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      The Freshmen.
      There were few things Jay disliked about life on campus.

      The small showers were one, Jay always had to duck to wash his hair. The narrow doors were another, Jay often had trouble fitting his wide lats through, his big overhanging pecs always just barely not breaking door frames.  

      But the thing Jay disliked by far the most was the arrival of new freshman on campus every year. Not because Jae had any particular hate for change, or something trivial like that. In fact, be quite liked the arrival of new, tight, holes for his monster cock to stretch wide open. 

      No, Jay's dislike was nestled a layer deeper than that. For every time he spotted one of the new nerds, uncertainty moving around campus, oozing insecurities, Jay was painfully reminded of his own freshman year. When Jay hadn't been taller than 5’8 and was scrawnier than anyone else, before Jay had discovered his magical heritage that had allowed him to pump his frame full of size and muscle. Luckily for him, Jay didn't have to see any scrawny nerds walking around if he didn't want to.

      And so Jay stepped up to the two puny geeks, who were softly discussing the latest marvel movie while standing unsurely in the yard, the loud thuds his big feet made while carrying his massive weight quickly got the attention of the two nerds. Jay was a hard man to miss, with his seven feet of stretched out muscle, even freshmen knew Jay as the undisputed big man on campus. Their conversation fell silent as Jay’s wide muscular back put them in his shadow. 

      “What’s up guys.” Jay’s deep voice bellowed. Though deep and earthshaking, Jay’s voice had a certain reassuring quality that could convince anyone he could say no wrong. 

      “H-hi! We’re new... I’m Tommy and this is---” 

      “New? Glad you still got your jokes Tom, but shouldn’t you come with new material in your senior year?”

      Tommy felt a pit form in his stomach, his mind protesting that Jay was talking crap. That Tommy was still a freshman, not a senior, that he always went by Tommy, instead of Tom, but reality seemed to shift with the silky smooth words of Jay. He rubbed his skull as three years of college drinking, stress and wild parties added onto his face.

      “Originality has never been my strong suit Jay.” Tom said, his mouth seemingly functioning on his own. His mind still bulging.

      Jay bit his lip in satisfaction. Where just moments ago had stood an insecure college freshman now stood a three year older, fully formed, senior. It’s a shame none of his subjects ever remembered how they were, Jay thought they could show a little thankfulness for being able to skip the most awkward months of their late teens. Jay no longer had a reminder walking around of his former wimpy self, but remembered just as he wanted to walk away all the college trainers moaning about the lack of proper athletes on campus. Besides, Tom still had that wimpy friend next to him….

      “So, how about those tryouts, think you’re gonna make quarterback again this year Tom?”

      “Of course!” Tom beamed back, excitedly. It sounded odd coming from his older but still puny form… Puny? No, Tom was big. Real big. Nowhere near as gigantic as Jay, but Tom was still thicker and more muscular than most college footballers. Tom had always worked out, his size essential for tackling all the guys in the field, and properly fucking them in his bed. 

      “No one on campus can beat these babies at the tryouts.” Tom said as he flexed his biceps with enthusiasm. 

      “Damn man, are those football sized?....” Jay had to stop himself from planting his big muscular palm in his face, realizing far too late he probably shouldn’t be using figures of speech as Tom’s biceps swelled from their big, but still modest size to a new, more obscene, twenty one inches. As the rest of Tom’s body rearranged itself to be in proportion, Jay looked on in awe of the new, thick, behemoth that was Big Bi’s Tom. Though not quite as big as Jay yet, the guy had the second spot reserved from the moment he stomped on to campus grounds with those thick calves of his. 

      “What is your secret man…” Jay said, while tracing the pencil thick veins feeding Tom’s big form with his eyes.  “... Is it that cheerleader of yours?” Jay said while pointing at Tom’s still geeky and college freshman like friend. 

      Instantly the scrawny guy was replaced by a very toned gymnastic typed jock, wearing a scandalous outfit that did little to conceal the guys big ass. Tom chuckled, his thick neck vibrating as his laugh shuddered his chest. Planting his muscular digits on the cheerleader's ass, the athlete let out a small moan feeling the big guys sweaty palms on his bubble butt. “He certainly helps with all that post game stress.” Tom says, as he rubs his hand around the smaller jock. Tom’s eyes fill themselves with hunger when he realizes it’s probably been a solid hour since he got to empty his bull sized balls. 

      Jay looks on, seeing the guy who had been a shy geek mere minutes before, now turned into a hulking brute using his enhanced friend as a cum dump, and silently congratulated himself on another job well done. The football team would be much better geared for victory now that they had someone like Tom on the team.

      As Jay looked around the college yard, he hoped to spot another freshman who brought up painful memories of his formerly scrawny self. The lacrosse team could use a few new hunks as well. 

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      The big city intimidated me. I grew up in a small college town so when I got my first real job and my first apartment in the big city I didn’t have any friends.  Like I said the city intimidated me. I started going to the gym every night to work out. This was my social life. It was better than sitting alone in my apartment. The gym was my outlet and contact with people outside of work. I know this sounds pathetic but you have to start somewhere. I grew up in a city of twenty five thousand and moved to a city of ten million when you include the metro area. Unfortunately the people at work are mostly older, married, and lived in the suburbs. Some spent 4 hours a day on a train. They were in the city 10 hours and if they slept 8 hours, their home life was 2 hours long.

      That is 4 + 10 + 8 + 2 = 24 hours and they would be on the train again at 5:30 am. Not the life for me. My commute was five minutes by cab (if it was raining) and I would walk home for lunch.


      After the first week or so at the gym I noticed a dark haired guy that was quite fit and as much of a loner as me. I found out his name was Tom. It appeared that he was about ten years older than me. I can’t say he reminded me of anybody I knew back home but I imagined he was a coach or a leader of some kind. He had a work ethic that I admired. He worked out intensely for a short time every day but from the looks of him he also jogged every morning. Runners have that lean look. Not that he was skinny. From what I could tell he had a great physique. He wasn’t one to flaunt his muscles like some of the pro bodybuilder wanna-be’s that frequented the gym, he wore loose fitting clothes.


      Unbeknownst to him I modeled my workouts after his. I started jogging every morning and focused my routines to work one major muscle group plus my abs every day since my midsection was my weakest link.


      Day after day he looked more and more depressed. He started skipping gym days and had bags under his eyes like he was getting no sleep. Then he disappeared for a couple weeks. I thought maybe he moved away but one day he came back and looked very angry. He attacked the weights and attacked anyone that tried to come near him or console him. He worked himself to exhaustion and one of the trainers drove him home.


      Again he disappeared for a few weeks and looked more rested. He sported a new beard but at least the bags under his eyes were gone. Tom resumed his daily workouts and his solitary lifestyle… nobody bothered him in the gym.


      I began to make friends outside the gym and life went on. I dated but wasn’t in love.

      A chance encounter with a couple after a post Thanksgiving party opened a new door for me

      Accepting a ride home and an invitation upstairs for a nightcap turned into more than I expected. I was naïve and a bit uninhibited from the rum punch they were serving at the party. The couple had already decorated for Christmas and when I stood under the mistletoe Linda kissed me. It wasn’t a pec on the cheek either. Jack silently came up behind us with a tray of drinks as the kiss broke. He handed the tray to Linda and grabbed my shoulders like he was going to trounce me for kissing his girlfriend. He looked pissed but then he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me just as passionately as Linda had.


      “You started without me,” he said reaching around me and handing me the drink. He smiled and they broke out in laughter. He wrapped his muscular arm around Linda and kissed her like he kissed me.


      “Don’t look so shocked,” Linda chuckled. “We think you might like what we have to offer.”


      We sat on the sofa with me between them and two drinks later I was getting into bed with Linda. The last thing I expected was Jack slipping into bed while I as fucking his girlfriend. He began touching me and coaching me on what to do to make her climax. I didn’t know it at the time but I was being edged. Jack would do things that would make me pull out and calm down. Linda was just as complicit. Then when Linda rode my cock and Jack inserted his cock next to mine I lost it. In just a minute or two Jack was cumming causing me to fill his girlfriend with my seed too.


      I never ate cum from pussy but Jack insisted we take turns. Linda climaxed five or six times and then bolted out of bed to use the bathroom. Jack and I were on our backs coming down from the intense sex when I heard Linda running bath water.


      “She’ll soak for an hour or more,” Jack said as he rolled to his side and faced me. His hand ran up my body and he pulled me closer until I felt his hard cock on my thigh. I put my hand on his chest to push him away and when my thumb brushed against his erect nipple he hissed. His pecs were huge and he was nothing but rock hard muscle everywhere. He moved and brought his nipple to my lips. He rubbed the nub against my lips until I opened to suck and flick the nub with my tongue. Before I knew it Jack was straddling my body and I was running my hands all over his physique.


      Without saying a word Jack opened the drawer of the end table and pulled out a plastic bottle of baby oil. This was perfect! I already knew what I wanted to do. I opened the bottle of oil and drizzled oil over his back and ass. I began a slow hypnotic movement of my hips as I rubbed the oil evenly across his butt and the back of his thighs. I could see Jack's eyes and mouth wide open as he slowly stroked his cock. I blindly brought the bottle down between us and covered his hand with slick oil. 

      I slowly ran my hand across his ass and placed my fingers on his ass hole. I squirted even more on his butt and I began to rub his muscular cheeks. I smiled to myself as he rubbed his oily hand across his chest. My finger penetrated his hole and he moaned


      “Ohhh fuckk Jack,” I said in a gasp. “That feels so fucking good.” I encouraged him further by sticking my cock against his ass crack. He wiggled his ass and began to thrust his hard cock against my chest.

      “I want to show you how bad I want this cock.” He knelt up and positioned his ass right over my cock. Slowly lowering his ass down I felt my hot cock was now touching his asshole. Maneuvering a little, I lodged my cock between his muscular cheeks and gasped at the sensation as he used more pressure to impale himself. He slowly started to grind up and down and every time his tight hole touched my mushroom head he moaned uncontrollably. “Your dick feels amazing,” he said between moans. “Your dick feels so good.”


      I smiled and began begin rubbing my cock head right against his hole and shivers ran through his entire body. I grabbed the bottle of oil and poured more onto his ass as I kept rubbing my cock head on his tight hole. After a minute or two he began to sit back with my prick wedged against the hole.

      “Are you ready to go for a ride?” I asked. “I wanna feel that muscle butt bounce on my big cock.”


      “Fuck yeah,” he moaned. With that, I felt him apply more pressure against my cock. My head popped past my outer ring. He gasped as his face showed some pain. Slowly but surely, he began pressing down more and more on my meat. He would slide down about an inch at a time, feel a little pain, and just stay like that for a minute until he was ready to take more. As he got about four inches in he stopped.

      “It's so fucking big. I don't know if I can take it all,” he said panting heavily. I knew he was bullshitting me to make me feel good.


      “Then pull off,” I postured. That is all the motivation he needed. With one final push he pressed down until he was completely impaled on me.




      “Ahhhhhh there you go. Now just sit there for a minute and get used to it,” I said. Jack purred and started breathing heavier. He tried his best to relax. After a few moments he slowly raised his ass up and then plunged back down. He began a steady rhythm and moaned. Jack grabbed the oil again and sprayed it over his dick as he rode me. Jack had a look of complete lust on his face.


      “Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me!” he kept chanting.


      Then he pulled off and knelt on the bed doggie style. I knelt behind him and I pushed into him again. He moaned as I slid in to the hilt and placed both hands on his hips. I started to fuck him like a mad man, pounding his tight ass. Every time I slammed into him it was fucking amazing. I yelled that I was about to cum and thrust in hard. The first shot went deep in his ass but then he fell forward and the second volley streaked across his back. He rolled between my legs and begged me to cum on his pecs. I moved up on his abs as my cum poured onto his chest, chin, and face.


      Jack went into the bathroom and I quickly dressed. I called a taxi and went home. I was forced to admit to myself that I am not totally heterosexual. I didn’t consider myself to be gay because I loved to fuck Linda too.


      Analyzing the encounter I was just as excited touching Jack as I was touching Linda. She was rather drunk and had regrets so it was a one off encounter for her. Jack, the muscle stud boyfriend contacted me later and we had a drink together. He wanted more but I didn’t let it happen.


      Christmas was on a weekend that year. Thursday was the day before Christmas Eve and at midday the gym was practically empty. I loved that holiday and decorated like my family did back home. My fake eight foot tree had 6000 miniature lights, a few dozen cheap plastic ornaments, and hundreds of gift bows that you stick on gifts. The wrapped empty boxes under the tree were from the small appliances I needed for the kitchen. I even had a model train going around under the tree.


      I planned to cut that Thursday workout at the gym short because I was going home for Christmas Eve. The mystery man was there but he only walked on the treadmill… he didn’t work out.

      I finished my workout just after he went to the locker room. I decided to tell him Merry Christmas even though I never talked to him before. The locker room was empty except for the two of us. I stripped and wrapped a towel around me. Exploring I found him in the sauna and I thought I heard a sob.


      His hand was on his forehead… he glared up at me when I stood next to him in the steamy room.


      “Tom, I hate to bother you but I’ve been having trouble starting my car,” I lied. “If it doesn’t start could you give me a jump? I have starter cables.”


      “Do I know you?”

      “I’m Eric.”


      “Sure Eric. I’ve seen you around. Didn’t know your name,” he said then looked away. I didn’t move. “Is there something else?” he asked. I got that glaring look again.


      “Yes. I wanted to tell you… This is going to sound dumb. Anyway I watched you and modeled my workouts after what you do. In a way you are like a mentor to me. Call it hero worship… Anyway Merry Christmas,” I said and began to turn away. He grabbed my arm.


      “You can’t be a hero if you can’t save someone,” he said as tears welled up in his eyes. I stood there waiting for him to continue. “The way you said that… Sorry,” he said letting my forearm go. He put his feet on the floor and faced me.

      “Said what?” I asked.


      “Merry Christmas… Anyway Merry Christmas. Brian used to say that when we would exchange gifts. He wouldn’t just say Merry Christmas he would say Anyway Merry Christmas. One of the small things that use to piss me off royally but right now I would give a million dollars to hear him say it again.” His shoulders slumped like he was defeated. “He loved Christmas. He loved the first snowfall. He drove me crazy with Christmas Carols playing all the time and that damn noisy train under the tree. I couldn’t hear the TV and would turn it off. He would come in and see it wasn’t running. His face would fall and he would turn back to whatever he was doing. Probably wrapping gifts; he had gifts for everyone and extras for surprise guests even little kids. I have a closet full of storage containers filled with wrapped gifts each one has a post-it note telling what’s under the gift wrap.”


      He paused but continued before I could say anything.


      “Then the gentle loving man got cancer that didn’t respond to treatment. He wanted to see Alaska and Hawaii. We did an Alaska cruise, and then flew to Hawaii. We saw the volcano, and we went swimming in the seven sacred pools on Maui. I had a fresh lei delivered for him every day. He seemed better and very happy even though he slept a lot. He died a week after we got back and he thanked me for a wonderful life that last night when we talked. He just stopped breathing that night and there was a smile on his face. His hand let go of mine.”


      The man choked up and quietly sobbed.


      “Stand up,” I ordered. “Let’s get out of this heat.” Surprisingly he followed me to the shower. I handed him a clean towel when we finished.


      “Thanks for listening,” he said softly.


      “You know what I think?” I asked and he gave me a blank look. “I think you should give away some of those gifts he left.” His head shook no and he seemed lost like he didn’t know where to start. “Just one gift, or should you clean out that closet?” I teased.


      “To who?”


      “A retirement home, kids in the hospital, Toys for Tots, bell ringers for Salvation Army…” I suggested. “You start doing what he did. Have a Christmas party and do a grab bag where people can trade gifts from your friend.”


      “The house isn’t decorated… they wouldn’t come on short notice… there is no food…”


      “We’ll get poinsettias from Walmart, candles and garland from a Dollar Store, cheese and sandwich trays from the grocery store. You have all the gifts. I have a tree you could borrow.”


      “Brian started decorating after Thanksgiving. It took a month,” he told me.


      “You have a day. Start calling your friends and tell them it is Brian’s last Christmas or Christmas to honor him or a Christmas to remember Brian party. He left gifts.”


      “I don’t know,” he said but I could see his mind working.


      “I’ll help but is it yes or no?”


      “No,” he said. “Not enough time.”


      “Anyway Merry Christmas,” I said as I grabbed my bag and headed for the door. He was right behind me and as we got to the front lobby he yelled out “SNOW” and he stopped me.


      “It’s snowing,” he gasped. “Snow! Brian! It’s a sign. I need a party. Would you help me?” He pulled out his phone and dialed a friend. In ten minutes he had six yes answers out of six calls. In an hour or two we had all the decorations at his house. We had everything except for my tree and food. He was still calling people. I left to get my tree. He went to the 24hr liquor store.


      I plugged in the tree and arranged the potted flowers in all the rooms. I was trying to get the lights in the garland on the fireplace to work when Tom walked in. He sat in a chair by the tree and shook his head.


      “Beautiful! Simple but elegant!” he said as he sat back. “All we need is food and people.”


      “And gifts,” I added.


      People came and they hugged Tom. There were tears and private words but then there was laughter. They all brought food and drink, and there was music, and people told Brian stories. I mostly stayed in the kitchen or passed out food like the hired help. I collected empty plates and cups. I stuffed garbage bags with trash. Then it got very quiet and when I peeked out of the kitchen, Tom was standing by the fireplace with a giant cloth Santa bag overflowing with gifts. When everyone had a gift wrapped box in hand except Tom, he looked at me.


      “I want to introduce you to Eric Jones,” he said holding his hand out to me. My last name isn’t Jones it is Smith but I didn’t correct him. “You know what he said to me tonight that got this party rolling?” His face beamed and you could hear a pin drop. The CD was changing so there wasn’t any music either. “He said Anyway Merry Christmas.” There were a couple gasps and people had tears in their eyes. “I got all depressed and then I looked outside and it was snowing. You know how Brian loved the first snowfall!” Just then Silent Night softly started playing and there were more tears. “Eric had suggested that I… that we celebrate Christmas the way Brian would have. He brought the tree and the train and fortunately he left the train transformer at home. Those things are so damn noisy.” People who knew chuckled. I touched the foot switch with my toe and the train started. Tom’s face went blank so I turned it off. “No, turn it on,” he said to me. “Everybody open the presents!” he shouted over the train noise. I made the train go slower but by then everyone was talking and there was wrapping paper everywhere. I went to get a couple garbage bags.


      When I returned Tom was standing by the fireplace. “This gift had a note on it to me,” he announced to the friends. “It is personal but I want you to hear what he wrote. Here goes.


      Tom, you have this in abundance and as a matter of fact I sometimes feel like… I’m drowning in it… because it takes my breath away.” Tom composed himself. “I… saw this… and… it spoke to me… and I realized this… reflected not only you and me but everything and everyone in our lives. It is solid and unbreakable. Un-tarnish-able (if that is a word) and is totally useless unless you give it away.” He lifted the box and I could see it was heavy. “Anyway Merry Christmas Tom,” he choked up. Tears were falling but he composed himself.


      “He had this for my present this year,” Tom announced as he tore at the paper.


      Tom opened the box and pulled out a metal sculpture and held it up for all to see. It was the LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana where the LO is stacked on top of the VE. This stainless steel version of the sculpture was about eight inches high and had a highly polished mirror finish. He set it in the middle of the mantel. After that the home was filled with joy and after a few hours everyone left with their treasure from Brian.


      The guests picked up most of the paper and when they were gone I came out of the kitchen. The train was running. The Christmas tree and fireplace provided the only light for the room. Tom was in his chair.


      “Brian was right about love,” he said. “You can’t keep it locked up. You are dead without loving other people. You would have liked Brian. My friends told me not to let you get away. They think we should be… together but it is too soon. Maybe… I need time. You… kick started the healing process. I want to thank you for all this, even the damn train.”


      “I was going to go home tomorrow.” I looked at my watch. “It is tomorrow,” I laughed. “Would you like to come with me?”


      “Thank you but no. Bringing a gay man home for Christmas might be a bit much for your family. I assume you haven’t told them that you are not fully heterosexual. My friends assumed you are gay. My eyes saw how you looked at Sally and when you found out she was married to that muscle stud Jim… you had to hide in the kitchen. Those two will consume you if you let them. They were on the fringe of Brian’s circle of friends. Brian may have been one of the few that ever fucked Jim…


      “TMI,” I laughed. I made the time out hand signal.


      “But that was before I met Brian,” Tom added.


      “What about you? Will you be alright?” I asked.


       “Brian isn’t here anymore. I feel like his spirit moved on tonight.”


      “Speaking of moving on…” I said. Tom stood and was in my personal space.


      “Stay here tonight with me. Not for sex or anything… sit with me. Watch the fire. Listen to the snow fall.”


      “I shouldn’t,” I whispered.


      “Please,” he asked.


      I stayed for a couple hours and we talked. I did make to Christmas dinner at my parent’s house that evening but I turned around and came home after we opened presents. I missed my apartment, my Christmas tree, and my train.


      Most of all I missed Tom. So Anyway Merry Christmas.

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