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    1. JakeLandry
      Latest Entry


      “Go on. Feel it,” Eli demanded. He flexed his powerful arm showing it off to his friend. “It’s gotten so big. And strong.”

      “Eli…” Brad groaned as he looked at the other guy showing off. “I don’t want to feel your muscles…”

      “Quit being a fuckin homophobe. I ain’t sayin I’m wanna fuck ya,” Eli grinned. He made his bicep bounce. “Yet…”

      Brad’s face flattened at the ‘joke.’ He’d been working out with Eli for a while now and only recently did he start to be so commanding. It was starting to get a bit frustrating as Eli started showing off more and more. Of course he did have a lot to show off, but Brad wasn’t one who really cared too much about doing that. He was just as big and strong, but that didn’t mean he felt like he needed to show it off all the time. He was satisfied with his size and didn't feel like it was the only part that made him, him.

      “Dude… I don’t want to feel your body…”

      Eli ignored it. He just kept making the thick bicep bounce. “C’mon man. Look at that peak. I’ve got such a fuckin pump goin on right now. Just feel it.”

      “Fine!” Brad finally gave in. He tossed his hands up and then grabbed the bicep. It was firm under his grasp but that’s when he saw the devious grin on Eli’s face. “Dude… What’s up?” he asked but couldn’t tell why his friend was looking at him so weirdly. That’s when he noticed his hand. There was something wrong with it. It didn’t look as big. Or strong. It gripped Eli’s 18 inch bicep but didn’t cover it up as much as it had just seconds before. The thick fingers were smaller. “What?!” he tried to pull away but his hand was stuck.

      “Just go with it man. You said you wanted to help me get bigger right?” Eli mocked. His bicep was slowly starting to swell a bit more. It was quickly encroaching on 19 inches. But it was the same with his forearm and shoulder as well. They looked bigger. The already large defined muscle only seemed to be getting bigger.

      All the while Brad’s were getting smaller. He could see his thick arm starting to dwindle away. The firm muscles in his body turning soft and shrinking in on themselves. He tried to use his other hand to pull himself away, but it didn’t work. He just kept losing more and more weight. He looked up at Eli. “What’s going on?!” he begged. Fear filled his face as he felt his strength disappearing. The thick bicep in his right arm was almost completely gone and he could see his right pec starting to go too. 

      “C’mon buddy. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice the way I look at cha. But I have ta say yer a bit too big for my liking. But that won’t be a problem in too long,” Eli laughed. “Cause yer gonna help me git bigger. Man. Just look at that arm. So much bigger already!” He gave the firm muscle a slap. The sound reverberated off the empty gym’s mirrors. 

      Brad tried to use his other hand to push off of Eli’s powerful muscle but that one ended up getting stuck as well. “That’s… Not… What… I… Meant…” he struggled to pull away but nothing seemed to come loose. His body was stuck onto Eli’s. He could see his hands unable to cover up the bicep any more. Even together, they couldn’t cover nearly anything on the 21 inch arm.

      “Don’t matter much now,” Eli laughed. He raised his arm up, standing at his full 6’6” height. It lifted Brad off the ground. The magic released and Brad fell back down. “Damn!” Eli shouted the curse excited at what he was feeling.

      The shoes Brad was wearing fell off his feet and he had to hold up his shorts to keep them from falling down. He stared up at Eli’s massive body. “What the hell man!” he shouted in defiance.

      “Oh shit bud,” Eli’s attention went back to Brad. He went to a bit of a squatting position to be eye level with the other man. The near foot height difference made him tower over Brad. Eli put his massive mitt of a hand on top of Brad’s head and smiled. “Man… I’m sorry that I had ta do that to ya.”

      “No you’re not,” Brad grumbled.

      “HAHA!” Eli laughed loudly. “You’re right! But don’t worry buddy. I’ll make sure you enjoy it too. Plus I can help you work out now. I can make you bigger!” He popped his bicep out again, showing it off. “You wanna be like me don’tcha?”

      Brad felt his mouth go dry. It hung open slightly as he watched the muscle bounce. The annoyed feeling he’d had was completely changed. Now it was lust. “I know how to work out myself,” he crossed his arms, fighting the urge to touch the massive bicep.

      “Oh that’s right buddy. I forgot. Seein ya so small an' helpless like that just make me think ya needed some help,” he ran his fingers across his face and then must have gotten an idea. “Hey. How bout I make ya a deal. If you can lift them 20 pound weights, I’ll turn ya back. How’s that sound?”

      “G-g-good,” Brad stammered out. “That sounds good.”

      “Alright! Let’s do it!” Eli cheered. His thick muscular body wrapped around Brad’s. His firm hands ran down Brad’s thin arms and gripped the back of his even smaller hands. “You’re sooo smooth…” he whispered in Brad’s ear. 

      Brad felt all kinds of sounds get caught in the back of his throat. He could feel the massive member running up against his back side. All the while he didn’t notice his body was moving towards the weights. It wasn’t until Eli whispered, “Go on…” that Brad noticed his hands were currently wrapped around the twenty pound weights. Feeling the bristles of Eli’s face nuzzle against his bare neck made his body go weak.

      “Is sumthin wrong?” Eli kept his voice low, but the lack of volume didn’t get rid of any of the depth or strength behind it. “I promise I won’t hold you down. I just want to make sure you don’t drop the weights. That’s all.”

      Brad felt his large calloused hands wrapped around his own. They easily wrapped around his and then the weights. Brad's eyes raised. He could see the massive bodybuilder enveloping him as he leaned over his small weak body. Everything was telling Brad he had to try, but he felt so weak. Weaker than he should have. It was just all his blood was flowing to the wrong place. Far away from any of his muscles. He felt his dick throb.

      “Go on,” Eli encouraged. His lips kissed the side of Brad’s soft cheek. His hips gently grinded against his back. “You can do it. I believe in you…”

      Brad’s breathing grew haggard. He couldn’t think about lifting weights. He couldn’t think about anything. Anything other than Eli on top of him. That thick cock drifted up and down his backside. “Oh fuck…” Brad cursed. It was getting even harder to breath. His thoughts were running wild. Eli was so big. He was so small. 

      “Oh fuck…” Brad’s couldn’t believe how much he liked feeling Eli’s beard run against his soft face. Or Eli’s firm hands wrap around his. Or those thick sturdy muscles just gently pushing him down. Brad’s hips writhed in the sensation. 

      “Oh fuck…” Brad felt his hips buck as he gave in. The sensation was just too much to handle. He had to release. A stain quickly started to form on the front of his shirt as his shorts were about three steps behind him. “Oh fuck!” he squirmed in Eli’s grasp.

      The bodybuilder just held him tighter. “Calm down. Calm down,” he gently kissed the side of Brad’s face as the small guy wore himself out. “It’ll be okay. That’s what the guy said was going to happen. It’ll be fine.”

      “FINE!?” Brad shouted. “Look at me!”

      Eli paused and looked in the mirror. Brad was still wearing his sleeveless shirt but the strap was starting to slide down his thin shoulder. The large wet spot just made a smile come to his face. “I think you look amazing.”

      Brad felt all kinds of words caught in his throat as Eli continued to kiss him. He looked over his thinner body and started to feel like maybe he was right. He tried to pout but only a smile kept coming on his face as the dumbass kept playing with his body. "Well... Maybe you can change me back later..."

    2. image.thumb.png.2a231405b4a4f64210aa4f88ab6a05ad.png


      I had been so fucking hot for this guy, who has this incredibly private back yard at his bull ranch.  Ever since I took this landscaping job with my Uncle about 2 months ago I had a complete attraction to him, but I felt uneasy as well.  I couldn't explain it, but when I was around him, my libido was way up and I had never felt so animalist and sexual.  Up until last week, it was usually just my Uncle and I working here, but lately, my uncle had been getting busier with other sites, so I would just work at Hank’s Place, alone.  I was to be there everyday, except Sunday.  Nothing much happened in the beginning, other than Hank, I'm guessing in his mid 50's, walking around without a shirt on and just in shorts. Needless to say, I couldn’t keep my eyes or mind off of him, as this guy just was thick and solid all over.  He wasn't huge, but man what a hot sexy muscle bear body.  This fucker was strong too. I saw him working out in his outdoor gym with, I think, over 400lbs on the bench. 

      Then last week he started coming over to me, talking a lot about his animals, how he got involved in bull semen farming, all while mixing in talk about sex and lifting and all while he was half clothed.  He talked about how he was very proud of each and every bull he had and that one of them, named BD (which stood for Bull Dozer) was his pride and joy.   He talked about having to mostly use a machine to extract the semen and at times let them fuck a cow, so they stayed in the natural order of things.  He said that sometimes he even had to "help them", whatever that meant?  All this talk about sex, bulls, semen and lifting was actually very enthralling and enticing.  I would actually get really turned on,  so much so that it was effecting my work.  He was that hypnotic and arousing,  because there was definitely something more about him besides his hot appearance.  His stance was always solid and his movements were very sexual in nature.  Plus, there was no doubt at all that he was a complete 100% in-charge Superior Alpha.   He was incredibly intimidating and with complete control over me, and I fucking secretly loved it.  When I would be bend down squatting as I worked, he would literally put his crotch right by my face which made me so fucking sexually aroused that twice last week, after his sexual assertiveness, I had to excuse myself and jerk off in the truck just shy of his eyesight.  Normally I come off as a macho sort of guy, but next to Hank, I was completely submissive and I had begun to even have sex dreams about him at night besides fantasizing while shoving up my biggest dildo deep inside me, thinking it was him.  When I would see my uncle, he would ask how things were going with Hank and I would tell him, good and he would ask, "Do you find him...assertive...bossy...in charge like?"  and I would tell him, "somewhat", but deep inside, Hank was all I could think about.   Just talking about him with my uncle was getting me hard.   My uncle smiled and said, "Yeah, I did too.  It's kind of exciting, huh?"  Which shocked me a little, but I nodded in agreement. Then my uncle said, "Soon, buddy...soon...you'll see!"

      Then Yesterday, when Hank came over to where I was working on my hands and knees, weeding, he didn’t have on any shorts, instead, he was walking around with just a jock strap on and nothing else. I know my eyes must have bugged out when I first saw him, because he had this big shit eating grin.   The package in them filled up the jock and seeing his thick muscle bubble butt was definitely telling me that something was up, but I totally went with it.  It was like this sexual porn fantasy coming true and I had boner so hard in my shorts the entire time, it was beginning to hurt.   I could feel my cock leaking like a dripping faucet in there, soaking the front of my shorts with an obvious wet stain.  Sooo, just like always he put his crotch right at my face level and he was constantly showing his dominance by either slapping my back, or rubbing my shoulders as he talked, about his bulls, lifting and fucking, no less.  At one point Hank told me how he like to watch BD "straddle his heifers" as he lifted his one leg over me and straddled himself across my back.  Then he grabbed my hair and acted like he was BD riding a cow...well, in a way he was.  I could literally feel the heavy solid weight of him as his balls and cock rubbed against my back.  Then he dismounted me and again stood right at my face and head and there was no denying that he was rock hard and it was fucking huge with the head poking out of the top of the waistband.  I large pearl bead on the tip got too heavy and began to slide down into his jock.   Also, now I could smell the sex on him and it was driving me fucking nuts.  It was the smell of testosterone, sweat and cum and when I took in the first whiff of it, I almost came in my shorts.  I literally had to fight back a moan and I had to look away taking a fist full of dirt to put  up to my face to smell it instead of him in order to not have an orgasm right there.   After I took a few sniffs of earth, I was just starting to regain my composure,  when I felt his heavy cock on & against my head, where he kept it there longer than just a moment.  I could feel his heartbeat as his cock throbbed on my skull.  There was no doubt that he was extremely turned on as well, showing his complete dominance over me and I knew he wanting this to go further.  Sweat was pouring down my face and I licked up some of it, tasting what I was sure was some of his precum.  It electrified me so much that, I don't' know if it was due to the heat, but more I'm sure it was more due to him that I was sweating like a pig and my heart was racing, my breathing had increased exponentially and my cock was pounding so hard that I couldn’t even fucking concentrate enough to pull a God Damn Weed!! All I wanted was him.

      Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and, in the hopes I could start things off,  I stood up asking him if he needed anything. Sure enough, he took the bait and said, “FINALLY!!   NOW we're getting somewhere.   Well...I need a nice mouth around my fat 10 inch cock...mmmm fuck that would be nice…you know where I could get help with that...BOY!?!"  

      I acted innocent, "Umm, it's awful hot...Sir...Maybe I....

      "Or maybe you can come on in and cool down with a nice lemonade?" he shook his head and laughed  "Yeah,  I can see that you could use THIS as much as I could that blowjob.” and with that he stepped right up against me and grabbed my hard cock, squeezing it as precum flooded my shorts. My mind went reeling, as I moaned like a bitch in heat and without even hesitating, I grabbed him and kissed him hard. We lip locked like wild animals, pawing all over each other, for about a couple of minutes and, I guess the lemonade was just gonna have to wait, he pushed me down on the ground and brought out his fat monster cock to smack me in the face with it.  It was heavy as fuck and rock hard.  Normally a cock that size doesn't get super hard, but his was like fucking granite.  It literally hurt as he smacked me with it.  The weight of it was unbelievable.   I honestly don't think I had ever seen a cock so big, thick and monstrously hard.  Also, I couldn't believe how fucking huge his ball sac was.  It definitely was bigger than a grapefruit.  I swear it was almost as big as my head.   The skin looked pressed out from the huge nuts inside and dammed if it didn't look like they were turning and mixing his cum in there.  Also, I've seen enough porn to know that he actually looked natural and not injected with silicone or anything like a lot of huge guys like that are.  This was all Hank and dammed if he wasn't a bull himself.   My tongue began involuntarily darting out trying to lick all that I could, like an animal in the dessert, getting any liquid that it possibly could get.  The sweat off his balls was sweet, pungent and salty and I moaned even louder as I took in his juices.   

      "SUCK IT HEFFER!!"  he bellowed, so with complete and focused intensity,  I grabbed a hold of his immense God cock and opened as wide as I could, to which to both of our pleasant surprise, I was able to fit him with effort, nice and snug and after a few minutes, his cock head was sliding in and out of my relaxed throat as his balls smacked against my face. I sucked him like a fucking pro and he face fucked me like one as well.  If there were cameras around, this would have definitely been a porn.  I myself, was completely amazed that I was able to fit him in, although, my uncle did say I had a big mouth. 

      I think he was close to cumming because he began to grunt louder and louder, literally like a fucking bull, snorting and growling.  Then, I felt his hand grab ahold of my head as he pushed me down on him, holding me there as he, quite literally, exploded in my mouth, flooding it and my stomach with his hot cum. I took in all I could with only a little bit trailing down the edge of my mouth and into my beard and his balls.  His cum literally gushed out of that thick cock like a fire hose.  No shit. I even started to choke at one point, but I just kept on swallowing all I could, taking him in and it was the most amazing feeling in the world. I had never in my life had a man cum so much inside me.  My stomach felt like I had just had a hardy meal and it was warm and filling.  He also tasted like...well, it was the best tasting cum I had ever had as well.  What was it with this fucker?  I literally wanted...no needed him... more of him.  I yearned for him more than anything or anyone I had ever known in my life.

      When he finished cumming, he picked me up, flung me over his shoulder and said, “Yard work’s done for the day, Time to Fuck!!! COME ON, COWBOY!!” and he carried me into his house. When we got into the house, he set me down in the living room, told me to stay put and he went to the kitchen.  Then he came back and I did get that lemonade, which thankfully did not get rid of his bull cum flavor, but was a refreshing treat.  He told me, I earned it and I needed to stay hydrated.  Then he, flung me up again on his shoulder and carried me up to his bedroom where he gave me a 6 hour fucking dumping 4...YES 4 more, very copious loads, deep inside me.  This man was a fucking Bull, like literally.  Happily though, he wasn't only there for his own pleasure as I also came twice, once was in his mouth and it was one of the most mind blowing orgasms I had ever had.  

      I ended up calling my uncle to tell him not to worry, that I would see him in the morning.  Hank had demanded that I spend the night with him as we were both exhausted, or at least I was.  I woke up at one point, I think around 2am and I could hear him grunting.  So I got out of bed and looked out the window to see working out, at his outdoor gym, doing push ups and lifting weights in the middle of the night.  His cock was again fully hard and his muscles were pumped like crazy.   I think the stamina of this guy was beyond anyone I had ever met. Like I said, he wasn't hugely muscled, but solid as fuck and strong as fuck too.  I mean he was solid on every inch of him, even where your thighs tend to get a little looser the older you get.  And his strength was more than anything I had ever witnessed.  To give you an idea about him, at one point, during our last hour and a half of fucking, he lifted me up and fucked me mid air with my legs wrapped around him.  We were like this with him holding my up for over an hour and that was the position we were in when he came the 3rd time in me.  It was THE most mind blowing sex I had ever had.  His cock also never went back down from the time it first got hard in the yard until we both nodded off to sleep, around 11pm. 

      I went back to bed as he continued his workout and I drifted back to sleep.  Early in the morning, I awoke to him deep inside me, fucking me again, where he left 2 more huge loads in me.  I had my own orgasm during his 2nd load, without even touching myself.   You would have thought my ass was torn to shreds, but it was odd and I was grateful that the more he fucked me, the more enjoyment and pleasure I got from him.   The fucking this morning had me in a state of complete euphoria the entire time as that hands free orgasm, was the first I had ever had.   Afterward, he told me lick up all of our cum and to get a shower and get dressed.  He wanted me take some cash of his to the bank to make a deposit and then to come straight back to him, I assumed for more fucking.  I showered, put on a pair of his shorts and shirt, since he had torn mine to shreds and got in the truck.  As I sat there, I felt like a different man.  Even though I had been put through a grueling ordeal with him, I felt amazing. Strong, confident and...well virile.  I felt more like a complete man, but still, it felt like something was off and that I needed something else. 

      I had intended to do what I was told, happily, but the entire time I was getting more and more hungry and I felt weaker and weaker the longer I didn't eat.  I made it to the bank first and deposited the money, but after I got back in the truck, I couldn't take the hunger anymore so I decided to stop at a Dunkin Donuts and I ordered 10 breakfast sandwiches and 2 large OJ's.  When the teller finally gave me the sandwiches, the smell of the food drove me insane and I couldn't wait, so I parked the car behind the building and began to eat them, stuffing one after another in me and before I even realized it, I had downed all 10 sandwiches and both OJ's.  Finally I felt satisfied and that feeling of virality came back stronger then ever as my cock hardened in my shorts.  I began to feel more and more powerful, actually feeling my muscles getting stronger.   Then, just as I was about to put the truck in gear, something happened.  In a matter of seconds, my clothes got tighter all over my body.  I began to pant and grunt like Hank did right before he came and then I began to hear the ripping sound of my shorts shredding off of me.  I looked down and my balls and cock were huge, like Hanks.  I felt an incessant need to fuck and empty them, but then my shirt shredded and I was completely naked and filling up the cab of my truck.    My head hit the roof of the cab and my left arm busted through the drivers window.  It was fucking amazing, and I was absolutely engrossed in myself as I was fucking growing...all over!! My cock was growing even while it was rock hard and my balls looked like a small volley ball. A feeling of immense pleasure came over me and I slammed the dash as I began to cum shooting all over the inside the truck cab.  When I hit the dash I put a huge dent in it and that's when I felt even more power coursing through me. I wasn't scared, but excited and I knew I had to get back to Hanks, immediately.  I threw the truck in drive and by the time I got back to Hanks, about 10 minutes away, I had cum 3 more times and my side of the truck was much lower from all of my weight.  I was nothing but pure muscle, with a cock and balls to match. 

      When I pulled up to his house, I saw my Uncle’s truck there.  I got out, by blowing the door off, not even realizing my own strength and walked in the back yard to see both Hank and my uncle naked and hard, standing there as if they were waiting on me…and they were.  I found out that my Uncle had been in on it from the start and he was first "changed" by Hank last year.  This was all a plan to see if Hank could begin a group of Bull Men.  They told me that I would need to empty my ever producing cum machine that was my balls.   I was no longer just a man, but a man with Pure bred Bull DNA in me.  I was stronger than most any other man and my virality was God like.  Both of them took me inside and told me more about the uses they had from the bull semen and how it had made them almost superhuman.  They marveled in my size, inspecting me and having me do some amazing feats of strength.  At one point I pick both of them up and held them up in the air like I was holding a Kleenex.  The actually felt that light.  They, too were strong, even stronger then I was and said that they literally made me into a bull like them.  But to their gleeful surprise, today, I was the Alpha as I fucked both of them leaving over 6 total loads each, inside them.  GOD IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A BULL!!  


    3. DAC
      Latest Entry



      Love at first sight/ Lust at First Sight


      After work yesterday I went to the grocery store and when I came out my car made a funny noise when I put it in gear. There is a transmission repair business about a mile or two away so I drove straight there. They were about to close but when I described the noise the man said it might be the transmission.


      “Leave the car and we’ll check it out in the morning. If you live close by I can drop you off,” he offered. I accepted.


      I live in a gated apartment complex so I walked from the road to my building with five bags of groceries. Working at the fitness center I didn’t have a problem with the weight; the problem was the flimsy plastic bags. I was standing in my parking spot picking up cans when my neighbor got home. I explained what happened as he handed me a cloth grocery bag he kept in his car. I told him I would walk or ride my bike to work since it was only about a mile.


      “In the rain?” he asked and then he told me about the heavy thunderstorms that were on the way. He offered to give me a ride to work but he was leaving more than an hour before the gym was open for business. I was opening in the morning so I had to be there early anyway. I thanked him and told him yes.


      As my chicken cooked I packed extra clothes and shoes. I usually change if I get really sweaty working with a client so carry several sets of clothes. I set my alarm so I could get a shower before work and then I sat down to eat.


      It was still dark when I walked outside the next morning. What fool goes to work at 4:45am every day, I thought as I thanked my neighbor for the ride. The gym opened at 6am and I always thought that was mighty early. Fortunately I didn’t have to do the opening very often. My coworker Jason was an early bird and he loved to open. The reason I was opening? Jason was on vacation.


      I slid my ID/ security card in the reader at the back door and thankfully it opened. I swiped the card again inside and entered the pin to turn off the alarm. It didn’t work so I did it again so the police weren’t called by the alarm company. The light turned green and I averted a crisis. The first order of business was to clean up the puddle left by my raincoat and umbrella. I pulled a couple extra door mats over so nobody would slip. We had some extra mats for the customer entrance as well. With gym bag in hand I clocked-in and then I headed for the locker room to dry my bare feet and put on my socks and shoes.


      Only the night lights were on but as soon as I entered the gym there was heavy man musk lingering. There were weight plates by some of the benches and dumbbells on the floor. I silently cursed the night crew for not cleaning before leaving. I was about to pick up a set of dumbbells when I heard a deep groan that scared the shit out of me. Looking over the half wall dividing the section I saw my boss, the man who owned the gym, sitting on a bench. During business hours the man was always professionally dressed in a long sleeve shirt and tie with tailored slacks but there he was shirtless with a couple days growth of beard.


      I knew he was a big muscular man but I had no idea his physique was that big. I stood there frozen in place gawking and adjusting my hardening cock. I trembled when I saw him reach up and rub his traps. His arm flexed and I felt lightheaded. He rolled his head and tried to stretch out the muscle and my jaw dropped seeing his muscles flex when he rolled his shoulders. Still barefoot I padded over and stood behind him. He looked up and our eyes met in the mirror.


      “Where is Jason?” he asked. I felt the vibrations of his voice travel right through me.


      “On vacation boss,” I managed to say. My hands began to knead his traps. He groaned and I pulled away. “Sorry,” I said quietly.


      “No, continue,” he ordered.


      Not only was there tension in his traps, his muscles were rock hard. I had taken some courses in massage therapy before my funds ran out and I had to get a job. I knew that massaging fat older women wasn’t my thing so it wasn’t a big loss. I was eighteen at the time but what does a guy know when he’s eighteen? I was encouraged to become a personal trainer and once certified for a couple years I moved to this gym because the pay was better and it was closer to home. He rolled his right shoulder so I moved to his traps and delts on that side.


      “Face down on the bench,” I ordered and then I attacked the problem with everything I had. I needed my special Quartz Crystal Massage-Acupressure Tool but that was at home. I was so intent on the deep tissue massage I didn’t hear him whispering ‘oh fuck, oh fuck’ repeatedly. I felt the muscle release and I straightened. By using the Muscle Release Technique, I was able to work towards breaking down the knotted tissue some therapists call scar tissue. When you break the knot the muscles are lengthened and circulation is increased. This, in turn, cuts down on the inflammation so permanent healing can take place. I didn’t realize that I was drenched with sweat and there was a huge wet spot on my shorts from leaking pre-cum.


      The boss pushed himself up to sit on the bench and faced me. His hands went to my hips and stopped me from tripping over my own feet. He looked like he wanted to suck my cock and drink my cum.


      “You liked that didn’t you?” he said quietly as his thumbs extended and stroked my hard shaft. I couldn’t say a word. “I liked it too,” he said as he pulled my shorts and jock down to my knees. He stood and his cock tented his gray sweats. He rubbed his cock against mine and I almost came. “I hope you have a change of clothes because we both need a shower. We’ll shower together and then get ready to open.”


      “Sir?” I said not believing my ears.


      “Ted, my name is Ted when nobody else is around otherwise it is Mr. Brown or Mr. Ted. Don’t call me sir. Sir is my grandfather,” he chuckled. He led me back past the business offices to a private area I had never been in since the door was always locked. He put two fingers in a fingerprint scanner and the lock clicked open. He guided two fingers of my right hand to the scanner and typed a code into the keypad. He closed the door and the lock opened when I put my fingers against the scanner again.


      “What? Why?” I asked.


      “So my personal massage therapist has access.”


      Behind that door was a small apartment. There was a tiny kitchen about 5X7 feet with a wide eating counter jutting into the living room. The counter acted like the dining room table or a buffet bar. Next to the living room was a 20X25 bedroom with a luxurious bathroom and a walk in closet. He went and started the shower. As it steamed up the room he came out and stripped me naked.


      “Your turn,” he said. My hands trembled removing his shoes, socks, and sweatpants. I left the jock for last. I looked up as I slowly lowered the stretch material over the huge rod and low hanging balls. The myth of big muscles and tiny cock was disproven again. He smiled down at me and rubbed his leaking uncut cock on my lips. I opened my mouth to take him in but the instant my tongue touched his pre-cum he lifted me to my feet. “Shower,” he said. The word dripped of sexual innuendo.


      We didn’t have to trade places to get wet. There were multiple showerheads as well as a ceiling rain maker. He put soap in my hand and then brought my hand to his chest. I started to scrub with both hands until he grabbed my wrists and pressed the palms of my hands against his erect nipples. He rotated my hands in small circles and his nubs seemed to get harder. He moved his hands down to my cock and balls. I groaned and he pulled us cock to cock.


      “I am so fucking turned on,” he whispered in my ear. “Would you suck my cock while I suck yours?”


      “Fuck yeah,” I hissed.


      I found myself stretched out on the tile floor being pelted by rain. Ted knelt above my head, bent, and licked the side of my neck. He continued down my body and paused when my lips surrounded one of his nipples. He hissed when I lightly clamped on with my teeth and stretched it away from his chest. There was a growl and the giant slab of pec meat flexed against my face. He rubbed his pecs across my face and then attacked my hard cock. With his balls on my chin the view of his tremendous physique was blocked. He lifted his hips and his big uncut cock hovered over my lips. His tongue on my shaft caused and open mouthed gasp from me and he threaded his cock past my gag reflex and into my throat. He thrust his cock deeper and suddenly his pubes were against my nose. I inhaled the powerful man musk I smelled when I first walked into the gym only this was a hundred times stronger. It wasn’t stink, it was an aphrodisiac.


      He lifted his hips as he bobbed on my cock bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I gagged the next time he hit the back of my mouth with the tip of his cock. I wrapped my hands around his shaft to limit his penetration but what he was doing to my cock was making my cum rise. I could feel my balls lifting and preparing to shoot. I was at the point of no return when my mouth was deluged with salty hot cum. I swallowed what I could and the rest was washed away. Ted was grunting and slurping up every bit of my seed. He rolled to his back and let out a sigh of satisfaction.


      It seemed like I lay there for hours but I’m sure it was more like minutes before we were washing again. I pulled clean clothes out of my gym bag. I usually change if I get really sweaty working with a client but we hadn’t even opened and I was on my second set of clothes. Ted emerged from the walk-in closet sharply dressed.


      “I hope you don’t take advantage of what just happened,” he said holding my shoulders. “Work is work and play is play. Don’t mistake one for the other.”


      We opened the doors one minute late and as soon as the lights were on and the curtains opened the early people, who were waiting in their cars, ran for the front door. The one time I saw Ted during my shift he didn’t even look at me. At first I was angry and then I knew he was teaching me how to act around my coworkers.


      The next morning I rode my bike to work and as I went to disarm the alarm I saw that it wasn’t active. Mr. Brown must have disarmed it to work out, I thought.


      “You’re early,” Ted remarked as I turned. Two hours before opening as a matter of fact. To think just yesterday I thought my neighbor was crazy for going to work before dawn. Four AM is practically the middle of the night.


      “Early to bed early to rise… I couldn’t sleep.” I admitted. I walked right by him. He deserved the same treatment he gave me yesterday. He grabbed my arm and suddenly we were chest to chest with my back against the wall.


      “You aren’t on the clock so I assume that you are here for play time,” he said with a smile. His manly musk surrounded us like a cloud. He was hot and sweaty and I noticed the lights on one of the treadmills so he had been doing aerobics but he was pumped enough to have used the weights as well.


      “This is harder than I thought it would be. It’s like being Jekyll and Hyde.”


      “I believe that everyone’s personal life should be private. The news doesn’t report on every date between a man and a woman and customers wouldn’t care if you were dating Maria in the juice bar. You probably would say it is none of their business. But if you were not doing your job so you and Maria could talk all day you’d be fired. Society still looks down on relationships between two men.”


      “I see your point but…”


      “No but’s. At work you work and I work; at play we play.”


      “Is a massage work or play,” I asked as I tweaked his right nipple.


      “Foreplay,” he answered while rubbing my cock through my pants.


      “MMMMmmmmmm!” I moaned.    


      Moments later.


      I couldn’t believe I was standing next to the king size bed naked looking down at Ted’s huge physique. He wanted a Swedish massage and I considered Swedish massage useless. To me it was a skin massage because you didn’t get down deep into muscle. A touchy-feely massage the gals with no strength give to other women. To me it was like putting suntan lotion on someone. I sat on the small of his back facing his feet so I could do his legs and then I turned and did his back.


      “Man that is the roughest Swedish massage I ever had,” he said as he turned to his back between my legs. Our cocks crashed into each other. He pulled my body down to his chest. “I never do this,” he began. “I never mix personal relationships and work. I thought yesterday was going to be a one of, but then I brought you back here and gave you the means to invade my personal life. Last night I deleted your finger scan. This morning I regret I did that. Then you came to work even earlier. I knew you wanted to play. That’s why we’re in bed. What did you say? It’s like being Jekyll and Hyde. I could almost dump a load of cum from you being this close. This doesn’t happen to me. I have toys that call me master. They love when I dominate them but I could never do that with you.”


      I did a push-up locking my arms and looking down on him. He seemed surprised. “I would be out of here if you did,” I said earnestly.


      “I know,” he whispered. “You are not a toy. You drive me crazy and I have no control over how I feel. I have no control over you. It’s like I am at your mercy but you don’t want to control me either. In public I am you lord and master, your boss, but when I saw you with a customer yesterday… I had these feelings. It wasn’t jealousy or rage or anger… it was pride. Does that make sense?”


      I brought my knees up and sat on his abs. His cock poked me in the back.


      “I was going to sneak in this morning and watch you work out from the shadows. Seeing you muscles bulge turns my inside to jelly.” I ran my fingers up his arms, over his delts and traps, and down to his huge pecs. A shiver went through his body. “I felt that!” I chuckled. “That’s what happens to me when I see you flexing… even bending your arm to rub your traps.”


      With both hands on his pecs I bent down and quickly kissed him on the lips. His eyes widened and he gasped. I tried to bolt and I actually had one foot on the floor before my body boomeranged back on top of him only now I was straddling his thigh instead of his waist. He took my face in his hands and he tenderly kissed me. I was dizzy and breathless. I hovered there looking in his eyes. I never believed in love at first sight but what else could explain what I felt. I never made out with a man before. Sometimes he was in control but sometimes he submitted to me. We were rolling across the bed touching, feeling, kissing, and humping cocks against skin when the alarm went off. I jumped to my feet not knowing what was happening.


      Ted was laughing all over himself when he saw my face.


      “Time. We just have time to shower before we open the doors,” he said as he stood and took me into his arms.


      For the next two weeks I was hardly ever at home. I would leave work early in the afternoon, eat, sleep, and return to the gym after closing. My friends knew I was in love because I wasn’t going out with them to party. My excuse was being at work for 5am. They just shrugged and said ‘right.’


      Ted and I talked about Jason returning and I came up with ten ways to avoid Jason in the morning. The best option seemed to be to leave before Jason came to work. Ted suggested I stay in the apartment and walk around the building when it was time to be at work. I just knew our relationship would become public.


      Jason came back from his vacation and he was married. He gave Ted his notice because he was moving to Las Vegas. He already had a job out there so Ted suggested he should pack his things and go rather than wish he was with his new wife and be miserable at work. Jason seemed very grateful but not as grateful as I was. Ted told him that I had been doing an adequate job of opening but not as good as what Jason had been doing. Jason offered to train me but Ted said that wasn’t necessary.


      Ted gave Jason a nice bonus as a wedding present and we never saw him again.


      Eventually word got out that we were an item but by then I was more comfortable with being together with Ted in public. Ted had three circles of friends. The first was a Harley motorcycle club; the second was a group of bodybuilders and muscle studs who were married (married guys that we were straight or bisexuals), bisexuals, and gay. And lastly there was a group that was rather wealthy. I called them the Country Club Set and they were the hardest to win over. Ted didn’t care for the fundraiser parties they held but he could have that attitude with what he was worth from his real estate investments. He owned several strip malls like the one where the gym was located.


      A couple of them began with a Wal-Mart as the anchor store. When Wal-Mart started moving to buildings they owned and not renting from a mall the small businesses began to close because of the lack of traffic. Ted bought one mall and turned it into “The Everything Wedding Mall.” The Wal-Mart became the reception hall/ catering center and the small stores in the mall rented tuxedos, sold wedding and bride’s maid’s dresses, limo rentals that also had horse drawn carriages and a even a Cinderella pumpkin carriage. There was a bakery for wedding cakes, florists sold flowers, and there was a store for wedding invitations. The old grocery store became a pub and steak house that could hold small receptions or rehearsal dinner parties, bachelor parties or even bridal showers. There were a couple café’s with sidewalk tables and even an ice cream shop. A group of hairdressers worked only weekends at the spa and nail salon so the wedding party and out of town guests could get their hair styled before the wedding. Many of the Country Club Set had fundraising galas that were held at the reception hall. Ted donated the space but charged a cleaning fee. They could bring in caterers or use Ted’s people.


      Another small mall had a Harley dealership and the small stores in that mall sold everything from leathers to boots. Another store sold blue jeans. There was an auto repair shop, car AC shop, an auto store, a burger shop, and beer joints where bikers would hang out.


      The gym mall where I worked still had a grocery store, furniture rentals, and a couple fast food places that had been there for years. A GNC was opening and a clothing store for bodybuilders was doing a roaring business. They carry everything from business suits for athletic men to tiny thongs. A health food restaurant was opening in the space that once held the storefront church and the local hospital is opening a rehab center next door to the gym.


      With all that Ted owned I didn’t have to work but I did. I moved out of my apartment after Ted expanded the residence at the gym. Part of the huge bedroom became a hallway that led to the new section, I got the old walk-in closet and Ted built a closet almost as big as the bedroom for his clothes. We now have a gourmet kitchen, a dining room, a home movie theater, and three guest bedrooms with baths, a library, and a new living room. The garage was once the Garden Center for the old K-Mart and it houses our Harley’s my new pickup truck and Ted’s small car collection of a Model A and Jeep Wrangler, to a Bentley, Ferrari, and a Corvette. Okay there is also an Escalade and a Lincoln for everyday use.


      I can hardly believe I’m living this lifestyle but if it was all gone tomorrow it wouldn’t matter as long as I was with Ted. To think I have all this because I walked up and massaged Ted’s shoulders a couple years ago is just incredible.


      It was truly love at first sight.

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