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Regarding Discussion About Recent Events

This announcement is no longer active


The administration team has posted an announcement detailing everything that happened.  All questions have been answered.  Any further discussion or mention about the content that was deleted can and will be subject to removal and potentially a ban if the poster insists on attempting to continue discussion.

The section that was deleted is gone, and it is not coming back.  There is no further reason to discuss it.  I don't want to be the bad guy here, but this is to protect these forums.  Again, this conflict is what sunk the previous forums.  Please move on from this, and just do not mention it any further.  We are here for muscle, not drama.

While Unfiltered content is now banned, lingering Unfiltered content has been grandfathered in. That's not to say they are still allowed to stay, but no users will be punished for posting them prior to the rule change. If you see any content that could be defined as Unfiltered that has remained, please report it immediately and let staff deal with it.

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