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    1. This is posted a few days late due to computer issues. The third part, The Power of Sweat, will still be posted later this week.


      Chapter 3 - The Growth Spurt



      Daniel is a teenager getting ready to focus on his college plans. His grades are so good that he earned a scholarship to a great university. He has never really focused his energy on the way he looks, but his classmates have let him know has small he is quite often. At only 5'5 and 120 pounds, he looks slightly out of place among his senior class. The reason could be due to the fact that he never went through puberty. He has no facial hair and his body hair is practically invisible. His parents always tell him that it will happen when he least expects it. They want him to be careful when he is out in public. He finds this quite amusing, but he always felt they were partially right. He has female friends, but they don't see him as a suitable mate, rather just a guy they can talk to about their problems in their lives. He has never had a sexual preference for either sex, but wouldn't mind dating either sex.


      His male buddies kid him all the time about his boyish looks and how his muscles look like they belong on a 10-year old. He has two really close friends that could not be more different. One of them, Anderson, is small like him and has dated him occasionally. He actually likes Daniel a lot, but he doesn't see him as a match since he likes bigger men. His other buddy, Vance, is a tank that befriended him when he bailed him out of a fight in elementary school. They both have hung out quite a bit in the last few years and have even had sleepovers in his backyard. He is very open with Daniel and has let him put his arms around his body when Daniel sleeps. This never connected with him before, but it is possible that he really likes Daniel. He is biracial and understands what Daniel has been going through more than he realizes. He too was picked on because of his differences when he was younger before he bulked up and took a stand against his bullies.


      Daniel invites his two good friends to a campsite the weekend before you all graduate to just enjoy their last days together. As all three of them are setting up their tents, Daniel feels really dizzy and has to go sit down somewhere. Vance sees how he his feeling and picks him up in his arms to carry him over to the riverbank beside the campsite. He sees that Daniel is about to go through some kind of change, but he doesn't want to tell him. He watches him closely to see if he is going to pass out or not. Anderson watches both guys as he continues to put up the tents and yells at Vance every once in a while to know how Daniel is doing. He lays him down and unbuttons his shirt because he sees how much Daniel is sweating now. He reassures him that he is there for him no matter what happens. Daniel can feel excruciating pain running up his legs and into his chest.


      Vance hears something pop as he watches his buddy’s legs lengthen their way towards the river. His eyes grow huge when he sees this as he also feels Daniel’s thighs getting thicker and stretching the fabric in his jeans. He notices the denim starting to fray as body hair emerges through the gaps. He looks down and witnesses his feet tearing through his boots as he starts to thrash about. Vance is now mesmerized by his transformation. With Daniel’s shirt still open, he sees his waist thicken as cords of muscle begin appearing in his midsection. Vance places his hands on Daniel’s growing chest and feels the pecs blowing up into giant mounds as his abs begin popping out from within. More cracking is heard as his back starts to reshape making room for more growth. It hurts exponentially, but Vance is noticing that Daniel is beyond the pain now.


      He sees lats growing from behind his back and they are pulling the shirt away from his body. Daniel’s back is growing so much that Vance can feel him actually being lifted from the ground by it. Now his arms are starting to vibrate uncontrollably. His skinny arms he had inside his shirt are now exploding in size, getting huge and powerful. He sees Daniel’s forearms shred the shirt as his growing biceps blow through the sleeves. Now his shoulders are ripping through the top of the shirt and Daniel’s neck widens leading to his voice changing. He hears his moans change to deep groans and growls. While his face still looks the same, his body hair has dramatically thickened as a black forest begins to grow all over his body. He caresses Daniel’s body hair as he goes in to kiss him. As he approaches the newly mature Daniel’s face, he watches in delight as a nice coating of hair has appeared on his face.


      The growing teen is spent from the growth, but Vance's kiss ignites fireworks between the two of them. Anderson missed the whole sequence, but he will soon know how it resulted. The pants Daniel is wearing are so dangerously tight that they are cutting off the circulation to his legs. To relieve the pressure, he flexes his new quads as the pant seams explode. He easily rips them off and to show off his beautifully hairy legs. Vance smiles as he turns him on so much. He tries to pick Daniel up, but he is now over 6' tall and Vance is 6'2. He kisses him passionately again and wants to make love to him. The underwear he is wearing amazingly is still intact, but his cock has slightly grown too. He has to adjust it to where his cock sits on the side instead of in the upright position. Vance starts rubbing it with loving caresses and holds him with his other hand.


      He looks Daniel straight into his green eyes and admits that he was aware of him impending change and wanted to wait until the time was right to make his move. He pulls his engorged cock out of his underwear and leans down to kiss the huge cockhead. He licks it with his tongue and then spits a small amount of saliva onto it making it nice and wet. Daniel feels his mouth go down on the shaft and slowly starts moving up and down on it getting a nice rhythm going. He moans incessantly as Vance gets him close to the edge and keeps stopping over and over again. This makes him want to go deeper inside Vance’s mouth. This prompts Daniel to start growing again as his ass rips the seams of his underwear. The eager sucker grabs the hair thickening up on his ass and starts to finger his hole. He can feel something from within Daniel that may cause another growth spurt and decides to pull his cock out of his mouth.


      He starts jerking him to the point that he can't hold back any more and erupts. His thick white fountain splashes Vance in the face as he starts gripping the ground. He smiles as Daniel’s back begins to get longer again. His muscles are getting so big and thick that his body hair now looks thinner. He scoops up some of Daniel’s cum and starts to rub it into his body beginning with the pecs and arms. The growing teen moans as it appears to be working. The hair thickens back up again and coats all of his muscles more than before. Vance gulps down Daniel’s growing cock and swallows the jizz that is still flowing out of him. He rubs his buddies head and wants to kiss him again. Daniel pulls Vance away from his cock long enough to drizzle some of his cum onto his tongue to share a wet kiss. He swallows the tasty cum and watches as his abs thicken up and widen. Vance rubs his bigger muscles and wants him to grow even bigger. At 6'6, he is not sure how much more Daniel wants. The two studly teens can now hear Anderson yelling back as he can see what has happened.


      He races over and feels how powerful Daniel’s body has become. He hasn't always been as open about his feelings for Daniel as Vance has, but he obviously likes what he sees since he has his hand in his pants. He sits down beside the two big teens and watches the two of them start to go further. Vance is taking his clothes off now so he can sit on top of Daniel’s thick cock. He bounces up and down on him wanting to feel him erupt inside his body so he can possibly have his own growth spurt. He is now about four inches taller than Vance and about 50 pounds bigger too so he can move him around with ease now. As they get into the doggy style position, Daniel is able to get all the way in and go to town on him. He yells in pleasure as the now aggressive top is hitting his prostate and milking him. Anderson moves down to get underneath so he can catch Vance’s spunk into his mouth. Daniel can feel how close he is now so he doesn’t hold back anymore. He shoots massive jets of cum into his eager bottom’s belly and shutters at the extraordinary feeling. Vance yells in ecstasy as he explodes straight into Anderson’s waiting mouth. Without much effort, Anderson sprays his spunk all over Vance’s big feet. The three horny teens fall over on the riverbank completely spent from the sexcapade that just occurred.


      Chapter 4 - The Stranger in the Woods



      Daniel’s growth cycle appears to be over as he reaches over to give Vance a huge kiss on his lips. With Anderson consuming Vance’s cum, the relationship between the three guys may have now changed forever. Vance’s confession that he cares a great deal about Daniel could lead to something more long term. After about thirty minutes, the three teens get up and start to clean up the campsite. Both Anderson and Vance are able to put their clothes back on, but Daniel’s dramatic transformation creates a really large problem, he cannot wear anything in his present condition.


      It is after a little bit of thinking that Daniel’s friends decide to use one of the tents as a way of covering him up since there is nothing else available. He laughs but agrees to try it out. Luckily his massive frame is able to fit completely inside the material as they tie a few ropes around his waist. His cock forms a huge bulge to the side of his leg but at least it is concealed. They now wonder if Daniel could even fit in the van that they brought with them on the trip. He tells them to not worry and that he can just tail them on the way back to the city since he knows the path there.


      Anderson and Vance think it is a crazy idea but they go along with it. They tell him they will see him a little later and drive off leaving him on his own. As he begins to leave the campsite, he realizes that he has no way of communicating with them if he has some kind of problem. He feels a little scared, but knows that his size should deter about anyone that approaches him. He makes it to the end of the country road that led to the campsite when he hears a voice getting closer. He looks around bewildered and starts to walk again.


      The voice draws even closer than before. He stops moving to wait and see if this person or thing will continue to follow him. He goes to turn his head as he comes face to face with an olive skinned man with a thick beard. He smiles as he pushes Daniel down on the ground. He tries punching the man, but he is unable to do much to him as the man pulls open the tent that was covering Daniel and plunges his thick cock inside him. The young hulk barely resists as the giant olive stud starts fucking him hard moving faster with each thrust. Before long, the intruder busts a huge load inside him and yells in ecstasy.


      Daniel punches him which makes him grab his face with his thick hands. He manages to push the giant stud off of him, but not before he is dragged back over to him. The man laughs as he pulls Daniel down to the ground to face him.




      The man grabs a hold of Daniel’s cock and starts stroking hard making him squirm. His strength is making the young hulk agonize as he feels a giant load building up inside him. The man smiles and knows he won’t have to wait too longer for his reward. He strokes faster as he feels the cum flowing from Daniel’s balls into his cock. He opens his mouth to catch the thick goo as it shoots directly into his throat. The young victim moans as he fills his attacker full of his juices.




      He lets go of Daniel’s cock as he falls over on to his back. The young victim appears to be rearing to leave again, but the huge Hispanic-looking man stops him yet again.


      ‘Going somewhere man! I don’t think so, you are going to stay here and keep me company.’


      ‘What do you want from me? I am just trying to get home.’


      ‘I doubt you will go anywhere near the city man. There are a lot of crazy people there. Trust me, that is how I ended up like this.’


      Daniel stares at him intensely as he says this and wonders what exactly happened to this man. He starts to ask him a few questions.


      ‘So how did you get so massive?’


      The man smiles at him. ‘How old are you anyway man? I’m 20 and let me tell you, I never thought I would be in this body for my entire life. My dream came true though and now I am a colossus of muscle.’


      ‘I’m 18. I just graduated from high school actually. Wow you are 20? I would have guessed a bit older.’


      The man glares at him for a few moments and then winks.


      ‘My name is Gavin in case you wanted to know. Of course I know you don’t give a shit, but I told you anyway.’


      ‘My name is Daniel. I sort of hit puberty late since this just happened yesterday.’


      ‘OHH I see. Well mine wasn’t puberty, it was caused by a chemical I ingested a few days ago. I sort of wish I had stayed where it happened now because I am wondering what the man I was with is up to.’


      ‘There is someone else like you?’


      ‘Well yes actually, I fucked him hard like you and he changed. I doubt that it will affect you since you have a different problem hehe.’


      Daniel and Gavin talk for several more minutes before they decide that maybe they should lay low for awhile.


      ‘Damn my friends are probably waiting for me in the city. What should I do Gavin?’


      ‘Forget it man, if they come back here they are making a mistake because you are better off being away from them.’


      ‘I care a great deal about one of them though. I can’t just forget about him.’


      ‘Daniel, I have the same problem too, but I know it is for the best if I stay away from him.’


      They share some more stories about their lovers before Gavin recommends that they keep moving along. He shares some food with Daniel that he made when he was scavenging over the past few days. He tells the young hulk that they will have to constantly eat to maintain their energy and frankly their minds. Since Gavin is a bit bigger than his younger counterpart, he agrees that he will hunt for more food if Daniel can build a shelter for them for the night.


      He agrees and Gavin disappears for a bit. Daniel gets to work on building the shelter as he breaks down a bunch of huge branches and finds things to tie them together with. He hasn’t really done much of this before even though he remembers a few things from Boy Scouts. As the sun goes down, Daniel manages to put the shelter together in a decent fashion. He hears huge footsteps and hopes that it is Gavin and nobody else. He can feel whatever it is breathing on him as he turns around.


      To his surprise, it is a giant brown bear standing on its back legs. Before he can make a sound, his older companion comes out of nowhere and breaks the bear’s neck like it is nothing. Gavin smiles really big and says point blank, ‘WE HAVE DINNER!’ Then he remarks how Daniel didn’t make a fire, but laughs. After finding an appropriate spot, Daniel starts the fire up as Gavin carves up the bear into segments. He asks if his young buddy has anything to cook with and he shakes his shoulders.


      Gavin disappears for a few minutes and comes back with a giant metal tub. Daniel gives him a strange look and then asks where he got that from. The older hulk laughs and says somewhere close by and plants the tub close to the fire. He tells Daniel to build him a shelf so he can put the tub on it.


      ‘Who am I, Mr. Handyman?’


      ‘You seem to be doing fine to me man. Get to it Daniel!’


      Daniel finds some stray branches and manages to tie them together enough that they can surround the fire. Gavin sits the tub in the middle as it heats up. He throws massive amounts of bear meat into it and watches it cook up. The two hulks marvel at how delicious it looks as it cooks. Gavin decides to take some of the meat out to let it bake in the sun the next morning since he plans on moving on to another destination in a day or two. As the sun disappears from the sky, the two huge men chow down on the cooked meat in some makeshift bowls that Daniel made out of some scrap wood. It doesn’t take long for them to finish eating to go lay down in their shelter.


      Gavin remarks at how well-constructed it is and then turns to look at Daniel and winks. The younger hulk blushes a bit as he begins to realize that he is warming up to this strange man laying with him. They both have things in common it seems and yet they are so incredibly different.  Daniel is still thinking that Anderson and Vance will probably come looking for him possibly as early as the next day since he did promise that he would follow behind them. Gavin again tells him that he needs to just move along because going back to the city is not a wise decision at this point because of his size.


      He explains how he became who he is to Daniel and how he volunteered for a secret project with a doctor that he refers to as Raines. Originally he was a bit scared about it since at that point in time he was quite shy. Once the chemical entered into his body though, something ferocious was unleashed from inside and he became who he is now. Daniel is intrigued by his story and talks about his late puberty. Gavin moves in closer as he tells his story and rubs his face a little. He can tell that the young hulk is very close to dosing off so he leans him against his chest. After a few minutes, they both doze off as neither one of them knows what will happen next.

    2. image.png.68f98586e0839cafe63ec641e0c041c3.png

      The Unexpected


      I got an unexpected call from Ed. We were in college together but traveled in different circles. There were three places we interacted, the dorm, class, and the gym. Ed wasn’t bad looking but he was a bit strange. He was one of those people who want to be your friend so he can says he’s friends with a gay guy, yet if you touched him or draped your arm over his shoulder he would jump. Maybe he thought that touching would turn him gay.


      I heard from a friend of a friend that he got married and he had a great job somewhere up north and frankly I never expected to hear from him ever again so when he called I thought it was a wrong number. He kept me on the phone long enough for me to make the mental connection and then I waited to see what he really wanted. After a few minutes the truth came out.  His wife was at a spa weekend with some bridesmaids and he was the only male that didn’t back out at the last minute so he needed to escape.


      He was far enough away to need to spend the night and I just assumed he would get a hotel room. He assumed that he didn’t need a hotel room if he took me out to supper. It was typical. We were never on the same wavelength. I sent him directions to the condo which was like a second home at the beach. I kept it for the snowbird relatives that came to visit and also did some vacation rentals to pay the taxes and fees. I usually broke even or made a few hundred dollars a year. I used it now and then to just get away. It was set up for rentals so there was a management company that handled the bookings and the cleaning. I had an owner’s closet so I could drive over on a whim and spend the night as long as it wasn’t rented. The owner’s area was a large walk-in closet where I kept clothes, some better sheets, and the liquor. I even had a refrigerator to keep beer ice cold… just above freezing.


      If Ed was still the same nerd weirdo I could always leave him there and go home. He would be at the condo by noon so I setup an alarm using a special ringtone for 3pm if I needed to ditch him. If everything was cool I would claim the call was a telemarketer.


      So I arrived and parked only to see Ed leaning up against a tree. He was shirtless and he had on some weird geometric compressions shorts. His left arm sported a couple of tats but damn he had a killer physique. I was still sitting in my car when he grabbed the waistband and made a cock adjustment. I stood by the car and called to him but he was so focused on a couple that was walking on the sand he didn’t hear me. He pulled on a shirt as I walked toward him.


      “Hey Ed,” I said with extended hand. Fuck, the closer I got the bigger he looked. “I left my car running to keep it cool. Should we get some lunch?”


      Sitting across the table I could see his face still hadn’t lost his naïve look but he was confident and well spoken if not somewhat assertive to the waiter. I couldn’t figure him out. We caught up on old news and although I didn’t tell him that I inherited money from a lover I did explain that I was an investor and was living off the profits before I invited him up to the condo.


      “Oh man,” he groaned before he whistled.  It was an expected and common response to entering the corner of the building double condo for the first time. Looking straight out from the door there was nothing but blue water and as you looked right you could see the town. Walking out on the wide balcony you could see the wide beach and get a little more perspective. That view was the reason I was holding on to the property; that and the premium rental income I was getting for that view.


      “Did you get a place or will you be staying here?” I chuckled as I handed him a beer. That was his sixth whereas the beer in my hand was my second.


      “Man, if I did I’d cancel and stay here,” he said. It answered my question about him making a reservation. “I was gonna grab a room at the Hampton Inn. Are you serious about me staying here?”


      “It wouldn’t be a problem,” I chuckled as my phone rang. It was the alarm. I had a conversation with the fictitious person on the phone that put serious doubt in Ed’s mind that I would be staying. I rolled my eyes. “A party that I didn’t promise to attend,” I said by way of explanation. “I helped them with an investment and now they want to show me off to their friends. Their friends will all want free advice too.”


      “You do that too?” Ed chuckled.


      “I ought to go and hand out business cards while telling them to make an appointment and tell them… oh by the way I charge a hefty fee for advice plus ten percent of the profits you make,” I smiled. Ed’s face fell. I could see he wanted a few free stock pick tips too.


      We watched the sunset and Ed stumbled to the bathroom a couple times and this last time from processing beer number fourteen. When he didn’t come back I went searching. I smelled the shower gel and the shower steam. Ed was on the bed.


      “Who’s there?” he asked as I settled on the bed behind his naked body.


      “Only me Ed. Alright?” I replied.


      I was naked and breathing right next to his face. Then my tongue licked his neck.


      “I’m not gay.” Ed said.


      “Oh yes you are. I know you are. Everyone knows,” I whispered.


      “You can’t prove it,” he objected. I began to stroke his hard muscular body and he couldn’t help but moan when I stroked his cock.


      “Oh you like that?” I inquired.


      “Yes, fuck, yes,” he moaned as I pressed my physique against his back. “Fuck, I thought your body was huge in college,” he said. “I thought you would be impressed by the physique I built but I still feel so inadequate around you. Your body is bigger and perfect!”


      “What are you saying Ed?” I chuckled.


      “I’m not gay! I have sex every night with my wife.”


      “So I should go away,” I asked flatly and rolled to my back. He grabbed my wrist to stop me from leaving the bed and was soon on his knees looking down at me with admiration and awe. His six inch cock was rock hard and damp at the tip. “Not gay but bisexual,” I said like a potential lover. He didn’t answer and he didn’t object when I pulled him on top of me.


      I could feel him thrust his hard cock against mine and without looking up at me he began twirling his tongue around my nipples. His tongue was relentless and his teeth gently nipped. This wasn’t his first rodeo. I raised his head and looked in his eyes before I kissed him. He definitely was a good kisser and not the first time he kissed a man. Then, I flipped him on his back and I was on top now. I began licking his nipples. I licked his pecs and abs all the way down to the root of his cock while avoiding his shaft as much as possible. Licking his balls, now that is a huge turn-on for him. I loved it.


      His hands had never stopped worshiping my huge muscles and even licking below his balls he was massaging my traps and upper back. I moved back over his body and thrust against his cock. He began to kiss my neck as his hands explored. I returned the favor nipping and biting his neck and earlobe.


      “Holy fuck, I can’t tell you how turned on I am,” he whispered. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it. He groaned as I rubbed my cock against his.


      I knelt between his legs as I lifted his legs onto my shoulders. I bent and stuck my wet tongue into his tight asshole. I smiled to myself because he was as clean as a whistle. He had not only showered he used the shower attachment on his tunnel. It was amazing. I pushed it in and twirled my tongue around to really get his ass wet.


      He kept moaning and telling me nobody had ever done it like that as I kept shoving my tongue in farther and farther. I reached for his dick and began stroking it. While I was rubbing it, he moaned and he sounded like he might cum. I rolled off of him and he went down for my dick. He straddled me 69 style and lowered his hips so I would suck his dick.


      I began licking at the bottom of his shaft all the way the head of his dick. I swirled my tongue around the head until I could feel him twitching from the building orgasm. Then I put his whole cock in my mouth and when it hit the back of my throat and I heard him moan even louder. I moved up and down several times pushing his cock to my throat, just to pleasure him.


      “I can’t take it anymore!” Ed panted as he rolled to his back. I guess it must have been a form of edging for him.


      “Are you sure?” I asked seductively. I got up and hovered over his body. I began kissing him and he shoved his tongue into my mouth while he clawed my back. I got some lube and I began sticking my fingers in his ass one-by-one until he was sufficiently stretched. I began to rub my cock in his ass crack. His expression of fear told me he could feel the head of my cock touch his tight hole but no man had gone there before.


      “I think it’s too big,” he said as he held my hips and bit his lip.


      “You want to ride?” I asked as I put my head on the pillows. If he wanted to be fucked he would have to fuck himself. “It is easier if you have control,” I said softly. He sat up and looked me over. His cock seemed to get a little harder as he wrestled internally with something he wanted since college. He put his legs on either side of my hips and began to squat. I could feel the tip of my cock touching his tight hole. He lifted and I added more lube. He rubbed my cock against his hole but he waited for a second to do anything more because he was scared.


      “I’ve never had anything that huge in my ass before,” he softly said to himself. Then, I felt his hole spreading to let me in.


      When it felt like he was lifting off I thrust my whole cock up into his ass. He let out a scream it hurt so much, but I was moaning in ecstasy. After a couple of minutes his ass relaxed and I could see it didn’t hurt at all. I lifted my hips and smiled.


      “Hold still or pull out,” he said as he lightly punched my pecs with both fists. He felt like he was trying to lift off a bit. Every time my cock moved inside his ass he winced because it hurt.


      I pulled his body down until we were chest to chest and nibbled on his neck again. He moaned and relaxed so I assumed really was enjoying this kind of physical contact. I didn’t thrust again but it felt like his insides were adjusting or untwisting. His ass ring relaxed slightly. I began to slowly thrust and he began to moan because it really did feel good. Before long I was fucking him so fast it felt like I was going to cum.


      Without warning I lifted him to pull my cock out of his ass. I flipped him on his back, lifted his legs, and shoved my cock back in until I hit bottom. I moved my hips in a circular motion and his eyes bugged out. I pulled completely out and thrust my cock back in hard. As I continued the rough thrusting and pounding he totally submitted to me. His moans and body language told me he was about to cum.


      “I’m gonna cum! Aghh!” he began to scream. I fucked him harder and harder so I could seed his ass.


      “Iiiiaaaeee Yeah!” I yelled as I filled his tunnel with cum. After we caught our breath we showered and crawled between the sheets. I spooned him as we fell asleep. I felt the bed move and I heard him getting rid of more recycled beer. I stood behind him as he finished and I rubbed against his body as I hugged him.


      “I never expected…”


      “But you fantasized, didn’t you?” I said in his ear. I reached down and his now drained cock was getting hard.


      “Thousands of times,” he admitted. He washed his hands as I took his place at the toilet. He came up and rested his hard cock in my ass crack. He chuckled when I pushed back and then he walked back to the bedroom with his hard cock waving in the wind. He was just about to pull the sheet up when I straddled his hips. He moaned as I lubed his dick.


      “Do you want a ride too?” he asked.


      “Fuck yes,” I smiled.  


      “I love it,” he gasped biting his lip. I watched his face as his cock spread my ass. This had to be another first. “Fuck yeah,” he whispered. I could feel his body trembling. I pulled off and rolled to my back.


      “Come fuck me,” I gasped. He jumped at the chance and soon he began to fuck me faster and harder. He was fucking so hard our sweat soaked skin slapped. 


      “I’m fucking cumming!” Ed moaned as he collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around him because I knew what was coming next.


      “Anything left for me Senior Tom?” his deep booming voice asked from the door.


      “Ed this is Javier my friend, companion, and sometimes lover. I felt Ed’s body jump in terror but I had him firmly in my grip. I felt the bed move and I knew what Javier was going to do.


      The Unexpected Part 2


      I had him firmly in my grip. I felt the bed move and I knew what Javier was going to do.



      I never expected…

      As told by Ed.


      The most I ever expected to do was to buy him lunch and spend thirty minutes alone with Tom. In college Tom was the stud to know. He was a high school football star that really didn’t like playing football so he refused to join the team in college. It turned out he was only on the high school football team so he could use the weight room at school. Damn! He had a great body. We were in the same dorm building but I was one floor down. I had friends upstairs so I had a reason to be up there. Then one day I saw Tom in the hall in some skimpy workout shorts. Once again Damn! I had a few classes with him but I tried to sit in front of him rather than behind him because I would zone out and miss the whole class while I was watching his body.


      My wife was asked to be the Matron of Honor in a wedding and the bridesmaids wanted to have a spa weekend. I tried to organize the guys but all the guys backed out at the last minute just as I expected. I knew Tom lived nearby so I chanced giving him a call. Like I said I felt like I would be lucky if he met me for lunch.


      I had been working my ass off in the gym for years and I thought I was looking good. I got there early so I could set up where and how he would see me. Then I saw Tom and I couldn’t get my shirt on fast enough. We went to lunch and then he invited me up to the condo. I was so nervous I was slamming down beers one after the other until I nearly passed out. I thought a cold shower would help and while in the shower I think I drank a gallon of water.


      The next thing I knew I was having sex with Tom. Damn! A couple hours later I was riding his cock to orgasm when in walked his friend. I felt exposed, naked, alone, and outed. I was actually scared shitless. First of all the guy was massive and exuded sex. He looked like a gangster. He looked like a greaser. I was afraid for my life and at the same time I was excited. The first thing out of his mouth was that he wanted to fuck.



      The fact that Javier was so clearly a dominant alpha male made my tight asshole twitch in anticipation. At the same time my cock was shrinking and I wanted to be swallowed by the bed. Then as he walked in he stripped off a sweatshirt. Holy shit! I realized very quickly that this guy had complete and utter control over me. He was stronger and bigger than Tom and could easily do whatever he wanted. Normally this would scare the hell out of me but in fact it only made me more horny or is that hornier. The size of his muscles and his aggressive nature made my cock harden again. I saw Javier grinning at the realization that he had caught us in the act.



      “Strip,” Tom ordered. Javier had already pushed his sweat pants off his ass but he sat and gave Tom a look. He stood and stripped naked and then he walked over to the bed and looked down at me


      “Suck me slut,” Javier ordered.


      As soon as the words left his lips, I knew what to do. I grabbed his cock and put it to my lips. It was much bigger than I anticipated. I licked and rubbed his cock until it was so hard it slapped his abs when his rock hard 8.5 inch cock sprang free from my grip. There it was; a super cock waiting for worship, for sucking, for pleasure. He bent forward and kissed Tom and I put the head of his dick into my mouth and began licking the tip with my tongue. Javier moaned, and I could taste the salty pre-cum leaking from his shaft. Without warning he quickly got on the bed behind Tom to make out with him. I was a little disappointed because I thought he was going to face fuck me.


      “Take this fat cock,” he yelled as he forced his cock into Tom’s slimy ass right against my cock.

      Tom gasped. I was in ecstasy. His massive dick sliding against mine made me feel inadequate yet my dick felt like it was harder than ever. I couldn’t believe how much I loved it. I could tell he was about to cum. Then suddenly he pulled out and Tom moved aside. My raging dick pulsated as it pulled free of Tom’s ass. The huge muscular hulk was hovering over me.


      “Get on your hands and knees and face away from me now. I’m going to fuck you from behind,” Javier ordered.


      I got on all fours and turned away from him. He crawled up behind me. He put his hands on my hips and started grinding my ass with his wet cock. I realized the cum he was using as lube was mine.


      “Gonna fuck this ass,” he said to Tom. This was the moment I had fantasized about for years.


       “Hope you don’t mind,” he added with a chuckle. I didn’t know if he was talking to Tom or me.


      “No,” we both said at the same time.


      My hole ached with desire as he prepared to enter me. I pushed back into him loving the sensation of his warm incredible cock pressing against my ass. I was on the verge of cumming just from the anticipation. He sat back on his heels as he slathered his cock in lube and began to finger my hole. It was pure bliss.


      “You ready to take my cock? You know you’re going to take my cock. I’m going to slap my balls against your ass.” He said as his dick began stretching my hole, I lost all control and blew a load of cum. All Javier did was laugh as he continued to force his dick inside me. If this wasn’t heaven, I don’t know what is. We got into a rhythm and his balls were slapping my ass over and over again. He grabbed onto my hips as he vigorously pounded away.


      “Oh yes! Fuck me harder Javier!” I screamed with lust. I could feel every inch of his cock pounding away. Even though I had already cum, my cock was rock hard. He pulled out and then shoved in hard. I thought he was cumming.


      “Move,” he growled. I got out of the way and he got onto his back. I couldn’t believe it was my turn to ride him to his climax. 


      I straddled Javier, grabbed his cock, and held it upright. I didn’t take my time. I didn’t ease him in. I simply sat down. My ass was so stretched and ready that his cock filled me with one effortless motion. He took my hips and made me start gyrating. I moaned and twitched in pure ecstasy as his cock rubbed my prostate. He thrust up into me a couple times and then he pulled me down for a kiss. While I was distracted Tom moved into position and eased his cock in next to Javier’s huge tool.


      “Noooooo hurts,” I yelled but he was relentless. They alternated their thrusting and eventually Tom filled me with more cum. Feeling Tom cum, Javier let loose. The feeling of those massive loads of warm cum filling my ass was more than I could take. My cum shot all over Javier’s massive pecs. I didn’t think there was any cum left in me but there it was; several ropes of cum.


      “Lick Javier’s pecs clean and give him some… mouth to mouth,” Tom whispered in my ear. I did as he said and Javier shot another load of cum in my ass without thrusting or fucking me. The three of us enjoyed the afterglow on the bed before we jumped into the shower.


      I don’t know how many times I was fucked over that four day weekend.


      We boarded the cruise for the destination wedding and the whole thing was anti-climactic at least for me. For the next couple months I could get hard at the drop of a hat and I fucked the hell out of my wife like we were newlyweds. I made great strides in the gym and surpassed my goals for size and definition. I did some soul-searching and admitted to myself that I was a true bisexual.


      Because I was too well known I couldn’t chance going local. I reached a plateau at the gym and things are beginning to slow down in bed so I thought that maybe it was time for another weekend with Javier and Tom for a few more natural testosterone injections.


      Speaking to Tom I could almost hear the smile in his voice. “Javier wants you to meet big blond Erik direct from Scandinavia. Of course I’ll be there too,” he chuckled. “The condo isn’t rented for the next two weeks!”


      I groaned just thinking about being fucked day and night for that long.


      “I’ll get back to you with my itinerary Tom.”


      I adjusted my hard cock and the friction almost made me cum. I needed it bad!


    3. Pops.jpg

      “You’ll be training with Pops.  He’s one of our best.  We call him that because he’s probably the oldest guy working here, but mainly we do it because he’s the biggest,” said my new boss as he took me through the massive workshop. 


      I liked the sound of that – the biggest. Of course, he could have been talking about the guy’s waist size – which wouldn’t have bothered me – but something in the way my boss spoke reverently and respectfully told me Pops must be really tall.  Man, how I loved giant guys.  We walked around one of the rows of many machines and I quickly noticed my mistake.  I was instantly reminded of the sides of beef that hung from hooks in my uncle’s butcher shop back in my hometown.  It sometimes took two guys to carry just one of those big things.  Pops had sides of beef hanging down from his neck – highlighted beautifully by the fact that he sported a sleeveless green shirt.  I could have been standing at the other end of the huge expansive workspace and could have easily picked out the guy.  He was definitely the biggest man around.  His muscles had a light sheen to them as he worked the big machine and I immediately thanked the gods for making this a warm day.  When my boss called out his nickname and the guy turned to me I almost melted into a puddle of helpless mush.  The man’s butch, half-smile lit up the room the same way a spotlight can illuminate an actor on stage.  His raised eyebrow immediately told me he figured out I was his new trainee.  I could feel him sizing me up in the seconds it took for us to reach him.  He showed no sign of approval or disdain – a slight upturn of one side of his mouth was all I got.  My new boss introduced me and when Pops took my hand it felt like I had slammed my fingers in a truck door.  I forced myself to not scream in pain and tried unsuccessfully to squeeze back equally as hard.  He clearly felt nothing.  Again, I detected Pops making decisions about me based solely on my handshake.


      “Well, I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Pops.  Come by my office at the end of the day.”


      “Thank you, sir,” I said, nodding, and Pops laughed at my choice of words – I immediately got the feeling that Pops was the only one in this place that usually received such respect.


      “Know anything about these machines, kid?” Pops asked and I was immediately offended by his choice of words – but also slightly turned on because of the way he said it and the fact that he sounded like a southern, muscled, super-masculine Barry White.


      “A little,” I replied – telling my first lie, since I instantly wanted Pops to spend a lot of time with me – so I didn’t tell him I probably had run similar machines all of my working life.     


      Sex dripped off of this guy in amounts that equaled dew drops on every leaf of a giant willow tree in the wee hours of the morning.  He rolled his eyes telling me he was bummed he’d have to spend a lot of time getting me up to speed.  I figured I’d act like I was catching on fast, so he’d think I was a really smart student.  He reached up to scratch his left pec and I’m pretty sure he caught me glancing down at the big rock-hard thing while he did it.  There was a flicker of a smile and then he immediately started telling me about the machine in front of us.  It was one I knew well, but I acted like I was listening intently and when he stopped and asked me to go through and reenact what he had just shown me, I did it without missing a beat and even showed off by doing the shortcuts he had barely mentioned.  I could tell he was impressed.  I also detected – in his eyes - a little spark of something beginning in the back of his brain.  Maybe I was acting too smart – I decided to back off a little.  This time, I was sure he caught me looking at his beefy arms.  The rest of the morning was taken up with four different machines – all ones I was familiar with. 


      “Time for grub,” Pops said and I was surprised to look at my watch and see the morning had flown by. 


      The big man then just walked off – and I could tell he expected me to follow him.  I just instinctively knew he assumed I was like his shadow today.  I hurried to catch up with him.  He grabbed one of those large black lunch pails, which look like a mailbox, from a huge fridge in the large break room.  I grabbed my tuna fish sandwich in a brown bag, bought a soda and turned to see where he had chosen to sit.  He seemed to know everybody – smiling, saying hello, and slapping guys on the back – but he had chosen a table over in the corner all by himself.  He pushed out a chair beside him as I walked up.  The silence that followed was kind of nerve-wracking.  I could tell he was watching me closely as he unloaded large quantities of food from his packed box.  The big man clearly had a big appetite.


      “Why do I feel like I’m being hustled,” he said, finally, staring at me.


      “I’m sorry?” I replied.


      “You know these machines.  That’s quite obvious,” he answered – still staring at me.


      “I . . . um . . . wanted to impress you.”


      “Well, tick that one off your list, kid.  You did.  But don’t ever lie to me, again.  Understand.”


      “Yes sir.”


      And instantly, I could see he was finished with the slight reprimand.  Suddenly, his demeanor changed and I could tell he had forgiven me.  His beefy body didn’t seem as knotted up as before and he even smiled at me.  I felt like a puppy that had just been given a treat after getting in trouble by its master.  I seriously sensed my body celebrating the fact that I had somehow pleased this big man. 


      “You into brewskies, kid?”


      “Yes sir, I drink beer.”


      “A few of the guys meet up at a place called ‘Joe’s’ after work – to hammer back a few, shoot the breeze, and not think about machines for a few hours.  It’s always open invitation and a good way to get on the guys’ good side.  Trust me, you want these fellas to have your back – both in here and outside the workplace.  Buying one round will get you a place at the adult table, kid.”


      “That sounds cool,” I said, trying desperately to come across as manly, in-the-know, hip, and part of the team all at the same time.


      “Yeah,” he said, smiling at my words, “it’s cool, kid.  Cool.  You youngsters.”


      I had no idea if he was making fun of me or complimenting me.  I had a feeling you were never quite sure of anything around Pops.  He didn’t reveal much – either in his speech or his actions.  I could tell he was a private person and he watched everything happening around him as if he worked for the CIA and needed to recall details at the drop of a hat.  That afternoon went smoothly, except for the bandana incident.  It had gotten a lot warmer in the big shop and both of us were sweating over this particularly difficult job.  Pops kept wiping his face, neck, and huge arms with this blue bandana he carried in his back pocket.  I just wiped the sweat off with the back of my shirt sleeve.  At one point, late in the day, Pops said he was going to hit the john and he dropped his bandana on the keyboard console of the machine doing the job we had punched in.  I swear it looked like he left the bandana on purpose, looking at me to make sure I noticed what he was doing before he left.  I figured I was just wishing, but as soon as he walked away I became obsessed with the thing and kept stealing glances around to see if anyone was nearby.  The piece of material was soaked with his sweat and I longed to smell and taste it.  I felt like I was addicted to chocolate and someone had left an opened Snickers package in front of me.  God, how I wanted to pick up that bandana.  Finally, after making sure the machine was still doing its job, and glancing around one more time, I picked up the bandana and first put it to my upper lip, so I could inhale the aroma of big Pops.  It was just as I expected – a heavy masculine musk that made me think of a dense forest of tall trees, huge lumberjacks, and man-on-man action that ended with eruptions coupled with uncontrollable screams of passion.  When my tongue darted out and got its first ever taste of Pops’ all-natural, thick, salty, he-man juice, you could have pushed me over with a feather.  I’d never, in my entire life, tasted something that seemed so full of testosterone – so completely male.  My crotch responded with a Pops-induced salute that was so hard I feared I’d pass out from the pressure.  That’s when the corner of my eye noticed something massive and green in the distance.  I quickly wiped my now totally crimson face with the bandana to cover up my lustful action, but it was quite clear by the look in Pops’ eyes when he arrived he had seen me trying to soak up all his manliness.  I held out the bandana to him with a forced look of thanks.


      “Keep it, kid.  I’ve got others.  Consider it a ‘welcome to your new job’ present.”


      “Um . . . thanks,” I said, turning a darker shade of red and quickly stuffing the think into my back pocket and then turning to look at the work of the machine in front of us – feeling the man continue to stare at me, smiling.


      A few hours later I was sitting drinking a cold one at this hole-in-the-wall bar called ‘Joe’s.’  I instantly liked the place because it was full of more manly men than a gay sauna on a holiday weekend.  I quickly did the statistical math and figured out I was probably the only gay man at the place – not that I came across as anything other than one of the men from the big shop down the road.  It was quite clear to the other patrons that I was the new kid on the block – having ordered the second round of beers for the seven guys from our team gathered that afternoon and instantly being asked to join in games of darts, pool, and arm wrestling matches as the number of empty beer bottles increased a lot.  I’m a decent-sized guy, so I held my own when it came to the arm-wrestling, impressing my co-workers in a way that made it clear I had been accepted.  I noticed Pops only participated in darts and pool.  I thought this odd, so my slightly buzzed mouth spoke without thinking.


      “Why doesn’t Pops arm wrestle?” I said a little too loudly and this made the big man look at me, a grin creeping across his face.


      “Just look at his fucking arms and you’ll figure that out, kid,” said a more-than-slightly inebriated co-worker standing in our small circle.  “He beats all our asses all the time.  We’ve given up trying.  He even takes two of us on at the same time and still wins.  The monster curls the back of his jeep when we beg him to show off, so there’s no way any of us will ever be able to beat those big guns.”


      I caught Pops watching my face, closely.  My eyes uncontrollably got wider when I heard about him lifting the back of his jeep.  My crotch also twitched uncontrollably, but I was behind a bar chair, so it was hidden.  He was watching my reaction and patiently waiting for me to make some kind of move after the information sank in.  I got the feeling that my next step would clinch some kind of deal with the man one way or the other.  I let the numerous beers I’d inhaled guide me.  I smiled at the group standing around.    


       “I’ll take a shot at beating him,” I said with the kind of bravado usually saved for a superhero in comic books.


      You would have thought I was a mere mortal challenging the power of Zeus by the loud response of the guys around us.  An approving smile crept across the face of the big man and it was followed by the kind of pec roll usually saved for gay muscle worship videos I constantly watched online.  There was suddenly so much cockiness in Pops’ gaze I was thrust back to the feeling when I tasted him in the damp bandana.  In a move that required the help of a guy standing next to him, the elder muscleman pulled his shirt off of his big body.  My mouth dropped open without shame as I beheld his mammoth, lightly fur-covered, thickly-nippled chest for the first time.  Two guys had been forcibly removed from their chairs and a table had been cleared by the crowd as soon as the shirt had been removed.  I registered comments like ‘don’t break the kid’s arm’ and ‘fifty bucks he doesn’t last ten seconds’ being thrown out around me, but I only watched as the bare chested gorgeous mountain swung his leg over the back of a chair to sit down and then placed his right elbow on the table.  He tightened his fist making the already big arm balloon to the kind of size that filled my orgasm-inducing fantasies.  I knew there was no way I was going to win this battle – but I wasn’t arm-wrestling him for a victory and, somehow, I realized he fully knew this.  My substantial sized manly arm was going to look like a twig next to his, but that didn’t matter.  I was proving something – and I didn’t even know what it was – by taking on the elder god. 


      “I’m not one to show mercy, kid,” Pops said as I sat down.


      “I’m not one to give up easily, old man” I said, trying to equal his confidence, which made the sparkle in his eye flash even more. 


      I then did something unplanned and so out of character for me I would probably analyze the decision for the rest of my life and still not understand it.  I took the big man’s bandana out of my back pocket, brought it up to my face, pressed it against my mouth and nose, and then inhaled deeply.  The move clearly caught my huge opponent off guard, his fist unclenched, his biceps deflated a little, and the cocky smile disappeared.  I saw a glimpse of vulnerability and shock.  Pops wasn’t used to someone being this bold – this open.  I pushed the envelope even further.


      “Just getting an extra shot of strength, sir.  I got this from a big strong mountain of a man who radiates cockiness without even trying.”


      It was like when boxers are being photographed before a battle and they try to psyche out their opponent with a stare down, a surprise kiss, or even a creepy smile.  My words and actions made Pops briefly lose his foundation – shook his core a little, just as I had hoped.  That was also when I grabbed his big beefy hand and the guy leading the match, steadied our arms, and counted off for us to begin.  It took a while for Pops to gain control of himself, as I knew it would - as had been my intention when I took out the bandana.  On the word go I pushed my arm with all of my might – getting a head start on the still-startled Pops.  I was no match for the big arm before me, but I took advantage of him being distracted.  Instantly, his arm was pushed back and looked like it might hit the table.  This caused the crowd around us to erupt in shocked cheers.  The unimagined was about to happen.  I felt powerful and hot as hell.  The cheering from the crowd spurred me on, but it also brought Pops out of his temporary fog.  The back of his hand stopped so close to the wooden top you wouldn’t have been able to fit a magazine between the two.  For the first time ever, in my entire life, I got a glimpse of what real power felt like.  My arm – decently sized for a man of my age and stature was halted in a way that could make wild beasts cower in fear.   The green, golden-flecked eyes of Pops had instantly gained all of their confidence back and more.  He had stopped my journey to a surprise victory with a fraction of his total strength and that fact instantly registered to my unmoving arm.  His fingers gripped so hard that I had a feeling some of my bones would be rearranged.  Pops surprised me – and everyone else – with an uncharacteristic deep growl as he started to methodically and devilishly raise his hand and mine slowly with what I could tell was little effort.


      “I specialize in putting young bucks in their place,” Pops said, whispering in a way that made it quite clear I was giving his hand no resistance. 


      “That’s been obvious all day, Pops.  I just needed to gain some respect by challenging you and shocking people with an almost victory.”


      Pops definitely didn’t like the idea that I even thought for a second I could have potentially defeated him.  He was not a man who took to being challenged and, as a matter of fact, I guessed it almost never happened.  Some kind of primal, I’m the stronger animal instinct suddenly overwhelmed the man and he quickly brought our hands through the arc to slam the back of mine into the table.  A little bit of pain shot through my arm, but it was clear the big man’s fingers had taken – and not even registered – most of the blow.  It was quite obvious that Pops needed a decisive and powerful victory.  He had not liked the fact that his hand had dropped so low to the table.  He held my wrist down – like a wrestler waiting for the count.  He was the winner, but I had scored some points with the crowd . . . and, hopefully, with the big man, as well.  There was a tight squeeze of my fingers before Pops released my hand.


      “You owe me a beer,” he said, swinging his leg over the back of his chair as he stood up, like he was dismounting a horse. 


      I watched as he turned and was engulfed by a crowd that slapped him on the back and congratulated him.  The last thing I saw before he was completely blocked from view was a tightly flexed bulging triceps and I could tell it was a gift offered specifically to me.  I was also congratulated by onlookers and swept to my feet by a crowd that took me to the bar.  Two, three, or maybe four more rounds were bought for me in the next hour or so.  I couldn’t remember the exact number, since I was still high-as-a-kite from the euphoria of arm-wrestling Pops and feeling that brief squeeze of my hand at the end.  I glanced around and couldn’t see the big man anywhere, feeling disappointed that he had left without saying goodbye or allowing me to give him the obligatory victor’s beer.  I turned back toward the bar, a little sad.  Suddenly, the now memorized massive gun of the older man was beside me as he rested his forearm on the wood in front of us.  He was close enough for me to feel the heat of his body, but not close enough to be touching.


      “I’ll take that mug now, kid.  The table in the corner at the back,” came his deep, sexy voice and then he was gone. 


      He smiled at me when I walked up with two mugs and a pitcher.  I intended on making this moment last as long as I could.  I was pretty sure he understood that and maybe even wanted the same thing.  I had luckily started my new job on a Friday, so there was nowhere I needed to be any time soon and I hoped the same was true for the big man.  He took the pitcher from my hands and wrapped his hand around the thing – where I had been using the handle – and poured two mugs, making it clear that I did the buying, but he was in charge.  He watched me, silently, as I took a sip from the frosted glass.  To my disappointment, he had put his shirt back on.  It still showed off his big arms, however.  I just missed the massive salt-and-peppered furry chest.


      “You don’t play fair,” he said, taking a sip of his own beer and never letting his gaze drop from mine.


      “Look at those enormous arms of yours and then look at mine and tell me who doesn’t play fair,” I boldly said, not even blinking.


      “You challenged me, remember.”


      “And damn nearly beat you.”


      “Is that what you think?” he asked, smiling.


      “It’s what I’m going to tell myself.”


      “You probably still think the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter rabbit are real, too, don’t you?  Because those are more likely than someone beating me.”


      I knew the truth in his statement.  I had felt it when the motion of my hand had been stopped so abruptly and easily.  It suddenly dawned on me that he had probably allowed me to get his hand so far down on purpose – to orchestrate me being cheered on and befriended by co-workers and other patrons.  Suddenly, there seemed to be less air in my self-congratulatory balloon.  He picked up on the change within me and understood my disappointment and my gratitude at the same time.  He needed to offer some kind of runner’s up prize.


      “The bandana really did catch me by surprise . . . both times,” he said and I swallowed hard.  “The first time was a . . . um . . . pleasant and unexpected surprise.”


      We stared at each other – neither of us even breathing – for a good half a minute.  He had caught me earlier than afternoon sniffing and licking his bandana.  I was definitely excited beyond belief, but I was also very cautious.  I knew nothing about this man, really, and my expert ‘gaydar’ didn’t even register a speck of closeted homosexuality in him.  There might not be any hidden agenda in anything he was saying – even though I desperately wanted there to be.  I got the feeling Pops was just a really nice guy and I’m sure he’d met tons of fellas over the years that found him stunning.  He was simply trying to welcome the new kid – the guy who desperately wanted to make a first good impression.  I relaxed into the moment even more and took another deep sip of my beer.  He picked up the pitcher – again by just wrapping his hand around it in a macho sort of way – and topped off my drink. 


      “I’ve never slept with a man.”


      “Excuse me?” I said, choking on my beer.


      “I’ve never been in bed with a man.”


      I didn’t comprehend what he was saying, at first, and then I worried that I had just imagined it – wished it was something he would say.  I looked up and saw that there was a world of emotion in his beautiful manly eyes.  There was fear – as if he was worried he had misread me, somehow.  Had he misinterpreted my long stares and bandana tasting?  There was doubt – as if he was questioning a lot of his own feelings and thoughts.  And there was something akin to hope – as if he anticipated the next few minutes to change his life forever.  My mind finally accepted, as fact, the words he had said and I was glad that sometimes our mouths work faster than our brains.  I responded without even processing what I was going to say.


      “Have you ever wanted to sleep with a man?” I asked, staring into his beautiful green eyes.


      “Not until today . . . not until you,” he quickly replied.

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