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    1. Campbell is waking up from a deep sleep and can feel a heavy breeze brushing up against his legs. As he lies there, he looks over at his floor mirror and notices a black swirl forming in the middle of it. He jumps to his feet and quickly slides some shorts over top of his bare ass and cock. The cloud starts to cover the entire area of the mirror until it finally reveals what appears to be some walkway that leads to a bench.
      The surprised young man walks up to the mirror but tries to keep his distance. It isn’t long though before the wind starts to kick up louder and heavier than before. This time though, Campbell can feel himself being drawn in towards the mirror. He quickly grabs on to the end of his bed and holds on for dear life. He yells in fright as things from around his bedroom go flying inside. He turns to see a huge dark figure walking towards him from inside the mirror and sticks its massively muscled arm through to grab him by his legs.
      He screams, ‘NOOOOO!’ as the bed gets dragged along with him through the mirror. He loses consciousness as he is pulled in and lands directly in front of the bench he saw from within his room. The mirror disappears behind him as he lies there motionless. The figure picks him up and lays him on the bench. As he comes to, the figure starts to form a humanoid shape before Campbell is fully aware of his surroundings.
      Once the groggy young man sits up, the figure is done forming. It goes to sit beside him and puts its newly made left arm around his left shoulder. Campbell turns to look at him and nearly jumps off the bench once he sees who he thinks is a ghost.
      ‘WHAT?! Noooo, it can’t be! *tears well up in his eyes* Nooo noooo! I remember when you died. This can’t be…..why Josiah? Why?’
      Campbell falls into the man’s arms and continues to cry. Josiah rubs his back and pulls him up against him. He rubs his scruffy beard against the sad man’s face and lets out a small groan. Campbell stops crying to push himself back a little bit to look into the man’s brown eyes. He is in awe of who he is looking at.
      ‘How is this possible? I am looking into your eyes and it is as if you never left.’
      Josiah grabs both of the man’s hands and grasps them before putting them around the back of his neck. Campbell runs his hands along the man’s shoulders before placing them on the man’s exposed forearms. The man is wearing the jumpsuit from when he was murdered nearly four years before. The green and white stripes run up and down the jacket and sweatpants. His olive colored skin is covered with a forest of brown hair on his arms and legs. He is also wearing the tennis shoes from then too. 
      The man smiles at Campbell and pulls him in close before leaning down to kiss him on the lips.
      The surprised young man moans feeling the man plunge his tongue down his throat. The kiss is long and very satisfying as Campbell lets out a few moans. Josiah holds him tightly in his arms as his partner rubs his dark buzzed hair. They stop kissing as the man looks him in the eyes again and appears to be trying to speak.
      ‘Can you talk Josiah? Please say something to me I want to remember what you sound like.’
      The Lebanese-American man makes a few sounds, but seems unable to push out any kind of word or sentence. Campbell hugs him tightly as he maneuvers to sit on top of the sexy man’s lap and feels Josiah’s cock pressing up against him. He reaches down inside the man’s pants to feel its warm uncut sheath against his fingers. He sighs a bit before leaning up to kiss Josiah again.
      ‘I will never forget how incredibly sexy your cock is Josiah.’
      The smiling Arab man reaches down to feel Campbell’s rod in his shorts and pulls it out to slap it against his jacket. A little bit of precum gets slung and stains the man’s jacket. After a few minutes of making out, the smaller man moves down off his lap and pulls Josiah’s cock out to gently kiss it and lick the edges. The Arab lets out a few moans as Campbell works him over slowly and methodically. The taste of Josiah’s honey makes the eager sucker work harder as it starts to flow freely. After a few more gulps, Campbell looks up at his lover and sees him get a strange look on his face.
      ‘OH NO? What is it Josey? You look like you are in some kind of discomfort.’
      The concerned lover can feel the bigger man’s cock vibrating against his face as it starts to swell. The veins thicken as the growth progresses down to his ballsac which is swelling itself. Campbell hears a few noises coming from the Arab’s mouth as his legs begin filling up every square inch of his pants. The seams tear slowly as his quads and hamstrings spill out the openings.
      Campbell moans as he licks his lover’s engorged pole as it leaks more of its thick honey. The growth moves up into Josiah’s chest as his stomach reacts violently. The Arab shakes as his stomach balloons until it stretches his jacket to its limits. His mouth gapes open before he feels the growth get sucked back in and rush into his pecs which quickly blow up. Their massive size forces his jacket to split along the sides as his thick furry pecs peek out the edges.
      Campbell stops licking Josiah’s cock to reach up and feel both huge mounds. The Arab continues to breath heavy as he stretches his arms out to his sides. An immense amount of pressure starts building up in both of them as each muscle fiber in his forearms and biceps begin stretching and thickening wider than before. Josiah has a crazy look on his face again as he stares intently at them both. The sleeves strain as the growing bulbs of muscle continue to expand along what appears to be giant hose-sized veins.
      The big man starts to moan as his eyes go back into his head. His back splits his jacket in half as his gargantuan delts appear. His hairy traps and shoulders rip through his jacket as it starts to fall down his thick sweaty waist. The briefs Josiah is wearing buckle under the weight of his huge hairy ballsac and cock. Campbell holds them in his hands as he moves his mouth and tongue up to lick and kiss his Arab lover’s massively muscled torso.
      Once he gets to the big man’s huge pecs, Josiah grabs hold of Campbell’s shorts and rips them off. He then lifts the surprised man up flexing his 22” guns and shredding the fabric and disintegrating it at the same time. He swallows Campbell’s cock and sucks it vigorously making the smaller man moan deeply and humps his lover’s mouth. Josiah looks up at his face and smiles before pulling Campbell’s cock out to massage the head a few times with his long tongue.
      ‘Mmmm Josey, I always dreamt about you looking like this baby. You are so huge and furry and……*rubs the big man’s thick furry beard* beautiful.’
      The heavily muscled Arab slowly parts Campbell’s cock head and slides his tongue down inside while gripping his lover tightly around his waist. His own cock bounces furiously against his thick hairy slabs. Campbell moans in ecstasy not realizing that Josiah is pushing his tongue further down inside. It reshapes itself to slide all the way down to the base of his cock before searching for his prostate.
      The small man is unable to move as he yells in delight rather than pain as the big Arab’s cock rises and arches itself towards Campbell’s pulsing hole. He gasps as he grips Josiah’s shoulders feeling some kind of river starting to rush into him from the muscled stud’s mouth and tongue. After a few seconds, the Arab slowly slides his tongue out as a thick river of honey flows from inside Campbell’s cock and on to Josiah’s chest.
      ‘Ahh Ahh AHH! OH GAWD Josey, I have never felt such a rush like this before.’
      The Arab leans down to give Campbell’s bulging cock a few nice long sucks to swallow some of the precum it is drooling. His own cock rages trying desperately to find its way into Campbell’s other passion canal. The small man feels himself being lowered now onto Josiah’s immense 13” cock slowly and methodically. He grips his hairy lover’s mammoth biceps squeezing them making the big man growl as he stretches Campbell.
      ‘YES BABY, OH GAWD. Fuck me please. I’m all yours.’
      The small man gives Josiah complete control of him as his anus conforms to the giant horse cock now entering it. Campbell feels his legs and ass shake as it pushes further inside searching for that magical place. He is surprised at how easy it is for the Arab stud to fuck him but lets it all occur since the feeling is too much to prevent. After nearly sliding all the way in, Josiah’s cock finds his prostate and starts to massage it.
      ‘YES! YES! YES! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me Josey!’ *shakes violently*
      Josiah rubs his legs and back to make him calm down and straightens up to kiss Campbell’s chest while holding him in place. He slowly starts to thrust inside the horny bottom working a nice steady rhythm as he lovingly licks the smaller man’s neck and face. He grunts deeply as he manages to mate with Campbell’s prostate as the two organs merge.
      Within seconds, the big Arab starts unloading huge jets of cum directly into it thrusting over and over again. Campbell yells in delight feeling his insides filling up with thick white jizz. Before he can look into Josiah’s eyes again though, he starts to drift away. After a few seconds, he jumps up in his bed and yells. He looks around and wonders if this was perhaps just a dream. He turns and looks at his alarm clock and realizes that he is late for a meeting with one of his close friends.
      He starts to put his pants on when he feels something really strange going on in his crotch. He tries to stand up but can’t seem to get up from the bed. Campbell can feel strange sensations coming from his prostate which worries him. He notices his cock starting to wake up as it gets harder. He pulls his pants back off around the time he shoots a clear stream of precum into his boxer shorts. He takes them off and sees his cock arching up in the air.
      The pressure from within his prostate starts to build up as if he is about to shoot a massive load, but nothing happens. He stares intently at his cock as the piss slit begins to stretch. He yells in fright feeling his prostate growing as it starts to bulge outward from inside his body. His cock begins to grow bigger too as his balls thicken and swell. The feeling scares him so much but he is unable to move as his cock and balls triple in size. His legs move out to the sides to accommodate the large appendage that is now growing. It is stretching the lower part of his stomach as well.
      It finally stops growing after about five minutes. He stares in awe at the giant balloon now sitting where his pelvis was and wonders if this might have been a result of that dream that he just had a little while before. His cock continues to grow even after his prostate and stomach stop expanding. It finally forces him to move to the floor. The gargantuan pole eventually stops pooling precum. He can feel whatever it is inside him starting to move forward now as his cock grows even larger. The thing is pushing itself through his massive cock as the piss slit stretches even wider. Campbell can no longer feel anything in that part of his body including his legs and feet. The intruder stops moving halfway down the canal before its shocked host feels his prostate starting to react.
      The blood in his body all rushes into his immense cock’s veins and arteries to finally launch the intruder out of the cockhead. Campbell passes out from the carnage as the thing from inside him is birthed as it is followed by an ocean of cum. The sheer power behind the release launches the new lifeform into the wall in front of him cracking it and landing the creature down onto the ground. Still passed out and cumming, Campbell is unaware that he has given birth to someone he knows from his past.
      The lifeform stretches out from its fetal position and begins to come to. Millions of cracks and pops radiate from the floorboards and walls as it starts to grow bigger and wider. Literally hundreds of muscles swell and balloon all over the new human’s body. Within just minutes, it triples in size from a small skeletal man into a huge hulking beast. It tries to stand up several times but falls over causing quite a few loud noises in the room. This awakens Campbell from his coma and he sits up really quickly.
      He immediately looks down and sees that his cock has returned back to normal. The huge river of cum he is lying in makes him jump to his feet. He notices the giant crack in the wall across the room and seems terrified as to what could cause that. He hears heavy breathing coming from the same area and gets really nervous. He goes back over to his bed to turn a light on and can see a huge hairy man shaking violently as he leans against the wall. The man’s huge hairy muscular torso glistens with sweat and is dripping cum everywhere.
      The man turns to look at him and looks extremely stressed. His brown eyes and thick beard immediately resemble someone. Campbell is holding the lamp he had turned on to throw it at the man but instead slowly puts it back down. He can hear the man muttering to himself.
      ‘I…..I don’t know what is going on with me. I just remember…..*man starts to think* disappearing from here. *Looks into Campbell’s eyes* OMG CAM! I thought I would never see you again.’
      The shocked smaller man wades his way over to the hairy stud and holds him tightly. The man picks him up and kisses him on the lips. They both sob a little as Campbell rubs the big Arab’s huge muscles and moans. The man looks down and realizes that he doesn’t have the same physique as before and starts bouncing his pecs and biceps. The smaller man rubs and squeezes them each time they bounce and then kisses them. This goes on for a few minutes before they move into the nearby hallway and into the kitchen. Josiah sits Campbell down on the counter and opens the refrigerator.
      ‘I have to eat Cam…..for some reason I am hungrier than I have ever been in my life. *Looks down at his body again and then turns to look at Campbell* Did you always want me to look like this Cam? If I would have known that, I would have spent way more time in the gym.’
      Campbell smiles at him and shrugs his shoulders.
      ‘Uhhhh well…..I did fantasize quite a bit about you hulking out and growing into a beastly Lebanese gawd.’
      Josiah laughs in his deep voice and turns back around to grab all of the meat he sees sitting in the refrigerator. He closes it and takes it over beside Campbell. There are chicken breasts and a few cooked beef patties. He takes them all out of their packages and just wolfs them down. Campbell seems alarmed by this, but figures that this will be a new requirement.
      ‘Cam, I think I am going to need more than this. I’m sorry if any of that was your dinner.’ *winks*
      ‘Josey, I don’t care if you eat all of the food in the fridge. I am so happy you are back, I just want to hold you forever.’
      Campbell reaches over and rubs Josiah’s thickly muscled chest. The forest of brown fur soothes the small man as he leans up against the huge Arab. Josiah picks him back up and squeezes him tightly before burying Campbell into his enormous pec shelf and veiny neck.
      ‘I love you more than you will ever know Cam and I won’t leave you again. Your big Lebanese beast is here with you now and forever.’
      They start to kiss again as Josiah props his lover up on the wall and wraps Campbell’s legs around his back before he slowly slides his huge Arabian cock inside his lover and starts to fuck him. Every mammoth muscle in his back and legs flex and strain as he makes love to Campbell.


      Meanwhile…..the mirror in Campbell’s room is beginning to cloud up again just like it did in the beginning.
    2. DAC
      Latest Entry



      THE GIFT


      Today I received a package and inside the box were briefs. The note said I should wear them in the shower and something magical would happen. The note was signed Brad. I don’t know anyone named Brad. As the water ran over my body my cock started to harden. I never felt so sexy. I read the brand name on his briefs and to me it said PET IT. So I did. An earth shattering orgasm had me on my knees. The room started spinning and the next thing I knew I was being pelted with ice cold shower water. Still incoherent, it didn’t make any sense that the shower was filled with steam. The water was cold but I was hot and there was this hissing sound like hot steel being quenched in water. When I passed out I must have blocked the drain because I was laying in several inches of water. I sat up and realized the steam was coming from my body.

      After standing under the ice cold water for about thirty minutes I finally felt cool. I had been in the shower so long, night had fallen and my fingers were beginning to prune. I dried my body in the dark and pulled on the oversize tank top I wear to bed like a nightshirt. Normally it comes to my knees but it barely covered my ass. I flipped on the lights and tripped over my own feet when I saw my reflection.

      My phone buzzed with a text message.

      This is Brad. Have you showered? Text me a picture.

      I texted back.

      Who R U.

      Text me a picture, he replied. Text me or you will continue to grow taller and more muscular.

      BS Who r U. I shot back.

      Right about now the heat should start to build up again. Your cock will grow first. If your dick is hard it should be about a foot long by now. Get in the shower now to cool down or the heat will be unbearable. The next growth spurt might kill you but you can save yourself by sending that picture.

      I knew he must be older because he used no text abbreviations. Standing there I began to feel feverish. I started shaking and there was pain all over my body. I looked in the mirror and my hard cock was twice as long as it was this morning. I could hardly see my cock over my huge pecs. I lifted my phone and took a picture. It took all my strength and mental ability to send the photo.


      I could see my arm growing thicker and veins begin to pop out. Sweat began to drip down my back. My fingers hit something and the camera began to film the growth so I sent that too. I was on my hands and knees crawling toward the shower when another text alert buzzed. I could hardly focus on the screen. There was only one word all in capital letters.


      The pain and heat were dissipating. I collapsed on the floor, still conscious but exhausted. The tile absorbed the heat from my skin. Back in the shower I washed in the frigid water and it felt good. I stumbled toward my bed thinking the doorway used to tower a foot or more over my head but now there was only about four inches of clearance. Nobody grows from 5’1” to 6’7” in a few hours. Nobody’s arms go from 12 inches to 24 inches in an afternoon but the mirror reflected a handsome muscular giant.

      I closed my eyes suspecting I would awaken from the dream smaller again.

      A beam of sunlight made its way to my pillow through the crack in the room darkening drapes. It had to be afternoon if the sun was on this side of the house. It is always my Saturday treat to sleep in. I stretched and rolled out of bed. Throwing open the drapes I was blinded by the light so when I turned and caught my reflection in the mirror I did a double take. Then I touched my buff super muscular body and my cock grew hard.

      The text alert on my phone buzzed.

      Please text me an updated picture. If you want an explanation we can meet. Brad.

      I sent the photo. Full frontal in the mirror (cock covered). Then I flexed my arm and sent him that picture too.

      Who R U. I demanded to know.

      The download icon showed a large file at 30%… 55%… 70% being downloaded to my phone which I tried to abort… 100% flashed and the phone vibrated. There was a tingle like an electric shock that traveled up my arm causing a bright flash in my brain. I gasped. My brain was absorbing data, facts, and experiences of my journey becoming a bodybuilder but I still remembered the old me. I never belonged to a gym in my old life but years of being a gym rat and watching my physique grow were implanted in my brain. College experiences were implanted; instead of stopping at a bachelor’s degree I now had a PhD. Instead of a dead end job I now owned a multi-billion dollar company that was about to be sold. Instead of being a virgin I was a confirmed bachelor who fathered at least a dozen sons beginning when I was sixteen. I was rich enough to pay their mothers 100K a year to raise the boys until they turned twenty one.

      I met Brad in my freshman year of college and within a week we became lovers. I started my company that year and by the end of summer I had three new sons. I couldn’t resist women or having sex with Brad. Brad said if he wasn’t around I would have thirty new kids instead of three.

      The doorbell ringing brought me back to the present. I answered using my phone. It was Brad.

      “I left my phone and keys in the kitchen,” he said. I unlocked the door via phone and walked downstairs to greet him.


      “Is something wrong Charlie?” he asked as I gawked at his physique.

      “Just horny Brad, just horny,” I said as I stroked his pecs.

      “Washing the cars can wait,” Brad said pulling me against his body.

      “Washing cars dressed like that? Teasing the neighbors again?” I asked.

      “Let’s spend the afternoon trading fucks,” Brad suggested. He didn’t have to ask twice.

      Things like this would never happen to the old me. Gradually the old reality faded like a once read novel. You always remember the story line but forget the details.

      I love this new reality. I love being muscular. I love being rich and I love Brad.


    3. dredlifter
      Latest Entry

      Ugh, here's a story to hopefully buy myself some time.  I'm actually working on two stories right now, one is Valentine's Day themed and it was supposed to be done last week, natch.  Of course, life got in the way and I'm still working on it.  The next chapter of Performance Index is close to complete as well...if only I had like 2 more free hours each day!

      To tide the time...Here's a really old story from nifty about a gym encounter leading to more.



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