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    1. dredlifter
      Latest Entry

      Here's a fun story by author "Short Guy".  With that name, it will probably be unsurprising to realize that his stories focus on his small stature and his submission to larger, masculine men.  This story is actually part 3 in a series of stories and involves him temping for a huge, studly boss.  And there's not much hotter than huge, muscular, masculine man in business clothes!


    2. image.png.8e9cb6935e9defb450067db9e5e371c3.png




      Don’t get me wrong, I love cocks, but there are cocks and then there are COCKS! I don’t have a rating system it is just what I find sexy. For instance, a big buff bodybuilder can have just about any size or shape cock and it turns me on except maybe if it is two inches long and as big around as my thumb. Even then I would give him a blowjob so I could run my hands over his body.


      Next there is the long spear; long but not much girth. Fun to play with, no pain on entry. Then there is the normal length cut cock, the uncut cock, the longer cock, straight as an arrow cock, bigger diameter cock, and so on and so on. However to me the upward curving cock is the ultimate. I don’t know why but it is. My very first lover had a curved cock. He was so skinny he bought his pants in the boys section of the store but he had a great cock. 


      After college I met Doug. Doug was so straight acting I didn’t know he was gay for almost a year. Seeing him in a gay bar shocked me but I still didn’t believe he was gay. Sure he was tall and ruggedly handsome but Doug wasn’t gay. Doug was a jock; the ultimate sports fan, rugged outdoors man, athlete, hunter, beer drinking stud, and woman tease. I knew because I watched him in action. Doug and I played racket ball at the gym so I observed him everywhere except in the locker room shower because he always showered at home. 


      “I was surprised to see you at Jim Dandy’s last night,” he said as we stretched before the game.


      “Not as surprised as I was to see you there,” I replied.


      “I haven’t been to a bar for years. Not my idea of fun. I usually get hit on by every guy except the guys that I’m attracted to, you know what I mean?”


      “Uh, no. That’s why guys go there. So why were you there?”


      “I was the designated driver and my friends wanted to go for a nightcap,” he explained. So maybe he just has gay friends…? “We had a big fight when we got home and when I got home from work today Eric had moved out. Frankly it was a bit of a relief. I should have seen the handwriting on the wall. Things haven’t been good for months.”


      Doug began to talk and before I knew it our allotted time on the court was over. Some guys walked in and asked if we were finished and as soon as they came in Doug left. I assumed he went home but I found him in the locker room. I had to ask one more question.


      “The guy he accused you of fucking on the side… were you?” I said. “I mean were you going out with him?”


      “I was with him every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night.” he admitted.


      “So you wouldn’t shower here and you would meet this guy after we played racket ball?”


      “NO, dumb ass. He accused me of having an affair with you. He said I couldn’t take my eyes off of you last night. That part is true. I realized the true Eric was using me. I could see it when he was drunk because his real personality was coming out. I saw you and I saw a real man. I saw someone I would rather spend my time with.”


      “Damn!” I said as I plopped down on the bench next to him. “I assumed you were strait and I didn’t have a chance. I settled for the time I could spend beating your ass at racket ball.” I said. He bumped me with his shoulder like any red blooded jock would. 


      “In your dreams, I let you win sometimes.” 


      Our banter continued and then he suddenly pulled on a sweat suit. I realized he was hiding his boner.


      “Doug… would you rather be alone tonight?”


      “Are you asking to have supper with me and maybe do a sleepover?” he teased. “That would be nice. We could start with a nice long very hot shower.”


      Seeing Doug naked for the first time was like the perfect storm. Handsome, muscular, not overly hairy, slightly trimmed pubes, and a perfect upward curving long, thick, cock. 


      After a sensual shower he held me in bed as we talked. It was a slow seductive session that turned into a hot night of lovemaking. 


      Even after ten years, friends both gay and straight sometimes think we are just roommates. If they only knew.


    3. Felix
      Latest Entry

      Morph by @bigstuff


      -: "What are you trying to dwarf ?, Why do you try so hard if you will never be able to overcome these"
       This was one of the insults David gave me, every time I went to the gym, while flexing his huge biceps.
       David was a big guy, always in the gym and obsessed with his body.  He was also a scumbag who only enjoyed making fun of me and making me suffer.
       I hate that life is so unfair, David could have a great body, but he was the greatest idiot in the whole world.  While me, I was just a thin little guy who couldn't even defend himself.
       I was fed up, I dreamed a out being bigger, stronger, much more muscular than David, I also deserved a great body or something even better than David's amazing physique.
       It was a day that entering the locker room, I thought I was alone but I could hear voices in the background.  I approached cautiously to know what it was.
       -: "I already paid you, now give me the damn pills"
       That was David's cocky voice, apparently he was talking to someone else.  I peeked a little and there he was, with another guy a little bigger than him.
       -: "Okay, okay, but you understood all my warnings, right?"
       -: "Yes, yes, do not consume all at once, no sex or masturbate until after 8 hours or could unleash an" I do not know what" excess testosterone and increase the effects, blah blah blah, as if that mattered, what matters to me is that I will be the most muscular man in the world and without having to lift a weight again "
       That sounded very interesting.  To be the most muscular man in the world and without having to train.
       I had to steal those pills.
       I hid behind the lockers and waited for the guy and David to leave.  For my luck, David was not very careful and always left his locker open, I took advantage and opened the locker.
       There was only a small backpack, some empty cans, dirty clothes and a bottle with six pills, there was no mark or labels, it was only lined with black marker and large letters: "ONLY ONE EVERY TWO MONTHS, UNDERSTAND!"
       The excess testosterone and increased effect sounded tempting, but I didn't want to take the risk, I opened the bottle and took a pill.
       It tasted bitter, horrible, I wanted to vomit.  I felt nauseous and feeling like I was going to pass out.
       I tried to walk but everything was spinning, I felt a heat that ran through my whole body and burned me, I felt it especially in my muscles.  I reached for the sink to hold me, I tried to stand and I could see myself in the mirror.
       There was something different about me, my face didn't have the same round shape, now it was more square, it seemed that my jaw was stronger and I could see that I had a little beard.  Wow, I had never had any hair on my entire body and less on my face.
       I looked down a little and I could see how my shirt began to shrink at the growth of my muscles.
       My shoulders began to round and expand to the sides, my pecs pushed the shirt and stretched more and more, my arms began to thicken and become stronger.
       I heard how the sports pants I was wearing began to tear for trying to hold the huge butt that I was growing.  I could see that I was getting taller, my legs were stretching and filling with pure muscle.
       When the growth ended, I stood there, admiring myself, now I was stronger, I wasn't as big as David, but enough to face him.
       I was high with pleasure, excited by the sensation that these new muscles gave me, like a drug ... A drug that I couldn't stop taking.
      I took out the bottle and swallowed another pill.
       Suddenly, the nausea returned and the pain was even more intense.  Again I felt my muscles burn, but I could also feel them getting bigger.
       "Ahhh! T-t-this, ughhh, is this not going to stop? AHHHH !!!"  I groaned and shouted in pleasure, but now with a voice that didn't sound like mine, a voice from a different man, strong and thick.
       I could not help it and I lead my hand to my pants and began to massage my dick, like an electric shock, I felt an even stronger pain than the previous one running all over my body.
       Now my back was widening and began to break the sides of my shirt, the weight of my huge pecs began to make me slouch as I tried with my gigantic arms to reach my penis, which now needed my two hands to masturbate me.
       With each heavy breath my pecs touched my chin and my shoulders touched my ears.
       -: "Hey dwarf, is that you?"  My ecstasy stopped, David had returned to the locker room.  I couldn't let him see me, even if my muscles had grown and I was bigger, I was still afraid of David.
       I ran to the emergency exit of the locker rooms, even with the huge erection of my third leg that wanted to get out of my pants to say hi, I arrived in less than a second to the gym parking lot.  These legs were so big and strong and full of power, I was so much faster than an Olympic runner.
       It seemed like every step I exercised and fed my muscles.  My torso was getting bigger and filled with muscles, my huge pecs covered my view of all under them, except for my penis that peeked out.  The collar of the shirt was tearing, leaving my chest full of hair exposed.  My arms and shoulders destroyed the sleeves without leaving any piece of cloth present to cover them.
       I reached my car and accelerated as quickly as possible.
       Already far from the gym and relaxed, I could admire myself better.  I was now a giant.  My knees were tight when trying to reach the pedals of how immense they are.  I had to accommodate my seat to the back, because my mountainous pectorals collided with the steering wheel and I could only use one arm to drive because now my arms are bigger than a beach ball and both stand against my huge chest.  I needed to use both front seats, I felt very uncomfortable and tight in one, the seat was very small and I was very big.  That made me turnes on, I started touching my dick again and I could feel my muscles vibrate and grow little by little.  I couldn't believe that I ran away from David instead of facing him, I'm clearly bigger than him, I'm stronger than him, I mean Look at these muscles!  I am clearly like a Greek god, he had to respect me, admire me, now that he thought about it, his ass looked delicious and would look even better with my whole cock stuck in it, maybe I will come back later to teach him a good lesson.
       I heard a siren and saw a patrol coming behind me, apparently he was going to fine me.  I shore and I saw the officer leave the car.  As he was getting closer I could see him, he was a very handsome officer, he seemed to train his muscles often, he would probably likes mine too.
       Maybe I can pay him in another way, I started to masturbate harder and took another pill.


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