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    1. tumblr_mxhjmxAASa1r7nj55o1_640.thumb.jpg.63b22b239773c555ba953ae69947745e.jpg

      At the start of the day Glenn was looking forward to gym, especially the locker room. He couldn’t wait to show off his new built body, then he found out that he was still considered ugly. But as he changed for gym he stood facing the jocks, his long thick cock on full display. Eugene was next to Glenn, with his back to the jock, his board toned back hunched to shield is ripped abs and heavy pecs from view.

      The jocks were strutting around like peacocks, their flabby guts and pigeon chests intimidating the hulking nerds. Glenn tried something as one of the jocks passed he sneered and flexed his chest, and for a split second he saw doubt in the jocks eyes, like something from the old world was seeking through, like he could remember that the big guys should be in charge.

      Glenn pondered the implications of this as he pulled on his gym kit, maybe he wouldn’t need to make any drastic changes, maybe he just needed to make a couple small changes and things would right themselves.


      Eugene pulled his kit on, it was the only clothes he owned that hung loose over his overly built body. It was still tight around his arms and abundant pec shelf. The schools logo strained over his chest, the hem of the shirt swayed a couple inches away from his abs. Last gym class Kevin made a joke that he could camp under Eugene’s pec tent, another jock added that the rest of the football team could probably camp under the tent Eugene’s fat monster cock caused.

      He palmed his bulge, trying to make it a little less noticeable. Even with his junk safely strapped behind an industrial strength jock strap it was still obvious that Eugene was packing something truly monstrous.

      He followed Glenn out of the locker room and into the gym. Coach a sweaty 5 foot nothing blob of a man bounced a basketball in his hand. He kept dropping it though, his hands too small for the ball. The class lined up, the jocks at the front, the nerds at the back. This time no nerd was careless enough to line up at the front, it was always the same jokes about the weather, every time the same jokes about the weather.

      “Boys” Coach bellowed, his voice sounding like nails on a blackboard “Today we play basketball”

      He tossed the ball to Kevin, who smirked after almost dropping the ball.

      “You know the drill boys, shirts and skins” Coach shouted “We’re playing HUNK boys, one letter for each basket”

      Eugene followed the nerds to their end of the court, the jocks cheered and tossed their shirts to the side line. This was how most classes started every week, a little competition, Coach liked to torture the nerds and inflate the jocks egos. Most of the class would have to sit and watch, Eugene spotted Leon on the side line, sitting with Oscar. Oscar was like Leon the odd mix of nerd and jock, he was very tall, but very skinny, not a bit of muscle on him. Eugene thought he was cute, but he was in with the popular girls, he was the gay best friend, which made him untouchable for a nerd like Eugene even if they were the only ‘out’ boys in high school. Plus Oscar’s horrible dyed blond hair was a massive turn off.

      Eugene checked his team, all big, hulking nerds, they were fucked. Glenn was not where to be seen, he had always been right next to Eugene when these things happened, where was he.

      Coach’s whistle went and the jocks took over straight away. The ball passed between jock to jock, but every shot at the basket they made was effortlessly batted away by Henry the 6ft10 Asian nerd who’d taken control of defending the basket.

      Henry though made a mistake he caught the ball and tossed it at the jock’s basket, from the far end of the court the ball fell through the netting.

      “H” Coach shouted “But Henry take 10 laps, you know I don’t have that shit on my court, if you want to play you play fair, no height advantages”

      It was the same every gym class, no height advantages, no weight advantages, no muscle advantages. Coach had even made Jimmy run laps after his fat bulge had blocked a jock’s view when Jimmy pinned him in a wrestling match.

      The game started again with Eugene finding himself near the jocks basket, two jocks on their guard, they jumped around him, their flabby bellies bouncing like the basketball as it was dribbled down the court.

      “Eugene” Jimmy called as he tossed the ball away from the fray of jocks around him

      Eugene caught the ball with one hand, his fingers wrapped nearly around it. With a light flick of the wrist he sent the ball through the basket.

      “U” Coach shouted, he huffed, he couldn’t get Eugene on anything this time

      Eugene moved to the nerd’s basket, taking up the defence with the returned Henry, they were the tallest players on the court. He pulled at his shirt just to make sure the fabric hung low around his waist, he then pulled at his shorts, they rode up a little when he walked.

      He caught sight of Glenn standing at the edge of the non-playing students, his phone in his big hands, it was comical, why did they make phones so small when the all the tech heads had massive mitts for hands. Glenn saw Eugene and gave him a wink.

      “HEY” Coach screamed “What are you doing with your phone, get to running laps”

      Eugene sniggered as Glenn started his laps, he pulled at his shirt again, trying to get the hem a little lower. His hand grazed over the hem and then onto his deeply cut abs.

      He stopped, hadn’t his shirt covered him completely, he eyed the other nerds, their shirts were the same, unbelievably tight, with the hem just under their pecs, with sleeves bunched up around their shoulders. His mind went cloudy for a moment, then everything became clear. It had been a school rule for years, you could only wear Medium sized gym kit.

      “Eugene” Henry asked “You’re shorts are bunching up”

      Eugene blushed and he quickly sorted his shorts out, the legs were riding up and turning the shorts into briefs. His overgrown cock and muscle ass didn’t help. He thanked Henry, not noticing the tall Asian had been staring at Eugene’s ass the entire time.


      Glenn typed up new changes as he ran his laps, he cursed his new long, thick fingers. He was having to rewrite every other word. The sudden tightness of his kit over his ass and chest told him the last change had worked. He had to admit the basketball match was a sight to behold, some of the biggest beefiest muscle Glenn had seen running around in skin tight tops and bulge hugging shorts, if he was gay he’d be living the dream.

      “N” Coach called as one nerd got another basket

      Glenn hurried his typing, it wouldn’t take long for the nerds to get the last letter, the jocks hadn’t even got one, they were playing horribly. Glenn sniggered, that was thanks to him, one quick change and the jocks couldn’t touch the ball without dropping it.

      He entered the changes and watched as Eugene sniffed the air, the urge to beat the jocks rising inside him already, this was the first step to righting Glenn’s mess, but it also pushed Eugene closer towards being the confident dominate stud his body demanded he be.

      Eugene palmed the ball as one jock tried to get it into the basket, he started dribbling it down the court, slipping between the jocks and his fellow nerds. His thick legs bent slightly and he sprang from the ground, the ball fell through the basket and Eugene swung for a second from the basket, his muscles flaring. He thudded onto the floor as Coach muttered K.

      Glenn stopped and watched the eyes of the entire class run over Eugene’s pumped torso, with one deep breath the shirt tore and burst. The pump was all Glenn’s doing, but the hulking out of his shirt was all natures fault. He grinned, Kevin’s cocky face was marked with confusion, no doubt, he was questioning why he was the alpha male when Eugene was such a beast. That was just what Glenn wanted, a seed of doubt.


      After gym Glenn didn’t shower, he needed to head home quickly to prepare for the next lot of changes. Maybe he could find the old world saved on his home computer, he might not need to do any planning.

      He was about to take the side steps out of the gym when Jimmy came thundering down them. He was sweaty and just in his underwear, his tanned skin flushed and his muscles pumped.

      “What’s wrong man” Glenn asked, he was taller then Jimmy, but not as well cut

      “Kevin” Jimmy muttered “He said he had my clothes, got me to chase him, then started on me for doing so”

      “And he doesn’t have your clothes” Glenn added “His favourite joke”

      Glenn could hear Kevin’s slight footfalls getting closer.

      “Get behind me” Glenn ordered

      Jimmy quickly did as told, his big hands though trying to cover his modesty. Good luck, Glenn thought, that thing should be hanging in a deli.

      Kevin appeared at the top of the stairs, he was dressed in designer gear, all baggy on his skinny frame.

      He stepped down three of the stairs and came face to face with Glenn.

      Kevin went to speak, but Glenn laughed “You’re so fucking short”

      “What” Kevin spluttered

      “You heard me, you’re short” Glenn took a step up the stairs

      Kevin’s head level with Glenn’s chin.

      “And so fucking boney” Glenn took another step

      Kevin looked up at Glenn, there was still a couple steps between them. His eyes looked past Glenn’s lantern jaw, past his thick neck and right into the vast fabric plain that covered his pumped chest. Glenn bounced his pecs watching that seed of doubt grow a little bigger. He knew what Kevin was thinking, first Eugene and now Glenn, how could there be two nerds so superior to mega jock Kevin. Kevin turned and left without a word.

      “Come on man, lets get you dressed” Glenn led Jimmy back through the door and into the locker room “I’ll stand guard for you”

      The locker room was steamy from the showers and musky from the deep rich smell of a dozen hulking nerds and their sweaty muscles. But Glenn and Jimmy stopped at the door, there was moaning and the sound of wet flesh slapping together.

      Glenn with Jimmy close behind peeked into the showers. All they saw was Eugene’s toned back and his powerful ass thrusting. His black hair was plastered to his head and a pair of long skinny legs were wrapped tight around his waist.

      Just behind Eugene’s thick shoulders Glenn could see a very tall, very skinny guy, with a cute face, but terrible dyed blond hair.

      “Oscar” Glenn whisper in awe, with one small push from the Chronivac Eugene had gone from blushing virgin into a full blown fuck machine

      “Shit” Jimmy muttered “Never thought I’ll see a cock bigger then mine”

      Glenn sniggered, Eugene was making long strokes, fucking poor Oscar with every inch of his swollen monster. His furry bull nuts bouncing between his well muscled thighs.

      The two nerds were both straight but they couldn’t help but admire Eugene’s talent.

      “About time someone shut Oscar up” Jimmy chuckled

      Glenn smirked, he might not need to make any changes now, Eugene was doing all the work for him, Oscar was a terrible gossip and by tomorrow everyone will know that bigger is better.


      Eugene returned home with a smile on his face, it felt good to lose his virginity, it hadn’t happened how he’d wanted it to happen. But when Oscar started bitching about how stupid Eugene had looked when he popped out of his shirt this feeling, this energy rose up inside Eugene. He kissed Oscar and then tore the skinny boys clothes off. He made sure Oscar regretted mocking Eugene, he made sure that Oscar wouldn’t walk right for a week.

      He almost tore the front door from its hinges when he pushed it open, it crashed against the wall and a picture popped off its nail and fell to the floor. He’d never lose control of his strength before, but this energy felt incredible. He felt, no he knew he could do anything.

      “Hey horse cock” Matt his brother greeted him with a smirk

      “Fuck off hamster dick” Eugene roared

      Matt blushed, the force of Eugene’s tone knocking him down a peg. It was weird, hamster dick was a thing of pride. Matt had always boasted about his little cock, but now it was something bad, having a big fat cock, like the one that Eugene had was the thing of pride now.

      Eugene thudded into the kitchen, and banged into a man, a much taller, much broader man. Which for someone of Eugene’s size meant that dad was home.

    2. 05_02.thumb.jpg.efbd10fb02a83d1a41e214e63ff591b0.jpg


      Buyer Note:

      Hi @goggletan

      I'm a 5' 4" scrawny shrimp but I've been trying my best to bulk myself up during this last year. But I seem to be battling some really stubborn ectomorph genetics as I'm not getting far!

      I'm 28 though I look a lot younger - I try to grow a beard to make myself look like my age, but it's all patchy and scraggly. And being pale blonde doesn't seem to help! I've got a larger than average dick (7 inches of thick meat), but it doesn't help to be hung when I'm too embarrassed about the rest of my body to use it. To top it off, it's best to describe my face as looking like I could be cast as a pimple-faced science geek for any 80s sitcom.

      As it happens, Logan is one of the people who I follow on Instagram - as one of my main "inspirations" for me to keep heading to the gym. In fact, I regularly post some of his photos on my personal Tumblr, um... "Face Fuck Fantasies".

      I did pluck up the courage to message him and he did seem to be very pleasant and genuinely want to help me improve my workouts (I kept mum about my blog during our interactions!). But the exercise guides he was sending me were crazy -  amounting to 2 hours of heavy weight training every day! I distinctly got the impression his mentoring was less about improving me and more about boasting what he could lift.

      Of course, he charged me big bucks for his "training" and when he found out I wasn't able to do it, he started sending me emails calling me a "scrawny-assed wimp". But later he laughed his comments off as a joke and offered to do a Skype with me so he could see what he was working with. I knew in the back of my mind that this video call was going to be humiliating, but I willed myself to do it just to see his magnificent body up and close.

      The call itself was a disaster - just an excuse for him to belittle me and laugh at my pathetic excuse of a body. He also knew straight away I was having a hard-on for him and browbeat me into buying a pair of his used jockstraps at $250 dollars a pop. I suspect that financial exchange was his real reason for getting in contact with me.

      I know I shouldn't let him get to me, but I'm spending my spare time these days photoshopping his smirking face onto the bodies of hot, tied up twinks and crudely photoshopping my throbbing cock in front of him.

      Please let me finally bring down this asshole and show him how a proper alpha male mentors his followers.



      Body Cost : $750,000

      Status: Buyer is eligible for a special discount rate and has paid in full cash. Body swap may commence 

      Notes: Buyer has tested this new body by facefucking Logan's mouth with his larger than average size dick. The staff assisted by forcing the larger man's mouth into the buyer cock. Buyer seem to really enjoy it while Logan was gagging, yelling and begging to be let free. Logan at this point has no idea that he would soon be losing his body forever.





      After Swap Documentation:

      The buyer wakes up in the clinic room as per most of our other clients but said he required more time to rest. So the staff decided to check back on him a few hours later.


      To our surprise when we came back we found 2 of our male clinic nurses was already fighting for who could suck on his cock. While they were jostling each other and trying to stick their tongues on the new Logan's cock. We could see new Logan was already preparing a new instagram post. Taking an image of him smirking while getting blown by 2 men. 

      He almost instantly got 100k likes on social media. 

      It wasn't long before one of our female nurses succumbed to his good looks and cocky bad boy smile and stripped her own clothes and forced herself on New Logan's mouth kissing him deeply.

      I could immediately tell that unlike most of our past clients, this buyer of Logan's body was adjusting almost immediately to his new body. It was almost like he was studying Logan for months and learnt beforehand how to behave like a cocky fitness influencer would. 


      After getting out of bed by satisfying all the nurses that wanted to suck him off, get fucked by him or just wanted his tongue down his throat, one of the first things he did was to destroy all his past photos.

      I understand that before the body swap, our buyer was one of the most disgusting looking man in the country. We know this as he was voted in an online poll as having the ugliest worst looking face in the city. Quite sad for him to have to go through all that. But look how far he has come now.

      After destroying all his past ugly photos he has started to re brand himself as the New Logan.  

      Confident and Cocky

      Handsome and Hot

      Muscular and Sexy


      Although the previous owner of this amazing sexy body focused on being a fitness influencer, the new Logan has decided to also branch out to be a model.

      And he has almost immediatly begun signing contracts with top fashion companies. 

      Maybe its just me but for some reason, New Logan loves to have photos taken of him. He seems to enjoy always being in the limelight, wearing new sponsored clothing by expensive companies and of course uploading all his images on instagram and getting likes after likes after likes!

      So far in just a month after the body swap New Logan has already done sexy underwear poses showing of his amazingly toned muscular body in exotic island destinations.


      Stylish shoots with the latest fashionable hairstyles for the cover of magazines.


      And he was even chosen to be the cover boy of a college frat, taking shots depicting him as a cocky fratbot in his muscular prime.

      He's done it all! And its only been a month! 



      We have come to note however that the previous owner of Logan's body has fallen on hard times.

      Being a good looking hunky popular Alpha all his life he is unable to adapt to life in his newer ugly and skinny body. He even intends to file a lawsuit against us as he feels that he was tricked into selling his body.


      We know that he has been making some cash sucking cocks from a gloryhole downtown and have even sent people to interview him on his new life.


      It seems that even after losing his Alpha stud body he is still chasing after the "influencer social media dream" and hopes to get "likes" by sucking cocks.


      Its almost sad knowing that this Alpha stud used to get thousands of likes on his instagram and know barely gets 1 like from a gloryhole suck.




      For now we hope that New Logan could answer some of our questions regarding the changes he has with his new body

      1. Its interesting how well and quickly you adapted to this new body and life. Have you been preparing for this change for a very long time?

      2. How do you cope with always having men and women wanting to suck you off everywhere you go and suddenly being such a sexy center of attention?

      3. We understand you used to have a larger than average cock and had to leave that behind in your old body. How are you adapting to your now average cock?

      4. If old Logan starts to get more funds to press a lawsuit against you what would you do?

      5. Anything you would like to say to Old Logan?

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