I had some massive cock down my trousers.

    I looked over at my spotting partner, who’s cock indeed seemed to have gotten larger when I was busy measuring. He looked to pack around six inches too now, looking just a centimeter or two smaller than me. I wanted to hand him the ruler so we could get this over with, still confident I was going to win this, but he just shook his head.

    “Nah man, I’m still not fully hard.”

    His self-assured expression turned a little more wicked.

    “Besides, little man, 6.1 inches seems way too large for your tiny dick, measure it again.”

    The confident me, who would have told that fairy to get out of his house and to ogle dicks elsewhere, seemed weirdly unavailable. So I just grabbed the ruler again, and placed it next to my dick.

    “2 Inches” I admitted meekly, reading the results from the ruler.

    New memories flooded my mind. Girls being disappointed the hot bod came with so little cock. Embarrassing moments in the shower where I had to cover up my little penis. Years of humiliation for my tiny endowment were now ever-present in my memory, of course I wasn’t average, I was pathetic.

    My lifting partner smiled, stroking his massive cock with a smile like it was the first time he was holding his legendary fuck stick. I could always see his massive bulge through his gym shorts, it’s contents bouncing happily when we did cardio together. Girls biting their lips whenever they spotted his manly manhood through his trousers. The showers falling silent when he walked in, with that log swinging between his legs.

    “Give me the ruler, buddy, this is about as hard as I’m gonna get.”

    I handed him the ruler, but his cock extended just a little further than the ten inches it was equipped to measure.

    “Well, my cock is somewhere over ten inches then I guess. I think we can say I won, right?”

    I nodded, not even sure why I had called the dick measuring contest in the first place. Well, I did know, to see his mouth-watering sized cock hard in the flesh of course, all those videos of him jerking off online just weren’t enough for me anymore.

    I smiled, slapping my lifting partner on the back.

    “At least I still got the bigger muscles.” I said, playfully.

    My spotter’s expression turned sour, his face turning dark as he mumbled some words in a weird sounding foreign language.

    I felt dizzy for a moment, before refining my footings.

    I slapped him on his ass again, the bulging glutes shaking pleasantly in my frail and bony arm. His handsome face having a very satisfied expression on his thick neck, as he guided my mouth to his jaw breaking cock. I couldn’t believe that I had the honor of being able to worship my buddy, the international fitness icon before he went to the gym. His 8-pack glistened in the sun of his private outdoor yard, his muscles seeming just as bulging and massive as usual.

    He always asked me join him when he went to the gym to train that massive body of his, but I always respectfully declined. My slender frame had no place in a gym, I could train my bubble butt at home.

    Before taking his gigantic member in my mouth, and letting him use me like the cum rag I am, I managed to muffle out: “Funny how we’re the same height, ain’t it? Guess even you have stay stuck at 5′11.”

    He just smiled while shoving his enormous shaft down my throat, the sound of some weird foreign words he was mumbling drowned out by my puny body moaning.  

  5. Clodmuscle
    Latest Entry



    I just finished my workout, and I was in the gym locker room I took of my shirt and did some poses against the mirror. There was going to be a bodybuilding competition soon, and I wanted to look bigger than ever which to hone o pretty much already achieve after that last steroid cycle I was looking huge an around my body they were judges over bulges of hard muscle mass.
    I start doing some poses against the mirror not noticing someone else had entered the locker room I look over my shoulder and saw this tiny wimpy guy staring eyes wide open to my muscular physique. The guy barely reached my lower chest and was so skinny that my forearms were probably thicker than his torso.

    “what do you want runt?” I said in a deep baritone voice

    “Oh, so..so…sorry is just that I want to be a bodybuilder and I know there is a competition coming soon which I wanted to participate in, but I don’t know any poses soi has to hope you could help me,” he said in a high pitch voice

    “a competition? Are they allowing such wimpy amateurs in stage nowadays? HAHAHA” I laugh, to be honest, I didn’t know anything about a competition besides the one I was going to participate but in my competition lightweight division was probably 20 lbs away from this runt’s weight and lightyears away from the super heavyweight class where I was participating.

    “ok little guy you make me laugh ill give some tips, so you don’t make such an embarrassment of yourself I will be in a competition too, and it  helps me practice the very VERY basics,” I said thinking about practicing some posting routine with this runt of least it would help me get a confidence boost comparing my godlike muscles to this puny man

    “so you would help me win the competition?” he asked suddenly incited

    “sure runt” I answer

    “so you would give me what I need,” he said his smile growing bigger and becoming a bit creepy

    “…yeah, “I said again starting to get a bit uncomfortable

    ” So is a deal?!“ he said extending his little arm for a handshake

    "YEAH SURE WHATEVER RUNT NOW STOP ASKING OR ILL CHANGE MY MIND,” I said a si grab his tiny hand with my huge palm making sure to squeeze his hand a bit just so he could feel the difference of power.

    I was expecting for his little fingers to crack under the extreme force however instead he just stares at me with a smile and start to return my grip however as he did I felt his strength actually growing I start to feel actual pain on my hand I try to return the shake, but my grip started to feel weaker and weaker. Soon I was on my knees begging him to release me. Then I notice that he was actually growing his biceps growing like balloons, his pecs tearing through the fabric of the shirt, his abs getting more defined. Then he starts to grow taller and taller and taller I thought he was going to reach the roof, then I notice that he wasn’t the only one changing I was actually shrinking my huge biceps becoming noodles, my pecs becoming nonexistent, my wide back becomes less wide with every second.

    When the transformation ended I stood up my vision still a bit blurry and my head spinning a little, now I looked as skinny as that guy when he enters the locker room while his nerdy face now sits on top of a carbon copy of my muscular body.

    “What did you do to me?!” I said my voice sounded high pitches

    “Sorry little guy, I just found this awesome spell but I needed someone to make a deal with me, and you just did that runt!” he said that last part with a smile in his face

    “But I was just going to give you a routine and some posing tips…” I answer with tears in my eyes.

    “You agree you would give me whatever I needed for the competition and I already know how to pose and everything I just needed some extra muscle which you agree to give to me” he said as he did some poses flexing his now huge muscles “Well thanks for the muscles and good luck with your competition although I think you might be a little to skinny now for it HAHAHAh” he said laughing as he walked out of the locker room with my muscles….


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    Who says the only sportsperson has the right to improve health. Athletes are healthy because they select to live a good lifestyle. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and a healthy heart is, after all, related to a person’s well being. Exercise can help you increase your immunity, muscle growth, gain strength and elasticity. But did you know it can good for the heart too? Let us have a look at some good exercises boost your heart health:


    The human type was intended simply to walk. Should you be considering to rack up the miles on a treadmill or hit the road walking is the best way to improve your fitness and hence keep your heart healthy too.


    Running is one of the perfect techniques to blaze calorie consumption, a reward is given that you are additionally seeking to get thinner to reduce your risk of coronary disease. Supposing that you are new to running, begin with an energetic walk and slowly of increase the minutes of running to lastly stay longer. After all improve a heart health can take you far!


    A different cardiovascular act that is simple on the joints, cycling is a low-effect exercise that you can do single anywhere or in any landscape. Make effective use of your cycling time and pattern to work or to do your tasks. While your heart is pumping you’ll furthermore be building quality and sculpting your muscle tissues too.


    The pool may be the right area to relax around. But did you know, swimming not just fortifies your muscle tissues, but it also contributes oodles to your efforts of keeping a good heart health? Swimming exercise or even water sports provide multi-directional resistance. Swimming is above all other exercises recommended also the most secure substitute if you are affected by joint pain which walking or running etc. may worsen.

    Read more about, Benefits of Exercising

  6. image.thumb.png.879a1cef3775df5ad32e3c6a8cfcbc36.png





    I was at a conference and medical equipment show in New Orleans and while down at the pool for an early morning swim I met a man in his mid 20’s that looked to be of Russian descent. His name was Dennis. He had blond hair, blue eyes, and a very buff, big muscular body that was totally shaved from the neck down. He was about 6’2” and had an amazing ass.


    We had a fairly short chat about sports and exchanged info before we agreed to meet for a drink in the late evening. After a long day of presentations I showered and had supper. I was flipping through TV channels when Dennis called asked if he could come over. Of course I said yes and he showed up at my door about 10 minutes later. The guy wasn’t really dressed like I expected, but I found him quite hot. Literally! He was just coming from the gym so he was dressed in sweats still dripping with sweat and man musk which filled the room when I closed the door. He lifted off his shirts and his physique was really pumped. I offered him something to drink and he asked for water.


    He asked to take a shower as he stuffed his wet smelly clothes into a plastic laundry bag. He sat and took off his shoes and then lowered the sweatpants adding them to the bag. I ran my hands over his arms and pecs as he flexed for me. I expected a stud like him to be a real alpha but he told me he was a total bottom and thought all day about being fucked by me. This was definitely my kind of guy!


    He wrapped his arms around me and we kissed after I assured him he would get the fucking of his life. He stripped naked and then he went in and took a quick shower. I got on the bed wearing just my boxer briefs with a hard-on that wouldn’t quit. He came out of the bathroom naked and I focused on his big juicy 8-inch cock. His dick was getting bigger, harder, and longer as he walked toward me. He crawled up on the bed and started licking my cock through my briefs.


    “I thought you’d be naked,” he said before he ripped them off.


    He sucked my cock for a while and then we kissed while I worshiped his huge physique. I fingered his ass and realized he was already lubed.  He grabbed a condom and put it on me. He lubed my cock and he guided my cock to the target before he sat down on it taking all seven inches at once.


    His cock was hard as he rode my dick. I ran my hands over is body and he moaned, begging for more as I thrust up into him. When he was close to cumming he would lean down to kiss me.


    Then we switched positions, he got on his back and I started fucking him missionary style. I started kissing him and he wanted me to fuck him harder and by then I was drenched in sweat and so was he. We switched again, and I took him doggie style, fucking him hard until I filled the condom with cum.


    Then we lay on the bed for the longest time talking and stroking each other’s body. My cock never quite went soft and neither did his. After a time he started stroking my meat again and he got me totally hard. He finally grabbed another condom and put it on me, lubed me up, and got back on top to ride me, again taking my cock up his ass in one swift movement. I grabbed some lube and greased up his big cock, jacking him while he rode me until he sprayed cum all over my chest.


    We lay together talking and then he led me to the shower to get cleaned up. Soaping up his body was almost like sex for me. I watched as he got dressed in clean clothes from his gym bag and he seemed reluctant to go. He lingered to kiss me and tell me how hot I was.


    Every day we exchanged vague brief texts all during the ten day conference and show. Every night Dennis was in my room or I was in his for hot sex. We often lay in bed talking about our dreams and goals. We talked about being together and possibilities for the future.


    After I got home I tried to text him and even call him but my calls went directly to voice mail. I left messages as if I was following up on a sales lead but they went unanswered. Then when the mailbox was full I couldn’t even do that. Eventually there was a ‘this number is no longer in service’ message when I called.


    The phone may have been lost or maybe something happened to him on the way home. Surely Dennis would replace the phone if he was alive. Weeks went by and life went on. I was flying all over the county getting signed contracts from leads I got at the show. It looked like I would be the top salesman in the company but the victory was hollow because I realized I had fallen in love and life was empty.


    It took all the strength I had to act enthusiastic at the company awards banquet. As top salesman I gave a rousing thank you speech about never giving up knowing I was getting on a plane in a few hours to go look for Dennis in California.


    Before dawn the next morning I was closing my carry-on bag when my phone rang. It was a (601) area code followed by a number I didn’t know. I had been getting calls about lowering my interest rate on my credit cards and I had asked them to remove me from their call list. It was time they took me off the call list so I answered.


    “This is Dennis,” he said and I fell to my knees. “I am using a borrowed cell phone. I’m still in New Orleans… Hello? Mark?”


    “I’m here,” I croaked out.


    “Mark, my boss called me to the restaurant in the Hilton and fired me after you left. They took my phone, company credit cards, rental car, and even my plane ticket. I was mugged and shot at the edge of the French Quarter. Now I don’t even have an ID or personal credit cards. I have been in the hospital and this guy let me use his phone. I didn’t know who else to call…” his voice trailed off.


    “Get to the airport and go to Southwest airlines. There will be a ticket in your name… Spell your last name. Go to the Hilton where we were staying and get the shuttle to the airport.” My mind was going faster than I could talk. “Dennis? I love you.” I said. I heard a sob. “I’ll be at the airport waiting for you,” I told him.


    “I’ll get him to the airport,” a strange voice said. “He’s really messed up,” the guy said quietly.


    “Take him to Southwest Airlines and I’ll have a ticket waiting for him.”


    “You are a good brother. My brother wouldn’t do this for me,” he said. I began to wonder what Dennis told the man so he would let Dennis make the call.


    “I wish I could reward you,” I offered.


    “No reward needed,” he said and we said goodbye.


    I went to Midway Airport as soon as I bought the ticket. There were flights arriving almost every hour and if I was lucky he would be here by noon but I had no way to know what flight he was on since he didn’t have a phone. I waited outside of the TSA checkpoint. I got worried when the 5:40 pm flight arrived and he wasn’t on the plane. I was eating a sandwich when my phone rang.


    “Is this Mr. Mark Hanson?” the voice asked.




    “We have a gentleman trying to claim a ticket you purchased but he has no identification. We can’t let him on the plane without ID.”


    “How many people named Dennis Selikoff do you think there are in the United States? (There was only one) Look up his facebook page for picture ID. Look he was mugged and his wallet was taken. I sent him a ticket to Chicago. He was shot and mugged,” I said with a steady but angry voice.


    “I’ll take this to my supervisor but chances are not good,” and the guy hung up. I couldn’t even beg him to call me back with news one way or the other. My stomach flipped and I couldn’t eat anymore. The last flight until six in the morning came in at 12:15 am and as the stragglers headed for baggage claim I turned to leave. Did I have to send him a fake ID? Did I have to charter a jet to go get him? Drive to New Orleans to pick him up?


    “MARK!” I heard. I swiveled and almost lost my balance. Dennis was handcuffed to a wheelchair and he looked like shit warmed over.


    “Can you identify this man?” the cop asked.


    “His name is Dennis Selikoff. Are handcuffs necessary?” I asked as I showed them pictures of Dennis and me together in New Orleans. The cop removed the handcuffs. The porter brought Dennis to my car. I handed him a $50 dollar bill for his service.


    “I had to get a photo copy of my driver’s license from the DMV in California. TSA still treated me like a criminal,” he said softly.


    I sat behind the wheel and started the car. Before I could put it in gear the tears began to flow and I wept. His hand gently touched my back and when we tried to hug the seatbelts wouldn’t let us. He started to laugh and I smiled through my tears. He kissed my forehead because that was all he could reach without being in pain. I released my belt and kissed him properly and tenderly.


    “I’d go through this all again to be here with you at this moment,” he said as he touched my face.


    “I should have just chartered a jet to go get you,” I said.


    “You wouldn’t do that!” he mocked.


    “I thought about it,” I admitted. I didn’t tell him I thought about it at 7pm last night and again at midnight when he didn’t show up.


    “You did too much…” he choked up.


    “I’d do it all again and more to have you here with me right now,” I said before I kissed him again. “Now to your new home,” I said as I clicked the seatbelt in place. I smiled and held his hand almost all the way home.




    Photo: HARDTRAINER01

  7. Little by little he’d take less than a quarter of an inch. After about a week some of the guys had mentioned something but they played it off like it was just a joke. None of them beleived that their dicks had actually gotten smaller. But their girlfriends had started the rumors. They had noticed that they didn’t feel as filled as they had been or that it wasn’t as long or thick. 

    They all were still well above average, and their audience didn’t complain. All three did cam shows online to make some extra cash, that’s where Freddy found them. He would steal a little bit each time they went into a private chat, all the while building his cock up. He tried stealing muscle, but he wasn’t able to. So he’d settled with steal dick size. 

    The muscle was such a harder spell to accomplish. It would just take too much effort to steal it all. But as he added more of their dick to his own he couldn’t help but start rubbing it. The three guys kept going but he could tell it was a little bit smaller. 

    Soon he began doing his own cam shows on a few sites. His dick looking above average for his body size, putting him on par with the other three men. He had a few private shows, but decided he needed to be bigger to make up for the lack of muscle. He stole more and more from the three captains everyday. 

    He could tell when they started to notice. Their confident demeanor wasn’t as genuine as it had been. Plus some of the other live chatters started to point it out. A dick that completely filled their hand now barely came over it. Most weren’t disappointed but the criticism was starting to get to them. They still had decent sized dicks but they knew it wasn’t the same.

    Meanwhile the fan base for Ready_Freddy was steadily growing, much like the size of his cock. He couldn’t hold it in one hand anymore. A few of his watchers were creeped out when he grinned evilly when someone commented on his size. Soon the captains ended having their live shows and their girlfriends slowly grew more distant. Freddy on the other hand, was bedding more guys every night. His cock was insatiable. 

    Guys loved seeing the challenge. Even if he wasn’t the most muscular or the most confident dom guys would come over just to be able to ride it. The chat started to take bets on whether or not they could actually take the thing. It was just so large it seemed inhuman. But none of them cared. they just wanted to see the ride.

    Freddy now preferred to free ball, and the captains noticed, but didn’t believe it was possible for someone to steal someone’s dick size. Instead the resigned themselves to the shame of having now tiny dicks, too embarrassed to even see a doctor about it. Ready_Freddy’s cams shows were one of the most popular for the “big cock” category. As he closed his latest session, he grinned and opened the spell book. He wanted to conquer the muscle category next. 


  8. Ultrabeef
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    This German guy is so hot and beefy!  I LOVE him!













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    Andrew’s gym used to be in the middle of a busy town, but as his strength grew, so did the problems. He was constantly having the gym upgraded with custom made equipment and heavier and heavier weights. Long abandoned ship yards soon found themselves coming back to life as the only places big enough to handle the kinds of iron he needed. The country was brought to a halt for three weeks as motorways had to be closed for a specially made truck that filled both carriageways at once made a painfully slow journey across the country to bring him a new dumbbell. Hooking it off the back of the truck with one finger, he announced that it was “fucking pathetic ” and tossed it over his shoulder like an empty coke can. That was over a year ago and air traffic is still grounded until it finally falls to earth.

    All that disruption was only the tip of the iceberg, and his gym and hardcore training made life a living hell for anyone living within a few miles. Nerves were shredded because no one ever knew just when he was going to drop the bar after a set. The loud metallic clanging temporarily deafening everyone, although that was the least of their worries. The constant banging of weights and him using machines that had more iron in them than a navy’s entire fleet caused constant shockwaves to go through the town. Driving was banned as there were so many accidents caused by cars getting bounced off the ground and careering out of control that it was far too dangerous. The trains weren’t any better, even if they could stay on the tracks, once he’d hooked his new 200megawatt stereo directly into the railway power grid with his bare hands, there wasn’t any juice left to power anything else. Houses became totally worthless, most were riddled with structural cracks and were never more than a few reps away from collapse. Insurance companies soon stopped paying out for repairs, saying it was an act of god. The town was on its knees. Schools were shut because staff couldn’t get in, businesses folded because supplies couldn’t get through. The local hospital, a 60’s concrete monstrosity collapsed into a cloud of dust half way through a really brutal leg session. Food meant a 15 mile walk to the nearest shop that could still get deliveries. Water was hit and miss. By the time he’d finished his latest bulk, Andrew couldn’t walk anywhere in town without the ground turning to mush, and the whole place was a mess of cracked water pipes and fractured sewer lines. Luckily there had been no gas supply for weeks. The truck delivering his new lifting straps fell through the road outside and broke the main supplying the town. When they told him they needed to shut the gym for a few days to fix it he simply pushed every single one of their vans, diggers, pneumatic drills into the hole and started to compact it down with his foot. To make his point he took off his trainer and made them watch as he moulded all their equipment into a solid mass of metal, oozing between his toes like it was some kind of thick liquid.


    In just a few short weeks the few people still in the town were in some kind of post apocalyptic world, scavenging around shattered buildings to find scraps to eat and hoping for clean water. The whole area was now a big exclusion zone. Anyone in there was on their own. If they managed to get out, all well and good, but no one was coming to help them. 


    In a bid to try and persuade him from wreaking havoc somewhere new, the government agreed to supply Andrew with everything he needed as long as he stayed in the exclusion zone. He was going do whatever the hell he wanted, but it suited him to let them think they were in charge for now. Once a week, regular supplies would be delivered, and if he needed anything more complex then all available resources would be switched to providing that as quickly as possible. Naturally, this was going to be a huge logistical nightmare. His vast muscles were so impossibly dense that he had to eat a supermarket worth of calories for every meal just to maintain, and he was all about the growth. He needed a big area to stack up the hundreds of container loads of food and supplements that he would get through. He had the whole town to choose from, there wasn’t much left worth saving, but feeling a need to show his total dominance over the town he destroyed, he chose to site it on the one building apart from the gym that was still standing.


    The medieval Church was a marvel of architecture and engineering, standing guard over the town for centuries, and a real tourist attraction in its own right. There was no real way that the authorities could protect it, but, amazingly, it has stood almost intact and they assumed Andrew would have no interest in it. Andrew barely touched the huge oak door and it smashed back into the wall and exploded into splinters. He never even knew it was locked. He walked in, surprised at the size, it would do nicely. He loved the sound of his huge footsteps, already cracking the floor, echoing around the vast building, sounding like a huge giant striding the earth wiping out entire civilisations. Very slowly he stuck out his incredible, veined arms by his side, and began to fill his lungs. His vast pecs swelled at his filled his lungs to capacity, and almost beyond until they just began to burn. The he let out a huge roar, probably the loudest sound ever heard on the planet. Priceless windows were instantly shattered, shards of glass raining down everywhere. Beautiful ceilings, painstakingly painted by artists hundreds of years ago cracked, and crumbled into tons of dust. The sheer power of his roar blowing all the dust out through the shattered windows and painting the whole town a kind of dirty great colour. Eyeing up a solid stone pillar, several feet thick, he pulled back his arm and obliterated it with a single punch. It probably took a hundred years to build and he was going to destroy it in minutes.


  10. Cover Image Source


    Hello again everyone! I decided that I would let Wednesday blog posts be reserved for my reviews of things tangential to this forum, such as Patreon pages, comics or muscle-focused adult sites/films, both paywalled and freely available. For now, of course, I don’t have a ton of ideas of specific things to review, so first things first I’m asking you to leave a comment for what you want a review on. I’m curious to see what you are curious to see, as it were.

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    This is a re-posting of something I wrote on Tumblr. Now that I’ve shut down that account I thought that I would share it here instead. Sorry it’s screenshots but I’ve had difficulty copying it over.






  11. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQYutU2NtZAtX7t3ymEaYO

    Here's a preview to the blog.....


    Comming soon........

  12. The following story ideas received the most votes in the poll which I posted on my Blog on Tuesday:

    1. A genie grants wishes and grows the muscles of a few guys in a college dorm - 10 votes
    2. An ordinary young guy becomes a superhero with amazing strength and muscle - 8 votes
    3. A scientist creates a clone from scratch and this guy becomes a popular, muscular college student -  8 votes
    4. A skinny guy comes in contact with an alien object and gains super strength - 8 votes
    5. A guy is bullied in school or college and seeks revenge after drinking a strength potion - 6 votes
    6. A muscle guy with super strength travels back in time and becomes friends with a college nerd - 5 votes
    7. A bullied young guy dies and is resurrected as a young bodybuilder - 3 votes

    THANK YOU to the 24 guys who voted in the poll!!!!!


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    I have struggled with my thoughts and feelings since I realized I was gay. I was 41 and scared out of my mind. I was certain I would be sucked to hell at any moment. Being Catholic homosexuality is a no-no. So I come at being gay with a different perspective. I do not force my beliefs in anyone's face but I still have them.

    Coming from a Christian background I find the idea of sex daunting. I do not disregard anyone else's enjoyment of it but I hope they do it safely. My mind is always thinking;  sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly. I often feel I don't fit well enough in either the Gay or Christian cultures. I am an enigma swaddled in doubt and emotion. I may go on with this in more detail one day. Suffice it to say I am always thinking. Some have said I think too much and they have a point. My brain never stops thinking which gives me access to empathy and understanding. It also opens a floodgate of doubt and anxiety.

    So there is always something on my mind even if it is not in my conscious mind. It is rather like a program running in the background on your computer that will suddenly report things. I have tried to adapt to society but I believe I have failed. This is not necessarily a bad thing.  I was a bit of a uninhibited kid, outside of school, until I was around age 8. That was when the bullying began and I tried to be adjust to the new reality. No matter what i did I was harassed. I was harassed for my name, clothes, academic abilities, being a goody two shoes/boyscout type, and for many more things. The abuse continued until the end of high school.

    That combined with more abuse at home combined to make me a person with low self esteem.  Because of this I am constantly critical of myself.  My standards for myself are exceedingly high so I generally fall short of what I deem to be "the best I can do."  Being a good person is what I am 'supposed to be" so I downplay compliments and praise.  You don't reward someone for doing what they should. This is mostly because of my parents but that is a separate issue.

    So with this understand of my history I hope you can understand the doubts I have about writing gay fiction. I must attest to questioning my desire to write gay erotica nearly every day. Unfortunately the Tumblr purge has me thinking even more. Is there a point to writing what I do when the world seems against me? Am I leading others down a dark path by feeding their lusts?  I have wanted to tell people about how I feel for a long time but I have been afraid. Afraid of more criticism that I have experienced in my past. I hate hiding things from my friends so I am trying to be as honest as possible now.  

    I'm really not sure why I am telling you this. I have been a very private person for most of my life. As I have matured I became more open.  I tell people a lot about myself to avoid masking who I am yet I still worry about expressing thoughts that may contrast with the accepted views of a community.  in other words I don't discuss my desire for a male partner in front of most Christian/Catholic friends and I don't discuss my views on religion with most gay men.

    To be clear: I DO NOT do this to be politically correct.

    I do this to avoid being a rude douchebag as I was in my 20s. To be fair I was in a lot of mental and emotional pain back then but I was told by a close friend that being rude to others is not justifiable in spite of suffering. He was right of course and over the years I got better at being pleasant company. I do not consider this being fake because if asked I will say how I feel but I try to not immediately dump my emotional baggage into a conversation. I suppose posting this may seem like vanity.

    I just wanted to let people know that we all have doubts and insecurities and that it is okay to be worried, doubtful, or uneasy. I write this to remind people of the gray areas in thinking where you don't have to be 100 percent for or against something.These days American society is polarized like I have never seen before in my lifetime. It is a balancing act for me. "Being Gay and Christian is like dipping one foot in the Atlantic Ocean and one in the Pacific. You can do it but you have to be very flexible." Peace, CF  

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